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flattsmouth sran-wrrKLT journal.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
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Protect Your Valuables.
Use Our Safety Vaults.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
Mrs. A. L. Baker was in Platts
mouth Tuesday evening.
Elmer Hallstrom was visiting with
home folks in Plattsmouth Sunday.
Mark White shipped a car of hogs
to South Omaha Wednesday evening.
Tom Smith was looking after some
business matters in the county seat
Mrs. W. E. Dull was visiting a few
hours last Friday evening with Platts
mouth friends and relatives.
H. C. Long returned home last Fri
day from his business trip oct in the
western part of the state.
Mrs. Jennie Jenkins went up to
Rosalie, Neb., Monday of this week,
where she wil make a few days' visit
with her son Earl and family.
W. W. Hamilton and son went to
Plattsmouth Wednesday morning to
finish up the residence of Dr. Hall,
which ia now ready to receive the fin
ishing touches.
John Jenkins was down from Rosalie
last Sunday for a brief visit with
home folks, returning Monday with
his motorcycle. John is now employed
in the garage with his brother, Earl,
who has been enjoying a nice business
in this line.
The new garage of Louie Puis is
now in complete running order, with
the exception of the installation, of
some of the heavier machinery for re
pairing. He has secured the services
of an expert machinist from Omaha,
who will assist him in looking after
crippled cars.
Frank Vallery has moved into his
new Murray home, the process of
moving being carried on by the Ford
Auto Route. Frank now has one of
the finest little home in Murray. He
is just completing the rodding for
lightning protection. This was placed
on by W. T. Vallery.
Vacation Over Now for Work!
The supplies are here Tablets, Slates, Pencils,
Composition Books, Pen Holders, Pencil Boxes, Cray
ons in fact everything you need for school work,
and a big variety to pick from.
9S SpeciiaDsS
Three Aluminum Preserving Kettles for only
98 cents. A limited number only at this price.
" - " T
Nlliill W. IN
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J. L. Smith was looking after some
business matters in the county seat
last Saturday.
Mrs. Herman Smith was visiting for
a few hours last Saturday with friends
and relatives in Plattsmouth.
Lena and Catherine Brown were
visiting their aunt and uncle, Mr. and
Mrs. Steinner, of Lincoln, this week.
Mrs. Laywer, who has been visiting
at the Brown home for the past week,
returned to her home at Council Bluffs
L. D. Hiatt was a Plattsmouth visit
or Thursday of this week, going on to
Omaha, where he had some matters of
business to look after.
Quite a large family gathering was
in attendance at the Minniear home
Sunday to meet Mr. and Mrs. Min
niear's daughter, Mrs. Kenyster, of
Mr. and Mrs. William Scorer were
Plattsmouth visitors last Saturday,
spending the day looking after busi--ness
matters and visiting with county
seat friends.
Mrs. William Long entertained Mr.
and Mrs. J. Miller of Manley and Mr.
and Mrs. Alva Long and family, Mrs.
Adda Stokes and Mrs. Minnie Stokes
at dinner Sunday.
Everett Thomason was kicked by a
horse Wednesday morning 1 of this
week, the blow striking him on the
knee. No bones were broken, but that
member has been quite sore from the
injury received.
The Murray Hardware and Imple
ment company have finished their new
warehouse and are now moving their
line of implements and wagons into it.
They will now make some repairs on
the old ware room in the rear of their
store and will be fully prepared to
handle their big line in the future.
Mrs. A. J. Stokes was looking after
business in Omaha Wednesday.
George Nickels, S. O. Pitman and
Lee Nickels were Plattsmouth visitors
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. G. O. Kenyster of Layfette,
Ind., is visiting at the Oldham home
this week.
Misses Anna Alhusen and Gladys
Paap of Berlin were week-end guests
at the home of Lloyd Gapen.
Mrs. Minnie Wood and children
came down from Lincoln Saturday tc
take part in the musical Saturday
James Brown and wife went tc
Omaha Sunday morning, where they
spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Loc
George Nickels and Miss Gertrude
Long motered to Omaha Sunday
where they spent the day with Robert
Shrader and family.
Misses Leora and Catherine Brown,
who have been visiting for some time
with their aunt, Mrs. Ed Stiener, of
Lincoln, arrived home Sunday.
Perry, the little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Walt Minniear, caught his finger in a
washing machine last Thursday and
tore the nail from that member, also
the tip end of the finger.
Miss Villa Adams received quite a
painful injury last Friday when she
fell and dislocated her thumb.
Mrs. Jarvis Lancaster has been
numbered with the sick for the past
few days.
The musical at L. Gapen's was not
very well attended on account of the
threatening weather Saturday even
ing. About sixty-five were in attend
ance p.nd a very good time was had
by all present.
