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rLATTSMotnrn semi-weeklt journae.
be plattsmoutb journal
Published Sum l-V eekly
Entered t the 1'osiGfHce at I'Uttsaaouth.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
fiubtorlptlon Prloei S1.50 Per Year In Advanoe
Blessed be he who gives to
the poor, a'.beit only a penny;
doubly blessed be he who adds J
J kind words to the gift.
v Jewish.
. 9
Useful friends are only kind some
people care for.
:o :
Why is it that the shorter the skirt
the brighter the colored stockings?
Kvcry tax-levying body can figure
uit where it can reduce taxes next
5 ear.
: :
Strive for logevity; by living until
ou're I'O you may yet see the shirt
waist for men.
An acceptance of the Pan-American
peace p'ans Is expected of Villa and
others of northern TJexico.
There are usually compensations;
if.i!e people hate a grouch, they are
not likely to impose upon him.
The grass is so high in a Flatts
r? ou th man's yard that he can't find
tho lawn mower where he left it last
Kcep up your "watchful wailing"
little longer. Something is going
to happen in Mexico in a few days.
Sure thing!
The season is now upon us when the
roan with the receding chin is the envy
cf all others about the dinner table.
Roasting ears fit him exactly.
;o ;
Manufacturers are known the world
ver by the labels on their goods, and
the wide-awake merchants are known
by their ads in the local papers.
One of the best ways to make
money is to stick quietly at work at
your trade and refrain from buying
something that you don't really need.
Perhaps there wouldn't be all this
growling about the baggage trans
portation rules, if the railroads didn't
sometimes make a mistake and allow
a trunk to go through on the same
train with the passenger.
:o :
Street Commissioner Lutz has is
sued the last call for cutting weeds
along your property. He will not
wait any longer for you to do it, as
the time allowed by law has expired.
Tetter get busy and do it, or he will
get busy and do it for you and
charge it up to your taxes.
Oh, but old England would like to
gft a grip on the United States. She
i-n't one-half as friendly as Germany
in today. She is deceitful, treacherous
and would do anything to get thi
country in trouole. while Germany's
friendship is of a quality that can be:
depended upon at all times, if the
United States is willing to play fair
with Germany. We say the United
States should show no partiality be
tween the warring nations.
Some politicians are very cheeky.
They are sending out long articles
asking for their publication, an
nouncing themselves as candidate for
state offices, attaching their platform
thrreto. They are very careful n-it to
atich any "Kale seed" to their an
nouncements to pay for their publica
tion, and cf course find a way to our
waste baskets. To insure publication
it is always necessary to enclose ?
few dollars as an assurance of your
gcod intentions.
t Plattsmouth, Nebr.
NebrsisJtv as second-class mail matter.
Nearly 3,000,000,UU'J bushels of corn
worth well of if 2.0G 0,000,000. About
20(5,000,000 bushels of wheat, worth
considerably over another $1,000,000
Over 1,400.000,000 bushels of oats,
worth over $030,000,000. Then barley,
rye and buckwheat, "minor grains,
but worth together close upon $200,-
000,000 mere. Food grain crops,
without counting rice, totaling in
value over $4,000,000,000 en the basis
of average prices this year, and may
be totaling $4,500,000,000. Add other
crops, all ample for our needs, and for
a lot of other people's needs, among
which the humble hay must be men
tioned because there are 75,000,000
tons cf it in sight, worth over $S00,
000,000; also that universal favorite,
the potato, with pretty near 500,000,
000 bushels of both kinds, worth about
These are the foundations that
America's fertile soil, the industry of
American farmers and the blessings
of Divine Providence have built for
our prosperity in a year when all the
great nations of Europe are at war.
With the foundations thus laid broad
r.nd deep he is indeed mole-blind that
doubts the certainty of our prosperity
and its diffusion among all our people,
if we but cast aside our fears and
hesitations and advance boldly to
grasp it. It is an old and true saying
that when the tillers of a nation's
lands are prosperous no other social
group can long linger in adversity
save by willfully ejecting its op
portunities. How our prosperity will
be diffused we see the moment, we
think what our farmers are going to
do with the billions they are certain
to receive for the products of their
lands. They will pay their debts, of
course, those of thorn that are still in
debt after a year already passed of
bumper crops, war demands and war
prices. But after paying debts, ad
ding to equipment and reserving
working capital forward they will still
have several hundred million dollars.
And they are not going to hoard it if
given a reasonable invitation to
spend it.
;o ;
We cannot see any reason for any
one who considers himself an Ameri
can citizen for finding fault with the
present administration. One thing
certain, Woodrow Wilson is president,
and as such has done ncbly in looking
after the welfare of the country.
