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    Neb StaU Historical So
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i mmr. priirqp
LLuiuiiL buUnuL
i s pt riirniun
I. V L 11 I li U
Gi(r. hy Pre.". Cos Famous Quintet
nr. I V ... i!ir.V Plrnsing t' I ho
I. ;r- ..-.; i nc. IVt-vrst.
From T: '!:!'.- Isoly.
U. i- ;' !." !; -f i'P" o.-timl' fur
.'; ' i f a ! .o ;a'n of h'gh-
. !:- t . -' v :-:s rd -J the people
of Plat? :'.! ! i. i f vi ::; 1 at the
1 T i -; i -(! .! i-: t ' oMerhrc number
;' 'K i '!.!. fr. .' he. I by the
Ir.U : -:::.. :: Fa'-- r.u f Ma ic t: id
Dr. " A: t. -cn :v th :iu.-;i -eS of
th ! i . ' ' '. ;1m:i. The oner-nig
- -,-h ; v,;ih V g.V.'od
i : .- . ! .. ... i of Prf. IP r.-y
' : --::k.. i- : t! !:-.. :.-:-s in
th - r - ;. ' I .":! :.i the v.- t, ami
!-: in
1 i; ;
i i
.d h
i i:
' r"i "
1 '.
' "
' la
seror 1
1 v- -on
is vr"-.
a to the
ha- a
arc a --'rra
e Yoi
!. ;.nd
-A !'
in a rrr.'-t
was I
p- '
rcc: i."- r
. (i me
: :d the
tool; t
.-eh e'.b r ,
uv--nir,"' by
' by Dv,e ah.
, by Prov.n.
eniet, each
i: fat ts in a
( o
1 v
'e.ns f't
Mrd T.teve
h was also
: the nrn-
a rs-.e- that
rit-.t r.h;lity
T' e
m pccom-
! : 1
: t.d
1 ca:
'c-r its hi
( O".
l a
,. f many -f
1 he rt v har e
i a
: in Id : con-'!-o-r!
of violin
.rt.- ',;. ate.'"!
'heir bci'tv
i. O-r
caei'.i r.o;
: rd the n
llie ma-',
audi' r.ce,
bv the -
- i r,,
re"l V ith
ho w.-i e si r.
J ei u:"s
iolini.- t.
T. he co'-.'-er' w;e
cle-ed by th.e
thre ''an ?es from
;tion cf the
r.vv Yf IT." vl
e h. fi... m ''V c:o
d '
th- ovc ni.'g of '''
imforlrr ate feature to
r.huc vras ilv1 nniffe of rev-
mar the eve
ceai -v
;ho-.t l.OV
who ' tract ed much
ui'-n and should le
eurpressd r.t the other number
th li-e' ere course.
The vi r.t rurrher of the "-'es of : church for the past two days, depart
the lecture cou'--e will be on Thur-Jcd this morning for Omaha, from
day. Decm"r 17h, and will cond. t '
of a Ir.d'oj' 1 to, cond-'in-r of a read-
or, vocali-t and pianist. This will be
a high class attraction.
SuTi-rinq; From Hint's
I-'rfii Tucsila y's Dnilv.
l'v-(i:r'.v Commissioner
I'ri'"!iifh ha; been under the weather
for ji fe-.v days suffering from an at
tack of stomach trouble that ha-;
''I'O' i-'i ve:y annoying, and while he is
ddo t he around he stiil suffers
en estt'y from it. His friends are hopc
f.d that he may soon entirely recover
uimI !! rc-torcl to his j r(- ri? Ktat'.
of -( -.1 In ; ! ih.
'i "ai "Vi'!:i v's l iaiiy.
t a !
