The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 14, 1914, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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    MONDAY. DKCKMIJKR 11, 1914.
Mi. A.
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Ills fflk n i M fl
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V r IS .
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You can find something electrical for everyone, Wife, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Son or Dsvhter
Electric Irons Electric Warming Pads
Electric CoiTee Percolators Electric Radiators
Electric Tea Samovars Electric Suction Oerners
El-ctric Teakettles ' Electric Washing Machines
Electric Stoves Electric Curling Irons
Electric Toys for Children All w;.th prices within reach of everyone.
If your home is not wired for phenomenal servant, you could not have a more appropriate Xrnas Gift for the whole family, than Electric Service for the home. Call our new business manager and
get an estimate, and place j our order eark.
n n n n n
Electric Toasters
Electric Chafing Dishes
Electric Hot Plates
Electric Grill
Electric Sewing Machine Motors
vise"' Kzz&r
i ;
Vall Paper
and Paint Store!
All kinds Mixed Paints, Oi,
'arnishe?.''iridowGlas3, Spe
cialties and Picture I' raminc;.
We have at this time a particularly fine line of Framed tl
Pictures for Christmas Presents. fj
Bring in your Journal Art Calendars, vluch ve will i
frame for you at x?ry reasonable price.
?.7rp n us?
i u (j v.;
The trend of modern times is toward the abolishment of the
smaller towns tho.?e of less than 10,000 population. Each large
city roaches out and takes in the of the towns smaller than it and
?o on down the lino. PIatt.:mouth people buy things at Omaha which
they coud buy at home as well, and in most cases, better. Omaha
folks buy at Chicago, with no belter results than they could obtain in
their own city. Chicago bjV ones co to New York, while New Yorkers
spend their surplus funds in London arel Paris.
The way that towns like Flattsmouth citizens can help to combat
this movement is to bj;in at home. Make your motto: "'I believe in
my community first and then in the community next to mine." If
ycu rannct buy what you want in Plattsmouth then 12:0 to Omaha, but
try the Plartsmouih stoves first and be sure before you leave home.
Fr y :iis p:..-t :r." tu-n:;rt,:r.tT,t store-; in Inruv cities have y it-Mod to the tempta
tion of to the ptolits of tliier et;l!ifhnient.s by cxajrorating: the values they
(rltr. It is the f :v;-i .i:. y of thc.?e nu.-stat'-mcrits iit-tatel by department managers
urder th? v. I. ;'i d spur of making sale.s rec-oi tls. that has pint- far to weaken many
,re.s in pr.b'if e.t irr.ation. Kpe.' rcniv.!h. the day is passing when fraudulent
adwrtisin:"- of bargair.s c- ni cominarid bu-ire -s. l'ooj!e ai e comi' r to seek fair values
r.t fair price--, r.-ti-er than .::ail!e in fsuppo.-'.-d ba-p-:Jns, whi .'i. if the values are cor
icctlv .--ta'ed. in-" ho..i:..l t.; -:ut tho icy o:fcrin then out of business, unless an ex-
Plailsmoufli, Hob. f
tenner Bro. ?s Green House f
on iii'-cv ai d uii'ri.ov.a pic rchandi.-e.
Vi'hy not have your Suits and Overcoats made in Plaits- j
mouth by Plattsmouth workmen? i hey will wear 'o-tcr,
lock better and last longer than sweat shop clothes.
Prices Moderate and work guaranteed to Satisfactory.
409 Main St. Flaltsmoutfi, Neb. g
h is f;.ir to pvc-jirso t'. it store:; in oinp.ll io'.vns can olfer their foods at less prices
than .v to res i'1 larger cities can sell for. Uer'.; are lower, and very expense of placing
me'vhun.-Iis.- l-.efore the r. :l'!ic is less than in the larger centers.
I u-. you eve i- hear of rerchar.ts in small towns 'Doing enormously rich? The mer
oh.'.ii princes are all locaieil in the big cities. The intelliger.-.-e of small town business
men will compare vt'-y f .voraoly wi'.h that of their city brethren.
Then., when every cVrnent is considered, the result is always in favor of Inning
at home if eu can f"'d v.'art you want.
Local or civic pride si-ouM in:lu-nce people toward spending their money among
their neighbors and frieids. In doing this you help yourself. You assist in building
up ard strengthening the population ar.d resources of your own. community.
The Germans do t'li loiter than any pep'e in the world. The record of growth
of .he German "mpire in ihe h'-t thirty or forty years is not equalled in the history
f the -".arid. They have '':ne it by intelligent action. The rules of German cities
ko in this regard, and thev are so simple and easy to fellow that they will
Has for the Holiday Season a magnificent variety of
Poinsette, Cyclamen and Primrose Blooming Plants
A Fine Selection of Ferns
American Beauty Roses in abundance
and other Choice Cut Flowers.
