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    THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1313.
Kearney Man Elected President
Over Viele of Norlclk.
Ransom Refuses Ofice of Public De
fender and Ralph West Is Appointed.
Edward G. Maggi Will Be Reappoint
ed Member of Pardon Board.
Lincoln, JuDe 24. The state normal
toard elected Dan Morris of Kearney
president of tee board. The vote
Hood !our for Morris and three for
A. H. Viele of NoifoJk. Tom Majors
was elected vice president ar.d Secre
tary Caviness was re-elected, receiv
ing one majority.
A resolution was adopted by the
board to the eiTect that in the future,
in oider that the public may hae
"reliable information and not imiair
nnd unauthorized statements in the
newspapers" there should he a com
mittee on publicity appointed.
Business of a minor i:r.portar.v
took up the attention of the board
most of the forenoon, contracts tor
the furnishing of electric suj plies tor
the Peru and other schools beins let
la small amounts to the Westinghouse
company branch at Omaha.
The matter of change in rules was
brought up by Majors, but tiere was
enough uncertainty about the feelings
of the board that consideration of the
matter was put off until the board
members who were not acquainted
with the law governing ths matter
couM have time to look it up. The
rules plared the principal of each
normal president of the faculty, as
row. with general supervision of the
school, but created a department of
records and a department of physical
Question of Payment of Salaries.
The quest?on whether the stnte
board of control has authority to pay
Ea'aries to employees of the new fur
niture factory at the state peniten
tiary is likely to cause the beard some
trouble. T"p to date these salaries
have been paid from the impropria
tion made by the legislature for the
purchase ;md equipment of an indus
trial plant, and it is a question wheth
er salaries can be paid lrom this fund.
The board holds that it can do this,
while others contend that it cannot.
West Named as Public Defender.
Ciovernor Moreliead appointed Ralph
West of Omaha as public defender lor
Douglas county. The governor had
previously named Frank T. Ransom,
but the latter declined to serve. Th
salary is $1.20') a year. West is em
ployed in Ransom's office and has had
the latter's indorsement from the first.
The office is a new one creaied by the
last legislature.
Want Home Firms to Do Work.
The printing firm of Hammond &
Ftt vens at Fremont has sent a request
to the printing board that in the future
in the letting of contracts and the
calling of bids the board confine i'self
to allow only Nebraska finr s to com
pete, thus carrying out the slogan of
"Patronze Home Industries."
Maggi Will Ee Reappointed.
Governor Morehead announced that
be will reappoint Edward O. Maggi of
Lincoln as a member of the pardon
board. The term empires July 1 anl
is for three years. Maggi is now serv
ing his second term, the iirst being
for one year at the time the board
was created.
Republican River Cuts a New Channel
at Cambridge.
Cambridge, Neb.. June 24. The con
tinued storms of the last ten days eid
thousands of dollars of c!amage to
property in and around Cambridge.
Hundreds of acres of corn was washed
out. Many farmers have already re
planted three times The hail totally
destroyed many acres of grain
Lucki'y th farmers had most of their
grain insured.
The Republican river cut a new
channel south of the stat i d bridge.
A number of farms aie worthless, ?
they are row covered wi: i two feet
vf sand which was washed in by the
The city park, which las always
been the beauty spot of this section of
the state, is now a total loss. The
Medicine creek rose two feet in fif
teen minute s on one oc( asicn and com
pletely submerged the park.
Southwest Nebraska Fair Organized.
May wood. Neb.. June 24. The or
ganization of the Southwest Nebraska
Fair association was completed at a
meeting held here. The district is
composed of that part of the state
south of the Platte river tnd west of
Kearney and Franklin counties. The
site that has been purchased for the
fair grounds lies between the Burling
ton railway and Maywood lake. The
first fair probably will be held in Oc
tober. Conventions at North Platte.
North Platte, Neb.. June 24 The
Kearney district of Nebraska Epworth
leagues and the convention of the
Tenth district of Christian churches
met here this sweek. The Epworth
league convention closed with the!
business session today. Tlie Christian
church convention is to continue until
Local Pjcws
from Tuesdays ral!y.
Mrs. Gertrude Robinson of M unlock
was here today for a few hours as a
guest at the Claus Boetel home.
