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MONDAY, MAY 21, 1915.
Cbc plattsmouth journal
Publlhd S 9 m l-W k I y at Plittmouth, N t r.
Enured at the I'ostoifico at IMatwmouth. Nebraska, as aecoixl-claM mall matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Bubaorlptlon Prloi S1.50 Per Year In Adranoi
It is a matter of economy to $
be happy, to view life and all -I
its conditions from the bright-
. est angle; it enables one to J
seize life at its very best. It J
expands the soul. II. W. Dies- J
....... I I I-I
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
The growler (cither kind) greases
the track of progress.
Gardens arc doing nicely, and vege
tables will be plenty.
Has Ross Hammond had enough of
running for governor?
Time to cut the weeds before they
get as tall as the fence.
To appraise the value of a smile,
look up the breach of promise suits.
A man never leaves his home town
to take a job. It is always a position.
The rain came in just the nick of
time. The farmers were needing it.
There will be no saloon in Cedar
Creek this year. That seems de
cisive. :o:
At least the Germans mustjc given
credit for stalling off Italy to the last
Some men arc a "friend of the peo
ple" because they make their living
that way.
All the world loves a lover, but the
maiden loves him best of all if his
cash holds out.
:o :
An ad in the paper is as convinc
ii g as a flea beneath your underskirt.
It produces quick action.
Of course "he who laughs last
laughs best." How about the fellow
who never laughs at all?
When you hear a man denouncing
kissing as vulgar, just write him down
as one who has sought and found it
And now Mexico wants this country
to kick Iluerta from her peaceful
shores. What a handicap is neutral
ity! :o:
"Wheat far above the average" is
the optimistic headline over news
paper accounts of the crop conditions
in Nebraska.
This would be a rip-snorting old
world if it would be. just as easy to
malic a good thing better as it is to
make a bad thing worse.
The boys are not worrying much
about the low marks on their school
reports, provided they can keep their
error column in the ball .score blank.
Torpedoing the Lusitania, it was
fcaid, was done for psychological effect
on England. That sort of effect on
this side of the water may have been
The merchant who does not adver
tise is like the fellow who throws a
kiss to his sweetheart in the dark
he knows what he is doing, but no
pne else does.
A news item from Lincoln says:
"Professors of English at the State
University are enthusiislic in their
praise of President Wilson's note to
Germany as a masterpiece of
"Thrice is he arm'd that hath his
quarrel just. ine justice and
righteousness of President Wilson's
demand upon the German empire is so
apparent, and so clearly stated, that
every true American stands ready to
offer the fullest measure of sacrifice
in its support. There is no division of
opinion and no thought of receding
frcm a single contention. The presi
dent spoke as the heart and the con
science of the nation would have him
speak, and his appeal was in behalf
of that which the whole world must
admit is right and just. Whatever
reply Germany may make to the
president's demands, humanity will
bless America for raising her voice
above the confusion of battle and de
manding that there be a limitation
placed upon the brutality of war.
And feeling confident that their quar
rel is just, the American people calm
ly await the decision of the great na
tion across the sea hoping that Ger
many, too, may recognize the justice
of cur demands and make amends, but
firm in their determination to right
the wrongs that have been committed
The American people would a thou
sand times rather remain on terms of
friendship with Germany than break
for a single day the good feeling that
has always existed, but America
must protect her citizens whatever
may be the cost.
Whenever the American flag ceases
to be a protection to American rights
and American citizens, on cither land
or s;ea, then will America cease to
merit the love or devotion of her peo
ple or the respect of other nations.
The future of America is at stake, and
the president, and the people have
undertaken to lead the nation in the
paths of righteousness, and to lift it
to a still higher level than it has been
'wont to travel. Not since the day of
Lincoln have the American people evi
denced such deep and abiding faith in
a president to meet a great crisis, as
they now have in the ability of Presi
dent Wilson to rightly solve the
problems that confront us. And this
faith is founded upon the fact that
the president is known to be a God
fearing Christian man, and that he
has the courage to always do what he
believes to be right. His acknowledg
ed belief in divine guidance in human
s flairs inspires confidence in the
hearts of the people, and his deep
tenm of right and justice is a suf
ficient guarantee that he. will deal
fairly with all nations. And his love
of pace and his abhorrence of war
are guarantees that he will preserve
peace so long as it may be done with
out sacrificing the honor of the nation.
