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    THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 1915.
r A G E 7.
Novelized by
Marvin Dana, author
of "Within the Law,"
from the sue
" cessful play by d
Daniel D. Carter
5 VT.i
if - : ; Jig. s:tpK
i-' :-V-?Ar -i:'
3' -.7 V:
k- a V.r..,.V3
C.pyrJflht. 1913. fcy th
The Last Menace.
X '"OTn r.'tirriiK-iit from public
j life for all tiim;." Audrtw
! ':siti' I. with sinister u
joymcne in the reiteration.
"Cotuc. con:e. Mr. AVaiinvrUrut!" he
went on. with malignant mockery.
"V.lieii this little story i? puhlisLeJ
abroad !o yo:i supise the people of
this state will have you. a dupe, a
kinchins: tock. for the governor.? I
think I'll leave you to meditate on the
situation. O:. perhaps." h supgesterl.
"you would prefer to hand me now
your residua tion as a caadidate for
Vv'ainwrisht was thinkini; rapidly.
' "Must you have your answer now?"
1-e demanded.
"I will receive it any time before
ddybrenk." the Master Mind conceded.
Supi'ose we set the time at Tt o'clock
this iiiorni'.iz."
"That will suit me very well indeed."
Waiiiwriubt agreed.
"That hour makes a particular ap
peal to me." Andrew went on smooth
ly. "It was Koinethin less than, four
years a so. at about the hour of 5 in
the moniins. that my brother whom I
love! sat in a store eel waiting
wait ins for the dawn, the coming of
which should erd his life. So, now, I
leave you waitins fcr the dawn aud
me! waiting for the end of something
you hold dearer than life. I think the
end of your public career. Until 5
o'clo- k. Mr. Wainwright!" The Mas
ter Mind wheeled quieklj- and went
out of the room.
Alone together husband and wife
prized loiis into each other's face. " He
bent and kissed the tender lips. When
the caress was done the spoke patheti
cu!!y: "(Mi. Cortland, darling, what have I
done to yli;"'
"There, there, dearest!" he answered
Font'iinsiy. "You are not to be blamed
in any way. not even by yourself. You
were caught in tliL' meshes of a devil.
You h.ul no chance against the vin
dictive sasacity of the Master Mind.
Co to the telephone in my study,"
"Wain wright directed briskly, with the
preer-ion ," one who has exactly de
termined hi? course, "and call up 114
party .f."
He kissed her again hurriedly, but
very fond!y. and put her from him.
Marshall returned.
"Creegan's miles away now. by the
rate lie was goins." MarsLall replied.
YVainwrigbt napjied. "Find I'arker.
You'll have to rout him out of bed. I
(suppose. Have Lim wrke up the
l"ontits and herd them together for
an interview with me right away, l'ou
keep an eye out for Andrew that he
r'oesn't interfere." Lucene's voice
jrnie down the stairway in a summons
t her hftsband. and lie hurried to an
swer. At the telephone in the study,
where his wife had left the receiver
bins ready for his use, he put it to
his ear. and called:
Is this 11 4-party .7? Yes? Dr.
I'orbes. You? Ah, doctor, listen! This
Is i'.upertaut."
Wainwrisht hung up the receiver at
l ;-t. at:d turner) t his wife with a
nni!e of satisfaction.
"Well, at least, that much lias been
c parsed." he said. Tr. Forles has
promised to cume over here at once.
Thank heaven, now we liave'a chance
! win in this stmsgle."
"ISnt I do imt understand just what
rou mean to do." flie wife exclaimed
wonderingly. "You told Lim that Au
ii"ew had deve!ol a strange mania,
iiTinistahable symptoms of insauity:
that you wi-died the man put. under
--;ra int for a period of observation.
i:T you didn't tell the doctor the truth.
. (1 you will have to do that when
Ti Tines."
WairwrirTtt shook his li-?ad.
"No." he Mid resolutely "I shall on-io-(.
the doctor that the iiwd is mad.
i.tacii" veicoaa-d the distraction or
r-. -- e;;:ent. when Waiuwright suggest-id'-lhut
they shonld "descend to tlie
li aarv. to await the appearance there
t-i the I'.iouuts. and the later advent
u I Jr. Indeed, the two had
1: rtliv more than settled themselves
in rather impatient exi-eitaliuu when
' ';!! sl:al! entered the rooiu. and behind
li n :iiie.i Mr', nd Mrs. Dlount. and
t : .; putative offspring. Walter.
