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    THURSDAY. MAY 20, 1913.
1 rairty
1 M 2
1 "
A Comedy of Youtti Founded by Ir. Manners on His
Great Play of the Same Title Illustration
! From Photographs of the Play
Copyrljht. 1913, by Dodd. Mead Company
Peg and the Chichester Family.
,E(J finally weakened tinder Mr.
Uawkes' jwwers of persuasion.
Patting Michael on the head,
she said to the foot'.nau:
Ye wou"t hurt him. wi I ye?"
Michael at that stage licked h-r hand
and whined, a 3 though he knew they
were to be separated. Peg comforted
him and went on: "An' I'd be much
obliged to ye if ye'd give him some
wather an a bone. lie loves mutton
Pes looked down and found Alaric
sitting at a desk near the door stariu?
at her in disgust.
lie was such a funny looking little
feilow to I 'eg that she cou!d not feel
aiyr resentment toward him. His sleek,
well brushed hair; his carefully creas
ed and admirably cut clothe?, his sell
sufficiency and. above all. his absolute
assurance that whatever he did was
riht amused Peg immensely. He was
an entirely new type of young man to
her, and she was interested. Fhe
smiled at him now in a friendly way
and said: "Ye must know Mk-haol Is
simply crazy about mutton, tie loves
Alaric turned indignantly awiy from
"Come here:" called Mrs. Chichester.
: Teg walked over to her. and when
she got almost beside the old lady she
turned to have another glimpse at
Alaric and gave him a little, chuckling,
good natured laugh.
"Look at me!" commanded Mrs. Chi
chester sternly.
"Yes, ma'am," replied Peg. with a
little courtesy. Mrs. Chichester closed
her eyes for a moment. What was tt
be done with this barbarian? Why
should this affliction be thrust upon
her? Then she thought of the thou
sand pounds a year. She opened her
eyes and looked severely at Peg.
"Don't call me "ina'amr " she said.
"No. ma'am." replied Peg nervously,
then instantly corrected herself. "No.
ant: No, aEt!"
"Aunt." said Mrs. Chichester haush
tJIy. "Aunt, not ant."
Alaric commented to Ethel:
"Ant! Like some little crawly in
rez heard him. looked at Iiini ami.
laughed. He certainly was odd. Then
she looked at Ethel, then at Mr
Hawkes, then all around the room, a.'
it she missed some one. Finally sht
faced Mrs. Chichester again.
-Are you me Uncle Nat's wiJdy?"
"No. I am not." contradicted the clt
lady sharply.
"Then how are you me aunt?" de
mnnded Peg.
"I am your mother's sister," replie
Mrs. Chichester.
"Oh.'" cried Peg. "Then your name:
Monica ?"
"It is."
"What do ye think of that?" saic
Teg under her breath. She surrepti
tiously opened out the miniature ant
looked at it: then she scrutii ized he
aunt. She shook her head.
"Ye don't look a bit like me ioo
mother did."
"What have you there?" asked Mrs?
"Me poor mother's picture." replieu
Peg softly.
"Let me see It." and Mrs. ChiHiestor
held out her hand for it. Peg showed
It to Mrs. Chichester, all tii-? while
keeping a jealous hold on the corner of
the frame. No one would ever take it
away from her. The old lady looked
at It Intently. Finally she said:
"She had changed very mcch since
I last saw her and in one year."
"Sorrow an poverty did that. Aunt
Monica." and the tears sprang unbid
den into Teg's eyes.
"Aunt will be quite sufficient. Put
it away, and Mrs. Chichester releasee
the miniature.
"Sit down." directed the old lady.
I eg sprawled into a chair with a
great sigh of relief.
"Thank ye. ant aunt." sl:e said.
Then she looked at them all alternate
ly and laughed heartily:
"Sure I had no idea in the wurrld I
had such fine relations, although, of
course, my father often said to me
'Now, Teg. he would say. nw. Teg
ye've got some grind folks on yei
mother's side' "
"Folks: Keally Ethel . cned Alaric
"Yes, that's whrt he said grand
folks on me mother's side."
Mrs. Chichester silenced Peg.
That will do. Don't sprawl in thai;
way. Sit up. Try to remember where) aeavor xo upset it an was most cuS
you are. Look at your cousin." and turbing. He went on again:
the mother Indicated Ethel. Peg sal! 'Your au,lt wi:l il ercrytluns in her
no d,n.niT hi.,1 Im.kPd nt ItfUl Snf ! Iwer to make you feel at home.
chuckled to herself as she turned back!
to Mrs. Chichester:
"Is she me cousin?"
"Sh i" r-nlicd tho inoMinr.
"A nil T nm trwV'.-'irt A laric Tons-
in Alaric"
P?g looked him all over and lanzhed'
openly. Final! r sh- asked Mrs. Chi-i
Chester the following amazing que-!
"Where's her husband?"
Ethel sprang to her feet She "was
to be disgraced before her family by
that beggar brat.
Mrs. Chichester said in astonishment,
'Her husband?"
"Yes." replied Peg insistently. "I
saw her husband when I came in here
first. I've been in this room before,
ye know. I came in through those
windows, an I saw her an her hus
bawd. She was"
"What in heaven's name does she
mean?" cried Alaric.
Peg persisted. "I tell ye It was sh
sent me to the kitchen she an' him."
"Him? Who in the world does she
mean?" from Alaric.
