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THURSDAY, MAY- 27, 1113. .
The Holy Spirit to Be Poured
Out Upon AI! Flash.
The Divine Plan Provides Tvo Distinct
Salvations The First Pentecost Its
Blessings For the Church Exclusively.
Its Work Nearly Completed The
Second Pentecost Its Blessings For
the World In General Coming
Through the Messianic Kingdom.
Operating Through Israel Restored.
A Thousand Years of Blessing.
Fan Antonio.
Texas. May V3
Pastor li u s s e 1 1 '
spoke here today
on the text, "Aii.l :
it shall come to 1
pass nfterwar 1 i
that I wil pour
out My Spirit up- J
on all Ih-sh." i.Ioel I
V v.
1 :!.".) He said in
1 a it :
The 1'rophet Joel
mentions t'o dis
ficT-n i-'iivcrii
tinct outpourings
of the Holy Spirit, tine of these, upon
the servants and the handmaidens,
.found its fuiti'mcnt at I'enteco.-t; an I
durii.i: the more than eighteen centu
ries since then. GJ"s spiritual bh s
i;jg h:.s been with all the foil step fol
lowers of" Jesus all f iod"s servants
and handmaidens. If we sec this fea
ture of the prophecy t'ullilled. it be
comes a guarantee to be:itvers that
the remainder of the same prophecy
ui!i hae fullilmei.t in God's due time.
The remainder of the pro ht"-y de
clares that afterward after those days
during which the i'oly Spirit has been
outp'.ure.l upon the Church, upon the
"servants and handmaidens' w.ll
come- God's time for out IDs
Sl'iiit upon all the world of mankind.
After These Days !"essiah's Kingdom.
St. Peter's explanation of the I'enie
costal blessing. "This is that which
was spoken ly the I'ropLet Joe!."
should not be taken to mean that what
was witnessed in the upper r"iii on
the Day of lVnu-co.-i. iie:.ri nineteen
centuries ago, c-ompictely i'u.Iiiied the
l'H'phet Joel's predi' tious. (Acts
': to. - i'.ible student Would di.s-
u'.e that toe fn'.tiimeut of tlie prophecy
began at IVnte'ost. with the early
t'hur-li. and has been in j tie-ess of
fulU.inviit during ail the centuries
sim-e. It is as true today us it was
then, that the bussing of the Holy
Si'irit is granted to all of God's ser
vants and handmaidens; and the re
ja.i.ii b r of the prophecy v,A be ful
filled with equal accuracy in due time.
Alter these days of the Gosjh'1 Age
after these days of the outl oiiring of
the Spirit upon God's sen ants and
handmaidens will come tlie glorious
epoch of iJessiiih's" Kingdom, in and
through whi' h Go 1 will pour out upon
the .oTd of mankind a great biessing
of eioighicnm.-nt and uplift from the
s-iu and death conditions whi"h now
prevail. It wi'd be to tlie accomplish
inent of this end that Satan shall be
bound for a th'j'.' years; and tiie
darkness which now covers the earth,
riid the gross darkness wiich now
b'inds the heathen, will be chased away
by the glorious "Sun of J"iirl. teousnes.s
with he:li!,g in UN r.eams." Mai. 4:2.
Th'.s will be inaugurated the gloiiou.s
I ay of Messiah, a thousand years long.
Tims the knowledge of the gl jry of the
l.o:-d will fill the whole ear:h. Thus
very tongue shall be brought to con
fess and every knee to bow to Messiah
u the great llepresentative of Jehovah
and His righteousness. Isaiah 11:1;
I'hilipi.ians 2:'.t 11.
Abraham's Spiritual Seed First.
Abraham of old typified Jehovah and
Isaac typified Messiah. not after
the Mesh, but aft -r the Sprit by a
special Dpiue interposition according
t promise of God. or this ami
ty!. i al Isaac class .b'sus is tlie Head,
the l-'.irerunncr of the Churca. as well
. fii. world's Kedeemer. The I'.ody
of Messiah is composed of n saintly
few. according to the Scriptures, gath-c-"d
primarily from the Jews, but be-
co'apiet d by a lditloTis from every
;;, nation, kindred .!! tongue.
'J'les,. all. St. I'aul tells o. will be
'lai'acter-copies of Gori's d. : Son. our
I'cdeemer Bttd Head. This the Apostle
! I' : : I1:' !!( les' inat'e-n
l:.:n::i.s S;g:i. It'i; ;al. -ill's, pt.
