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lil TBy
A. Comedy of Youth Founded by TVlr. Manners on His
Great Play of the Same Title Illustrations
From Photographs of the Play
Copyritfht. 1015, by Dodd. Mud Zj Coxnpcy
.KENT turned away up nirain to
the window seat crying. "Oh.
this is unbearable!"
lit lit! said unite calmly: "1
it? Your wife i ll over a rain, eh?"
He came back to her. "No. 1 place
you far above her. far above a!l jot
ty su-;'i-iiiis of earplug narrowness.
I value you ns a woman of understand
inr." "I am." fIie said frankly.
From I
what you've t jld me of your wife slit
must le to."
'Ion't treat me like this:" he plead
ed distractedly.
"What shall I do." asked Ethel with
wide c;en eyes, "a jolorize? That's
odd. I've been wtiitin-: lor you to."
As lireiit moved up toward the win
dows Alaric eame in behind him
through the door.
"Hello," he called out heart
ily. "II a re yeV"
"Very vv.;i. thank you. Alaric." he
Baid. rent rolliur l;i.- surprise.
MJootL The dear wife Well too?"
"And the sweet child?"
"You must brinr 'em along some
time. The mater would love to .-ee
them, and so would Ltbel. I'thei
loves babies, don't you. diar?" Wit'.i
t.ut waiting for Ethel to rep'y he liur
Tied ou. "And. talking of babies, have
you seen Margaret any where ':"
Ethel nodded in the direction of the
garden. "Out there.
"Splendid. The mater wants her
We've got t have a family ineerin?
about her and at once." Alaric hurried
out through the windows into the gar
ltrent hurried over to Ethi!.
"I'm it the hotel. I'll be there un
til momir.g. Seud ne u message, will I
you? I'll wait up rJl night for one." j
lie paused. "Wi:i you?'' j
"Perhaps," replied Ethel. j
"I'm sorry if anything I've said or ,
"done L:s hurt you." j
She checked him just as Lor mother ;
r.ppearod at the Up t f the stairs. At !
the fcame moment the maid, j
came i:s through the door. j
Mrs. Chichester greeted Drent cour- j
"Dow do you do. Mr. Dr out? Yni i
wii: excuse me?" ?ae tunied to te j
maid. j
"When d'.J you see my niece hi?tV j
"Not this !.oi:r. mad-im." j
"Teii Jarvh to search tli" tarJei-S. i
the stables, to look u and d-.wu the j
read." I
"Goodby, Mrs. j
tl." taid r.retit. Ho loukeJ meating- j
ly and sigi.iiicantly at Ethel as he i
stot-'d in the doorway. The nest mo-
lueiit he was gone.
A'arie hurried in lhrou-L the win- j from the garden.
"Not sign of Margaret ix'wliere." !
Le furiinisly. thrown hmi-H'it
Into a chair and fanning himself vigor
ously. "TLis cannot go on!" cried Mrs. Chi-cLc.-der.
"I thould think not. indeed running
tbout all over the place."
Mrs. Chichester held up aa open tcl
egra m.
"Mr. Hawkes telegraphs be will call
tomorrow for his hist rep Jtt. What
can I tell h:m?"
"What will you?" asked Al.iric.
"Am I to tell him that very tutor
I've engaged for her resigned? Not
one stays mure than a week. Can 1
ti '.I him that?"
"You could, mater, dear, but would
it be wise?"
A moment Liter Vcz onvn-d with
Mi -hael cradled in tier arms. She Had
a rocjisn loou or tnumpn in ner eje 1 1;
huffu the trout of her charnitnu te w
dress were the marks ot Michael's
mudly paws. I 'eg was uNo tireatliina
quickly and evidently more than a lit
tie excited,
"Take that itrunuil out ot the room!'
cried Mrs. Chichester indignantly the i
moment l'eg nppe.i
l'eg turned unci walked straight out
into the garden and bean playing with
Uichael on the grass.
Mrs. Chichester waited lor a few
moments, then caljed out to her. "Mar
ret!" then more sharply: "Margaret.
Come here! lo you be;ir t: e'r"
l'eg went on playing with Michael
and just answ ered. '"1 hear ye."
"Come here at once!"'
"Can Michael come in. too?" came
from the garden.
"Yon come in anl leave that brute
-If Michael can t come lu 1 don't i
want to." obstinately insisted l'eg. j
'Do as 1 ted you. Come here! " coin-
manded her uunt- j
Peg tied Michael to one of the French;
windows tnd then went slowly into i
the roou ami stood facing her aunt. i
"Look at your dress!" sutliicnly criel
Zdrs. Cblcaett-r as die cati-ht sicht or
tts marts of Michael's phi;
"Michael did that. Jsure they'll cornc1
off." - .
JJ Hartley" Manners
" r .:- -"
"Let us
be henest v.-ith each other,
Ethel." said Peg.
"Mrs. Chiehoter 1 oked at the flushed
face of the young grl, at the mass of
curly hair that had been carelullv
dres-.'d by Ilviir;e:t lor d.nuer md was
lir.w hoveri)C around her eyes uutid.Iy.
1 The old lady straightened it.
i "Can yoii L"t keep jour hair out ot
j your eyes? Yhi.t do you th:nk wi'.i
become of yon?"
i "I hope to go to heaven, like all good
people." aid 1'eg.
j .Mrs. Chichester turned away with a
j gesture of despair.
! "What is it?" continued the old lady
I "I say what is it?"
i "What is what?" ak-d l'eg.
! "Is it that you don't wh?L to improve?
I Is it that?"
"I'll tell you what I think it is." bt
gr.n l'eg helpful y. as if anxious to
reach some satisfactory explanation.
"I think there's a little divil in rne !y
in' there, rn' e'.'try now an' a'jain tie
Jar: ovt."
"A devi!?" t ried Mis. Chichester, hor
"Yes. cunt," said l'eg demurely.
"How dare yej use such a won to
"I didn't. 1 u.-ed it about meself. 1
don't know- whether you nave a clivll
in ye or not. I think I have."
I Mrs. Chichester silenced her with a
I gesture:
"Tomorrow I am to give Mr. nawke
r::y hrt report on you."
j l'e lar.hed suddenly and tlien check
i ed herself quickly.