"To whom does she refer, Ethel?"
from Mrs Chichester.
"Mr. Brent" said Ethel with ad
mirable self control. She was on thin
ic-e. but she must keep calm.
Mrs. Chichester looked relieved.
Peg went on:
"Sure, she thought 1 -was a servant
looltin for n place. . fin" ' Mr. Uawke?
told me not to say a word until h
came an 1 didn't say a word."
Mr. Hawkes now broke in: "My
time is short. Miss O'Conneil. it was
your uncle's wish that you should
make your home here with Mrs. Chi
Chester. She will give you every possi
ble advantage to make you a happy,
well cared for. charming young lady."
Peg laughed.
"Lady? Me? Sure now"
"You must do everytliing she tells
you. Try to please her in all things.
On the first day of every month I will
The Butler Took Michael; Peg Askee
Him Not to Hurt the Dog.
call and find out what progress you'rt
making'. And now I must take mj
leave." He picked up his hat and cant
from the table.
Peg sprang up breathlessly and
frightenedly. Now that Mr. Hawkes
was going she felt deserted. He hac
at least been gentle and considerate t(
her. She tugged at his sleeve anc
looked straight up into his face witt
ber big blue eyes wide open anc"
"Plaze, sir, take me with ye an
send me back to New York. I'd rathe:
go home. Indade I would. I don'
want to be a lady. 1 want me father
riaze take me with ye."
"Oh, come, come" Mr. Hawke3 be
"T vant to go back to rv? father
Indade I do." Her eyes filled with
tears, "no mightn't like me to stay
here now that me uncle's dead."
"Why, it was your uncle's last wish
that you should come here. Your fa
ther will be delighted at jour good
fortuua." He gently pressed her back
Into the chair and smiled pleasantly
and reassuringly down at her.
Just when he had negotiated every-
i""J' V
v - 'ou't J"0"- Mrs- Chichester?"
Miverytuing. saia iirs. unicnesier.
as if she were walking over her own
looke.1 at her aunt ruefully (ber
expression was most forbidding); at
Ethel's expressive buck; lastly at
Aiaric fitting a cigarette into a gold
Dmrnted holder. Her whole nature
cried out against them. She made one
V"! U
V 3"
I H t y 4
last appeal to Sir. IlawHes:
"Do send mc back to me father!"
"Nonsense, iny dear Miss O'Connell.
Tou would riot disappoint your father
In that way, would you? Wait for a
month. I'll call on the 1st. and 1 ex
pect to hear only the most charmm".
things about you. Now, goodby." And
he took her hand.
Fhe looked up wistfully at him.
Goodby. sir. An' thank ye Tery
much for bom so laud to me.
nawkes bowed to Mrs. Chichester
and Ethel and went to the door.
"Have a cab?" asked Alaric.
"No; thank you." replied the law
yer. "1 have no luggage. Like the
Walk. Good day." And Peg's only
friend in England passed out and left
her to face this terrible English fami
ly alone.
"Y'our name is Margaret." sai l Mrs.
Chichester as the door closed on Mr.
"No, ma'am." Peg began, but imme
diately corrected herself: "no. aunt 1
beg your pardou no. aunt my name
ts Fesr!" cried she earnestly.
'That is only a corruption. We will
call you Margaret," insisted Mrs. Chi
Chester, dismissing the subject once
and for all.
But Peg was not to be turned so
lightly aside. She stuck to her point.
"I wouldn't know myself as Mar
garet indade I wouldn't. 1 niivrht for
get to answer to the name of Mar
garet." She stopped her pleading tunc
and said determinedly, "My name is
Peg." Then a little softer and more
plaintively she added: "Me father al
ways calls me Peg. It would put me
in mind of me father if you'd let me
be called Peg. aunt." She ended her
plea with a little yearning cry.
"Kindly leave your father out of the
conversation." snapped the old lady se
verely. "Then it's all I will lave him out
of."' cried Peg. springing tip an 1 con
fronting the stately lady of the house.
Mrs. Chichester regarded her in as
tonishmcnt and anger.
"No temper, if you please." and she
motioned I 'eg t' resume her sciir.
Poor Peg sat down, breathing hard,
her fingers locking and unlocking, her
stanch little heart aching for the o:.e
human being she was told not to re
fer to.
This house was not going to hold he:
a prisoner if her father's name was to
be slighted or ignored. On that point
she was determined. Back to America
she would go if her father's name was
ver insulted before her.
Mrs. Chichester's voice broke the si
"You must take my daughter a
your model in all things."
Peg looked at Ethel, and all h. r an
ger vanished temioraii!y. The idea t
taking that young lady as a inotlel ap
pealed to hor as being irrei-til:.v
amusing. She smiled broadly at Ethel.
Mrs. Chichester went on:
"Everything my daughter does you
must try to imitate. You could not
have a better example. Mold yourself
from hor."
"Imitate her. is it?" asked Peg inno
cently, with a twinkle In her eye an:l
the suggestion of impishness hi her
"So far as lies iu your power." rep-lied
Mrs. Chichester.
A picture of Ethel struggling in
Brent's arms suddenly flashed across
Peg. and before she coull restrain lier
pelf she had said in exact imitation of
her cousin:
'Tlease don't! It is so hot this morn
ln'!" Then Teg laughed loudly to Ethel's
horror and Sirs. Chichester's disgust.