This Church class, or Me-k5ah class,
is variously referred to in t Ik p:o
1 hecies. as well as in the N'l'W Testa
ment, as the brethren of Jesus jind as
sons of God. Of them the Prophet
David writes. "1 have sail"!. Ye are
god--: and all of you are children of
the Mo-t High; but ye -sh;;!! all die
like men. and fall like One of the
princes." (I'salm MM. 7.) Those all die
men in the estimation of the
v-irid: for. as St. John declares, the
voi Id knowcth them not, even as it
knew nt their Master. (1 John 5:1.)
As t'i" world did not ro.-ouis'e that the
life of Jesus was la i 1 down sr crificiaily.
neither N it aware that the followers
f Jesjs. a little handful, down through
the Gospel Age. have Hkewis-e through
His merit presented their bodies a liv
ing sacrifice, holy rnd acceptable to
; 1.- Humans HM.
Abraham's Nrtural Seed Next.
This Spiritual Seed of biah:im. nil
r lintiy. will constitute the ' 'hurch of
I he i'ir si-iio! ns. tiie ::iiTiiye "f the
Priests an! the Levitt's of the Jewish
Dispensation. With the completion of
this Church, gathered out of all na-
tions. sects and deuoiuiuat.ous. Divine
favor will njraiu return to tlie natural
seed of Abraham. As the Jew was
granted the hrr't opportunity or privi
lege of becoming the Spiritual Need of
Abraham, he will likewise have the
first opportunity to participate in the
blessing which will then come to the
whole world of mankind. "To the Jew
first" is the livine order in respect to
both of these blessings.
To this agree the words of the j
Apostle l'aul. After telling of the i
Divine election of the Church, the j
saintly few of loth Jews and Gentiles, t
the Apostle anhls. "1 would not.
brethren, that ye should be ignorant
com ernliig this mystery, lest ye should
be vise in your own coix-tits. that
blindness in part only, not perpetual
is happened to Israel, until the fulness
of the Ieiitiles be come in." When the
full, elect Spiritual Si-ed shall have
been gathered, shall have been com
pleted from amongst the Gentiles, then
til X.iti:
rhl Israel shall be saved from
their blindness fml their outcast con
dition. Itoimins 11 -M Lit.
St. Paul jxdnts out that as Israel's
stumbling was directly foretold
through the Prophet (I'salm 0b:22. so
also through the Prophets Cod JciS
foretold their blessing later on that
they shall be the first to be blessed
under the glorious Spiritual Messiah
of many members. Thus it is writ
ten. "There shall come out of Z'.on
tlie Deliverer, and shall turn away un
godliness from Jacob." Here Zion is
pi tured as a mother whose offspring
is The Messiah. Looking again at th
ty"e. v. e see that Abraham represented
Jehovah, and that his wire Sarah rep
resented the great Coverant through
whi.-h Messiah was to be deve!opd
"In thy Seed shall all tlie families of
the earth be blessed"; "If ye It
Christ's, then are ye Abraham's Seed.
and heirs according to the Promise." j
I'omaus 11 : 11 ; Genesis ir':17. 1: Ga -j
l.iti.ins 5:S. Id, -J'J. ' i
It has required more than eighteen i
centuries to give birth to this great
Deliverer. Jesus was the Head: and
the Church, developed during this Gos j
pel Age. will be the llody. Jesus wa- j
"the First-born from the deal": and1
the Church. His members, will le His !
brethren, sharers in His rule on the '
Heavenly plane: for is He not declar-
ed to be "the First-liorn among many !
brethren"? (I'omaus S'fi.) The First
or -Chief Kesurrectiou v ill bring al.j
these sons of God to the plane oJ
glory, honor and immortality born
from the dead. Then the great Deliv
erer will le fully lorn. and ready t
lM-'dn His great work of bles:i.g all
the nations Israel being the first o! j
these. j
"My Spirit Upon All Flesh." j
St. Peter declares that it was the j
glorified Jesus who received the Holy i
Spirit of the Father and poured it
out upon the Church at Pentecost
(Acts ::o.'I.i That blessing came to
the Church ltecause of their coming
into harmony with the Fathers ar
rangement through the Son. The re
ceiving of the Spirit there marked tht
recipients as sous of God.
The later Pentecostal blessing upon
the world will have points of similar
Py as well hs points of difference. The
blessing will come through the gnat
Messiah as a result of the satisfaction
which He will make for the sins of the
w hole world by applying to the raci
the merits of His sacrifice. Thus Hi
will seal the .New La w Covenant with
Israel, and then with the workl j
through Israel. (Jeremiah i:.i-o-t.
