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    THURSDAY. JUNE 10, 1915.
rAGE 7.
A Comedy of Youth Founded by lr. f annsrs cn His
Great Play of the Same Title Illustration
From Photographs of tlie Play
Copyright, 1913. by Dodd. Mead Z Compssy
The Dance and Its Sequel.
FRTiY met re- at the foot of tlie
natb when he saw all the lights
J dinrr,P"r la tbe L n?e. !
They wallred across the lawns'
and meadows on that beautiful July
uiiiljt, with the moon shining down on !
tbern. j
ODce at the great hall his mother put j
the gauche little Teg at her ease, in-!
troduced her to the most charming of
partners ami naw that everything was
done to mincer to her enjoyment.
It was a wonderful LigLt for Peg.
Fhe danced every dance, she had tl;?
supper one with .Terry, she laughed and j
sang and ronipod and was the- center j
of all the attention. What UiigLt havei
appeared boldness in ain-ther with I 'eg!
was just her innocent, willful, child- j
like nature. She made a wonderful;
Impression that niht r.r.d became aj
general favorite. She wanted it to gu on
and cn and never to st"p. Wber. the.
last wa:tz was played and encored and '
the ball wns really ended IYg felt a
p:n:g of regret such as she had not felt i
for a long, lor.g t:rr.e. j
"Oh. I am so happy, so nippy ! he
cried as Jerry led her back to her seat
at the conclusion of the Inst dance.
"J wish I could make the world one!
great ballroom for you." said Jerry
earnestly. "Do ye?" asked Teg tremulously. i
"I d ." j
With yon as me partner, dnnola"
Jvery dance with me':" !
"Every one."
"AVouldn't tlint b beautiful? j
no creepin' back r.fther it all
hko a i
thief In the night 7'
No," replied Jerry. "Your cwn mis-1
tress, free to do whatever yon wished." j
"Uh," sne cried impulsively.
that Le wondherful!"
Jiis mother h;;d ccme across to say
"Good niht" to I'eg. In a few mo
menta his sisters joined them. They
a'.I pressed invitations on I'eg to call
on them rt N'el's Fd!y hLd. with
Mrs. Chichester's
some days.
permission, to stay)
Pack across the meadows and'
through the lan?s. under that marvel !
ous moon and with the wild bent of!
the "Continental Waltz" echoing from;
the Lallroom. walked I'eg and Jerry.!
tide It side, in slieiice. After a little j
while Peg whispered: '
"Jerry, what wore you goin to say
to me when' yer mother came t:p to:
"Somf thing ft wo:!d Le better to snyj
In the da.i li.Lt. 1 eg.
".Sure, why the daylight? Look at
the moon s high in the heavens.'
"Wait until tomorrow."
"I'll nrt slape a wink th'nkin of c:i
the wondherful
thing- that happened
this i.lsht. Tell me Jerry yer moth
cr and yer sister they weren't asham
ed o' me. were they?"
"Why. cf course toL They were
chari::e:l with you."
"Shall I ever see them again?"
"I h.'pe some you'll see
a great
deal cf them."
They reached the winde-vs
into t!ie living room.
"Gjod night. Vvc." he sr.lJ.
"What a hurry ye are in to
pet rid
o me! An a night
er rotr atri
Suddenly m rtu'.:
like this may r.ev
flah of jealousy
startled through her.
"Are ye goin' back to
Are ye goin' to dance tin
the daDe?
extra ones
ye wouldn't take me bark for?"
"Not if you don't wish me to."
"Plar.e don't." she plc.ided earnestly.
I wouldn't rest ais.v i' I thought of
re with yer arm arunl one of those
line ladies' waits as it was around
mine such a little while ago an" me
all aione here. Ye won't, will Je?"
"No. Peg. 1 will not."
lie bent down and kissed her Laud
At the same moment the sound of a
high power automobile was heard in
the near distance.
"Take care!" cried Jerry. "Go in.
Some one is coming."
I'eg hurried in and bid just Inside
the windows and heard every word
that followed.
As I'eg disappeared Jerry walked
down the path to meet the. visitor. He
came face to face -with Christian
"Hello. Drer.t
"Why. what
that astonished
,"' he s::iJ In surprise,
in the world" cried
"The house Ls asleep."
said Jerry ex-
"t?o I se'e." and Itrent glanced u
the darkened windows. Jerry
p at
"Jast coming from tke dance? I
didn't tea you there."
"No." replied the uncomfortable !
Brent- "1 was restless and just stroll I
ed here."
"Oh! Lot us go on to the road."
"Right." said the other man. uud,
they walked on. j
Before they had g"ne a few steps
Jerry stopped abruptly. Right in'
front of Lim at the g-te
horsepower autuajobLe.
was a forty
By J. Hartley-Manners
"Strolled here?
wny, you nave your
' car!" said Jerry.
