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Better cookies, cake
and biscuits, too. All
as light, fluffy, tender
nii J delicious as mother used
to bake. And jut as -wholesome.
For purer Dakintr Pow
der than Calumet caanot be bad
at any fruc.
Aok your grocer.
VJorlA'i Pert Food EinontiVn. Chicaro. TIL
Fen Eip-i.uoB, triacc, filirf i. 1912
Toe tas't tz-re c-.7 Train yen bar cbrar or big-caa
KaLiSX powder. 2 Jt't tw- Kuied. Eojr Caltet. It's
moro icoso-r.!'-! i-orr v hoione sires est ranks.
Calcine! is tar rr--i.-r t3 Mir ni:iit and aoda.
Just received A car
of Early Ohio potatoes,
70c a bushel. A. G.
Bach Q. Co.
1 11 Tell You Why I
Won't Invest
in Your Enterprise
TOF'RL J'M-a;d in iIip vrun
Invn. (ilnscn M-vnifrii
s;ilorvj, iu-l Spring, the firr-t
iu-tiiuii-i ' come aern-s with
laxo:.. Yu voted your
oul of lhi-e p'xtd fund-.
hut ha it S"t ku? i'ia-
1 v
i! a tli ai
Ya tri'il l' l-'jirivr men of
ih'-ir T-iial ripiil.-. m 1olI
th-'j fouidii t Jrink. I'-r.
ipo.irrai'-! v a- thry hal
he'll riii:. Al"n
o nmhin. t
n-. gt unlimited rjuantities
li;;i, ernzrr driiiK. in the
eountless h! in'! 'iz that your
hlue laws created.
Tho-e rdrrly wlminj rrc
the Li!erty Hall Of many wnrL
mn v ho !oiiplit an hoiir rda
atiou, amuM-iiK-iiU k'Hows-hiji. '!
them, tiiex- were what a ehib
is to vmi and me. .Naturally,
,l,ij.-t die jirivilee of drinkin?
an i- ra-ional pId-- they sLalked
lo the e.inveiiient t-jK-aiV-rasic'S
and i'came law brcaLer?.
There mi! are. 'Vi'jlliam''. None
f inv money ir a luwn that
i IanT d:iwu
and M',ri',v.
t'.i-' j id hot fin
hut ou buriness
i if) -
Voles For Women Gained In Two
Stales, fiionlana and Nevada.
Chicago, Nov. 5. Woman suffrage
leaders rejoiced when belated returns
indicate that votes for women had
been apparently granted in two of tbe
seven states voting on the question in
Tuesday'B election, with a third stale
in doubt. First returns had indicat?d
defeat of the granting of the franchise
to women in all seven states con
cerned. Montana and Nevada, according to
latest returns, granted votes to wom
en, while Nebraska showed such a
small vote against the proposal that
the women claimed the state. Mis
souri. Ohio, and North and South Da
kota refused to grant equal suffrago.
the vote against granting the fran
chise to women increasing with the
size of the population concerned.
In Montana, where the workers of
the Wonian"s Suffrage association
made heroic efirts to win the billet,
the vote was so close that the official
count will lie necessary to decide the
outcome, but the women have a slight
'cad on unofficial returns.
In Nevada, which seems won to the
cause oi equal suffrage, lid precincts
out of 24 gave H.f-lP votes for wom
an's suffrage and 2.5S against.
The effect of women's votes on pro
hihition in Tuesday's eh ctiou indi
cated that women do not unammous'.v
oppose saloons. "Wtimea failed in two
Pacific coast states to turn out srv
lonns. although the exact status of the
female vote on the subject in Califor
nia and "Washington has not been tab
ulated yft. Poth these states voi-d
for the first time to ourt saloons, and
In both the voting of women is c onv
rnratively a novelty. The vote in fa
-or of retaining saloons was large in
loth states.
Three States Go Wet. Three Dry.
Chicago, Nov. 5. Three western
states were aligned in the dry column,
according to latest returns. Oreox..
Arizona and Colorado voted for state
wide prohibition by clear margins,
j? ay anti-liquor people. In addition the
claim was made hy anti-saloon work
ers here that the majority of I'dioi
legislators as a result of the electicr.
are "dry" in sentiment. Ohio, how
ever, went overwhelmingly
prohibition, as did California and
New York Elects Socialist.
New York, Nov. L. A Socialist h-.s
been elected to congress for the fim
time in the history of New Ycrk. He
is Meyer London of the Twelfth con
gressional district, who has been na
tive in labcr and Socialistic circles ;r.
this city lor many years. He defeated
Congressman Henry M. Goldfogle. t' e
Democratic and Independence league
70 Shells Fired at Turkish Forts.
Paris. Nov. 5. A dispatch to th
Havas news agency from Athens sav.--that
the bombardment of the ions rt
the Dardanelles, which was parii'i
pated in chiefly by the riritih fie'-;,
was suspended momentarily, but laf r
was resumed. Seventy shells in vli
were fired at the Turkish forts.
F.epublicans Win In Hawaii.