The great Messiah of glory will be tht
Mediator of that New Covenant; ami
the foundation of that New Covenant
will be the "better sacrifices' offered
by this Mediator, as the antitypka!
Iligh Priest. Hebrews !:1!-S.
The Pentecostal blessing then t
come upon the world will not be upoi;
the terms of their .sacrificing then
earthly rights to attain Heavenly
blessing and spiritual souship. On th
contrary, its requirements will be n
consecration to obedience of the Di
vine Law: and its reward will be
earthly Institution to the erfectioi;
of human nature and to the eiijoyineni
of all the blessings originally given tc
Adam, but forfeited by his disobedi
ence. "They shall build houses ami
inhabit them. They shall plant vine
yards and eat the fruit thereof." ami
"long enjoy the work of their hands.'
i Isaiah Vrhl. g-) This is the Di vim
promise, applicable ti mankind, bill
not to the Spiritual Seed of Abraham
the Church, tlie Kingdom class, win
must ell be changed: for "llesh and
blood cannot inherit the Kingdom ot
God." 1 Corinthians lo:SO.
As Jacob was a son of Abraham, not
directly, but through Isaac, so als
those blessed under Messiah's Ileigi
will be children of God. not direct ly
"out through Messiah. Thus it is writ
ten or Messiah. "He shall be cal!e:
Wonderful. Counselor, tlie .Mighty One
the Prince of Peace, the Everlastinc
Father" the Father, or Dife-giver
to the restored world of mankind
(Isaiah 7.) The life which lie
laid down in sacrifice the earthly lif
-is that which He will give to all tin
willing and oledient of Adam's race
during His Messianic Kingdom to b
theirs forever. It is in this sene that
He will be the Everlasting Father
the Father who gives everlasting life
which Adam failed to give. Messial
Himself will have no need for tin
earthly life which He laid down; foi
as a reward for His oledien-e tin
neavenly Father has given Him thr
higher life the Divine nature.
The Fathers to Be Princes.
From of old Abraham. Isaac. Jacob
David, etc.. were called the fathers
not only because of their relations!!
to the Jewish nation, but particularly
because Messiah was to come as thei;
offspring "the Seed of Abraham." "of
the tem of Jesse." "the Offspring ol
David": and to Jesus was born of
this very lineage. Rut nis exaltation
by the Father to the spirit plane, and
the fact that His earthly rights laid
down iu sacrifice are to go to Adam
and all of his race who will accept
the same on the Divine terms, puts
Jesus in the position of Father. Life
giver, to the world, including Abra
ham, David, etc. They must all ob
tain everlasting life through Him. and
hence will be His children.
Thus the Prophet David wrote of the
future, "instead of Thy fathers shall
be Thy children, whom Thou inayest
make princes iu ull the earth." (Psalm
4j:10.) Those fathers who are to be
princes are already declared to have
been pleasing to God. Tiny attested
their loyalty by a faith which worked
in harmony with His will through the
limitations of a fallen nature.
The Fathers' "Better Resurrection."
On account of this the fathers are al
ready declared to be worthy of a bet
ter resurrection' than the remainder
of mankind but not so glorious a
resurrection ns will be granted to the
Church. Their resurrection will be to
the perfection . of human nature
mental, moral and physical. Thus they
will stand before mankind as sr.mples
of human perfection, to w hi. h stand
ard, all the race may attain by obedi
ence, if they will, during the thousand
years of Messiah's 2'eign.
Those Ancient Worthies (Hebrews
111 will not only be illustrations of
human perfection, but princes, or
rulers, in all the earth. They will be
the outward and visible representa
tives of the invisible Messiah the
agents through whom the Word of the
Ird will go forth. As it is written.
"Out of Zion the Spiritual Kingdom 1
shall go forth the Law. and the Word
of the Lord from Jerusalem" the
earthly manifestation of the Kingdom
amongst men. Isaiah
As a reult of the second outpouring
of the Holy Spirit.
the Prophet Joel
to our Common
declares, according
Version. "Your sons and your daugh
ters shall prophesy, your old men shall
dream dreams, your young men shall
pj-e visions." A preferred translation
of this heretofore obscure passage
reads. "Your young men in that New
Dispensation will seeAvith clear vision
what your Ancients dreamed of and re.
lated in parables." This vision of
glory will be the Reign of Righteous
ness and the Pentecostal blessing ac
companying it. upon the willing and
obedient, every one of whom shall be
brought to clear knowledge and full
opportunity for salvation.
