The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 20, 1915, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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    THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1913.
Our Prices Will Suit You
Thejuality Wjll Suit You
v.; I'
$20,000 worth of Diamonds
at our disposal and at 2Q V
below cost to reduce overstocking.
We carry a complete stock of Standard Made Watches, Highest
Quality Jewelry and Silverware. Remember, anything you desire,
that is rot in stock, we can sw-ure tor you on extremely short no
tire and in generous selection.
Mina Taylor House Dresses!
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GbUNER. SixthandlMain
ase Bali and
Bicyles and
High Qualify Goods Guaranteed!
Gasoline and Lubricating Oils Wholesale and Retail.
Light Draft
Main Frame riveted, rigid and enduring.
Platform all steel, riveted, with extr reinforcement.
Binder Deck all steel, Everlastingly good.
All wearing parts of Knotter specially hardened and finished.
Outside Reel Support on all sizes.
1 leavier canvass with concave slats to prevent catching straws
Roller Bearings with self-aligning bearing boxes.
Three packers and three Discharge arms.
Iarge Drive and Grain Wheel with extra wide tires.
In s!:ort, a strong substantial, durable binder of exceptionally
light draft.
K i
Plattsmouth, Neb.
ll is not necessary to have your house
clresces made at home any more. The
modern factory now makes them of the
best grade material. They do not
skimp. The cloth used in Mina Taylor
Hcuse Dresses is bought only after
careful tests have been made to insure
the strength of the fabrics and the fast
ness of the colors. You will find these
dresses to launder perfectly, and to re
tain their shape and good appearance
indefinitely after repeated washings.
This cut shows style 34108. Made
of good grade Amoskeag Gingham in
all the leading colors. We consider this
one of the very best values ever offered
the trade at such a moderate price
$1.00 Each
St. y-c
Tennis Goods
Cycle Co.
Reported Excellent by Members of
i Legislature at Home.
Linco'n, May 20. Reports asked for
by 1-alior Commissioner Coffey f 10:11
different co mties of the state to ascer-
' tain the crop conditions are beginning
j to come in. Members of ihe legislature
j send them in. as follows:
I Hall county, small grain conditions
are about the same as last year.
From P.eemer. in Cuming county,
wheat is reported as 10 per cent hot
ter than last year, with plenty of help
for harvest work.
From Amherst, in Buffalo county,
the wheat acreage is reported 10 per
cent greater than last year, with 30
per cent better prospects. The east
ern part of Buffalo wi.l need some har
vest help.
From Gothenburg, in Dawson coun
ty, wheit prospects are said to be r.O
per cent better than last year and
there will be use for a large inimher
of harvest hands.
" From Valparaiso, in Saunders coun
ty, the wheat prospects reported are
about like last year. A few extra har
vest hands will be needed.
From Geneva. Fillmore county, the
wheat crop, it is said, will rim about
five bushels to the v re better t! an it
did in 1Ji14 and there will have to be
some outside help to gather in the
for commander
Veterans Urge Move to Get Na
tional Encampment at Omaha.
Minden. Neb . May 20. A milHon
dol"ar rain did not dampen the ardor
of the TuO delegates and visitors who
are attending the thirty-ninth annual
encampment of the department of Ne
braska. Grand Army of the Republic.
Delegates passed resolutions calling
on Omaha to make an effort to secure
the national encampment.
For department commander, George
C. Humphrey of I.yon post. No. 11.
Grand Island, is making an energetic
Four towns are in the field for the
next encampment. Hastings, l.exing
ton. York and Aurora.
One of the features of the encamp
ment is the interest and enthus'asm
shown by the Grand Army for the
Sons of Veterans, and resolutions
have leen presented looking for n
much closer amalgamation of the two
Dr. Case Is Appointed Secretary to
Succeed Dr. Wilson.
IJnco'.n, May 20. The state board
of health, composed of Governor More
head, Attorney General -Reed and
State Superintendent Thomas, decided
to dispense with the services of -Dr.
VV. H. Wilson, secretary of the board
for the last seven jears. Dr. J. 1).
Case of Dorchester was appointed in
his plac e.
The State Association of Medical
men, according to custom, recommend
ed three physicians for the place, the
board to select one of the three. The
men recommended were Dr. W. H.
Wilson, the present incumbent; Dr. 12.
N. Leake and Dr. Case. The new ap
lointee is an allopath.
The board parsed a resolution call
ing for the enforcement of the law of
1913 relative to the abolition of the
public drinking cup. The resolution
calls for the thorough wasliing of
glasses at soda fountains after their
use by a customer. Institutions
which do rot strictly live up to the
law will be prosecuted.
Suit to Enjoin Holding of Election to
Vote on Merger.
Omaha. May 20. The threatened at
tack by South Omaha and Dundee in
terests on annexation was started in
the district court. It took the form of
an injunction suit against the election
commissioner, to prevent the holding
of the election called by Governor
Morehead lor -Tune 1, at which the vot
ers are to pass upon the annexation,
as piovided by the law passed by the
last legislature.
W. L. Selby of Dundee is the osten
sible plaintiff. Advocates of annea
tion asserted that South Omaha office
holders are in rea'ity the persons re
sponsible for the bringing of the suit
Alleged unconstitutionality of the
annexation law and of the law passed
in 1913, creating the office of election
eommissioner. is the basis of the suit.