I A '.'reat ! !i v reople, or in
va?t majority ol" them. t!o not stop to
jihir.k of t!.e Manv easv ways in wh.ich
ciy teti. -L:s ires are started and
;o to
little foresi;rhcc-di.ess would
.rd ; eve':! in;: these danirers
O-ir of the thief eniir-es of
the i iks of paj)'rri and rr.h-
U is li'Iowed
!.-. lenees
w'"i:-:i lavi:"'-
to iH-e.iniuUiie
and hi'sir.ess
tlure will sooii-
! i:er
i;avt a sjn.nihierm
: mateh thrown into
iii v. few jrin"ies there
'. ei:
! the
tee ni
wili -
"r.ethin'r ('iiir: tbvt may re
hea v i:i-oi ertv loss or oven
i r i r in a
in t r. e -" hrnan I i "o.
!:o'".u' of the rr.ost sti i' iis f.res that
have ever c I'lr r,' I h tve- i-nno from
::'i"es as !::.d;T.!::.'ar.t as thrse and
the res'il t ha heen s. eh as in shch
eve; yo:H-. at the saire tin:e po-
I a V 'V Ti:'0;lt" to I'.i'oW the I'i'll
!i i-eis thtse fires to re
i rvr: i. .mm Iirt'' t;Tort ha- h'-rn made
Iv th
i. i e." ve a'ltiiori1 1 .
tnken .-t n- in th? last
v yv:
e !.-.::
-s to try and st.irio oat the
j-o's. hut to sueet.-fidly cstrry
oa .
i - re
ry tl-at h?
hissy with
.h-nres r.nd
'T them nod
' u their
of 1.
and feeing th;y
or -v ti'eans of sta.rtinir
tha.t r f too dfe'-t i ve chimney.
. !..: n l
i:iv.T! ro ren"a:n i". a eia'-K-io-i
iT.til sorr!? ('ay the
tire ci'.'on ont thro;: r'i the
i 1 :'ore fartii?y is voe-e 1
. vdiT. a hours' lahor in
the chirr,: cys in rha;;e wo'ald
with '1'is (lanscr. The irn
of il;e fi'-e preventatio:i
: o t an
rrf)ve:v;ent is ibo'.vn !y the fact that
the sehoo' - o' the fotrntry are teaeh
irir the thi' I -vn the need of care in
; 'c-"T.t ii"r the sri'cad of fire. A little
-mo .-.rr.etir.'.e.s saves a heavy loss.
pcld le----
rrouM !,e lu
d bv
in their daiiv conduct and
! Of th
homes and busine-
fc,,r!Tilll!iCBEW 03 FREIGHT
Frm Tustlav's laliy- v.oi-i !rg at an earlv hour
' throur.h fieiglit train No. 72 over the
! Ml!
en was stopped here and a
mac aamed Totiv Duskowizk was
j handed over to EheriiT Quinton for
hafe - .ecr;ing to avrait the arrival of
til .'hciiiT of Sarpy county to take
the man br.-k to Papillion to answer
to i he charge of breaking into some
rci"ht cars at Gil more Junction, near
v. here he was captured by Conductor
Mar.dmll and the train crew of 'No.
72. The railroad boys made short
'.ca k of the man and r.oon after locat
ing him in a car in the train had him
i hound and trussed up for delivery to
'he vio'in by j t.hc nearest .which happened to
: ht on the ,bo at this city. The man denies, how
r cn: apt'irod j ever , le, cahing into any cars and pro
ds emin'-'it ; te - ts his innocence, of the charge, but
I will be held here pending the arrival
;? the Parpy county ofecer to take
chargo of
A revolver was found
on the prrsrn of
searched at the jail.
the man when
lie claims to be
a Pole, which from his name seems
Father William Iliggins of Manley,
w ho has been here visiting with Rev,
Frthr-r M. A. Shine of St. John's
icre he will return to his home.
Wall Paper. Goring & Co. Tliene
The Trai
ice iind Conn-idDns
For This cty Is as i:d. If Not
Worse, Than lAer.
From AV-lnr-si7;i s I:iilv,
There is not a oay passes but what
there is toniplaint 'ovei- th.e nmnner in
v. l.iidi the trains over the Missoitti
Pacific liianeh lines from Lineoln and
the one through Veepin.e; Water und
I.oni.sville are arran.treil in id'owin
the residents of that section of the
county to ;;ct into Plattamouth.