Order of the Blessing.
The order of the blesslr.g Is stnted.
It will come upon all th sh nftrr th s
days, but upon the servants an 1 th
handmaidens i.'i those days. The day
mentioned evidently refer to this Gos
pel Age from Pentecost to the Fe--ond
Coining of Christ. During this period,
now nearly nineteen centuries. God's
Holy Spirit has been granted to I! is
faithful ones, and to these alone. Only
the fully consecrated have Ihmui ac
cepted of the Lord as living sacrifice--;
and only such have been begotten of
the Holy Spirit, that they may be New
Creatures in Christ. t'2 Corinthi-ms
r:17.) During all this time the word
has been unrecognized, so far as the
Holy Spirit is concerned.
Indeed, after Pentecost the Apostle
John went still further and declar. d.
"The whole world lh'th iu 'ke Wick -l
One." The only action of the Ho'y
Spirit has been, as in the case of Felix,
to '"reprove the world of sin, and of
righteousness, and of judgment." (John
10:7-13 ; Acts 11:2.1.) Our text dec!:1. res,
however, that the time is coming when
the world will receive a share of the
great Divine blessing which was fully
assured by the death of Christ.
its time of favor will be ''after those
days" after this Gospel Age shall have
come to an end; after the New Dispen
sation shall have begun.
"To the Jew First."
Only Jews received the first Pente
costal blessing. For three : nil one
half years thereafter the Gentiles were
excluded, in harmony with a Divine
promise made to the Jewish nation.
Then came the time for a similar privi
lege to be extended to tin? ("entiles.
I rejoice with you today, fellow-students
of the Word of God. that this
great gift of Cod is still obtainable,
that the time has not yet fully come
when the door of opportunity to this
High Calling must close. Close it will,
so soon as the full number of the Fleet
shall have been completed. Thank God
that another door will then open! the
door of Restitution tj human jterfec
tion and earthly life, grand leynd the
power of description.
Then God's Holy Spirit holy power
will through Christ be outpoured
upon all llesh upon all mankind. Mes
siah will inaugurate the New Dispell
nation by sealing with Israel the New
Covenant in His blood; as through the
Apostle Paul the Iord declares. "This
is My Covenant with them when 1
shall take away their sins. As con
cerning the Gos'K'l. they are enemies
for your sakes; but as touching the
Flection, they are beloved for the fa
thers' sakes." Romans 11:27, L'S.
This outpouring of the Holy Spirit
is not merely for Israel, nor is God s
blessing merely upon Abraham's natu
ral seed outside of the Church class.
It will include all of every nation de
sirous of coming into accord with God.
after they shall have come to a clear
knowledge of the Truth. All nation;
shall be privileged to enter into and
enjoy Israel's great Covenant, by lie
coming children of Abraham through
faith. After all rejectors of God's
grace shall have been destroyed in the
Second Death, the world of mankind
will constitute the promised "seed of
Abraham." whose number shall Ik as
the sand of the seashore, even as
the spirit-begotten ones of this Gospel
Age are likened to the stars or heaven.
Thenceforth every creature in Heaven
and on earth will acclaim honor to
nim that sitteth upon the Throne and
unto the Lamb forever.
Opera House Filled to Overflowing
and Senator If itciiro-. k's Oration
One of the Finest lAer De
livered in This City.
Lust evening at the Pameie thea
ter, before a bou'-e fllSe I to its utmost
capacity willi fi ienils -..'d icu'iives of
the young people, th- ji :i-!uat ing
cias.-; of I'.'I-" of the High
school bade farewell 10 their life in
the old school house on tin? hill, iinJ
an orraniu!ln pn--td iv.'o mem
ory, and the member s of the cla.-s
stepped forth into the world to take
up their duties and life as citizens cf
this great country.
The claxs, some twenty-seven in
number, garbed in tlie cup and gown
of graduation, were seated on the
i-.tage, together with the superir tend
er! t atvJ member1-- of the family, and
each of the graduate- wore a large
Am'--ric:in Iieauty rose, the flower
adopted by the class of 2!1." as- their
The invocation v.;:.-- j.ionojneeil
by Rev. Wilbur S. Leeie. rector of St.
Luke's Episcopal church, and a.s the
minister called down the blessings up
"Ti the young people and those who
had assisted them in securing their
education, as well as the speaker of
the evening", the viist audience ftit
deeply the impressive!. ess of the oc
casion, which marked an important
step in the live1-- of "the graduates in
wj cm they were co greatly Intercste:l.
The class had selected Mr. William
T. Richardson, jr., as the salututorian,
and the your.?: man fave to the cla:
anJ the an address, while it
v a? brief, that was fi-led wnh rich
ard splendid thought' that they will
a;ry with them in tneir future lives.
Th? subject was taker: from the clas?
rv t'o. "Tiie Pa.-:t Forever Ge ne, the
FuVai e Still Our Ov-:." ami in this
the sper.k.'i- pointed out tlie va'.ui.' of
'.he good "k1 l.i":ier ideals of life,
the r.ecc'-s'ty of making time p.-cve of
value, and not to wa-le the pri-rious
minutes and hours of in idleness
and ease, but to strive for th-ir own
advancement, as well as that of their
fellow man. Mr. Richardson was very
clear in his statements ami his re
marks carried home to the class a of t;.e duiies that they owe to
themselves, as well as to the world in
which thev are now to become a
y wii'f.' l o t
the salutatory
of the t3
Kathryn Tor!
talented members cf the class, gave a ,
rro-:t charming vocal number, and this ,
ycurg lady was most pleasing in her.
con trniu ..ion 10 i:ic ciiiuiuui-.m cv-
panied Mi.-s York as pianist and wasjj
as sisted by Miss Augusta Mengedoht
as violinist. j
The valedictory was delivered by ;
Mis Ruby Edge .-tor., and this young1
lady, in her address, showed the deep J
thought nod careful preparation made;
for this important occasion in the his-;
torv of her class in her address on
"Casting Shadows," admonishing the!
members of the class in the year to j
. . I. 1... .., it i,-V .-V,iiol-c lllnV
I I II.l LU III- . . . I I It ,iil .. ..'.t .,'
c:ist on the future, whether thev be
of eree.tness and worth or add nothing
of value to the community in which
their future activities were to be
found, bhe recounted the vondcriui
changes that time has brought in the :
life of the world; of the inventions C
that have brought to the modern life
so many labor-saving devices and aids
to civilization in its onward march.
She expressed to the superintendent
and faculty and the citizens of Platts
mouth the appreciation of the efforts
they had put forth to add to the op
portunities for the education of the
class, and at the close, in addressing
the class, expressed the feeling of re
gret that this was the last time they
met as an organization, with their
work completed and the journey of
life just opening up before them.
The orator of the evening. Senator
Gilbert M. Hitchcock, of Omaha, was
introduced by Pr. Theodore P. Liv
ingston, in a few remarks in which
he expressed his admirituon of the
public schools of the city and the need
rf gieater interest being taken in,
their welfare by the citizens of the:
community, as the young men and j
women here received the inspiration
for their future lives that was to re- j
suit in their being useful men and j
women in the world's future. In in- i
troducing the senator he paid him a i
w ell deserved tribute as one of the
leaders in the nation's legislative J
body, the United States senate, and
the honor that had befallen the class
in having him as the orator on this
The address of Senator Ilitchock ?
was a most scholarly and eloquent
one, filled with the deep thought and
advice to the young people. The sen
ator, in opening his address, outlined
the virtues that p-oes to make up char
acter and usfeulness and enumerated
honesty, virtue, generosity, independ
ence and patriotism as among the
things that enter into the making of
useful men and women in the battles
of the world. He pointed out the rise
of those born in humble circumstances
to power ami force as leaders in the
world and the advantages that the
; druggie had been to them in bringing
to the forefront the strong and stable
features of good character, which had
earned for them the right of leader
ship, while those horn to luxury and
ease never attain the heights of life
and sorrows in their view of the world
and its life. He recited the men born
n the we: t of a race of pioneers and
sturdy men and women who had been
called to the eastern centers to be
come the leaders in finance, politics
and the many statesmen whose lives
had been laid among scenes of hard
ships and sometimes want, yet in spile
of this they had rrasned the laurel
wreath of undying fame. Senator
Hitchcock pointed out the character
istics of the different nationalities of
the world which had made them dis
tinct from each other, and these had
all been brought to America and in
the great melting pot of the grand re
public had been developed into a race
distinct from all others and with a
mission of ujjlifting the standard of
civilization and carrying it to the re
mote corners of the world. The first
record of civilization had been thou
sands of years ago in China and this
had been carried westward across the
continent of Asia and thence to
Europe, where it was carried on
across the ocean to America, and here
it been developer! into a much
higher standard. He stated that to
this country had Leen given the task
of carrying the message of culture on
across tlie Pacific ocean to the Philip
pine islands and making possible
there at the gateway of the Orient,
where the first traces of civilization
hail been found, to plant the American
spirit of freedom and their higher
kk-als of life, and that its message
might sweep over the world to the
westward with benefit to the world in
its uplifting influence and betterment
of conditions.