Dr. Brendel went down to Nehawka
on Tuesday of this week and released
from the smallpox quarantine the
postmaster, who has been confined to
his home for the past few weeks with
the disease.
George Ray and father departed
Tuesday of this week for Wood River,
Neb., where they will make a few
days' visit at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Glen Thompson. Mrs. Thomp
son is a daughter of Mr. George Ray.
Mrs. James Hatchett and daughter,
Miss Vera, were visiting in Nehawka
a few days the past week, guests at
the home of Mrs. Hatchett's brother.
Mrs. Hatchett has returned home, but
Miss Vera . will remain a few days
William Puis, sr., one of the pros
perous farmers from west of Murray,
was visiting with his many county
seat friends last Saturday for a few
hours. While there he called at the
Journal office and paid for his paper
for another year.
Mr. Ahallman, an uncle of Mrs.
Omor Schlichtemier, has been confined
to his bed with a bad cold this week.
Mr. Baker, the oil man, was in Mur
ray Wednesday soliciting and and get
ting land leases for a test well in East
Reck Bluffs precinct.
Z. W. Shrader shipped two cars of
sheep down from South Omaha Tues
day that were unloaded at this sta
tion and driven to his farm, west of
Murray, for feeding this winter. On
Wednesday morning he received a car
load of cattle that will be placed in
his lots for winter feeding.
Miss V ilia Gapen entertained a
number of friends who were attending
the institute at Flattsmouth to a
slumber party Tuesday night. Those
enjoying her hospitality were: Misses
Pearl Dolan of Omaha, Mattie Nutz-
man and Judith Straub of Avoca,
Anna Alhusen and Gladys Paap of
Mr. and Mis. L. D. Hiatt returned
home from their outing of a couple of
weeks at the Minnesota lakes. They
report having a fine time and return
home in belter condition to look after
the big fall and winter business than
ever before, which has been on the in
crease with this excellent firm each
year since they began their business
career in Murray a few years ago.
W. W. Hamilton and crew of
men will commence the erection of a
fine corncrib and granary on the
Schlichtemeier place, south of Mur
ray. This will be the finest and most
modern ' structure of its kind in this
locality. The elevators and machinery
will be placed in by the enterprising
firm of the Murray Hardware and Im
plement company.
High School Opens September 13.
Owing to the fact that so many
patrons of the Murray school wish to
attend the state fair at Lincoln next
week, there will be no school until
Monday, September 13.
If any of the readers of the
Journal know of any social
event or item of interest in
this vicinity, and will mail
same to this office, it will ap
pear under this heading. We
want all news items Editor
Mrs. A. J. Stokes spent Sunday
with Miss Etta Nickels.
Miss Etta Nickels was looking after
business in Omaha Tuesday.
Mrs. Charles Swab was a business
visitor in Plattsmouth Monday.
Charles Reed and family were
Plattsmouth visitors Tuesday.
Miss Vera Yardley is visiting with
friends at Meadow, Neb., for a short
J. T. Brendel and wife were calling
on Plattsmouth friends Monday after
Miss Helen rarriott of Peru, Neb.,
is visiting at the home of W. F.
Mrs. E. R. Queen attended the
Teachers' Institute at Plattsmouth
.his week.
Mrs. A. O. Asch entertained Mr.
and Mrs. Nick Klaurens and family
at dinner Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Puis and Mrs.
Charles Carroll were in Plattsmouth
Sunday afternoon.
E. E. Lesch and wife motored up to
Plattsmouth Tuesday ; evening for a
few hours visit with friends.
Mrs. W. F. Moore returned home
Thursday from a few weeks' visit with
her mother in Narka. Kansas.
Frost was seen Monday morning,
August :0, by those who had the
nerve to be up early enough.
The Murray State bank will be
closed Monday, September th, on ac
count of that date being Labor Day.
Miss Coenna Ilandley and Miss
Sophia Hild were visiting a few days
last -week with Margaret and Vera
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Ray, W. C. Ray
and Leon and Ray Linthacum were
guests of George Smith and family
Mrs. William Taylor and Mrs.
Nimms of Plattsmouth were in Mur
iay Tuesday, guests at the home of
Mrs. E. S. Tutt.
Miss Helen Nimms returned to he
home near Plattsmouth Tuesday, after
a couple of weefes' visit with her aunt
Mrs. E. S. Tutt- -
Robert Nickels and son, A. F. Nick
els, left Monday morning for Kansa
City, Mo., where Alf. will take treat
ment for rheumatism.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Grave
at Peru, Neb., on August 30, a fine
thirteen-pound baby girl. Both the
mother and little one are getting along
Mrs. Minnie Woods and son and
daughter of Lincoln were in Murray
last Sunday visiting with relatives and
friends, being a guest at the home o
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Baker.
