The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 23, 1915, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    MONDAY, AlT.rST 2.1.
rLATTSMotrrn semi-weekly journal.
r c.r.
. v - r.r- v .v . r . w V
-, , r
. , . fc " i - 1 f r - r. ' - A
1 "---. : i I1- i- .-'"o. . - ? . ' 'S
.ft V- ". sV ? 'W J"'."; f f'"" rt-1-' - ' -
r ' ' '"' .- - c-y.'-v " " '."? .'. . .tv ;,- . " 7
L y),..! - -, fr 1 ' i
, v - 4
t- " ' , . ' : .-.- . 3: V - 1
" ' A" ""'
? ' ? ? : --
i r?" ONE NIGHT ONLY 15 and 25c - QfllL
tit IP AUGUST ibtll
Local Nevjs
Fr"-i Fri.Vs I.i;:-.
AiL-'.m FornoiT of near Ct-lar Click
was h'Te to;iay lookinc after pome' with the nrrchants.
I). A. Younz of near ?-lurray was in
ihv city today for a few hours looking
af'.or some matters of business.
A?.. .,,4 T't- V Hnu-jrd nt
children of the vicinity of Mynard
were vi.-ilors ii: this city today.
Heir rich Jasr-er departed this aft
fmKi:i for Herman, Xeh.. t.r a vw-ii
over Sunday with friends in iha. city.
John Ciaurr of Ce:ia- Cnf k motored
Ii. st evi'riii.p fi'om his home to look
jiftor some matters of business for a
few hours.
John Whitman of Nehawka was
an.'int: the business visitors in Omaha
day for ii few hours, looking after
some matter-; of importance.
Mrs. K. I. Morrow of Omaha, who
l a- beer, he:e visiting at th,: Har
mon Bestor hoiTie for a few ilav-, !c
j'arted this afteriioon for her home.
Frank Yallery of Murray was in the
ti'y yesterday afternoon for a few
ho. drivinr ur from his home to
jor.k after some matters of lousiness.
('. L. Wiles was in Omaha today
for a short time loc.kir jr after some
matter-- " importai.'e thert
z home on No. -1 this afternoon.
.Mrs. Jo;, a.- Teeirarder and children
f?'pa'-tid t1 :is morr.inp" for their home
:.t f'.rock. Neb., after a short visit he;
wi'.li her jiarirjt.--. Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Mi-.- Minnie Born
norrdtisr for (-akluTtd. N
departed this
i.. w'ie; she
w:f ' p-?id a short time as the true.-t
of id.'ti'.e- ;nr) friend- in that cily
and k i; it. v.
Viari. I'.lo-.rer. r.. and wife wer
1M- ctv toiav
;or a
ho rt time.
JT"0! .'iriji-j ii
Cedar free k
from their home near
o attend to some bu-i-
Mrs. S. A. Wiies and Mrs. Luke
Wiles v-re anion-; those going to
O-naha ;hi mo.-r.inr. where they will
vi-it fo- the day. looking after some
mat tor
Herbert Davidson and two children! -
rt"! tin- rnoiTimg on the rariv
Buihrlo-i ;r;;;n for Stromsburg. Ne-j
bra-d.a. where they w ill visit over i
Sunday with relatives.
TrieFa-ifir SVt;o. with its marvelous development, solicits you to
j vjrney tlirouh that Icind. The melting snows of its mountains are
mariral resources shaped to the genius of electrical and horticultural
vizards; those mighty forests are the last of their kind left standing on
this e-.rfli; there are no such orchards, orange groves and floral land-P-Hprs
in the uocld. nor does history record there ever have been.
TheBnrlmtoTi operates five through service routes to California
.nd two through service route to Pugtt Sound, with the Pacific
C M-t steamship or rail connecting link. You may combine these
through r- ivice coast routes for a "See Amtrica" tour that will include
the lrojdcst scope of the West and 'Northwest
j (Jeorp-e Nickels of Murray was in
j the city today for a few hours looking
after some matters of business, hav
irg driven up with Sam Filman and
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Henninprs.
