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    MONDAY, AUGUST 23, 1S15.
Tells Governor Republican Of
fices on Cctiimison Vacant.
Intimates Executive Should Correcl
E.taation by Appointing Three New
Men Enter 175 Nebraska Eabiei
' In Contest Dunne Will Not Come.
Lincoln, Aug. 23. Attorney General
W iilia E. K-ed sent a letter to Gov
ernor Moreln ad de laring the offices
held Ly three Republican members ol
the Nebraska state railway commis
B.i-n -a ere a ant.
The attorney general intimates ir
hi? letter ike governor should
correct a delicate situation by ap
poisting three new numbers of .the
The development marks the eulnn
rat ion ol' dif.'eretr-es betweeu the mil
way commi.-.- ion and the attorney gen
cral's OiV.t e whit h has In -en ested
Oil several off a:ici!f.
Mr. Kf d in h-s letter cites a rf
eei.t opinion which the railway com
mb-.-.oii ?: red :tse'f in support ol
his ';.im that th" oflices are vacant
In that opinio!!, which was given U
l)e:,n llaMiiii,s. it was he'd that the
raiiu ai- cnimissioners were executive
Others. Vnder the constitution. er"
w:sve offers are supposed to file bote
for not less than ?r,".oo'i. Chairman
'iKnry T. Clarke Commissioner Tay
lor ar.d Commlss-r-ner 1 1 a 1 1 have rot
filed i-oml and tie- time has elapsed for
sti'-h tiling, according to a supreme
court decision rjuo ed hy Mr. Heed.
It is not expected the governor w-ill
take immediate a,rioii upo.; the le'ief
sei.r by Mr. Ti-i. the attorney nen
?ral ventures th opinion thar the
?tate could rcoif the salaries w! ici
h:;e been pa:ri to the commissioners
l--!t iie doe not ". it. to question th
validity of th.- ir nets whi e in of!!? e
nitlioasrh le says ehvtbt exists as tc
their legality.
Lincoln Gets Farmers' Meet.
p,e; weeri 2 rnl ." ""0 ebb-gates
are expected to attend the lOii't-n
tion of th.e IVnnt :'s' Hdi cationa! r.r
Co operative T'nion o!" Aintrh a at bin
coin. Sept. 7. . and 1. Tweiitv three
s'at s. Iron; Oregon to Florida, mi
from Indiana to Texas--, are represent
t-d in th- delegate- that are to at end
Th. r :n en; ion is to bo held in the
city umii'orinm at Lincoln. This ir
the ;-tr. v.-n ion thai was seheduld foi
On:a';a this ;-eur. but could nor t.e pc
coiiimodatfd there to the best advan
tate at that particular time a? the
Na'ional Letter Carriers" assoi i:-T ior.
is to have thousands of deleat at
Omaha at that tin-".
Enter 179 Babies In Contest.
Nearly 20 of Nebraska's most per
feel babies wi'I compere lor th
j'!'ie ofred by the Nebraska s'a'
fair mannr-em'T.t m; on a basis of S'M
entifie srorinu. Ti e li-t cf entri-. ir
the better l .ti i'S show at rhe jair we
made pv.hli'- ly S; r tary Mellor. ' on 17f tianvs Most of the mi
"tries eoine frotn Uncoln and I. an' as
ter om.ti s. ahiio'Th out in the -Malt
town? are :epre- ntel more'
than any year since the better bn lies
El;ow be'-ame a tentnie of the fair.
Democratr Eaouet at Lincoln.
About I (eino.'wats. miny of their
from ovt in the tate. ather-l r.t s
pet-t.osi ; tiier hai.'r et at (he l.indell ho
tel. 1.. R. Willis presided and in'ro
diteed Governor Morehead as toast
uiasur. V.t. P. 1. Hail, who is bein
pushed as a t f-mo-'ratic eandidat" foi
povVrr.o-. mer ly j-aid lie ne ver had
and never vov.ld t'sl; for an ofTiee it
Dunne Will Not Come West.
