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MONDAY. MAY 3. 1915.
XZbc plattsmoutb 'journal
Published Semi-Weekly et Plettemouth, Nebr.'J at xhv 1otoffl.v at IMtttsmouth. Nchrvka. &s second -class mall matter.
R . A. BATES, Publisher
Bubeorlptlon Prices SB 1 . 5 O Per Yeer In Adveno
4 ,
i What interest have the retail mer-
THOUGHT l'OR TODAY. chv, jn hct(p . ncwsrapors ? Ar,t
; ' -s much as the newspaper men them
' reives.
i The newspaper men of Nebraska
We ric by the things that are
Tinker our feet.
I Ry what we have masterei
J. good or gain.
I ' the pride dosposed and the
passion slain.
Ami thv vaooui-hod ills that we
hourly meet.
Riehan! Vat son Ci'dor.
, I were m eonven ion in Omaha rceer.i-
j ly. One of the first things urged on
j them was the reeesity of improving
I their papers, not only mechanically,
' hut in editorial interest.
A pood now? paper is a retailor'.;
I ! host helper in Virmmg trade. There
is " 'Ttion about that.
;o: j There are some newspapers so poo.
The Rarnes-Roosovolt suit is pet- j tniit crcha it could use them to
ting hot.
Coo.) crop prosocv. s
p- i cs lower.
:o :
following a recent
munities and when they ho!.! the con
fidence of their readers, iiicy oiTo th :
l est and the cheapest advertising mi -dium
possible. There are many cases,
we admit, where merchants ha.c yet
to he convinced of that fa?t. h"i there
are also many cases where it is up J.o
the newspapers to improve first.
Here's hoping for the time when all
Nebraska newspapers deserve more
patronage and pet it. Omaha Trade
! Kxhihit.
Piattsmouth's building boom is on
ag; :n.
Remember Mothers' Day Sunday,
Mav 7.
Who will he "Queen of May" this
:o :-
One week only till Mothers' Day,
as all will remember.
d wheat
nan l.',"i arro-ts were m:u:e
!:t;vry. Those .Tap'- sure ;irt' becom
ing civilised.
A balmy da .
Tho-c flannels !T;
At; easy way
To start r. ooff.
:o :
K is rot r: to show propc re
gard when vou read thru another
pood advantage. There are some mot
chants so poor in ideas and methods,
so ipnorant of the right use of ad-
j vertisine, that they could not use
I the best newspaper possible in their
community to any real advantage.
f01-' hoti a pool newspaper happens
I i ti a town where there is one or more
' p"t1 merchants who know the right
or two Mexicans have beer
ku'V.i ofT in battle.
I . a spooeh at Indianapolis. Sec
ret :.ry RcT'cld said that "thi.- v;i
p'i (imc fv ea'amity howler:-! Well,
h b riirht about it.
m :
The American people Veen';,- de-
j te-c of publicity, then we have a corn-'
! bin.-. t ion that builds success for ih-? !
! newspaper, the merchantile buines .:
; and a No helps every other legitimate
interest of the town.
TetfiVrs are decidedly interested
. in having better newspapers. Wo cm: j
: take i;p the iTnprovement of tho j
(papers row. becnie that is a rinc j
started by President Bminerd of b- I
' i
! Press Asocat; -r . j
The editors were urpe.i not only to j
pive the people of their eommunil i 1 j
v.he.t they want to read, snch nv-1 1" -!
as will help the neon'e and heln ih
j town, hrl they were urped to turn one j
papers better printed, with a hotter j
When a person refers to war as
hell, the devil pets ripht upon his hind
leps and objects to the comparison.
There are a pood many fine theories
about how to kill dandelions, but
prrefice that kills them is what
cou r.ts.
The tidy-up mania hasn't taken sei i-
ous nonj on tne nusmoss section oi
the city yet. About time for propress
to be reported.
The Chieapo preacher who sent ten
rev commandments to Jess Willard,
may have overlooked the fact that
th" champion is married, and prob
ably obeys a pood many more than
Althouph T. R. hasn't said so him
self for publication, there are numer
ous indication that he is drifting back
to the republican party, whore he used
A pood excuse is just as pood as ; io i c po happy and so popular. One
anyihinp else if vou make it stick. Treason why the colonel will come back
;p J if lie hasn't is that he is a gregarious
Alay flowers have been brought animal, and that he isn't going to
forlh very plentifully bv April show- make standing at Armageddon his
ers. i ii tc work ii no has to stand alone.
wh-h he might if he lingered much
loiigcr among the bull moose haunts.
