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    Prepared h the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
-a "hpoaah
- ) Sis
T the start of 1915 resolve to keep a GOOD EALALCci in car binl:.
:i2cn see to it that you do.
zs mere CONTESTED at the eni of the yezr than yoa thouglit
jcsaV.o. Cct the habit cf PAYING EVEUYTKIKG by CHECK. It's
5LL5IZH azi BEITEH. The vouchers are your receipts. Ark your
realtor about it. lie's prohatly miuj chechs. Eogin with a SHALL
ACCOUNT czyway. Try it.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
t?" Your personal taxes are now due. The same can be paid at this bank
What hr.s liar.per.ed to the Farm
ers Telephone Co?
J. I). Tit man has been ancng those
en tie sick list this week.
B ; t Young was looking after some
buinc-ss matters in Plattsmouth on
Mi-s Esther Rice has Ikm n quite
f. r the past ft'.v days sufferir.e
with a sei;re of tonsilitis.
Wm. Wt-liibtin, Harry Creamer
j.nd Al. Bart let t took in the horse sale
M Su:h Omaha Tuesday cf this
Foster B.ick was taken to the hos
pital in Omaha this week, whsre ho
vi'.I ur,!;o a surgical operation for
r.n attack cf appendicitis.
Ona Lawton made a business
trip t- Si.ux City Monday.
j.,:i.ed i;t Mynard by her
Ilt- Young, who made the
She was
trip with
Dr. C. II. Gilmore was in Platts
rr.oith Tue.-day of this week being
f.i'itd th.-:e owing to a meeting of the
u:.:y irsane boaid of which he is a
- ery interesting civic improve
ment pi oirruin is being prepared for
the Marh meeting of the Library
A-soeiation. Murray expects to join
the ranks for clean alleys and street-".
ur e-vt!k::t old friend J. A. has been numbered with t' e
si k for the past few days. We are
more than pleased to learn that there
i nothing of a serious nature troub
ling him and that he will be up and
around within a few days.
Mrs. Lucile Benedict, who has been
s'Jiferintr with diphtheria in Omaha
f r the past few weeks, has been re
covering very rapidly the past week,
and is now able to up and about the
house, which will be pood news to her
many Murray friends.
It's coming the time to make those
We want you to look over our stock and
select some of the newest and best pat
terns ever brought to Murray.
Flaxons 174 to 25c a yard
Lace Cloth 15c a yard
Batescrcpc 25c a yard
Light and Dark Percals 10 and 12
Bungalo Aprons made from light and
dark Percales and Ginghams, 50 and 75c.
You'll be HAPPIER and SA--
James Holmes was looking after
some business matters in Omaha Tues
day. Chas. Chrisweisser shipped a car
of cattle from this station to South
Omaha Monday.
Miss Laura Puis and Miss Isabelle
Shrader were Plattsmouth visitors
Wednesday evening.
W. P. Wheeler and T. W. Vallery
shipped a car of cattle to f'e South
Omaha market Monday of this week.
Mrs. Mary Pall, of South Omaha,
was in Murray last week, a guest of
Mrs. Cassie L'.oyd at the Hotel Berber.
Mrs. W. S. Smith went to Platts
mouth Wednesday evening for a brief
visit with her sister, Mrs. C. A.
Mrs. Henry Ost and Miss Clede
Bertrer, passed through Murray last
Monday, enroute to Memphis, Xeb.,
their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Ost
h: ve diposed cf all t' eir Cass county
interests and have taken up their per
mer.cnt home in Memphis.
P.vyer and Vance Todd, John i
Christ-.irr.en and Prof. Hull, Misses
Beulah Sans, Lydia Todd, May
I.oujrhrid.Te and Neva Latta composed
a sleiirhin; party that took in the
home talent play in Union Tuesday
There is another good wrestling
match booked for Murray on theeve
ning of March 17th. This time it
will be between Murray's favorite
John Jenkins and Young Rosenberger i
of Otoe County. Thi3 promises to be
a good number, as we all know John
is there when it comes to a tussle on
the mat, and the visitor has been in
the game for several years, and has
never met his match jet. Look for a
good one. but bet your money on the
home boy.
. Tutt
Grandma Hendricks has been qnite
sick for the past few days.