! "And why did you do that?" asked
I her aunt severe :y.
j "I tiad it picture of what ye're goin'
j to Tell him."
j "Why do you constantly disobey me?"
, pursued the old lady.
"I suppose it Is the rmnml bin ir
me." replied l'eg t hughtf u'.ly.
"What?" cried Mrs. Chichester, again
taken completely aback.
"Oh. I f-ay. you know: That's good",
n.i'" A".' 4l'inf laiihert tiffirTl'v
joined ju ana hiui-ii'M noartny vntc
him. Alaric luriin-diately stoppod.
Ethel took absolutely no notice of
any one.
l'eg sat down beside her aunt and ex
plained to her: " V. iien- er i did any
thing v. illful or d'furbin' as a child
me father always saM it was the "orig
inal sin' in me an' that 1 wasu t to be
punished for it because 1 couldn't help
"Then he used to punish himself for
my fuu:t An' when 1 saw it hurt him
1 usen't to do it again for awhile at
letist. 1 think that was a grand way
to bring up a daughter. I've been won
derin since I've been here if an aunt
,.,,ij bring n Liece up the same way
And she looked quizzically at Mrs.
Jarvis came in with a letter on a
-Well?" asked the old lady.
"For Mi-s Chichester, madam." And
he handed Ethel the letter. "Ey hand.
j Fthol took the letter quite uncon-
I sciou.sly and opened it.
j -Who is it IromV" asked Mrs. Cui-
j Chester.
"Mr. Lireu:," replied Llthel indlfier
, ently.
"Erent?" cried Alaric "What ou
i':"'' l'es he write to you for."
"He wants me to do something tor
him." And she tore the letter up into
the smallest pieces and placed them la
a receptacle on the desk,
"Cuiue, Alaric." And Mrs. Chicbes-
tcr lett the room alter admoi.ishmg
Ptu tint an liour woulil be suliicicnt to
sit up.
"Lit ns bo honest with each other,
Ethel," ..s-ald .Peg jsyhen the two -..riK
' .,..s - .
. . r ?tj. ; ;.
$100 Reward, $109
T; . r--:i-l-r f tliid ini1''' 'U' lx ilcai'i! to
I.-arn t!n.t Iljer- I "I l. i-l on.- ilr-a.l-l tliHvaH
tuiit m-Umi l..t I n iiLilf t" ur iu ail Ita
Hu mill is (,-ti. lL.ll n I'liturrh Cure
1. w p.tiv.- i-tit'- now Kiivn t. tin- tut-d-i
."! fratf'ri.ii . l iitarrli l-its a ronstliiitunMiI
i!i--. ri-ijuirfH a o!.itiuitlin:;l trt- atiu-nt.
Ii:ill' C.;t.trrb CU'i- Is t.i k u inOTtially. HcUnK
liirtlv 11 ; ,11 t!ii- II' I'M a till nui'uns surfai'fs of
H,.. :,it.-m. tu'T. l.r ili'Ktn.yiiig tii- f .lUPilat'u.n
t:,i' il:s. Hs... ami' ciii: tin- i.:.t i-nT stri'tiptll
huii Jiiii: i:i 1h.- rmi.-l.ltut i m anil ii-.-istiiip ua-
tiiri- in i..n its w..rk. Tin- iimririi-l'Ts have
murh f-iirh in it rnrativ- vrrs that tur
rr.r iinr Iliinie.-'l l-.Ii:ir f'-r utiy raur thai It
laiU tn rur.-. S'lfl f"r list vf trstilii.i!,ials.
,,!r-ss P. J. ( I!i:NEY & CO., TuJ'.dj. C.
S.'nl l'V id: PruIsts. T.'n.'.
ltk Uj.1V a l aiuily Villi i-T ccnstltttloo.
were left alone. Peg went rint over
to her and looked at her compassion
ately. "What do you mean?" said Ethel,
with a suddcu contraction ot her
"You like Mr. Trent, don't ye?"
So the moment had come. The little
spy had been watching her. Well, sshe
would tight this common little irib
in body to the bitter end. Ail 'e au
per in her nature surged uppermost as
Ethel axis v. erod l'eg. but she kept her
voi'-e under control.
"Certainly 1 like Mr. 1 5 rent. He is a
very old friend of the family!"
"He's git a wife?"
"He has:"
"An' a baby?"
"Yes and a baby." Ethel was rot
going to betray h'rselt. She would
just wait to see what course this crea
ture was ot,::n: to take with her.
Th'-y were now seated together. Eth
el holding h-r little wb;te poodle, tit
which l'eg pointed contemptuously.
l'eg went on:
"Of course I've never seen the wife
or the baby tie' a use he never seem"
to have them with him when he cuds
here. Lmt I've often heard Alaric usfc
afther them."
"Well?" asked Ethel coldly.
"Is it usual for English Husband
with babies to kiss other women s
hands?" And l'eg looked swiftly at
her cousin.
Ethel checked an outburst and said
quite calmly:
"It is a very old and a very respect
ed custom."
"The divil d uibt it but it's old. I'm
r.ot so sure about the respect. W !:'
doesn't he kiss me aunt's hand as
EtI cl could not control herself much
longer. It was becoming unbearable.
As stie crossed the room flie said with
as little ln-at as pn-v-dbSc:
"Y'ou d'jU t understand."
Well, but I'm thryin' to." persisted
I. g. "That's why 1 watch ye all tin
time." Ethel turned. She was now it bay.
"You watc h me?"
"Aren't ye me model?"
"It's couTuupnub I" eric;'. Ethel.
"Sure 1 on'.y
;peeted custom'
;aw the 'eld au' re
by accident hen 1
came in through there a month ago
an once s:::ce when 1 came in Hgain
by arcidet'i-.-; f w days aftherward.
I couldn't heir, M'.-in- it both times.
An', as tur in in' contemptible. I'm not
so sure t!: custom doesn't deserve all
I the contempt "
Eth'-l was now thoroughly nrnued.
"I supt-oso it i too mn di to exre"t
child ')' the ccm'N'in ;..o;i
t : : 1 1 : (
the customs ot dtr i r
et.t ; ; -. '
"Mt-bl-e it is." rep' led Peg. "P.nt 1
don't K'-e x by the common people
slniuel have .-.ll tlie decenc an tue
;.ri-'ii' riK.v m-i.e."
"It is im lo-s ; hie fo f; !k to you. I
was f.inlislt to have staved here. Von
d.'ti t un b-rst..;.'!. Von never could
I'e int.-rrutited ; "Why. I never saw
ye es-itod bejurt not a bit ot color in
yer check" ti l inw i t tvx i i-: Ye
I'. ok j" t ;s ye d'.i! wtieti Mi. I'.reii
loiloved tbiit " : an' lespecleil cus
tom on Xl-r laitd." Pelt. ibe
viun fill's r;. is were ablaze. lb
xi i 1 y she letiieii.i.ered the eventful
Mere that confronted bet when she
first arrived at the Chichester home
da-s before:
lithe! answered this time excitedly
and intli-n.-tntly. "i'i:i- fu" and 'ret
vent to h-r juf atuter:
'lie !'" :;o etn'iuli tl-VtT to speiik to
tiie again as lorn: as you're in this
house. If I h ul try way j ou d leave
it this moment. As it is as :i I-"
Ilcr vop-e rose almost to a scream
Her raite was titdiridhil.
What lucre she mi'bt have said was
checked by tlie dour opening and .lar
vis showiuL! in Jerry.
Jerry waike I cheerfnily arid smiling
ly Into the room and xxas amazed to
find the two ount; l-iilbn z v:wi at
each other and apparently In the midst
of a con ti n t.
All power of speech left him as he
Ptood looking in amazement at tbe
(Tfi lie C-.ntir.ued.)
I ora ci rrcct figure
ot 1.1-hi' :i- ciun'ort
ami " i l wr.irini:
tp.i.ililii'.- l." up-
our pi opcT model
- 3.
Piatt- mouth, Ncbr.
Governor Specifies June 14 8$
Time For Honoring Old Glory.
Balance In State Treasury Greatei
Than In Previous Month Oldest
Notary Asks to Continue In Office
Governor Will Deliver Address.
Eineoln, June 2. June 14 has been
designated as Flag da;, bj tl.e govern
or o. Nebraska, it being the lxh anui
ersary of the birth of the nation's em
idem, and that the day may uo lining
I;, celebrated Governor Morch'-au l.a
iss.ued the following pro ::u.'ua.iiou :
"The' observance - biag day is he
ir. laore and more re onized as 'hi
ears pass. Ii is ot e- p-ial ii:t r
to the children and yoirh of our land
and alionis an opport ui-i: i to inoir'ss
on ;iie minds of all the siguili-ance 01
our banner.
'The stars Pet in tie' field of bint;
Let p fresh in the mind lie union oi
stales iu the tormation o:' the republic
and ito Uiirteen stripes in all the he
roism of oar lorefuthers and moth' v.
in their efforts to establish the eov
cri-'.nent under which we have lb. ed
end prospered.
"I. therefore, as frovernor of the
fUa'c. urge that Monday, the I lib uo
o: June, of the prest a: year, be s-i
apart as Mag day. aid ask that :1.
l'a-.. be displayed from the state can
itol ltiildiug. school ileuses and vari
om; rare institutions throughout tin
.-tumor, wealth and bv citizens at
their homes and places of badness;
that flatr drills be conducted by the
Ei Iioois where convenient, and that a
r'-r.cru! display of the !!ag be seen
everywhere, that a who'.sniae ata!
renuino respect for law and obedbT.'-c
to (i-dcr be cultivated in the hearts
of our citizenship.
"There is no more healthful sign of
the perpetuation of tin r- public and
i;s institutions than the !aci that 'hi
people of this our: try. of all cla. e
vkcther r.ntie or foreign born, houoi
the tlac and ut their lives and prop
erty in jeopardy lor Ps defense."
Oldest Notary Asks For Blank.
I f". Cole has written the secretary
o." state asking for a 1 lank that he
iu ' c?savv free hob!
l -x si' . 1 ilie ! ' i .vs, : . iii. ui.'.o.-i
in order to be connuN.-ioned as a no
tary publm. Mr. Cole was fst com
riis'sioncd by C-o'cruor Alvin Saund
ei in l'H. when the stale was a ter
rnoty. and has continued as a notary
red lie ever sir,-, o. ha vine be'n cont-ru's.-loned
eight time.-?. He desires to
continue as long as he is alive and
bold the record in the notary public
Hi e for loimeviry.
Put Up to Railway Commission.
The state railway commission Hst-
d to '. i ieru e in connection v i'i'.1;
t' c h a! ion of business nu n of
I..rt ( r-ti-'-et in 1 .1:1 coin for t!;e x-
tension of the street car line trom
it turns west on M to i srreer
ci'ert down Sixteenth. This has been
, ., ..
one. of trie great pronn-ms 01 no
rt-ci; car service in Lincoln and it
v, ;:'. be t:p to the ccuurnission to settle
it one wax- or another.
State Treasurer's Report.
Tie in the state treasury
for the month ending May ?,1 is ?-l2.-lP'.L'T
greater than at the close of
be.-.':iess tlie mordh previous, acco'-d
it to the monthly report of iTut"
Treasurer Hall, the balance the pro
viuus month bcinjr $ 1 .1 ."il .tST.iiS arul
t'i" last ?1.Ub':.:,;i7.!i.". The receipts for
Max- were ?;'".i.7(,:.l 2 and the pay
ments ?d K.r,c-.::.,.
Governor Will Deliver Address.
Covrnor and Mrs. Morehead left
for Peru, where the executive will do
liver the commencement day addriss
at the Teru normal school.
Good Roads Association Is Forrrec
at Tecumseh.
Tecurnseh. Neb., dune C. The .lohn
sou County Good Koads assotiatioi
v.;.s tjr. anized in this city at an cnthu
si::s,ic meerins of farmers and hesi
ness men. following a lunch at ihe Tc
cuntseh Commercial cluh. C. V. I ous
las was named as president; P. S
Nestor as vice president, atid J. C
Moore as secretary-treasurer. Thf
f-peakers were Mr. Moore. Frank T.ip
hi' i d, and Hon. T. S. Dalby of 15-
r.tri'-o. jo-esident of the Nebraska (loo
n(;als asso'-iat ion. The comity or
ftauizutiou will be by districts.
