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    MOiTD-LT, xEERUAP.i 23. 19 1;.
F3CT 3.
W WW 11;
Prelude fo Pastor Russell's
Stirring Sermon.
Kindly but Pungent Dissection of
Eitly's Furor Fake Preaching Abom
inate to God God and Man Dis
honored by Fa!se Doctrines Which
Preachers Do Not Believe Instilling
Superstitious Fears a Crime If the
Bible Does Teach That Eternal Tor
ture Is the Fate of All Except the
Saints. It Should Be Preached, Yea,
Thundered, Weekly, Daily, Hourly.
If It Does Not So Teach, the Fact
Should Be Made Known and the
Foul Stsin Dishonoring to God's Holy
Name Removed.
February 21.
Pasiur Ilussell
spoke today from
the text. "I am not
ashamed of the
Gospel of Christ."
iK o m a n s 1:10.)
Prior to Lis st-r-moii
be made
some kindly but
pungent remarks
on 'T.illy" Sun
day, "the most
noted jreacber of
our day." The
1 w
Fator would i; t depart from bis cus
tom am! the r.ible rule, "Speak evil of
no man." His remarks merely ap-Ix-rtr.iried
to r.i'ly's" preaching of the
i'.iiiy" tinf.iy catches the public
eye ami fur by the novelty of his
methods. Some go to bear him lam
baste the preachers on the platform
behind hiiu. and to watch their faces
suJ see them snii'i as though it were
a ;rood joke when he toils them that
their preaching has made the churches
cold storage places with little s tenure,
or when he likens them to the Scribes.
l'l:arise-s. hypocrites, of o'd. or when
he teils them that they are leading
their congregations straight down to
He!i. These things told iu the news
papers swm so astounding that people
must see and hoar for themselves.
Billy's Chair-Smashing Proclivities.
others go to bear "Dilly" because it
is the "fal." I'.usiness men and elec
tric ::nd steam railway managers real
ize that thousands wi!l come to town
as they would To a circus. They bring
j r. ssure to lear ui-ou the ior preach
er: for i:iUy" wisely Insists that lie
will not come and save the citizens
from Hell if there is any competition
in the business insists that all the
t bun-ins cloe down. T'ndcr the pres-
i-nre the preachers cannot ho'p them
selves and try to make the I -est of it.
Lopjng that people wi I not take "I'-illy
Seriously as rep- ts their hyiocrisy
etc.. and ass 11 rid that he will divide
the spoils evenly amongst all the
churches not the financial spoils, bat
the souls for "cold storage" or to be let
down to Hell.
Others atteul to see "Hilly":; acro
batic feat, jumping onto a table or
.smashing 3 chair; others because they
Lave been invited to le of the large
choir; others to say that they have
beard "i'Mly" Sunday. The worldly
adage is. "Nothing succeeds like suc
cess;" and every time "Billy" succeeds
he has iuor sti . ss.
Amongst riiiiy's virtues we should
not i'oig, t the fearless way in whkb be
attacks the social customs and sins
ivhi'-h assail the famiiy and the com
i.miiiry." the fearless way in which be
tells the preachers what he really
thinks of them atul what t'aj masses
of th public think of them, and the
a bove-lK.aid niamu r iu which he bar
gains tlie result of his efforts for cold
cash the meeting of the excuses and
the giving to himself of certain oPiec-ti-
ns for him -elf and his troupe. If
the Gospel must be sold, it is Itetter to
have it done in the open rather than. In
tht name of the heathen, the collectors
getting the most.
To the extent that "Hilly" Sunday
seeks to defend the r.ible against the
Higher Critics, to the extent that he
really shows up the coldness, formal-:-m.
hypocrisy, of the Clmn '1 of Lao
diea (Revelation H:1 I 17. o the e.K-f-nt
that he emourages ri !..eousness
f life and diseoura gr s rr;ukennoss
: nd lewdness, we can surely wish him
Go;K; ( r : tr:. t J::. .:::: rood is
a complisheti by him. in awakening the
I eople to do some thinking for them
selves along religious lines.