Mrs. Beji Dill has been on the sick
list for the past few days.
Duel, the son of Mr. and Mrs'. O.
V. Virgin, has been suffering with
the measles for the past few days.
W. P. Wheeler has been numbered
with the sick for the past few days.
J. P. Shrader was looking after
some business matters in Omaha last
Walt. Vallery war, a Plattsmouth
visitor Tuesday evening and Wednes
day mornin.g.
Mrs. Nettie Stanton went down to
Union Tuesday evening to attend the
homo talent play.
Uncle Alex Kdminston, residing
down rear Union, has been quite sick
for the past few days.
Mrs. John Doughty, residing down
near Nehawka, has been quite sick
for the past few days.
M in ford & Creamer shipped a car
load of hogs to the'South Omaha mar
ket Wednesday evening.
Frank Vallery, of Plattsmouth, was
looking after some business matters in
Murray Wednesday of this week.
Some of the little folks at the home
of M r. and M is. Joe. M rasek have
been having a seige of the measles.
C. W. Chrisweisser, of Nehawka,
was looking after some business mat
ters in. Murray Wednesday of this
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. A.
J. McXatt, residing over east of Mur
ray, has been numbered with the sick
this week.
Some of the little folks at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hamilton
have been on the sick list for the past
few days.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Ilob
stheidt, jr., on Sunday, March 7th, a
fine babv boy. Both the mother and,
little one are doing nicely, and John
nie is one of the happiest young men
in the land.
George Nickels, accompanied by
Misses Gertrude Long and Leora
Brown drove down to Union Tuesday
evening to attend the home talent
play in-that place. They report a
very pleasant trip.
'Tobe" Johnson; who for the past
few years has be?n making his home
up r or, r Creightcn, arrived in Murray
Wednesday moring for a few days
visit at the home of his sister, Mrs.
J. W. Berger. lie is looking hale
and hearty.
Mrs. A. V. Kennedy fell on the icey
sidewalks about their home Tuesday
evening, and was painfully injured.
No bones were broken but she was
considerably shaken up and bruised,
and the many friends hope that no
serious results will terminate.
Dick Chrisweisser was in Murray
a few hours Wednesday, returning
home from Plattsmouth, where he had
been visiting with his father, Bennett
Chrisweisser, who has been sick for
the past few days, but at the time he
(Dick) departed for home the father
was improving.
Little Miss May Shrader, the little
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer
Shrader, has been quite sick for the
past few days, sutTering with a severe
attack of pneumonia. She is report
ed some better at this time, with hopes
of saving her life, which at one time
was very doubtful.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Woodard, who
have been in this section of the world
for the past few months, will depart
jnext week for Elmweed, and after a
fVV flnvs! vicif ?n tllnf lrnli xr will rn
-"- . a k cv . V' J Kill A
turn to their home in Oregon. Mrs
Woodard is a daughter of Mr and
Mrs. Beil, residing southeast of Mur
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hansell, who had
planned upon taking their departure
for their new home at Oak, Nebraska,
this week, have been compelled to re
main in Murray for a few days longer
on account of the little folks being
confined to their home with the meas
les. They expoct to leave some time
next week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burger,
on Saturday, February 27, one of the
j finest little babies in the land. The
proud parents are rejoicing over the
arrival of the little stranger, and their
I duties at the telephone exchange are
j much lighter, and it is said that the
patrons claim they can hear Mr. Bar
j ger's whistle from one end of the line
to te other.
! Mrs. James Brown, who has been
.'in charge of the Hotel Berger in this
village for the past five weeks, during
the absence and illness of her mother
Mrs. Berger, returned to her home,
south of town, Tuesday. Mrs. Ber
ger with the aid of an assistant, has
! again resumed her duties. Her
health has been on the improve for
the past week.
If any of the waders of tlie
Journal know of any social
ev'iu or Iwm of lnterii in
this vicinity, find will mail
same to i his office, it will Bu
lbar undor this hearting. We
want all nufa items Eurrou
Fred Beil' delivered twenty-eiglat
very fine hogs to M in ford & Creamer
this week..
Jeff Lewis and family have moved
to their new home on the old Dabner
Thacker farm that Mr. Lewis pur
chased some time ago.
There has been a swarm of horse
btfyers in and around Murray for the
past few days. They have' been look
ing for some war horses.
Mrs. Henry Creamer and Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Wehrbein will depart on
Friday cf this week for a few days
visit with friends and relatives in
and near Falls City.
Fred Campbell, son of Mr. nnd Mrs-.
Frank Campbell, has been suffering
for the past few weeks with rheuma
tism, lie lias been in quite a serious
condition, and relief comes to him
vty slowly. His parents may be
compelled to take him to the hospital
before he can be given relief.
Ralph Kennedy, who recently re
turned to Murray from up in the
northern part of the state, has de
veloped into a genuine bronco buster,
and in company with a number of
Murray friends went up to Mynard
Tuesday afternoon, where he was go
ing to tackle a couple of bad horses,
and succeeded in riding them.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Spangler and
family from the northern part of
Iowa, arrived in Murray this week,
and will make their future home on
the old Silas Grosser farm south of
Murray, which was purchased by Ed
Spanjrler some time ago. Mr. Spang
ler met with the misfortune to loose
one of his horses on tl:e way here, by
it getting down, or being knocked
down in the car and getting its back
broken and they were compelled to
kill it.
Will Seybolt) had one of his horses
quite seriously injured at the home of
Homer Shrader last Sunday morning.
.lr. ana Mrs. fceyuolt had gone over
to the Shrader home to spend the
night, ami one horse becoming sick in
evening, after administering the med
icines necessary they left him lose in
il e barn, and .some time in the night
he became in contact with some of the
other horses, in fact his mate in the
narness, and one of them was quite
seriously injured from the others
kicking. Very ugly gashes were in
dicted on numerous portions of the
inimals body. The injuries necessi
ated the attention of Dr. Sanden, of
Plattsmouth to close them up.
((Too Late for Last Week.)
Trank Dugay is suffering with a
severe case of tonsilitis this week.
Miss Etta Nickels whs looking after
business in Plattsmouth Monday.
II. C. Creamer was a passenger to
Omaha Monday, where he had a car
if stock on the market.
John Hendricks and wife were
ransacting business in Plattsmouth
Mrs. Charles Creamer and Miss
v'eia Yardly were looking after busi
ness in Nebraska City Saturday.
Mrs. F. L. Rhoden is listed with the
;ick this week.
Miss Bertha Nickels was shopping
n Plattsmouth Monday.
Wayne Lewis was looking after
ome business in Plattsmouth Friday
md Saturday.
Mrs. Henry Ost visited Mrs. James
urown at Murray a few hours be
Aveen trains Monday.
Mrs. Charles Carroll r.nd Miss
Laura Puis were Nebraska City visit
ors Tuesday.
f rank Albin of Creighton visited
vith relatives in Murray a few hours
between trains Monday."
Mrs. Walter Sans entertained the
:adies of the K. N. K. Thursday after
noon, r '
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Tigner, Tuesday, March 2, a boy.
J. D. Lewis and family are moving
o the farm . recently purchased by
Mr. Lewis, east of Murray.
Arthur Ccpehaver and Guy Stokes
have moved from the Cole place to the
Todd place, east of Union, this week
Lennie Crawford and son were pas-
passenger Tuesday evening for Oma
ha, from where they will leave for
Coleridge to make their future home.
Will Rainey was looking after busi
ness near Murray Tuesday.
Philip and Charles Spangler of
Weeping Water were transacting
business in Plattsmouth Monday.
Hedge Posts for Sale.
580 good hedge posts for sale at a
price ot loc each. write or tele
phone 305-J. Frank Vallery, Platts
For any itching skin trouble, piles,
eczema, salt rheum, nives, itcn, scam
head, herpes, scabies, Doan's Ointment
is highly recommended. 50c a box
at all stores.
Mrs. Frank Mrasek is listed among
the sick this week.
Mrs. John Hendricks visited Mrs.
Will Oliver Wednesday.
William, the little son of Joseph
rasek, has the measles.
The condition of Mrs. Alf. Nickel 3
remains about the same.
R. R. Nickels was looking after
business Plattsmouth Saturday.
Mrs. A. J. Stokes is sewing for Miss
Jessie Todd at Union this week.
Charles Tigner was looking after
business in Plattsmouth Wednesday.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. John Hob
chiedt, a fine boy, Sunday, March '..