One by one his lieutenants are drift
ing back to the republican reserva
tion. Senator Poindexter being among
the late arrivals, and while the col
onel isn't adverse to a solo part, he
wai'ls an audience in proportion to
j the number of first personal p-o-
man doesn't i noiois. he uses, which is quite a crowd,
all that he Therefore there are plenty of shrus
Honesty is the best policy, not even
to be forgotten in the matter of deeds
of trust.
TM- one way to increase land values
is for the land owner to patronize his
home merchant.
:o :
The wise newspaper
print all that he sees.
o,- mot-e than haf that he
The local merchants must get in
closer touch with the farmers if they
would knv-k out the mail order
houses. The way to do this is to in
augurate a system of sales davs, and
keep them up during the season.
There is not a merchant in Platts
mruth bt:l who has goods that could
be put or, sale at cost prices, and the
merchant be better off at their clear
ance. There's wisdom in it. Mcr-
; chants in other towns are rioinp it.
ird why not Plattsmouth?
Dr. Wiley says "women may be
kissed on the cheek without serious
results." Kxcept to complexion,
The war in Europe is making more
widows and orphans each day, but the
increase in babies goes on just the
Ii is possible for a young man to j know where i
win the admiral ion, of the po:ni!:ioc,
eT!i if he doesn't turn up his trous
ers far enouc'l; to show fifteen inches
of stock inc.
of the colonel's comeback, even if it
is!,"( a cinch, and if he hasn't arrived
in the republican camp, he will un
doubtedly be there later on; probably
in time for the next convention as
sembled for the purpose of selecting
presidential limber. One must slant
at the future and resort to guess
work to learn what a sort of recep
tion he will receive at the hands of
the nartv which made him what he
today, or thereabout-
Of course
Thoro are numerous indications that
business is improving. Indeed, they
are so numerous that ly next year a J his return more graceful bv hinting
the republican pa'ty is anxious to
its wanderimr bov fo
ment, and that he is wandering home,
for votes, and ever, oratory are im
po?tant in the tabulated returns, but
we doubt that there will be much, of a
cel.-! ration, or anything dolne in the
fa. t ted calf liie. Perhaps the ooonel
understands this, and hopes to make
.c W
l.. t
Tot Infants ftnd Children.
C?&SSThe Kind You Have
AS c?rlaK- Ct.s
Ibg the SifytacJts findfjnvc?sa:
- & !
:gC ;
t v-
n?ss an 1 Rct.ContaLns nciiirr
Opiirni.Morphinc nor Mineral, j
ot Narcotic.
f "tt Srrtf
tK&Frrenyi. tt.
1 i ,-n , Soui- Stomach Dlarrhm
ncss ana Less or Sleep.
TatSiprb Sinamrc of
1VS rrxT.'.t-R Compa-st;
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
-al.--mity howler may have trouble
llnding la.w material to work on.
;n :
A eiti?en of Plattsmouth says he
discovered th-ee or four varieties of
weeds coming up in his lawn, so he
ban it spade.; and rcsoddod. and he
j nov has eleven varieties.
plo:e the horrors of war a"d incident- n-,nke-up ami more attractive appear-!
ally buy the rapidly ri-inc stocks of J1"rv ,n every way. j E ;s frequently asserted, and son-e-
th ammunition companies, ,' To accomplish such improvement j times by the soldiers themselves, that
. :o: j Tr"T-y the papers need a better sup- i is the worst sufferer from
1: i- time to quit trvinp to dc- PAr'- You say, if they were better "-ar; poets and painters have .'epic i
te'-mi-e v.ho started. the war in : cy wouh! gel a better support from 'her suspense and heartache, the grief
Europe nr.; devote some energv to he merchants, and probably that is j and anpnish of her lot when war's e
t' someone who can end, it. .true, nut v rule the burden of th? j toi. i-- spread upon an erstwhile har
;o: .
that he might stand for Klihu Root as
a president ean.ii late. Pi was
Ehhu. you will Tecali. who was chief
engineer of the steam roller which
ran. over the colonel's orostrao boom
j at the Chicaco corvcnt'Vn. an.i it
j ';r.l- e an hutnble and a contrite heart
or. the part of T. R. to see him
:-0 (Tun eft nt eett un tier the hXJj",
Fxrct Copy of Wrapper.
w ft tTuit ce,tv. wrw toww crrr
A hot time in both Omaha and Lit:
coin tomorrow. City election.