' "Yes." replied Erect hurriedly,
' a bright night for a sr in."
The two men went on cot of bearing.
I'eg crept softly upstairs. Just as
she reached the top Ethel appeared
from behind the curtains cn Ler way
down to the room.
She was fully
small traveling
dressed and carried
t o
I'eg looked at her In anazemenL
"Ethel!" she said In a hoarse whis
per. "You!" crUd Ethel under fcer breath
and glaring st Peg furiourly.
Tlease dn't tell any cno yoa"T3
seen mc!" t'pged Peg.
'Io down into the room" Ethl or
dered. Peg went down the stairs Into the
dark room Ethel followed her.
"What are you doing herei"
"I've been to the dance. Oh. ye
won't te'.i me aunt, will ye? She'd send
me away, an' 1 don't want to go cow,
indade 1 d-n't."
"To the dau-e?" repeated Ethel in
credulously. Try as she would she
could not ri.l herself of the feeling that
Peg was there to watch her.
"To the dance?' she asked again.
"Yes. .Mr. Jerry took me."
"Jerry tx;k you?"
"Yer mother wouldn't let me go. So
Jerry came I aek for me when ye were
all in Led. an' he too!r me himself.
An' I enjoyed it so much. An i don't
want yer mother to know about it- Ye
won't tell htr. will yV"
"1 shad most certainly see that my
mother knows of it."
"Ye will?" cried poor broken Learted
"I shall. You had no right to go."
"Why are ye so hard cn me, Ethel?"
"Decanse I detest yon."
"I'm sorry." said Peg simply. "Ye've
spoiled all ine pleasure now."
Poor I'eg turned away from Ethel
and began to climb the stairs. When
she was about halfway up a thought
e3?hed across ber. She came back
quickly Into the room and went
straight across to Ethel.
"An' what are you dola' here at
this time o night? An' dressed like
that? An' with that bag? What does
it mane? Where are ye goin"?"
"Go to yo::r room!" saiJ Ethel. livIJ
with anzor and trving to keep Ler
voice down and to Lush Peg in case
her family were awakened.
"i o ye mean to say ye were coin
Eihel covered Teg's mouth with her
"Keep down yocr voice, you little
Teg freed herself. Her temper was
up too. The thought of why Htbel was
there was uppermost in her mind as
the cried:
"lie was here a mlnnit ago. an' Mr.
Jerry took him away."
"lie?" said Ethel frizhtenedly.
"Mr. Erent," answered Peg.
Ethl went quickly to the windows.
Peg sprang in front of her and caught
her by the wrists.
"Were ye goin" away with him? An
swer me!" insisted Peg.
"Yes." replied Ethel vehemently.
"And I am."
"No. je're not." said the indomita
ble Peg. holding Ler firmly by the
"Let me go!" whispered Ethel, strug
gling to release herself.
"Ye're not goin' out o' this house
tonight if I have to wake every one
in it."
"Wake them!" cried Ethel. "Wake
them. They couldn't stop me. Noth
ing can stop me now. I'm sick of this
living on charity: sick of meeting you
day by day. an implied insult in your
every look and word, as much as to
s:;y. 'I'm giving you your daily bread:
I'm keeping tne roof over you! I'm
sick of it. And 1 end it tonight Let
me go. or I'll-l'll" And she tried lr
vain to release herself from Peg's
Peg held her resolutely:
"What d'ye mane by Insult? An yer
daily brepd? An' kapha the roof over
ye? What are ye ravin' about ct all?"
"I'm going." snid the distracted girl.
"Yf'd take him from L's wife an'
her baby?"
Tie bates them, and I hate this! I
tell you I'm going"
"So ye'd break yer mother's heart
an' nis wife' Just to wcisty yer owr
itlfi-jb rleasure? You'll stay here an
fce'il go back to his Lome if I have to
tell every one an' disgrace ye both."
"No. no! You must not do thatl
You must not do that!" she crieiV r-r.
ror Mile ken. ".My mother mustn't
She mustn't know. Let me go.
he is waiting, and 1
AJe wa.ung. and it Ls past
"Let him wait!" replied Peg firmly,
"lie gave his name an" lire toe woman,
an it s yer Iuty to protect Ler an' the
child she brought him."
"I'd kill myself fcrst!' answered Eth-
u.t cimcnea teetn.
o. je vvon t. l e won't LiU yer-
seU at all. .Ye might have if ye'd
gone with him. Why. that's the kind
of luan that tires of ye in an Lur an'
laves ye to sorrow alone. Faith, he'd
La made ! ve to me if I'd let him."
"What? To you?" cried Efhel In as
tonishment. "les. to me here in this room to
day. If ye hadn't come in when ye
did I'd La tauzht him a lesson t.e'd ha'
carried to Lis grave, so 1 would!"