Roy Spangler of Mobile, Iowa,
moved to the Ed Spangler place this
little daughter
of Ilomc-r
wit'i pneii-
is seriously ill
Harry Creamer and Al Bavtlett
were looking after business i:i Omaha
John Hendricks and fam'ly were
transacting business in Platisinouth
A. D. Crunk and family aic nije
ly settued on the Frank Albin farm
for the coming year.
Roy Bailus and wife of Lincoln ai ?
moving to the Nickels' farm, east of
town, where Mr. Bailus will wore for
Lee Nickels the coming season.
I have two splendid models of the
Spirella garments for disposal at a
reduction if taken at once, s.'.ts 25
and 32. Etta M. Nickel :,
Returns to Cass County.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richter, and
family, -who left Cass County a numb
er of years ago, removing to Ness
County, Kansas, and later to Missouri,
returned to this county this week and
for the present will make their heme
on the Eeci;er farm, miles west
of Mynard. The many friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Richter are glad to wel
come them back to the old home.
T' ey are among the best people and
best farmers that Cass county ever
"The Rock Creek Budget" has a
weekly publication in District No. G.
Articles for this publication are writ
ten for the paper in connection with
the language work of the school. Each
week a new editor has charge of the
paper's publication. T' is week the
editor is Harrv Ramge.
Boost for the Rock Creek Budget.
Mrs. Howard Graves has been quite
ill for the past week.
Fred Ramge had business in Platts
mouth last Saturday.
Mrs. Leesley was a shopping in
P'attsrrouth last Saturday.
The recent storm has caused a
number of absences from school.
Thomas and Opal Reynolds have
been absent from school this week.
Frank DugAy has just recovered
from a severe attack of tonsilitis.
Ernest and Susie Bintner were
Plattsmouth- visitors last Saturday.
Mrs. C. L. Creamer went to Tlatts-
mouth on the evening train Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ramge were
visiting at the county seat last Sat
urdav. Mr. Lewis Rheinackle bought a
fine team of horses from W. S. Shera
this week.
George Reynolds and W. D. Wheel
er shipped their cattle to South Omaha
W. D. Wheeler has been under the
care of the physician for the past few
days. We hope he Avill soon be able
to be out again.
Joseph Campbell is keeqing up the
style set by his neighbors by harbor
ing a severe cold.
Little May Shrader, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Shrader, has
been very ill with pneumonia, but is
much better at this writing.
Ira Bates moved his household
goods to Plattsmouth Tuesday, hav
ing rented his farm to Bert Crawford,
who will take possession soon.
Mrs. I. S. White is very ill at the
present writting. Her ailment of
long duration with her advanced
years, makes her recovery very siow.
Mrs. Alf. Nickels, who has . been
very ill lor some montns, remains
about the same, suffering occasional
relapses. A trained nurse from Om
aha, is caring for her. As soon as
she is able to travel she will be taken
to Arizona, as the doctors advise a
change of climate. Her many friends
hope that the change will be of great
benefit to her health.
Care of Little Children.
The pulse of a little boy is 125 and
a little girl is 135; the respiration is
from 35 to 40 per minute. An adult is
twice that much. An infant takes less
oxygen than an adult.
V.'orms A child should have plenty
of outdoor play: see that he has
Concrete Work Guaranteed!
We could not do that if we were not sure evf:ry time
we do a piece of concrete work that it is done ri4ht.
We Know How
or we would, not take a chance on rebuilding our
work. We know how to mix concrete and how to put
it in, and every job we handle is there to stay.
Silo, Water Tank; Water Storage
Tank, Walls
all built by us under an absolute guarantee to be
of first-class material and workmanship and we r.tand
back of it.
Come in and See
if you are thinking of building anything this year. We
have a number of new idea3 about building that will
interest you.
Just south of Postoffice on Fifth Street.
V Plattsmouth,
plenty of nourishing food, t ut do not
give him too much sugar; have his
evening meal light; have them sleep
from eight to ten hours.
Rheumatism or Neuralgia Improve
circulation by taking a warm bath,
and put a little mustard in the bath
water; exercise freely.
Poor Circulation in Winter Take a
warm bath at night an da sponge bath
in the morning; rub with Turkish
towel till the skin is aglow.
