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    PAGE 4.
MONDAY, MARCH 22, 1915.
'Cbz plattsmoutb journal
Published Semi-Weekly at Platttmouth. N b r.
Entered &t the l'ostofflce at Plattsmoutb, Nebraska, as second-class mall Duatter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Bubsorlptlon Prloe; St.SO Per Year In Advanoe
A stitch in time prevents a rip -j
and confusion.
It is not at all surprising that Sec-
The best friend a physician has is a
poor cook.
the ultimate consumer.
J There is a true church wher- J
ever one hand meets another
helpfully, and that is the only
holy or mother church which
- ever was or ever shall be. l
Zr Ruskin.
Regulation is hardly as safe
This has been a helva winter for retary Garrison of the war depart- If you can't pay as you go you had i
ment has seen fit to remind the peo- better not start.
pie of Nebraska that it is "as much I :n:
the duty of a state to maintain a Look well to the start and then i
militia force of proper strength andlkeep both eyes on the finish.
efficiency as it is to xsend its rep- :o:
resenfcatives to congress." Secretary Tne hill to prevent trespassing on
Garrison would never have sent such rights-of-way has become a law.
a message without the sanction of the :o:
administration. The administration You are a wise uy if yu can keeP
would never sanction such a sugges- expenses down and appearances up.
Next to war, the worst thing is a
frowsly-headed woman.
While this is a free country, no old
bachelor should slam the divorce evil.
Don't get discouraged. A lot of
a I people with only two fingers can make
in the
Let us have peace,'
sense of the term.
in the fullest
"They're hanging men and women
there for wearing out the green."
While it is a trifle late for a junket
to Hawaii, the congressmen will still
enjoy it.
P-eing glad because bad matters
are not worse, is a beautiful theory
that doesn't work out very well.
Although they are not suppose! to
have as much sense, fewer dogs than
people are run over by the cars.
:n :
A few more sunshiny days and the
housewife will be out raking the bac-.
yard when the man is too busy to
do it.
course as freedom. Where it has a typewriter hum.
been carried to its fullest measure we :o:
are likely to find human life and social I I here is so much competition in the
development at or near their lowest! lying line that it is wonderful how
stage. Just as individual freedom has Baron Munchauseu's reputation lasts
sained recognition", iust as the rierhts i :0'.
- i
of the majority have found respect! Have you joined Teddy's American
and consideration, government has be-J Legion? It has been incorporated,
come more humane, society more pro-1 and mustering in will in
gressive, individual life more lofty in (order.
tion without good cause for such a
course in the recognized needs of the
country. It is not a jingo administra
tion. Its every utterance has been for
peace, and has been made against
strong pressure from those who are
not for peace.
There has been no popular demand
for a reduction of the cost of the Ne
braska state militia. No petitions
its possibilities, says the Johnstown
Yet a rage for regulation has seized
upon the American people. Not only
is it proposed to regulate those things
which man himself has created an-1
for which he is solely responsible; it is
blasphemously proposed to regulate
things which God has implanted in
human nature and for which He alone tin St- Patrick's day adequately cele-
The present condition of the roads
should inspire in the minds of every
farmer the necessity of early spring
road dragging.
:o : '
IMattsmouth has a wonderful man.
He admits that half of the time he
doesn't talk plain when he calls a
telephone number.
' :o :-
There is some doubt expressed from
time to time as to what the people
want, but generally speaking, it is
something they can't get.
:o :
Not knocking on our educational in
stitutions, but they rarely seem to
supply the younjr thing with an
adequate supply of adjectives.
It is a serious loss to us when the
f onjrres.-ional Record quits coming, as
the junk man won't pay so much now
for the contents of our waste basket.
Charley Bryan wants to be mayo
cf Lincoln. From the tone of the
people of the capital city "Brother'es" will have to want a good
It won't take long after' the bills
have been sifted through the screen to
pass what is left. Then it will in for the members "to get up and
pit" for home.
: :o:
The reappearance of Jletcalf's
comet will not make it necessary for
the young people to conduct the
usual astronomical observation in
company with persons of opposite
How is it that the zephyrs of March
are always able to wait until there is
a good number of people looking on
Iff ore they proceed to blow a man's
hat of! into the middle of the muddy
No one seems to know just how tne
pnrcrl post is working out; at least
the congressmen who investigated it
couldn't tell, although the expr2S3
companies might furnish some in
formation. :o:
A correspondent asks what ha3 be
come of the woman who used to rais3
geraniums and petunias and ot'ier
flowering plants for home decoration';
Our impression is that about now she
is telephoning down to the florist's fcr
a bunch of those long-stemmed cut
roses at $3.00 per dozen .