"now dare you!" cried her aunt.
Peg looked at her a moment; all the
mirth died away.
"Mustn't I laugh in this house?" she
"You have a great deal to learn.
Your education wiH begin tomorrow."
"Sure, that will be foine," and she
.'(To Be Continued.)
For Sale.
One extra fine milk cow, and two
past yearling Galloway steers. In
quire of Oldhams, or telephone 1GG.
For Sale.
Good Durham Shorthorn bull, 2
years old. Inquire of J. J. Lchnes.
Mynard, Neb. 4-2t)-4wks-w
FOR SALE Fawn and White Indian
Runner duck eggs, white egg strain,
$1.00 per 13, $5.00 per 100. Inquire
of A. O. Ramge, Route 1, Platts
mouth, Neb. 4-5-tf-wkly
Blank books of all kinds at the
Journal office.
fire You Using Fores!
Rose Flour?
r ,yys5-.; 5--T -. 1
If Mot, Try a Sack Today
Every Sack Guaranteed
lien. O. r. Mason will speak in this
town Saturday evening: next, on the
, public questions of the dav.
Louisville is improving1 rapidly.
Three new stores are umkr way, an;l
will be finished and occupied before
(now flies.
The veritable "Old Crock-leg Cal.
Stewart," from the mouth of Weep
irg Water, was in town Saturday,
taking hash at tha Saurulors House.
Work on the machine shop ground.1
is progressirg rapidly. Trie company
i arc now delivering stone for the foun
dations, which were commenced o
T. M. P.ohbitt of Tipton precinct
brought a sample each of large yel
low, white and calico corn and
!arr.7le-; of sweet corn and popcorn,
not injured. lie says the crop is
J. M. Br?ntner was thrown from
! a horse last Wednesday and had two
! ribs broken. Or. Tuesday he was si'r-
I fering severely and it was thought
i:e termination might be fatal.
Our old friend. Frank Stadtcr, !v:s
settle.1, down to business r.gain. A
fact we discovered lv a short visiK to
his sttniio :n Mr. Ftadelmann's build
ing. He will tell you
it next
Mr. Gyirer says he is painting a row
Luiher-.-n church, about three r'dos
pcuth of Louisville, on the Eight Miie
Grove and Greenwood road. He also
says it will be ready for dedication
te first Sunday
September, ar d
11 German friends are cord:a"v
invited to be present, on that occasion,
c u t t h i r t e e n - y ea r-o! d
iris, but
il'.'ir.p.e !e;;ts us ml. onugntcr, 1
; old, i? a good musician, hr.s
ri.a'.le ?w.e very line hair work be-'
sides, all of which can be seen and
heard by caiiin
"OysU-r Mouse.
on Eon at die old
II. McElv.ahi is the man, happy -happy
is no name for he smiles aii
over, clear down to his hoots. It har
reiiel one day last vtvok, the 20t!i.
Mrs. M. is happy, too, and who would
not be with a pietty new ("entenr.irl
daughter in the hou.-e, to make music
all the happy Christmas time?
In Memoriam. Robert Wiiburu,
who died at his rcsidenc-e January 1.
l.;T7. from paralysis of th.2 brain and
heart, was one of Cass county's most
reliable and venerable citizens. He
was born in Kentucky on the 11th of
August, lr'15. He was taken from
there at an early age to Sangamon
county, Illinois, and settled near
whe:e Springfield now stands, in the
year 1S18. lie was a friend and inti
mate acquaintance of the venerable
Peter Cartwright; also a neighbor an j
associate of the long-io-be-remember-cd
Abraham Lincoln, p?-esident of the
U. S. He accumulated a handsome
estate there, and in the year 1?T2 he
disposed or his property there and
moved to Nebraska on account pf id
healih in his family, which he hoped
to improve by a change of climate,
r.nd settled in Cass county, near
Greenwood. lie was a man of the
most honest principles, eminent piety
pnd sterling integrity. He carried his
religion into' practice in every-day
life; was a faithful friend, a loving
husband and venerable father. He was
formerly a member of the Baptist
church, hut finding ro church of his
choice near enough so that he coull
attend regularly, he attached himself
to the Christian church at Greenwood.
He was stricken down on Thursday.
December 2Sth, about 3 o'clock p. m..
and after three days of patient suf
fering without a murmur or sight of
discontent, he passed peacefully away
just as the sun arose on the first day
of January'. 1S77, to receive his happy
New Year's greeting by the blessed
angels in the home of the blest. His
funeral sermon was preached on Tues
day, January 2, by Rev. J. Henry
White of the I'aptist church, Wahoo.
Neb., from Job 11:15-17. The grief
stricken family have the sympathies
of all who know them, while ihe com
munity and church realize that they
have lost a useful and exem
plary Christian.
Wedding stationery ct the Journal
I.-i'l.--! A. i y-nr Sn-;-. Ui I r A
S-'Si IUim " I11 PKii'.vV'
v i...,.. ie.ifi t ;:a i.iue j i ..i. vi
I C. t-n... .;.. i'TI ;,".! f : T"T
-.-rar I .r r. r Ik-it, s.-ifc-s?, A :-.r"n ri I-
M rs.
nathan Wise was attacked
a day
cr two fines with pneumonia
and is seriousyl and dangerously ill.
Mrs. Caroline Lambert, an old lady
over 100 years old, was burned to
death in Omaha Monday last.
J. Chase, esq., of Weeping Water
has leased a .-hare of the mill former
ly run by Messrs. Hubbard and
Tewksbury, and will run it with Mr.
Hubhard. They will undoubtedly
make a strong team and give satis
faction to their patrons.
Married at the residence of John
Gilmore. in Mt. Pleasant precinct,
Ca s county, Nebraska, on the Kith
in-d., by A. N. Sullivan, justice of the
peace, Mr. A. P. Cox to Mary E. Gil
more. The Hon. Joseph Gilmore, merrber
elect to the next legislature, and one
of the first members ever initiated in
Ma-oiiic lodge A. V. A. M., in,
! gven miles, to the annual election of
i officers Fridi
y night, and had the
pleasure of being1 ready to help the
boys put out the fire if that old
chimney had busted. Mr. Gilmore is
one of our staunch men, staunch
I every way, and will weigh with anv
; man of the next house, we bet.
j Mr. Abbott, lately proprietor of the
j Saunders House, gave the Masonic
fraternitv a very handsome supper on
j St. John's night. We believe every-
j one was satisfied, and moreover, we
I are all satisfied that Mr. Abbott has:
! made one of the best landlords the
j hotel has had lately, and the citir.en
are sorry to see him leave, though not
! doubt:ng that Mr. Gregory, the new
j incumbent, will fill the bill and become
j equally popular ard enterprising. This
is a tardy notice to both gentlemen,
but the absence of the editor must be
our excuse.
M. L. White, esq., of Omaha is in
tiwii today; he is connected with a
cr.rrpariy who start in a .-hort time for
! tne ,i:
;. They will lake along
all the machinery for working up the
c-re and separating the valuable min
erals contained in it. We just listen
ed io a description of the company,
the manner and nature for which it
was formed, as we were goinr to
press, and would give our readers a
moic extended notice of it if we had
ihe time; suffice to say they evidently
noun business, and go prepared to
ir.ake it win.
The fi ien J.: and neighbors of Hen.
Joe" Gilmore gave him a reception on
Wednesday evening. A merry crowd
gathered there. Somebody had bought
all the oysters in town, and such an
onslaught on bivalves was never
known before. I'y the kindness of E
Parmele, the Herald was spirited over
there, and all we have to say is, that
when in the course of human events it necessary for Joe Gilmore's
fiicnds to give him another oystc
rv.ppcr, we hope the Herald will be
en hand. So does E. Parmcle, only
v. e don't want to have to hold him
af;ain, to prevent him going back in
the morning to get some more.
Sun and Wind Bring Out Ugly Spots
How to Remove Easily.
Here's a chance, Miss Frccklc-face,
to trj- a remedy for freckles with the
guarantee of a reliable tlealer that it
will not cost you a penny unless it re
moves the freckle?; while if it docs
rive j'ou a clear complexion the ex
pense is trifling.
Simply got an ounce of othine
double strength from any druggist
ar.d a few applications should ihow
you how easy it is to rid yourself of
the homely freckles and get a beauti
ful cor.ynlexion. Rarely is more than
one ounce needed for th3 worst case.
Ee sure to ask the druggist for the
double strength othine, as this is the
prescription ;;old under guarantee of
money back if it fails to remove
Now Open
And Ready for You.
and Sec Us.
Bring the Babies
j ., ,n,,nn Mil"
fcH I EB I.HiNO IN tl 0 N D tl H'iPlD.
One of the pleasant social events
cf the spring season was held yester
day at the home of I.I rs. F. G. Egen
herger on Vine street, when she enter
tained a number cf friends in honor
of Mrs. Virginia McPaniel Allen, of
Lo.i Angeles, California, who is here
visiting for a short time with her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McDaniel.
The ladies had come prepared to en
joy a most pleasant time and th?ir
expectations were most happily
realized, as the occasion was one ihtt
will be most pleasantly remembered.
The plying of the busy needle served
to amuse a portion of the jolly party,
while others passed the hours in the
enjoyment of high five, as vol' as
social conversation, which served to
pass the time most pleasantly. At an
appropriate hour a very tempting
three-course luncheon was served by
the hostess, assisted by Miss
Guthmann. which added very much tc
the enjoyment of the occasion, and
nt a late hour the guests departed,
feeding that they had been most royal
ly entertained.
When baby suffers with eczema or
some itching .'kin trouble, use Doan's
Ointmert. A little of it goes a long
way and it is safe for children. oOf
a box at all stores.
County of Cass, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of Alice
M. Tague, Deceased.
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that there
has been filed in this court rc-poit of
the administrator of said estate, to
gether with his petition for f;n:.l set
tlement thereof and his discharge as
such administrator.
You are further notified that a
hearing will be had thereon before
this court at Plattsmouth. in said
crur.ty, on the 1st day of June. I'.'!-"",
r.t itn V.o-S: a. rn., a' which time
this court will receive evidence in said
matter and enter a final decreein ac
cordance therewith, and discharge the
All objections, if any, must be filed
with said court on or before said day
and hour cf hearing.
Witness my hand and the scab of
the County Court of said County this
20th ciav of May,
County Judge.
in- iM't";'1"
. l ' . i .:
!f i-v "s:
i : . .
hif.i V' tin,
j. I i IU ills.
. ! l. !:
.ill".", it. .'11..
1 Cf.-Tl."!.1 C.t
."!.-. -i.'i M iia.l tl "
." i
l.i 1 1 i . ! I V I
Mr' "
s . T ; . T i . 1
A 'A'', Ihf
t ; i
. j.- ; ...1 ltl' I'-'l-.'- I'rt jlil
,!,.(iiv(.,: ii!-;!ii S. Tliomt.
I.. . i-a it. TI i;r-'"i. bis
urkii-'Wli ben c.'i t Ov s ..1
i I-; !
i ' .!;iMin. oi i-i m i. .
k:icv:i Iu irs i.inl i.--.-.- t i.r.i
I '. i I . ; y-. o .-"':i - ! : . nn:i A. T.iwttM-ril
ati.l . ill' .1 II. T'V.-nsiinl, ln-r t. n s na lei".
I : i' ii.iU:i"';i i ir--; ;'nt .! v i.--i-s nl
Ann:; A. Toviisi-in'. : i-as. il: ' lin
1. 1 1 n !.::-s ? twl .l- ii'ei-i nf l-IOmini'i
. I"T..-ic:i. (iiH-i : ;::. t '. !.".i-'-'"
.nd '. '.-:rani i.t : r, l.-r i.nsli::rd: KM"!. iitei ".Irs. Sni:!', ..11. 1 ;s
v.-ili-'. ! rst !.ir. imki.oi-. n. .In' it T.
l:ii.-'-:!fi". :i:.'l .io'inn.' I li-ro i-tta ii.n'st--rt-r.
tii- i! ( :'i'ic.!ii n is.
1 oa i'lii! i-ai-'l "f 'ii iili- 1 1-!- " il'iti-
ft.-ii t'lHt t:-. !:i i ;-,t il'-. I:ft- ainiei !
i-.ii :ii'.ri a u. ius I " in ' b- MI.-iim'
I'lmrl nt' '! nH1. .ra - K.i . !!'
tin- .iirrmi of iui-l itijr tln-'f t'l'.- in f--sitni'N-
in nv.A to tl'f f I'iow i tt-r !.os:!it
cil iral estate 5.-.v:t : J"; a t io i :i ! 1 .Is .....
1 . vo, : 1. a it.; in t i S :".. , oft !
SV."', of S'-.-tion is. To-., nsl ip U1, ir "tli
of Ki.i.u.- Jl Last of ll- tli i'. M ..
in'-r liior.' i .a it i i-n )r vl y l"" i i - 1 is '!
. 'inini-ii-i!r at t !: yim: !ii-if-"t
ciirntT !' ti..- S'A'1, of tl.o SW, of
S.-i-ti-'ii J n. To v.-1 . s ' i ' 'i 1 J. Tin' ' h "!
IJjuiU- 1 i I'.i'st of t !; 1'. y... ftMl
renninu" tl'-iuv nnrili of ai'l St!i S--o-
t ion i ir.e ::!: I'.-.'t tn t i pin i !' 0- -
uiniiint;. tl-i rii - iii!i:'!!i4" n ntli 4 1 '. U '.
not- -:ii-i to It. i- woi. iino of ,i1li ill t!,o t':y of I i;. 1 1 --Lion. ! . C'ii-s
Cm tit v. N.-l.r.isk:i. ti. tut- t'.Hv. it!u v st lino of Sixtn Si i-o.-t c?nl U.1!
Iimrs AM'tiif fn n .o-n i. il v i i i -on i n
; a i.oim in mi.l v. o-l ill..- of io!":!!--
Ivi'iiii.' out- !:.;:-. to tin- ina'c oi l-.-u iti-
iiin-. tiioni ;- i . i t i t'l-o rl.- oo of I'. -'1
!i ii : MiA. fmx am! i i - ! o'i ! n i." said fra1
l ; . . .j m l lo: l'. :o, M and !'": and
aNo i-Oii:!ii''n.-ili'" i't lie soutl.oa t orir-:i.-T-
.f tlf S" i of tlioSW"'. of Soot ion
!-. T ts!ii; : I.'an ; - ! I of t (;
ftli i". M . riinTMiei ; I :n o nor: 'i '"' f" t
to tiie til.1''1'- of !';: at: i t: 'I. lli'io-" ivn
i . ; n - ,-t I'll f.-'-t. llrnio t. rn til -
foei. Hi. oast r" !'-it. tfi'oo MM.ii.
na1. foi't to il:- jd.-i.-i- of bi c i n .'. . n1'. t'diic
Un ' n as fiao'.ioiial 'a'-, ill lio S " 1 .
of ti.o SWu of .-aid Siilio-i To,, t, .
!.:. 1".' i.orili Kan-. It. Knst f !!
fitli' IV M. -n I'ii. County. X- I'l.idin.
;'tol ai.-o 1 rat t ioii.-i I lot J in ti:.- .-' ;.,
f tl..' SVC:, of Si.-tion 1 'n. To a-iisli i .
