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    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1914.
I Gill If! TRAIN
Bu; iii", U-,:' LYcaamiy Move to
Ib. by the Men in Train
S. r '. ire.
. tr rt
. y I t ; : v.
; .!.--. .'.av:- t'T ill
a nana cr i in.uaai
;.' of the Iiu: 'aarteia
.. m
V. c
i : a .. s t
vac i i ta.i
t. i
.-.-ti'-i':.: 1. V.'lil !lK-r !1
;.. i':tvs n this
re. 1 mill a .ra
r.'.i1:' a that v: : cw
il! ... moved I'.u.v
! Mining lo Iowa.
I yvn KattT't.-i V n.niiv.
i In-, and Mrs. J. I'. II ungate, who,
J as has been pre ioasly announced,
: phin to give Mr. pe-sfs.-hm Pe-
M-araber 1st of their i-e.-idcnce, have
I ee:i making preparations '' week
I for their departure to their now home
! in lewa. They expect to lorn! their
jiar Friday and get away the 1'u-st of
' t rr- i i a
raa.t weiA. ineir new r.ome is at
'. mam Iav.n. where Hie doctor ha.-;
:!i'i'pn!c. the position of
phy-ician for the Wape! Coal Min
im, company, and in addition will at
tcd to a private practice. Ilitenian
i- a suburb.", town of -LOO') adjacent
the eity cf Albia and is in tine of
the 'ar-re.-i coal mining districts of
Ia.:i. Dr. and Mrs. tlungat?, while
a doubt regretting to leave this city,
' e .1, i..,,,, -iw.;-. n..-., a r,w nu-n-H-
i. 1 .. i .4 I I C I V' L VIl.l.l. a i . - v ,. . a . . . ,
- 1
. a.
this itivi-'ion tkaa e. j
co to their new home with hitrh hopes
rf .baling t! at alr-o a goad place to
i-lve. Ami .othhv.r loss than this is
oar v. i.-h for them. We understand
that tk-y have a delightful cottage
an' c Z'.co for them to move into an!
tt. cancel to soon he at home in
i their
: estimates. Tmser iepu,.Iic..
w heme to .via eepn
t r . 1
a . ..a"jn na-ii:rr ar.a
e.arre naiis that -on- !
a i voh-e of i u aiai
: hi the si: vice wii! he j
s I.; :;ati rut of h: !- i
k- - ! nan it was or.-1 I
i oa.l ir jn :w this is ii' j
v re. it: i ! I
ii. k. a sofis is
I'roiii atartiay's Pall".
A ehan;e was nuaie Ia.-t week in
tiie mcrniiers-.ip of the mercantile
iiim of Ih H. Fraiis ti Son, hy the ad
dition of Hr.e II. Ih-ans as oiie of the
partners in. the business, the firm now
consisting of Ko'otrt !I. 1'ians and his
sons, I. Ik'.y hraus and line II.
1 rar.s.
r.oU-it i!. har heen in the
inercan'J'e h'taii'.ess in Cass, county
tiie ihirty-0"e years, having
t:n ted in 1 .-..' in the ti.en little town
of I'aitorviik'. two miles southwest of
lie;c. and in IS7, after Union was
placed o.n the map, Mr. Finns had a
!:'.i-;,'o frame 'naildin; eivted on the
corner now occepied iy the I'itrmers'
hark i.uildlr.'r and hiujrht his stock
of iroo to this villa ire :md was our
iiist tiotma-tor. .-vhaut twelve years
airo Mr. Frans fwund tliat tiie trrowth
of tiie town ;:n ! l-u.-im-.-s reauired
up-to-cate i;:i ' tr-rs
le-ultid in the eie.tK.n of a modern
Chancrea in Train Time.
l-'i'iui S.i! ':!!.! y"s P.-.i.'v.
Iii the -L-hedule just issued by
the iliiieton the time of No. l, the
early l)enver-i hica'o train, due here
at 7 : ."2, is placed up some ten minutes
earlier and will arrive at 7:12 after
Suii.iay, November 2ith. This chancre
in time should be noticed by the
travelitijr r-'-'-ie, as No. ( is a well
patro!'i::ed train and carries many to
and from this city.
ii r i
lUOId Llilil
i-'i-oin S.-il;;ril:u-.; 1 ":l 1 1 V
T!:e mar!ia.Te li-.-ense (iepartment of
uie coiiiHy itaire's othce has been ex
Iei ienci:!. (juite a brisk run of busi-ne-'--
the a-t few days, as the holiday-
season has brought on the deiri:
The Mothers of the Patriots of the
American Civil War Were the
Originators of the Idea.