"Floral Designs on Order for Christmas f unctions at
moderate charge.
tenner oromers
Telephone 15
West Elm St.
be given here in su'-starce
First In your pur
s, no matter haw small, do rot lose sight of the interests
U i n n r, R n pa r- ?
fa &J9 to V3 i II M a
I hereby announce to you that on anj'thincj you buy in
the line of Furniture and Rugs I will give you A Discount of
20 Per Cent from regular prices on Cash Purchases Only
beginning December 19th, a. m., to December 24th, p. in.
Remember the special days. I have many pieces of Furniture
that are valuable and useful and make handsome Christmas
Gifts. My gift to you is the 20 Per Cent Discount, as an
nounced herein.
Do not fail io call at the Big Fvrn;t;:rc Store ol;
tarry, r.-fxrnt rru :xr.
Nebraska j;j
of your countrymen and '.he Falherlar.-l.
Second Io not fo"'-et that when j ou purchase a foreign product, even though
j or. spend only a pemiy, ; ou diminish in so n-.u-h the fortune (prosperity of your
Third Your money should benefit only German merchants and German work
men. Fourth Do not profane the German I-nd, the German louse, the German work
shop or factory with the presence or use of foreign machinery or tools.
Fifth !;o rot pei-mit the use on your table of foreign meats or greases (condi
ments) that might cause a prejudice against German cattle or its products; or which,
moreover- might put jour health in jeopardy, not having been examined by the Germ-in
sanitarj police.
Sixth Write on German paper, with a German pen. and dry your German ink
with a German blotting paper.
Seventh. In your d'ess goods use nothing but German cloths and bu.v German
hats only.
Eighth The German flour, the Gorm m fruits and the German beer are the onlj
(ires that produce German strength.
Ninth If you do not like German malt coffee, drink only cofTee harvested in
Gorman colonies, and if you prefer chocolate or cocoa far jour children, see that this
chocolate anil this coco x are exclusively Gt-rman articles.
Tenth. See to it that foreign propag u da do not interfere with the strict ob
servance of these wise precepts. Let it b? with you a firm and earnest conviction
that, no matter what may be said, the bes1; products the only ones worthy of a citi
zen of great Germany are the German p odu:ts.
It is not possible for tho people of Plattsmouth to follow explicitly the precepts
here laid down, but there i-; a great fund f r rejection r.n the proper spirit of patriot
ism to ohserve toward your Lome town.
At this Christmas season it will bo a gacd time for everyone to do what they can
to help build up their own community by keeping in mind what Germany has done in
creating a great empire.
Quality Christmas
Whitman's Candy, Perfumss, Fancy Station
ery, Cameras, Fountain Peni, Mechani-.v '. j.cyi,
Manicure Sets, Jewel Cases, Gold Watches,
Lockets, Neck Chains, Souvenir Spoons, Urace
lets, Clocks, Mesh Bags, Glove Boxes ar.d
many other appropriate Gifts for every mem
ber of the family.
Prices fit for every pocketbook. Customers can save
20 Per Cent by buying through our Coupon Book.
Phone 36
4 M
Hubby must have his Shaves, Massages, Etc., otherwise
his wife doesn't love him. Now, why not try to please your
husband? When grouchy and tired, call No. 352, make an
appointment for a Massage, Shampoo or Manicure. It relieves
you of that tired feeling, making the world look brighter and
the years younger.
Anything that improves your appearance and sweetens
your disposition will please your hutband as well as yourself.
For further suggestions, watch this space.
Christmas LaEdiesl i
Pure e.nd wholesome Prices the lowest
Mixed Candies ... .10c par lb. and up
New Crop Nuts. . . .15c per lb. and up
Finest line of Box Candies in Plattsmouth.
Also Christmas Post Cards, Tree Decorations,
Box Stationery, Wrapping Paper, Napkins,
Pipes, Tobacco in jars, Seals, Tags, Cards, Stick
ers, Holly Boxes, Etc.
Nemetz,& Co.,
M ',4 fi O
c r, !
minm me mmms
Everybody makes it a point to be well fed. We
can furnish you the
Fine r.' i Geese and Ducks
Choice Fat Turkeys and Chickens
necessary for the Feast.
Oysters Fish Celery
and everything necessary for a great dinner.
Qualify Provisions at reasonable prices.
L O-J: J ?
Christmas Cheer!
g Fine Candies, from 10c per lb. up
Nuts and Fruits
Idigh Grade Navel Oranges, per doz. .20c to 40c
n Fresh and Canned Vegetables Standard Brands.
We hare everything in first class Groceries
known to the trade.
Shop with us during the Christmas time.
The best in High Grade Liquors and Cigars
in great variety.
Fine Wines for the Table.
Exclusive Agents for Krug's Beers and
I. W. Harper's Old Whiskies.
Ludwig Miller, Msr.
p A. G. Bach & Co
.genberger s
The Geo, W. Tnomss & Go, Market
517 Main St.
i Phone 231
Phone 87
Corner 5th and Main Sts.
1 tzJlruJlt flffl: