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MONDAV, MARCH 22. 1913.
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Copyright, 1914, by
Like Weary Ghosts In a Dead World.
M'CAN strove to .struggle, but
Smoke gripped liiiu cruelly
and searched Diiu, drawing
forth from under his arru
rit. where it had been thawed by the
heat of his body, a strip of caribou
meat A quick exclamation from Ba
blsliwee drew Smoke's attention. She
had sprung to McCan's pack and was
opening it. Instead of meat out inur
ed moss, spruce needles, chips-all the
light refuse that had takeD the plate
of the meat and given the pack its due
proportion minus Its weight.
Again Babiskwee's hand went to her
hip, and she flew at the culprit, only to
She Flew at the Culprit, Only to Be
Caught In Smoke's Arms.
be cacjrht in Smoke's firms, where she
surrendered herself, sobbing with Hie
futility of her rage.
"Oh. .lover, it is not the food.- she
panted. "It Is you. your life. The
dog! He is eating you, he is eating
It was a morning sutrl: scfll. clear
blue above, with white sua di.zle on
the snow. The way led up a luuii wide
fclope of crust. They moved like weary
gnosis in a dead world.
"Something is going to happen."' La-
Liskwee whispered. "Don't you leel
it here, there, everywhere? Every
thing i3 strange."
"I fe'tl a chill-that is not of cold."
Smoke answered. "Nor is it of hun
ger." "It is in your head, your heart," she
agreed excitedly. "That is the way 1
feel it"
A quarter of an hour later they
paused for breath.
"The air is getting thick and heavy."
6aii Labiskwee. "It is hard to breathe."
"There be three suns," McCnn ni ut
tered hoarsely, reeling as he clung to
his staff for support
They saw c mock sun on either side
of the real sun.
"There are five." said Labiskwee,
ar:J as they looked new suns formed
end flashed before their eyes.
"By heaven, the sky is filled with
fuus beyant all countin'," McCau cried
In fear.
Which was true, for, look where they
i would, half the circle of the sky daz
t zlej and blazed with new sacs fortn-
'Ic-Can yelped sharply with surprise
a nnd pain. "I'm stung!" be cried out.
then yelped asain.
Then Labiskwee cried out and
Smoke felt a pricking stab on his cheek
o cold that it burned like acid.
And then a shot rang out strangely
rait Clod. Down the slope were the
young men. standing on their skis,
r:d one after another they opened
"Spread out!" Smoke commanded.
"And climb for it! We're almost to
the top. They're a quarter of a mile
Ltlow, and that means a couple of
files the start of them oa the down
on the other side."
"Thank the Lord," Smoke panted to
Labiskwee. "all these Buns spoil their
"It shows my father's temper," eha
xakl. "They have orders to kill."
"How strange you talk!" Smoke said.
ftyour voice sounds far away."
"Cover your mouth." Labiskwee
Ted suddenly. "And don't talk. I
.iJUw what It is. Cover your mouth
your slseve, thus, and do not
A ymkp
the Wheeler Syndicate.
From the crest, looking' back, they
saw the young men stumbling and fall
ing on the upward climb.
"They will never get here." Labisk
wee said. "It is the white death. I
know it though I have never seen it
I have heard the old men talk. Soon
will come a mist unlike any mist or
fog or frost smoke you ever sffw. Few
have seen it and lived."
McCan gasped and strangled.
"Keep your mouth covered," Smoke
commanded. McCan bad sunk down,
squatting, on bis skis, bis mouth and
eyes covered by his arms.
"Come on. make a start," Smoke or
dered. "I can't move," McCan moaned.
"Let him be," Labiskwee muttered
But Smoke persisted, dragging the
man to his feet and facing him down
the loug slope they must go. Then he
started him with a shove, and McCan.
braking and steering with his staff,
shot into the sheen of diamond dust
and disappeared.
Smoke looked at Labiskwee. who
smiled, though it was all she could do
to keep from sinkingdown. He nodded
for her to push off. but she came near
to him. and. side by side, a dozen feet
apart, they flew down through the
stinging thickness of cold fire.
Brake as he would. Smoke's heavier
body carried him past her. and he
dashed oa alone, a long way, at tre
mendous sjeed. .that did not slacken
till be came out on a level, crusted
plateau. Here he braked till Labisk
wee overtook him. and they went on.
again side by side, with diminishing
speed, which finally ceased. The leth
argy had grown more pronounced. The
wildest effort of will could move them
uo more than at a snail's puce. They
passed McCan. again crouched down
on bis skis, and Smoke roused him with
his staff in passing.