"lie tried to make 1 ve to you?" re
pea ted Ethel ir.'Tedulously. though a
chill came at her Leart as she half
raalizcd the truth of Peg's accusation.
"Ever since I've been in this bouse.'
replied Peg. "An" to !':y Le comes to
ward me with his arms strvtc Lied out.
Els3 an be lrieuds,' sez he, an' in you
Er.emies No Lcnser.
ITTIEL sank h:to
a ehair
and cover?. her eyes.
"The wretch:' she
"The wretch!"
"That's what he Is," Enid Peg. "An'
ye'd give jer life into l:Ls l:a;in' to
blacken so that no daccnt man or wo
man would ever lock at ye cr; ti
ye again. i
"No! That is over! That Is over! 1
hate myself!" Ethel cried between her
sobs. "Oh, how 1 hate myself."
"Ethel acushla! Don't do that
Darlin'. don't! lie's net worth it. Rape
yer life an' yer heart cinne until the
one man in all the wurrlj comes to ye
w'tli his heart pure, too, an' t
.now v.nar raie uappiuess means.
sue Kneit aown reside the sonmnsi
girl ar.d took Ethel bi her arms and
tried to comfort b?r.
She helped her tmsia nr and sup
ported her. Etlud was on the point f
fainting, and her body was trembling
with the convulsive f'rce of her halt
suppressed sobs.
"Come to my room." said Peg In a
whisper as
fcelpel lithe! over to
watch by yer sia till
the stairs. "I'll
mornin. Lane on me.
That's right'
Put yer weight on m."
She ricked up the travel
together the two girls beg
the stairs.
Ethel gave a low ckokiUj
"Don't, dear: yeli v..
house." cried Peg anxious
only a little way to go.
Not a sound! K sh. dear!
sol o' noise!"
Just a3 the two girls
;::g b.iz. and
:n to ascend
; moan,
he up the
ly. "We've.
Aisy now.
Net a mor
reached the
landing Peg in Lit anxiety stepped '
short, missed the top step, lost her tnc t ;
ing and fell the entire length id the
staircase Into the room, smashing a;
tall china flower vae that was rep
ing on the post at the foot of the stairs. !
The worst thing that could possibly
have happened was j::st what did hap-!
pen. !
I'eg instantly made up her mind that
they were not going to Uuuw vbyi
Lithe! was there. j
Ethel must be saved and at any cost.
"Holy mother!" she cried. "The
whole boue'!l be awake! Give me yer j
-V-r. !
Sri- ? i y
v . . . ..- - j - " - 'Haw v ' . . . . , t .
Peg Fell the Entire Length
of th;
nat: Quick! An' yer cloak, an' yer
bag!" I'eg began quickly to rut on
Ethel's Lat ana cloak, lljr own she
Sung out of tight beneath the great
oak table.
"Now remember," she dictated, "ye
came here because ye heard me. Ye
weren't goin" out o' tae house at all.
Ye just beard me movin' about in
here. Stick to that V
The sound of voices in the distance
broke in on them.
"They're com in. said I'eg anx
"Take care, mater keep hack. Let
me deal with them." Ar.d Alaric, with
an electric flashlight, appeared at the
head cf the stairs, followed by his
mother and the servant Jarvis.
lie began a systematic search or the
room until suddenly the retiector from
the flashlight shone lull cn the two
Ethel was sitting back fa'nting in a
vhair. clinging to I'eg. who was stand
ing beside her trembling.
"Ethel!" cried Alaric in amazement.
"Margaret!"' said Mrs. Chichester m
"Well. 1 tneuu to say!" ejaculated the
astounded young man as oe wniued
across to the switeh and Hooded the
room with iight.
"What does this mean?" a.-ked Mrs.
Chichester severely.
"Snre Ethel hoiiid me beieV" answer
ed Pe-g. "an" she- e.une in. an' "
""What were you Uving Oeie'r"
"I was. goin" nut. an' l.i.iel heard me
an came la mi' fctoived me, an' "
Vt''.V ' "J- !; St- --
x.i,?- 'v C "-.
ling : " persisted
and Peg point-
ed to the open windows.
Mrs. Chichester had been examining
I'eg minutely. She suddenly ex
claimed: "Why. that is Ethel's coat!"
"S::re it is." replied Peg, "an this
Is her hat I've got, an here's her bag."
Teg was striving her utmost to divert
Mrs. Chichester s attention from JJthel,
w ho was in so tene and nervous a
condition that it seemiJ as if she
might faint at any moment. She
thrnst the dressing bag into the old
lady's hand. Mrs. Chichester opened
it immediately and found just insiiJe it
Ethel's jewel box. She took it out and
held it up accusingly before Peg's
eyes. "Her jewel box! Wherdidyou
get this :"
"1 took it." said Peg promptly.
Mrs. Chichester opened the bos. It
was full. Every jev.el that Ethel own
ed was in it-
"JJer jewels-Ethers jewel-:!"
"Yes. I took then) too." were stealing them?"
"No. 1 wasn't stoalir,' thera. I just
took Vm. I -wanted to wear them."
answered Peg readily. Suddenly Peg
i saw a way cr escape, and sue jumped
quickly :;t it- T wanted to wear them
at the dince."
"What dancer" demanded Mrs. Chi
chester. "Over there in the Assembly rooms
toni -.I.L. I went over there, an' 1
ilinre.l. an' when I rair.e hack I rnado
"Where were yoii j
the old lady.
"Just oat oat there
n 3e!Pa m,iSOt ;iu' L'thel heard me. an' she
j threw on some clothes. n she came iu
Ll.:v to soe wht, it
e to see wuo it was, an it was me.
nn we were both goin' up to bed when
1 slipped an' fell down the stairs, an'
some noisy thing fell down with me,
an' that's all."
.larlc called out from the window:
some o:
j prowling in the
garden. He's o:i the path. He's com
ing here. Don't to frightened."
Alarie pushed his electric light full
into the visitor's face and fell back.
"Go. id Leavens. Jerry!" he ejaculated,
completely astonished. "1 say, you
know." he went on. "what is happi n-
in this Louse ton:2-Lt?"
lorry came straight down to Mrs.
"1 saw your lights go up. and I came
here on the run. 1 guessed something
like this had happened. Don't be hard
on your i. iece. Mrs. Chichester. The
whole thing was entirely my fault. 1
asked her to go."
Mrs. Chichester looked at him
"You took my niece to a dance In
spite of ray absolute refusal to allow
her to ro'r"
"He had nothiu' to do with it." said
Peg. "I took l.i:u to that dance."
Mrs. Chichester looked steadily at
Jerry for a few moments before she
spoke. When she did spak her voice
w-as cold at: 1 hard nd accusatory.
"Surely Sir Geni i Adair knows bet
ter thau to take a girl of eighteen to a
public ball without her relations' sanc
tion ?"
"I thought only of the pleasure it
j wou.j give her. he answered. 1'lease
I accept my siucerest apologies."
1 Peg looked at fcim in wonder.
' "Sir Gerald Adair! Are you Sir
Gerald Adair r"
. l s . l 'eg.
' "So vp have a title, have ye?"
Pei f. lt somehow that she hnd been
hc:! ted. V.'I.y had be not told her?
: Why did he let her May and romp and
' .Ho';e and banter with him as though
tby had been children and equals?
"1 am fishamed of you! You have
: disgrae d us ali!" cried Mrs. Chiches
' :er at Peg.
j "Have 1?" screamed Peg fiercely.
"I've disgraced ye. have I? We!L none
of you ran tell me the truth. I'm go
i in back to me father."
"(io back to your father, and glad
we fire to be rid of you!"
j liefore Pea: could say anything fur
' hcr Ilthel sud.lenly rose unsteadily
J and cried out:
J "Wait, mother! She mustn't go. We
have all been grossly unfair to Ler. It
! is I should go. Tonight she saved me
: from she saved me from" Sudden
j ly Lt'uel reached the breaking point.'
I She slipped from Peg's arms to the
chair a lid cn to the floor and lay quite
Peg knelt down beside her:
"She's fainted. Give her air!"
Peg loosened Ethel's Cress tmd talked
to her all the while, and Jerry and
.Marie hurried out in different direc
tions in quest of restoratives.
Mrs. Chichester came toward EtheL
thoroughly alarmed and upset
Rut Peg would not let her touch
the inanimate girl.
"(Jo away from her!" cried Peg hys
terically. "What good do ye think ye
can do tier? What do you know atout
her? You don't know anything about
yer children. Ye don't know how to
raise- them. Ye don't know a thought
in, yer child's mind. Why don't ye
sit down beside ber sometimes an
End out what she thinks an' who she
sees? Take her hand in yer own an'
get her to open her soul to ye! Re o
mother to her! A lot ye know about
:-r:.'i;e7ui!oii: I vrni it toJ! y" me fa
ther knows more about motherhood
thau any man In the wnrrlo."
Poor Mrs. Chichester fell back, crush
ed and burailkited from Peg's on
slaught. In a few moments the two men re-turm-d
with water and salts. After
iiwhile Ethel opetied ber eyes and look
id up at I'eg. Peg. fearful le-st she
thould begin to accuse herself again,
helped her up the stairs to her own
room and there she s;it beside the un
strung, hysterical girl until she slept,
her hand locked iu hoth ot Peg's.
One thing I'eg had resolved she
would not spend another night in the
Cb;eheter home.
Her iii tie ho., it was bruised and
sore. The nnubt had rpgun so happily;
it hud ended so wretchedly.
Ana to minK tue one person in wnnm
he trust's had been jvisi amusing
bimselt with ber. leadiug her to te
lieve be was a farmer "less than
'I was goin' out and Ethel
. me. said Peg.
that." he had once said, and all the
time he was a man ot breeding and of
birth and of title.
Poor I'eg felt so humiliated that she
made op her mind she would never
see him again.
In the morning she would go back
to the one real aB'ectlon of her life
to the man who never hurt or disap
pointed her her father.
We will now leave Peg for awhile
and return to one who claimed so
much of the reader's attention iu the
early pages cf nis history O'Couneil.
It had not been a happy month for
He felt the separation from Peg
keenly. At first he was almost in
consolable. The days passed slowly until Peg's
lirst letter came. It cemtained the
news of Kingsaorth's death Peg's en
trance into the Chichester family, her
discontent, her longing to te back
once more in New York. This was
followed by more letters, all more or
less in the same key. Finally he wrote
urging her to give it all up and come
back to him. He would not have his
little daughter tortured for all the ad
vantages those people could give her.
Then her letters took on a different
aspect. They contained a curious half
note of happiness in tbem. No more
mention of returning. On the con
trary. I'eg appeared to be making the
best of the conditions In which she
was placed
These later letters set O'Connell won
dering, nr.d the great message of life
come to his little Peg?
Although he always felt It would
come some day. now that it seemed al
most a very real possibility lie dread--d
it. There were so few natures
would understand ht r.
That Peg was developing her char
acter and ber nature during those few
weeks was clear to O'Connell. The
whole tone f her letters had changed.
But no word of hers gave him any
clew to the real srate of her feelings
until one day he received a letter al
r:osf entirely composed of descriptions
d the appearance, mode of speech.
method of thought and expression of
one Jerry. The description of the mau
ajpeale to him. he apparently having
so many thing in common with the
mysterious person who had so vividly
impressed limself mi I'eg. Apparent
ly i'eg was half trying to improve ber
r elf. Theie was :i dislimt note of se
riousness about I he last lettel.
He lived entirely aione in the same
rooms ne I. ad with Peg when, she wa
(! abroad
He was preparmg. in his spare time
a hiMorv of tin Irish noei:o nt time
twenty yi
n: :!a.
: in:, emb
". cr te t
-r-.-jt :
rs ! fore down Io the pie-
It wis t.-iseina'
d iiii: as It d:
:il::t Thought Ot
tug work to:
l an he nai:
done for the
(To Do Continued.)
Perfectly Safe at Weeping Water.
Hearing of the epidemic at Weep
ing Water, I called up Dr. Butler to
learn what it is. He has assured me
that it is chickenpox.that the epidemic
has almost entirely subsided and that
those who have the disease are
isolated. He informed me that here
was perfect safety in holding the
Eighth Grade exercises there Friday,
June 11th. Eda Marquardt,
County Superintendent.
In County Court.
Cass County, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of John
M. Meisinger, Sr., Deceased:
Notice is hereby given to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
be had upon claims filed against said
estate, before me, County Judge of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the County
Court room in Plattsmouth, in said
County, on the 20th day of June, 1915,
and on the 2'.Uh day of December,
1915, at 1 o'clock p. m., each day for
examination, adjustment and allow
ance. All claims must be filed in said
court on or before said last hour of
Witness my hand and seal of isaid
County Court, at Plattsmouth, Ne
braska, this 22nd day of May, 1915.
County Judge.
Tin-: miiiw kit m-:ii:.t
SKNTS: tee we. in M. Shlaes ani J. C.
i'eteisen. .1 r., do associate ourselves
together for the purpose of forming
ami becoming a corporation in the
state of Xc! raska, for the purpose of
t ra nsaet injr within the slate of Ne
braska, and within anv one of ttie
stales of ttie I'niteil States of America,
the liusiness hereinafter deneri !ei.
First. Tli-e name of the eorporat Ion
is. an. I shall I.e. THU MIUWKST
Se.-onil. The principal oft'ue ana
j.!ae of l.usiness of the Company
shall le locate-.l in the City ot
J'liHisiiioiilh. in tlie County of
Cass. sir.. I State of Nebraska, hut the
eompanv mav create ana uieuie .-uw-..r.'iDxie
nfHees for the transaction of
its hnsmess anv win-re witiiin the lim
its of the states where it is uuthorizt
to transit, t Inisiness.
Thii .1 The nature of the Imsines
to i.i- t ;i ns.-. i 1 1 ri l.v sai.l corporat i
shall he to t) u re Mia sf. lease, own. sell
operate, manage ami conduct picture
tow enterprises i i ni l ud I nir the pur
., leasing or selling of any and all
nw-Msm-v real estate and huildinirs for
the carrying on and operating sue
enterorise and amusements. in an
state where the eompany has a li?ht
t.i ti-Ms.-t its Inisiness.