:" :
p-csidont ial possibility.
The largest well in the world ha- J j,ck hurn
just been completed in the Chieapo j v.-;(v foi a
sto k yards. Ii is l,t'-2: feet deep and ..-elf-
.'initiative lies with the owner of the : h
Eor her war lack
the her:-e
PlaM cmoi;t h motorists comr!;
of r;,-per. nevertheless the mereh.nis i nardshins to deeds of darine. Fc- ho-
-1 they get from other cars on ! ?oro immociate responsibnitie. J comes not the das-, and clash of vh
T-ad? Kxhihit does not urge mr-1 charge, nor thrill of victory, nor pros-
mday trips, but 1hev c.-v
wa w pet even by denos;ing some of
t e.-i r e'vr
the road.
dust on the h
wits a-o;
eh"ifs to advertise in their home ' pect of proud return, to the heart of
papr-rs just to heln the pape-s. That ; a nation well served. So many soldiers
n on a par with the urging of home ; realize none of these thincrs but d-'o
:r: just because you have a ! sordidly kil'ed bv long-range runs ai
The liberty hell i not to go through i bus-ness in the home town. You j g-at distances, but at least there is
P'ntmwh, hut it is feared that the : s-r' ''1 advertise in your home papers ,he thrill which comes with hope for
x posit ; peon'e will rot be aide to : heer-uc it is goo 1 business, and not j such achievements, and a man's death
Ranker Hill monument trar1--- i unless it is good business.
if that is to be the finish. But for '
has a flow of more lhan 3 OnOiii) p;:l-lon--
a day. It took two years to sink
the well.
Probably the Plattsmouth Commer
cial club will derive some pointers
from the Murray Commercial club fo
energy and get-up-and-do work. Evi
dently the business men down there
art live wires.
Tf he comes
y, that may be the best
concerned, including; him-
il will be expertinc too much to
him in that condition, vcrv lo?ig
The lawnmowor is a pretty
si;bst itute for the snow shovel.
I;ome-g?own t ni wherries will soon
be en the market in abundance.
; o ;
Don't believe more than half vou
he;,, and if it is from Mexico dortit"0 to please
believe any of it.
I Dope fiends are having a touph
time of it under the new drug law. A
splendid time to leave off on that
thing is before you begin don't you
-:o :-
The Peoria (111.) Journal says that
once on a time a newspaper editor
ran his paper to please everybody, but
that he was deported. The editor who
everybody is a
:o :
! time.
th th
The most beautiful flower
fn-st eror
a ! ! a
oer look;
almost ready to
eror. in C county
like easy money.
:r :
Turkey continues to wonder what is
the matter with ho-. Did she ever
consider abolishing the harem?
Cuba has forbidden any more prize
The country wou'd he aide to get
r.'o"t.' oven if the when) crop should
fV! inuoou 00,1 bushel- short. Rut it
would go hard if the vearlv sunnlv
ported so we can view it along with i There are some papers in Nehral-a, ' woman there remains but the gr::v
the liberty bell. j many of them, that do not pet the 1 monotony of waiting and weeping and
to: advertising f-om their local 1 r- w ! vork. The work mav bo roalK- .
houses that they deserve, and in t ha- ; solace, but it is still drudgery from
1 oih the papers and the merchants , which women should be spared; the
1 r-i-,1 - t lo-rs. mere are m other tow;,- toilsome work of tilling and harvest -
merchants who would like to use I ing that the millions of marching me;
of :n,lM.ftfW base ball- should not he j U'cir home papers more if they felt ! may not go hungry, no,- the worn-,
chrysanthemum, vhich is worn on i fights. Guess the pugs will have to
J:oncrs Day in honor of the one who buv an island in the South seas.
is iovod most dearly. Don't forget
her whether dead or alive. She was
and is your truest friend.
