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MOrfDAY, JULY 12, 1915-
Cbc plattsmouth Journal
Publlihtd 8ml-Wkly at P I at t m o ut h. N b r.
Intend at the Pootofflce t PUttsmouth. Nebraska, ac second-f lau mall matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
ubtorlptlon Prloei S1.50 Par Yaar In Advanoa
vv I-J-vvvVvvvv vwrv
That man is blessed who
every day is permitted to be
hold anything so pure and ser
ene as the western sky sunset,
while revolutions vex the world.
J. Henry D. Thoreau.
The dangers from drouth grow less
each day.
If the rain will hold up for a week
it will please many farmers.
Jane Addams says the warring na
tions are in a mood to talk peace. We
hope Jane's right.
A mean old grouch says some
traveling man might write a book on
"How to Be Happy, Though Mar
ried." :o:
Efforts of public health officials
may in time overcome the prejudice
against milk, but perhaps not in our
When a fellow is real anxious to
arbitrate ' it is morally certain that
he is satisfied he can lick the other
:o :
Speaking about the automobile tak
ing the place of the horse, it takes
horse-sense to properly steer an auto
mobile. :o:
What, has become of the old
fashioned town where the Declaration
of Independence was read on the
Fourth ?
Some people seem to feel that the
country will go to war to protect the
right3 of our high rollers to travel
in comfort in the imperial suites of
the belligerant ships.
An eastern railway will employ
young women as waitresses on dining
cars, and it will soon be unsafe for
married women to permit their hus
bands to travel alone.
The keen sympathy of the baggage
man for your desire to get the trunk
to its destination on time is very
much pronounced after you have
handed him a quarter tip.
Nineteen persons dead and 903 in
jured was the nation's sacrifice to the
two days celebration of the Fourth
of July this year, according to figures
compiled in Chicago Tuesday.
:o :
In the half dozen states that vote
on woman suffrage this fall, the men
are doing their best to preserve
neutrality and to hold the warring
factions of women to strict ac
countability, r
Some fellows haven't gotten over
the Fourth yet. Three days celebrat
ing is entirely too much for some fel
lows, and then there are others who
don't care to jump off as long as they
have got any money.
They are certainly in a hurry about
getting in their applications for the
dead postmaster's shoes at Lincoln.
They should at least wait until the
body of Postmaster Brown is laid at
rest before making any such effort.
The proper thing to do is for Presi
dent Wilson to appoint Frank W.
Brown, jr., to fill out the balance of
his father's term as postmaster. The
young man is abundantly qualified,
with a splendid character, and all
things considered, it would be the
proper thing tor President .Wilson
to do.
Plattsmouth business men never do
things by the halves, and that all we
need to do is to start them in the
right direction and they go ahead
with a whoop. For some time we
have been agitating more and better
lights for'this city, and we are going
to get them, and up-to-date in style,
at that. Our business men are pro
gressive and believe that nothing is
to good for Plattsmouth, which
demonstrates the true spirit of enter
prise. We are going to have three
electroliers to each block on Main and
Sixth streets, which will not only give
us "more light," but will show that
we are not going to be behind other
cities of our class in up-to-date im
provements. We realize that Platts
mouth is the best town of its inches
in the state, and our people are be
ginning to realize the same, and it
does our soul good to note the man
ner in which our business men are
keeping step to the progressive music
that is bound to lead us to more har
mony and neighborly love than we
have ever enjoyed before, and all join
in the slogan: '"Plattsmouth, First,
Last and All the Time!" Forward
march, everybody!
In referring to Lincoln's "First
Citizen" these days, people are lia
ble to get Willie mixed up with
The president of the republic of
China has put opium under the ban
and the drug wherever found is to be
confiscated. This is prohibition of an
other color, but prohibition neverthe
less. The wave of reform from
pernicious habits is surely growing
and with the United States in line it
will have reached around the world.
Within a decade, advertising in this
country not only has become a
lucrative as well as an honorable pro
fession, but it has progressed to the
point where it can support specialists.
Ten years ago, seventy-six delegates
attended the first annual convention
of the Associated Advertising clubs
of the world. This organization now
has a membership of 10,000 and is
sufliciently powerful to command the
attention of distinguished men of the
nation, including the president of the
United States. Advertising agencies
and newspaper representatives have
made this wonderful advance primar
ily because they filled a want. Their
profession involves salesmanship, but
it is not limited to counter salesman
ship. It mediates between the mer
chant and the public. It is broad
based upon a scientific study of pop
ular needs and prejudices and the best
way to supply them with profit both
to the merchant s.nd to the consumer.
Between $700,000,000, according to re
cent estimates, are spent annually in
the United States- for commercial ad
vertising. The total probably is much
larger. There 11, therefore, wonder
that a new profession should be creat
ed to aid merchants in distributing
such enormous appropriations. That
advertising pays is attested by the
incontestable fact that the biggest
money-makers are the biggest ad
vertisers. The delivery wagon in
every city of tho United States is
loaded down with advertised goods.