Foil it h.T he authorized capital
stork of the Company shall he twent
t linnsa n. 1 if!0.Oiiii dollars divided in
to two I u io 1 red shares of the par value
of orie-hundi ed i in.) dollars each, an
shall he non-assessat.le. The person
whose names are hereafter su t.scri tied
are shareholders and the niimher
shares respectively owned by each is
set oonosite to his name.
Filth. Tne iiidwest Amusement
Comnanv shall commence its existent
from the first day of March. A. I".. and continue durinK a period of
ten vears.
Sixth. The business affairs. to k
property and concerns of tlie company
shall he managed hy a Hoard of lorec
tors composed of not less than two nor
more than live nieinhers, all of whom
shall i cspect i vel v le stockholders.
Seventh. The stockholders shall have
power, from time to time, to make pru
dential l.v-laws run inconsistent with
these articles, or the laws cf the state
of tseliraska.
Kishth The first Hoard of I):'rec
tors shall consist of two members, an.
shall hold their offices until their su
cessors are elected and oualitied in the
manner provided hy the hy-Iaws.
Ninth. A majority of all I :rc eturs
shall constitute a iiorutn.
Tenth. The Hoard of IMrectors may
he increased or decreased in numlit-r to
not less than two nor more than five
members l.v a vote of the stockholders
of tlie Company at such tinit- and in
such manner as tne oy-iaws ina pie
sc ri he.
Kleventh. The Hoard of Ti rectors
have power to lease, sell, transfer an.
convev anv of the ritrhts. privilege.
franchises or property belonging to the
Comnanv. for such consideration and
on such terms and conditions as me
Hoard of Iiirectors mav determine to be
for the best interests of the Com pan
subject, however, to the restrictions
of the statutes of the state of Nebraska
and the statutes of any state where the
Company mav be authorized to tran
sact Pu-mess
The Hoard of Iiirectors may from
time to time borrow money and give
notes and other evidences of indebted
ness therefor, and from time to time
provide for giving security for su I
indebtedness if desired and deemed ex
pedient bv the Hoard to do so. but In
no event shall said company incur in-
lebtcdness in any greater amount than
two-thirds of tne a gfi rebate of its cap-
tal sl.ik. provided, however, that the
power conferred by these articles shall
tot. nor shail any of them, be exer
cised tiy the Hoard ot iiirectors, ex
cept by a vote of two-thirds of the
whole number of directors.
Twelfth. The officers of said cor
poration shall be a president: vice
president; and secretary-treasurer
The officers herein named may bold any
two of the offices herein created at tiie
ame time, and shall be chosen bv the
Hoard of J'irectors end sha.ll hold their
office for a period of one year or until
their successors shall be elected an.
qua I i tied.
lhlrtcentli. Tlie Hoard or iiirec
tors shall be elected bv the stockholder
of the company at their regular annual
meetinji-. and the manner ot holding
the meeting ot the stockholders for
the election of its Hoard of Iiirector
and the method of conducting the bus!
nes- of the corporation shall be as pro.
iled bv the bv-!;:ws adopted 1 v the
s! or itl.nidf i s.
Fourteenth.- The 1. idlest amount of
indebtedness to which sail corporation
shall at any time subject itself shall
not be more than two-thuds of tlie a
gresrnte of its capital stock.
We. the undersigned, hereby agree to
take and pav for the number ot share
of the capital stock of The M-.lwe.-
Amusenetit Company which arc below
set opposite our names respectively
subject to the provisions of these Ar
tides -f incorporation.
hereunto set our hands this Mil dav of
February, A. I . 1S15.
Name. Hesidence No. of Shares
K M. S ilaes. I 'lattstnoiit h. Nebr. f0
J. C. Petersen. Jr.. IMattsmouth, Nebr. 5')
on this sth day of February. A. !
191.".. before me the undersigned, a No
tii ry public, duly commissioned and
.liialified tor and residing within said
county, personally appeared the above
named K. M. Shlaes. and J. '. Peterset
.li.. earn of whom are personally known
to me to be the identical persons whose
names are affixed to the above Arti
cles of Incorporation as parties thereto.
and each for himself acknowledges tl
instrument and the execution thereof
to be I is voluntary act and deed.
In witness whereof 1 have hereunto
set my hand and Notarial seal the day
and year last above writt n
i Seal) Notary Public.
Mv commission expires Ausust i'J.
1P17. 0-S-lw
t Ot ltT
tatc of Nebraska.
County of "ass. ss.