Some cf "Billy" Sunday's Faults.
The Pastor said that if the reports
that "Di'ly" prayed to God most irrev
erently, and addressed the Redeemer
as "Old Pal." were true, then "Billy's"
inflner:.'e on the puMie won. 1 lead on
in the direction in which the world is
now rapidly moving any way toward
irreverence. He hoped that "Billy"
vmi! 1 become more reverent, and le
lieves that this result would follow a
letter knowledge of God. He could
scarcely reconcile with honesty Billy's
: tteicpt to tie up a.l the souls be
t sved. in the churches wbieh'be de
t'lred were co'd storage plants lead
ing d 'wn to Ileil. He wished that
"Bii'y" wonhl reconcile the-e opio-
He was pleased to note that "Billy"
S:in lay's last senium in tach place
.vas'v on the Se'-ond t'oming of
' hri-t : and that "Billy" apparently rec--riii;:es
the present a 11 J last stage of
t'i"."hurcb. typified in LaoIicea. ThLs
?n iscd him all the more to wonder
.vhy "Billy" would help people Into
the Laodi. er.u t'hun h. m hi h the Bible
styles Babylon, and d.cian-s that Go I
sroes out ol His uioutL. iHex-!ati. n
.'!:bJ.i Nest Sunday the l'a-t-.r v. hi
dis-u-s the .sV-,-n I Coining o: ("iirist.
viewiug that grtt c-vei.t and Mes
siah' liiu-lleiu Iroui a souiev. hat dif
ferent anIe from Bliiy's.
The I'astor .eei::r.-d that it makes
his blood I'oi! wi;h righteous indigna
tion to iiiul Billy's I'leaehing a p'.acli-t-al
indorsement of ifTe ioi Jiho!ior
ing theory that the great i.ia-s ,f hu
inanity ire to stiff r eternal torment
been use they w. ; e born in sin. mis
shapen in iiiiuity il'salm r,l:."i. ai.d
then f.Jlel to live saintly lives. Tine.
"Billy" does not cypiain Hell. Like
rii'ist preai-hers he probably bides l is
true thought . n this sii'oject. while
allowing the common people to think
tin t he, l-!ieves in a Ile'l of eternal
tortures. The I'astor e..r.;d na be
lieve that Mr. Sunday or any other in
telligent man of our day really be
lieves this invention of tie Iatk Ages.
whi h antagonizes the Bible as weil
as eoiamou s-::e.
Mr. Sunday and all other preachers
who realize the falla--y of this great
"doctrine tif devils" (1 Timothy -5 :1 1 owe
it to the ieop!e who trust them and
who make u; their coI!ecibns. to teil
them the truth. Mme tiirin t!ils. they
owe it to CitJ that this ft.ul stain upon
the Divine character I e deia unced.
Tliey owe it to t he.ns. ives as ni'-u to
stand for and speak out the truih and
to assist in opening the eyes of the
poor, deluded world.
Tlie I'astor hopes that Mr. Sunday
will yet realize that no one can lng
maintain a moral standard higher than
that which be attributes to his God.
The injustice and persecution of cen
turies is largely attributable to the
false doctrines which represent the
Creator as a demon who unjustly and
unloving'y created our race with the
knowledge and intention that nine
hundred and ninety-nine out of every
thousand would udure an eternity of
torture. Of thi.S as a Gospel the I'astor
has been ashamed for forty-four years.
A Ix'tter under-'-landing cf the Bibl
has led iiiin since to preach
The Not-Ashamed Gosper cf Christ.
Beginning Lis discourse tl.e I'astor
said. er; body knows that the w o.'d
Gospel signifies Good Tiding-, as in
the angels Mi-ssage :it the hirth of
Jesus -Behold. I bring you Good Tid
ings of great joy. which so:;!! be unto
all people!" Who is rc-'pon-ible for
the fact that this Message of Joy to
all people Las been turned completely
around to mean bad tidings of giett
misery to all people except to an elect
haudful? The fact is that no person
deliberately plotted this turning of
G.mTs Word upside down. It is the
work of the I'evi!. who gradually foot
ed it ujNn the Chur.-h as well as UiK;u
the heathen world, with the vU-w to
turning people away from God and the
Sr. Peter and St. Paul lth predicted
the falling away of the Church and the
success of the doctrines of demons.