Miss Mathilde Vallery was among
those going to Omaha this morning to
lock after some matters of business
for the day.
Joseph Murphy of Manley was in
the city today for a few hours look
ing after some matters of business at
the court house.
A. Shanris of Weeping Water
was here today for a few hours look
ing after matters in the of! ice of the
clerk of the district court
George A. Meisinger was among
those going to Omaha this morning,
where he will visit for the day with
his wife at St. Joseph's hospital.
G. II. Tarns, superintendent of the
county farm, was among those going
to Omaha this afternoon, where he
was called to look after some matters
of business.
Mis Clara Mockenhaupt was
among those going to Omaha this
morning to be present at the wedding
of her cousin. Miss Hazel Ploeger. to
Mr. Otto Bulin.
Mrs. Chris Mockenhaupt was among
those going to Omaha this morning to
attend the wedding of her niece. Miss
Hazel Ploeger, to Mr. Otto Bulin,
which occurs there today.
Nicholas Kalmes departed this
morning for Omaha, where she will
attend the wedding of her grand
daughter, Miss Hazel Ploeger. to Mr.
Otto Bulin, in that city this morn
ing. Rev. A. F. Plcetz cf Scotland, S. P..
came in today for a short visit here,
together with his wife, at the homo
cf Miss Louise Gorder ar.d to attr-.i l
the Wohlfarth-Downing wedding ihi
evening. Mrs. Anna Glasgow and daughter.
Miss Dolly, who have been here visit
ing at the home of Mrs. John Hatt
nnd Mrs. Frank Gobelman, departed
this afternoon for their home in
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Ragos of near
Louisville were in the city today look
ing after some important matters, an.!
while here Mr. Ragoos called and re
newed his subscription for the Jour
nal. Dr. G. H. Gilmore came t:p this
morning from his home at Murray,
accompanied by his son, Walker, and
spent a short time here attending a
session of the board of insanity of the
Charles Chriswisser of near Ne
hawka, drove up last evening to ;isit
here for a few hours at the home of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett
Chriswisser, as well as to look after
some matters of business.
Frank P. Sheldon, one of Cass coun
ty's best citizens and one of the best
gentleman in the land, was here last
night from his home at Nehawka
visiting with friends end looking af
ter some matters of business.
Mrs. W. D. Wheeler and daughter,
Mrs. Pearl Batterson, and son, Percy
Wheeler, came in this morning from
their farm home south of this city
and were passengers on the early Bur
lington .train for Omaha, where they
will spend the day.
John McCarthy of Hamburg, Iowa,
came over yesterday for a short visit
at the home of his son. Tom Mc
Carthy, and this morning, in company
with his granddaughter, Miss Allien
McCarthy, departed for Council Bluffs,
from wheie they go to Hamburg,
Iowa. -
From Tuesday's Dally.
II. Simon departed this afternoon
for Geneva, Neb., where he has pur
chased a moving picture show in that
Albert Wheeler was a passenger
this afternoon for Omaha, where he
goes to secure some supplies for his
farm machinery.
Jerse McVey came up this morning
from Murray, where he has been for
a few days visiting with old friends
in that place and vicinity.
C. F. Harris of near Union was
here this afternoon for a short time
visiting with friends and looking after
tome matters of business.
Frank E. Vallery of Murray motor
ed up tihs morning from his, home at
Murray to look after some matters of
business here for a few hours.
Mrs. W. T. Adams departed this
morning for St. Paul, Nebraska,
where she will make a short visit at
the home of her son, Paul, near that
Misses Ola Kaffenberger and May
Glenn departed this afternoon for
Elmwood to be precent'at the meet
ing of the Epworth League conven
tion in that city.
John Fight and wife were among
those going to Omaha this morning,
where they will visit for a short time
with their daughter, Mrs. Thomas Sul
livan and family.
E. II. Wescott. J. P. Perry, Rev.
F. M. Druliner and son, Tracy, motor
ed out to Elmwood this afternoon to
attend the Epworth League conven
tion that is meeting there this. week.
Otto Bulin departed this morning
on No. 15 for Omaha, where some
matters of the greatest importance
called him, and it is quite probable
that on his return he will be accom
panied by Mrs. Bulin.