While jveshap-? tl.e aititude of the rail
road in declining to jut on addition al
trains ir.ay ?. jr.bti'ied hy the showing
of travel, st'il it seems that the 31. P.
coidd adjust their train schedule in
sech a way as to aee(m?noda.te resi-
oei'ts t)f th.e extreme western and
scathe? n part of the coanty which is
tra' er-tl by ihis line of roail ex
cl'.e l e!y.
('lie of the nrrmine?-.t residents of
V.'ccpite Water, who wa. here a few
day- :i;.'o, w.n relating some of his
exr e'dencos in mrd imr the trip hero,
v hi r had required as as it al
most tu.e ; to ro to Deliver. lie had
left his. liirr? at Woopinc: Water early
in the moiniue; a.mi asrived in I.oais
i'i too late to connect wiiii the Par-linivtc-n
Fchnyio" train, amii as a con
se ; i '..:e he had to travel on to Oma
ha an 1 reaches; Piatt --moath at 1:12
over I ho Pi:: I'neton. and on re n r :d n
w.-i ; compelled to wait imtil nidniht
and ;so to Union ami lemain over
rieht, "oia;.- r-ori there at .".;0' i.n the
mo! nirc. v.hicii ccndair.'y nvihes some
jaunt for t'e re v ho enjoy the ine'rn-.eni'-nres
of travel. h.:t is very an to the a'.e a;re r:"i'nn.
Th.'e reem? no pood reason why
'."re Missouri Premie could rot arramro
their schedules so to allow the
ia ren'rors to connect, both in the
mo, nine; and afternoon, with the Pur-
1 1 .
t"n to am! from this city and
.-a-e the
spc id t
rn II s o'
ha : h: ,
m the annoyance of having to
iys in trav" ing sixty
The ( 'orr.mercial club
cr no
times with ad the officials of the road
:",! th.e matte:- is ,i".:-t where it was
it the beginning, despite the able ef
forts of the business men here, as
4 lie road seems determined to make it
as eisa rreea'de for their patrons as
From TuoMTay's Daily.
Don C. York, who returned this
morning from his trip out at Scotts
IdinTs, brought with him a splendid
speeiman of the chief crop of that
ser4ion, the sugar beet, and which has
been a most bountiful crop this year.
There is a large factory located ther e,
which is woiking day and night on
turning out the product of the crop.
The beet brought back by Mr. York
M a very large one and weighs some
eight pounds, and he states that there
are many cf them of this size there.
Charles L. Freeze, who removed to
Scotts Pduffs a few months ago, has
been employed as a machinist in the
factory there and likes the situation
very much and has gotten nicely lo
cate 1 in l is new home. The beet has
been left at the Wescctt store, where
it is on exhibition as one of the
specimens of western Nebraska pros
perity. Final Settlement Had.
Krun Tui-silny's Pa My.
This morning in county court a
final settlement was had in tb.3 estate
of Joseph Ilavir, deceased, and the
executrix, Mrs. Ilavir, the widow, dis
charged from her duties. The de-
jcea - ed was killed by the bursting of a
saw here about a year and a half ago,
and th.e estate consists of the home
in the west part of the city, together
with a small amount of personal
Sell your property by an ad in The
T))V' :
:urey is
2Lj I
a ;;.o:i eoL-utivo. You will he optitni.rtie,
an cxtciisie traveler, stroti; in your likes and dis
likes and a t: !hr for J'.k ts. You will have a :---n
insight into hu-iir-s inatt: ;, an u!,ihtv t.) attend to
your own .-.units with profit, kil not to conduct
those o! ot.'n-rs successfully. You sine;! we
son jirciera
You s!iou!u
U- I
v horn m
Piiati'-s oj r;von and led.
or turqiioi, rni Kin-nls.