M;s. William Foxwell dejtarted this
morning for Lincoln, after an extend
ed visit in this city with her sister,
Mrs. B. S. Fvamsey. Mrs. Ramsey ac-
j corrpanied her as far as Omaha.
F. J. Hennings, wife and daughter.
Miss Helen, motored in this morning
from their farm home, in company
with S. O. Fitman, and spent a few
hours here looking after some mat
ters of business.
Mrs. Henry Forn and -. Kd
Tritsch and children were mong
those going to Omaha this mo,ninsr,
where they will visit f-r th? Ir.y
with friends, as well as to look afte
some matters of business.
W. R. Young of near Mynard was
here yesterday afternoon for a few
hours lookinjr after some matters of
business and to meet his sister, Miss
Clara Young, and Miss Olga Minford.
who returned home from Omaha.
Mrs. G. R. Rhoden was a passenger
this morning for Omaha, accompany
ing her sitscr-in-law, Mrs. T. J.
Rhoden, and
l.nuirhter. Miss Eulah.
that far or. their way to Greenwood
for a short visit before returning to
ihtir home at Waukceney, Kansas.
From Fatunlav nallv.
William Puis ccme up this morning
from his home at Murray to visit for
the dav here with his many old
f riends.
Philip Hirz and wife were in the
city vesterdav for a few hours looking
after some trading with the mer
Mrs. J. W. Newell returned to he:
home at (.hicjigo, after a short visit
with her mother. Mis. A. W. At wood
in this city.
William Rice of Murray was here
today for a few hours looking after
.ome matters of business with the
Will Yi llery and wife of Havelock
arrived this aiternoon Jor an over
Sur.dav visit here with their relatives
1 - 1 - friends.
Miss r.IIa Kesnow of Crest on, Iowa,
is in the city enjoying a short visit
at the Charles Ulrich home and with
other friends in this city.
Let the undersigned tell you of our through service
roi-fs available at the $?0 excursion rat-s to Califor
uin, or the $'".) rate for the Coast circuit tour.
R. W CLEMENT, Ticket Agent.
L. W. WAK.EL.t-R. Genera! Passenger Afiertt.
tOC4 Fanram Street. OMAHA, Neb.
Creed F. Harris of near Union was
here today for a few hours visiting
with his many friends and looking af
ter some matters of business.
Adam Hild, one of Cass county's
sturdy farmers, was here today at
tending to some trading and visiting
with his sons, Michael and George
Mrs. Frank Janda, jr.. and children
departed this afternoon for Hay
Springs. Neb., for a short visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George
John Likewise, wife and children
departed this morning for Brunswick,
Neb., where they expect to visit for
a short time with relatives and friends
near that place.
Miss Frances Moore, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Moore, of near
Murray, is expected home todaj' from
LaForte, Colorado, where she has
been attending school.
W. F. Moore of near Murray was
in the city today for a few hours
looking after some matters of busi
ness and to meet his daughter, who
is expected from the west.
Mrs. E. F. Grimes and daughter,
Mrs. Helen Mortesen, of Omaha, came
down this afternoon from their home
for a short visit with Mrs. Grimes
mother, Mrs. Dennis Danniher.
Ben Beckman. one of Cass county's
energetic and stable farmers, was in
the city yesterday afternoon for a few
hours looking after some trading with
the merchants and calling on friends.
Mr. Malcolm Munn of Scotland, S.
D., who has been here for a short
visit at the Chris Wohlfarth home, de
parted this morning for his home.
Miss Eva Nellis of Scotland. S. P., is
also here for a visit at the Wohlfarth
Miss Jennie Fisher of Tobias, Neb.,
who has been here for a short visit
at the home of her uncle, L. W. Lorenz
and family, while en route home from
the east, departed this morning for
her home.
Mrs. J. L. Young and little daugh
ter, of Coleridge. Neb., who have been
visitirg at Murray with Mrs. Young's
father. C. H. Boedeker, and other rela
tives and friends, departed this morn
ing for their home, going on the early
Burlington train.
We are in receipt of a letter from
Charles Freese, a former Flattsmouth
boy. who is now located at Scotts
Bluff, Neb., in which he encloses the
cash for another year's subscription
to the paper. He says they are hav
ing plenty of rain in that part of the
state and the crops are fine.
