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    MONDAY, AUGUST 9; 1915.
PLATTssroirrk sesii-tTexsxt JoxfeNAXi.
I II 111
"Tlis Wisdom of This World Is
' Foolishness With God,"
Said St. Paul.
Unbelief and Ignorance of God Abound
1 ing Darkness cf This World Palpa
ble God's People Walking In the
Light Knowledge of God's Word
Costly Time, Attention, Thought and
Loss of Worldly Influence the Price.
Illuminating Power of Scripture.
Simple, Harmonious and Reasonable
Are the Teachings of the Word.
Syracuse. N. Y
Aus. 8.r-ra Btor
Russell preached
here today on the
text. "Sanctify
tlieui tMrouh Thy
Truth; Thy Word
is Truth." (Job a
17:17.) He soke
us luiiows:
Toda r we find
thnt the great ma
jnrity of iKopie
think very little
iilMut the Wordof
God. so that sis a matter of fact our
great colleges teach nothing iertainiua
to the I'ible. Years aso it was quite
custoiuarv that the Bible should hare
a prominent place in the schools, and
the pupils were till under religions In
fluences; for uearly every college was
under the control of some denomina
tion. This gavt? them a sectarian Lias,
however; and t wbalever extent they
were sectarian they were not free to
study Truth.
P.ut the world 5n Its wisdom has lecu
leaving everything pertaining to the
Bible. Today our college bred men are
the greatest opixments of the Word of
;od. The great majority of those
graduated from our colleges within the
past thirty years are total unbelievers
In the Bible as 'iods Inspired Word.
Many of them are ministers, who select
their texts from the Bible and who re
tain a certain respect for it. Their
parents venerated it, and so the son
still cherish it as they would an old
friend. They regard it as they would
a pair of old shoes that their great
grandfather had used not that the
shoes would have any intrinsic value,
but that they were great-grandfather's
shoes. Then the liibie is n convenient
place from which to pet texts. They
know, too. that a great rnany ieople
are not college-bred and still reverence
the Old I look. They like to condescend
to the extent of showing taat they do
not altogether ignore the sentiments
of the common people.
If cross-examined carefully, prob
ably ninety-five of every hundred of
these would say, "I do not believe the
Bible Is the Word or God." Although
many muiisters do U"t so express them
selves in the pulpit, they do ;,o in pri
Tate. As an instance of clerical un
belief in the teachings of Scripture,
take the case of I'ev. Ir. Aked. This
well'kuown clergyman moved some
years aso to the l'a'-iHc Ctust. and be
came president of the Church Federa
tion In Han Francisco. Iioth orally and
In print this gentleman expressed .hi
utter uultelief iu the prehuman exist
ence of our Ixrd Jesus his lelief be
ing that our Lord was merely uu ordi
nary man. a Cue man. This view was
published broadcast.
' The next day somebody came out in
the Pan Francisco paper and said
that with such sentiments Ir. Aked
should resipn bis position us president
of the Church Federsitior, that cer
tainly nobody would 1 desirable In
that position who did not believe that
Jesus had more than human natnre
who thus discarded the I'ible.. The
day following. Dr. Aked resigned, say
ing that he did not wish to offend any
body, etc. The Church Federation of
ministers met. and re-elected him on
the hash; of his profession that he did
not believe that Jesus Christ had
either a prehuman existence or a su
jerior birth! As far ns 1 know. Dr.
Aked is still president of the Church
Federation; and those xniu&ters that
re-elected him, seventy-eight out of a
tiundred, were willing to come out in
Ijublic and say so.
Why True Religion Is Discounted.