At oiiL-e, v.hen the others were witb-
jr-:-.. I
M. K. Fly company.
in. Marshall, in response to a gesture
from Waiuwright. shut the door.
"Look here. Cortlandt!" I'.lount
stormed, his big voice rumbling hoarse
ly. "What the d;'il does this tVllow
mean by routing us out of bed at this
unholy hour of the niht?"
Mrs. Elount, too. and Walter addi-d
their querulous complaints.
"Shut U the lot of you!" Wain
wright commanded liereeiy.
Waiuwright had turned his gaze full
un the westerner at the beginning of
the outburst.
"You were saying. Mr. Morgan" he
lllouut shrank as from a blow, and
his ruddy face grew gray.
' "Wh what? Yv'hat's that?"
Waiuwright was explicit enough.
"I said. "Mr. Morgan Mr. Henry
Morgan, to be exact alias, lliack
Hank.' '
Blount mopped his forehead with a
handkerchief that became quickly
wringing wet with the perspiration
that had gushed forth rt this open
mention of a name that made audible
all his terror of the law's vengeance
against him for many offenses against
it. "I Lave no idea as to what you
are talking about!" he answered.
"Waiuwright stuiied with scorn.
"Perhaps," he remarked dryly, "your
wife may prove more intelligent than
you appear to be."
"Me? Why, the idea!" she cried
hysterically. "Me? The idea!"
Waiuwright regarded the excited wo
man with eyes in which there was no
pity. Ilis voice as he addressed her
again was metallic:
"Yes, you. Sadie!"
The woman winced percc-pMbly.
"That is a respectful way for yu
to speak to your mother-in-law, ain't
it. now?" she demanded indignantly,
with a disdainful toss of her head.
"Y'ou ought to lie ashamed of yourself,
Ctrtland. So you should. 'Sadie, in
deed!" Waiuwright permitted himself anoth
er smile.
"Y"es. 'Sadie, indeed!' " he agreed
whimsically. "I might say Milwaukee
Sadie, in fact!"
"Oh. rats!" she cried. Aud, having
so said, she flopped down into a chair
which creaked complainingly. Be
tween sobs her voice sounded luguhri-onft-
"ud Just when everything was
going so nice too!"
Walter thrust out Ids jaw in proc
lamation of the st lung will power he
did not possess and essayed a tone of
rather haughty remonstrance.
"Say. Cortland. I :m shocked and
surprised greatly surprised. Honest to
God. I don't know what"
Wain wright's eyes sparkled angrily.
"Oh. so you don't know, eh?" he said
Icily. "Well. I do. Mr. Slocum."
The collapse of the fellow was al
most ludicrously swift. Lie could only
mumble a feeble attempt at a ques
tion, while his gaze shifted furtively,
"M Mister what?"
"Mr. Slocum," Wainwright retorted,
with clear emphasis, that suggested no
doubt as to the fact; "alias Diamond
Blount, criminal though lie had been
for most of his life, was nevertheless
a man and possessed of a man's spirit.
The westerner spoke with a certain
plain sincerity that became him.
"Well. Mr. Wainwrisht." he said
gmfL'y. discreetly relinquishing the
more familiar form of address, "what
are you going to do with us? Give it
to us straight now. There's no use ii:
heating about the bush. What are v,
going to get?" "
There came a little lighteuiug ol
Wain wright's face as he listened. Hi
answer was prompt, but cryptic:
"It all deHjuds."
"Mr. Waiuwright. for God's sake. sir.
give us the chance! cried Blount.
"It is not impossible that 1 shall do
so." was the answer. "Certainly 1 shall
give you the chance you ask for on
one condition."
"The weather leaten face of the west
erner shone radiant. ?
.."It is simply this." Waiuwright went
ou. including the three in a searching
glance. "I require the services of all j
of-you just for tonight. I nm about tc
put In ' opera ti-:n a plan that will ie !
materially nssi-ted by your co-operation.
You three must staud by me to
night. all .of my condition.
"1 ii.i"-lf: m
-i5 ' - --.'v-
' . .. .v - -
9-. A.rjK-?5;ia
t fe-:: ! r,?- iiXM "i
lb; v-f .''.:i'.'5
"And just when everything was going
so nice too!"