From Monday's Ialty.
V. P. Sheldon of Nehawka was at
tending to some business matters in
this city Saturday and was a pleasant
caller at this office.
E. J. Meisir.ger and wife and little
daughter were visitors here for a few-
hours Saturday, looking after some
matters of business.
Cleorjre Hall and family of Alvo
were her over Sunday visiting with
Mr. Hall's brother. Major Hall and
family, south of town.
John F. Wehrbein. who has been
out in the vicinity of Gothenberg for
a few days, has returned home and
reports crop conditions as fine in that
G. P. Heil drove in this morning
from his farm home in Eipht Mile
Grove precinct and will spend the day
here looking- after some trading with
the merchants.
J. L. Meisir.ger and N. E. Dickson
were over Sunday visitors in Nebras
ka City as truests of friends there, re
lu'ring home this morning on the
early Missouri Pacific.
Frank Cook and wife of Havelock
were over Sunday visitors here with
relatives and friends, as Mr. Cook was
enjoyinj? a short vacation from his
duties at the shops in that city.
Earl Cole and brother, Roy Cole,
were anions: those going to Omaha
this morning to spend a few hours,
driving in from their home near My
nard to catch the early Burlington
Frank H. Johnson, wife and little
son. from near Weepinjr Water, were
visitors here over Sunday at the home
of Mr. Johnson's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. V. Johnson, and this morning
were passengers for Omaha.
Miss Bertha Tarns departed this
morning for Syracuse, NebM to visit
there with her brother, Fred Tarns
and family, for a week. Her little
nephew, Freddie, who has been here
for a 8hort visit, returned with her
to his home.
Rooms for Rent.
With or without board, two block-;
from the High school. Call tn Mrs.
S. Ramsay. 8-9-7twkly
4- W. A. ROBERTSON. --
Coates Block,
I- East of Riley Hotel. -J
Second Floor.
I"!"!"!1 -H-I-I-I-I- H-H- -M-M-I-
Matt McQuin left Wednesday to
make an extended trip through the
western part of Oklahoma to visit and
see the country.
Joseph Fetzer of Flattsmouth came
down Tuesday morning and made a
few days visit with his daughter, Mrs.
J. M. Patterson.
J. Wiley Mead of Little Sioux, Iowa,
came last week to enjoy the Old Set
tlers' reunion and visit his daughter,
Mrs. Dave E. Eaton.
Eli Eaton departed Wednesday to
make several weeks' visit in the west
ern part of Oklahoma, going to Thom
as and other points in that state.
Robert Wilson of Thurston came
last Friday and is making a visit with
his sister, Mrs. W. H. Eanning, and
his brothers, James and Thomas Wil
son, and other relatives.
Frank Finkle went to Omaha on the
Wednesday evening train for a few
days' visit with some of his friends
and to show Jim Dahlman a few
things about running a town of that
Miss Dovie Barkhurst and Miss Mae
Chilcott, who spent a few weeks on
the Pacific coast, arrived home Mon
day. They had a very fine time visit
mg relatives ana seeing many in
teresting things on the coast, includ
ing the exposition.
The hotel, changed management
again Sunday. Will Tillman and wife
ft. kw,t a
C. Wes Clark and wife took charire
; e-o u v,c
boarders did not suffer a break in the
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reike and
two children and Mrs. Joe Lindsey and
(V, ti ,!..
evening of last week for the Pacific
coast, intending to spend about six
weeks visiting at various places in
California, and of course the exposi
tion at San Francisco is to receive
their attention.
Mrs. L. A. Hay and little son left
Saturday for a visit in California with
her sister and father at Los Angeles
and at the exposition.
Ray Pool and wife of Lincoln, and
Albert Pool and familv of Wabash
visited Sunday with their
Mrs. Mary Pool.
Mrs. Fay Wassel of Husum, Wash.,
and her sister, Miss Allen of Clay
Center were visiting at the home of
their aunt. Mrs. Frank Day, last week.
Misses Ella and Lillian Bates re
reived the sad news this week of the
death of their brother, J. H. Bates.
at San Franci sco, Cal. Death came
after a long illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cook and fam
ily of Norfolk came in Monday even
ing for a visit with Mrs. Cook's par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Philpot,
and other relatives.