The poiat to which I r.m callins at
tention is this: The colleges and the
ministers have abandone the Word
of God. The preachers like to select
a text from it, Just as they might on
other occasions juote from Shake
speare. So far es we may Judge, this
Is the general sentiment .amongst
them. Are they then sanctified by the
Truth, the Word of God? If they de
clare that God has given a message to
the world or to the Church, where do
they find It, if not in the I'-ibleS
The majority of the preac-liers do not
Telieve in personal inspiration, except
in the sense In which some eople may
le said to have a sort of Intuition for
music, etc., and so might be called In
spired that artist was inspired when
painting that pi'-ture or composing that
tune. Rutsas for any belief in snch
Inspiration as the Bible teaches that
"holy men of God spake c.s they were
moved by the Holy Spirit," not know
ing what they were saying I doubt
that five per cent, of the ministers thus
believe the Bible to Ik; t'u- Word
of God. (2 reter 1 21 ;T Feter 1 A0-V2.)
iWith the religious teachers and preach
ers in this condition of u:aleHf. is it
Any wonder that true religion is at a
L M'-
itsccrcnt with the people? It would be
strange if matters were different.
Jesus said. When the Son of Man
cometh, shall He find faith upon the
earth?" You are witnesses with m?
that He has come and has found very
little faith. 2 Peter 3:3-9.
The Wise Shall Understand."
Away back in the time of the Prophet
Daniel. God declared that iu the Time
cf the End He would grant a special
blessing upon Bible studeuts. (Daniel
12:1-10.) And here we are, down in
the Time of the End! Many are run
ning to' and fro in automobiles, elec
tric trams, steam railroads, etc. Knowl
edge is Increasing everywhere. But
the worldly-wise do not understand;
for these things of God's Word are
hidden from the wise and prudent, and
revealed unto babes those not too wise
in matters pertaining to this world.
(Matt. 11:23.) These accept the Word
of God and are guided by it. To these,
therefore, has come a great blessing.
Our I-ord also sioke about the end
of the Gospel Age. His. parable of The
Ten Virgins refers not to the world,
but to the Church the wise and the
foolish iu the -Church of Christ. (Mat
thew 23:1-13.) In the end of the Age
nil the virgin?-, all justified lHievers.
were ready to meet Him. But the
Bridegroom tarried, and for a while
all the virgins slumbered and slept.
Then came the Message. "Behold the
Bridegroom" He is here! All the ir
glns awakened. The wise virgins had
oil in their vessels. They trimmed
their lamps (PsaLm llf:103i: they saw
the Truth, and were prepared to follow
the Bridegroom In to the Marriage of
the Lamb.
But the foolish virgins did not have
the light. When they asked the wise
virgins for oil, the wise virgins declar
ed that they could not spare it. The
oil represents the Holy Spirit aud the
enlightenment which it brings. The
foolish Tirgius go to buy when they
give time for study and investigation
time taken from business, pleasure and
worldly affairs, that they may obtain
the oil which God is pleased that His
people should have. Those who do not
find time for investigation do not wish
to have the oil. the light. Although
they are true Christians, yet they are
n t willing to pay the price and get
the oil. Whoever is now rejoicing in
the light of Present Truth will testify
that it cost hi in something something
of worldly influence, time, attention,
thought to have the oil and the light,
to make ready to go in to the Marriage.
How well the Master understood the
present situation! God wished the light
to cost something. To some of oideu
time tur Lord said, "Sit down and
count the cost how much the light
will cost you what discipleship will
cost. After having put your hand to
the plow, do not look longingly lack
to the things of the world. God ts not
pleased with such service. Whoever
prefers the world, the flesh and - the
Devil may stay with them. Imrfng
the Millennial Age the Ixrd will deal
with that class, and will give them
mercy, blessings. But now He is call-,
iii- for a special class that delight to
do the Father's will, that do not need
to 1 urged. pushed and whipped.
They must have the spirit of the
Master, of whom it is written: I de
light to do Thy will, O My God. Thy
Law is written in My heart.
The Church Calied, Not Compelled.
Should any of this class come under
a measure of difficulty, and teinjo-
rarily lcome weak in the doing of the
Lord's will. He will give them the
necessary cxerienecs. if their hearts
are right. He will awaken them from
their lethargy. Just as in the parable
all the foolish virgins were awakened.
God Is not seeking to deceive ieople
or to force them into the Kingdom.