Covernor Ini;i.e of Illinois will no
be able to be present and address tin
peopk- on 'W'ootiio'.v AViiso i day at tin
Ftato fair, aeeore'ina to a message re
cojvfd hy (Governor Morehead. Cov
Ti:or T)i:nne t;ie.-. as his reason t'-a'
he is e-:;iertinr to attend the meeting
of sovernois in !ios:on and v.-i!l no:
retiiin in time.
Express Co. Must Pay Local Tax.
Kxpress companies must p: y lora
taes as well as the reula i n; octi
I):;tion tax ol" 2 per '--Tit o 'ie state
Ti:e nate tax docs not i;ii.nt them iin
nvi.iiy f'-o": th' p.".ynient of loca
taxes. Attorney .ci.era.1 Ueed has kc
Missouri Pacific Lays Heavier Steel
Weeping Water. Neb.. Aug. 22. A
irnnber of trainloads cf heavy st e
rails have been hauied through !ier
d":rin:r the last few days for rebuild
ing the Missouri Pf.ific's line beiweei
her and Omaha. Th n mor of Ion?
standing is that the line is to be got
ten in shape for th bulk of the
freight traffic that now passes ovc-i
th main line from T'r.ioi to Omaha
The object of the change would Ik tc
avoid the iying of heavy tolls ovei
l'-ased lines into Omaha., as is th
Case now.
Lew Shelly Turns Off ce Over.
Fni-bury. Neb . Aug. r". Posimas
ter Lew Shelly turned over the post
o:'i e here today "to his successor. W
P. ( iamb. Mr. Shelly served for i
little over eight years, having beei
frst appointed by Theodore Roose
v.-it. and reappointed ly PrcFiden'
TaH His deputy, Mrs. Mae Shelly
ret iri s wph him, and her sm-cessot
will le named I'roi i among the pres
ent clerical force of the offic.
Southern Nebraska Has Best Prospects
In History of State.
j Omaha. Aug. Ti. 'I Lave lived in
Nebraska practically all my life and
I never saw the southeastern part ot
the state as pros eious as now," us
Berted Jj. II. Mercer, after returning
froiu an exterded trip throiiirh I'.k-h-Eiuson,
Nemaha and Otoe counties
Continuing:. Mr. Mercer said:
' All through the counties mentioned
the idd of small grain has been enor
mous. Some lias been damaged by
the ireqtient and heavy rains, tut the
abnormally large ouaiuities that the
tanners will have to ell will more
than make tip for the loss on acco int
of damage by rain.
"Corn is growing rapidly and mv
;'udgmei.t is that ir is as far alorur as
usual at this season of the year. Only
an early and killing frost could pre
vent the gathering of a bumper crop.
"i"r:;it raising has become an im
portant industry with the farmers of
the son'heastern part of the state and
this year they are goinsr to make mon
ey off their orchards and vineyards.'
Thousands Visit Camp of Na
tional Guard at Crete.
Crete. Xeb., Am- The camp of
the f ifth regiment. Nebraska national
grard. vas visited by thousands of
ix-ople atnl a spectacular program 'vas
arried o:t.
The acrordanes appeared to he the
attraction that diew the crowd f roui
many miles around Crete. Capiat ti
Mi .Mi'Ian made two smeessful flights,
soaring liih and th:ii passing over
the camp so rlos-" that his name or.
the machine was discernible. His as
censions were faultless. Oovernot
Morei.e;'d. a'-co!ni;:nii'd 1 y his stf.ff
and i;":iily, au;o.'d o;t from Lincoln
and was busy lord ing over the work
i?i genera', as In ing dire' ted by tin?
of!'-"s or the n';h reaiment. as
sert'd 1 1 : at the i'if'th is un to iie
stan lard and is doim; a great amount
of hard drill work. The governor mid
party ate dinner in camp with the
sohi i v'rs.
The i-roETi-m so far as the sok';vs
v.ere con'-ern.'d. was spertace.lar drill
ing. i kirndshiiig ar.d seou'lng. Colo
nel V. J. Paul has demonstrated that
the nliste.! ne n are not speiid;iii;
apy :int in ;'(o:isii:iess While he at
tempted to give a military prosT.i'n
that wo. Id be benefit ial to the boys
in the ranfcs. it also served to pleise
the public sf an
itert.' oti
work under General P. 1,. Hall. Jr..
did not fall short of expectations.