ATTervafd youwuTbe enTirely free'- to
go where you wi'.l as far as 1 am con
cerned. and I shall give no information
to any one concerning yon. and I shall
guarantee the like restraint on the part
of Mr. M usi, a" h.-rr, r.:r.-.f lit has only
come in contact with you and learned
your identities while in my employ."
Marshall gave a grunt of reluctant
assent, but consoled himself by frown
ing violently at these offenders against
the law.
"It is necessary." "Waiuwright went
on In a colorless voice, "that you should
stand by me tonight again st him." A
slight pause before the final pronoun
gave it significant emphasis.
Each of the three gave a perceptible
start, then rested rigid. It was Mrs.
f 7
-.1.-. V s r- .-M
-m- ?. -A
f v
rv. - V. X Kx-. -- .t
p.... I E at? J
"-..V'S x
: r - . -t ..."
"What are you goi.13 to do with us7".
Blount who put the general emotion
of the criminals into a single word, ut
tered with an expression of horrified
"Yes," Wainwright replied blr.ndly,
though somewhat astonished by the
latent eP.'eet of the announcement on
his proposed confederates, "I mean An
drew, as he calls himself, the man who
brought you here." He looked from
one to another of the trio before him.
"Well?" he exclaimed sharply after
a long pause. His imperious look fixed
ou Blount aiul remained there. The
westerner spoke hesitatingly.
"How do you mean?" he asked.
Wainwright proceeded with his in
structions as though unaware of the
apprehensiou under which the three
were laboring.
"A gentleman will soon be here." he
said briskly, "whom. I believe, you
have all met already. Iu Lis presence
you will continue to be what I have
hitherto thought you to be. In other
words, you are to appear in your fa
miliar roles as my relations by mar
riage, as the family of my wife."
At this simple eiucidatiou of the pri
mary requirement, the agitated crim
inals plucked up a. little more spirit.
Walter voiced the feeling:
"Hub! That's a pipe!"
Wainwright continued with undimin
ished complacency lu his manner:
"In addition to this you will hold your
selves in readiuess, all of you, to sub
stantiate, when called on. whatever I
tuny say."
"Sure, we'll do that!" Blount ex
claimed, cheerfully. "But you say it
will afi'e1 1 him Andrew?"
Wainwright nodded assent.
"Yes." he agreed, ' it will be aliout
him. I shall do the talking. You will
understand fast enough when the time
comes. All you have to do will be to
follow my load. There will lie na trou
ble a'.MHit it there can be none."
Blount agreed, with ci::nh.isis. "We'll
do just as you want us to. aud that
Wainwright nodded his head in ac
ceptance of the assurance. And then.
ery gently and slov iy the door open
ed and Andrew stood smiling tolerant
ly ou the threihoiX
m . - j
14 ?
if " v - '"I
At the Bar.
K the interval of time that elapsed
I after his interview with Wain
1 wright, Andrew had chosen to
shut himself In the seclusion of
the cupola room, where he held com
munion with his thoughts while await
ing the appointed hour for the render
ing of his enemy's decision. As to
what that decision would lie the Mas
ter Mind had small doubt, nor did he
feel cuy concern over the result should
the improbable occur, and Wainwright
refuse thus to give up his political
In such case the effect would be se
cured none the less.
There was no means by which Wain
wright would be able, so far as An
drew could surmise, to prevent pub
licity. And publicity would be enough
The Master Mind would le at pains to
secure the widest notoriety for the re
ports most likely to do his enemy
harm. His work would be eagerly aid
ed by Wainwright's iolitical foes, who
were many aud powerful. The victim
would become a laughing slock or an
object of contempt. He could no long
er command a following of loyally de
voted followers.
It mattered not at all whether the re
ports concerning him should Ik? the
truth or garbled distortions. Either
would be fatal iJ his high ambitious
The public could never agaiu respect
as their chief a uiau who had been s
hoodwinked as to consort intimately
with notorious criminals, to receive
them into his household, to accept
them as his closest relatious, to mak
one of them his wife, wliom, but for
timely exposure, lie would have made
mistress of the executive mansion of
tlie greatest state of the Uniou.