; or
the state
f simrle
together in
1 wo-.- i .:
v, aiei-(;o
I'.'-aias bei ame a mu tner with hi; led the i
wea !Ock.
A'.ijrust Ia'a!-e! ami Mrs. Ihddn
!'.iva Ar !-lso.ri. both of Louisville.
hands of matii-
litiihumr ."'Xiii, aa-.l : were inute-i m th
0. In l'. iN I). Rayimor.y by Judtre liee.-en, who perform-
'icmoav with his accustomed
it he
ard assumed active manage-1 p!ea.-imr maime
a es -. a .-: ea'.-r :mm
: r.;o-v ad T cr train - u
, a year a-o. la thi--
: i- " tr-tin 'nas been
.a". ; .a- ia par; to r.a i
:a .I .vavijr m-. tive
! ' ; ai. mi'it n .a i :.
a e per t: aia. a
' i - - .a-te b.-ca:: e '
tla-v Uh-.- and two ;.r. I a ha'C yia:s aa " A license also is. ued to Kiley
II 'a H. l-!-ar s ri adaa'.e l frrm Plat ts- I "atkira-. aaa-i rJC. of Lincoln, ami
month llv'.-'n. scho-d a?id accepted a Mi-s An. lis hiaeer I.f'.err, arred IS.
r a" iv
i 1
- -n I' : ; v 's ! .:'
i'iaiak'rlvla;: c
i -
.vithout fW rai who taunot bat feel
:kat tiie dav was iau ore that couh.t
.-hip i't tht
i, . ... ... .
j -..of ... .
! a. fall jva-i:
; Union Led. re-.-.
e wa.a ni- la'herj he brioc
i :
'.U' 1 . ma'a aiea- i
ia f oiasvilie. Th
vei.inir at the home o.'
!! n ".a he tl.eir home in Lin
coln in tne ! a. are.
.f -aca a a.f are t hat made it
v t aolai oat t'. them a j
a i "!( r a -cd
:. i ' has a. ;
trve m ;he pu )i! manner, as , MinppUl rppspr Cnn"
chrarion on vVehc-lay eM-n-I J N U H !l Li W tbkMT TWA
m m w IV- iCHArlGESGFTiiVSE 0?i BUR-
'njrn miirc h"c! LlfJGTOM PASSENGER TRAINS
hii.nku y UuliL i tint VfT lf ntinrr
Nearly i?l,'.tO0.G0O has been raised
by lied Cross Christmas seals in the
last six years, and yet many people
who will buy these holiday stickers
at the seventh annual sale do not
knew how the charity stamp idea or
iginated. 1 1 was year that brouirht forth the
charity stamp our civil war of '01
to ';.". Some of your grandmothers
lir.-t played "po.stofiice" with stick
ers -imiiar to Red Cross Seals 'way
back in l-S'.lh when they conceived
the idea of selling stamps at fairs for
the benefit of the relief funds for the
soluies' hospital.; in Iirooklyn, Bos
ton and elsewhere. Nearly $1,000,000
was raised in this way before 185.
After the war this method of raising
money was discontinued in this
country for a treneration, although it
found vojrue in Portugal, Switzer-
1 1 . T." r.,; T"o,i
maik, Norway, Russia. Sweden and
other Iluropeau countries. There are
r.ow several thousands of different
type of charity stamps used in all
parts of the world, as many as forty
in Austria for children's
hieot le-.-e
Loans Tlunia -
r those v. lv. cauiu at ou.
tta- ma:aaac; to an.-y
f iiahiia:: af th" da
iviniac at tho
k '-j a. en
( ! . : man
t ':
"' i iTcL-tivi
a 'I11 Pa-diartc
; v. ava t. t".aii- e
Ti e r
a Fa:
vs, wha was fa
:t'e. bat the coo
, e ' t:
w:h th.e iast
r iffecL of the
t iae
.L C
aeuar use'
ho.-pitals ah'e.