Haftinas Drugsists After Convention
Hastings. Neb., .Tune 3. Hastings
tir.iggists have organized to make at
cfltrt to land th.o 10p; state conven
tion of druggists at the state meeting
in Omaha next week. Secretary T?lnk
of the elianiber of commerce wilt ac
company the ib letratcs to Omaha.
Servian Is Easy For Stecher.
Frcmor.t. Neb.. June :;. Joe SitIi
er. the Dodge heavyweight wrestler
made quick work of the Servian Tii.ic
C-ovedariea. at Pierce. Stecher pinnec
the Chicago man to the mat twice ir
less than seven minutes.
Drinks Gopher Poison.
Axtell. Neb.. June ?,. Otto Marel
i-althy farmer of near here, commit
ted sttiide by driukinr a large quan'i
ty of gopher poiaon. The cause is no'
It gets to be a threadbare explana
tion that Osteopathy is not massage,
and yet we have to make it over and
over, for many people hold to such
opinion. Osteopthay is neither a
"scientific form of massage" nor any
other kind. It is a complete school of
medical practice, although not using
drugs as a remedial agent, and it
might employ massage as an adjunct,
just as any other school does when
massage happens to be required. But
do not confuse this broad science of
natural medicine with the limited art
of masseur, for they have very little
at iiasis to cause confusion between
them, except that both are performed
with the hands. But, then, the hands
are used to do most anything, so that
it is not sufi'icient apology for sayirg
that "Osteopathy is only massage."
Moral: Osteopathy cures many,
aids all and injures no one.
Consultation Without Charge.
Osteopathic I'hysician.
Office, (loates Building.
Phone 208.
Office Hours 10:00 a. m. to l'J:(Mi.
2:00 p. m. to 4:00.
Other Hours by Appointment.
John A. Hennings and sons, J. E.
j and W. C, motored to this city from
! Cedar Creek this morninc to attend
to some business matters ami ior a
short vi.-it with friends. Mr. W. C.
Hennincs was a pleasant caller at
this office.
FOR SALE Fawn and White Indian
Runner duck egtrs, white egg strain,
$1.00 per 13, ?r..0() per 100. Inquire
of A. O. Ramgc, Route 1, Platts
mouth, Neb. 4-5-tf-wkly
Farmers who ship cream direct may
leave their cream at our store. We
will deliver your cream to the depot
and return your empty cans, without
extra charge.
;i Tin: nivii! 1 1 "r i 't 1 1 it i !"
I t ot t ti- M-:illtK.
!ln lie-ituar.'.ian.-l ip of Norman ih 1'iik
j sou. Minor.
I i:i i-:i: Ti i show (V.t'SK.
I Now "11 ti;;s -'Jiiil day of Max. A. I'..
Il'i'la. tl is cans.- catiie on l"i' h.-a-ini;
I upon tbe petition of ih .1. Kiibex,
'-mo. ban of Norman I '.. lucksou. minor.
',., .- i.'L- t.o- : license to sell the un- OIM--C1- lleenl h of the foMoW-
;:iir lie.scrieed prop.-rty. hem the intet
es? of said minor in Mini luoperty. to-xx-
i i :
p,,.s s. i, it. eip-bt i' and nne i .
,., ' i : i rt ;. -s : v itiiii: tbe souih half
..f ioi twelve" i 1 -' ' in bin k fort; - vx o
. , ,i f:'r ' I i iiml live i i in block
: Tx-nxe (:.:,: l os one 'l' and txv.. i
, '
!-,-.. i :: i leer i i a no n . e i .. in
i-.scc!, i .T : l'U fine i !' i timi part
f lot ten in bbi. k ti ft - scxeu
:,7 i : bus : ;: four live i .. i
i . , . I I .. l . Ti o oi : i i i - ' i ' .......
,;,.rth ba t
Ot" lO'.S 1 .C I'll
in blo-k on
ii.- 1 1 I '.' I. ii nil h
a lid t xx el x c ' '
; 1 all ;n the 'it
1 1 1 . 1 ami
i s ! en 1 1 " '
1 in I b 11 k
. el i'liitts-
twelve ii-
I.llill ll'llV-l
w. , 1 1
... X l'U
l.ttx - 1
iiioiitb. also ail of bus three 1 :. arid
four ill in blmk thittx-s.-ven C'.Ti.
;,i,d an utidi'Pved one-half interest
in lots five 1 .". 1 and siN 1 in block
t b ii t x -.1 ht ("si 111 V'.uiiii & Hayes
addition to the t'lty of 1 M.a ! t sinn: ; h ;
ami also bus fifteen 1 1 .". I s-xI-tii 1 1 I
and seventeen ilTi. in l.onj's- l";tst Aii
d.tion to the villi's- of .Viynard. al'. :n
liss I'ountx. Neoraskii.
i'or the pia jii'm- of usin-; tbe funds
d.-icd theletronl tor the sll'l"t. ed-u.-atlon
i'l .l liii'.Iileuanc,. of s.-.ld lliillo;,
n;,.! aliepiu-: tnat the s;i!e of said land
is necessii ry and tur the lest interest
ot sal') iiini'M.
And it a I'liee ri nir that an
should he entered re.uirinc all persons-
interested in said estate to appear
and show cause if any. why a license
should tod issue to sii id -.uardian to
sell the interest of said minor in said
ahox c ili'seri heil real state.
it is ti 1 1: 1: 1 :'" 'i: i-: ( 11:1 ii:i:i:i timt
all persons i n t 1 est ed in said real es
tate appear before me at the "l!ii e of
the Clerk of tbe lustriet Court Ht
1 'la t istnoii ? h, Nebraska, at nine o'clock
a 111, on the Ihiril dav of .Inn-. A. 1 ..
ll'l.i. and show cans.-, if anx. w 1 y a
license shoubl not issue to said guar
dian to seil tin- interest of said minor
in the above described real estate for
the imriiose set forth in said :100,11a
tion. JA.MKS T. HKU1.KV.
.tuili:- of the Ihstrict Court.