In the matter of the I
Stettler, Deceased:
--tate of IaviJ
All persons interested in said estate
are herePv notified that tin tbe 2." rid dav
of .June. A. I)., 191"i. S. c. Hoyles filed
petition in said County Court, pray
ing that his final administration ac
count filed herein be settled and allow
ed, thet he be discharged from his
trust b.s administrator, and that the
real estate and residue of tlie personal
property be assitrned to tlie persons
entitled thereto by law. That a hearing
will be had upon said report and peti
tion before said court in the court house
at Piattsinout h. In said county, on the
I'Sth day of June, 191.".. and that if you
fail to appear before said court on said
2."Mh day of June, at 10 o'clot k A. M.,
and contest said petition, the court
mav grant the prayer of said petition
and rm-ke such other and further or
ders, allowances and decrees, as to this
court may seem proper, ami to the end
that all matters pertaining to said es
tate may be Anally settled and deter
mined. witness my liBnd and tlie seal of
County Court of said County this
t he
aay or. June, .. Li., isia.
County Judge.
I have opened my Ice Cream Parlor
and invite you to call when you desire
anything in my line. Cream furnish
ed for parties or picnicks on short
notice. Also carry fiber i plates, for
picnics both ice cream and pie plates
paper napkins and doilies. Fruits,
Candies, Nuts, Cigars.
Cedar Creek, Neb.
Letter files at the Journal office.
In the District I oiirt in nuil For
County. el(rskn.
Anna Amelia Monroe,
John Frederick Stull. ,et. al.
J tefendants.
Notice is hereby given that under
and bv virtue of a decree of the Ii's
trict Court in and for C.tss County. Ne
braska, entered In the above .nulled
cause on the 12!tii day of May A. I ..
191"i.. and an order -tiier.-.l in ail
coiir. on the 2md day of May. 1!M..
the undersigned sole referee will -n
tro 7th tlav of July, A. I .. 19K.. at ,11
o'chx lv a. m., at the south front 0 .or
of the court house in tlie City of Plats
moiith Cass County. Nebraska, s II ;.t
pul.l'e a: ttion to the I 'uhest iespoie-1-ble
bidder for cash the following tic
scribed real estate, to-wit: Tin-
half KVi of the northwest iiuart-r
iNWVi) and the east half iHUi of hm
southwest ouarter V') of S.-ct oi
(2ii. Township twelve l22(. Itange thir
teen. m::i; lot four 4 in lion
thirty-six (.Tt'.i. Township thirteen ! '.
Uange thirteen ii::, and all of lot
three C.ii, in Section six ffii. Township
twelve ill! , Cant'c fourteen ' 1 ' . ly
ing: west of the right of way of the 12.
ix .M. railroad, and all that part of sai.l
lot three :( I lying east of the smd
tight of way, which lies north of said
bridge i r culvert immediately nortii
of Point, ail in Cass;.
hi e: k...
Said sale
lion r.
1 .i ted at
of June. A.
will be held
open for ine
this f.rJ thiy
1 . 1915
M. AllCIIMK. 11. feri-e-TI
I I . Attorn-y for Plaintiff.
A. L.
IN Till-: IHCTHI T KM lT OF Ullt
I til Ml OF Fi, i:illKA.
toller of Mill to Unlet Title.
Cieorge W. Snyder, Plaintiff,
Mrs. Louis Wegshenstei n. first real
name unknown, et. ah,
I icfcmla ri t s
To the defendants Mts. Louis Weg
shensfin, first real name unknown;
the unknown heirs and le of Mis.
Louis Wegshenstei n, first real name,
unknown, deceased; the unknown tU
visees and legatees of Tl.eol.ald Vallerv,
deceased, also known as T.'n obol.l Val
lerv, deceased; the unknown devisees
and legatees of James M Wiles de
ceased; the unknown devisees and leg
atees of Catharine Adams, nee Valoiv
deceased; Minnie Adams and Hiram
ou are each hereby notitir l that on
May 2.'9th, A. I .. 191.',. plaintiff tiled his
suit in the lMstrh t Court of trie t iiuntv
of Cass, Nebraska, to :iict title to the
following described lands fo-wit:
The riorthest ii.irtt r iNKU I of sec
tion twenty-eight tjsi and the south
east fourth ."!. V of the rioithwct
piarter INH'1, I of said section tweri-
tv-elght 22M, all in township twelve
l2.'i North, range thirteen i 1 :; i iat of
the P. M., in the County of Cass.
Hecause of his adverse possession by
himself and his grantors for more than
ten years prior to the commencement
f said suit and to enjoin each antl all
of you from having or claiming any
light, title, lein or inteiest either !c:al
or euitable, in or to said lands or any
part thereof, and to reiuire you to ct
forth your right title, iein or interrst
therein, if any, either legal or equit
able, and to have same adjudge. I
inferior to the title of plaintiff, and
for general equitable relief. This no
tice in made pursuant to the older of
the Court.