: Andrew's complacency waxed as he
considered the fact that his enemy
could not escape out of the toils.
There could be no ingenuity sufficient
to extricate the captive of his plottin
Wiiin wright had only the option of ab
dicating from his iosition of leader
ship quietly and without scandal. aldi
eating absolutely for his lifetime or ot
being forced out ignominiously by pub
lic scandal. Of course he would resist
to the utmost, but the ultimate effect
of all resistance could avail naught
Even at this moment, doubtless, h
was employing every resource of his
excellent brain power in contriviu
sttme method of self defense. Andrew
smiled nt the thought. Let the poor
prisoner of his wiles work his subtlest
it would only make the game more di
verting, the end no less certain. Tht
struggles of this hapless fly within the
meshes of the web gave greater zest
to the glee of the remorseless, gloatin;
slider, which watched and waited con
tcntediy for an end that was certain.
The Master Mind continued his sat
isfaction in the triumph of his schem
Ing I'V reviewing the events that had
led through sure stages to this cul
initiation. His heart was agaiu stirred
with the familiar, stabbing pain of his
loss as fie thought of the brother whom
he had so loved, unjustly done t
shameful death, l'et somehow, now
in the hour of his victory, there was
something less poignant in his emo
tion than ever hitherto. Andrew mar
veled at this with a cyxious feeling of
alarm over his own lack of sensibility
He could not understand how the great
passion of his life should be thus less
ened. True, there had been years in
tervening since first death broke in on
love and turned its vital forces intc
hate against another. Yet the mere
passage of time could not explain this
change, for his hate had not moderat
ed in the same period. On the con
trary, it had increased even, never los
ing aught of its virulence, rather add
ing always to it. Still. Andrew puz
zled over this startling problem. It
was inconceivable that in the moment
of conquest the very motive itsrff ol
all his struggles to this end should
show a weakening. It was incon
ceivable, indeed nevertheless it was
true. The Master Mind felt a sickness-
of heart as he searched himself anew
for some clew to an understanding of
the thing that had come to pass, for hi
knew that somehow his own soul had
betrayed him.
The thoughts of the Master Mind
turned presently, to Lucene. The sub
ject was strangely distasteful to him
now, yet he held to it, as if its fasci
nation were sujierior to a will hithertc
indomitable. He recalled his first pur
poses concerning this girl, the project
of making her available as a weapon
against his enemy. He had never fal
tered in that purpose. His first plan
had been accomplished in its entirety
nave the consummation, and that wus
now at hand and sure beyond perad
venture of doubt. But, while the
prima intention had been thus achiev
ed, there had been so much more oh.
vastly more! lie had become the cre
ator of a radiant lersonaIlty where
had been only a very pretty, illiterate
waif. He had caused the delicate fash
ioning of a woman refined and beauti
ful far beyond the ordinary. He had
found delight in his responsibility to
ward her. lie had bad pride in a re
sult that had not been save for his di
rection. The gratitude of the girl
warmed his heart. The warped ego
tism of the man did not permit him
accurately to gauge the depths of his
injustice toward her in making her life
a pawn in his game of hate. On tht
contrary, he was able by some singu
lar quirk of intelligence to take full
satisfaction for himself in all his fa
vozu to her and to disregard almost
comrletelylthe-ulptnatevruin of her life
that must be Ids liahdiwork. He fail
ed, utterly to-apprec-iate hi? own guilt
trwa-d' her whereat he- very develop
p??nt; of her " nature which he had
Nvrchght would, make her final grief
tnest' dreadful, an anguish infinitely be-
end ; tbe'' capabilities of tormeut pos
tessed' byjMaggie Flint I have said
that he failed utterly. That is not
quite true, ne failedT indeed, but net
utterly. Sometimes an iustinct to
ward the truth flashed on him. but he
shut his mental eyes to such illumina
tion. He preferred the darkness rath
er than the light that chiefest sin
and the might of his will gave to him
ns he chose.
But tonight the Master Mind found
it. difficult to hold his eyes shut. Since
he had ijeen the wife in her agony over
what had come to pass through his
machiuatioii3 he was unable to Iguore
as before this wretchedness of his
making for her. He could not escape
realization of what all this must mean
to her.
In his perception now he learned,
too. as never yet in tlie years of asso
ciation with her. how dear she was
become to him. He altered no whit in
his resolve of vengeance on the man
whom be held responsible for his
brother's death, but nt least he was
forced to admit the torment It must
inflict on her and as well the distress
to himself that her suffering must
(To Be Continued.
Local News
Prom Tuesdar'n .Daily-
County Commissioner Henry Snoke
cf Eagle departed last evening: on the
land excursion to Chase county.
H. J. Meisinger of near Cedar
Creek was here today for a few hours
looking1 after some matters of busi
ness and calling; on his many friends
Mrs. Mike Warga, jr., and children
of Havelock are here enjoying a short
visit at the home of Mrs. Warga's
father, A. Matous, and with her sis
ter, Miss Georgia Matous.
Mrs. W. A. Ingalls and little son de
parted this morning; for Shelby. Neb.,
where they will visit for a short time
at the home of Senator and Mrs.
Charles Krumbach in that city.
Mrs. William Jean and Mrs. Oscar
Gapen, accompanied by their cousin,
Miss Elsie Dean, of South Haven,
Michigan, were among: those going to
Omaha this morning to visit for the
Mrs. B. S. Ramsey departed this
morning for Omaha, where she will be
joined by her son, W. C. Ramsey, and
proceed to Chadron to attend the fun
eral of her brother, the late A. V,
A. G. Roman and wife and daugh
ter, Miss Ruth, and son, Francis, re
turned home last evening from a few-
weeks' visit at Vermillion. S. D., and
Sioux City, Iowa, with relatives and
Mrs. Louise Klein came down last
evening from Omaha to visit with her
mother, Mrs. B. Hemple, who has just
returned home from Greenleaf, Kan
sas, where she has been visiting her
daughter, Mrs. D. O. Hewitt.
Frank Sivey and Abe Grindle of
Tabor, departed this morning for Lin
coin, where they will meet their wife
and daughter, Mrs. Sivey, who is re
turning home from Portland, Oregon,
where she had been enjoying a short
George Ray and family of Murray,
acocmpanied by Mr. Ray's father,
who is here from Harrison county,
Missouri, came up this morning from
their home and spent several hours
here visiting with friends and taking
in the sights.
From Wednesday Pally.
Peter Meisinger and wife of near
Cedar Creek were in the city today for
a few hours looking after some trad
ing with the merchants.
W. P. Albee, wife and child, of Glen
wood, came over this morning to at
tend the funeral of Mrs. Albee 's fath
er, the late J. W. Barwick, this after
noon. C. E. Hartford departed this after
noon for Boone, Iowa, where he goes
with his daughter, Miss Elva, who will
attend school there during the coming
W F. Gillespie, the Mynard grain
dealer, was in the city yesterday en
route home from Omaha, where he
had been looking after some matters
of business.
George Nickels and S. O. Titman
of Murray motored up last evening in
their Pullman car to spend a few
hours here looking after some matters
of business.
Thomas N. Julian and wife of
Clovis. New Mexico, arrived last even
ing from their home to be present at
the funeral of Mrs. Julian's father,
J. W. Barwick.
Mrs. John Ewing and little 2-year-
old daughter, who have been here
visiting Mrs. Ewing's mother, Mrs.
Claus Speck and family, departed last
evening for their home at Hopkins.
Dr. G. H. Gilmore, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walker,
motored up this morning from their
home at Murray and spent a few
hours here looking after matters of
Mrs. Frank ' Burgess of Cedar
Rapids, Neb., who has been here visit-
ing at the home of her parents, Mr.;
and Mrs. A. Wr. White, and attend
ing the family reunion, departed this
morning for her home.
. Hon. Fred L. Nutzman and Frank
P. Sheldon of Nehawka motored up
this afternoon in company with W. G.
Boedeker of the Murray State bank
and spent a few hours here looking
after some business matters.
J. R. Hunter and wife and son,
Paul, were among those going to Lin
coln this morning to visit with their
sen and brother, Joe Hunter, at the
hospital, where he is recovering from
an operation for appendicitis.
David Hiatt and wife of Sidney,
Icwa, were here today for a few
hours looking after some matters of
business, and departed this afternoon
for their home, accompanied by Mrs.