"The god of this world Satan bath
blinded the minds" of nil unbeliever.-.
If it weie not for these delusions of
Satan, the whole world might speedily
be brought to know, to admit e. to love,
the true God. The ApotIe continues,
telling us v. by Satan blinds men "le,-t
the light of the knowledge of the glory
of G.xl should shine into their
hearts." Wh"rever the true knowledge
jif God shim's into the human heart, i
presents the Almighty in such glorious
character a to demand the reveren-v
of His creatures. Hence Satan's en
deavor to blrnd men's minds thr'High
false doctriii-s which rr.i--repreer.t the
Almighty's character and Plan.
But while we ScrfpturaHy hold th--.t
Satan had chief responsibility in th
matter, it is n"t for us to say that th
clerics of the Dark Ages M n.r more
or less connive at the error, trusting
th-t it wou'I make th
servient to tlie clergy, through whom
they might hope to escape future tor
tures. But leaving the past jn:d its
responsibilities, we may surely say groat atul grave ' responsibility
rest njH.ti the preachers of today for
th-ir periwtu.ttion of this irretit decep
tionthis fraud upon th people, slan
der upon the Almighty and opposition
to the Truth. f the degree of this
wickedness only Gel is capable of
judging correctly: but it is wkli'd to
keep the people in darhness on the
subjec t, atid it is slanderous bla: -phrmy
against the Divine character.
There is n- question that nearly all
ministers privately eoufess that they
do not believe these slanders, while
publicly they continue to sieak words
which give the opposite thought. The
time when iii'-h horrible assassination
of the Divine reputation can prosper
is surely short. Messiah's glorious
Ber-ii will make an end of all such
lies; as it is T.ritten. "I will lay justice
to the line, and righteousness to the
j-lummet; and the hail shn'l sweep
away the refuge of lies." Isaiah 2:17.
God's Power to Every One Believing.
If lelief in the real Gospel is the
Divine power which works in the be
liever, it follows that whoever h is not
the Gospel has not this Iivine power:
and that in proportion as the Gospel is
perverted its power is lost. So we se
today millions of people professing t'
believe the Gosel. yet acting like
devils under delusions from the Dark
Ages which have leen fostered by the
preachers of Christendom. If they
knew the real Gosjiel. they -would act
differently and net dishonor Christ by
claiming to be His followers.
The Gospel Mossope is double. It
has one portion of promise of blessing
for the Church and another for the
world. For the Church, who renounce
earthly hopes and ambitions and cul
tivate the Heavenly, it promises the
high reward of glory, honor and im
mortality with Christ in D!is Millennial
Kingdom, to be entered Into by the
power of the First Resurrection. The
Gospel Message tells the Church of
God's giaci us purposes for the world'
-that through Christ's Kingdom tbej
erhming life Vsin-rftV human be-
been mad possible for all mankind
through t)u? liedmer's sac-ririce, and
that as soon r.a the Church shall have
been giotilitd, the blessing of til-'
world will bejriu to 1 nci-'tni lished
fully diiritig i-Ieriahs Ibign of
Bighteou-ness. We leave lor next
Sunday the dis. ussion f tb lautiful
teachings of the Bibie v. t!:e teach
ings of Mr. Sunday, the AI e:r. L-ts
ami the -r-eds on this subject. "to Every One Thst Delievcth."
Only a comparatively small nauibe'
of humanity have opportunity of be
lieving during this ge. Messiah's
Ivingdoui will give the whole world an
opportunity of believing in CLiist not
merely those Jiving when Mes.-iah's
Kingdom will be set up. but. us the
Bible says. "All that are iu their gia es
shall hear the Voice of the Son of Co l
and shall come forth" fnui the grave
not from Heaven, not from Purga
tory, nor from our Protestant Hell of
eternal r-rture. but from the grave.