If you do not believe it, look into the
wagon. No longer is the public forced
to buy at one f tore or of any one
concern. Intelligent advertising not
only creates a market, but it diverts
business to channels that offer an un
obstructed passageway between buy
ers and sellers. Not only does ad
vertising pay, bet it pays the man
who advertises out of the prospects
of the man who doesn't.
j ' Six or eight weeks now unspecked
by a single holiday.
It looks like it might also yet be a
long way to Warsaw.
:o; -
Why does not some clothier put on
a mid-summer overcoat sale?
Craekerland has disappeared since
Peary saw it. Is it a submarine ?
There are innumerable ways of
wasting money, including lawsuits.
One swallow does not make a sum
mer, but if the soup's too hot, it sug
gests it.
The sultan of Turkey will soon have
as large a collection of obituaries as
Francis Joseph.
When a man's voice is for war
through a magaphone it is generally
after he is fifty.
It might be that Frank Holt is the
man who struck Billy Patterson and
kidnapped Charley Ross.
Electroliers are the stuff, and
Plattsmouth people should feel highly
elated over this spirit of progress.
From time to time devout men
usually pray for rain; but has anyone
thought of praying for it to stop?
One newspaper speaks of Mr.
Bryan having resigned "in a fit of
passionate admiration for the presi
dent. " Well, do tell!
We believe the Brundage Carnival
company which comes here next week
will prove the finest and most com
plete company of its character that
ever visited Plattsmouth. The record
of the company in towns it has visited
are all that could possibly be deisred.
:o :
The ancient Hebrew prophet never
saw an automobile, so far as we
know, but if he had, could he in much
more accurate language have de
scribed it than when he said: "The
chariots shall rage in the streets,
they shall jostle one against another
in the broad ways; they shall seem
like torches; they shall run like the
Whcn anyone asserts that Presi
dent Wilson is not in favor of peace
at all hazards, that person seems to
be talking through his hat. The en
tire administration is with President
Wilson, and they will use everything
that Ls fair and honorable to keep
down any war. The masses of the
Amorican people are right with the
president; so what's the use of mak
ing a fool assertion. It could not have
emanated from any person who is
truly American himself.
Billy Sunday is again in the lime
light. One of his employes with
whom he has had some difficulty, is
now out with a statement in which he
declares that Sunday has plaigairized.
most of his good sermons. Not long
ago the owner of the house Billy rent
ed when he was in Philadelphia
brought suit against him for a sum
of money for damages to the house
while he and his family occupied it.
In his bill he declared that they
raised so many high jinks in the place
as to render it almost uninhabitable.
Now an exchange comes out with a
story to the effect that in his younger
days Billy was a gay blade, that when
he lived at Belle Plaine, Iowa, he won
the heart of a young lady in that city,
led her to believe that he was about
to marry her, and then deserted her.
According to this tale the broken
hearted girl was so cast down by
Billy's desertion that she went to hell
across lots, married an itinerate
photographer and died within a year
after Sunday's desertion. The article
furnishes names and dates and all the
necessary information to make out an
affidavit against Sunday. All of which
shows that as soon as a man achieves
success in this world that his enemies
are ready to pounce on him with a
cudgel and destroy him.
The belief that the German delay in
answering the last American note is
for the purpose of expediting final
agreement through informal diplo
matic exchanges is comforting. The
belief is not altogether baseless, but
uie rumors, although dealing with
particulars in such a way as to sug
gest official inspiration, cannot be of
ficially verified at this juncture. The
United States does not wish and has
at no time desired war with Germany.
The apparent failure on the part of
Germany to understand the attitude
of this country, following our first
protest, lent some color to the sus
picion that Germany was reckless.
The rabid utterances of the "whip-the-world"
enthusiasts were par
ticularly unfortunate. But there has
been an obvious change in unofficial
sentiment in Germany. Germany now
seems to be eager to placate the
United States, if it can be done with
out serious handicap in carrying on
the war. It is significant that sub
marine warfare is being somewhat
modified, without apparent decrease
in effectiveness. It is possible that
experience is revealing that the sub
marine is not as helpless as at first
supposed. It is possible that it can
give warning without danger to it
self. If it can, Germany will be glad
to adopt such a humane course. The
departure from custom as to search
and seizure was, perhaps, not due to
a wanton spirit, but to the supposed
inability of the submarine to follow
the methods of cruisers.
But more hopeful than this seem
ing modification of submarine war
fare is the rumored efforts of Ger
many to frame a policy which will
protect the lives of American citizens
and the property of Americans. While
we have made much of our stand for
humanity, the only thing which gives
us a legal right to protest is the in
jury done or threatened to American
interests. If Germany can arrange a
plan for protecting those interests, we
must be officially satisfied, whatever
may happen to the vessels and the
citizens of belligerents. If a policy
can be informally agreed upon by the
diplomats of the two countries and
incorporated in the German reply it
will not only save time, but avoid the
irritation incident to a prolonged dis
cussion. Germany naturally wil
make its plan broad enough to cover
the interests of all neutrals. It is
difficult to conceive of a plan which
would eliminate possibility of injury
to neutrals without limiting the
efficacy of submarine warfare, but the
apparent spirit of accommodation is
very encouraging.
: o :
King George's recent creation of a
number of new peers ought to make
the American heiress market pick up.
There are two real classes of mar
1 ied men. One kind watches the clock
to see how soon he can quit his work
to rush home to his family, while the
other class watch the clock to see how
much longer he can work before he
has to go home.
:o: -
There is only one way to keep
Woodrow Wilson from being re
elected next year his emphatic re
fusal to accept a re-nomination. But
this would not be likely. He is to
highly prized as the chief executive of
this nation. The people would bow
down in grief should he refuse to
serve them another term.
Joe Steelier, the champion wrestler,
received a grand welcome when he ar
rived at Fremont Tuesday night. Over
2,500 of his friends were present, and
while it was 9 o'clock, Joe was made
to feel that he was surely "in the
hands of his friends." The boy should
feel proud in becoming the champion
of the world at 22 years old.
Just as a reminder that there will
be a general election next year the
preparing to launch their petition
campaign to secure the necessary
signers to submit the prohibition
question to the voters of the state of
Nebraska. Prohibition will not win
out next year, and it is just as well
to "hang up the fiddle and the bow.!
A kerosened road is smooth, but
in a hot sun the perfume of the roses
on either side of it is rather neglible.
This country doesn't offer all the
opportunities found in republics
farther south. Here, when a man is out
of work it does no good to start a
The nuisance that should be sup
pressed is the boy with the air rifie
who goes about the city shooting
promiscuously at any and everything
he sees, endangering both people and
One thing seems certain the re
tirement of Mr. Bryan from the cabi
net seems to have soothed the bluster
ing Roosevelt somewhat. His
criticisms of President Wilson are
certainly a great deal milder than
Plattsmouth business men can be
right up-to-snuff when they desire to
pull together, and then they generally
get what they want, when harmony
and good fellowship prevails. May
we always dwell together as one unit
ed family.
It sometimes pays to put on a
poor mouth. At a convention of ad
vertising men in Chicago recently
they talked so much prosperity that
the hotels stuck them for '7 a day for
the use of dinky little parlors for
committee meetings, and (put your
ear up close) listen: Seme of the
boys say they were charged for
meals in the hotel cafe that were
taken taken is good) in the bar
There never has been a time in
history when the American peopl
were standing so loyal to the flag o
Old Glory as they are today. The flag
means more to the people now than it
ever before did. They are recogniz
ing the flag in a way that it was
never before known. It should be,
People become educated in the way
of honoring the flag. Display it fre
quently and on every public occasion
It is the emblem of our nation an
stands for much.
Are you by chance one of the few
mortals who are always looking
around for something new to learn?
Are you one of the limited number
who are great enough and wise
enough to realize their own irr.perfec
tions? Have you mounted sufficient
ly high upon the ladder of intel
ligence to crave the privilege of as-
eending to even greater heights?
will not be the only brainy man or
woman in that assemblage. You will
not even be the only one who is con
scientiously endeavoring to stimulate
the body, the mind, and the soul. The
preacher knows a few things it is
possible he may even know as much
as you for his store of knowledge is
extracted from the Great Book, the
fount of all wisdom. In any event,
his thoughts will touch upon certain
viewpoints which perchance may flow
in different channels from your own,
and therein lies the opportunity for
adding to the sagacity and Wisdom
which lifts you to eminence in the
world of men. Every normal brain
radiates knowledge of some kind or
other, and the brain of the minister is
trained to impart that knowledge to
others. There is much yet in this
world for us to learn, and still more
of the greater and longer life to
come. Go to church Sunday, where it
is free for the accepting. You will be
in good company, and among friends.
The hand of welcome beckons, and
the door stands ajar with no sentry to
bar your entrance. Are you going?
State of ohlrt. City -f Tolc,, Connty. s.
Frank J. liem-jr nmKi'i) oaui mai n- i wic
partner f ttie Una r v. J. i ixvm-y oc i..,
ing businos In tlie City of Tolnlo. County aud
Slate aforesaid, and tlint nll lirm win V"J
Uie sum of ONE IirXPRtP Ioi.LAK!s i
each and erery csn ot Cntarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of ilall'a Catarrh Cure
. V . tmmmA In TTI .
nresrnce, tola ttth tlay uf December. A. D., JSsti.
Seal. a . .L.r..ov.'.
Notary i'ublic.
Hair Catarrh Cn'e Is taken Internally and
ftB directly upon ttie moxi ana mur-ou sur
faces of the Bj-stem. Sena lor learimoniaia,
free. . ,,.,
. F. J. CBEM1I IV.i XOit-uo, v.
Sold by all Prusslrts. 73c. fc
lake II all's Family Tills for conatlpaUoa.
Children Cry
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r sonal
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.?. ,.?.."T.
. . ..... ...
The stork left a fine baby boy last
week at the home cf Mr. ami Mrs. W.
A. Heneger, east cf town.
W. P. Sitzmann and family spent
the Fourth and several days in Oma
ha at the home of Mrs. Sitzmann's
Misses Hazel and Helen Nolle of
Leetonia, Ohio, arrived last Thursday
for an extended visit at the home cf
their uncle, E. F. Marshall.
Farmers are having a serious time
this week trying to harvest their
wheat between rains. The ground is
so soft it is hard to get a binder
through the fields.
Fred Westlake moved this week on
to the Calvin Crabtree farm, south
west of town. The farm was vacated
by Mr. and Mrs. Fred StofTer, who
moved to Morrell, Kansas.
Miss Daisy Johnston went to Papil
lion Saturday to visit with friends
made during the time she taught
school there. She also attended a
wedding of one of her friends there
on the 7th.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hitchman of
Omaha came down Saturday evening
to spend the Fourth with home folks.
Charley returned Monday afternoon,
but Mrs. Hitchman remained for a
more extended visit.
No new cases of smallpox in the
town have been reported since last
week's issue of this paper and in the
meantime four quarantines have been
lifted, leaving but five households now
under quarantine in town.
Alfred J. Nielson went to Council
Illuffs, Iowa, Wednesday to attend the
funeral of his stepfathcr-in-law, Mr.
B. II. Cone, who died at his home in
Council Bluffs early Wednesday morn
ing of appoplexy. Mr. Cone will be
remembered here by those who made
his acquaintance, during the time he
Have You Ever Been
to Yellowstone Park ?
You can plan on a summer outing in Yellowstone, this re-
q;ion of beautiful canyons, forests
will include a magnificent tour
for instance, go one way via
trance, of via Gardner, and
Yellowstons gateway by way
rado. This is what is called the
Or, you can go one way via
new line through the Big Horn Basin, tour the Park and
travel the other way via Gardiner, Billings and the Burling
ton3 main line through Sheridan. While in Colorado visit
testes r ark, Colorado Springs
astonished at the very low fare
for Fletcher's
Uonght, and Tihicli ha been
has borno the signature vZ
lias been made under Iii.H jcr-
supervision since it i in fam y.
no one to dece ive you in this.
Signature cf
. -syj-yyiwiTTTf it 'i 'if vm wf
lived on the farm east of town two
years afro.
Advance Notice of Public Sale.
I will sell at Public Sale, Tuesday,
September 21, about 40 head of pure
bred Duroc-Jersey hogs, including
open gilts, boars and several sows
with litters by their sides. Also my
head boar, Echo's Model Wonder
(sired by Echo Brimson Wonder,
Grand Champion Nebraska State Fair
Will have Rhode Island Red cock
lels for sale after September 1st, price
$1. 00 a head. W. B. rORTEI?.
Paints and Oils. Gering & Co.
The new Emy Lou whit3 carvas
rubber sole, one strap Pump for chil
dren; sizes G to 10i, $1.15; 11 to 2,
$1.35. They wear.
One Who Shows No Favor.
A merciless judge is Father Time.
Before him the weak and the wanting
go to the wall. Only the truth can
stand. For years the following state
ment from a Plattsmouth resident has
withstood this sternest of all tests.
W. M. Barclay, proprietor of
restaurant, Main street, Plattsmouth,
says: "Doan's Kidney Pills have
given good results when used for
lumbago and annoyance from the kid
ney secretions. I suffered from pains
across my loins and Doan's Kidney
Pills removed the trouble." (State
ment given December 20, 1008).
Mr. Barclay said: "I haven't had a
single symptom of kidney trouble
since Doan's Kidney Pills removed
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Barclay had. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
and mysterious geysers, that
of the whole mountain regions
Cody, the East and scenic en
the other way go through the
of Salt Lake and Scenic Colo
Rocky Mountain Scenic Tour.
Denver and the Burlington's
and fvlanitou. You will be
for such a vacation tour.
Write me for literature, descriptive pub
lications, folders: let me help you plan a
perfect vacation trip.
R. W CLEMENT, Ticket Agent..
L. W. WAKELtR, General Passenger Agent,
1004 Fanram Street, OMAHA, Neb.