Italy Soon In Market For Horsss.
Grand Island. Neb.. May 20. Infor
mation received by horse buyers and
agents o several governments here
indicated that Italy will -be a heavy
buyer. Orders are said to have been
received for tested and inspected an
imals for such consignment. In the
meantime the recent reported order
of 80,000 mules to be bought through
out the central west, assembled here
and consigned to European points, is
apparently being filled, as shipments
are made just as soon as a carload cr
several carloads are on hand.
Child Dies From Her Burns.
Minden, Neb., May 20. U. H Chris
tensen's two year o'd daughter a? i
dentally tipped some boiling hot w iter
over herself and died from her Injuries.
Bids Public !o Observe Day Fol
lowing Memorial Sunday.
Banker Adams Appeals From Court
Judgment Stockmen to Attend San
itary Board Meet State Will Ering
Suit to Enforce Tax Payments.
Lincoln. May 2o. Governor More
liead designated Monday. May Si, to
be observed as Memorial day, as May
2n is Sunday. The proclamation is as
loi lows:
"Xo day in the y ar has been more
generally observed than Decoration
and Memorial day. This ear May J
falls on Sunday, ar.d by reason there
of Monday, the ::ist, will be the legal
holiday. Some localities intend to ob
tere Sunday, the Ut'th. for religious
exercise and lor Decoration 'lay ser
vices. "It seems more fitting this year than
ever that the day be universally ol
Fcrved. The flowers that fall on the
graves of our dec-eased soldiers and
friends will seem like a baptism of
peace on the soil of our native land
And our national songs should
brtathe with a fervency of spirit, go
Lis out in anthems of praise to Al
mithty God for the conditions of peace
and good will that prevail in the
hearts of our countrymen. Our flag
means more to us than ever before.
It floats, untroubled, in the breeze and
really speaks to the world, spying,
'My peace give 1 unto you.' The eyes
of all appear to be resting on our ban
ner, it be the rallying point to
which the vexed and f re ted kingdoms
of the world may come and find pea' o "
School Land Assessments.
The state board of fd rational Jands
end funds met in the oTice of Land
Commissioner Deekman and decided
to use the same rules as lias been
used in the last year in assessing
school lands. Regarding the increased
appraisement of several tracts of land
in Cedar county, where the county
hoard had raised the appraisement
from $i3,;S7 to $fcs K'7. and where
Iand Commissioner Her-kman had in
ve::tigated the matter and reported in
favor of a cut of "Z per cent 011 the
appraisement of the county board, the
state hoard adopted 1 he report of the
land commissioner.
Hall to Have Aeroplanes Repaired.
Adjutant General Hall has ordered
the Fremont signal corps to forward
their aeroplane to Lincoln in ovder
that the machine may be thoroughly
overhauled and put in trim for a.ia
tion work. Me has secured the ser
vices of Aviator Shaffer of Alvo. who
formerly was a student of Lincoln
Beat by, to look over the mac hine Mr.
Staffer has a machine of his own.
which is up-to-date in every particular,
which he has placed at the service of
the Nebraska guard and the Fremont
machine will be equipped likewise.
Adams Appeals From Court Judgment.
C. E Adams, former presiden'. of
the defunct First National bank of Su
peiior, which failed a year ago, has
filed an appeal in the supreme court
against a judgment secured in the dis
trict court of Adams count by V. A.
Cole, receiver of the har.k. for $17.
."2.70, alleged to be due the hank
from Mr. Adams as its president, need
ed to square up the accounts of the
hank, which failed through the unlaw
fill manipulations of the cashier.
Orchard Company Selects Its Officers
The Ixess Land company, an orcan
ization of the leading orchardists of
the state, held its first annual meet
ing in Uncoln. The reports of its of
ficers showed the purchase of a num
ber of tracts of eastern Nebraska land
for commercial orchards. Officers
elected are: Peter Youngers, presi
dent; G. A. Marshall, vi-e president;
W. H. Mellor. secretary; A. M. Shu
bert, secretary, and Val Keyser, gen
eral manager.
To Force Tax Payments,
Two remittances from counties to
the state treasurer were received,
among others, which assists consider
ably in the cause of keeping up the
payment of warrants. Polk county
sent in a draft for $12,137. and Cedar
county sent in another for $1 7.700.
Thirty counties have rot reported,
among them being Douglas. Attorney
General Reed is preparing to begin
suit against all delinquent counties
which do not report shortly.
Stockmen to Attend Meet.
The state live stork sanitary hoard
has seeted E. Z. Russell of Renson.
A- E. Graff of Rancroft and John Dal
ton of Uncoln as a committee to it
tend a meeting of live stock sanitary
boards, comprising nine western
states, which will meet in Kansas
City soon to consider sanitary regula
tions in the west. The meeting was
to have been held Thursday, but has
been postponed to some future date.
Wants 2 Cent Phone Cal:s For Chicago
Chicago. May 20 Two-cent te'e
phone c al's are sought by Chicago's
Socialist alderman, as a result of pro
ceedings to forfeit to the city the au
toinatic telephone system.
Rain Checks Hessian Fly.
Kansas City. May 20. A heavy, gen
eral rain in Kansas has checked the
ravages of the Hessian fly and cincb
iVlZt " z- lev I
Marie Dressier and Mabel Uormand
Zln case of inclement weather this excellent picture will be
shown in the Gem Theatre.
Have you
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