Dnrinir this Gospel Age He lias merely
sent forth His Message to gather out
those who wished to respond. God
has been taking out a people for nis
name using no force, no compulsion,
merely His Word. We heard the call.
sieaking peace through Jesus Christ.
Our hearts res'tonded. and we came
back into harmony with God. The
Word informed us that through the
death of nis Sou God had made all
arrangements for covering our sins;
and that lie was willing to receive us
Just ns if we had not been sinners
willing to take us into His family and
make us His heirs, joint heirs with
Jesus Christ our Lord.
But all this was merely the voice, the
promise, of God. There was nothing
to Insist upon our becoming children
of OM; and If we were received into
His family li was because we willing
ly, intentionally, gave ourselves to Him.
All through the Gospel Age the Word
of God has gone forth. If lie had sent
force. He could quickly have gathered
all that He desired. After a few mira
cles people would have waked up and
said. "What will hapren to us If we do
not get right with God? That class
r.-ill Ik? dealt with by and by. Messiah's
Kingdom will manifest the J'owcr and
the Wisdom of God.
The Truth a Satisfying Portion.
Coming liack to our text, we see that
the Lord sent forth His Word, to ac
complish a certain mission, nis Word
Is Truth not truth on every subject,
hut on the most important -ones. Of
these Important subjects the principal
one is that which God purposes to
teach all His intelligent creatures
oltedience to Himself. All other educa
tion will prove to Ik? valueless, perhaps
injurious, uuless associated with obe
dience to God.
The world is becoming very much dis
contented. People are unhappy; they
craie more money and less work. No
body is satisfied except true Christians.
The majority of professed Christians
are under the delusions of. the present
time. But. the true Christian has that
which Js satisfactory. Having given
his ail to the Lord, he has received
the blessed thnt all things
shall work' together for good to them
that love God. to the called according
to His purposes. Therefore he is con
tent to t the Heavenly Father shape
his affairs." Should he get out of work,
God knows how to provide employ
ment. He could feed Elijah by the
brook, the ravens bringing the Prophet
the necessary food. 1 Kings 17:5. G.
One cannot fellowship with the
world, and at the same time be great
in the Lord. We prefer to le amongst
those to whom the Master will say
"Well done, good and faithful servant
thou hast leen faithful over a few
things; 1 will make thee ruler over
many things. Enter thou into the joy
of thy I.ord." The knowledge that God
is for us and loves us is a satisfying
portion to heart and mind. Havin
left the world to follow Jesus and dai
ly seeking to walk in His steps, the
Church class are loved of the Father.
They are the ones whom He has called.
The Hidden Mystery. ,
In the beginning God created the
Lord Jesus, the Logos. (Colossiaus
1:13; Revelation 3:14.) Thee the Logos
as nis active Agent, made the differ
eut orders of spirit beings, ami finally
man. (John 1:1-3.) After man had
fallen into sin. God said, "We will let
him "have his experience with death
and its concomitauts. In due time I
will send a great Bedeemer. to ransom
Adam and all his posterity. During
the Seventh Thousand-Year Day of
man's existence this Redeemer will
take charge of humanity. Meautime 1
will have nothing to do with them until
they are restored to erfection."
But while God was thus resting from
His earthly creation. He considered it
a good time to bring in a New Crea
tion. The; first of this New Creation
was the One who redeemed mankind.
He passed through His experiences and
testings eighteen hundred and more
years ago. But this was not all of the
Divine Plan. As the Apostle says.
there was a secret which God had kept
hidden from liefore the foundation of
the world His Purjwe to have not
merely a great Bedeemer for mankind,
but a ieople taken out from amongst
humanity to l the Church of the
First-loms. These were to constitute
the New Creation, of which the Be
deemer would lcco!!ie the Head.
This work of gathering the Church
class has been progressing for nearly
nineteen centuries. All who have leeu
lK'gotten of the Holy Spirit are nietu
Urs of the New Creation, to whom old
things have passed away. a:d all
things have become new. (2 Corin
thians 3:17.) From the very- moment
of their spirit-beget-ting, the light of
the Truth begins to enlighten the
minds of these New Creatures. They
legin to see something of the lengths
and breadths, the heights and depths.
of God's character. It is a revelation.