What the next week or the next
month may bring to the American
people, no man can foretell, but this
we know, that the near future is
fraught with far-reaching possibili
ties. Today's worship should be a
supplication for divine directions and
a preparation for the duties that shall
fall upon us. The whole world is ex
pecting America to acquit herself as
a nation of high-minded, justice-loving,
courageous men.
A little sunshine now and then is
relished by the farmer men.
:o :
The Germans charge that the re
sponsibility for the sinking of the
Lusitania should be laid at the door
cf Great Britain. And why not? It
was owned by Iiritish capital, and the
commander knew that his ship would
pass through dangerous waters. It
was not an American ship, and the
passengers who risked their lives to
get across the cean knew the danger
in an cfTort to do so. England and
Germany arc at war, and neither has
any light to risk the lives of innocent
people on their ships during warfare.
"Wh?.t is sauce for the goose is sauce
for the gander!'
Pep isi great institution, but skill
is needed to win a ball game.
Not so many years ago the ables
Remember that it is easier to sltart artist in the farm labor line could be
a scandal than it is to stoD it. hired for $20 a month and board dur-
:o :
ing the busy season, and for less
This is the time of year many men money for the entire year. Now farm
are neutral about me institution oii"""iti hucihoi,
work. twenty-live, thirty, ana even tnirty-
five dollars a month is not considered
too much for good men. Of course
this includes board and room, the
room being considered essential for
the short time the farm hand devotes
to sleep. Since his hours are so long
There is now a breath of warmth
occasionally. But it comes from the
f jrnace register.
Experience proves that umbrellas
are more often borrowed when the that he hasn't much time or oppor
owner isn t in sight. tunity to waste ms substance in
q; I riotous living, me present stanuara or
How in the deuce can a man take a wages may make it seem like a pretty
philosopical view of life in the pres- J good job, as jobs go, and figured by
trice of a lawn mower? the amount of money saved by the
?i; I enu oi tne year s worK. ine quaimed
The last legislature spent a half and able farm hand probably is the
million less money than its prcdeces-! world's nearest approach to steady
sor. lhat is something. employment, not excepting the regis
:o:- I tered pharmacist. lie gets an early
The citizen who stands on the street start, and lanterns were made for his
corner knocking on everybody and use in doing chores before and after
everything is not a very desirable I the regular hours of field labor. And
resident, and nobody knows it better J yet it isn't such a bad job as one
than he does. might make it appear. Like golf, it
:o: I tanes one out in the open air, ami
More than fifteen new houses will J keeps him there longer, and those
be erected in Plattsmouth this sea- I who like it can turn its humble wage
son. More than that number have into success. Examples of this kind
r.lready been contracted. Onward, are numerous enough; of young men
right onward. who saved enough as farm hands to
o : I become renters, and succeeded so well
The people of Nebraska seem to be tnat they became owners of valuable
slow in wending their way to the farms and automobiles and other
Panama exposition. Generally sneak- luxuries. Perhaps the process entail-
- i
ing, most people have other uses for c1 somc drudgery, and yet it might
their surplus. I nt have been that if they liked their
Q; . work; and it must have suited them
There aro si ibnt m.-.nv will nnK pretty wen ii tney couiu succeed so
even this year, undertake to "See wc" Kn 13 amn ine m SZ 1
America First." If they can't go to I,ortant 3essons of life for farm hands
Europe they will stick around little or financie,s; that one doesn't do his
old New York. Is America so lug it
frightens them?
Unless you are close enough to your
friend who always gets in the lead
ior someining "soit, ioIIowiiil; a
1 .1 : . 4U r..i : T a t Tt- - a t
".auvi is iiit; xuiiiu iumv. ins is i:o
case from the highest to the lowest
office-holders, including governoi.