The c!as of R'lo is composed of the
following sp'endiil young men and
women :
Kuby Macille Edgerton, Coeanna E.
A3, "jr gLfgtafa
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Schulhof, Lillian M. Dwyer, Marie
Louise Spies, Katherine M. Egan, Lil
lian Kathryn Hartwick, Wallace J.
Hunter, Harley, G. Wiles, Elsbeth 11.
Koessler, Mary Ellen Hetherington,
Glenn Thurston Thompson, Sophie A.
Hild, Grayce Fight, Kathryn Agnes
York, William T. Richardson, jr.,
Rohbin Richardson. Grace Magey,
Alva Leta Lair, Verna A. Krejci, Clif
ford I. Cecil, Leon C. Stenner.
The class honors, carrying with it
a scholarship in any of the state col
leges or the university, was won by
Miss Ruby Edgerton, who ranked as
the highest, member of the class in
her school w ork, and was presented by
Superintendent Rrooks with her well
deserved honor. The seven highest
members of the class, with their rank,
were as follows: Ruby Edgerton,
Coeanna Handley, i'2 1-23;
Elsie Roessler. HI 3-S; Verna Krejci,
1'! 3-10; Norene Schulhof, 1 7-24;
Will Richardson, ill 2-21; Harley
Wiles, 50 1-20.
The following letter was received
from President C. A. Marshall of the
board of education, who is visiting in
California, conveying to the class his
best wishes: !
"As president of the board of i
education, I send to the class of ltlo
my most hearty congratulations on
your graduation from our High school
and hope that this first successful step
to a bigger and broader life may be
followed by other and greater suc
cesses all through the lives of each of
you. Regretting my inability to be
present on this occasion, I am, most
cordially yours. C. A. Marshall."
The closing of the exercises was
somewhat interf erred with by the fact j
that the electric lights were out for
several minutes, but aside from this
the graduation of the class of 1!'1"
was one of the most pleasing that has
I een held in this city. The benedic
tion was pronounced by Rev. Leete,
and the happy in(l Proud young peo
ple were given over to receive the
congratulations of their friends.
We are "Factory Agents" for
Rlatchford's Calf and Pig Meal, $3.7..
cwt. We pay the fright. Perfect
substitute for milk; K'O lbs. makes
100 gallons. Our guarantee use one
(juarter of it and if not satisfactory
return it. Johnson Bros., Nebraska
City. 5-27-1 tw
seen the WIS
a. asr-r ::'l -
t r
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. L. O.
Minor and Miss Madoline Minor
entertained a number of young lady
friends at a delightful linen shower
at the home of Mrs. Minor, in honor
of Miss Catherine Dovey, who is to
be one of the June brides. The
rooms were decorated with the spring
flowers, the color scheme being pink
and white, and pink peonies and white
ryringa being used in profusion. The
guests spent a portion of the after
noon in a very industrious manner,
that of hemming linen dustcloths for
the bride-to-be. hen the dust
cloths were completed they were
handed to the bride-to-be, and then
the guests were ushered to the dining
room, where they were served a love
ly luncheon at small tables, prettily
decorated in the pink and white color
scheme, the peonies and ryringa be
ing used here, also. Each guest's
place was marked with a dainty place
card. After the serving of the lunch
eon and on their return to the par
lors, the bride-to-be was showered
with many handsome linen pieces,
which will assist in introducing her
into the art of housekeeping and be
constant reminders of this enjoyable
Don't Hide Them With a Veil; Remove
Them With the Olhine
This, prescription for the removal of
freckles was written by a prominent
physician and is usually so successful
in removing freckles and giving a
clear, beautiful complexion that it is
sold by druggists under guarantee to
refund the money if it fails.
Don't hide your freckles under a
veil; get an ounce of othine and re
move them. Even the hrst few ap
plications shoulJ .'.how a wonderful
improvement, some of the lighter
freckles vanishing entirely.
lie sure to ask the druggist for the
double strength othine; it is this that
is sold on the money-back guarantee.
The Binder
is the most im
portant Machine
on the Farm.
While You're z It!