The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 08, 1915, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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: i i ,s : ; -,
I "i-i'Uiin-i - - -
One Family Case of Grape Juice for
Texas Watermelons on Ice
California Mission Canteloupes,
5 and 10c
Apricots, for canning, per crate, $1.55
Alberta Peaches, per dozen, 20
Everything in season in Vegetables and Freh
Fruits at all times.
House Dresses, while they last, for
Only 98c
Large Size Turkish Towels, 25c each,
two for 37c
The firm of Falter & Thierolf,
which for several years past has? been
engaged in the clothing business, is
soon to become a thing of the past, as
Mr. Philip Thierolf has purchased the
interest of his partner, George II.
Falter, in the store, and expects on
August 1 to assume full control and
management of the fine up-to-date
establishment that these gentlemen
have maintained since their embark
ing in business. Both Mr. Falter and
Mr. Thierolf are among our leading
business men and they have, by
courteous and fair treatment, built
up a large and extensive trade, which
they well deserve, as their store is
one of the neatest and most modern
that can be found in any city of this
size in the state. Mr. Falter has not
fully decided just what his plans for
the future will be, but in stepping
from the firm he asks that his partner
and successor be given the same
hearty good will and patronage of
their customers as in the past. Mr.
Thierolf is a most accommodating and
pleasant gentleman and there is no
doubt that the policy of fair and just
treatment to all will be continued as
the policy of the establishment, and
the Fame high standard of clothing
and furnishings carried as in the
years gone by.
To assist in furnishing entertain
ment here Saturday afternoon the
Cedar Creek base ball team will come
down and take on the Red Sox at the
local park, starting at 3 o'clock. This
contest will be one filled with in
terest, both to the fans in this city,
as well as the Cedar Creek visitors,
and should, if the weather is anyway
favorable, bring out a large crowd.
On Sunday afternoon the Bourgeois
team of Omaha, one of the fast teams
of the Greater Omaha league, will be
here to give an exhibition of the
great national game, and as they have
a reputation in Omaha of being one
of the leading teams there, their
showing against the Sox will b
awaited with much interest by the
fans of this city.
For Sale.
H. m.
PHONES 53 and 54.
Boarding House, 15 rooms, 8
rooms furnished, gas stove and gas
lights; also electric lights, bath and
hot and cold water, copper clad range,
T0 feet of garden hose, lawn mower,
cooking utensils. Good location. In
quire at this office. 7-G-itd
Notice to Masons.
riattsmouth lodcre No. 0, A. F. &
A. M., will meet Friday evening at
the Masonic temple for work in the
first degree. All members be pres
ent if possible.
IMuiiil !
"Billy" Sunday, the Man, and His
Message at the Journal office for
$1.00. This work contains the heart
of Mr. Sunday's gospel message. Come
in and get yours while they last, as
we only have a few.
At the automobile racei at tl:e
speedway in Omaha on Monday last
the appearance of several tars mark
ed with a large figure "7" attracted a
great deal of attention and admira
tion from the audience, as well as
much comment of the speed they at
tained. Yesterday a number who hud
been at Omaha at the races were
greatly astonished to see a car with
this number painted in a most artistic
manner in several places on the ma
chine, and it was thought that we
were to have one of the Omaha racers
give an exhibition on the street here,
but on a closer examination it was
discovered that it was one of the local
speed fiends who had this number on
his car, although ho denies knowing
how it got there and thinks some of
... ,,. :
on someming on mm. ne a per-j --jx
mitted to enjoy
for a few hou
affair is better understood by tr.o.-e
who were at the races,
City of PlntlKinoiilh.
Statement of the appropriation for
the City of I'lattsmoutli for the past
fiscal year and an estimate of the prob
able amount of monev necssary for all
purposes to be raised in said city for
the lineal vear 191 7- 191 8.
1 1 14-1 ill A Apitroprlntiuun
Mavor $ 1.10. 00
Citv Council .MX). 00
Citv Clerk 201). 00
City Treasurer ::uu.U0
"itv Attorney :'.."(. 00
Police Jtiile ::;. (Mi
To! ice (Ulcers lltuO.'iO
Street Commissioner 4 0 . 0 '
Ko.ifl of Health 100.00
i'rintir.K ar,l Stationery .... i'el.oo
I Ion nl i Prisoners li.Mj.UO
Streets and (.! radium S.'.OO.OO
Library Il'OO.oO
Park ;00.00
Kire Hydrant Pental 270.00
Kire I epart ment O.OO
Refunding Pond Interest and
Ponds and 2 0 SOOO.00
Streel laVhtin; lsoo.00
Sinking Fund 2T.00.00
Cemetcrv Knnd
Puildins Fund 1200.00
CMlimitte tor 1'lical vur lit I ."-lit I (S
2 .".0.00
2'; o.oo
TOO 00
Citv Council . . .
City Clerk
City Treasurer
1'ity .Attorney
Police .ludue
Police Dfhors
St reet ( Vm m i - sinner
I:. aid r i;-a!C
Pri :i l i i: if and Station, i
i',;; f ' ! : li Prisoners ..
:'!! iind ir.,!ili;'
Park '
.'in- Hydrant l' nlal
! ';! I " ;a l I lie li f . . . .
t : !!'. in.- I ..,!,.! ! .it .1
!;.::.! ::l and
Si n I l.i;- M in..?
Sinking 1' u 1 1 d
'.-ii.-. i i v Kuii'l
i',1!tl.It!ltr Pliad
S.-W.T i-'tllin S;l-
Tl ci cC .r.-, I..- it r. -solved l.v II
r and City Cmia' i! that ine linv;:'iiii'
-Hit' liii iit and -tii.'iai be em. r-d at
h. !-;- iij,. hi ibe minute.: bv II. eily
i lel'l; and that t i . - saim- be in 1.1 is i .ed
for four v-. cks as t -i i i I.v law.
latcii this lllh .lav of Jim-! .PM.V
K. .1. lil'MIKV,
-Ml .st: .Mavor.
.1. 10. XKMKTZ, City cjerk.
A Few of Our Many Bargains
Middy Suits, made of Cotton Palm Beach Cloth in tan on
ly waist and skirt, per suit $2.25.
Ladies' Night Gowns in all sizes and in extra stouts, at
from 59c to $1.50 each.
Ladies' Muslin Pants at 29 to 65c per pair.
y ch weafleir & Liufts
adverse possession by himself and his
urn n tors for more than ten years prior
to the commencement of said suit, and
to .'lij-jia each and all of you from bav
in i or claiming any riiiht. title, claim.
'".o.oOilnn or interest therein, if any. either
c, ii tin
.'." . o"
t:o i oo
".vi . tci
1 i Ml on
; . oo
1 M'l . (!)
z :.) . oo
1 :'o. no
) Mill (.0
Mem . no
e Ill.'i V-
i 'Mit: tiivmirr i in it r nr itn:
i hi n i.'i'' ss, m:iikvk.
.Mi l?! id.-.
Phoebe M. Siravriie, I. I: Srn frue. first
i.-al name unknown. William ( 1 1 1 h u la.
Mis. William tlilhiila. v. ife d' Wil
liam Cillmia, ii is t leal n.iliit' t.n-
1 efonda n t s.
To the ; fen, hints, I'l.oebe .M . Soraifue
1. I:. S;u i."ue, lirt real name cn
knov. n. . i ! I la til tlill.tila. Yrs. Wil
liani Ci!hi;la. wife of i i I ia m :.!
h'i'.a. tii-t ,.-a I narii, iniknown.
You are hereby noliii. d tliat on the
:'shi .la, ..f .in ne, .. l.. mi.", plaintiff
filed l is suit iu the distrh t cmrt of t1. -!'
I N . I . I a s k a . t oil'et bis
title to th.- f.dlowini; !. -rii:,.d lai.d in
It.' Coi.tily of Cass, Nel iaska. to-jt:
lot h t.'.i in block sis t i 1 in the
vi;!ii;i' id l. ( re. k. l,ci aic- .f his
l.-ual .-'uilablc, in or to anv part
th ic.f. ,' to have the same adjudj-'ed
ii.r iior lo the title of plaint ill', and
for ;.eriei: l .mutable relief.
This notice i; made pursuant to the
or. ;i- r '.' II,.- c, mi r I .
You : if eii;in d to said It
filio.i o'i or before- Monday, the ir,rl
da.- of A i;;: list, A. I. i'.1", or oiir tle
laull will he dulv eiilered therein.
KIW.l:i P. .McP.PIDH.
C. A. PAWLS, Attorney.
i.i:t;i, no i m i:.
To t!:e tiu-ner, .1. It'iiedrich, and llfcu
lant of Lot 1J, Pluck 12, Vallery
Place Addition to the City of Platts
ittoutii, Nebiaslia:
Y .ci ale beret, v notiti. il tlmt of (be
1.:t!i .lav of November. A. 1 .. 1 9 1 :t. the
iiid.-i signed purchased lot 12 in block
12. Vull'l- Place Addition lo the Citv
of I hit tsmoiit h. Nebiaska. for taxes
l ..- the yea is P'll ami lit I.': that said
above lols in said years were assessed
in the name id' .1. Ki i d rich.
Y.-ti are herebv noiiti.d that the un
ders horned will apply to the County
Tieavui. r of Cass Count v, Nebraska,
for a deed to said lots alter the expir
ation of tluee months from the date
of ti e service of this notice, unless you
redeem I'l.'l.l said sale, lo all of which
Mill Will tike due notice.
I tier of Tax Sale Certificate.
i.i:t;i, mitk i:.
To lie (Inner. K. L. Stone, and Occu
pants of I ots J4, 2."., L'ti. 27, and 2S
in I'.liirk 10 Y'allerv Place Addition
to t!,e Cili- of Plat t.-inoct h. Nebraska:
You are hetebv not ilie. 1 that on t tie
l lh day of November, A.I. 1912 the ini
ib .': -l-i .n-d pu r.i.asi .1 lots 24. 2.", 20. 27,
and s. in blocK 10. ill Y'allerv Place
Addition to the Citv of P!a t t.-moul h, Ne-
l.reska, for taxes for the years 191 X
and 1912; that naid above described lots
in said years were assessed In the name
of K. I. Stone.
You are hereby notified that the un
dersigned will apply to the County
Treasurer of Cass County, Nebraska,
for a deed to said lot after th expir
ation of three months from the date
of the service of this notice, tin ess you
rt deem from said sale, to all of which
sou will take due notice.
Owner of Tax Sale Certificate.
I.I I. MliK K.
To the Owner, It. M. Hooper, and Oc
cupants of Lot 18. Block 11, Vallery
Place Addition to the City of Platts
iiiouth, Nebraska:
You are notified that on the 1 3 1 Ii day
of November, A l., 1913, the under
slerned purchased lot IS, In block II, In
Y'allerv Place Addition to the city of
Platt.sfnoutli, Nebiaska, for tae.s for
the years 1911 and 1912: that xai.l
above described lots in said yearn were
assessed in the name of It. B. Hooper.
Y'ou are herebv notified that the un
lemoned will apply to the County
Treasurer of Cass County, Nebiaska,
for a deed to fa id lots after Hit? expir
ation of three months from the date
of the service of this notice, unless you
redeem from said sale, to all of which,
von will take due notice.
Owner of Tax. Sale Certificate.
Office, Coates Building.
Phone 208.
Office Hours 10:00 a. m. to 12:00.
2:00 p. m. to 4:00.
Other Hours by Appointment.
on mm. lie was per- v
y fonsitloralile publicity J 3
M ami the joke of thojj
j -
:i c
11 :00 A. M.
5:00 P. M.
Free to Everybody!
Pnnpprt 7 Wnmt
3:00 P. M.