"Now we must stop," Labiskwee
whispered painfully, or we will die.
We must cover up so the old men
She did not delay to nntle knots, but
began cutting her pack lashings.
Smoke cut his, and. with a last look
at the tiery death mist and the mock
ery of suns, they covered themselves
over with the sleeping furs and crouch
ed in each other's arms. They felt a
body stumble over them and fall, then
heard feeble whimpering drowned in a
violent coughing fit and knew it was
McCan who huddled against them as
he wrapped his robe about him.
Their own lung strangling began, and
they were racked and torn by a dry
cough, spasmodic and nncontrollable.
Smoke noted his temperature rising ia
a fever, and Labiskwee suffered simi
larly, nour after hour the coughing
spells increased in frequency and vio
lence, and not till late afternoon was
the worst reached. After that the
mend came slowly, and between spells
they dozed in exhaustion.
Smoke awoke with lips touching his
lips. He lay partly in Labiskwee's
arms, his head pillowed on her breast
Her voice was cheerful and usual. The
muflled sound of it had vanished.
"It Is day." she said, lifting the edge
of the robes a trifle. "See. oh, my
lover. It is day! We have lived through,
and we no longer cough. Let us look
at the world, though I could stay here
thus forever and always."
"1 do not hear McCan." Smoke said.
"And' what has lecome of the young
men that they have not found us?"
He threw back the robes and saw a
nonflal nnd solitary sun In the sky. A
gentle Breeze was blowing, crisp with
frost and hinting of warmer days to
come. All the world was natural
again. McCan lay on his back, his un
washed face, swarthy from camp
smoke, frozen hard as marble. The
isrht did not affect Labiskwee.
"Look!" she cried. "A snowbird! It
is a good sign."
There was no evidence of the young
men. Either they had died on the oth
er side of the divide or had turned
There was so little food that they
dared -hot tat a tithe of what they
needed, and in the days that followed,
wandering through the lone mountain
land, the sirarp sting of life grew blunt
ed, and the wandering merged half
into a dream. Smoke would become
abruptly conscious to Gnd himself star
ing at the never ending hated snow
peaks, hi J senseless babble still tinging
in his ears. And the next he would
know, after seeming centuries, was
that again he was roused to the sound
of his own maunderiugs. Labiskwee.
too, was light headed most of the time.
Came a day when it turned cold and
a thick snow, that was not snow, but
frost crystals of the size of grains of
sanl. began to fail. For three days
and nights it continued to falL It was
impossible to travel until it crust ed'un
der the spring sun. so they lay in their
furs and rested and ate less because
thvy rested. So small was the ration
tLey permitted that it gave no appease-.
much o? the stomach, but more of the!
brain. And Labiskwee. delirious, mad-
dened by the taste of her tiny portion.
sobbing and mumbling, fell upon the
next day's portion and crammed it into
her mouth.
Then it was given to Smoke to see a
wonderful thing. The food between
her teeth roused her to consciousness.
She spat It out and with a great anger
struck herself with her clinched fist on
the offending month.
It was given to Smoke to see many
wonderful things in the days yet to
come. After the long snowfall came
on a great wind tfiat drove the dry
and tiny frost particles as sand is driv
en in a sandstorm. All through the
night the sand frost drove by. and 1n
the full light of a clear and wind
blown day Smoke looked with swim
ming eyes and reeling brain upon what
he took to be the vision of a dream.
All about towered great peaks, and
from the tip of every peak, swaying,
undulating, flaring out broadly against
the azure sky. streamed gigantic snow
banners, miles in length, milky and
nebulous, ever waving lights and shad
ows and flashing sliver from the sun.
Labiskwee sat up among the furs.
"I dream. Labiskwee," be safd.
"Look. Do you. too, dream within my
"It Is no dream." she replied. "This V
have the old men told me. And after
this will blow the warm winds, and
we shall live and win west."
Smoke shot a snowbird, and they
divided it Once, in a valley where
willows budded standing in the snow,
he shot a snowshoe rabbit Another
time he got a lean white weasel.
"It is summer in the lower valleys,"
said Labiskwee. "Soou will it 1-e sum
mer here."
The days lengthened, nnd the snow
began to sink. Each day the crust
thawed, each night it froze again, and
they were afoot early and late, being
compelled to camp and ret during the
raiJday hours of thaw when the crust
could not bear their weight When
Smoke grew snow blind Ijibiskwee
towed him on a thong tied to tier
waist And when she was so blimled
she was towed by a thong to his waist.
And, starving, in a deeper dream, they
struggled ou through an awakening
land bare of any life save their own.
The time came when the last food
was gone. The high peaks receded,
the divides became lower, and the way
opened promisingly to the west. Dut
their reserves of strength were gone,
and. without food, the time quickly fol
lowed when they lay down at
nnd in the morning did not arise.
Smoke weakly gained bis feet col
lapsed nnd on bands and knees crawl
ed about the building of n fire. But
try as she would. Labiskwee sank back
each time in an extremity of weak
ness. And Smoke sank down beside
her. a wan sneer on his face for the
automatism that had made him strug
gle for an ur.needed tire. There was
nothing to cook, and the day was
(To Be Continued.)
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y n I I A I If in
Ufl I lllJLIU UilUnUn
Pastor Russell Claims to Be
a True Catholic.
The Catholic phurfb its Divine Foun
dation Apostolic Authority St.
Peter's Keys How He Used Them.
How Keys of Kingdom What Power
and Authority Given Apostles May
Sins Be Absolved; if So, by Whom?
Pastor Says He Is Nobody's Foe.
Atlanta, Gfc.,
Match -Jl. Of Tas
ter Eussell'8 two
discourses here to
day we report the
one on Matthew
10:18. 10. "Upon
this rock will 1
build My Church;
and the gates of
Hell Hades, the
grave shall not
prevail against it
And I will give
unto thee the keys
of the Kingdom of Heaven." The Pas
tor said in part:
For some unaccountable reason nu
merous Catholics have gotten the
thought that 1 am their foe, Just as
Tresbyterians, Methodists. Episcopali
ans. Baptists, rtc, have gotten the im
pression that 1 am their-foe. I am a
foe to no human being, and especially
to no Christian. I believe more fully
than do Methodists in Free Grace
that ultimately God's grace will reach
every 'human being. I believe more
emphatically than do most Presby
terians that the Church is an especial
ly elect class, and is now being gath
ered out of the world to be God's
agents in the ultimate blessuig of all
the non-elect I believe with "Baptists
(tat only the Elect the immersed, will
Constitute tlie Kingdom of God, al
though I deny their claim that bap
jtism in. water is the real immersion.
I hold, with the Apostle, that it is bap
tism into Christ's death. Similarly I
hold to the great Catholic doctrine that
there is only one true Church, founded
by the Lord Jesus Christ through His
Apostles, nearly nineteen centuries ago.
Explains How They Deny Their Catho-
I am aware that several churches
claim to be Catholic the Anglican
Catholic, the Syrian Catholic the
Greek Catholic, and the Koman Catho
lic. Each claims to be the true Church
and reprobates the others as heretical.
But I take the still broader, catholic
ground. I hold that the word catholic
means general; and that any limitation,
such as Homau Catholic, Greek Catho
lic, etc.. to that extent denies their
catholicity. Perhaps, therefore, 1 am
really saying that 1 am more catholic
than any of these brethren.
I must prove my point or be misun
derstood. I hold, and few. if any, will
dispute it, that the one catholic or uni
versal or general Church of Christ is
the one mentioned iu the Bible "the
Church of the First-borns, written in
Heaven."' If this be admitted,my nest
proposition is that the Lord in Heaven
records as members of His true Church
all the saintly whether Komaa Catho
lics, Anglican Catholics, Greek Catho
lics, Baptists. Methodists, Presbyte
rians, etc. nnd none others.
Have we not here the one Church,
the Catholic Church, the universal, the
only Church which the Bible recog
nizes? In the past we have been too
narrow and have supposed that God
was as narrow as ourselves. It was
on this account that in the past Tres
byterians, Roman Catholics, Anglicans,
Baptists and Methodists persecuted
and were persecuted, because each
thought itself the true Church. Are
we not all getting broader conceptions
of our God and of His Church? Do
we not see that a part of pur mistake
was in calling the outward organiza
tion the Church of Christ. Instead of
remembering that the Lord alone
writes the names of the Church, that
rie alone reads the hearts, that He
alone is the Judge, and that He alone
has the right to blot out the names of
those who become reprobates?
Rectifying Past Errors.