This morning a marriage license
was issued to David Charles Messe
of Ithaca, Nebraska, and Miss Garnet
E. Lee of Greenwood. The wedding
will take place at Greenwood this
week, at the home of the bride.
Mrs. A. F. Ploetz of Scotland. S. D.(
arrived in the city this afternoon to
attend the wedding of her niece, Miss
Clara Wohlfarth, which will occur to
morrow. Rev. P-otez stopped off in
Omaha for a visit of a few hours.
Miss Fannie King of Jacksonville.
Ilinois, who is here for a visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Atwood,
departed this morning for Lincoln,
where she will visit for a short time
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. At
wood. Robert McCreary of Weeping Wa
ter, one of the prominent contractors
of that city, was here yesterday for a
few hours interviewing the board of
county commissioners, and while in
the city called at the Journal office
and had his name enrolled for the
Rev. A. G. Hollowell, formerly
pastor of the Christian church of this
city, was here yesterday for a few
hours en rojte from Meadow Grove,
Nebraska, to Hannibal, Missouri,
where he goes to secure his family
ajid will remove to Meadow Grove to
make their home.
We. the undersigned, agree to close
cir places of business during the
months, of July and August, IHI", at
'" p. m., excepting Saturday nights,
pay-day nights and the business day
following pay-day.
E. G. IVvey & Son.
E. A. Wurl.
Zuekweiler & Lulz.
J. W. Crabilf.
Warga & Schuldiee.
C. T.. Wescott'.-; Sons.
Falter & Thierolf.
Fetzer Shoe Co.
W. Sc-hmi Itmann.
Simon's Variety Store.
II. Waintroub.
B. A. McElv.a'.n.
Fangcr's Department Store.
Michael Hiid.
Mrs. Eruma Pease.
Busch Tailoring Co.
Strefght & Sti-cifht.
Office supplies at the Journal of
fice. 9,S6 Belli
3;00 P. M.
4 'S.
V -
The Havelock boys are real fast
ball players. Tbey represent the
Havelock machine shops.
25c ADMISSION Ladies 2nd Kids 15c
Yesterday afternoon the ladies of
the Kensington club were entertained
in a most pleusing manner at the
heme of Mrs. Vul on lower
Main street, and the occasion was
one that was thoroughly enjoyed by
the members of the club and their
guests who were present at the event.
The afternoon was spent, a 5 usual, in
the making of dainty articles of
leedlework, as well as in very pleas
ant social conversation, which passed
the time most pleasantly. At a suit
able hour a very dainty anj delicious
three course luncheon was served, that
added very much to the pleasures of
the occasion. As guest.:, of the club
Mrs. F. R., Mrs. Florence
Wuddick and Mrs. Augu-t Mumm of
Missoula, Montana, were present.
Frm W't linearis v's P!'v.
T. M. Patterson, the ca.-hier of the
Bark of County, h offering an
infected toe on the left foot, as, well
cs his leg is infected, which is prov
ing very painful a? well as annoying.
The infection grows out of a slight
abrasion of the skin on the left leg
while he was on the roc-tor trip to
Kansas some two weeks ago. While he
and his son, Dwigkt, were traveling
along in Kansas the car. which was
! uniting over a crowned roadway, slid
out of the roadway and Mr. Patter
son jumped from the car to as.-'st in
getting it back in the road, and in do
ing so struck his left leg o?i the side
of the car, but nothing was thought of
the matter, as the blow had merely
removed a smail portion of the tkin.
but rfter retaining home the injury
became quite painful and shortly ef-
te wards, in putting on a new pair of
s-hoes the toe of the left foot wa also
infected by the rubbing off of the
skin, and this has now made the at
tention cf a physician necessary, and
the genial cashier finds ha going
lather hard, as the foot and limb give
a good deal of annoypnee, but it is
hoped it will soon be improved so that
he can move about without suffering
from the injured m Ember.
At the meeting of the Nebraska
grand chapter of the P. E. O. society
held at Fulleiton last week, Mrs.
Elizabeth Travis of this city was se
lected as one of the delegates from
Nebraska to the national chanter of
the society, which will meet at Los
Angeles on October 12 to 15. Mrs.