Oma'na Gardener Arrested on Suspicion
of Attacking Gi-ls In Cemetery.
Omaha. Aim. Jll V. II. West, a
r"'if"Tr. v.-a? r.rrr ed at his hoine on
srtave charges in ronne' tion with tva
s parate att''in:ts j;t assault on two
sillers, several months ago. in forest
Lawn ct-metery.
V'cst attended the burial of his
crandmoTher. Mrs. Kachel V.. Ko?t.
in l'orrst J awn. and it was a' the
crave that he was positively idontifiVd
by one of the sisters as her would-be
assailant. Paul r'Miiinar. a moiormnn
on the Port st Uiwn line, had over
heard talk on his car that implica'eu
West in the cemetery and otln r is
saults. and it was through his efforts
that the girl was at the graveside
when West was present as a mourner.
"West was under suspicion in the
hatchet imirder of Ada Swanson. hilt
efforts to lo aie him proved nnavail
Eoy Ereaks Neck in Queer Way.
P.eemer, Neb.. Aug. Albert, the
twelve yer-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
Adolph English. was accidentally
killed at his home about two miles
north of town. Iliivlish. who is a pros
perous farmer, has an elevator durar
on the farm, around which the boy rnd
been playins. His lifeless lody was
found, with the neck broken, on the
ground, and the rot- to the dump,
with a large noose in the end. wa
dangling just above his head. It was
supposed his head had been caught in
falling:, breaking his neck.
Culivan Returrs to Hastings.
Hastings, Neb., Aug. IT.. John Cult
fan. alleged nephew of John O'Connor
and claimant to the $iuo.nno estate ol
the celebrated recluse through the
will held invalid by a jury here, has
jnst returned from a stay of several
months at Excelsior Springs. He will
mal e his permanent home in Hast
ings. He is deetdy interested in Ii
state's claim, to the estate to he trie!'
at the September term of court.
Cass County Corn Stalk Has Six Ears.
Weeping Water. Neb., Aug. lb'.'.
Kay Smith, a larnier north of town,
has on display a stall; of corn contaiu
ii'jr six ears and measuring thirteen
and one half feet in height. Two acres
of his field contain alo'it the same
size of stalks.
Farmers to Discuss Foreign Relations.
Omaha. Aug 23. The new econom
ic and trade; conditions growing out ol
the European war is prominent in the
program of hr- Partners' National con
grr.s. which meets in Omaha. Sept. 28.
for its thirty-fifth annual session.
Owing to the story of
"The Master Mind" be
ing somewhat mixed up,
we are compelled to
omit it until next Thurs
day's issue.
The production, "The Heart o
Maryland." comes to this city direct
from New York and has been secured
at great expense by the ladies of the
St. Mary's Guild, and while costing
H'2 a seat in New York to see 't, it
will be shown here for 25 cents. Do;;'i
mis it.
The Clerk Guaranteed It.
4A customer came into mv store the
other day and said to one of my clerks
"have you anything: that will cure
diarrhoea?' and my clerk went and
g-ot him a bottle of ChamberlainV
Colic, Cholera and Dianhoe Remedy
and said to him, 'if this does not cure
you. I will not charge you a cent foi
it." So he took it home and came
back in a day or two and said he was
cured." writes J. H. Berry & Co., Sali
Creek, Va. Obtainable everywhere.
As I have sold mv farm, I will seli
the following: described property at
my place, one block , west and foui
blocks north of Heisel's mill, Platts
mouth. Neb., on
28 Head of Cattle ar.d IIors 28
Cattle consisting of ( head " first
class milk cows, 2 coming fresh soon
the other one giving milk now; 1 year
ling heifer and 2 calves S months old
Twenty-three head of hogs 3 sows
4 small pigs, 15 shoats and one good
male pig.