St Paul wrote against the spirit of
sectarianism, already manifest in his
day some saying. "I am of Paul";
others, "I am of refer"; etc. The
Apostle asks. "Is Christ divided?" (1
Corinthians 1:10-13.) So today, if with
us. he would ask. Why Romanists, An
glicans, Baptists. Methodists, etc.? Is
not the name of Christ enough? He
explains that these different names of
eld signified a sectarian spirit the spir
it of division, that failed to recognize
tha true Head of the Church, His true
representatives and His true mem
ers. The trouble is the same today.
The entire foundation of divided Chris
tianity would disappear and all the
trua Church of Christian rear saints
irculd be speedily manifest, if true
catholicity were acknowledged.
The one great obstacle to unity is the
erroneous doctrine respecting the eter
nal torture of all not members of the
Church. We must open our eyes wid
er and see that many of our theories
were not taught by Jesus and the
Apostles. We must see that the
Church is a comparatively small com
pany cf saintly footstep followers of
Jasus. irrespective of sectarian lines;
that the Bible teaches not that these
are to look . over the battlements of
Hsaven to all eternity and see all oth
ers in torment but that jthey? arej to
j demonstrate their loyalty unto death
if; vH A
ani n due time be associated with
Messiah in His great Millennial King
dom, which will bring knowledge and
opportunity to all the families of the
earth the living aEd the-dead.
The Twelve Foundation Stones.
St Taul declared that the saints of
God, the true catholic Church, "are
built upon the foundation of the Apos
tles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Him
self being the Chief" Corner Stoue."
(Ephesians 220.) The Twelve Apos
tles are here referred to in their dou
ble office Apostles especially commis
sioned by the Lord as nis representa
tives, and Prophets, mouthpieces, for
the proclamation of the Message to
the Church. Jesus, referring to these
same foundation stones, pictures the
Church of Glory as the New Jerusa
lem, and its twelve foundations as
twelve precious stones, in which are
the names of the twelve Apostles of the
Lamb no more, no less St. Taul be
ing God's choice to take the place of
Judas, the betrayer.
To think of St Teter as the only
foundation for the Church would be to
deny Christ's teaching and St Teter's
own statement that the entire Chnrch
is symbolically represented as living
stones built together by the Lord
through the Holy Spirit (1 Peter 2:4-G.)
It was-a costly mistake when our fore
fathers, . overlooking this well-established
point of Scripture, thought of
the bishops of the Church as Apostolic
Bishops, and fobk their decisions in
councils assembled as the voice of God
to and through the Church. The voice
of God to and through the Church came
only 'through "the twelve Apostles of
the Lamb." AH others so claiming are
denounced by Jesus Himself as pseudo
Apostles false Apostles. Rev. 12:2.
God's true saints of all denomina
tions should ignore all human creeds
and return to the Bible and its dec
laration of "one Lord, one faith, one
baptism, one God and Father of all."
(Ephesians 4:3, G.) Are we more loyal
to human organizations than to God.
Ills Truth. His Church all saints and
one people, imbued with one spirit, the
world around :the catholic Church?
Power In Heaven and In Earth.
As St Peter wa? only one of the
twelve foundation stones of the
Church, so. likewise, he was only one
of The Twelve to whom the Lord de
clared, "Whatsoever ye shall bind on
earth shall be bound in Heaven; and
whatsoever ye shall loose on earth
shall be loosed in Heaven" (Matthew
1S:1S) the same statement exactly
that on another occasion He made to
St. Tetcr only. But He gave the keys
to St Peter alone.
Would it seem reasonable that Jesus
should tell the twelve Apostles that
God would do anything that they bade
Him do taking to Heaven whom they
pleased and excluding whom they
chose? Would it be wise or safe to
entrust to poor humanity such dicta
torial powers respecting the eternal in
terest of even one individual? As
suredly not! When we remember that
these fpostles declared that they were
men of like passions with others, that
St Teter himself dissembled on one
occasion and on another denied his
Master, we are the more convinced
that Jesus did not mean that God
would abdicate His authority and wis
dom in favor of any twelve men.
What then, does the passage mean?
We answer. It implies that the Lord
would so overrule the utterances and
writings of His twelve Apostles as to
make them safe guides for His Church.
To these Apostles would be given
through the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
wisdom enabling them to understand
which things of the Jewish Law were
binding upon the Chnrch and which
not binding. Their decision would be
absolutely right, and the entire Church
might have confidence that what the
Apostles bound or loosed ou earth was
equally bound or loosed iu Heaven.