Dr. John R. Davis, wife and daugh
ter of Lincoln were in town Saturday
afternoon en route by auto to visit
the former's father, Anderson Davis,
northeast of town.
Dr. F. N. Townley, in company with
Dr. Fred M. Andrus of Lincoln, was in
town Saturday and while here rented
the rooms over the Orton drag store
preparatory to locating in Weeping
Water for the practice of medicine.
J. L. Young of Coleridge was in
town Friday calling on his cousin, Mrs.
Ben Noel. He was in company with
his brother. Parr Young. Mr. Young
was on the Omaha market with three
carj of hogs and ran down for a short tracted to play at the Oerman-Amen-visit
with home folks. can T'cnic at Syracuse on August 20,
Bert McNamee met with an accident
this (Thursday) noon which .will lay
him ud for some time. Rert .works
with the Charley Vermillion bridge
cang, and as the six men were coming
to dinner on the railway motor car,
at the cut the track spread, letting
the car drop between the rails. The
men were thrown from the car or
jumped. As Bert jumped his foot was
caught between the car wheel and the
rail. Besides bruising the foot the
ankle cap was broken. Other than
being shaken tip the other men were
not hurt.
'I-I-I-I-I' '
H-r vI-I-I-I-I' -I-I-I-I" 'I-I-I-I-I
Mrs. Agnes McDonald left WTednes-
day for a few days' visit with relatives
at Rising City and Albion, Neb.
Mrs. Eugene Setz of Plattsmouth
visited over Sunday with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Vanlandingham.
A. H. Vanlandingham shipped a
carload of hogs to the South Omaha
market the first of the week. He ac
companied the car.
Jim and Bob Remaly, who reside
southeast of Eagle, report the loss of
two valuable milch cows which were
struck by lightning last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Vanlanding
ham and baby, of Davey, Neb., were
visitors over Sunday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Vanlandingham.
Georgie and Robert McClanahan re
turned to their home at Fairbury,
Neb., Tuesday after a three weeks'
visit with their grandmother, Mrs. M.
E. Brantner.
H. L. Swanson, who has been visit
ing at points in Canada, Wisconsin
and Minnesota, arrived in Eagle
Thursday evening for a few days' visit
with relatives here.
Mrs. N. M. Winnings and son, John,
departed Tuesday afternoon for Hen
rietta, Minn., to attend to some mat
ters of business. Mrs. Winnings is
the mother of Mrs. Uel Lambert.
The Misses Clara and Marcie
French, of Minneapolis, Minn., left
for their home last Friday, after a
week's visit at the 0. S. Anderson
home. They were returning from a
trip to the San Francisco exposition.
Miss Nelson returned to her home
in Omaha Friday, after visiting a few
da's at the home of Charlie Heebner
I Mrs. M. U. Thomas returned to her
home in Ashiand Monday, after visit-
ing a few days at the home of her
I T-v t t r rrr
son- UT- J- --nomas
1 Mrs. Jim Pollard and daughter re
turned home W ednesday after spend
several weeks with ber Tents in
I i arKer, s. u.
The Hugo Brothers tent show which
was to show here Monday until Wed
nesday, canceled their date on account
of the smallpox situation.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Norris returned
to their home in Coleridge. Neb., after
visiting the past two weeks at the
home of their nephew. W. S. Norris.
Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Pollard return
ed home Wednesday from Rochester,
Minn., where Mr. Pollard has been
taking treatments for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Chriswisser return
ed to their home in Plattsmouth Wed
nesday, after visiting several days
with their son, Charlie4 and family.
Little Carl accompanied them to their
home, where he will spend the com
ing week.
Misses Emily and Evelyn and two
brothers, Paul and Arthur Wolph,
I started Friday morning for San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and
will visit relatives in Colton, Cal. On
their way they w ill stop off for a short
stav at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Last Sunday while coming to town
on his motorcycle Harold Todd had
the misfortune to have a head-on col
lision with a car as he turned the cor
ner a mile west of town. He received
several scratches and a broken tooth,
while his machine was badly damaged.