The Chui-'-h will constitute the Fir-t
Resurrection class; 51m! Laving p.;ssvd
thi ir trial sin-eosst ully. they wid .have
the reward of life everlasting on the
Heavenly plane. The wortd to be
awakened at that time will include the
heathen, and all the millions of Chris
tendom who Lave never known what
real Christianity is. They will ail be
brought to a knowledge of the Truth,
that they may be tested, or judged,
thereby ml prove themselves ci 'iei"
worthy or unworthy cf everlasting life
as human beings, in that world-wide
So Jesus declares of them, "They
that have done evil" that Lave not
been approved of God "shall come
forth unto a Besurrection of Judg
ment" trial, testing with a view to
seeing how they will respond t those
judgment, enlightenment-, etc.. that
the willing and obedient at the close
of Christ's Iieign may be received into
all the liberties properly appertaining
to Go I's children. ( b'omans S:-J1. The
wrong thought in the mind of th..'
translators of our Common Version
Bible lias misled them oevnsionaKy
into iriving poor translations. Pee John
o :li;i. Revised Version.
The Not-Ashamed Gospel
A'l God's work is perfect. (Deuter
onomy IJ"J:4.) Man originally was per
fect, in the Creator's likeness. Dis
obedience Lrottght upon man not a
penalty of r tcinal torment, but a death
penalty "Dying. thou shalt die."
"The wages . f sin is death." For six
t!io'.!s:n 1 vears the world has been
undergoing this sen;eni-e. Cut off by j
sin from fellowship with Go, man!
has degraded himself. Satan has con- j
tribute-! ' to this reign of Sin and
Death by deceiving mankind, foster-j
lug errors, misrepresenting God. etc. j
God has the situation fully in hand. ,
lie purimsed to ierinit loth angels
and men to see one great iiiustrati u
of the effect of sin. leading on to di '
ease and d -at!i. mental, r.s.-ral and i
physical. Meantime the Creator has j
gracious purples for man. Their ex-1 evening 0 entertainment wui com
perieiices with sin and death will at 8 o'clock. To ail the young
!. fruitless. They wi'.i have op;Krtu- j people classes of all the Sunday
nity of learning valuable lessons, prof- : ,.c.0i s ;3 aso extended an invitation.
itaMe lor eternity. 1 ue i.rsi trim :is
to their worthiness of eternal life or
of everlasting death was through one
man: and his disobedience settled the
matter for the rue the death sen
tence was the penalty.
As a basis for man's recovery, the
is.iii of God died for man's sin not to
g-t mankind out of eternal torment
.. . ... 1.,.,., -r,.,....
n-.i i,-.,m,.nt ..r to fr. r -., t orv. l.ut to
save them from extinction, "that
whosoever believeth on Ilini might
not perish." Mohn ":10.i Their recov
ery f foil 1 sin and death is Script urallv
styled the resurrection of the dead.
Thus the Church of true Iwlievers are
represented as "1 isen v.ith Christ" to
"valk in newness of life." and are j
promised an a tual resurrection the 1
First, the Chief Resurrection.
Nest comes the world's resurrection.
The Truth v.iil Ik? made known to
them. Instead of teing confused and
hampered with suitrstition. lies, doc
trines of deviis, the true light of the
knowledge of toe glory of God will
shine upon them. Gradually the willing
and obedient of the world will rise
mentally, morally and physically to
jK-rfection: whereas the Church, wlrl u
is to get a new nature, spirit nature,
will he perfected by an instantaneous
This is the Gospel which St. Tanl
preached that the dead sleep in
Hades, jsheol. the Bible Hell, the tomb,
awaiting the establishment of Mes
siah's Kingdom which will bring glori
ous blessings. St. Paul declared that
if there be no resurrection of the dead,
all faith is vain, all preaching is vain,
ail hope of forgiven! of sins is vain.