T:avis has been one of the most able
members of the society in advancing
its interests and her selection is one
that comes well deserved. The dele
gates to the grand chapter will leave
Kansas City on the morning of Octo
ber Sih over the Santa Fe and en
roule will be given opportunities of
enjoying the scenery of the southwest
through which they will pass, as stops
will be made at Albequerque, New
Mexico, a:; well as the Grand Canyon
of the Colorado river and San Diego,
en route to Los Angeles. While in
that city the guest:; will be entertain
ed by drives through the different
points of interest in that section of
California and will have their head
quarters at the largest hotel in the
city. The train conveying the party
will consist wholly of the finest equip
ment and fitted to give the ladies a
tare treat.
The Sure Fit Truss for Rupture.
B. M. Hefliii, of Fremont, Nebraska,
the expert truss fitter, will be at the
Perkins House June 24, 23 and 2(5,
with the Sure Fit Truss for rupture.
This truss has a manipulating pad
which works with body, holding rupt
ure constantly. This pad manipulates
the ruptured parts in such a manner
that it strengthens the weakened
muscles and in time closes up the
opening. No leg straps, rubber or steel
bands to contend with. This truss
will last a lifefiir.e. Hundreds are
wearing this truss satisfactorily. If
you want a truss which will hold jour
tupture constantly, see me at the
Perkins House June 24, 23, 26.
L. D. Iliatt and wife of Murray
came up last evening from their
home to attend the wedding of Miss
Clara Wohlfarth and Mr. Frank
Downing, which was. held last evening.
the bass mm.
One cf the Most Delightful Musical
Ecits of Season, as Both Ladies
Are Artists in Their Work.
The recital gi en last evening at the
home of Mrs. Bell Gass by Miss Carrie
B. lioyt of Davtnport. Iowa, and Mrs.
Ralph White of Victoiia, Texas, for
the benetfi of St. Luke's church of this
city, proved one of the most delight
ful musical events of the: season, as
both of these ladies are artists in their
musical work, and those who attend
ed the recital were charmed by the
oelightful manner in which the pro
gram was carried out. There was a
large number of the music lovers of
the city present at the Gass home and
the pleasure of these was most pro
found in the delightful selections af
forded them.
Miss Hoy has a beautiful voice, and
the sympathetic rending of the differ
ent numbers, as well as the clear
enunciation of the songs given allow
ed the fullest enjoyment of the selec
tions and was a most pleasing feature
of the evening's entertainment. The
selection given by Miss lioyt embrac
ed the highest standard of music from
the masters of the music world, and
each gave the vocalist a fine oppor
tunity of displaying the wonderful
voice with its pleasing range.
Mrs. White, in her piano numbers,
displayed a pleasing technice and
beauty of touh which gave to the ex
cellent numbers selected a great
beauty and a feeling that carried oai
to the fullest the inspiration of the
composers. Eoih cf the artists were
given a demonstration of the hearty
appreciation of the delight of the
audience and compelled to respond to
the encores of the audience. ,
Mi.-s Kittie Cummins acted as ac
companist for the vocal numbers on
the program and her splendid support
of the voice in the acocmpaniment
served greatly to make the program
ore most pleasing. During the even
ing delicious refreshments were serv
ej, which proved a very much enjoyed
fenture of the occasion and one thor
oughly enjoyed by the guests present.
The recital was most inspir
ing and the pet pie of Plattsmouth
certainly should feel grateful of the
opportunity of hearing these talented
Local $er.
Miss Agnes Knoflicek and sister,
Miss Annie, were among those going
to Omaha this morning to visit for the
;av with friends.
W. II. Tritsch was attending to
some business matters in this ':it
yesterday afternoon and cave this of
fice a pleasant call.
Sam Pittman motored up last even
ing from his home at Murray to spend
a few hours here looking after some
matters of business.
Jack Patterson and wife of Union
motored up from their home last even
ing and visited for a few hours here
v iih relatives and friends.
Mrs. J. II. Becker is spending a few
days this week at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Charles Peacock, on
the farm west of this city.
Mrs. M. A. Leist was among those
going to Omaha this morning, where
she will spend a few hours looking af
ter some matters of business.
? Mrs. R. F. TaUerson and sons, Ed
ward and Herbert, were among the
passengers this morning for Omaha,
where they will visit for a few hours
with friends.