No wonder there are anarchists in
delivered on time.
they could get their money's wrth. :.nd children left behind perish fo
X- ...... I '
.xevspapers ami retailers ha"c m- lack of food. The children, of course,
intimates that he forest so much in common that it ' must be raised, for 1trr mav oomo
f oems they should consider eaeh
R-1K- Sunday
munt go to hngtand if Kmp Ceorc-e
pl-ads for his coming. And. if the j other's welfare more than they do. It
kin feels that way about it, he ; :s hiu as discouraging for a news
m'u.hi get considerable help in his paper man who knows he is pelting
pleadings from this country. out a good paper an.l who know;; he
:o: has a goo, advertising medium to fail
President WiN-on scorns to retain ' to get the business from his local mer
hi . popularity with the masses, not-j charts as it is frra merchant who
v ;ifetanding the d-awhacks in his ; "T.nts in advertise, who knows the
c.binet. They do not seem to be injalue of local newspaper advertising,
h'vo with this or that member, hut j but has no real medium to use.
they all have a good wo-d for Wovl-
Tow Wilson, and believe in his good
h one si.
Earmers and townspeople all over
the land are rapHly -s'dopi ing the new'
policy of using writing paper and en- ' paper, but that i the first and the
There are published in Nebraska
many s'ore papers, and in some in
5 farces (not all) they are used by
merchants because they feel they can
not get the sen-ice they require from
the regular newspapers. There arc
other reasons for having a store
ve'opes with their rt:-.mes and ad
d res sos neatly printer) thereon. It
study has many advantages. It pre
vents the numerous errors in spoiling
of names, insures correctness of ad
dre. s, and guarantees the prompt re
turn of vour letter in hc n-pnt nf
most common. There ae many live
advertisers in Xcraskj v.h- would
not think of using a st-ic pape: be
cause they know they ran get better
and cheaper service from their l-cal
When ne-spapers are real new?.
r.on -delivery. It is a pood thing and ! papers in every itense of th? word,
has come to stay and grow. j v. hen they really represent their corn-
other wars in which they, grown tali
shall go forth to kill others who r.-x
children now-. What a mockery' this
war game makes of our boasted
civilization. To the women who want
no war, it must seem infinitely worsj
fhan to the men who make war pos
sible by doing the fighting; who even
make it necessary by their litt'o
hatreds and jealousies and political
bickerings. But such crops as th?
women of Europe have sown in tears
may he reaped amid rejoicing, if only
the war will end by harvest. If that
may he, of course it will he a rejoic
ing mixed with sorrow at the thought
of that other harvest reaped across a
far-flung front from Ypres to the
Dardanelles; of the mothers' sons whvj.
went away so bravely to return no
more. But the women did not start
it and shall not end it. A man's
game, is war, and its business is to
inflict suffering and horror and waste,.
Man also must end it when the war
lords are glutted with gore, and mio
side or the other has lost the decision
in an argument.
the world. At Independence. Ky., a
mule kicked Robert Wolton, and then
WrltoTi kicked the mule, and was ar
rested for cruelty to animals. Resides,
a mule is not an animal. A mule is
a varmint.
;n :
The government is after the farm-,
ers and opera singers for income
taxes. The only people who appear
A good, mar.y men's ido;
a living is going down to business
and spending an hour reading how
thc lost "0.00 on the stock market
the day befo-e.
-n :
A circus in New York is advertis
ing a spineless woman among the
other attractions, but spineless men
arc so common that a spineless wom
an shouldn't be such a helva show. i
:o :
The oldest and most efficient wom
en's club that has ever been known
is the "rolling-pin."
;,i ; ,
Teddy wants to come hack. There's
ro rr. for all in the fold, even those
who fly off the handle occasionally.
;(t ;
Abe Lincoln once said: ''IOt none
falter who thinks he is right." And
he also remarked; "Come what will,
1 v ill keep my faith with friend and
Some merchants hate to advertise,
for if they did they might get rid of
their old stock and have the bother
and expense of putting in something
The country is smiling with pros
perity as a result of the federal re
serve bank act. and as the system
grows older the smile will grow intf)
a laugh, and the people will go high
er and higher in their praise of Wood
row Wilson, one president who has
the courage of his convictions.