Sia'iips oa sjals were first u-ed
to ".a-t numey for the anti-tuberculosis
ciusade in Norway and Sweden in
pwip kirn
ii mmmm i V, p , &
oa mMF HiCnMfeJ In if it V oa
lilppiiiw 'wMw
1 '.'riSFJ A
vjtf.u&rfrs'V '7? . T -'?T i'-'V .V-; 'v . ''.'a -: .1 t; r . , x j
mmm hi the KoaiE '.
. i( wi; i a A
aa.r . a e
'. l.-e.
aaiav reaeve-i .
: irews forked I
he : l'i rs of ,
' ei
i a
a.. 1
at ir
1 -
; t . e 1 .
a : y
1 '
i that
a, .
!a 1:
(.har'os M-aa
to f;.-e the jua-re
aa- 1: a :a sa- a: A
at th ' c!u. rca n.-'ir,-
d taat ic w as vaaia
-a' tar iaaa'aa, -s ,f i
Ciaa 'ov is a. fai m I
"Va.; a a
"aini ar
ia taa
T::e :'a mi
1 1:
we e eat
a 1
or 1 r ea : - ,a::-;---
a ' aaosts ,!.-- 1
ie ; to th
! ' hi cii a a
tne ; a :.
1 :
! to aa lo i::,.:
i -a: iaar
ha. rcsuked
a v -an a;aa. ; a.o.a aat
tl:e f;-;aaa- 'hicajro-wi.k-h
pa . -ad through
a. m.. tran. aaiaed to
time a No. t. v.v.Yh
t ailie : Or aha '." ".av or Cauaci!
..!..: OR . I " I o r, - - ...... , ...I
i. iii. ii.i . it i.a . ceo a:; ui.n
e i ..aa' a" 1 one o: tne '
Lei way wee o l-ca e:a;
.a . a .. ta aa ia. . aa a in a
t c' . ia ; have re a a i 1
a. Wat. a :m at
e i la.
1 e ho
! :-
a to
;e c
y a. a. i
aiaa lo
vain ao.tai o
j a a . a oy
".-ai' t.
era! a.,! !
aa- the i
aa 1
T a ' s
.: ; o v.
.', aa I k r"M
vara- t- i':
tiie I I:
coa 'aatlv
i : : i . ;i nas . een r-' ;
a a -"ii the chaiU're was the
ii'ja.t laa iacss -:na by No. 1 thn-utrh
i :at--. un a recc at Trip I rom
O"-a!-..-' t lla-tia'rs - ;;v tlneo pas
a 'or.- ".'("!' .-feared. :n.d wi:ia? th.o put u i the train at Omaha.
If M. To Jacob Riis, the well known
ocial worker of New York, and to
Mks Fmily P. Pi -a el', the enerpotie
-icretary of the Delaware Red Cross
ioiativ be' the honor of ori-rinat-
c :i
ed sev-
a , .
raoa'. , wiae .- erva l there. ;T:L- our Ame: ican Red Cross Christ-
tta'h ria';
is ai
reason. f
. r
' a,, ma -st
v v iii be
( 'a
. . . . . i .
WWW I .,.
1 .
tlte tar,vio:
a r: i v. -
n.oa ; 1 d r
of a ii . ate 1 ci -:ar o;
tia- lata, v.i ere it ha-
, : - w iii-h;!'" the t rai:
1 :Tha takiac o.f of No. P wdl !
vl'ie.! ale a :ou a. :.
' j .r ba.blv more than .aav other train,
; ....... i . t ..i... '
a-ji'o a are.u ut a a iie-
I ; a
r. ro.pia
; wa :
men reai
Tla .-e
b.-ir-! t.,
: .'I - -a
a 4
. i
. . . , i
i . a
a t a
O". "a'a-:
I'y. !:-.-.-.-i
f am !;.-.
il. Mai-i
. C. ?.!ei--Cro,
'.; p
- . a !..
a :
; ! -. .-
:X .' ' "a -s. coraa y t V.
Nl.-a. h- ; art (.' Nil
a-.r I -2 J. C a-
:.: el ma a to T. F. Jame
:, o ait ehu.-'i i!at-.,. p-n i
1. ido'-Ic :, Vv ei pi."'.'