1 drill planter, 1 three-horse disc, 1
disc cultivator, 1 Avery spring trap
cultivator, 1 14-inch Brush plow, 1 14
inch John lUere walking plow, 1 Brad
ley H-inch stirring plow, 1 hay rack
-section steel harrow, hay rake, Peer
ing mower, 5-foot cut; hay sweep, 5
barrel g-alvanized tank, grindstone
20b oak posts.
Household Goods.
Range stove, kitchen cabinet, couch
two bedsteads, springs and mat
tresses, three rocking chairs, ward
v be, washing machine and wringer,
new china closet, two new dressers
gtenl set of dining room chairs, new
iininr table and many other article.
t'l'i numerous to mention.
TLT.MS OF SALE AJ1 sums of f U.
;.nd under cash, over 10 a credit of
six months time will be given at 8 per
cent interests. Terms of sale to be
complied with before pioperty beiric
C. H. COBi;. Owner.
K. P. Stewart, Clerk.
:ol. W. H. Young, Auctioneer.
The following; is the list of letters
remaining unclaimed at the postoffice
at Plattsmouih on August 23, 1915:
Mr. Earl Howard.
Mr. Joseph Moreale.
Harry Moulton.
Mr. Noel Seney.
The above letter are unclaimed and
if not called for by September fith
will be sent to the dead letter office,
P. C. MORGAN. Postmaster.
Wins Handsome Prize.
The prize at the Crystal Star roller
skating rink, which was given away
by Mr. Propst Saturday evening to the
perosn holding the lucky coupon, was
awarded to Gordon Reed, whose num
ber. 225. drew the prize. The drawing
attracted a great deal' of attention
from the patrons of the rink and the
young man securing the prize feels
well pleased with his good luck.
Dance at German Home.
There will be a social dance given
Saturday evening, Aug-ust 28th, at the
German Home, to which the public is
cordially invited to be present and to
enjoy the pleasures of the evening-.
The music will be furnished by the
Plattsmouth orchestra. 8-23-3td
Grafonola Exhibit.
B. A. McElwain, Jeweler, will give
a demonstration of the Grafonola in
the rest room at the Hotel Riley on
August 26, 27 and 28. The public
is cordially invited.
One of the classiest exhibitions of
the great national pastime that has
been afforded the fans was pulled off
Saturday afternoon on the local lot,
when the Havelock C, B. & Q. team,
an organization of fast youngsters,
mixed with the rejuvenated Athletics
and came off the winners from the
locals by a score of 2 to 1, although it
required eleven innings to settle the
question of the victors. The Athletics
weie re-enforced for the battle by
Beal, Craig, Parker and Herold of the
White Sox team, while the visitors
carried with them Anderson and Reid
of the first Havelock team, but these
additions were not faster than the
youngsters in their handling of the
pill and a most pleasing game
throughout was featured.
Pickard, who was so effective
against the Athletics on the previous
visit of the Havelock organization,
was on the mound for the boys from
.he Lincoln suburb and was most ef
fective in checking the hitting
irowess of the locals and through
out w-as under perfect control. Long
who done the pitching for the locals
was in good form uid received rilt
edge support in the struggle, and the
fielding of the Athletics was a feature
of the gnme, as with many chances the
errors were few and far between.
The crowd at the game was very
small, and the base ball enthusiasts
who failed to be present were very
Tiuch disappointed on learning of the
"me exhibition that had been put up
nd which they had missed. The boys
.vere deserving of a good crowd, as
.he game was well worth seeing.
For a Sprained Ankle.
If you will get a bottle of Chamber
ain's Liniment and observe the direc
ions given therewith faithfully, you
will recover in much less time than is
jsuplly required.. Obtainable every
Mrs. Mae Morgan returned home
his morning from Louisville, where
he has been for the past few weeks
irranging for the production of "Cin
'erella in Flowerland," which was
riven Saturday evening at the opera in thtit citv before an audience
hat taxeH the seating capacity, and
veryone present felt well repaid in
he delightful rendition of this oper
tta by the young people of Louisville
inder the direction of Mrs. Morgan,
who has had charge of the operetta in
i number of the towns of the county
his summer, and the performance at
Louisville was one of the most suc
cessful, both in the pleasure of the
auditors as wrell as the excellence of
the work of the young people. The
operetta was held under the auspices
of the Woman's club of Louisville, a
live organization, and the proceeds
w ill be devoted to the installing of a
drinking- fountain on the streets in
that city. The ladies of Louisville
have taken up a number of public
nterprises in our neighboring little
city and have proven of great assist
ance in the public life there.