John Kinser, the boss Plattsmouth
plasterer, has been in Murray for the
past few days doing some work for
numerous parties. John is there and
over when it comes to spreading the
Rev. Robb has returned home from
Kansas, where he has been for the past
three weeks holding a series of meet
ings. Services will now be resumed
in Murray on each Sunday commenc-
irg with next Sunday.
August J. Engclkemeier and family
departed Monday of this week for the
west, visiting numerous points in Wyo
ming, Utah, California and attending
the exposition at San Francisco. They
will be gone several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Carey entertain
ed the following guests at dinner Sun
day: Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hutchison
and daughter, Marie: Mr. and Mrs.
John Hendricks and son, Vern: Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Uncle George Shrader and daugh
ters, Mrs. Rhoden and Mrs. Wolfe, who
have been visiting at the old home
down in Virginia, are expected home
this week. They will be accompanied
by Sidney Wimer, who is returning to
his home in the west.
The building firm of Young &
Churchill are at work this week build
ing an addition to the house on the
farm where Earl Lancaster lives.
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Churchill and
daughter, Miss Clara, were Platts
mouth visitors Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Mark White Injured.
Mrs. Mark White was thrown from
a buggy in a runaway last Thursday
and was quite badly bruised from the
fall. The blow of the fall rendered
her unconscious, in which condition
she was found along the roadside sev
eral hours after the accident. She
was not seriously injured and is get
ting along nicely, with the exception
of numerous sore spots from the
bruises received.
.Yesterday afternoon at the court
house occurred the marriage of Mr.
Carl J. Lynge and Miss Selma Ettrup,
both of Murray, the ceremony being
performed by County Judge Allen J.
Beeson, and was witnessed by Mrs. J.
W. Eerger and Dr. J. F. Brendel of
Murray. The young people have re
sided at that place for a short time
and have made many friends during
their residence there, who will be j
pleased to learn that they are to make i
life's journey together in the future.
After the ceremony the young people
returned to their home, having motor
ed to this city.
Mr. Lynge has been in this part of
the country for the past two years,
where he has been employed in farm
ing and other work, and is a young
man who has gained the friendship of
all who know him in this locality. Miss
Ettrup arrived in this country, direct
from he- home in Denmark, about two
months ago, and has been employed
at the Berger hotel as an assistant to
Mrs. Berger. She is a young lady of
excellent qualities, and is well liked
by all the people of this locality with
whom she has become acquainted.
They are both natives of the same
country, and their wedding was plan
ned long before leaving the old coun
try. The usual charivari party greeted
the young people at the Berger hotel
in the evening, which was composed
of a large number of the ladies and
gentlemen of this community, and in
place of making the usual racket on
all the old tin pans of the alley, they
brought with them many new and
useful articles in the tin and granite
ware line that were presented to the
happy couple after the disbanding of
the party. For the present the young
people will make their home in Mur
ray. Mrs. Ida Good is spending the week
with Mrs. A. I). Crunk.
Dr. Brendel and E. S. Tutt were in
Weeping Water Wednesday on busi
ness matters.
Ceoige Nickels and S. O. Pitman,
the Pullman auto men, were in Platts
mouth Wednesday.'
Mrs. W. E. Dull and Miss Gladys
Marsek were Omaha visitors a few
days the past week.
Charles Reed and J. D. Shrader
drove down to Weening Water ..ion-
dav for a few hours visit with
Miss Ruth Thomason of Bethany
has been in this locality for the pa
few davs visiting with relatives anc
Miss Isabelle Shrader has been
visiting a few days this week at the
home of Dick Chriswisser and family
south of Nehawka.
Walt Sans shipped in a car of sheep
from South Omaha Wednesday morn
ing that will be placed on a winter
feeding at his farm east of Murray.
James Brown and wife and daugh
ters. Catherine and Lenora, were in
Omaha last Sunday, attending a picnic
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Trimpey
Give a Musieale.
Mrs. J. C. Cummins and daughter,
Kittie, are spending the week with
Mrs. Dove Asche. Friday evening Mrs
Asche and Miss Cummins gave m
musieale. Those present were: Mrs.
J. C. Cummins. Mr. and Mrs. John
Chalfant, George Leach, Mrs. George
Nickels and children of Deadwood, S.
D., Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks, Mr,
and Mrs. John Hobscheidt and babe,
Miss Blanche Fulton of Philadelphia,
Pa., Miss Agnes Rorebeek and Miss-
Margie Walker.
Buying New Fall Goods.
W. E. Puis and wife and Miss
Laura Puis went to Omaha Wednes
day morning for the transaction ot
some business matters, among which
was the buying of a line of new fall
goods for both the general store of
Puis & Gansmer and the Murray
Hardware and Impelment company.