A Missouri paper offers a prize of
$1.85 for some plan for utilinzing the
little black studs that laundrymen put
into the collar button holes of shirts.
It would seem more desirable to give
prize to somc manufacturer who
would be content to put shirts on the
market without 185 pins stuck all
over them.
The State Journal should bother its
head more about republican can
didates for United States senator and
governor instead of worrying itself!
sick figuring out democratic candi
dates for these positions. The demo
crats are abundantly able to select
their. own candidates, without any as
sistance from the State Journal gang.
There are so many people who
would like to know just exactly what
a kilowatt is and who would like to
read their own electric light meters
that a tired editor has spent his odd
moments for many years figuring out
best work unless he likes the work.
and that liking one's work is in itself
a large portion of success, there being
so much of one kind and another to
be done in this somewhat industrious
sphere. One's life isn't entirely a suc
cess unless there is enjoyment in liv
ing it, and that can hardly be the
case if the day's work is distasteful.
:o :
Now is the time for Plattsmouth
citizens to "pull together" for Platts
mouth and see her go to the front
again this season.
Prosperity? The old girl is hitting
the high places in her eagerness to
envelop us in her golden arms. Money
is plenty in banks, and you can have
all you want if you can furnish the
- :o:
There are still a great number of
young men who feel it is not worth
while to stay at home and acquire a
farm when they can go to the city and
earn $9.00 a week and see all the pic
ture shows.
A large number of business men at
tended the Commercial club meeting
Thursday night, which denoted good
for the welfare of the city, and was
very encouraging to the new presi
dent, E. II. Wescott, who is always
alert to that which is best for Platts
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Journal predicts that Senator
Hitchcock's address before the High
school class in this city will 'prove
one of the finest orations ever de
livered in this city. Senator Hitch
cock is one of the linished scholars of
the west and his ability is not out
classed by anyone. The patrons of
the Plattsmouth public schools can I
confidently look forward to one of
the finest literary treats of a lifetime.
He is a man of the hour.
TIio Kind You Have Always Bonght, and -which has been
la use. lor over iJO years, has borno the signature of
ana lias been made under his per-
-A 1 eonai supervision-sineo its fiifancv.
Allow Jio one to deecivn von in iliis-
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-a-good tiro but
Experiments that trifle Avitli and endanger tlio health ot
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment,
7 ...
Castoria is a. harmless substitute for Castor Oil,
gorie. Drops and .Soothing Syrups. It is pleasai
The experiences of New York
bu?iness man in meeting the small
town retail trade in Nebraska, and his
conclusions at the end of a several
weeks stay in the state, form the sub
ject of a refreshing news story else
where in this paper.
There is nothing uncommon in the
visit of New York men here. They
come and go by the dozens, doubtless,
and nothing is said about them while
they are here, or by them when they
go away. But this particular man
came here to scoff at a trade condi
tion which he felt sure one of hi:
business associates knew notning
tbout anil lo, ne remained to pray
that conditions might always continue
to be as satisfactory as he found
them then.
The underwear salesman for such
ic was learned to his surprise that
this section of the country, particu-
arly Nebraska, is prosperous. He
saw here not the forerunner of pros
perity that is to be, but convincing
evidence of the wealth that IS.
He saw here not dreams of the
future, but realizations of the past-
fat bank rolls, happy and contented
people, and business conditions scanti
ly perturbed by the outside influences
that just now are proving stumbling
blocks in other state. He found
an. If:
contains iicitncr upturn, Jiorpiuno nor other !Narcotia
substance. Its a.o is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
nnd allays Fev rishness. For more than thirty years it
ll.'ll TwfM it) f'finsf :int. licit ftl Hm n.lSnf stf r
Flatulency, Wind Colic, all Tcethingr Troubles and.
riho Children
It regulates the Stomach and Dowels,
the Food, giving- healthy and natural Sleep,
en's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend,
Bears tlx; Signature of
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
1 k r.iTr,
Friday, May 21st, was the last day
of school at the Rock Kluffs school,
and in order to celebrate "he event in
the proper manner, a picnic was held
at the school house" by the pupils of
he school and their instructor, Miss
Violet Freese, to which the parents
and friends of the pupils were invited.