We might as well eat and drink, and
consider that when we die we perish.
But. lie declares. thre Is to be such a
resurrection: and the fact that Jesu
died and rose again is God's guarantee
to all tielievers that all who sleep iu 1
Jesus shall be brought from the dead!nab Ir- l-ynott will not attempt to
by and through Ilim and His jowcr.
"There's :i wiilcness in Clod's merer
I-ike the wWeness of the sea."
Of this Gospel I am i;ot ashamed. Of
every other gospel that I have ever1
heard I would le ashamed ashamed
if I had been its inventor, ashamed to
endorse it. ashamed of the God who
would have such a gospel. But the true
Gosiel. sh'niug out of the Bible and
enlightening men's hearts all over the
world, is a Message of Grace. Justice,
Wisdom and Love. Bet us lay hold
upon it. Let us love and serve it and
the only living and true God. the God
of the Bible, not the God of the creeds;
and lot us show forth the praises of
Ilim who has called us out of darkness
into II i3 marvelous light.
I nOKIoIR fipTFR H Q !fJ
LUUlllrtU hTlLU UU M
I Mil I Ui 1 11 C iJlMlL
This morning Judge W. II. Newell
departed for Marquette, where he
feces to look cfter the interests of his
lanch, near uhat place. Some years
since he, with the lute C. II. Par
mele, purchased the ranch then at a
very moderate figure, and for the
past, almost score of years, have had
Mr. D. E. Sievers cor-.c! jctingr the af
fairs there, which hae been very suc
cessful. During the time added years
have come to Mr. Sievers, the man
ager of the place, and the grivinjr to
manhood of his "sons has, witli their
seeking interests te-vhere, left him
fo that he is not able to conduct the
affairs of the placeu s he would like.
Tlie ranch, which lias been owned by
V. II. Newell and S. II. Atwood, has
been divided and they go there today
to arrange for the conducting' of the
place in the future. The plac?, which
was purchased for a nominal sum
vears atro, is now one cf much value.
The Loyal Sons will give a Wash
ington evening at the Woodman hail
on Wednesday, to which they invite
those who may be interested in tha
theme of the "Father of His Country."
There will be discussions of the char
acter of Washintgon from a number
of d'tTererst standpoints. Oliver C.
Hudson will treat the subject fiom the
standpoint of Washington as a boy,
his early life, the moulding of the
character which in after 3
; maoe
him the foremost character in the ne-v
country. Following Clarence Stenner
will treat the subject from the vie v
of him as a Christian. Dr. G. 11.
Davis will di.-cuss "Washington a- a
I .statesman, wni.e L,:arence iu. v nit
i taker will deal with him as a soldier,
! and M. S. Eriggs will view the sub
ject as a citizen.
There will be a discussion following,
the oue-tion being,
Jesolved. That
tii.i:;e v.ho manufactuie
earns, am
war. have
s than the
ir.f.r.ition and n.uitio.s c
r;et with srreater succe
Tr.?.".cal fraternity, who de:-l with the
tieatment of disease.;,- and the surgi
cal appliances, and these things whiea
save rather th?n destroy life. An in
v;t".tion to this which is free,
is extended to the members of the
High school, both girls ard boys. The
Scarlet Fever Cases Improving.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Iligley, where five members of the
family have been suffering with scar
let fever, and where the quarantine
ban has been over them since Christ-
tnas, will be lifted within a
few days.
The five members of the famiiy who
;have been afflicted with the disease
fare all recovering rapidlv and will
soon e released. Almost two months
rpaarantine is
thank you, so says Mr.
Has Used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for 20 Years.
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
been in my household for the past
twenty years. I began piving- it to
my children when they were small
As a quick relief for croup, whooping
cough, and ordinary colds, it has no
equal. Being free from opium and
other harmful drugs, I never felt
sfraid to pive it to the children. I
have recommended it to a large num
ber of friends and neighbors, who
have used it and speak highly of it,"
writes Mrs. Mary Minke, Shorts ville,
N. Y. Obtainable everywhere.
Improving Slowly.