(Ir(sat persons bom in
phns. doel Ciaindl.-r Harris, .Jan.. Austen, Disrueli,
S.r I.a:ie Newton, I'Uonias (Irav, Louis Pasteur,
jia.- C.iri;, i, tjuecn
i t:i y us 7 v,- j
r-H :
Pi ti:F e-'j I
try - -..j y I
MfJ i ZL I
ia r.n r r 1
u ! yj . 1 J I -;
From v,'i.i!nw.ijy s i 'ait-. I cvs. weighing some 8 Id pounds, was
Ked Cr oss Seals should, in accord- , ?a.?"if.ced, and Henr y and his family with Order No. .!'-Q of the post- j can icst assui red of a plentiful sup
oiiiee t' ;.! trr cut, 4ie afiixed to tlie of good home-made meat.
rove rse side ol
anil not on the
domestic mail matter." i
address ride of any!
or packages
t'-.r.t are gnmg
Tkev n' a v be
throi.rh the mail.
placed er.yv.-hore cn matter- going by
exM'c s. A s r a.nv s. a's ma1' be r.s:-d
on ihe ba-k of
ma"1' ho desire
a h tter or p ic-kare
should 1 e
e rercis.-d in sending mt
three the mails ru.t to nlac
over the :-tri.-r s with which the pack
age is tied, sine? this seals the puk
a'.T ae-ainst ia'Oicetion a.nd subiects it
to first-class postage rate
0f ;
Red ('105.1 Seal- are cautioned against
their mdiscrhnmatimr use on foreign
mail. Red Cross Seals in normal times
mar be used en th.e remorse side of
mail matte- sent to Austria. Germany,
Great Ihitain m l most of the Priri.h ;
colonies, except India and Australia.
Guatemala, Urnmv and Portueal r e- j
fuse to admit mail bearing non-post- L1" v,t '--
aee stamps. Certain Euroncan conn- j loc:ltea at JIissou Valely
tries will return to the sender anv a, a short time ago, where his sis
mail bearing Pel Cross Seals on the 1 JI- - kle and at
addiess side. Mail addressed to an
of the belligororrt countries in Europe
should not bear the Red Cross Seal. '
Red Cro--s S
L. ,v,o,- i,.--.l . m ho
face of checks, on bills, on legal docu
ments and on any commercial paper.
There, ( hr istmas Seals are not good
for postage. They will not carry any
mail matter, but any kind of mail
ma'ter will carry them.
These seals will be on sale at the
following stores: Weyrich f: Iladraba.
F. G. Fricke & Co., Falter & Thierolf,
Nemetz & Co., E. A. Wurl, J. W. Cra
bill, Ilei old Rook store. Goring & Co.,
Mauzy Drug store. These stnmps are
sold at one cent each and will aid in
the good cause.
Entertainment at Schraidtmar.n Home.
FroTti WeilnpsilaVs T:llv.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Pres
byterian church held their regular
meeting yesterday afternoon and were
very pleasantly entertained by Ides
dames William Schmidtmann and Jos
eph Fet"cr, at the home of Mrs.
Schmidtmann. A very interesting
business session was held during the
afternoon, at which time the ladies
discussed some repairs to be made on
the church building, as well as seme
plans for having cement walhs and
steps put in at the manse. After the
business session the ladies whiled
away the fleeing moments in a most
delightful social time. The hostese
served some excellent refreshments
during the course of the afternoon's
i uv !'.. (! ; will have ureal
!i in vour fellows: will be oraetieal ai:vl
April. Auuai -1 or . oven: d,-er.
1 a P r- h
ct as colors ld;;i k. Vellow ::' 1 a'
i oa s m,: d diamond
Deccmoer: (1 1:- r, vus Adol-
Alexandra, llobert IZo(Ii.
j d7t irJ 7 v di 7 sxr7) ' j
C) : -pi
in M
: ' fit
CVrtainly Some Porker.
From Tef-silny's I;iiTr.