The car had a light broken and the
radiator caved in. Harold lit on the
hud of the car and he was lucky he got
out as he di(L
butler Morgan departed lhursday
lor -nreve, unio, lor a visa witn nis
Mrs. Bina Kitzel of Alvo has been
visiting at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. A. H. Weichel, and attended the
The Elmwood band boys have con-
and the M- w- A- ricnic at Avoca on
September 3.
William McLaig of i'onca City,
Okla., arrived Ihursday for a visit
Wlth hls sister, Mrs. John Hall, and
othcr relatives and friends.
Orandma i,eck and daughter. M rs.
William Hayes, left the first of the
wek for Bradford, Ohio, to visit the
former s sister and other relatives,
Mr- and Mrs- H- Wenz and family
and Mrs- Leonhardt, of Hallam, Neb.,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John
Morford, and attended the chautau-
..... i.i f -
qua - Mr. Wenz is a brother oi irs.
Sid West sold his property this
week to W. McCullough and the prop
erty will change hands just as soon as
the title is straightened up. Mr.
West expects to spend the winter in
Misses Katherine and Bessie Voss,
who have been visiting at the A. II.
W'eichel home, returned to their home
at St- Joseph, Wednesday. Miss Pearl
Weichel returned with them for a
fchort visit.
Dr. and Mrs. Harger and children,
who have been visiting Mrs. Harger's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clapp,
departed for Chicago in tneir l ord
Thursday. They were accompanied
by Henry Clapp, jr.
Mrs. Henry Born of Piuttsmcuth,
formerly Miss Tena Ahl, visited rela
tives in town over nitrht Monday.
Henry Ahl and his sister, Mrs. Mary
Ragoss, returned Saturday from a
three months' visit with relatives in
William Lehnhoff of Lincoln was in
town several days last week attend
ing to business matters and visiting
friends and relatives.
James P. Ellis, for more than twen
ty years Missouri Pacific station arent
at this place, was in town this week
calling on old-time friends. He is lo
cated at Crete.
Rev. Theodore Hartman is attend
ing a meeting of the Nebraska synod
of the German Lutheran church at
Deshler, Neb., this week. August
Pautsch is also attending as a dele
gate. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCarty, who
are visiting in Colorado, write that
the weather is so cold that heavy
wraps are a necessary adjunct to com
fort. They are expected home about
Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Miller of Staple
hurst, Neb., were here Monday and
Tuesday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Ahl. They expect to leave soon
to make their home in Ortgon, and
they were down to bid old-time Cass
county friends pood-bye.
Plans for the new 5,000 home for
the Home State bank are being- drawn
and as soon as received the contract
will be let. The building will be of
pressed brick. IMxuO. and will be built
on Main street joining the Twiss meat
market and will be a valuable addition
to the town.
James Terryberry's new gasoline
tractor engine and gang plow were
unloaded Tuesday morning and driven
to the farm, where Mr. Terryberry
will use it -to t:;rn over his broad
acres. He is a firm believer in deep
plowing every few years and also a
great lover of horses, and his pur
chase of this new outfit will serve a
double purpose plow the ground as
deep as he desires and save his horses
One section, 040 acres, wheat land
in Franklin County, Washington.
This land is rolling, but not rough
Located 100 miles southwest of
Spokane, 22 miles north of Kahlotus,
feet to f feet in depth. It was broken
in 190G, and a crop of wheat prrown in
1907 netted the owner ?C,900.00 after
all expenses were deducted. It was
plowed in 1912, and has lain fallow-
since. There is 215 acres in wheat
this year, of which owner is to re
ceive one-fourth free in warehouse a
Kahlotus. ihe land is lence witn a
post and wire fence. There is a first
mortgage of $5,000.00 due in Novem
ber, 1910, at 7 per cent per annum.
Will sell for $22.50 per acre on lib
eral terms, purchaser to assume
For further information write
owner. W. C. SAMPSON, Owner.
Care S. A. A. C,
Spokane, Washington.