The Word of God is illuminating: the
Holy Spirit has great illuminating
power, and gradually flit more and
more with the light of the knowledge
of the glory of God.
Sanctified by the Truth.
Of tliis class God says, "Gather My
saints together unto Me, those who
have made a Covenant with Me by
sacrifice." (l'salm 30:3.) He does not
say Those who have made a covenant
to enter some church system, although
some may have made a covenant with
God and ignorantly with some church
system also. Many people like to
count themselves In amongst God's
eople. yet they have never entered
into a covenant with nim. Apparently
they think that they will receive the
same reward as will those who have
entered into such a covenant; but they
are mistaken. No oue will receive the
Prize of the IHgh Calling except those
who have entered the race In the pro-
er wav and have run according to the
prescriled rules.
Whoever makes this Covenant of
Sacrifice Is walking in the Master's
footsteps. Our Lord made it at the
age of thirty years. At Jordan lie
gave nimself, a perfect man. His time.
His will everything to do the Fa
ther's will, whatever that might be.
The Father indicated His acceptance
by iK'gctting our Lord with the Holy
Spirit and by giving Him the enlight
enment that goes with it. Whoever
would be His footstep follower must
also covenant to give his time, his In
fluence, his money everything to the
Iord. Then the Ixrd says, "I will
place in your care those things which
you have given Me. If you demon
strate your faithfulness as steward of
these little things. I will know that
you can be trusted with the greater
things of the Kingdom. If you Try to
withhold what you have consecrated,
you have not the spirit for which I am
looking. I am seeking those who love
Me and desire to serve Me.
From first to last the Bible is in har
mony with itself. This is God's Mes
sage. This is His way of reaching His
Elect, whom He desires to take out
of the world. For nineteen centuries
the Church has beeii engaged in call
ing men apart from the world that they
might gain Divine favor and joint-heir-ship
with Jesus in His Kingdom.
"Sanctify them through Thy Truth;
Thy Word Is Truth." The world does
not have this Mcssair- : therefore itn
truth cannot sanctify. Mankind are
seeking otherwise, and are -ucttins
more or less confused and further away
from God through their studies. It Is
a remarkable fact that we seldom find
any one well versed in the sciences
who has any faith in God or in the
Bible. Men have only the truth that
the rrophct Moses discounted. (Tie
brews 11:20.) This is the world's por
tion today. But the Science which will
sanctify toward God. the Science in
which we are in harmony with God. In
which we are now happy and will be
dnring the Time of Trouble, is ours.
Faithful Is He who has called us. who
will also sanctify us. according to the
riches of His grace in Christ Jesus our
Lord. 1 Thessalonians 5:23, 24.
!"I"M-'I I I M-M-I-I 1 -M-M"!-
j. --1t.'-'--ti.?..'-t 1
' 1 I 1 l "i "" 'iii,mimmim
Miss Lena King of Edgar, Neb., has
been visiting her cousin, L. J. Hall and
family, and departed for home on
Mrs. Mary Allison of Plattsmouth
was heir. Inst Friday and Saturday to
visit with her mother and other rela
relatives. Miss Myrtle Snell of Benson, a cou
sin of Mrs. L. G. Tcdd, returned home
yesterday, after makiior several days'
visit with the Todd family in this vil
lage. Mrs. Lyda True, Mrs. Rachel Pell
and Mrs. Frank Hughson left Satur
day morning for Walthill to make an
extended visit with relatives in that
Reuben Stine was "tied up" at home
several days with rheumatism of the
kind that hurts, but is now getting
along very well and will be on hand
for the reunion.
Miss Hattie Taylor went to Lincoln
last Saturday to join a party of
friends on a trip to Colorado to enjoy
a few weeks outing in the city of
Manitou and other places of interest
in that state.