Ed Rynott, who has been confined
to his home since Christmas day suf
fering with heart trouble, has been
improving slowly and will soon be
able to take up some sort of light
resume his position as traveling sales
man, but will engage in some busi
ness at home, when his health will
Mr. A. M. Holmes Very Low.
The many friends of Mr. A. II.
Holmes, who is lying low with a
stroke of paralj'sis at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. C. A. Rawls, is re-
I ported as being not in any way im
proved, with no hopes of improve
ment. Mr. Holmes is a man whom
everjbody who knows loves, and he, .
with all his friends and relatives,
have the sympathy of all the citizens
in their trouble.
Public Sale!
The undersigned will offer at Public
Sale at the Dovey section, three rnil?s
east of Cedar Creek, on
the following1 described property:
13 Head of Horses and Mules.
One black mare, 10 years old,
wek ht. l,0RO.
One bay horfe, 7 years
weight 1,100.
One chestnut sorrel, 8 years
weight 1,000.
10 years
Ure blac
mare, 8 years
weight 1,4 00.
Ore black
weight 1,J0.
Or.e pray
weight 1,320.
One Lay
weight 1,340.
Or.e sorrel
weight 1.150.
One bav
horse, '.
horse, C
colt, weight 720.
horse, 2 years old,
mule, 7 years old,
mule, C years old,
mule, G years old,
weight 800
1 3 COWS ;
11 calves; 2 3-year-old
70 head of shoats; 1 sow with pigs
Farming Implements.
Fight sets of work harness.
One set single harness.
Or.e set double buggy harness.
Four sets fly nets.
One saddle.
About fifteen tons baled prairie hay
About five tons alfalfa hay.
One tank heater.
Tnree hay racks.
Teree binders
Or.e corn binder.
One steel elevator.
Three corn planters.
One hay sweep.
Two 1 -horse corn drills.
One corn harvester.
One Endgate seeder.
One Janesville disc.
Two steel corn boxes.
One blacksmith outfit.
Three log chains.
Two hand corn shellers.
Six wagons.
One iron wheel wagon.
Two bob sleds.
One 1-horse wheat drill
Four walking plows.
Two walking listers.
Five riding listers.
One two-tow lister.
Two sulkv plows.
Two Deere pang plows.
Two riding cultivators.
Five walking cultivators.
Tvo Deere two-row cultivators.
Two stall: cutters.
Three mowers.
Two hay rakes.
Two 3-ection harrows.
Ore 2-section harrow.
And many other articles not listed
Lunch Served on the Ground
S?le Will Commence at 10 Sharp.
TERMS: All sums of $10 and un
der casn in hand; on sums over SlU a
credit of one year will be given, pur
chaser giving note with approved se
curity, bearing 8 per cent interest
from date. No property removed un
til terms of sale are complied with
W. R. YOUNG, Auctioneer
F. E. SCHLATER, Clerk.
Fred Crough of Conrad, Iowa, who
has been visiting in this city for the
past few days at the home of Charles
McDaniel, he being; a brother of Mrs.
McDaniel, departed this morning for
Marshalitown, Iowa, where he will
rhortly engage in farming. In speak
ing of Plattsmouth, Mr. Cough ad
vanced the idea that we have one of
the best and cleanest cities in the
west, as well as one in which the
business interests are well represent
ed and one awake to the interests of
its citizens.
FOPw SALE S. C. White Leghorn
Cockerels. Inquire of Fred II.
Ramge, Route 1, Plattsmouth.
Mrs. Herald Williams and daughter,
Stella, departed this morning for their
home at Falls City, where they will
visit with Mrs. Williams' parents for
a week. They went by the way of
Omaha and Lincoln.
Concrete Work Guaranteed!
We could not do that if we vere not sure every time
we do a piece of concrete work that it is done riV:hr.
We Know How
or we would not take a chance on rebuilding our
work. We know how to mix concrete and how to put
it in, and every job we handle is there f o stay.