12, mirth of Kano il Ca-t of tli" ".t i
! '. M., in Cass Coi.tilv. .". a-ka luinr
inert' pa i t in' la r". y .l.-n-.-ri ,.c .1 a-- f.i!
i.uvs: I'limmoirin:: at l!-'- riort t- ,-sl
fi.rv. r of ti.o Si:', 'of t' f- S Y '-. of said
-i-.-ti-m IS. Tinini:i 1.. ri-'!l!i Knoaf
1 t Kt. run ni us; t;iuo f.-mtl: i:; ti
rods to C o i !n . of .-tfinriiti!?, t'li-ncf
1'Vt 1.; tods, ! :-!)CO S'lin! J1J fi.-t to
lot It'., tlioti.- w.-st 1" rods. iti-!iOf
noi t !i 11- It. 'I to iio T1."-' o it .-o if-
-:''i'-, iit inrv k now n f -::? io m'
rs ! to f.iiTi-cr !.! -:!i - ii an-l ia or
,-iri f cliiimiti1,' any riu'-t, tii!'-,
l.i itn, Ixn or inHn-st !n aj,d to t i i
il ii.iv. ti" -e-fl re I e.-i; . i o, a n'l to 1 '-
nve ! taiti clouds f rotr. j.isctifs
i;o in and t- ;-aid :! 'slut'- and for
'n:.italdt I't-Tu-f. V'ni and o;o ". of
i. : . if.;;; ir.-d to atir-vr .-,a id ii'-il.oi; on
or ln-foro tl.- :'t da- of .li'r.n A. Ii.,
1 't. and fn faiiiair :' to flo nur d.--"ii'ilt
I"- iuly fi'.. ted I'l' t. :n and
.i i : d -; rn n t taken a..-; louyc-J fur in
:da ii.titi"a i-ttiti'Mi.
J ' 'S I : I'l ! SiC T.. K nnd
Py A. T.. Tl.'iii. l'!i.ilitir..
'J'l.eir Attorney. -i-w
r.'otiee is hetel y nivn that the Key
Kt'iiin i'i p.' t'ompanv w .as 01, Ire lust
d:i v of J.t. iv. 1'.."., inco.'t.ora t'd for the
purpose cf i".y n it :f m ei -.1 r 1 .11.' sv.l s'll
irr. terriorit ropes and aii oii er 1 f m.'nt
produeis of fi'i'v kinu ar.d the nia
rhiriery whereby the same ate molded
and made; also the euie vt restricted
t "rrit 'rii- of tin- rig'Ms to in:mtt
I'.ictnre s'i'h pri.chi'-ls a'l.i art., i.-s mi-.l.-r
t'.. 1 niti'l Slate-: i'at.iM- eivn-.l
7.:n! ('.' 1 j! !. l 1.- ::! 1 ) ri v. in
:at.-s "i !! V,.it.'i .-!.'- .f
T. iir:i. with its j.ri :i-! pa I "ilice nt
I'r.i'm. XSr ;isk:i. T!,. .invoint "f
..iMtuI st.i k l.i inir f 1 ci. .1.1.. Mil t-.iliv
.ai'l i;; v- 1 j , -1 1 is:-:i'-.t miii i; . . ri - a - s. -;ihli
Ha i.i i-nriiorii l i.-n 1 "i in-M"
l.nyirn-: on l ; c l'.lii i;iv f M.v.
:it:'i -.!. 1 1 r i 1 . a:. lit th" l.'.f'i ;.; v "f Mn,
1 Jil. etiP.-i-s s j j i : j- ; ( ,1 ! .. !.!-
tiu'i in" nw 'T :v rs. nt i t .-I... k
li.I.ifs. l.i-;'t i'.':i" .nit ..f
jnili'i-'.'i.rn-1-" or I i;; ! 1 i y O" v. ! i. ti
t 'if i ii ji'! a t : -ei is ;'t it.iy :i:ri tn 1 ; t .
:-( t itsi lf v!::il! n"! ev. ! Iv.n-il.i .l-1
i.f '.. ; 1 u; liipittil H.K-!.. Tl.i-"'i-.r.s
of sr id -:-i t '.. : ; t..
. -: T: I : I . -" . - 1 l.y :i it-cr1 it' I 1 1 i .-" "f
;,,,t P-ss tl iin Ihri-i' 1 1 Jin.'., i . n !,..,
- tn.!-1 oiiii-rs. :i will t' I1.
t.v -I;i . i i till ltf 1 ".:: i- 1 i.' ! 'i !"! t .rs
!:;:! .-If. t a 1 'i I. nt. I'r.-.-l-ili-nt,
Stci 't if i v and Ti i -a.- .1 ! 'i-: . siii-l :i
t it re-v." I Ma in, ::i-r. at I'lii-ni. Ncliraka. Mh
lit: v of Ma v, 1 " 1 'i.
Att".-f :
JOHN McCAItTHV, SV t t;: - v.
(S-iill 1 I v. KS
i Tin: iiiTHKT
roi ict '!' is
on i . m:iu k
Tl a
l:.-irik of Cass c'o-.nitv.
nt v.
UTii.-im II. S. i.nfi-r and tl-o liiiknown
.f.i:-- iiini i! vis-is or Will. S.-liat--i,
do. t;i - i-d ; ;! 'i'hr,., km.ii i..n
and tit" u ti k no w n In i i s and i i i
of .ii.M-J.!i 'i'i, I o.-kl: . .a t on. . i -(-. i sim I :
t1 o unknown I.. r ar.d .1 i.- i of
Anna I ; . t ! . d..;is..di IMmml S k -1..-..
Ii: Ciiu'i-in- W...-ki.i..-li: .).. I'll
". . kliHi !:. Ai.-n.-y W.-, ii an-l Ma
thilda Ca-ti!io. ct. al..