is responsible. What God refrainei
from doing, the saviors of society are
ready to undertake, and they are seiz
ng upon instruments designed to pro
test and safeguard the individual for
the purpose of laying restraints uoon
him which God never thought of im
This, regulatory program is at jtter
variance from the whole spirit of the
have come from the people asking that
I 4 l ' 1 il i 1 1 f
It is hardly reasonable for the old ",c "FFrupru.uc.ns lor mat urancn oi
the government be reduced. No
political party has incorporated in its
platform a demand for reduction of
the strength and efficiency of the na
tional guard of Nebraska. The only
utterances on the subject from the
national administration have been for
a strengthening of the guard in all the
states, and such provision for it as
shall make its service attractive to
man to expect to have real white flour
in his bread at the time when the new
style skirts have to be bought.
There is a. continued dissatisfaction
with the way the Fourth of July is
observed, but no trouble at all in get
b rated.
'It is more blessed to give than re-
ceive." We don t know so much about
If ignorance was bliss a heap or
people would be likely to choke to
Fresident Wilson wore a sprit? of
shamrock Wednesday in honor of St.
We are assurred that a grain rate
increase would not fall on the farmer.
Mr. U. Consumer suspected this all
While advocating eujreme mar
riages,-we might go a step farther
and demand eugenic minds in officeholders.
We are enjoying real March weath
er right now, intermixed with flurries
Children Cry or Fletcher's
Tlio Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
iu nso for over iJO years, has borne the slgnatnro of
and lias been made under hi pcr
p y--- sonal supervision, since its infancy.
VvC S-Cc,cCSc.yX Allow no one. to deceive you in thin.
AH Counterfeits, Imitations and Tust-as-gool " are but
lixpcriiiicnts tlmt Iriflo with and endanger ilto health of
Infants and Children Experience Against iliperiuieiit.
Castorin, is a harmless snbstitnte for Castor Oil, Pare
gon'c, Irops ni.d Sootliing' Syrups. It is pleasant. IS
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
ind allays I'cv ,rislmes. For more than thirty years it
lias been in constant uo for the relief of Constipation
Flatulency, Vind Colic, nil Tcothinjr Troubles and
Diarrhea. It regulates the Stomach and liowcls,
assimilates the Food, givinjr healthy and natural sleep.
1'h.o Children's l'anacea Tho Mother's Friend
genusns CASTOR! A always
Bears the Signature of
IIBMIM I - ,....-
Connie Mack says that dancing the young men.
tango is an aid to tase ball running. I It was simply the initiative of a few
It should also strengthen one for men who are moved by prejudice of snow You know how it is yourself,
spading up the' garden, but that is I against soldiery and whose political
immaterial. amoitions lead tnem to overworK an u.,rn
economy sentiment that maneuvered
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
I n C f. 4 TAU W O O M PAN V
1 1 w v o k city
when you hunt the sunny side of the
The bill permitting anyone to prac- I the reduction of the national guard al-
tice law in probate court has been de-1 lowance. They did it in bold and ;
I e i i - i i i r, i 1 .1 Iz . e l i . r j 1 rpliirinn 5n th namo Iealfca ln e senate. lniS IS uw i'Jii ueiui i me piea oi me prew-
I r 'I L Ml T l a i- f ...I.: -.1 iL... f 1 I..
which it is heins- nrosecuted so ner- lavorue Dlu 01 -epresenvauve lieuier uvhi, ui nim uiey cxe irequeuuy
sistently. God seems to have been of toe county- and Ptedly reminded, and in a man-
I I .1 : x
quite content to leave the individual :o: : 1 J1,ulcaicu ues,re lu em-
to himsplf" Fvprv mm is frPA tn There is already an increase of J,- phasize their disregard of the presi-
I c r- -v -v 1 . 1 I .1 A - 1
work out his own salvation. Com- acres sown m wneat, out uent s p.ea.
; i. 1 r- i'.. cultivatine it may not look as at- it may nave been a dull com-
If it can be established that tramps
carry disease germs which effect cat-
Prospects for building operations in tie, the tramp will have to go.
Plattsmouth are good enough to make
it certain that the coming season is
not going to be, the poorest ever, but
one of the best ever. Hear us!
Under the above heading the St.
Louis Post-Dispatch publishes the fol-
An exchange says that "scandal to
a woman is news, and to a man it is
gossip." And to both it is the quint-
escence of life.