Mrs. Athaliah Delaney arrived
home Thursday night from her ten
months' trip east and south, having
visited her son Hallie and family in
Florida, and spent some time with
relatives in Pennsylvania and West
Virginia. She had a very pleasant
time, but says that Union still looks
like home for her.
Mrs. Tillie Hargus departed on the
Wednesday evening train for a pleas
ure trip of about six weeks, stopping
first at Edgewater, Colo., to visit her
sister-in-law, Mrs. John Carper. From
there Mrs. Hargus will go to Cali
fornia and enjoy the exposition at San
Francisco, also a visit to other places
on the coast.
William Mueller and family, who
were residents of this village for three
years, moved last week to their new
home in Springfield, where Mr. Muel
ler recently bought an elevator. Their
removal from here is regretted by all
who knew them, as Mr. Mueller was
one of our wide-awake business men
and the family had the warm friend
ship of this whole community.
Born Monday, August 2, to Mr.
and Mrs. B. G. Metzger, a girl.
The Commercial club prize contest
was a grand success. More than fifty-
eight thousand tickets were issued.
Rev. T. Hartman went to Bancroft,
Neb., Saturday1 to hold a Mission fes
tival at the German Lutheran church
He returned home Monday.
Mrs. Andrew Stohlman and son
Martin, went to Port Huron, Mich.,
Sunday to see her brother, Ed Win
ters, who is ill and not expected to re
cover. She was accompanied by her
sister, Mrs. Alfred Goeglin, of Wil
liamsburg, Iowa.
An operetta, "Cinderella in Flower-
land," will be given August 20 or 21
under the direction of Mrs. Mae Mor
gan of Plattsmouth. This is under
the auspices of the Woman's club, and
all the children in town are invited to
C. A. Richey came down from Oma
ha Tuesday with his local manager,
V. M. Haddon, to attend to business
matters of the sand company. Mrs.
Richey and daughter, Miss Katherine,
have returned home from a two
months' trip to the California exposi
George Jackman of Oklahoma City,
Okla., 'visited his cousin, J. M. Jack
man and family Wednesday. Mr.
Jackman was on his way home from
the California expositions. This is
his first trip to Louisville since his
visit here over thirty years ago, but
he remembered a great many of the
old names and places.
We are glad to report that H. E.
Pankonin, who is at the Methodist
hospital in Omaha, where he recently
underwent an operation for kidney and
bladder trouble, is getting along as
well as could be expected. He is in
the best of spirits and has sent word
to his old-time friends te come out to
the hospital when they are in the city.
Harvey Koop was taken to the
Methodist hospital in Omaha Wednes
day morning to undergo an operation
for appendicitis". He had just recover
ed from an operation for the same
trouble, but the appendix had not been
removed and as he suffered another
attack recently, it was thought best
to delay the operation no longer. His
many friends hope to hear a favorable
report soon.
Painta and Oila. Gering & Co.
J, A
I I i A i"
We are glad to report that Travis
Crabtree is improving and that he will
again be able to be out in a few days.
Mrs. J. T. Lydell and children re
turned home Tuesday afternoon from
an extended visit with relatives in
Mrs. Jesse Westlake went to Ne
hawka Monday afternoon for a short
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Heebner.
Samuel Vaughn left Tuesday morn
ing for Vermont, Illinois, to attend to
business matters there. He expects
to be gone a month or six weeks.
The Misses Barbara and Ruth
Robotham came down from University
Place Tuesday night to attend the pic
nic and visit their sister, Mrs. Mamie
The Misses Alvina and Louise
Blomenkamp came down from Hast
ings, Neb., Tuesday to attend the pic
nic and visit the home of their broth
er, F. W. Blomenkamp and family.
Alvin Reiter and family, who just
recently arrived here 'from Bogard,
Mo., to make their home, have moved
into the house on George Oberle's
farm, two miles northeast of town.
Mrs. H. W. Wetenkamp underwent
a seroius operation at the Lincoln
sanitarium last Wednesday morning.