It is ordered thai 11 copy of this or
der lc served upon all persons interes
ted in said estate hx publication of
said order for three successive w-eks
prior to said date set for slu'V'in:
cause in the I 'hi 1 1 sinout ii Journal.
newspaper published semi-week 1 y and
of -.eneral ei ten la t ton in the County
of Cuts. Nebraska.
.leile 1 listrot Court.
W. A. K iKbKTs'i i.. Attorney.
In County Court.
Cass County, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of John
M. Meisinger, Sr., Deceased:
Notice is hereby given to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
be had upon claims filed against said
estate, before me, County Judge of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the County
Court room in Plattsmout h, in said
County, on the 2!th day of June, 101 o,
and on the 2!)th day of December,
lDlo, at 1 o'clock p. m., each day for
examination, adjustment and allow
ance. All claims must be filed in said
court on or before said last hour of
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court, at Plattsmouth, Ne
braska, this 22nd day of May, 1915.
County Judge.
iiu: hmihi !i ahii:km'
know .m i. mi:n r.v Tiiih-u": ntr:-
SKNTS: the w . il. 31. .-' i nil J. . .
Petersen. .1 1 , 'hi assueiHte o.M. selves
together for tlie purpose of lnrniinc
:i!iil I.ei-omiiiL- ji i!'i"irati"!i m
Mate of Net task;., loi tli- ui i".-e of
1 1 a ii--act i lis' uitbin tie Mute oi
mill witiiiri nn oii- "f tie
st;i!.s of tlie Cllit'il .-stiit.s ot A Tl i I l ei. .
tin- lu.silie.SK be, t-ili:if tel iletol I l.ell
i'ii.vt. 'J'iie name of tire i-ot p..i a lion
is- sl'iel lie. Till: M I I V I -ST
A3I t 'SIOAI i :NT f' i.VI'AX '
r-i . o;nl '1 i:e pri to-i na I otli'.e ;iiel
I'll, re ot huHi.',- -liil!t 1m- I'M-ilt-M Pi I lie
I'll-.- .,f 1 'la t sl.'OCt '.. 111 tin- 'e"!.f "!
Coss. and Slate of Nebiirska. but t!,.-
umiiKiliv itin create anu loei'.te nil-ol-iiiliale
otll'i-.-- for tin- t ri, li.sii. t Soli "(
its l,u.iiou .i'iv il.i-!i- Wit cm 1 !i- lim
its of tie stales wfele il is a 11 I b or I .ei I
to transai t liusoiess.
Tbinb Tbe nature of the lei s , tie.-s
to be t ransaeiei! by Mini corpora t net
.sbail be to i j i ; r i b ! i a s , b-ase. o ,. seli,
oi.-!at. luanage ill'! atoPiei jiieture
SlioVV etltel'pl ISC- I ITll luiiltlH till Hi! -
eb'iise, leasMic or scilitu; ol iitiv ate! all
net ess, i r real estate ami bu i bl i ut'S fot
tin- earrviio: on ate! o nei a t ) ti'r smli
niei j.i mid itniasi no nts. in ai.
state wbere tbe eo;.i i ; ti lias a riKbt
to transact busines.-.
l'ourtb. '1 lie a ut be- i.d eaj.ital
sim I; of U p Oitiiliaiiv si. a!! b. iv.i 'itv
t iiousam! ' $ -II. '"Mi i ooiiars i ii.b-ii m
li. two l,uml-ei! si.aies of the p;'.i vaiio
of oee-bumlreil iinh .bclais ea- !i. ami
Sliail be tion-itssessa bo-. Tin- pel sojjs
v l.ose names ;ne lli-l'ea fl er si! i.S',1 I be, I
an- sba : eooblei s ami tbe ii-imb.-: el
shares res o et i e! x owned l- acti I-
...t siii to 1. 1 name.
K i ! 1 1 1 . Tii- .Mblwest , m u s.-nu-n t
'mil tia II ' st'.lll C'Ul; Illi-U'-e its IMS'' III
fi.on t..e t; si ,i;iv ol Jlariii. A lb.
1 tM.'.. iiii'i contiiuie cluri'if; a I t -1 i 1 !
ten year.-.
SiMh. Tl.e I'lisiness afiairs. stork.
p!i..erly ami loieerns of 1 be compaiiv
snail be ma iiatzeU bv a lloatil ot I elec
tors colli iiiM'i! o! not b-.-s tban t" li'il
mole tl.un lixi- llietnl'iis. all of wboin
sbali respect i elV be S I '"Ii l.obb-rs.
Sex I III i.. T! e sti.i kl.oidel.s h l.illl ba X e
power, from timi to time, to make pru
.!!, tiai b -i.iv.s not ; i.cotis isl en! x 1 1 b
tbese articles, or t bt laxxs of toe stale
of NebrasUa.
Kiul.tii -Tbe first floanl of I'ii-n-tors
siiall ci us, st of t xx lie-m o.-rs, aiol
snab Infill tbeir oflie.-s umil fto-ir si.c-
cessol's ale eiect.-ii all'l '. U I : i ! I e 1 1 III the
manner pnn iuol I'.x 1 be nx-laxx s.
Nintb. A ma.ioritx- of ail 1'itecti'ls
;hal! constitute a niioruni.