As an illustration of this binding and
loosing, see Acts 13:28. 29.
To get back Into proper relationship
with each other and rid of all secta
rian systems, God's people must recog
nize that only the words of the New
Testament Apostles and Prophets are
authoritative, properly representing the
Divine mind. Other things men have
bouud and loosed on earth, without
recognition in Heaven. The things
necessary to the Church are found only
in the Bible, as St Paul declares. 2
Timothy 3:16. 17.
The Church Upon the Rock.
"Other Foundation can no man lay
than that which is laid. Jesus Christ"
(1 Corinthians 3:11.) In the Divine ar
rangement Jesus Christ is the Founda
tion, the Rock, upon which Ij built the
entire superstructure of His Church
the one Catholic, world-wide Church.
On this Rock. Christ Jesus, as St. Pe
ter declares, all the Church is being
built as a Temple of God. (1 Peter
2:4-10.) The New Jerusalem, the
Church in glory, had twelve founda
tion stones, built uimju the one Foun
dation Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ.
It would manifestly be erroneous,
therefore, to suppose that our Ird
abdicated His own place in the Church
in favor of St Teter, much as He
loved him.
.What then, did Jesus mean when
He called St. Peter a stone, spoke of
building His Church uion "this rock."
and declared that the gates of Hell
(Hades, the grave) would not prevail
against it? We reply, Jesus went
down into the prison-bouse of
Sheol. Hades, the tomb: but on the
third day the gates of Sheol. Hades,
were opened, and He came forth.
These gates will not prevail against
the Church, as they did not prevail
against her' Lord. This, is an .assur
ance of the resurrection of 'the dead.
To understand St Teter's connection
with the Beck Foundation of the
Church, we ffcould read the preceding
context. The, disciples had told Jesus
the- common talk respecting Himself.
Oiifi I
the Spreaderwith
No adjustments e Simplest RoIer bearings
No chains SRPEADER LSht draft
No clutches ... - Easy to load
cn the f.larket
He then asked them. "Who. say ye that
I amV" SL Peter answered. "Thou art
the Christ, the Son of the living God."
This was the Crst"'public declaration
of Jesus' Messiahsbip. Even the dis
ciples had only now come to recognize
their Teacher as the long-promised
Messiah. Jesus answered. "Blessed
art thou. Simon,- son of Jonas: for flesh
und iilood hatli not revealed this untc
thee, but My Father in Heaven. Th u
art Peter a stone, ready for the spir
itual Temple, the first one to puLluiy
acknowledge Jesus, and upon thi
rock the Truih just declared, that I
am Messiah I will buiid My Church."
In the Greek the word Peter signi
fies a stone of moderate size, while the
word here rendered rock signifies a
mass of stone-a foundation. 1 Our
Lord Jesus Christ evidently meant
that St Peter's statement was a rec
ognition of Himself as the groat Foun
dation of the Divine Plan Messiah.
Upon that foundation truth, that Jesus
is Christ, the Church would lm built:
and St. Peter was the first living stone
to buiid himself upon that foundation
by believing and confessing Christ.
St Peter himself gives us the same
thought that ho and all others of the
Church are living stones, being build
ed together as a holy Tuiuple of God.
This entire Gospel Age lias been de
voted to the building of those stones
upon that groat Foundation Rock.
Christ Jesus.' Mi soon as the great
Temple of God shall be completed, thi
Gospel Age will end and the New Dis
pensation be inaugurated.
"The Keys of the Kingdom."
To St Peter our Lord said. "I will
give thee the keys of the Kingdom of
Heaven." What did He mean? We
shall not suppose that any who hear
r . . . l .. s.....u:, ... !
iu. oice or ;ue Kuuiacnu uucMint-iji.
to read this discourse in the new.-papers
are stupid enough to think Jesus
meant that Heaven is locked up. and
that nobody could get in except as St.
Peter would open the door or gate.
True, some have voiced such fantastic
uotions. But we refuse to believe that
intelligent jecp!e could be in earnest
in any such view.
What tlK? Lord meant is very sim
ple, very beautiful; and we see exactly
how it was fulfilled. He indicated that
St. Peter, the first to confess Him. was
to have a special honor in connection
with the inauguration of the Church
on earth. By the expression. "King
dom of Heaven." is meant the Church,
a class being called out of tho world
to become wilh Christ the ruling pow
er of the world during the Millen
nium, through the jrrcat resurrection
change." See 1 Corinthians 15:42. ."4.