Ye-tm-iiay Henry Kaufmann, resid
a Ci-.w miles south of this city, de
( ided t do his hutcherin": and dis-
o f;i of ore of the fine hops on the
am lor the winter's ftspply of meat,
idingly one of the fine pork-
1. 1
From V a. ncsila y's Daily.
Th.e European war has been the
cause of mcch grief and worry to
many .a iais tuuiiii j , :io i.o ooiiiiiijl;
here have lett behind them their loved
jc-es to await a later time to come to
J the now world. William Schall, who
la few months ago came here to make
;his home whe'-e his mother and sisters
'M for a ,4"'er of ears'
!o'L 1.'in'1 him !" (Ial5c Austria,
his vife n,vl Svca Uven, bringing
.1 ,. r i-: . i:tfi .i.,,..',n,.I.
I once began to prepare to have his
family move here, when the lowering
Is mrwip it liYinnscililf for
tiieru 10 gei away, unu w iien ine j.u.s
sian army swept into Galicia, Lim
berg, where the family resided, was
made th.e scene of one of the greatest
buttles of the war and since then all
communication between the husband
a.nd father ami his family there has
ceased, and whether they are living or
dead or suffering from the want
and deprivation caused hy the
capture of Limberg cannot be ascer
tained, although the state department
at Washington has been assisting in
the work of attempting to locate the
family of Mr. Schall. . Mr. Schall is
also a brother of Mrs. V. Zucker of
this city.
New Improvement in Offices.
From Tioj.--(Jay's Dally.
The county treasurer-'s and county
clerk's offices in the court house have
just received what they have long
needed, that is a typewriter desk
where the work of the clerks can be
carried on faster and better than un
der the old conditions that prevailed
for the past few years, when the in
creasing amount of business in these
ofTices has made the work of the type
writers much heavier and it has been
no easy job to run the machine and
at the same time handle the large
record books used in the office.
Sell your property hy an ad in The
Divorce is fj ranted in Court.
Yertorday in th.e district court
Jud re Pcarley granted the prayer of
the phiintaT in the case of Myrtle
Marl; vs. Kthrar Mark, for divorce
arid pave a decree pivinp the plainthT
her ficedom, as well as the custody
of a minor child, Hamilton Mark. The
petition of tin plaint ilf as filed states
that they were married in Platts
mooth Janiary P and that
since XSovemoer, I'.'i.;, me tieionoant
has deserted the plaintiff ami failed
to provide for h'jr and the minor
child, Hamilton Mark.
Yesterday afternoon County Judpe
Allen J. Peeson won new laurels in
the ar t of tyinp the matrimonial knot,
wlmn he performed the first double
woduinp that he has had the pood for
tune to be called upon to perform
since his assumption of the oflice of
county judpe. The- first couple were
.Mr. Ellas Albert Stock of Murray,
aeel 21, and Miss Myrtle I3rown of
Nchawka, aped 20. They were joined
together with Mr. Care Gregory, aped
23, and Miss Ida Brown, aped 18,
bcth of Nchawka. The two happy
brides are sisters and the second of
December, 1011, will be lonp remem
bered by them with the greatest of
pleasure as the occasion of their at
taining great happiness. The four
young people motored up from their
homes, and after the ceremony re
turned to receive the congratulations
and best wishes of their many friends
in the community where they are all
four well known and highly esteemed
for their many splendid traits of
Frm Wednesday's P.i'.iy.
The board cf county commissioners,
who have been in session at the court
houe since yesterday morning, de
cided to visit out in the county today
and inspect a number of the new
bridges that have been put in re
cently to replace the old structures
that have proven to be worn out and
1 useiess. ine trip was maue iy auto
mobile and will enable the county leg
islators to view how the work on the
bridges has been carried out by the
contractors. The present board is
greatly interested in looking after the
interests of the taxpayers and allows
nothing to go through them without it
being carefully looked into before
thev act on it and this should be ap- !