There are some, of course, who are
disposed to criticise the president, but
it is just as natural to have knockers
against the national administration as
it is to have people here at home who
continually knock against everything
that is proposed for the benefit of the
town. They can't hurt President Wil
son no more than they hurt progres
sive people here at home. So let them
knock and knock to their heart's con
tent, if they can find any glory in it
for themselves.
There will not be many cattle
shows at the county fairs this fall,
owing to the hoof and mouth disease,
but horse races and fakirs will pro
vide the usual course in agricultural
The average farmer feels it is of no
use to keep strict accounts as the
courts will figure out how much he
owes after he is dead, with the as
sistance of a lawyers.
It is claimed the modern dances are
making a lot of work for chiropodists,
but probably not so much because of
the exercise itself as the fact that
one's partner frequently has large and
hea'y feet.
"Safety first'
keeping still.
consists largely in
A striking showing of the pros
perity of the average Nebraska farm-
er is made in a chart and statement
issued by W. D. Fisher of Alliance,
secretary of the Nebraska Associa
tion of Commercial club," and repub
lished in the Journal of the Omaha
Commercial club.
It shows that there are only ten
states, known as the "corn belt
states," that have farm property in
excess of $1,000 per capita for the
people who live on farms, and that
Nebraska leads all of these states ex
cept Iowa in the per capita value of ;
all farm property, and is 5G.G per cent
ahead of the average of these ten
Even Iowa is but slightly ahead of
Nebraska, the average farmer there
owning $2,424 worth of farm property
of all kinds, as against $2,330 worth
for the average Nebraska farmer. The
ether states are: Ohio, Indiana, Il
linois, Miehagan, Wisconsin, Min
nesota, Missouri and Kansas.
Nebraska is second in the value of
the corn crop per capita, with $97.23
worth of corn for each person, which
is 45.5 per cent more than the aver
age for these ten states. She is sec
ond also in the wheat crop, with $:7.07
worth for each person, which beats
the average by 94.7 per cent. Kansas
has $33.87 worth of wheat per capita,
but Nebraska beats her 25 per cent on
the number cf bushels per acre, so
honors are about even between the
two as to wheat.
On the per capita basis, which is the
basis that affords the true test of
prosperity, Nebraska ranks fifth in
cats, fourth in rye, fourth in potatoes,
second in horses, in which she is 38.7
per cent ahead of the average; fourth
in dairy cattle, leading the average
by 3.7 per cent; first in beef cattle,
with 129 per cent above the average;
and second in swine, leading the aver
age by 75 percent.
"Nebraska has the smallest farm
population of any of these ten states,"
says the statement. "Her farm popu
lation is but 57 per cent of the aver
age population of the corn belt states.
A state which can make the record
enumerated above has good soil and
progressive people. Stand up for Ne
braska!" World-Herald.
Every day seems like a crisis to a
nervous person.
Every county, with four exceptions,
went wet in the recent Ohio local
option election. Who's salcony now?
Teddy F.oosevelt's nephew talks as
if the family might take steps to have
a political guardian appointed for the
old gentleman.
Kansas babies are to be tested and
graded and a public record kept. With
woman suffrage prevailing, the grad
ing official will give all babies 100 per
The Mexican raiders who talk about
seizing part of Texas are either try
ing to force intervention or they have
imbedded too freely of benzeine.
Leo Frank has "got it in the
neck," as a mob has taken him from
the Georgia penitentiary and hanged
him. lie has paid the J-jbt. if there
be one charged up against him.
"My country, may she always be
right, but my country, right or
wrong," cry many Mexican patriots,
and they seem to have it that way.
In a legal case in St. Louis there
have been so many continuances that
a sheet of foolscap has had to be past
ed to the leaf in the docket to hold
them; and this is one of the reasons
why it becomes necessary to beseech '
tne people to nave respect lor the
News from the summer capital He's just plain Uncle Jimmy Pank
states that President Wilson person- hurst, who went to bed in the old
ally writes his extensive correspon- farm house one night and woke up the
dence with Secretary Lansing on his next morning in the hall of fame. Any
own typewriting machine; there does ! philanthropic farmers around here
not seem to be a lazy bone in the ,
president's body. It is quite unusual
to see a man of high position operat
ing his own typewriter. ,
Umbrellas may. yet strike for an
eight-hour day,
Mexico needs the alphabet more
j than it does the alphabetical league
Bogus cheerfulness is about
only thing bogus that people seek to
:c :
Evidently the new sleeping porches
will wait till next summer to be
broken in.
If a newspaper is kind to some pec -
pie they are sure td ask it to print
their poetry.
People who live in glass houses
had better go to raising bouquets as
the florists do.
A receiver has been asked for the
Missouri Pacific and Iron Mountain
railroads. We can't understand this,
just at the time the. Missouri Pacific
is preparing to do a lot of improving.