'c:a Cr ir-a'a- a ..
to C. A. ia.o
oaartir. ..V"
'J-l J-!0. Coa ideia
' : ;a h V. : h
v .!' Me- . o ;
f the :ra . .
feel v,r
i'a: ha-.ina- had ;
.a .!
to bn: nipt;
:: iV:er.-on
; i-i Liivoln to come
homo f,-,r Sar l iy from t he west, and
a! I"- vl--;tors from this citv in the
ca.pi'al, as the reachh
i a
i no
1 : 1') a. m. was
verv con-
Va .- l J ' aoa .
-s no a'arm turned ia.
ven lent.
i mo. pi.)
-f. rh
a-o 'a;-y and tried the
ta:a tha n:, i h as.
-1 -,
1 . ' n
i i i
i on 1 -i-."-i-. 1 a-
ieiat ion 'ia
-v e :-h;; i ; t to ( iu.; Sni it t ,
jr.. part SF oaar; ) -" J 1 -1 I -;
: r at t Nil ..tmrlo:- C-h'-l h
' - a 1 a' i--n l.i'uO . (."
Raa ii P.d'hvia ta S. V. Cob,
:-' i.!h one-half, NV.' 'aar-
;- Oaa.ha
:' oae of I'.a'
U-r--. Mir- P:
Ir. Paul V. Out- i
1 aa
I 1
1 '. '
1 -t
' :!a ,ai- 1 that 1 ;l
o .t .a. '-o'.a to U
e..- t v. ii.-. not
wu- a a- ; cap!.-. Mi ... j
a a a a..d rt a 't i ia Lai -- 1
a - e.- a
1 . ,
: ;-; l-rs.
( 'oa -i
R. Ibmph
: 1 -. owtn r
i.a-at of .
i.a itatioa.
aa.i II. L. Mo
1 S'.atc-s Dopar
-f tao Lai
:; ricuit 1 it. haare accante 1
to s.aee.k before the mcm-
ei s
ka h'arma'--
Ojeiati-re Ciain ;.nd law Stock State
ii.-. e kitio-n ai tiie annuo! mectimc in
Omaha. D-c-mber lo t- is.
'. IL
r r.
. . ! a o e 1 a ' 1
! ; a aha-
ti-e yen
.'a in. 00
1 1 i;r 's 1 r :
ra-.-.-o ',Via:;f ta
Malor:e. lot - j o J J
ia tla- vii';i;'-a of Faar
J. M. Ramioy to ii. M. j:..-ck.
jar t : o it a !;!;'. :', W 1; ,.i -
t- r 7-!'-! J. Com-id-: . a-
i' :i 1,100.C0
. : - .a'.L.o-a i ban : 01
Lat-e. Meh.. J. .J. V,;.:h-
er, - art N-V ore -Jail f, Nil
, , . I mrter I.
a:ar ' ei- t lie out erent
Is a kw montia
r people firs I me.
r-oa-a:t-:aco s.o;i i-!:ei:c,t
! th- raarri iae -on e-s ;o
a ; 1 to t-c r'- 1 y. . A o '-irter LT-iJ-l:;
cruci w.iii'r ma-:
a 10
laaacr -
, f..:- M a a:r! M s. Out'aa -'.
-o-.a; j., m: lo.. 1.! as an t xpe 1 ?
'a' ' i . the metrotxdis a.n ! it
.-aay ts will ''Co-Opcratio!i Ac-
on at bar" and ''(':. i : ar; 'bain." The
inter' t thi-e ,'a-at! take ia. the
as. 01 aataai : owr tna- tne Aeara .a:
oraaaiait ion has ,v,u to one of na
tional importance.
J. W. Shorthiii, se--c-iai-y. mare
( vary member of iiu- co-operator--'
or" ir-iratioa to atbui this corvoation.