'p'eckited by the people as too often
county boards are prone to let the
matters slip by the easiest way, but
this is not true of the Cass county
From Wednesday's Dally
Harry Wales, the young son of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Wales, met with a very
painful accident yesterday afternoon
while engaged in playing foot ball
that will lay him up for some time
to await the healing up of his right
forearm that was broken in two
places. The little lad was thrown to
the ground and fell in such a manner
as to hurt his arm, although it was
not thought at first that it was
broken, and it was not until the arm
was examined that it was discovered
to have been injured so severely. The
injury was dressed and the little man
will be compelled to abandon foot ball
for a time.
P. C. Stander of Louisville, who is
here as a member of the jury panel,
was a visitor in Omaha last evening
for a few hours looking after some
matters of business.
' E D. Garrison, one of the heirs in
the George W. Garrison estate, came
up this morning from Union to attend
the hearing in district court.
SION ii Bill!
The Occasion of This S sdon W.ts flu
Giving of (he Decree of the Temple
to Three New Mcndn rs.
Last evening Mt. Zion Command'oy
No. o, Knight Templars, ceioW'd 00.
of the finest .-.e.-sions that they ha
held in many months and the attend
ance of the membership was uito
large, filling the lodge room in the
Masonic temple. Three new mem
ber.; were given the de.r'ie of the
temple, Robert L. .Maury. Michael
Mauyy and William Rumn.ell. in t'n
splendid manner of the Ma-rede
Preceding the conferring f the de
gree a most sumptuous baicpiet was
served to the lodge in the ba ,'.i f 1 all
and the menu pi c pared by Fred Wag
ner was greatly enjoyed and served in
fine shape by the cooinitb e of th
lodge having charge of this part f
the work of the evening. The banovet
was presided over by James Robert
son, commander of Mt. Zion 0 m
mandery, in his uual plea? lug man
ner, and the mend cos weic treated to
very interesting addresses along the
lines of the Maoui'.' woih by Dr. T.
P. Livingston, Judge P. S. Ramos of
Weeping Water and Robert L. Mau?y.
The occasion wa tilled with the
greatest of plea -ere to everyone pres
ent around the banom.-t board id
prepared the way for the cxro-i;i. 1
of this great degree of th-- Ma-onic
work, vhirh was carried o -t in On
mo"t impressive maimer. Th oc
casion was one of the most enjoya'd-
held by the commanilory here f.r
some time and filled all with the gi- "it
lessons taught by this order. The
members of the committee having in
charge th.e serving of the haoijuet cer
tainly did their part in a manner that
won the heartiest approval of every
member of the order. There were
ouite a number of the Templars pres
ent from out of the city to take part
in the enjoyment and we-k of the
From Wednesday s Da It v.
Th.e news has been receive 1 from
Germany by the Fricke family in this
city cf the fact that a ne; how of Mr-.
F. G. Fricke. who is se wng in the
German army in the prtveat war un
der Crown Prince Wiilu !m, h as t
been decorated by the em pern;- with
the iron cross for- bra. cry at the ba'. -tie
of San Quatine, France, early 1.1
September, when the !or,g .'ir
months' battle opened along the !:.
in that country. Fran-', is
the name of the young mar. and h -bravery
in the field again 1 thj allies
lias been recognized by Ins emperor
with the emblem that is coveted by
eveiy soldier in the at my. He is a! o
a nephew of Mrs. Wipgenhori: of
Ashland, Neb.
Fusy Fixing lp His Home.
County Assessor W. P.. Pryan I
quite busy these days in winding u
the program of improvement wh'ch
he is carrying out in remodeling h's
home cn High School Hill. An add -tion
has been made to the scene 1
story of the house and a fine bay win
dow added to the dining room. Mr.
Bryan has been supervising the work
and doing tiuite a bit of it him.-elf, an 1
has everything arranged to suit him
self. Captain ard Mrs. Isaac Wiles de
parted last evening for Shubert, Neb.,
where they go to make a visit there
with relatives and friends for a few
William K. Fox, jr., came in yes
terday afternoon from Pender, Nib.,
where he has been for some time en
gaged in working as an electrician,
and will enjoy a brief visit here at