Platismouf h -vs- Cedar Creek
Ladies' Rest Room in Riley Block on Sixth Street
omne to Plsittsmouib
Every Saturday this Summer You'll Find "Something Doing"
Thi enmmissiotiors :t their session 3
this week dei-Me-l to have copies m:ilej j
i.. . ... ..... ,n
of the plats ol ll;e different towns ami 1 '?r'-?7T.
! illagres of the county that are on file ifl jjtit:M
j in the ofiic of the rcjristfr of tleeiis. jH
The work will he carnetl out liy Wsn-fl
field S. Scott of Lincoln, an expert'
in mis line oi woik.
The county officials filed their re
ports for the second quarter of 11)15
as follows: County juUe, .;;.:;.";
county clerk, $-."(; county register of
deeds, $f!U.S0; clerk of the district fl
court, ?C27.20.
The Loan! also allowed the usual
iiiiiuuiib i ci.ii:ii lui i iiitii nun i. iiisr j
work and other necessary cxpendit- j j
ures in the conduct of the busine
the county.
33 Horsepower Motor.
High Tension Magnito.
Demountable Rims.
Unclerslung Rear Springs.
F. O. B.
34x4 Tires, Non-Skid Rear
Electric Lights, Self Starter.
Universal Adjusting Wind
Tuesday afternoon Mrs. William II.
Venner entertained a few ladies at
her home at Mynard, Neb., in honor
of her sister, Mrs. Samuel Kccles, of
Roswell, N. M. The time was spent
in pleasant conversation and brinj;in?
back old memories ot tne past, as a
. c ii.. . : : i . l ......... ; 1
liiuhl oi tne lames iiitucu
friends and neighbors of Mrs. Eccles j
young womanhood. After a time
spent in this way, liffht refreshments
were served. At the close of the aft
ernoon the guests, wishing Mrs. Ec
cles 'a safe and pleasant journey
I home, departed for their homes. Mrs.
j Eccles expects to leave for Lexington,
j Neb., next Saturday to visit her
' brother, Stephen 15. Cole, before re-
turning to Roswell, N. M., where she
has resided for the last eight years,
and where her husband, Samuel Ec
! cles, passed away the thirteenth of
last March. The guests present were:
Mrs. Elizabeth Wiles, Mrs. Maria
. GaDen. Mrs. Martha Wiles, Mrs.
i Stephen Wiles, Mrs. Oscar Gapen,(a
Mrs. George Snyder, Mrs. Charles A
Jean, Mrs: Ida Cole, Mrs. Olin Cole,
Miss Isabelle Wiles, Mrs. Samuel Ec
cles, Rosewell, N. M. Guests from
Plattsmouth were: Mrs. Mary Spang
ler, Mrs. Will T. Cole and Miss Eliza
beth Spangler.
Overland Model 83
Things lo Consider in Buying a Car!
SERVICE Every Overland Car sold in this vicinity since 1908
is still in service.
PRICE No car today gives as much real value for the money as
the Overland. You can satisfy yourself on this subject by comparing
specifications with competitive cars.
UP-KEEP No car was ever built that did not at some time or
other need some repair. Repairs for the Overland can be obtained
the same day as ordered, and at prices far below what other manu
facturers charge. This fact does not occur to the average buyer until
he needs some parts and finds it takes from one to three weeks to get
parts and in many cases at prices two and three times what the Over
land asks. Automobile factories have declined in numbers from
270 in 1911 to 119 in 1915. In other words 151 factories out of 270
have quit making cars in the last four years, and well informed men
in the automobile business predict that the change in the next two
years will be still more startling, which means that it will be still more
difficult and still more delay on parts for cars that are not being man
ufactured at that time.
There is only one manufacturing plant in the world that produces
more cars than the Overland Company, which has increased its pro
duction from 400 cars in 1908 to over 100,000 cars per year now.
If the Overland car had not given far better average satisfaction to
the buyer in the past it would not have outstripped all its competitors,
many of which were in the automobile field twice as long.
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