Elsie Creamer, Eighth Grade.
Potato Dumplings.
Grate into small pieces some cold
boiled potatoes; add one egg and some
salt; add f.cur enough to make a
dough; roll into small balls and drop
into salted boiling water. Let bell till
they float; lift from water i-nd servo.
Grace Lindner, Eighth Grade.
Care of Chickens.
See that the chickens have grain
and warm feed and that they have
plenty of water and a good place to
roost. When there is snow on the
ground keep them in the chicken
house so that they cannot freeze their
feet. Harry Ramge,
Fourth Grade.
Billy and I.
Billy lives next door. We are great
friends. He comes over to play with
me. and my automobile. One day Billy
played too rough and broke my auto
mobile. I told him he was a bad boy.
Then he said he would be more care
ful. We have it all fixed now; so to
morrow we are going to have some
fun. I think I will bring my sister
along. Billy has to go home now.
Robert Creamer, Third Grade.
Fun We Have.
V.'e have lots of fun at home. In
the summertime we play train on the
lawn swing. One of us is conductor,
another is the engineer, and the rest
are passengers. We have stations
from Omaha to Murray, and we stop
at every station to let someone off and
someone on. Earl Lindner,
Third Grade.
When one is coughing and spitting
with tickling throat, tightness in
chest, soreness in throat and lungs
when 'head is aching and the whole
body racked with a cough that won't
permit sleep he wants immediate re
lief. Thousands say Foley's Honey
and Tar Compound is the surest anl
quickest acting medicine for cough?,
colds, croup and la grippe. Sold
Egffs for Hatching.
Barred Plymouth Rock eggs for
sale. $1.00 for fifteen, or ?5.00 per
hundred for incubator eggs.
' Mrs. Wm. Troop
?chawka, Neb.
When you are looking for the very
best articles in the line of fancy box
stationery, call at the Journal office,
where you will find an excellent
variety to select from.
Successor to BAILEY A MACII
Tha largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Experts in
charge of all work. Lady attendant. Modarat Prices. Porcelain
fillings just like tooth. Instruments carefully sterilized after usinc.
Oonsfrusfion Co.,
All KectaJ Diseases cured without a surgical
operation. No Chloroform, Ether or other
eral aneasthetic used. CURE GUARANTEED H
to last a LIFE-TIME, "examination free.
Omtha, Nebraska
United Presby terian Church Notes.
The evangelistic meetings closed
last Sabbath evening. The average
nee was good, th.-j audience
ip.ngir.g in number from thirty to
eighty. The conditions of the roads
and sickness prevented ; ome from
hearing Mr. Stewart as often as they
There were fifteen who v.ert for
ward during the meetings. Of these
eleven have united with the church.
At the Sabbath morning service eight
by profession and one by certificate
were publicly recognized as members
of the congregation. Six were
ba;:ti"ed. Sickness prevented others'
from being present.
There was an urgent request that
Mr. Stewart remain longer, but his
home pastorate required his attention
f.tid he departed for Superior on the
Monday morning train south.
The expense of the campaign was
; about twenty dollars; this was partial-
ly met by a special offering taken at
a week evening service. The free-will
offering on the last evening given for
the benefit of the, amount
ed to sixty-fire dollars.
The success of the campaign is due
in part to the active interest taken by
those outside the congregation, as well
as bv the members themselves.
Librarians for March.
Following are the librarians
March 11 Mrs. D. C. Rhoden.
March 17 Mrs. J. V. Pitman.
March 20 Miss Gertrud-j Long.
March 21 Mrs. L. D. Hiatt.
March 27 Mrs. O. A. Davis.
March ,"1 Mrs. Minford.
Lee Kniss, President.
For Sale.
Five pure bred Shorthorn bull
calves. Age from 11 to 12 month-'.
Also a few pure bred yearling heiferj.
Joseph F. Tubbs,
Mynard, Neb.
Tel. 2312, Platts. Exchange.
3-i-fit v
Sell your property by an ad in The
and we want to inform you
that dates can be made
at this office or Murray
State Bank for
Wm. R. Young
Careful attention to Public Sales
Kates are Reasonable.
Call at my expense
Murray, - - - Nebraska
& mACHi