Plattsmouth Citizens Gladly Testify
and Confidentls- Recommend
Doan's Kidney Pills.
It is testimony like the following
that has placed Doan's Kidney Pills so
far above competition. When people
right here at home raise their voice in
praise there is no room left for doubt.
Read the public statement of a Platts
mouth citizen:
Mrs. Adam Kurtz, Plattsmouth,
says: ' I suffered intensely from my
kidneys and back and I couldn't stoop
or stand erect. I had a dull, nagging
pain through my back that robbed me
of all energy. My sight became af
fected and dark spots appeared before
my eyes. I got Doan's Kidney Pills
from Gering & Co.'s Drug Store and
in a short time they relieved me."
Pprice 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Kurtz had. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
For Sale.
Three new 5-room bungalows, mod
ern except heat. Ready September
15th. Price $1,650.00 each.
Tel No. 1. Riley Block.
10 II I II
1 IS 10 IE I
"The God of All Grace, Fattier
of Mercies, God of All
The Giorics of the Divine Character
Unknown to the World Faint
Glimpses Given to the Israelites A
Clearer Vision Given to the Church of
Christ Still Increasing Light Grose
Darkness Covers the World "The
Ged of This World Hath Blinded the
Minds" of Unbelievers The Knowl
edge of God's Glory Shall Cover the
Earth During the Messianic Kingdom.
Columbus, O.,
Aug. 22. Pastor
Russell is in our
city today. We
refH)rt his d 1 -course
on the text,
"The glory of the
Ird shall be re
vealed, and all
flesh shall see it
together." (Isaiah
40:5.) II e spoke
as follows:
This text im
plies that a time
is coming when everybody will know
about God's glory-all flesh. This will
include not only all who will then be
living, but all who have ever lived.
We rejoice that God has so grand a
Program. We are given an intimation
of this as we look into the past and
observe that the glory of the Lord has
not yet leen revealed to the world.
God pave some little intimations of
His glory. His character, Hia design,
to Abraham, telling him that by and
by He purposed to bless the world
through Abraham's Seed. But this
was onls- a promise, not a revelation
of God's glory; for only Abraham be
lieved. Nevertheless he got a glimpse
of that glory as he believed God'a
promises; so also did Isaac and Jacob.
They saw faintly a great purpose of
good on God's part, and a time com
ing w hen the curse of sin would some
how be rolled away and the true knowl
edge of God would reach all the hu
man family. But still the glory of
the Lord was not revealed.
This hope, though vague. ontinued.
with the Israelites, descendants of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. After their
deliverance from Egyptian bondage, at
Mount Sinai God made a covenant with
them that, if they would keep Ills
Law, they might demonstrate their
qualification to be the Seed of Abraham
to Mess the world. But they were un
able to keep the Law. Nor.e of the
fallen race of Adam are able. (Romans
3:20.) The hie of becoming the Spir
itual Seed of Abraham faded from the
minds of the Israelites. But to strength
en theiu the Ijord promised He will
make a still greater covenant than the
Iaw C'ovennnt. Jer. 31:31-34.
Israel coultl not keep God's xerfect
Law. They failed because tbey were
sinners, members of Adam's race, born
in sin, Eiisshaien in iniquity, in sin did
their mothers conceive them, as the
Bible explains. Finally God sent His
Son. "lorn under the Iaw," put under
the Law for thevery purpose of dem
onstrating that what other Israelites
could not do He could do. He kept the
Law. thus manifesting that "He was
holy, harmless, uudefiled, and separate
from sinners." Sinners were unable to
keep God's Law, but Jesus kept it. and
to Him was given the great privilege of
being the promised Seed of Abraham.
Qualified to Be Blesser of the World.