Honolulu. Nov. Z. The Republicans
were successful in the election he'd
here, winning the territorial and mu
nicipal offices, with a few exception':
Hon. J. K. Kalaniancle (Prince Cup?d
was re-elected delegate to congress
by Con,) plurality.
Burke Admits Election of Johnson.
Pierre, S. D.. Nov. Congressman
Burke admits J-lie election of Ed
Johnson, his "Democratic opponent, tc
the senate by about 2. """''. and he h.
wired Johnson congratulations, rem
nerats get congressman in the Third
"Engaged Man's Panic."
"Kngnired uian's panic" is as famil
iar a phenomenon as the squawking
of a captured chicken or the flopping
of a hooked fish. And woman in
stinctively anticipsites it, feels it be
fore It actually begins, deals with it
according to her abilitleF. No woman
ever feels that this is a slur upon her
She knows that it does not invohe her.
but is only the nervousness of the tree
at the touch of the luatrimonial bridle
and that bridle, as she knows and as
he knows, is not in her hafids. but in
the hands of society. Even the man
marrying for a home, even the man
inarryin; for children or for money,
even the man marrying because only
by marriage can be hope to get some
one to associate with him. bear with
him. listen to hiin on terms of his own
arranging even these men feel the
Tiervousne as the bridle drops over
their heads nod the bit presses their
quivering lips. From Deguanno'.s
Wife,"' by David Graham Phillips.
"Knotty" History.
Tyius knots in a handkerchief to jog
one's memory had its oriyiu in China
thousands of years ago. I'.efore writ
ing was Invented iu that country,
which dkl not happen until ."000 D. C.
memorable and important events were
recorded by Ions knotted cords. The
most ancient history of China is still
preserved as told by these knots.
When Emperor Tschang Ki invented
writins the entire system of "knot
ting" was abandoned. And today the
memory knot made by us in handker
chiefs are the only surviving descend- j
ante of that ancient custom. j
fe5, IK?
Kaiser's Warships
Sighted In Baltic.
Gather Off Aland islands Oppo
site Entrance to Biili of Finland.
ArEbkn City, in Which Is Saidlto
BsTcmb cfEr, Bcmbarried.
Eondon. Nov. 5. The Hritish cruis
er Mintna iiao l.oniharcied the Ara
bian town of Jliiuah, on the Ked sea.
?idcl;-.k. n town of some So.imo iunaiii
is the ch;ef sciuor; of Arabia,
in the pn'Nince of liejaz. sixty-live
mi'.es north wi st oi Mecca. From the
-ea the white minarets .show plain''
within the wails; of the town and gie
it a piciuivsqae appearance. T'.e
augies of the wulls on the sea front
are surmounted by forts. In the north
ern part of the town is a tomb said
to be that of Eve. Nearly half the
population is Arabic. Large numbers
;f pilgrims pass through .lidciah each
jear on the Mecca, pilgrimage.
Turkey has now definitely broken
off diplomatic relations with Great
Britain, France. Russia and Scrvia.
Its diplomatic re;'i-.-cntati es in the
capitals of these countries, acting cn
orders from the pone, demanded and
received their passports. The powers
which the Ottoman government tkvs
defied are already taking warlike
aiion against Turkey.
The Pritish have destroyed Fort
Akabah in Arabia, the Russians have
invaded Asia Minor and an Anr!
French fleet is bombarding the l"ors
of the rardanelles.
London. Nov. 5. A dispatch from
Copenhagen says: ' A fleet of Gorman
warships has gathered off the Aland
islands, in the Baltic sea. northeast of
Stockholm and opposite the entrance,
to the Gulf of Finland. They evident
ly were preceding north and have
stopped to await orders."
The report is bing circulated in
Dover that the German fleet has conm
out from its base. It is also reported
from Dunkirk thai four battleships
and four cruisers have put to sea from
With pressure on the Franco-Belgian
sea coast relieved, interest in
London has been, diverted from land
cpeiations to n;wal movements.
The daring dash of a German squad
ron to within ten miles of the north
cast ecast of England indicates thiit
the prolonged inactivity of the larger
units of the German fleet has been
broken by ? raid on the coast of En
gland, but much satisfaction is ex
pressed that the cruiser Halcyon, by
the clever seamanship of its com
mander, escaped from a tight corner
practically uninjured. The retiring
German squadron chopped floating
mines in its track and this delayed
Several Hundred Officers Have Ar
rived at Constantinople.
London. Nov. 5. A dispatch reach
ing London from Constantinople: sas
that several hundred more German
officers have just arrived, though a
majority of them, it is asserted, are
familiar with the Turkish army orgaiv
izi'tion. having been employed at the
Ottoman capital before.
Turkey's fomial entrance into war
with the allies for France cannot but
follow Great Britain came at a time
when the Turkish ambassadors st 5M
rt London and Paris were uncertain
what next was to come.
Little Change. Says Paris.