At the time of going to press 6he was
reported to be getting along nicely,
although it will be several days before
she will bea ble to return home.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wachter,
who reside southeast of town, are re
joicing over the arrival of twins a
six and one-half -pound boy and a
seven and one-half-pound girl which
arrived at their home Sunday, Aug
ust 1st. The mother and little ones
are reported to be getting along
" """"" "" i i
' 4
- Republican.
4 4
Miss Marie Dietrich of Kansas City,
Mo., arrived Monday for a two weeks'
visit with her aunt, Mrs. George
Hitchman and family.
Ed Lewis, who works on the farm
for Wallace Philpot,. received a badly
sprained ankle Monday when a hay
rack he was driving overturned with
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ranney left Fri
day for a month's visit to the Pacific
coast country and the expositions.
Their trips will be via Seattle and
possibly Canada.
Mrs. William Noble and little son
of Elgin, 111., have been visiting her
cousin, Mrs. A. C. Welch, since last
Thursday. The ladies wen: to Lin
coin Tuesday for a couple of days'
Mrs. Abe Woodward, who has been
visiting at the S. W. Orton home and
among old friends the last two weeks,
left Monday for Red Oak, Iowa, where
she makes her home with her son.
Mrs. Henry Treat of Omaha and
Miss Flora Wolcott of Talraage, O.,
arrived Thursday afternoon of this
week for a three days' visit at the
home of their aunt, Mrs. H. B. Wol
cott. The ladies are sisters. Miss
Wolcott is registrar of Oberlin col
lege. Dr. Neeley of Elmwood and Dr
Brendel of Avoca, membeis of the
pension board, met at the Er. Butler
office Wednesday morning. They ad
journed to meet next month, by "which
time it is expected someone will be
appointed to fill the vacancy of the
deceased member, Dr. M. M. Butler.
Frank Marshall left Monday for
Hinsdale, Montana, where he will be
married August 12th to Miss Eda
Leonard at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Leonard. Mr.
Marshall will return with his bride
about the last of the month. They will
go to keeping house on the farm of
his father, E. F. Marshall, a mile east
of Wabash, where the home is being
put in readiness.
Mrs. Mary Pool was brought home
Saturday afternoon from the hospital
at Lincoln where she underwent a
series of operations. It is hoped by
the many friends that she wEl soon be
granted a full recovery from the
trouble and from the effects of the
operation. She was accompanied home
by Mrs. R. J. Pool and by a trained
nurse. Albert Pool of Wabash was
here to meet them.
John Marquett and wife, who have
been visiting at the home of Mrs.
Marquett's parents, south of this city.
for a short time, departed this morn
ing for Davenport, Neb., to visit for a
time, and where Mr. Marquett will
look after some threshing.
Wall Paper. Gering & Co,
Nebraska Hilary Academy
YOUR BOY must be educated and developed. If he is not doing
well in school, is discouraged, wants to do more and better work,
the NEBRASKA MILITARY ACADEMY is a school close at home
where you can send him and be sure he gets what you want him
to have. This SCHOOL understands BOYS and deals with them
individually. Prepares for college and business. For informa
tion, talk to our patrons, visit the school, phone or write for catalog.
Address COL. B. D. HAYWARD, President
Misses Catherine and Bessie Vos3
of St. Joseph, Mo., are guests at the
home of their cousin, Mrs. A. II.
Mrs. J. B. Miller and children of
Chicago, who were visiting her sister,
Mrs. M. L. Baird, returned to her
home at Chicago last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vogt are re
joicing because of a fine baby boy
which was born on Tuesday. They
have the congartulations of their
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cobb returned
on Monday from their two weeks va
cation trip in Minnesota. They spent
most of the time in boating and fish
ing. H. Dettman arrived Saturday from
Imperial, Neb., to look after his
property here and to make a short
visit with his daughter, Mrs. E. J.
Jeary and family.
Noel Tyson departed on Tuesday
for a visit with his sister, Mrs. F. W.