Although each Nebraska congress
man is sending out 2S.000 packages of
garden seeds, many of the recipients
thereof will ungratefully and
tre?dmous!y decline to vote for
those beneficient statesmen.
It takes countless numbers of swats
to make even the least impression on
the billions of flies that infest the
country. There's a better way. One
can annihilate trillions of flies with
one swat if one goes at it rightly. If
there is a female fly enjoying the
spring in vour kitchen or attic or
basement she is due to hatch out six
or more hatches of eggs, over one
hundred eggs at a time, if she lives,
and all her youngsters are the most
prolific creatures on the map. A fly
expert has figured it out that from a
single female fly trillions of the dread
d typhoid flies may claim descent in
one season, provided, of course, that
all the young flies grow up. Ry swat
ting Mrs. Ely now j-ou save yourself
the trouble of killing her descendants
this summer.
Huerfa says what Mexico needs arc
a dictator and a noose, and he is go
to be immune on the "income tax" ing back to seek control. He had bet-
pre-position are the preachers, school
teachers, editors and other "profes
sional mendicants."
The foxy, fick'e, flirty females get
mort of the gaudy jewelry, tempting
gengaws and big bouquets, but the
old-fashioned girls who can sing a
sweet lullaby with washing machine
accompaniment and manufacture non
dum biscuits get all of the mistletoe,
rice showers and bridal tours, and
don't you forget to remember that.
The newspapers are having a lot of
fun with Billy Sunday, since they
caught him stealing one of Rob Iug r
soll's addresses. He said in explana
tion of his theft that he had never
tor stay away from Mexico, or he may
be the first one caught in the noose.
Aside from the fact that Teddy
oal'od Barnes the Lincoln of the re
publican party on Eebruary .1'J, 1014,
nothing has come out in. the libel suit
to which careful readers of the news
papers did not know before.
:o :
The decision of the urirc-mc court
of Oklahoma that a man has a right
to call off a bet on a horse race while
the race is in progress will do mote
to stamp out race-track gambling
than the former governor accomp
lished in calling out the militia.
:o :
"Nineteen Wooden Indians" i.. what
Travel Inducements
the Near Future
read a line of Ingersol!, hut the j Senator Quinby calls some of his co-
papers now prove that he once said j laborers in the state sen-ate. Senator
years ago, that it was his good for
tune to have read the bible before he
read Ingersoll's works. On two dif
ferent occasions b5 boosted of rrad-
ti i - . : : 4,. u r , i
iac", vraves, v no is shiu i.j oi- ow j ij
the nineteen, says that among them
was one "Wooden Head." and his
name i?. Q'linhv. -frem Omah?. jjen-
The California Expositions:
Thousands will make the Coast tour this summer. Only $M0.00
round trip generally, direct routes; and still more attractive is the
S(S7.50 grand Coast Tour through the Northwest.
The Mountains:
Low rate tours of the Rocky Mountain region Scenic Colorado,
Estes Park, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, the Big Horn
Mountains, the Black Hills: a shorter and less expensive vacation
tour. Attractive ranches, hotels and resorts.
Eastern Tours:
Daring the month attractive enstern tourists rates will he announced,
forming circuit tours of the Atlantic Coast ihnt will include t he Lakes
St. Lawrence Rivet . Canada, Niagara Falls, Adirondack. Lake Cham
plain region, Saratoga, Coast of Maine., New Engladd, SoundSteamers,
Coast Steamer voyage, the Virginia.. Old Point Comfort, the Hndson
Hiver. Huston. New York a typicsd wedding tour.
Publications on request; unnecessary to enumerate
them. Describe your proposed tour. Let us nd you
descriptive matter and help you plan your journey.
ing Ingersoll. and said Ingersoll's j ator Jack generally knows what he
talk was all stuff and nonsense. i is talking about.
C-.-iS..-;."'- -
R. W. CLEMENT. Ticket Agenl
L. W. VAKELCr. General Passenger Afient,
1004 Farnam Street, OMAHA. Nebraska