Mf :-e than :;."') 1 c-m- in lira .state will
have dele-ides prcseat. Mr. ShortloM
r.naeaaces that rabje' ts of importance
to farmer.-; which 'vi'l I. a di- eiaa-ed on
the floor pro: "A .Warehouse Law,"
"Slorhnr Ciiiin," ''-"ature Traaiar.
re e:
ra trt
1 1 - 1
into j
1 iia i
, I- ; ' 1 .':i'i'!a;.' I.'.iPy
i ; S. C. Wiles to Martha th
Vv ii lent SW
! '-V o'nra.or
q uu tor,
n a .e
f 'o'-a v'eratioti
!:ab mate for ! F. L. SchUttur to Schk
i i ai . :
r iittle laa.iy la; ha.- won I T,'t:a.cral.h seitioas l-ij-
v if. . Mrs-. ()..t!aad Is the I Ph 1-1 and 7-iJ-l 1.
;iaa edit': if Mis. I'. F. Putt -my ' Con -ideration
1 .00
lib-" er." ;.a i is a yoa:a
hoi wh- at Ni! a P Sheffer to (.'. A.
Lo be i u ..Hired u- one ,'
-j: t The
15 jclima.ster, part NV
o;.a.rter, NW piarter, SW
Coa. -
if k;t-w
of he: va::.;:
wi-'- -via make their fat ire home in J, quaiter 10-12-9.
O-. hr . r. V ta-- frcom kr . a ve-y j : ;eratien
ip'-ertatb e u --iiion find i- highly re-'
ptitei ly all who know him.
Subscribe for The Journal.
"Ci n' em r.hited Le ri. kit: m.
m.cclimr is of so lam li i npo'-ta'a-e. that
t-vt ry braacti is a.d ea to send three
or more del .ara'-;js. further infor
mation may b- srr ned from the
Pureau of Pii'oliciiy, Oinaha.
Don't Delay Treating our Cough.
A slight cou-fh often becomes
serious. Lo:.;.s r't congested, bron
chia! tubes I'M with mucous. Your
vitality is You need Dr.
L-'i ' .0 .-' -ti.i .tay'.. 1 i.iia,"-
Tin- programs- that 'nave been is
sued for the twentieth annual ciuiven
t;o!i f the county commissioners
- ami rvi 01a; and clerks of the state.
which ireets a,t Premot't on December
S, '. a a.d lo, includes a short address
by County Commissioner Julius A.
Pita of this hi-t-ict, who is scheduled
to speak 01 Wcdnc -day afternoon,
December -'th, when he will talk on
"The County on a Cash Pasis." Mr.
Pita has beea a most efficient member
of the board iu this county and will
be able to give the members of the
as-n kilion a great many -valuable
points on the management of the
finance.-! o" tiie county that they can
apply k them own particular districts.
Thi-; c-nven. ion includes nprcscnt
rtives from every comity of the state
and a great deal of interest is taken
in the galhc'iug. Ln-t year the meet
ing v a-; held in Omaha, while this sea-,-on
the Hedge county mrtopolia will
be .given the honor of acting as host
for the commissioners.
Try This for Your Cough.
Thousands of people keep coughing
because unable to get the rieht rem
edy. Coughs are lausod by Inflamma
tion of Throat and Bronchial Tubes.
What jo.i r.eed is to soothe this in
fhimmati n. Take Dr. King's New
Discovery, it penetrates the delicate
mucous lining, raises the phlegm and
mas Seal. In I'M)'., Mr. Riis' interest
wa- aroused by the receipt of a
Christmas tuberculosis stamp on a
letter from Norway. lie published an
article about this queer-looking stamp
in the "Outlwok," and suggested some
possible uses for it in this country.
Miss Pissell at once saw an opportu
nity here and prepared a stamp, from
the sale of which her society realized
':?.0o0 for. tuberculosis work. So im
pressed was she with this success that
slie induced the American Red Cro.s
to take up the seal in 190S on a na
tional basis. With very little organiza
tion and with hardly any attempt
at careful advertising the sale that
vear brought m. nevertheless, over
.;i.'b",0f)0 for anti-tuberculosis work in
vaiious parts of the United States
In P.H!f, with more thorough organisa
tion, the sale was increased to nearly
10,000; in 1911 to over $300,000, an
in 1912 to over ? 100,000. Last year
tiie sxile was increased to nearly 4",
000,000 seals, netting .fl."0,000 for the
anti-tuberculosis campaign.
It is fitting, to note that war, in
human and cruel, was the mother of
the Red Vron Seal, and that now war
for humanity against disease brings
t back to its fullest usefulness.