John Crook of Falls City, of the
Monarch Engineering Co., was here
today for a few hours looking atfer
some matters with the county com
missioners. Mr. and Mrs. C. II . Fulton and lit
tle son were among the passengers
this morning for Omaha, where they
will visit for a few hours in that city
with friends.
Mrs. II. S. Earthold and little
grandson departed this morning Di
Lincoln, where the little boy will join
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Halter,
who are now living there.
Sheriff C. D. Quintcn was a pas
senger this Jcr Lincoln,
where he goes to look up some mat
ters in connection with the bad check
i V ViNT 'Fit f?A
rrr vi s s a tipp u 1.' r 1 1 1 1 1
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v.vy3v -
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get ezxh feature when you buy the famous, anti-skid,
United States .
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if awry wmLUK
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Last evening Misses Lillian Bajeck
and Nora Rosencrans entertained in a
most charming manner at the beauti
ful Rosencrans home in honor of
Misses Catherine Wilcox of Omaha,
Marion Taylor, Hilda and Meta Eigen
bcodt of Lincoln and Gertrude Draper
of Iowa City, Iowa. The evening was
one of the rarest delight for the jolly
party of young people and the time
was spent most pleasantly in dancing
and music, which passed the hours
most agreeably, and the pleasure of
the young people was carried out to
its fullest extent in the enjoyment of
the hospitality afforded them by the
gracious hostesses. During the even
ing delicious and tempting light re
freshments and punch were served by
Misses Mary Rosencrans and Nora
Livingston, which proved a delightful
feature of the evening. The pleasures
of the evcring continued until a late
hour, when the guests departed for
their homes;, feeling that the occasion
had been one of the rarest delight.
Those in attendance were: Misses
Lillian Dwyer, Helen Gass, Emma
Cummins, Janette Patterson, Edith
Dovey, Lillian Bajeck, Nora Rosen
crans and the guests of honor, Misses
Eigenbrodt. Wilcox, Taylor and Drap
er; Messrs. Don Arries, Byron Arries,
Sam Windham, Charles Dovey, Ben
Windham, C. F. Schmidtmann, Robert
Walling, Marion Dickson, Pollock Par
mele, Norman Dickson, Waldemar
Soennichsen, Matthew Herold.
Mayor F. H. Gorder of Weeping
Water came over yesterday afternoon
for a few hours, looking after some
matters of importance here at the
court house, and attend the wedding
of his niece, Miss Clara Wohlfarth.
Mrs. II. Simons and children de
pal ted this morning for Omaha for a
short visit there before joining Mr.
Simons at Geneva, Nebraska, where
he expects to operate a moving pic
tare show in that city.
f ;c:- t3?c.i
ml MrU- P7
I toy k jj I
. - - . .
P r"-' '1
r-. . vAi
"Chain Tread" superiority. We
Plattsmouth, Neb.
From WedneeJay'B I5aUr.
The situation In the long-standing
controversy over the superintendency
of schools at Hastings seems, to have
been reopened by the resignation of
Superintendent C. W. Barr from his
office, as a result of the failure to
carry out plans of the superintendent
to enlarge the school, and now the se
lection of a superintendent is facing
the citizens of that place. The name
of Superintendent Wr. G. Brooks of
this city is mentioned as the most
prominent for the office, as the friends
of Mr. Brooks have urged his name,
although he is not an active candidate
himself for the position, and as at the
previous selection, the opponents of
the late superintendent seem to have
fixed on Mr. Brooks as the leading
candidate for the position made vac
fnt by the resignation of Mr. Barr.
Mr. Brooks has been elected here for
another term, and it is not known
whether he would accept the position
at Hastings, although it is a much
more lucerative position from both
the position of advancement and
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nal office, where most everything in
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When you are looking for the Terjr
best articles in the line of fancy box
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where you will find an excellent
variety to select front.
The Journal office has some paper
cups of various sizes, just the thing
for your nut and candy favors at your
luncheon. We also have some that larger for your ices. Come in and
&ee them when in need of anything in
that line.
Sell your property by an ad in The
3:00 P. M.
"Kouhts Colts" have a good reputa
tion in Omaha on their games so far
this season and should make a worthy
opponent for the Red Sox, who are in
good form and showing the best they
have 60 far this season. Be sure and
attend this game.
m son