I. S. White, mother of Mrs. Iliatt.
Charles Winehammer, wife and lit
tle daughter came in last evening
from Omaha, where they had been
visiting and will spend two weeks here
with relatives and friends before re
turning to their home at Champaign,
Mrs. Mollie Shugar and little child
and Mrs. Kate Skeen of Kenesaw, Ne
braska, are here for a visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Godwin,
the parents of Mrs. Shugar and before
returning heme will visit at Lincoln
with friends.
Mrs. A. A. Schafcr and daughter,
Lucy, and son, Walter, of Pocassett,
Okla., are making an extended visit
at the home of M: . and Mrs. G. P.
Meisinger and Philip Schafer at Cedar
Creek. Mrs. Meisinger and Mrs.
Schafer are sisters.
Misses Ruth and Esther Elling
hausen of Omaha and Miss Hedwick
Weideman of Wahoo, Neb., are here
enjoying a few days' visit at the home
of Miss Myr.a Thierolf, who was a
school friend of the young ladies at
the state university.
Miss Hattie of Ottawa, 111.,
is here for a short visit at the home
of John Waterman and family while
en route home from the Pacific coast.
Miss Black is a sister of the late Mrs.
Waterman and has been enaaged in
teaching in Ottawa for the past twen
ty years.
Joseph Zimmcrer, carhicr of the
Avoca bank; Simon Rehmeier, owner
of the Avoca hotel, and Ben Mohr, one
of the best citizens of that thriving
little city, motored over last evening
from their home, in company with Dr.
J. W. Erendel, to look after some mat
ters at the court house for a few
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filed hid petition In the l':tii-t fovut
of e'ass County, Nhr;i.--U;i aiTiiiiivt n-i
an.l eai li of you as ii 1 11 1 it u 1 :;, im
pleaded Willi Krnrik J. Met tier and
tjMr;.:e Stctllei; tl::if said plaintiff in
;: id petition ulli-ei s lliiit in- iw lln- own
er of nil uridiviiiuil or:e-l.lf ol tlie Ml-liivin-
ili-iTi lied rea I cfatf. n- il;
The Kaft Hi-.lf IK. : of tlie
Northwest Quarter (N. W. ',1 of
Suction Tlii 1 t -! .mr i."t', ami the
West ii'uir W. '-.I 1 the south
east Quarter ( S". K '(I of smi"ii
Twenty-seven C.T', all in To wr snip
i:ieeii 11 . .Norlli. cf liaii--'e N'no-
!U. Kast nt toe J'. .M., in l's.
County, Nchrasku;
that Ja'iili s'tcltier. .larncs Stetthr urnl
Sarah .!io ;;so:i t.'.rii owns an undivided
one fourteenth t 1 reof. that William
Kauman. li'-nri'f I'.aumari. .laioli l;a i
inan. .1 nines 1 1 1 ma n ntnl .-iirah Iiowto-n
each ne an undivided om -sc nt o t li
thereof: that Kate Sw;lait, W'ltiric
KannuH, Theroti Stetth-r. IMuurd Jlai;.
Theda. Williams and Kmma Hamlin
i'ttch own nil undivided one-f rt v-s"e-end
1-J therrrirc. and tint Maude
ShuUss, Gmrsf Stctticr. Frank .t. Siet
tlcr, Cliflord Stctticr, I'lan-ri'-i' Stctticr.
KdviarU Stctticr unl fit m Stctticr
cath owns un UTidivide.l one- n I ne i -eifrhth
11-!'4! thereof: that the ooject
and prayer f said pet il ion is to ohlain
a judgment of said fomi ontirmn u
the shares of the paili'S a .!
stated jiml to partition the Mint real
You and each of you a i rc'iuiied to
ariiver said petition on or lie fore i c
Ttli day of ScptemLer, A. I . t:Ki. and
In failins: so to tio ?our dentin v. ill
oulv entered therein and jinlrnn n'
taken as prayed lor in plaint nt s
pet it ion.
Iiatctl this U'tli ilav of .u--u.t. A. I .
IIA1M.KY Wnl.l-i:, flamli".
l:y PALM K i t. TAYi.-K A PAI.MKl:.
liis Ati.orric.vs.
-1 : -1 k s
( Ol .MV, M i.ltAMv V.
Charles C. I'arnicl'.'. Plaint iiT,
C II. Klecmnn. et ah. 1 cft tola m s.