These Christmas Seals, in the good
cau-e of the Red Cross society, will be
placed on sale in a fw days in sev
eral of the stores of the city, where
thev can be secured.
capaa oac
YOU know how quickly
a storm comes up and
how convenient it is to have
a good storm coat handy.
Get an "OvtS?" Rubberized Slip
On and you won't care when and
where it rains.
They certainly look good, give a lot
of service, and most important
keep you warm and dry.
Tan, olive and gray regular or
raglan shoulders convertiole or
military collar.
A style and size to fit you.
C. E. Wescoti's Sons
Everybody's Store
0 3
t n
Earl Barclay and wife weie overt Mrs. C. A. Pall of Omaha, who has
Sunday visitors here at the home of j been here for a few days visiting at
Mr. Barclay's parents.
the home of her sons, departed this
morning for her home in the me- Ward, who has been here ; tropolis.
spending his Thanksgiving vacation!
at the home of his parents, Mr. and j Charles Chiiswisser was among the
Mrs. Robert Ward, departed this ; jurymen returning this morning oa
morning on the early Burlington train ; the early Missouri Pacific from his
for Bethany, where he is attending j home at Nehaw ka and will start in oa
Cotner university.
Mrs. Joseph Droege returned this
morning from Chicago, where she has
been for the past few days visiting
with relatives and friends.
John A. Whiteman, one of the
hoie-souled and genial residents of
Nchawka, came in from his home this
morning and departed on the 8:16
Burlington train for Omaha to visit
for the day ihere looking after some
matters of business.
Boll's Pino-Te.r-ironev. It soothes 1 miicMv relieves the congested mem-
... , I, .. 1. - -v 1 441 .., lnu will il.-stToyeil farover: nine -as..s out at
vour irritated air passages, loosens 1 branes. (jet a ,0c bottle troni jour ,,, r,. ran-,.ii uv rntim-n. whu-ii is notuiua but
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by l- :il uiij. Iii atioii-. us t!ii-.v aiMtiet rinli thfi
! st-;j ,1 iiutiiiM of tin' i-nr. Tli.-K- 1m only one
o:y tiui.. ii.:if ii".s. iiliil tliat Is liy t-onsl il ill l.ti
i.l ii-i ii-Uii . Ii-.-h-iii-j.s i- ruii-i-il 1- mi intiiiiut'ii
rs.i-ilii i,m 01' tin iuiu-oim lining of too Lil-lachiaii
Ti.ln-. Winn this t'lt.o is inil.-iiuiil yon li:ivo a
rmiil'liiisr foiiinl i-r linm-rli-i-t lionrini:. nuil h"a
It is M!r-iy lnsi-il li.-iilm-.-i is tin- r-siilt, uml
mil. ss t!io ioHri mm:! 1 Oiti 1. in In- (11 ki n out nuil
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sist colds, (live the baby and chil
dren Dr. Evil's Pine-Tar-IIoney. It's
guaranteed to help them. Oniy 25c,
at vour druggist.
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pel my cough," writes J. R. Watts, lars. iree. f. ciieney & co.. Toi!. u.
Floy dale, Texas. Money oack if not s,lhi by VriiSts. 75c.
satisiied, but it nearly alawys helps. Take iiairs rauiiijr rills for conatlpttlga.
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Ide Silver, because they
fit best, show the newest styles first and last but not
least because they are made with Linocard buttonholes.
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dozen trips to the laundry. Kerway and Moire, two new
shapes Buckingham, a new dress collar.
Sox Inverwoven, because they
are tne only seamless sox tnat nt and because you can
buy them light in weight and still get wearing quality.
We carry four weights extra thin, light weight, medium
weight and heavy weight. Every good selling shade.
Prices 25c, 35c and 50c. Interwoven cashmere 25c, 35c
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clusively here they are the product 01 the oldest end
largest glove manufacturers in America. We carry the
lined and unlined, in gray, tan, brown, black, white and
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Sreatcrs Pennsylvania, be-
cause they arc made of pure wool with patented notair
buttonholes, V necks or high collar styles. Every style K
from a cardigan stitch worsted to the popular rope stitch ffj
effects $2.50, $3 and up to $6. Two new shades here in
rope stitch sweaters; heather-mix and green-mix.
7 ;r rj-V Shirts
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