There was some 7-5 in attendance, it
was an all-day aiTair and one of the
most delightful picnics of the season.
Another way a farmer has of pre
venting his boys from leaving the farm
is to acquire enough adjacent land to
give them each an eighty when they
come of age. But it sometimes near
ly puts pa in the grave to do it
:o: .
There may be good trusts and bad
a scientific definition for a kilowatt trusts, and there may be good bosses
and it is here given to our readers so anci bad bosses, but some kind of
they may forever be informed on the bosses may be imperative. An army
subject. If you do not understand it without a boss is a mob. Now which
then you are too dense to learn any- js a g00(i boss, Barnes or Roosevelt?
way, and further time would be wast
ed on your education: First multiply
the current by the conscience of the
manager of your electric light plant;
divide by the meter on the wall and
add whatever you cannot multinlv.
1 ml -
The answer will come in dollars and
certs. Just divide those by the price
you pay per kilowatt and multiply
agiin to find out what a kilowatt is,
The morning hours were whiled away
here a territory ready to turn money very pleasantly with various games
into the channels of his business, he and amusements and preparing the
found merchants eager to buy-on Icnic dinner- At. th; noon hour aH
I (rnihprct, nifut. flip fpsfivp board.
highly satisfactory credit-ratings ,., , . , ,n.inn,t ih mv
the goods that he knows the public ,ood things to eat. and which was
t large docs not buy until a state of most thoroughly relished by all. Dur-
pronounced or plainly-evident pros-1 "l"l!UU" . .-F.. ...
.. I program, consisting of recitations,
rendered by the pupils. A number of
this state was to that New York man the older people also took part in this
and he told his story, in consequence, program, which was very much ap
preeiated by the pupils and instructor
of the school. Late in the afternoon
the pupils and their parents bade
good-bye to their instructor, Miss
Freese, and dispersed, feeling that
has left a lesson they had celebrated tne close oi scnooi
t,M lMrn it nnd 111 u ""i'i'J """'"'
with a sincerity and a punch that
should bolster up the courage of any
Nebraskan who happens to be headed
toward the Slough of Despond.
The easterner
with us. We
learn it well. Squints that outsiders
take at us are sometimes very pene
trating, but their observations after
wards are generally so gratifying
that we cannot only stand for busi
ness dissection, but actually welcome
it for the good that it will do us
T. W. Vallery was among those go
ing to Omaha this morning, where he
was called to look after some mat
ters of business for the day.
Henry Horn departed yesterday
morning on the early Burlington train
for Lincoln, where he will look after
some matters of business for a short
Adam Kaffenberger of near Cedar
Creek was in the city Saturday for a
few hours looking after some mat
ters of business with the merchants.
Elmer Lohnes and two sister,
Misses Louise and Carrie, came down
from their home near Cedar Creek to-
If a New Yorker can believe such ,jav to viit for a few hours.
things about Nebraska as are told in
ihe news story, what Nebraskan dares
dispute? What Nebraskan is not
thankful that he is a Nebraskan?
Stand up for Nebraska it will do you j
good, besides helping you. World-Herald.
A number of social alTairs have
been planned for Miss Maurinc F.
LehnofT, whose marriage to E. Lynne
Kilprore takes place June 2.
On Saturday afternoon Miss Mary
Chase and Miss Goldie Vawter enter
tained for Miss LenhofT and Miss
Henrietta Frintz, another June bride.
Tuesday evening Mrs. H. G. Powell
will give a dinner for Miss Lehnhoff
and Mr. Kilgorc.
Mrs R. A. Dodge entertains for the
bridesmaids attending Miss Lehnhoff
and Miss Printz on Thursday.