Jesus meant that St Peter would be
honored iu being permitted to do an
opening work iu connection with the
Church. The Bible shows us two dif
ferent opening works and two different
keys. The key is a symbol of power
or authority or an initiative!. St. Peter
used hi$ first key of privilege on the
day of Pentecost When the Holy
Spirit came upon the early waiting
Church, it was St. Peter that used this
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nation ::i:d ops-nc 1 th.- dwr t tl
Cli-Hvli -r ( h.-i-r i tl:. !!i f tic!:
ter. lie to' ! of ;-d--:;;!i
ami how 1 1 1 -acci;ded
ou High. ;:
of Fins way., thi-refo
r ill;- J. -v. -i. si lujoii-
; 'it i::.ity to u
!:!c:-:t of C!,ri-n
!r ' 1 t li and lt:ol
:. I 1. w iorg: in-
:c. preached in Ilia
u c::e. - Ac - Ai V, ':
The secoi.d key to til - K!:ig-!ui of
Heaven She ("Iiar h. tje nilnyi King
il. iu preparing for glo.-y-st. !'.! r
used three and ; half ::: l.;: r. T!i;-:i
the seventh tli v.eel; ff Ini:'e l;.ir
prophetically nppoii.ted to the Jew -piled,
an 1 the time c;:mc "the
Gentiles might Ik? fellow h-irs iih tU
Jews of the same ProiLis.1." The .;x-ii-ing
work was with tlie Ii iim-IioI. f
Cornelius, to whom St. I'et -r prco-SniI
Chri-it The bud lile.--e l th.' :v:- h
ing and granted the 1'oly Spiiit t'
Cornelius :nnl his family. Tlm the
Gentile door inti the Kingdom was
thrown wide open. A i.i lu.
Repentance and Re-nitsion of Sins.
"That repentance and roni'si"!- of
sins tiiiht l c preached in His n nae t.i
all jM'ople" (I.ul.e t.'l:4T. God m-irr
gave power to liileps. p;ict or inin
Uters of any denomination to fornix r
sins. "Who can forgiw fcins but God
alone?" Nor Ii 1 Jcmin gne
to His A Mst Irs to foigiit sins. They
might preach ropciiUnco and f:rgive
ne s. hiil ijiil'i in Hi'm n't i f.
Any child of G"d Is S riptura lly r.u
thoried to declare that Christ died
for human sin. an 1 has llms mude :ir
raiigeinent by which :.ll lepcntunt din
ners may be forgnni. It is an honor
to be the bearer of s'l'li Jt Mnssiige
from God to nieu; and every child of
God is fully co::imisii'in'd to tell the
Divine Message to all v ho will h-ar.
In proportion as ;od"s people
away their s.-t;iri;m si-ei t;; le they
can read God's Message in the oid-
of Jesus ard the ApuMles. Let us hold
fast the precious Word which J--.u
exhorted :a to search and v hi h in
sutliciciit that the man of God may If
thoroughly fund-died I,i t ti retne'u
bor that there is only one true Church,
e.e-h i;.e!iii;c!- of which l 11 salt, I. re
lated to God nnd tho Lord Jei Chi ist
tlirmigh faith. tv-ut iiu e and remi?
sion of iiu and the Ugitting .f tl?
Holy Spirit: that it is the only -Churcii
that Is catholic, universal; imd that fi
nicmlier of the Body of Christ Is a
member of that Body atiyw here. "w
are ye the Body of Christ, and mem
bers in particular." 1 Cor. 12 ITT.
lie .card loss nf what Churi i y-u ft,, r
rio not I'htiiK to. a ixjt-'i rd rctncM t
F?ir.i.E Stupexts. 17 Hicks St.. I"r...k!vn.
N". Y., will t.rlii? you ty r.-turn mail. fr
of chars, a masterful nrtirle un h-r tti
caption. "CncltcH of the Ijvino 'Soo "
(I Timothy J:13.) St. JuLn. St. r t. r n1
il.e tUi-r .Apostles, as v-cH is true Chris
tians of all the intervenu' cmuim- t.,
the present, have tielonced to this Churrl..
the one true Catholic Church, -which St.
Paul ttlso rtsigiiHtPil "the 'h'irrh of t
F,:-tb'rns. vl-icb are written in heaven.
Hebrews 12:23.
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