His keeping the Law, however, did
not make our Lord Jesus Abraham's
Seed spiritual, but merely demonstrat
ed Ills qualifications. Even though He
was perfect, as a man He could not
have done the work which God had
purposed; for He could not have given
life to the race under sentence of death
In order to give life to the dying world
He must first lay down His own life
as au equivalent price for the life of
Adam, in whom the whole race fell;
and He must also be a perfect Jew, to
redeem those who were under the Law
He must take the step of sacrificing His
human life-rights, that He might do
the Father's will. This He-did.
But evcu then Jesus wan not the
Seed of Abraham that should bless the
world, except as we might regard "Him',
juoperly, as having been begotten to
be this Seed. At the time of HL bai
tism. He was begotten of the noly
Spirit to a New Nature. It was here
that He consecrated His human life
rights unto death. Luriug the three
and one-half yearn of His ministry He
tarried out His Covenant of Sacrifice.
This work was not fully accomplished
until at Calvary, when He cried, "It
is linkshedr and died. When on the
third day God raised Him from the
dead. He was fully qualified to be the
It lesser of the world as Abraham's
Spiritual Seed no longer a man. but a
spirit Being, privileged, with the price
at His command, the value of His own
human life-rights, to make application
of it, in the Father's due Units, as a Le-demption-priee
for Adam and his race.
Since His resurrection, our Lord Je
sus is the Spiritual Seed of Abraham.
Speaking of" death and resurrec
tion, the Aiostlc Paul says. "Where
fore I because He was obedient unto
death God bath highly exalted Him,
and given Him a name which is above
every name." (Fhilippiaris " 2:S-ll.)
This came is Christ, the Anointed of
God. Christ Jesus is anointed to be
Head over the Church wtich is His
Body, anointed to be the great High
Priest after the Order of Melchisedee,
anointed to be King of kings and Lord
of lords when Be shall come into His
"To the Jew First."
The Bible tells us that God. who
made this glorious arrangement for our
Lord Jesus, provided also that a cer
tain class should le gathered out of
the world to be members of His Body,
otherwise called "the Koynl Priest
hood." "the Bride, the Lamb's Wife."
and His Joint-heir. The work of call
ing out this class has been going on
for nearly nineteen hundred years. It
was necessary that our Lord should
begin this work of selecting the Church
with the Jews. Acts 3:2i, 2G; 13:40:
Romans 1:16; 11:7-21.
In a very few years the Lord appar
ently found 25.0U Jews who were
thoroughly consecrated to Him "Is
raelites indeed, in whom was no guile."
These were ready to receive Him. To
such He said, "Unto you it is given to
know the mysteries of the Kingdom of
God; but to them that are without, all
these things are spoken in parables and
dark sayings." As it was in the Mas
ter's day, that none of the unprepared
ones, either Jews or Gentiles, could
walk in Jesus' footsteps, and as the
things revealed to the worthy ones
were revealed to their ejes of under
standing, so to us today the Master's
words equally apply. The Lord's con
secrated cues shall see, shall under
stand. It is not God's will that others
shall know now. Their time to know
will be that mentioned in our text. By
and by the Message shall go forth to all.
We recall the various steps in the
pelectiou of the Church. First God se
lected the worthy ones from the Jews
in Palestine, then from those scuttered
abroad. The Apostle says that every
where the Jews were sought first,
and only after they had b;id their of
portunity was the Gospel Call sent to
the Gentiles. God wished a very cos
mciolitan class to reign with Christ
for the blessing of all mankind. Jesus
is the Head of all these. All must be
true-hearted, all must come through
the same low gate of Consecration, all
must walk the Rame Narrow Way
walk in the footsteps of their Forerun
ner. Whether Jews or Gentiles at the
start, all are now New Creatures in
Christ. Old hopes, aims and desires
have imssed away, and all things have
become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17.
Truths Revealed In Due Season.
We have briefly traced the history
of the world. Iuring all this time the
glory of the Lord had not been re
vealed. It is true that our Lord Jesus
knew about the glory of the Father.