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before Monday. July 19.
r. le. 191.". or your default will be duly
entered therein.
ui;or;Gi; w. sNYiiF.t:.
W. A KOIJMhTSo.V, Attorney.
m:i-i i.i :i i:t.
In County Court, t'asn Count)',
In the matter of the estate of tc,r.rgo
Vass, deceased:
To all persons interested in sai.l estate:
Yum are hereby riotitied that tm .lime
"d,-19ir., M. S. Hriggs. adtn i nist i a"( or of
aid estate, tiled in this eoun a r r.rt
and petition for final seMlement "t
aid estate, and prays that he be dis
charged from his trust as administra
A hearing will be had on said renort
and petition at tlie county court room
in Plattsmouth. Cass County, Nebras
ka, on the day of June. 19 1.1. at
10 o clock a. m. If no objections to sai.l
report and petition are tile.) on .,r be
fore sai.l hour of hearing the pravcr of
aid petition mav be granted
J. M. LKVIiA. County Jude.
i" Tin-: mvruicT ciiiiit of tiii:
t Ol NT OF t NFIIIf K ,
In He-Cl.iardianship of Norman L. Dick
son, Minor.
oi:ni;i: to show causi:.
Now on this 2'Jn.l tlav of May. Ii
1915, this cause came on for hearing
upon the petition of j-;. j. i-i, i,,
guartlian of Norman K. iMckson. minor
aying for a license to sell ti. ...
divided one-eighteenth of the follow
ing desciibed property, being the inter
est of said minor in said property to
wit: Lots seven ( ) eight 8 and nine 9
in block thirty-six tSfii: the sooth i,utf
of lot twelve (K) in block forty-two
" 4 - 2 lots four ( 4 and live ( .". i in 1,1,., L-
fifty-tive 5 : lots one tl) and two t i
three ( :: i four (4) and five .", in block
fifty-seven .".7i: lot nine (9t and
f lot ten 10) in block fifty- seven
r7: lots three f 3 four io tiv.. i :
arid six rfii. In blocg tiftv-eigbt I :,m ;
north half of lots eleven (llii an, I
twelve i 12 . in block one bnrotte.i
and forty-nine CI4SO. and lots ten t 1 o
eleven (111 and twelve 1 22 in bio.
hfty- six (56) all In the City of 1'li.iu.
mouth: also all of lots three Z and
four Ul in blot k thirty-seven cn
and an undldived one-half interest
in lots five (5) and six ( ti in block
thlrty-eleht COO in Younir A.-
addition to the City tf Pla t tstnoii t b ;
and also lots fifteen M5 sixteen in: .
und seventeen 17 . in Omrt Firi A,i-
iition to the village of Mynard. all in
Cass County. Nebraska.
For the purpose of nslnc- il,u f,,,.
derived therefrom for the support, ei
ucation and maintenance of said minor,
and alleging that the sale of said land
necessary antl for the best niicrt
of said minor.
And It appearing that an nni.p
should be entered requiring all iwr.
ons Interested in said estate to a I lite a r
and siiow cause. If any. why a Weens
should not issue to said guardian t
iell tlie interest of said minor i Tl Sll i rl
above desciibed real estate.
all persons interested in said rent es
tate appear before me at tlie riH. of
the Clerk of the District Court at.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, at nine o't lo. k
a. rn . on the 2"rd dav of June. A Ii
1915, and show cause, if any, why a
license should not issue to said gunr.
Wan to sell the Interest of said minor
in the above described real estte for
he purpose ret forth in said applica
Judge of the District Coin',.
It Is ordered that a conv of thin or
der be served upon all persons Interes
ted in said estate by publication ,,r
said order for three su.-cessie weeks
prior to said date set for showlnc
ause in tlie Plattsmouth a
newspaper published aemi-weeklv anl
f general circulation in the Cinmn..
of Cass, Nebraska.
Juttl?e tllstriet f'nnrl
W. A. nOBEUTSON. Attorney.
In Csiunty Court. 4
State of Nebraska.
ass County, en.
In the matter of tins estate of John
Fltzpatrlck. deceased:
Notice In hereby Kivn to the credl-
ors of said deceased that hearings
will be had upon claims filed aoino
said estate, before me. County Judcr?
of Cass County, Nebraska, at the Coun-
' ouri room In Plattsmouth. in Kid!
county, on tbe fit l dav of Julv. inc.
and on tlie "tii day January, iyifi. at 10
CIOIK A.. eaCII flav for the ottutnlnu-
ion. adjustment anil allowance
All claims must be ni..i In uai.i
ounty Court on or before said boor ..r
hearing .
ltness my hand ar.d seal of !!
ounty Court, at Plattniionth v.k, u
ka. this lat day of June. 19 If.
6-3-w County Judge.