One outcome seems inevitable: If
Kitchener can't move the British army
forward, he can't be expected to hold
his position as war lord for another
year. In
war "results" are im-
If mothers, our good old mothers,
had the power to end the war it would
toon be ended. And again, they would
soon end the struggle for female suf
frage, by sitting right down on the
Hastings is doing pretty well as to
state candidates for next year. They
already have two republican candi
dates for governor and the season for
gubernatorial nominations has not yet
arrived, either.
It is claimed that a cannery should
be attached to every farm, and as
the farmer's wife will do the work
after she has cooked, swept, washed,
cleaned house, and milked the cows, it
is considered clear" profit.
As further evidence that Russia has
not yet got her fill of the war with
Germany attention is directed to the
latest Russian order for war supplies
placed in the United States amountiri:
to $240,000,000. Contracts were let
for 13,000,000 shells and the average
ccst is $18.
Mr. Bryan thinks editors should re
veal what financial interest they have
in pending legislation. Since the fed
eral reserve act failed to make it any
easier to get credit at the grocer's, a
lot of them undoubtedly have not had
much interest in pending legislation,
or politicians, either.
510.C00 FOR A GIRL.
Of course you have heard of Uncle
Jimmy Pankhurst everybody is hear
ing of him just now. He is the Il
linois farmer who wants a demure lit
tle housekeeper and is willing to pay
her $3.00 per week and board her the
rest of his days and then leave her
$10,000 when he dies. Uncle Jimmy
cannot accept all of the applicants,
because they are coming in by the
thousands, and he is getting so much
mail he needs a dozen clerks to handle
it. He's getting a lot of free ad
vertising in all of the gerat daily
papers and is crowding President Wil
son, the kaiser and old Carranza off
of the front page. He's just having a
bully good time smoking the old corn
cob pipe under a big shade tree while
has fame grows by leaps and bounds
and doesn't know when or where to
stop. . Uncle Jimmy has a dear old
lady for a wife and is not looking for
an affinity. He just wants a demure
jittle tning to look after them in their
(ecline of ye aml pay havoc with
their money after tney are gone. He's .
not a politician and does not want to
' be constable or United States senator.
lookinor for a $10,000 housekeeper and
imperishable fame? Speak up, gents,
speak up! The front page yawns for
. The Literary Digest a short time
ago published a list of freak bill
introduced by members of the law
making bodies of various states, in
each instance the author of the bill
having serious hope for its passage
When one remembers the cost of keep
ing the legislative mill grinding he
is led to wonder how a community
ever permits a man to break into a
legislature who will take the time of
the state in the discussion of such
I measures as some of the following,
which are listed by the Digest
To prohibit the catching of frogs.
Compelling church-goers
to leave
their firearms outside. Texas.
To furnish lumber jacks with in
dividual bathtubs. Minnesota.
Establishing a uniform thickness of
sleigh runners. North Dakota.
Limiting each resident of the state
to one gallon ot "corn Iicker a
month. South Carolina.
To prohibit the use of face powder
rough, hair dye or bleach, the piercing
of the ears and wearing of earrings.
Prohbiting a man from becoming
a "ball-dodger," i. e., allowing per
sons to throw base balls at one's head
for hire. New York.
To compel chickens to go to roost
before 7 p. m. To provide that bulls
driven along the road at night shall
wear lights. Prohibiting hip-pockets
in men's trousers. Colorado.
Prohibiting treating. Prohibiting
the giving cf tips to barbers, waiters,
porters, hat snatchers, etc. Taxir.';
bachelors of 30 years of age $50 per
annum. Licensing cats $1 per head.
Providing that all weeds and plants
which cause hay fever shall be re
moved from the roadsides. Bachelors
to pay an annual tax of $5 per head.
Prohibiting the wearing of whiskers
by doctors and dentists. Mas
sachusetts. :o:
As vaudeville actois the Hall Broth
ers as state officials seem to be
"The lynching of Frank is the worst
blot on Georgia's name," says Sec
retary Daniels.
Neutrality in this country is genu
ine. No paper republishes "Me und
Gott," even by request.
The motorcycle would be more pop
ular, perhaps, if someone would invent
one with a soft alto voice.
Have your flj'-swatter handy, for
these pests are coming thick and
plenty, and it behooves everyone to
nip them in the bud.
If these rains don't let up pretty
soon, the people will begin to believe
the European war is the cause of all
this wet weather for sure.
Some people say the precipitation
is this year only normal. If that be
the case we wonder how we ever
stood the normal rainfalls in the past.
:o r
Abolition of the death penalty
makes but a wheezy appeal every time
the reader scans an account of a man
who murders a young woman because
she "rejected his attentions." !