Next Saturday afternoon Miss
Madeline Metz, one of the brides
maids at the Kilgore-LehnhofT wed
ding, entertains for Miss lehnhoff.
On Monday, May 31, Miss Flodell
lliggins, Miss Pearl Higgins and Miss
Maude Pierce entertain at a bun-''
galow kitchen apron shower for Miss
Lehnhoff at the home of the Misses
Higgins. Omaha News.
'Miss Lehnhoff, the bride-to-be, is a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Lehnhoff, formerly of this city, and
a granddaughter of Mrs. F. I). Lehn
hoff, one of the old residents here.
Words Don't Describe Glacier
National Park!
Good words for Plattsmouth arc
very common nowadays. Traveling
men who come here once or twice a
year speak in glowing terms of the
prosperity of the town and the many
improvements being made in our fair
city. '
. :o:
When you meet a man who doesn't
something you can feel, but can't see. smoke, swear or flirt, you have to ad-
It is something you pay for according mire him, but you don't have to marry
to what someone tells you, who don't him until you have discovered what
know any more than you do, and worse habits he has in place of these,"
proves it by the meter that runs by J remarks Helen Rowland. Perhaps it's
guess and by thunder and is attached backbiting.
to the wall by the hired man with ma- . :o:
chiiic grease on his noso. Yon knnw I tk "cr.f trmdnate" and the
ust how many kilowatts you've had, brown boy athlete are much in evi
u s;. .what they cost apiece, but you e'ence in this mommunity this, week.
don't know what they are, what they The days arc crowded with events in
look like, who made them, or what which both are taking active part. It
shape they are. Now you know. Edi- is the happiest moments of their lives
son could do no more. if thev onlv knew it.
Whooping Cough.
"When my daughter had whooping
cough she coughed so hard at one time
that she had hemorrhage of the lungs.
If your tour the Pacific Coast this summer, this is your chance to
visit Glacier National Park, on the Great Northern Railway, and if you
I was terribly alarmed about her con- are planning a vacation in me ivucivy muunimua juu w. ucvtri m.uw
dition. Seeing Chamberlain's (Jougn tneir magmiicence until you iiavu spent iwu ui uncc uas iu uidtirt,
Remedy so highly recommended, I got this region is the. indescrible climax of the grandeur of the Rockies,
her a bottle and it relieved the cough eTC you penetrate into localities of mountain lakes and forests; you see
at once. Before she had finished two soupces of cascades and waterfalls from melting glaciers; ycu zig-
!,0 well' za- over mountain shoulders along finely built goverement trails that
Crodtsville, Ohio Obtainable every- yield to the beholder from viewpoints one or two miles high, such a
wliCre. scenic and bizarre prospeciives, fciiiuruuiiiy uunyuiis uuu iiiuuinuiii siucs
of multicolored walls, broad expanses of weird topography in countless
Two Very Pleasant Dances. " hmes that word-painting or any kind of painting seems cheap and futile.
, 1 rr! r : n nr.ffoilir slolirltitfnl vapatlnn rrtinn w!l h tnriftarn tirttela
c.ji.tIjv- (.vMinc saw another busy mis is iiiuccuairaui.ii u.m.. - ""
nieht for the lovers of dancing in this and fascinating, chalets, trout streams, horseback trails, a fifty inilegav-
city, with two social dances on the ernment automobile road that takes you right into the very heart of this
bills at the German Home and the K. . , , .. t erichantment.
Tours one to five days. Everything moderate in
S. Hall, and both of the gatherings
were well patronizod. At the German
Home the Svoboda orchestra furnish
ed their usual pleasing brand of
music, and at the K. S. hall the Bo
hemian brass, band was the music
makers of th occar-iors. The jolly
crowd at both places were well pleas
ed with the evening's enjoyment.
price and everybody attentiva to your comfort and en
tertainment. Send for printed matter, beautifully
illustrated, study it and decide if you can plan a liner
vacation trip.
R. W CLEMENT, Ticket Agent.
L. W. WAKELLR, General Passenger Agent,
1004 Faraam Street, OMAHA, Neb.