They are making all preparations for
the big fall trade that is looked for in
the near future. Both firms are now
getting squared away for the busi
ness, and if they do not receive their
share it will not be because they nave
not the goods to sell.
Social Dance.
There will be another one of those
social dances given at the 1 uls it
Gansemer hall on Saturday evening,
September 11. The music will be fur
nished by the Holly orchestra of
Plattsmouth. The usual good time
will be in store for you, so do not fail
to attend.
Cheapest accident insurance Dr.
Thomas' Eclectic Oil. For burns,
scalds, cuts and emergencies. All
druggists sell it. 25c and 50c. -
will be made for the
entire line of
Qil Stoves, lawn lowers and
ice Cream Freezers
We would like to close this line out this sea
son and will make the prices right.
The Rock Island Line is the one we carry,
and we arc prepared to make some attrac
tive prices on this line at this time. We can
Murray Implement and Hardware
The Place to Buy Lumber.
There never was a season so favor
able for building and making im
provements around your farm home
as this one has been, and the activity
around the Murray lumber yard is an
evidence of this fact. More of all
grades of lumber is being sold this
spring than for many seasons. The
demand for good goods and the fact
that it can always be found at this
lumber yard at the right prices are
the causes for the increased business.
Mr. Kikendall is after the lumber
business of this locality, not only from
the fact that it is due him, but be
cause he is ready and willing to meet
all competition on the numerous
grades of. lumber.
Special Notice.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to the firm of Baker & Nickels
are requested to call and settle same
by the lfth of September, or proceed
ings will be taken to collect same.
Baker & Nickels.
Library Open Saturday.
The library will be open Saturday.
Mrs. Royal will have charge from now
on. Membership fee for next year is
due and can b2 paid to the librarian.
Be sure to bring in all library books
so all business can be straightened up.
L. K. Kniss, President.
Entertain C. I. S and F. H. S. J. B. Q.
Misses Lydia Todd and Margaret
anil Vera Moore entertained the C. I.
S. and F. II. S. J. C. Q. clubs at the
home of the latter Friday evening,
August 27th. The evening was spent
in playing various games, and at the
proper time a delicious luncheon was
served. .
Geo. W. Clough, of Prentiss, Miss.,
is seventy-seven years old and had
trouble with his kidneys for many
years. lie writes that Foley Kidney
Pills did him much good. He used
many remedies, but this is the only
one that ever helped him. No. man,
young or old, can afford to neglect
symptoms of kidney trouble. Sold
rrw n CN
are still endeavoring to carry everything that you need
today or will need tomorrow in the line of Dry Goods
and Groceries. We want you business and realizing
that by. keeping the lines of goods that you will need
today or in the future, is one chance in our favor of se
curing your business. We are buying goods to suit you,
not ourselves, and if you will only let us know what you
want we will be in a better position to please you, should
we not have the article in stock.
Let us know your wants and we believe that we will be
able to prove to you that we are a money saving station
in Murray for you. When those wants are in our line
we want to talk to you.
Puis & Gansemer,
next two weeks on our
Reduced Prices on Eggs for Hatching.
After May 1st I will sell S. C.
Rhode Island Red eggs for htaching
at 50c per setting of 15.
Duroc-Jersey swine, any age or sex,
for sale at all times. Col. Gano, Crim
son Wonder and Gold Model strains.
Call Platts. 'Phone 2221.
W. B. Porter.
store room in Murray, known as the
old Holmes and Smith stand. There
are four good living rooms in connec
tion with the room. For particulars
call or write J. W. Holmes, Murray,
O. I). Wright, Rosemont, Neb ,
writes: ''I was bothered with pains in
the region of my kidneys. My rest
was broken by frequent action of my
kidneys. I was advised by my doctor
to try Foley Kidney Pills, and one 50
cent bottle made a well man of me."
They relieve rheumatism and back
ache. Sold everywhere.
WANTED A good, steady, gentle
manly salesman to handle a Ward's
wagon in Cass county. No experi
ence needed. For full particulars
write promptly to Dr. Ward's Medi
cal Company, Winona, Minn. Estab
lished 1S5. 8-12-8twkly
Best thing for constipation, sour
stomach, lazy liver and sluggish
bowels. Stops a sick headache almost
at once. Gives a most thorough and
satisfactory flushing no pain, no
nausea. Keeps your system cleansed,
sweet and wholesome. Ask for
Citrolax. Sold everywhere.
For Sale.
Good alfalfa seed, $9 per bushel.
Call or write, J. L. Shrader, Nehawka.
Miss I?abel Waring of Havelock
arrived last evening for a few days'
visit here at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Tim Kuhoutek.