Tenth. Tie Ibmtil of Iiirectots may
be i nci i-a seil in iii'ii eascii in ni.mbei to
not less t x o nor mote tban fixe
members hx a vol
1 1 1
t be SI o, Uliolilel's
in-li time ami in
x - la x. s ii'.a pi -
of tbe I'omoanx at
siii-ii 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 as tm
I .lc e!lt i:. -The lioillll of I
ililXe power to lease, sell. Iran-tee am!
convey any of tl.e riiihts. ptixibe.-s.
fiiilichisis o - propel t b. buifc.11, u to the
Company, for such , .im.-I'I. 1 id i"ii aim.
on sucli In nil- and conditions an the
lioiiid of lino-tors may d. lernii::. to he
fol the host interests i.f the Coll: pan x ,
sub.iecl. hoxxexer. to tic 1 est 1 let ions
ot t'm- statute:- of tlie Male "f
illid tfe statutes of anx slat.- xxhele ti l
I'om jm 11 v tiiax he aul liufiziil I" tran
sact t ness
The lloarl of iMfectors max fimn
lime to tune hmioxx- nn.nex and tiixe
noics j( ;id o-.l.e! eiib-!:ces of III.;.-hi e.l -ness
therefor, and from time to tunc
proviil- for trivitii M-cutitx for sic I.
indebtedness if desued and .beno-.l ex
pedientb; tie Hoaid to do .so. hut 111
to, ex.-nt sh ili said I'omi'iilix innii in-
debl.dnes.s in il lilrlllt I 1. ill' o lit tliilil
t wi.-t I: ii il.s "t tl- ancrei-ale hi n cap
I il 1 s." k. i.locid.d, I'O.x.-.ol. that tbe
poxx ei i o i ; I . - r I . 1 1 ny tie... articles shall
not. iiu!' shall iit.x of tb.-m. ! cmi-
clsed I X lie- ib.illll of l'llc tols , ev
ict. t by il lull' of t XX o-1 I, i I .'.s of the
xx lode number of di'e. tois.
Txxelfl.c Tbe ofticcis ot said cr
;,ili"ii si. all be a .res , d. 1. 1 . xi.e
juesident: and seci it a r..-t teas i: rei .
Tin- ollicers ben in nann-d niiix hold a'i.
two ot the ot'ic. s herein Cleilted at 1 he
same tim.. and 1 1 ii 1 1 h- cbo. u hx t be
Ib.iiid of I lin-i nils and shall I "id then
office for ii period of n- xeai nr until
l hi 17- s c'cssors shall he elected and
.) ua 1 i fi-d.
Thirteen! a. Tbe Hoard of irei -tors.
shall hi elected hx tbe stockholders
of the company at their ii'iailar aiiiiuul
meetiim, aid the manner ot lioldill
the meetinir of t lie stockholders for
tbe election of its Hoard i.i lere'tois
and t!i- method of ootid u ct in " the liusi
Iiess of the r"l '"l al mil si.all he us ,lo
videt! he the b'-hix-.s adopt-. I b. the
st oi h holi'i i s.
Fo'irtc f i !..--T; - : P.... i tv.o-.i:.? -r
illde el id ness to whl-l: .-aid i ..; .i.::i I Inn
s i ii 1 1 al anx- tune sul.e-i t itseii snail
not be more then t xx -o-t i.i ; .! of the it l. -Klefc-iite
of it.- cpitii! stock.
We. the umlei s tied, hereby liiu'i-i' to
take and fax for tne number ot scares
ol tne capital stock ot Tbe .Molxxcst
Amusement i'"'.i imny which a'e t piw
set opposite our nanos t c - ii. ct i x 1
sill . ccl t" il,,- proxismns of I:h-m Al -ti
! of incorporation.
i ' Vi'T.xh.s.s V 11 l-;i;i: ii". have
bei. uneo s. t on:- hands mis Sth c.ix ot
l Yhreary. A. I . IKla.
Niime. I tesidet.ce Nc of Shal es
U M. Shhi-s. I "la t tsmout h. N-li.
.1 C. I'.-t ers"ii i "la I Is mo u t h. Nebr. ..U
statu op Nifi ;j:aska.
( il 'XT Y K CASS. ss.
i'ii this sth dux ol February. A. I ..
I'.il.'i. lietore in- the U tldcis!-, ned. 1 N'o-
larx Public, duiy com a: iss e .ned ami
u.ilifud for ii:nl residitio; ;tl in siiid
countx". p.-rsonahx aiipeated toe iil'iivi'
named I;. .V . .-nlaes. and .i C. I -.t . rs. i;.
.1 1 ., mrli of whom an- pcisonntlx kt.oxxu
to mi to he the i. lentil ill pel sons
names arc :ltlcd fo t hi- uimvi' Arti-
!ci-s of I mot pora t ion as panics thereti
and each for himself a K n oxx ;. . i ( t b
nisi luiin-nt and th.- execution ther.-of
to be Lis voluntary act and oe-d
In witness x hereof 1 ha x e hereunto
set nix- i ii. i i i and Notarial seal tin- uax
and x.-ar last ulioxc written
i Seal I No t.i rx Public.
My cimniiss ion exiures Aiif.-ust -1'.
i : 1 7.
if 17. t-::-txv
I (HI V I I Ctll in
state of Nebraska,
Countx ol Cass, ss
In the mailer ol the Ifslalc of I'axiil
St ct t ler, 1 ice-ased .
All persons interested in -said e-tal"
are hetebx- notified that or. tbi -Jm! d:.
of June. A. I ... Iiu:.. C. Moxh s hied
a petition in said Countx Cou:t, pray
in-, that his final a ! m : n -s t ra t i i n in
count tiled ''-rein be settled and alloxx
ed, thai he be .1 ischa liotn I i
trust as adm i n ist t a I oi . and that th
real estate and residue of th- personal
pi in.itx lie as-iuned t" tin persons
entitled thereto by law. TiiRt a l:i-:i nn'
will be b.-nl upon said report and pill
ion I ic f o) s:i 1 1 i cou rt i n tie court house
at I -hi 1 1 sun "it h. in said countx. on Ihe
jsth day of .Inn-. r.H'.. and that if x on
fait to appeal before s;inl emu oil said
L'Mh dav of .lime, a t pi o'clock A. M.,
and eoii'esl su id petiuon, ihe couit
ma. cnint the prayer of said petition
ami make such lumber onh is. alioxx
utris and . le-rces. as t o t b is court ma-
s-ciii proper, and to the .-ml 'ha! ah
matters pel i ii i n : n,; to said estate max
he finally fettled and determined.
Witness tux" hand and th- seal of the
Countx- Court ol said Countx of Cass
this :ml dav of .tune. A I 1 ! 1 T. .
allkn .1. i:i:i:.-'V'.
County Judirc.
mitii i: to t in iMTaie-.
In I luiiili ( oiirt.
n t - of Ne in ;i . ka,
C;iss- Co'll'tX. SS.