Silo, Water Tank, Water Storage
Tank, Walls
all built by us under an absolute guarantee to be
of first-class material and workmanship and we stand
back of it.
Come in and See Us
if you are thinking of building anything this year. We
have a number of new ideas about building that will
interest you.
Just south of Postoffice on Fifth Street.
Concrete Construction Co.,
Thirty-two leading educators of
the state will attend the annual
meeting of the Department of Super
intendents of the N. E. A. in Cincin
nati next week. The Nebraska party
will make every effort to have the
next meeting of the organization
come to Nebraska. Omaha will act
as host if the invitation is acepted.
More than fifteen hundred superin
tendents of school of cities attend the
meeting, and coming to Omaha, they
would be afforded an opportunity to
learn something of the wonderful re
sources of Nebraska and Iowa.
In the Nebraska party will be:
Cuperintendents F. M. Hunter of Lin
coln, J. A. Eeveridge of Council
Bluffs, A. II. Wateihouse of Fremont.
C. M. Barr of Hastings, R. J. Barr of
Grand Island, J. A. Doremus of
Auburn, A. E. Fisher of Aurora, N.
M. Graham of South Omaha, E. U.
Graff of Omaha, Cyrus Williams of
Curtis; Presidents D. W Hays of
Peru Normal, U. S. Conn of Wayne
Normal, George S. Dick of Kearney,
Joseph Sparks of Chadron Normal,
Messrs. Fordyce, Luckey and Reed of
the University, V. G. Mays of Lincoln,
C. E. Reed of Omaha, George Towne
of Lincoln, A. O. Thomas, state su
perintendent of public instruction, F.
S. Perdue of Lincoln, Miss Ruth
Pyrtle of Lincoln, Etta Smith of Oma
ha, Mary Foster of Lincoln, and
Kanna Johnson of Albion, Neb. The
Nebraska party will leave Sunday in
a special car.
George Edgerton Improving.
George Edgerton, who has been
very sick, suffering with pneumonia,
at the Hotel Riley, for the past few
days, is reported some better todav.
Saturday evening his condition was
reported much more serious, but he is
now gaining ground. The many
friends trust that he may continue
Cordially Invited
to the
Mifcajj- mi i - "i .1
which is to follow a
Big Minstrel Entertainment
at the
District No. 28,
Saturday Evening, February 27th
at 7:30 Sharp
From Friday's r-ai'.y.
The expected has happened atrai'.
The new school code, compile i at
some expense to the state and con
siderable sacrifice of time on the part
of disinterested school men, has been
thrown into the legislative
heap with but little rrore than a cur
sory look at it. The school commis
sion was created by the last legisla
ture, the members of which were con
vinced, after they had been a-ked to
pass upon a number of amemimert-i
to the school laws, that the only intel
ligent way to go about improving the
code was to refer the matter to a com
mission of experts h would have
time and who could brirg to bear a
greater intelligence u:n the t rb-
!ems involved. Whether the code pro
posed is an embodiment of wi-iiwn
ard progress we co not know; bjt it
is certain that it is an improvement
upon the existing school code. The
legislators, however, v ill have none of
it. Either it is too .z a task for them
1o tackle or they have an idea that
they are just as weil informed upon
the needs of the school as the ej-rts.
It doesn't matter which; into the
waste basket goes the proposed code.
This happens in the government right
along. State officers make recom
mendations to the governors as to re
forms in their departments, and they
go into the discard. The governor
tells the legislature, from the depths
of his experience, what ought to be
done to secure better results, and no
body pays any attention to his recom
mendations. These conditions will
never be remedied until we secure a
smaller body of legislators sitting
either at frequent intervals or for a
longer period, with full time to in
vestigate, learn and legislate. Lin
coln News.
For Sale.
Four or five tons of good timothy
and prairie hay, in the stack, on the
Gorder farm. W. H. Sutton.
ZTmZiii'i'i 1 mmmm- .- - L" I