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or.-- ': t Icent ' t t. t
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t'.Mfi.f; t!mt l.:t-K;i:ioi:.--,
Tl,-Mn Stt-tl:
'1 . '.! a W i ' . !ii II I - Ii T: ' i
each own ii n i. n.i i
mill i 1 -4 i i ,'i. r. i .it
,-tiUllZ. HrWl'i''
1 l -r. 'I i !! ..t l Suit,- i .
Kilwaitl Sl.lti.r : i 1
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nd lint Ma:,
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and T'rayt-r said n -i i i
M .1 '. il IT III. 1. 1 of s;i 1. 1 I .
:i 1 .- to "I I . .
Ill ..1, !l t It ;
ft . - ,.s ii I.
tl..- :,.i I
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Yoll and .'!. ll of yi. I :. I .::!!..(
Mitu (' -;iid !. I.I I'H: :. '-f I.. t..t. t
I'T I I 'i:i . of S..-I.I .-in In . A I i
in fa. I i t; u so t . .,: in : .1
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t a k n as ;ra yi I in
in t it i" n
I t .-.1 II is l::li i;it .." An:
t 1 .
t M
I ! a 1 1 . 1 . ' 1
I 1.
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low was iU-si-v: l.e.i i.i-t.. :n i'iiitt.-im
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Cass c'otitity. Ni l.rat-i.a. to. w it
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of Cass 'n::i.:, Ne t.' a - ia . ami t" ti
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C. A. r.AWLS.
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Aineii:: Va'.l.-ry Str jl.t. Plaint 'fT,
A. I.. Snial!, first real t.ini'.- u i. k ti . . . n.
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-'tail. !:isl i i. i n.iiiie niiknown;
t'in. 1 'ai.-v Miiiet, nee Wrii; !.l .
T. Miller, p. '.!:. .pukson. t
Wii:rl.t: .lam-.- s. I:jti..-. als.. known
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Newton, lieeeat'f'l. also klinwtl as Al" c
Newton. l"t i.s. i!
You ate iniedv notifie.' oti .1::"
I'.ati,. A 1 P'l.".. plaint i.rI f'ie, mii!
IM ti e listlli't Cli It't of t:,e I'-'Mily .f
'ass. Nl'l'l ilslvil. tn . title '.. t!.e
foiinvNiri- ilesi ri I.e.! iiiti.l. tn-wit
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Cass I'.i'.jtity. Nel.taska
p.-ea'ise of i,.-r al.-s.. Vv
ln r:..if and l er prantors for iii'in
ten veins j.fior to the i otrrn. i,. em. t
of sit id s:;:l. a'hl to i a. h .11,1 a I
of oii ft o in i.avitic or elaiiiun: inn
ri'-I.t. til!, lien or mii ii - i, ii' .-i
oi- -'MMti:l !.', in or t. sa .1 lan.l r :.n-p-irt
thereof li'l for citnTiil , 1 1, i ; ,i .u.
leli. f. This fiottre is tn.i'le nitsU!llil to
the urcif r of 1 1 e Court .
You are t t'iuireil to answer sa i I j.' tl
t .on on or l.rfore M..n..i. the i:;th
of S-'t enil.t i , A. I . P'l'.. or ..iir il'
lault "ill l.e ilulv .nt.-r..i the-.-f.
Plaint i IT
v. a. t: r.i:r;Ts 'N, .untri.
In the Countv (inurt of the f'ountv of
CasH. Nebraska.
In Re Estr-te of Francis Ku.dan. l.y.
To All rer.-ons Interc.-tcd:
You are hereby notified that bar-
inr upon claims against said e.-tate
will be had at the oflite f the ("outity
Judtrp, Court, P!f" tsmout h. Ne
braska, on the ?th day of September,
A. I). KU5, tr.d on the fcth day of
Maich, A. D. Ifl.. at 10 o'clock a. m.
on each of taid days. All claims rot
filed before said hour on said last day
of hearing will be forever barred.
By the Court.
County Judgr.
Atorney. 8:-4tw kly
the mint makes it and urdr the.
terms of the CONTINENTAL
MORTGAGE COMPANY you can f-c-cuie
it at 6 per cent for any legal
purpose on approved real estate.
Terms easy; tell us your wants and
we will co-operate with vou.
513 Denham Building, Denver, Colo.