In lb- ni ilii i of tbo e.-tate of John
Fi t 1 1 i k, deceas-d: :
Notice in her. bx- --p.-on to th- -redi-tors
of said ioeis-d that hesillni-'-wtil
be iiiiu tit-'n claims tii-d a:ii:o-'
i..'.id e.stiilc. bl for' U.e, Coen'x- Jlllie
of Cass Count.. N. I'ska. a t tne Coun
ty Court room in I Mat tsmout h. in sa'd
count.--, on the ;th day of July, 1 :i 1
and on the 7th iax- .lanuarx. 1 p 1 1;. at pl
o eio k A., eiich iIhx- for tii" . aniina-
tiui. a din s t iii-ii t and aliownio ..
All claims inust he filed jn said
County Court on or hefcu.. said hour id
Witness nix- hand and seal of said
County Court, at I Ma 1 1 Mnmi t h
kii. this 1st I'ax- of .lun", 1
ALLk.N .1 KK.'-sii.V.
'i-o-4xe C' .'
F.cgrular 75c values m Initial Sta
tionery at the Journal office lor 50c.
xoTit i: Kr.i i:iii:i
Iu Ike lltxirlfi unri In mitl I r
4 tint,
Anna Amelia Monroe,
John Kreilerh k Stull. ,et. al,
1 ief enila lit.
Notice is hereby Kixen that uiiler
ami t'X' xiitue ot a iltiti-i- of the I' s-triet-'ocrt
in Hint for raw i'oui:t. Ne-ea-ka
eliteteil iu the boxe elni.le.l
cause or: t b- 1-th tiny of Mu'' J ..
l'tl", ami an onl.-t etiteieit m raol
coir'.' i: the i'-'lol !ax of Max. It'l."..
t i 'nil ; i ipni'il soie referee xx :II on
lie 7tb ilax of July. A .. Ifi:.. i.i ill
,,,!.!, ; in., at the south f"Mt r
of the eouri house in the City of 1'latls-!,,.-,
., i ,.s.- Count.x, Nebraska, s ; I ;.t
,..,1,.:, (,-. eti'll to tbe I 'Kbest tesp ui-l-t
,. i..hlor for cash tlie I . '. b .xx : t, u hi -
-o ihi'll real estate. t"-X'. It 'I'l.e cist
ha'f lit'., i of the ti'ilthxxi i ipi.nt-l
i.VVx'i.i ami t b east ha'f i I'. '-. i ..! t ...
s,.i;;:ixx est iiu.irlei- SVX''4 of t , oi
iL'i. Toxx-nshlti txxelxe lUi. ItatiL-e tin
ted!, i i:: i : l"t tour i I ' in " . t mn
tbi:;-.-si i:o.i. Tv nslup l!.n Je.-o
i.-.ii,;.- tl'iT-ieeti ii:'.'. am! ail ' f l"t
,:; ,. ,,i Section six iii. T" n.-l i'
! w.-ix-e ' 1 - '. Ita lice fe !.l' 11 ' ' ,'
NIK W s- of tlie n-l:l of Xl il ' "1 t'.e :
.V .I i n II ...oi. i. ml ' 1 i t li-it I i rt o, ii ,il
lot I Ir.'- . " x -nu ast "I t! . a Ml
r i L.' I : : 'I' XX 1 1 '. . XX I , i c 1 1 1 I . - I " ' ' I h " r t 1 . cuixert i m I ti - 1 : ii t 1 y .-cttb
of ; x i.i.oxv I'oiiit. all in ' ij-s ' t .
Nei.l u...
Said .-ale x ii: be b ol open for one
a : I '' a It -no - u I !i. t " .s i I ...iv
of .1 cm . A. I . ! '
M a : p 'i 1 1 :. ip i-i
.. I.. Tl i ! '. A 1 torn lm i "ia ' u' b
MI'IH It tl' IVI tMtl'tllt tTMlV. is !e r-by tio'ii that the ho
stone I'll-- i'otliianx xas on ti In t
di. v of Max , i: 1.".. incoi p. .Tilled fot t he
l-nrpose of n.a n u I a -t ii i t 1 1: and sep
inu cement pit"-s and a 1 1 other '.nient
f oil !i. t s of exery hind and the ma-i-hinerx
xvh.-reby the same t e iioU.od
Hi.d made; also the sal.- ol restricted
territories of the n-hts to miiiiii
fiictute such prodints ami arlob-s un
der the Flllted States Patents oxx in d
,,ol cnttolied bx said co'iipanx, in
ill slates of the Pril.d slut.- of
Mm i n -a. with its p' 'm :p.i olli. e lit
l'llioli. NeblilsUil. 1 lie i Tll"lll'l "I
ipitill M' k I'. llll.' ? !'."" 1 UI'X
paid up when issue, i ami n "n ,-i - s.-ss -
1 1 . . Saul eorpornTicn i ,-. n. 1 1.-,.
.... i r ...I.
business on tne I..1H o il "' .!.. " .
nd continue until the b'lli -lax oi .xia.
I'lin, unless sooner .iis.ou.ii px .p..,
tion' of liixx- or hx- eonsciit of sto. k-
holders The hilesi anioiini m
indebtedness or liability I" which
th.' eo: in.) at ion is al anx time to sub-
lel-f itself -h:!J tl"t .Mceo
f the paid up capital .Mock The
iCaits of said corporal ion are to he
ondncicd (c- a Ito.nd of Iiiiect.os of
.ot bss tiiiin th'.-.- n il' more tban nine
-tocl.bobb rs. as vxi 'l be tisod , t he
ix-laws. ami the Ibiar.l ol l'il"'i"'H
-hall .Pet a I 'resident. o itesi
lent. Secretary and TicHsuier, ami a
lltiii nil Maiiatter.
I .-itel at I toon. Netitiiska. tins Mil
day ol ilav, jhi...
W. H. llAMvlMi,
1 'resident.
tt-.M :
.uiiiN McCarthy, s-neturv.
is,,', a - 1 0- t XX ks
Till: IHiTIIICT nil ItT l" '.
l 'l , MtlHC .
The F.iitik of ( ass Countx-.