;0 ;
In the old days a fellow made him-'
self attractive by saving up money
and acquiring a bank account, but now
he gets ahead of fashion by borrow
ing money and buying an automobile. ;
:o:- i
One of the scoffers who has already .
returned from' the "shore," says
if you want the real sea smell, take ;
your rocking chair down into a musty
cellar; but maybe he was too near the j
Opie Read picks Prof. Taft as tni
next president of this country, ml
vou are also entitled to a guess. How- j
ever, beyond a doubt, Mr. Taft coj! 1 j
come nearer being elected next y,a.- j
than he was in 1912, which he might
without beinc so all-fired close. But
he has said himself tha. ne wnula not
iin be a candidate, and he never 1
' ' I
was much like Col. Roosevelt. I
. .r-. . - . . - - -
Nit Cedents 15 Tltui Drachm
in '
a i rriflor.-3 PERCENT
Meltable rrepanKonfcrAs
tia ' SioLurxfcsaud Bawds a
Promoles D:ycbliou.C!icerfii;
Ojii:ui.MurpliiiiC uorLLaai
Not Narcotic.
0- -
Ti-itiDkm dteut
JtxMina JVanTtiMt, - .
jHtarliriirft S
h'tnit .Ufd -
wijiM Ail nr
V-j i SourStomacii.Bii'O".
racSimflc Signature o 1
" "I
1 V, s
1 -r - - . .:rtKrr .'
Exct Copy cf Wrapper,
The Pir.tbuig Gazette pertinently
propounds the above query and then
proceeds as follows: "Probably no
sane student will pretend that we are
placed in this word by mere chance.
And if we are not here by chance wa
are here by design. And if we are
Jiere by cl?sign we are here for a pur
pose. And if we are here for a pur
pose, the rational presumption is that
that purpose is for good and not for
evil. There is wide diversity of opinion
as to the right or wrong of certain
things, but there is no substantial dis
agreement as to what is elementally
good and what is fundamentally bad
We learn what they are as we attain
the ae of discretion and the ability
to discriminate. The civilization of
today our very environment teaches
us as our years advance. So while
we may not be able to determine in
r,li icspects whut we are here for
there are precious few of us so men
tally deficient or morally blind but
that we know we are not here to work
evil. We may be certain that the con
trary is the case. If, then, it is evi
dent that we are here for a whole
some purpose, what form shall our in
terpretation of that purpose take?
What shall our response be?"
This purpose must not be narrowly
construed. That would be simply to
adopt the program eat, drink and be
merry as the rule of life. It would
be assuming that man lires to him
telf alone, whereas any of us who
have lived long enough to learn knows
this to be impossible. We are here for
something higher, broader and better
than that. We have duties that are
imperative. We have responsibilities
1 mssm
iskaska liisfar Academy
YOUR BOY must be educated and developed. If he is not doing
well in school, is discouraged, wants to do more and better work,
the NEBRASKA MILITARY ACADEMY is a school close at home
where you can send him and be sure he gets what you want him
to have. This SCHOOL understands BOYS and deals with them
individually. Prepares for college and business. For informa
tion, talk to our patrons, visit the school, phone or write for catalog.
Address COL. B. D. HAYWARD, President
n Exceptional Quality Prompt Shipment
nTTTT?, v..: :::rr-i.::
, ... zmr
IjSJBgN FISTULA Pay After YOU Are Cured
1 1 WS A mild s.,tem o treatment, that cures Piles. Fistula and "other
Rctal Diseases in a short time, without
Ether or other general anasthetic used.
cepted for treatment, and no money to be paid until cured. Write for book on
Rectal diseases, vmh testimonials of prominent people who have been permanently
cured. "
DR. TARRY Bee Building; Omaha.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Oyer
Thirty Years
involving others, evasion of which
means the injury of ourselves or
somebody else. We have obligations
to society, to the community, the state
and the nation. We have an influence
on some other life or lives. Is our
walk and conversation what it ought
to be? If not, we are not living up
to what we are here for. We are here
also to do our share toward human
progress, toward growth and advance
ment along every legitimate line, in
some fashion, to live so that when the
end comes it shall not be to the relief
of our household and acquaintances,
but to their genuine regret.
:o :
When, do you suppose, summer will
Useful friends arc the only kind
some people care for.
:o :
It is believed the Russians will st-p
running by the time th y reach Asia.
Many true sportsmen would like to
see an open season on practical
:n :
President Bush has been appointed
receiver of his own railroad the Mis
souri Pacific.
The only accidental injury a Tlatts
mouth man ever sustained was when
he fell in love.
:o :
An optomist is the farmer whose
corn may be drowned out, but takes to
raising bullfrogs instead.
Palm Beach is no doubt shaded en
tirely by poinsettias and the trees on
which grow Talm Beach suits.
- -
a surgical operation. No Chloroform
A cure guaranteed in every case ac
0 .