To C. II. K Iceman, f: n i name
unknown: Mrs. f. II. lertnn n. lirsl real
name unknown: the in, known heir--,
cievisets, iera tecs, pel son.-, i represent
atives ami all persons int'-resteii in int
estate of C 11 K Iceman. Inst real name
unl; and the unknown heirs, de
visees, legatees. personal represent
atives and all other persons interested
in tlie estate of Mrs. '. H. Kiccmati,
lirsl real name unknown, dt I'emlar.ts :
Y'ou are lierchy notiri.-il that n Julv
2'Jt h, A. 1. l!'l-"i, pi.i;nl;:"t liicd his unit
in the Tiistriit Court of Cass fount ,
Nebraska, to jtiiet the title to the tol
lov. iru- deseribed lands in I '!a : I stnout h,
Cass County. Nebraska, to-xcit:
Lot Five f.r. i. in I'.ioi k Thirt v-t lire.
(331. in 'tl:' City of Piuttsmuulb, Cuan
County, Nebraska.
The object and praver of which suit
are to have cxpunjied from the record
and declared null and void one certain
deed j-relenrtins conv y to the de
fendant, C. II., said lot, tinted
Aueust, 11M1. and tiled for record
Aucust itllli, lfl'J. and recorded in
liook ."1, at pace of the deed records
of Cass County. Nebraska: and to h
join you anil each of ou from havitii-v
or claiming any rici.l. title or interest,
in or l said real est a nr. and forever
ttiiietincr the title thereto in the plain
tiff, and for equitable relief.
Y'ou are rcnuired to ai 'wer said peti
tion on or before Motidav, September
iti th, A. I. P.'ir..
Patetl this "rd d;iv of Ant'csf. A. 1
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In the District Court of I he County of
( umi, .NrlirHnka,
Amelia Y'allery Strciirht, Plaintiff,
A. L. Small, first real name unknown,
et a I.. I lefcndants.
To the 1 leletidants: A. I.. Small, first
real name n ; i M. Small first
real name unknown: J. C Small, hist
real name unknown: .lames L. Small,
. L. Small, first real name unktiovii,
W. M. Small, lirst j en I mime unknown.
May Cati:n. 1 luisy Miller, nee Wright:
Harry T. .Miller, pe-(iu- Ja'kson, nee
Wright: James S. Purns. aiso known
as James S. Lurries, and tht- unknown
h irs. legatees and devisees of .Mice K.
Newton, decea sen, also known as Alice
Newton, deceased.
You are hereby notified that on Julv
r: 0 v 1 1 . A. I . P'l.'., plaintiff tiled lor Kult
in the Idstrict Court of the County of
'ass, Nebraska, to cunt title to the.
followinc described land, to-wit:
Lot three in Hlm-k nineteen
P, in the City of 1 'lat tsmout h.
Cass County, Nebraska
Jleciiiiso of her adverse possession Vv
herself and her jrrantors tor more tlii.n
ten ears prior to the com me n e-n. f, t
of said suit, r.hd to eu.ioln cm h ind ail
of you from having or cla mi i n l, nav
riu:iit. title, lien or interest, either b mil
or e.,1, i t a I'M-, in or to saol land or an."
part thereof and for peroral eci n 1 1 a 1 U"
relief. notice is made pursuant to
the order of the Court.
You tire reiiuired to answer paid p"tl
tion on or before Moridav, the P'.ih tlav
f September, A. 1 . lMlii. or your tie
fault will te dulv entered therein
YY. A. P.OLEUTSOX, A'-ornev.
In the County Court of Ihc County of
Cass, Nebraska.
In Ke Estate of Francis Kmhinsky,
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that hear
ing upon claims against said cstaie
will be had at the office f f the County
Judge, Court House, Huttsmouth, Ne
braska, on the 8th day of September,
A. D. 1915, and on the 8th day of
March, A. D. VJW, at 10 o'clock a. m.
on each of said days. All claims not
filed before said hour on said last day
of hearing will be forever barred.
By the Court,
County Judge.
Atorney. 8-0-1twkly
the mint makes it nrA under the
terms of the CONTINENTAL
cure it at C per cent for any Icirnl
purpose on approved real estate.
Terms easy; tell us your wants and
we will co-operate with you.
SIS Deahan Building, Denver, Colo.