The Apostles also saw the glory of the
Lord clearly lefore their minds. Not
many, even in the early Church, could
see it clearly. (Eph. l:lS-23.) The Aios
tles, though fully in God's favor, were
not privileged, however, to know certain
things that we may now know. Cer
tain truths are disiensational and can
not be understood until the due tim ?
has arrived. To Illustrate: The Proph
et Daniel sought to understand certain
things that had been declared to him.
But tlie angel replied. "Go thy way,
Daniel: for the words are sealed till the
Time of the End."-Daniel 12:S-10.
The Scriptures indicate that we en
tered the ieriod of the Time of the Knd
in the year 17SK). Since then, the know!
edge of the times and seasons has leen
forthcoming. The times and seasons
have gradually been becoming better
understood as the due time came for
the wise In Heavenly things to under
staud. To this class it will be given
to know everything that the Very Elect
ore to know, until the time when Christ
shall receive the last of these unto
Himself. We should rest ourselves in
the Divine arrangement of things, and
not seek to ferret out in advance thut
which the Lord bus not "et made clea
(rod is able to make clear In due time
whatever He has decreed shall come
to pass. If we are in the right attitude
of heart, we shall have enough to keep
the eyes of our understanding oien so
that we oin appreciate the things which
are freely given us of God. His true
children witnesses to the fact that
He has teen opening the eyes of our
understanding more and more during
these last days. Certain great bless
ings have come to God's people, partic-
Slaiiy during the past forty years
k-hes of grace and knowledge.
Satan a Liar and Murderer.
The world iu general has been labor
ing under a gross misconception of
God. which had its start six thousand
years ago in Eden. God had said to
our first parents respecting the fruit of
the forbidden tree. "In the day that
thou eatst thereof, dying thou shall
die." But Sutnu, through the serpent,
said, "This is not true. Ye shall not
surely die." Thus he made God a liar,
while he himself bec-aine u murderer;
for he slew our race. (John S:44.) But
God remained quiet. He did not smite
Satan clown, although He sentenced
Adam and Eve to death and drove
them out of Eden.
Practically the whole world has le
lieved Satan's lie. Mankind Udieve
that when they npiear to die they real
ly become more alive that what is
caKed death is really a good thing for
them. Practically everylKKly lielievcs
that God spoke falsely when He snid.
"Dying, thou shalt die." This has
greatly dishonored the Heavenly Fa
ther. Throughout the entire six thou
sand years He has been misrepresent
ed. Sa Urn's lie became the foundation
for other falsehoods and misrepre
seutations. It has continued and mul
tlplied; and upon it have been built all
sorts of wrong suggestions regard ins
God and His character.
This lie is today at the bottom of
itearly' ell wrong JocrriLi-. Gi-d t:is
been iiu.-repre.-t-iited to i-t ihe one
who originally iiunneJ ail the terrible
tortures whL-h we are tend are bt-.n
inflicted in places caked Hell and Pur
gatory. That iod h:.d W put Uen
somewhere i the theory. A dead per
son could remain in the teUib. uncon
scious; but if tht suppoMM.y dead per
son is alive, he uiut le put some
where. "Only a handful fear iod. and
therefore the great ina-s." they mc.
"must have gone to a place of;
being alive and unlit for lie:. en. tl y
must be in Hell or Purgatory."
Many say. "God would b glad to
destroy man if lie could, but He ma !e
man to well: and although He said
that man would die. He can not l.ui
the soul, which is immortal." Nearly
everybody believes tki nonsense nb" .t
our Heavenly Father. They t-land-r
Him. making Him out to be the wor-t
Being that ever lived. One cannot pic
ture any more wicked being than we
lune been t!d that our Heavenly Fa
ther is. We are -riven sr'l sorts of de
scriptions. Iiceoliling to the meagre of
Ignorance or wilfulness of the one de
scribing God the God of i.ll grace and
mercy. Why has He not sndttt n th-e-e
who have thus blasphemed His lbjy
Name? But He has not. i!e lias cm-ii
allowed some of His children to d
this in ignorance and blindness.
To soloe in his day the Apo-tle Paul
expressed the fear that Satan v.omd
beguile many of the Church lust as
be had beguiled Mother Lce-by false
Joetrine. misrepresenting the Aiuilgl.ty.