I ..-f.-re ants.
Vim and i-aoii of o.t at o 1.. n In noti
:i". t.:;it tno J.lainti:" hi.s i .n: in.-n ( d
n in Iim:i .--l an-isl mi in tl..- l:.-trit
Court : t'n ivmti-, No I -.o-k.i. for
. nir: i f 'Mii.'tii--; its id;.- in !'
-itn'. It- in ;'tnl to lots fi iitid six "
a rul i in l.!-k t "i :i : -one -' i in tin-
I'itV of I'll! I t s 111" 11 t !l. C;i-s Cm-ill, :'-
iiska. pm-i tint -nt of sii.l luM
ii. 'ii ; ,.-d ! WhsI ii'Ul.iii At nm' in
-ao Ciiv. And to f iio.'i' t-n .on on
and i :u I- of on 1 i him iii , 1 1. i ii is anv
!;-' ht. till", claim or inn or inti lost in
and to t! a! oyi- i i ln-.l nil .s'at.'
;inl to t.-n'oiv't' -i tt.iin i.oi..s fioni
niictit i-T's titlf in a lid to said rial -s-tiit..
and tor 1 1: i t ii i n-Mof And on
and tin t of ,.ii ;;if l ; 1. 1 1 ol t" an-w.-r
s.-.iil o. iition on or .. ;..i.- II .- l'1.-i il.-n1
f .1 ii no A. ! .. 1 ! 1 and in fa 1 1 :i i- I
.In o.ii.r dtl:i-i!t will dnlv In- l-liliTi-.l
tk.iiin ;i t:d '.i nd irtii.-t t taiv.ii ;is ptue..l
: ..! i n j l.-i int i I s ti.-t it ion.
ilv A. 1. Tlld'i. J'ii.intifr.
Jl's l Loi'tiey. 4-w
cimii.ii cot: m:uiN4i
Iu tin- ( oitiit! Court of I am I nuiity
. -liriitkn.
: n ti.o matter of the estate of JVrry
I'. ilui-S. ill I'l'ilSHl:
Now "ii this "iila day of April. IM.',
--ijn, ii!,,,- i ,as. and tiles a .i I it imi in
i lay court i.iit-iiit; tiat i'.tr J. Ca-s.
!-it" a i c- id'-n t ;inl i r, !i.i I t a : t of i':is
'..nil'-. Nt'l.t-iis-kti. d- pat t.-d t-iis I. ft-,
i at t v; ., . (n Jul .- l.ii. ltoi'i. j.t his
; on..- i:. Iio- it v "f I !;, t : no oi 1 1-. si i i-d
and --..-.-i-d if tie lee ;n'de titl"
ti I.;s oi..' ill ain't tvin i m Li... I-;
furl vi' it.", i in Yi'ii'i1-' v li.ivi-:1 : i I -d.',
to I ; a t t - rn oi : t Ii. N-i I'-kii. "f tin
;,l.:e of aluoit final p, wl.icll v as tlif
orri.'St "iitl "1 said tleeiitsed. whieli at
; e da'.e of !.:s deatii. and is nmf
, bi.'l .' i-M Hii'l fi oni i.ttii. xo-
-'it i't or i-i! . r iii"S':i j. !.-.- uml not
!.;'.!, Io f-'i- tl:.' p;i.lll'!it of d. ht- ol said
.i-i .-a s.-l. lmt that tl.i-if nil" no del. is
iett ow ili li- sai 1 , lei eased, and 1 hilt
-aid li'eeased loll i. r i v 1 1 1 -" I.itii. ;is h in
sine iiii'l onlt heiis :.t I:ih . iitid tin'
itilv !" r.soi:s inl.-i esied in said i-.-tiilr,
lvin 1".. Class, ii son. arid (ilie .lass, u
l;n:':.t"r. letli of whom iit dale of II.
'o ;ili. ol" Mini ili'ci'iii'nt w t te 'note than
j 1 l iti s- id tii:.-, ami I'liiviin for h
..Jiritiu on sa :.l petition, aiel tlait njion
si. cli !.;. vir-j: that an eider I." entered
.! is pen l n i: with a ltivalar a d in i n isi ra -ii"li
ef ;.,id estate. Jilid lor tilidinirs of
fait upon the ii ". leiia t ions nt ii ni pe
tition Mill a deer,-,., a si j ., i p. ir aid e..l
estate to the loirs at law if saot de-i-e:o
' d lis i.r.. i. i.-.l l.v taw.
i r is -ri 1 1 :i: i : i . ii : i-: i : 1 i :i; i:i .
-aid 'il.l.-e lie lit aid l.v th" conit oti the
. Itn da- of Mm-, l'.il". iif In an nil k
m.. at tho Co-.nity Court room, in the
CI t v of 1 1ia 1 1 sri-ni t h. Ca-s cu::'y. Nil --askii,
and thai ail p' -r.-oiis" ii toiesto.l
ill s-ajil .-stale, i v l in! i i n- iil-.t; , ,f
a ii . I noli!:ed of stien fn-iirin l.y th.t
pn h i ie;i t ion ol" this ordor lor t roe suc
cessive weeks i-ri.-r to said .lay of
'! f-ariliij in tin- I 'ia t tstio 1 1 p a
I "trill hot. spa pee. p: hii-hi.l in snid
County of C;iss, and that if they fail
to iiiij.rfr and enlist said pet tion. tho
i-i"i:t iiiiiv enter the decree as prayed
for in said petition.