Robb, in Montana. He will also take
in Glacier National park and other
points of interest.
Mrs. William Mueller and children,
Clara, William, jr., and Stanley, were
here for a few days visiting friends.
The Mueller family has moved from
Union to Springfield, where Mr. Muel
ler will continue in the elevator busi
ness. L. B. Cunningham gathered twenty
bushels of apricots from his eight
trees of that splendid fruit. The ap
ricots were of uniform size and splen
did quality, and goes to show that this
fruit can be profitably and success
fully produced in Cass county if pro
perly attended to .
The first of the week a deal was
made whereby the H. Dettman build
ing occupied by the Shreve restaurant,
was purchased by Ed Gustin. The
consideration is not made known, but
in the deal Mr. Dettman takes Mr.
Gustin's large Lion touring car. This
is one of the best store buildings in
Elmwood and Gustin has a good piece
of property. The building will con
tinue to be occupied by the Shreve
Despondency Due to Indigestion.
"About three months ago when I
was suffering from indigestion which
caused headache and dizzy spells and
made me feel tired and despondent, I
began taking Chamberlain's Tablets,"
writes Mrs. Geo. Hon, Macedon, N. Y.
"This medicine proved to be the very
thing I needed, as one day's treatment
relieved me greatly. I used two bot
tles of Chamberlain's Tablets and
they rid me of this trouble." Obtain
able everywhere.
N. H. Isbell, wife and son, Walter,
departed this morning for Omaha,
where they will visit for the day with
relatives and friends.
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Miss Laura Meisinger departed Sat
urday afternoon for Elmwood for a
few days' visit with relatives and
friends in that city and vicinty.
J. F. Wolff of Cedar Creek was
among the base ball enthusiasts in
this city Sunday, attending the game
played with Glenwood.
Robert Sherwood, sr., who is en
gaged in business in Nebraska City,
came up yesterday morning and visit
ed here with his sons, Herbert and
George, for the day.
P. A. Meisinger and wife came in
yesterday from their farm home for
a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Mei
singer, and the party enjoyed a fine
automobile trip for several hours.
With the largest crowd here Satur
day and the many followers of the
circus in town yesterday, things were
very quiet and little trouble was given
that necessitated the services of the
Mrs. George II. Falter and children,
John, Philip and Susanna, were pas
sengers this morning for Omaha,
where they will visit for a few days
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chaun
cey Smith.
Miss Emma Grauf returned home
this afternoon from Crofton, Neb.,
where she has been visiting with her
sister for some time. Her father,
Frank Grauf, met her in Omaha and
accompanied her home.
Mrs. T. B. Bates departed this aft
ernoon for Omaha and will accompany
her little niece, Octa French, back to
her home at Minneapolis, and Mrs.
Bates will be a visitor there for a few
weeks with her sister, Mrs. Guy
Misses Alma and Esther Larson,
who have been spending the past few
weeks in Colorado Springs and other
points in Colorado, returned home
Saturday feeling very much delighted
with the bracing atmosphere of the
mountain country.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard McDaniel of
White Sulphur Springs, Montana, who
have been here for a short time visit
ing at the J. E. Tuey home, departed
this morning for a short visit in Iowa
with relatives and will then return
F. A. Rennie came in Saturday
evening from Madrid, Neb., where he
has charge of a large ranch near that
place, and will join his wife here in a
visit at the home of his mother, Mrs.
G. W. Rennie. Mr. Rennie will return
to Madrid this evening.
L. H. Puis, wife and children came
up this morning from their home to
visit for a few hours, and Mr. Puis
was a passenger for Omaha on the
early Burlington train to spend a
short time, and thefamily will attend
the circus.
, Mrs. Bennett Hector of Chicago,
who has been visiting for a few days
at the W. HI Heil home in Eight Mile
Grove came in yesterday in company
with Mr. Heil and Miss Lizzie Heil
and the ladies departed for Chicago
on the early Burlington train, where
Miss Heil will enjoy a short visit.
Wall Taper. Gering & Co.
I -4