WiPiani H Si l.uf'T ntnl the tii.ktioxx ii
h-:ts ami d.-vis-.s of William Srl.Hf
er. il.'ii :ihni; Joseph T 1 1 1 o. k m.u I oti
and the unknown heirs and d.xise.s
of , I'll 'J'brockmoi ton. decease. t ;
th.- unknown bells ami . ,,(
.A 11 till Ib'th. lie. .eased . I'M Mil III VVeck-
hioh: Kuene Wcckbiicn; .los.pii
W i h. Amies Week bach and Ma
thilda I'iistelio, et. ah.
I i-f-tida tit s.
You and each of yon arc li.-r. ln noti
fied that tin- plaintiff has commenced
Ml fiction iiL--amst xoit in lb- lustriet
Court of Cass Countx. Nebraska, for
Ihe purpose of . tmiT its title in
sitnplc in and to lots fixe and six I
and t.t in block t went x -one li 111 t h
Citv of I 'hi 1 1 smout h, Ciiss Countx-, ,S.
braskii. except that part oT said lotH
occupied by Wiislintrlon Avenue in
-aid Cjtx-. And to fotev-r eii.loin you
and each of from i hiliiin. any
riL-ht. title, claim i li-n ot inteti-st in
and to the aboxe ilesi I ibed teal eMl.
iitol to temovc .-.tiiiin clouds fumi
plaintiff's title m and to s.iid leal es
tate i.t:.'. for eii, ilabie r-li-f And X",i
and each of xou lire re.iiii-d to nnswer
-aid tutition on or b.unre tb- :'1t .lax
of June A I .. 1 1 1 r. . and in failing so to
do xour default will didx In entered
I herein and .ludirmcnt tiiki-n as prayed
for in di. in t i it's pet il i"tr
iv A. I- Tlltti. IMaintitT.
It's Attorney. 4-w
IN Till: IHTM M'T III in ir .
t ill Ml . Mtllll ! .
.losej.h Skalak and William Wynn,
1'ia in tiffs.
Joseph Mcl'teary, et. at..
I o f cndii n t .
Notice to Josepli Mri'iriiiy and the
unktioxx ti lieils ami d. vis. es of Joseph
Mci'riiir.x. deceased- Orati S. Thomp
son Itcb.ccii 1! Tlionii-on, his wife,
and li e unknown heirs and dexisees of
(irati S Thompson, deceased: the un-knox-ii
hens and iif l.ucin.ia
l:i iliii--. d.-eiiscd : Anna A. Townsetol
ami Allied H. Toxx nsend, her husband:
Ihe unknown heirs mid devisees of
Vnna A. Towns. -nd. deceasid. t h- lin
knoxx n lo irs and dexisees of Iblmiiml
. l"ticlan. ilecciis.-d; tlraee 1 1. I.
ami W. Uratit beper, her hushat'd, IPi
Sampson, and -Mrs Fli Siitnis.oi. b's
wife, first name unknown. John T.
it.i. se:,. r, and .1"' 1:11:1 Henrietta. H.-.'se-nci.
Ins wife, defendants.
You and each of you are l er.hv tieti
ticd that the plaintiff- haxe eoiittii.-neeil
an action against yon in the bbu 1. I
Court of Cass Countx, N'i i'tiiska. for
the purpose of ipiietin th-n title 111 )
simple in and to the finlmi ait: lo-M i it..
id real estate to-wit: Fractional lots :.
11. loj. !1. and lb', in the SIP', of tin.
S VV of Section 1. Township 1 2, north
of Katitte It F.ast of tbe 1,1 h I At., he
inji more particularly described hs fol
loxxs: 1 '. .111 meiii i n at the sooihiast
corner of the SW '.. of the SW", of
Section IS. Township 1J. nortli of
Kiiti-e It Fast of the P. At., and
runiiiii": tb.'iice north of said Mb sc
tion line :!; feet to the place of bc
L'liiiiini;. thence ruiinin-: nortli 41.; f-.t,
thence east t the west line of Sitli
SItect in the City of Ma 1 1 smou t h. Cass
County. Nebraska. thence follow mi;
said west line of Sixth Str.-t ntnl I'.ii-lin-;s
Avenue In a southerly directum
to ii point in said west line of Hillinus
Avenue due Fast to the phe c of l'-;ii-ninsr,
theme vx.-st to the tdiice of l,e-uilili'lr-.
heuiK and i ml ud 1 11 -. said frac
tioiial jots 11. i.'i, '.ui. !'l bud i:,: and
also eomm-nc i n 1; at the outj.eHM .01.
rier of the SW'., of the SW'i of .Section
IS. Township 1 Z. Hunt;- 14 ibist of in
'.tii I'. .M., ru ii 11 1 11 u thence north ."!tti fef
to the place of h-irl 11 n I Ii U. thence iiiti
nin xvi'sl I'll feet, t bene. nortli lilt',
l.'-t. thence east l'U f- t, thence south feet to the place if becinnitm. b.-irijj
known as fractional lot Ui. in the SW),
r the SW ',4 of said Section Is, Town-s-hiji
1J not th Kantre 11. Fast of t li
fitli I'. M. in 'ass Countx. Nf lira k.
and also frH'tinnal lot M.' in the SFv,
of the SW!, of Section PS. Towioh.j.
1;. north of Kance 14 Fast of the fcili
P. M , in Cass Countx'. Nebraska hriiir.
more pa rt nil la rl x- rlescrib-d as fol
lows: Ciiiniii'tM ins at the riort lives?
corii-r of the SK'i of the SV"i4 of
.-e'tioti is. Townshin 1.'. north Itunur
II Fast. ruuniriK f hence south I :.' Vt
rods to tbe place of be-, i n n i n I, then-. 1 ' rods, tbepee south 11 fet t.w
lot Ifi, thence vxesl HI rods, thni'-c
north 11- feet to th1 pin... of l.-Kn-niiiK,
IieitiK known as fiu'tional lot sj
And to foicver enjoin you and each of
von from claimiim any iltrbt, title,
claim, lien or Interest In and to the
aboxe described real estate, and to t
nioxe ccitHin .louds from idaintifTa
title in and to SHid real esiat- and for
."Itiilahl- relief. You and each of you
are reiulred to ansx-er KHhl petition on
or before the 1'lst day of June A. !.,
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fault will he duly entered therein arid
judgment taken a prayed for m
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