It is pretty easy to own an auto
Free choice is of the very essence' of tractive to some men as sitting around prehension that prevented them re- lowing editorial:
these plans. The Christian religion town am knocking the business pros- ahzing that tjje president's desire for
would not be Christian were it im in general. a strong citizen soldiery was but a
posed by authority. Nor would it be steP in his P"eram of peace. There
so were men forced by law or other- 7116 members of the legislature will was tremendous pressure being exert-
wise to follow its observances and navc to remam unti' tne day of ad- ed by certain conjecturable elements
i-r , r.,,!;. r.A l J journment before they receive their for a larger standing army and a
"It should be as cheap and as com
monly used in our cities as water.
"If so used it would do the lig-ht1
ing, heating, cooking and motivating
or macmnery in all except a lew in
mobile these days. . All you have to
do is to find a bushel of wheat and
make" the exchange. .
When a man swells up and says
it is not the amount of money but the
principle of the proposition that in-
shown man the way. But He has left ,asc Payment. " me legislature stays more general war equipment, it was Such use of it would rid our cities terests him, he no doubt is lying:
free to follow it or not as aian ten or fifteen days over time they necessary to meet and overcome that Qf smoky chimneys, would cut the cost j
himself may elect.
This makes no appeal to the self-
appointed savior of society. He is de
termined to be his brother's keeper in
the minutest detail of daily walk and
conversation. tor who is simple
enough to believe that his regulatory!
zeal will pause with one conquest? 1
he not certain to go on conquering and morninff J?lory Pach tor their wives attractive for young men. It had not
plants for service, at cost, instead of
to conquer until individual libsrty. th,s sP"n6"- been made sufficiently attractive in being supplied, as now, from privately
-:o: this state, for with an enrollment of owned generating plants, at eight to
HETTY GREEN, more than 1,(500" men the authorities I ten times its cost, for profit
iieity ureen, wno is said to be I naci lound it impossible to get halt "The existihg system puts this won
worth $60,000,000. and is usually of them out to rec-ular drills. The
must stay till the last day to get their I pressure, which naturally excited cf living enormously; would reduce
pay check. some credence among the masses. The bv half the labor of housewives: would
o: way in which the-president sought to Live us clean air to breathe and more
After blaming the excavators for meet and overcome it was by rccom-1 leisure from indoor tasks to "et out-
not digging down that mountain thai' mending the strengthening of state doors to breathe it.
snues into tne ranama canal, some militia organizations, and that in "Electricity will be thus cheapened
men will decide that it would give order to effect such strengthening, the ad brought into common use when it
tnem a lame DacK to snaue ud a t state mintia service be made more ic ennn f,-m nnki;,. .ra;
freedom of choice, all that these im
ply, shall be things of the past, and
a tyranny established as remorseless
and as arbitrary as any that has ever
The Sixty-third congress is a mat
ter of history now. But filibustering
tactics that were carried out by the
republican minority preventing the
passage of the ship purchasing bi'-U
form a dark page in that history.
The senators who thus blocked a
good measure were nothing less
than the tools of the private shipping
nterests that have been robbing the
people the past few months.
A man who is elected upon the
crushed the human soul under the iron pictured as a hard-fisted, thin-lipped president undoubtedly had this fact in yond the reach of a majority of tne democratic ticket to the legislature
old woman without Na tinge of gen- mind, as it developed in this and people, in their homes. For them it should respect the state platform and
erosity or kindness in her nature, 'iss other states, when he urged that js as jf the lightning had never been support the measures in conformity
It "believes in theJust suoinittedl to an interview on the J service be made more attractive. harnessed. They can get its benefits to the platform that come up in tne
It believes the people.-; conmion 01 worKing girls. It showi it was an expression 01 contempt by merely going to the polls, at the legislature, or he should nave stepped
that she has a pretty accurate idea of for the president's plea when the Ne- proper time, and ordering their public down and out as a man who is not
things as they exist in this vorld of braska house of representatives al- servants to supply it at the lowest worthy of the position he occupies.
ours, and that she has found time to lowed itself to be led into making possible cost." That is very plain language, but every
study economic questions, as well as service in its militia less attractive in- That is what the people of Omaha true democrat knows it is the truth.
that of making money. Among other I stead of more attractive. desire to do. But to secure electricity There's a principle attached to plat-
forever hold in respect the equal and thim?s she said: "A girl has a hard What this plea from the head of the furnished from public plants "at the forms, and such principles should re-
indefensible rights of the minority. time being decent on six dollars a h'ar department may accomplish it is lowest possible cost," it is necessary ceive the support of all loyal demo-
o:- week. A young girl is the prettiest impossible to conjecture. There ought for them first to tret the permission of crats.
1 1
heel of absolutism?
Yes; this paper believes in the p-
pie's power,
power must be held within proper
limits. It believes the refereniur.i
ought never to be used to deny or cur
tail individual freedom. It believes
that the rule of the majority must
Governor Morehead will no doubt
rejoice when this legislature adjourns.