Date: April Sot.'i, IPtr..
I!v tie Court.
ALLEN .1. i:i:i:siN',
ii r 1 I County J udgt.,
iiiiiX M. LltYTiA.
Aii'iiK-v for I '.-t it iotir r.
is thi: roi rv t in iit op tiii:
cm mi r M.iiittMvt,
In the mutter of the estate of Jol.u
i"i t ii;m t ri. k, fii-ee.'i so.i :
Mi'lK 1-
A!l persons interested In the est alt
of Ji in I '! ! . ; .a I r i( k. lste of i'n ? c uni
ty .'e .1 ii s kiu lieteii.ed, will herein1
t.ik. t.otii" that on tne "jstli dav of
Aprii. A. !. ltiir.. Ai.nst :. Il.i, I:,
made i pp! i.-a t ion to the Conn's- Comt
lo prohi'te tl " lat will and ti'.-l;i:ii' t,i
f s.-:i,( ,l"!,t, -,t zj.ii 1 1 h k. d. ."-;si and
tor i -IO rs testalui titaty to issi,.- to said
ii:ri!vt cl. J'.ac!!. Heatiri": on sai l pe
tition wi!' he had otl tho JJlld linv of
Miiv, l.M.'.. ;it 10:00 '. lock a. m. I'n
less oi.j'i lions or ij'-i'i't inns to s ; i t
peti'ion are hied on or In for" fid 1iiii"
of hiarin r, an nrd' f will he etitered
11 in j.iiowiim f I u. 1 ;i '-r of s;iid pe
tition, nnd leceiin; aid will to .io
hi! t e.
Cited this 1'itli .lav of April, A. I .,
Itil.".. P.v th" Cult.
A LI I 'N I. I IK! Si N'
1 1; .'. ! Con til y J miiii'.
to to w Hon them: I'iiii:ms
'I Mll .:
Notice is l'i-ri !y pdven T)o
I .arid Company, a i-ir;.'ii:iilnii with its
pl.-ce !'o- t ra loin I i 1 1 ln,sif,ess l-eittir at
I la 1 1 sinoni h. Pass Coutity, Ni-htiiska.
"itii ii lapitnl sio.k of one liui'iri-.l
thousand 1 $ 1 at). inn) 1 d-dlius. all f
which has keen paid in. entntm rie. il
I'lisiiirss (in the itli day i f .M itit,, A. I'.
P.. 11, ' o i'i"ihiiiii. lor t im til '.' vt a is, with
t'o- highest amount of i toh hi i-il m tieint let mo.-e JlKiti .me-hn f
of tl'f ar ft-Uil 1 f of its eiip'tal Mmk,
ml the 11 fi ail i-i of said copulation m ,
eoinl ii.-t e. ),y a , until of .1 i reel ors, eom
posed of not less than live 01- mme
than seven memiiers .111 the Jiiih tif
.Mil teli. A. !.. pil.'i, it innetiii.d its nti
filial iittii l.-s of iii.orp. . r;it ion hy 111
liitlm in Ihe nature ol the ImsitiosK
10 he t ra nsact el. the htivinv. .siilmu-
itid li-rtsipi; of real estate for rainti
oil-poses, liirmiiiy: and nil oilier intr-'oi-'s.
ai.d further uriietnl.d hy irrant
n:r in sai.l lorpotation the riuht i'
rit tiMt.'t I'.isitiess 111 the sfntc of Mi ¬
ni, Ti:is. 1 ikl:i iioiitiV, in.noiK. M jrli -
iuan. iM in neso: . Wisconsin Jowii :iiit
rkatisas. in .': oil i t i on to the Mates i'i
.cl.i.'i said Company was l.v its oiiirj-
ftal aiti.!"s authorized to tra 11 fact bu.
ines.s. Chill ies C Par tn.-le, Pi esitlen t.
C. -. Jiuwhs, Sft i Pla ry.
n it 1:
OP l'l'l l( um
i.iit oh 1. 11 i:si-.
1 OK
?'oiUe i. ! "M'hy pivcti I !C! iifr.A.i
inter, sled 51 nd to the pnhlie thai i
'.i.f.der.-iii iieii. .Martin A. II". er. has fii.d
.is petition arid P.pp! i'-a t ion In the otfte
i tne city clerk of ti.o City f Platm
nou;h. County of Cuss-, end State of
Vehraska, si si required hy law, Fiuneil
l.v the refiuired tiuinh.r .if resident
.'ree-hrdd T! eif the city, neltina
'orth that the HppUoatit is a tn;i:i of
-aspect a Pie haraeier and stand, nt; ami
i. residi nt of the Slate of Nt hraKa nit. I
c:i ' i r: ; P. at h lit-en.-e nut y be Ismio l.
i e siiid J.tiM'tiri A. I '.ever for th.t Sal,, of
matt, spirituo is nnd inous litiuorn for
the period of one year from the fiat
of the bearing of nalcl aiiidiratton in
a hi: i hi in-r sittiited on lots eh veu and
twelve ill and l.'l. in tdock twenf
S"ven. (271. in tht First ward r.f 1 ha
said City of PJattsmouth, Nehfaska.
iUAi:riN a. i - VKi:
Alay 6, X915. Apiiiicais.