(2 Corinthians 11:3.1 It is very
eult for us to realize that we ever
came into such s. condition that we be
lieved such lies; yet we must have
done so. It is tlillicult fr us f sym
pathize with others who are in that
condition; but we were nee just its
blind ourselves. Iirnorance is the great
tool which the Adversary has Used to
blind the whole world. Acts 3:17;
1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians 4 4.
Satan is a rebel against Jeh.vah.
He wishes that the glory of bi.l
should not shine into the hearts of
mankind; for it has a sa:til'ying in
fluence, causes us to wi'I and t do
God's good pleasure. Satan would
hinder us. would l;t-p us in the dark
resje-dng God's real character.
God's Purposes Will Be Accomplished.
The idea of some evangelists that
God is weeping mid gnashing His
teeth over the condition of our race is
because they do not know that there
is a God of all Wisdom and Power, u ho
has full control of the situation. He
has a broad, deep Plan that will nil
work out properly. He is not giving
it any anxious concern whatever; lor
He has laid the responsibility u;m
His Son Jesus, as the Bible sets form.
In this great work of human uplift
the Church will be ussncfcited with her
Lord. For a thousand years it will
progress. As the Bible declares. Me
slab will bless all of Adam's race, re
storing to them all that was redeemed
for them at Calvary. It was n man
that was lost. It was an earthly home
in Eden that was lost. It was an
earthly likeness of God thut was lost.
Jesus came to seek and to reeoerth;.t
which was lost; and by the end of the
Millennial Age the world will have
leen restored and w ill 1- ready t be
received of the Father. 1 Cor. 15:''l-l's.
Then, the P.ib! tlN us. God will
have another work for Christ- to l .
It will be for Him, as Jehovah's Agent,
to test all mankind in their rb-ii per
fection at the end of the Millennial
Age; and whoever is not in full heart
sympathy with righteousness, whoever
does not hate iniquity, wi.i he destroy
ed from amongst the people. Every
thing unfavorable to mankind will Ik
rooted out. He will destroy all who
love unrighteousness and sin. both r.ot
and branch. (M:i hit hi 4 :1.) St. Peu r.
speaking on this subject, says, "These,
like natural brute leasts. made to be
taken and destroyed, shall utterly per
ish." (2 Teter 2:12.) Fr w this Sec
ond Death they will hae no resurrec
tion. "They shall be as though they
had not been." Obadiali PJ.
God's Glory Soon to Be Revealed.
But the point which I especially wish
to make is this: During all thete six
thousand years past, the glory of th-.;
Lord has not been revealed. All tlesh
have not seen His glory. The only
ones who have seen it are God's spirit
begotten children. iKoinans :.. All
that these have seen of His glory has
been since they bec-ame God's children.
Then the eyes of their unueisiuuiiing
began to open; and if they lune been
faithful, their eyes arc opening more
and more to behold the glory of ;.l
the grandeur of His character. His lov
ing kluduess and Ilis tender mercies.
All the good qualities that Saian a s
our Father does not pot..-ess. He does
possess; all the evil qualities that Sa
tan says He has. He does not have.
During the Millennial Age. all Hesh
shall have opportunity to see G-hI's
glory. They will nil come to see. to
understnnd. "All the biiud eyes shali
le oiencd, and all the deaf ears un
stoppd." God's keeping quiet for so
long, not defending Himself against
Ills traduces, will ultimately redound
to Ills greater honor. (Psalm :2l i
When the world really oone o knov.
that God is Low, they wM have such
a revulsion of feeling from all th
wrong thoughts they have had In Un
past that it will cause them all the
more to appreciate the rl lies of God's
glorious character. As a dark back
ground often sets forth more perfectly
the harmonies of a beautiful picture,
so the darkness and niisrepresei.ta
tion concerning Jehovah will ultimate
ly redound to Ilis praise. The world
will all the more lve am 1 honor Him
This will be only the beginning of their
adoration, which will increase as His
glory and Ills gotnlness continue to un
fold before their astonished e; eM. 1 o
know our God is to love Him.