There is no question as to the gov
ernor's democracy, and he wants ta
see the pledges of the party adhered
to, and has been very insistent in hav
ing this done, but he has had some
pretty hard "nuts to crack" men who
were elected as democrats, but who
will never have another opportunity
to sit in either branch of the legis
lature as members again.
The Kearney Democrat speaks our
sentiments exactly in the following:
The man who runs for office these
days finds it a great disadvantage to
evade and try to be a "good injun" to
each distinct element in every town or
city. People have become great think
ers, investigators and reasoners about
all such matters. A man can win
more firm friends by standing fairly
and squarely for what he believes to
be the best that is good. There was
a time when evasive tactics would win,
but not now. People as a rule have
become too enlightened and too in
quisitive about the standing of can
didates to pass them by without ques
tion. The man who evades and ex
cuses his position is a loser."
J AND r""""
1 m m it in 1 1
I am now prepared to look
after all general blacksmithing
and horseshoeinsr. Shop 4 1-2
niles west of Murray.
Senator Thomas of Colorado esti- thing in the world. It makes me sicH to be some way in which the house I (be legislature. To get electricity at
mates that speech making in to se.e her beauty spoiled by si'ly may reconsider its action on the I the lowest cost they must use, to the
congress costs $1,000 an hour, but we dressing and a make-up that scrcari? militia appropriation and may com- largest extent possible, the machinery
must have our garden seed. tor notice wherever she goes. Every ply wth the plan proposed by Presi- an(i organization of the water plant
:o: girl should have pretty clothes if she Ment Wilson, the head of the nation's they already own. That is what Lin-
Now a physician boasts of the dis- car afford them. I've outlived four defensive organization the peaceful c0In did, and cut the cost of electricity
covery of a "sunrise slumber," to executors and six doctors who gave head of it. - jn half. It is what the people of Oma-
supercede the "twilight sleep." Sonift me less than a year to live. I turned It would be a humiliating thing for ha will do if the legislature will let
other will probably get up a "noonday the trick because I knew- what sounj this state if there should arise a de- them.
r'aP- sleep, a clear conscience and plenty of mand for . a trained soldiery and Ne- it j3 objected that, if the legis-
o: good plain food makes for long life. I braska would find itself unable to re- lature does this, it will give the Oma-
A few days ago Billy Sunday, who I never had time to eat lobsters or spond as readily and as effectively as ha water board so much "power" that
is working in the vineyard for the watch ladies-in pink tights with Wad the other states of the union, and it win arbitrarily "dictate nominations .j the worlds greatest rail journey. Go one Way via Seattle Pnrt
Circle Tours of
the Pacific Coast
In planning "The Perfect Coast Tour" or the "See America Tour "
Scenic Colorado is of the first importance. No coast tourist could afford
to say that he had not include'd "Scenic Colorado" either one way or the
gentle Savior, spoke in the following street brokers. Sound business meth- states all around us are appropriating hy parties in city, county and state."
eloquent English to a Philadelphia ods do not mean crooked methods. I larger sums for maintenance of the -why not in the nation also? Why not
congregation: "I'm against the rot- never ask more than 6 per cent for home soldiery than are the people of "power" to "dictate" the terms of I between San Francisco and Portland.
ten, licentious dances that have as- my loans and very often less, but I this state. Lincoln Star. peace in Europe? Why not "power"
sassinated the characters of more am mighty careful of every cent, it's :o: to arbitrate to make the sun stand
girls than anything else in the world, all poppycock about a woman's fern- The trainmen of the Burlington still and annul the multiplication
I don't care if you do have them in inism hurting her in business. A threaten a strike. This seems to ba table?
your lodge or your club or your home woman's head is as good as a man'? the net result of a long-continued ef- Isn't it amazing what sort of
or your church or your parish house any day if she plays the game the wiy fort on the part of the various "arguments" will be advanced, some-
or your social settlement or your mis- he does and forgets the frills." The brotherhoods to secure adjustment of times, to protect a special interest
sion. It's the devil's principal part to above will strike the averase nersm criflvancpa wiHi the rnTYinanv. It is tj nnH in frustrate the reasonable
wreck women. I'll rip them to hell as containing a great deal of common be hoped that the difference will os aspirations of the people! Worm-
I I - I
land, and during the season visit either Glacier or Yellowstone National
Park. Link together these scenic routes with the Ocean Coast vovap
- C
Through the season, various publications, special folders and thn
like will be available, descriptive of the Burlington circuit rates and
through service routes.
and breakfast and back again1
amicably adjusted without any strik. j Herald.
Y CLEM I-NT, 'Ticket A -cut.
General Passenger Agent.
1004 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.