Palis. Nov. ,". The w;;r ottice made
public the following official statement-
"There is no important modification
in the situation to report. In the
nerth we have marie slight progress
toward Messines. To the east artillery
duels at several points of the front
have taken place without any great re
salts, notably ;,t the west of Ins, be
f.vecn the Somme and Ancro in th?
Argonne, and in the forest of-Apre
Russians Occupy Seven Towns.
Petrograd. Nov. 5. An official com
niunication from the staff of the Rus j
Eian army in the Caucasus, given out!
In this city, says that Russian troops;
have crossed the Turkish frontier
driving back the enemy's edvanc
guards and taking seven towns.
Hew York and Maryland Added
to Those Now Quarantined.
Washington, Nov. 5. The worst out
break of foot and mouth disease ever
known iu the United States is the de
partment of agriculture's estimate of
the live stock epidemic which has
forced federal quarantine over s'x
states and threatens a temporary re
duction of the nation's food supply.
An emergency appropriation by con
gress may be required to finance the
campaign to suppress the epidemic.
Officials said it would be a week be
fore they could forecast the extent tc
which the food supply would be ef
fected. They are inclined to believe,
however, that the shrinkage will not
be large in spite of the inconvenience
to which stock .growers and packers
will be subjected until the disease ir
under control.
Every possible effort will be made to
lemove handicaps upon me movement
oi" live stock. The quarantine doe
not prevent the shipment of stock
from unaffected districts to slaughter
houses within the quarantined area,
and there is no embargo against the
shipment of dressed meat.
New York and Maryland were added
to the list of quarantined states.
This outbreak, which is the first in
the United States since liV;S, is re
carded as the most serious of any thnt
the United State3 has yet experienced.
Not enly has it already spread ovf
an extensive area, but its virulence
seems to be above the average.
Chicago Stock Yards to Close.
Chicago. Nov. The Chicago
Union Stock Yards, the largest cat
tle market in the world, which hr.
been in continuous business sine"
K,;r,. was ordered closed for several
days because of the prevalence of t:e
hoof and mouth disease among cattle.
The closingorder will go into effect
at the close of business tomorrow.
London Fears For Bridget.
London. Nov. 5. More stringent or
ders were issued in regard to the
darkening of the city at r.ight because
ol" the fear of visits from hostile aero
planes. The city is very dark now.
but under the new orders the number
of stteet lights will be reduced. Those
on' street cars are to be entirely ob
scured while they are crossing bridges.
Closing Quotations on the Chicago
Board of Trade.
Vheat Dec, $1.17,; May. fl.-'S";.
Corn Dec. 7'vc; May. 72:;4c.
Oats Dec. 4'.c; May, o3T.c.
Pork Jan.. $19.17v; May, Jiy.4.
Lard Nov., $10.07';;; Jan.. $10. 17'.
Ribs Jan.. $lt.07".; May. $10.22':...
Chicago Cash Prices No. 2 hard
wheat. $1.3 4 US 1.14!;..; No. 2 corn,
751ic; No. 2 white oats. 40"449'-c.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago. Nov. Z. Cattle Receipts.
2;. nun; steady to lower; beeves. $G.t!
(r1'i.S'; steers. S t" cjf 7 : cows and heif
ers. $S.;:tfi 9.2f.; calves, $710.2"i.
Hogs Receipts, 3o,(miO; fairly active
at. fitOiric higher; bulk, $7.2.Cz 7.5";
light. $7!&7.o"; mixed. $7.20 7.;.";
heavy. $7.t'5Jt7.'"it; rough, $7.03(g 7.2': ;
pigs. $3.7o(y "Ci.2d. Sheep Receipts,
IS.'Hio; steady: sheep. $5.45 .4';
yearlings, $t;.2"i 7.25; lambs, $G.75
South Omaha Live Stock.
Scuth Omaha, Nov. 5. Cattle K
c eipts. C.S'lO : steady; beef steers. Z. CZ
?P.oft; cows and heifers, $4'5";
stockei s and feeders. $5. 80 3 7.85;
bulls. $i.5of7 ;.2."; calves $7.5O10.
Hogs Receipts. 4.U0M; steady to
strong; bulk of sales. $7.05'?J 7.15; top.
$7.25. Sheep Receipts. 9.500; joil5c
higher; lambs. G.25 8.50; wethers,
$4.3oG.50; ewes, $3.25Q 5.6".
Carranza Moves Capital to Puebla.
El Paso, Tex.. Nov. 5. The Consti
tutional provisional government, will
its cabinet members and archives, w.r
moved to Puebla, where General C?r
ranza has been for several days, sab"
an official report received from Mexict
City. The cause of the change of th
government seat was not given.
Another Way to Get Even.
"I want to sue Dr. Blank for heavy
damages!" said the nDgry citizen en
tering the lawyer's otlice.
"Wbat iiA3 Le done'r" asked the at
torney. "When be operated on me he left a
fiair of surlier. I scissors in me. How
much can 1 sue trim tor?"
"Oh. don't sue him at alL" counseled
the lawyer: p'just send liim a bill for
storage." Lndies' Home Journal.
Strange Works to Him.
The hostess asked the o!id tnno of
ber guest list to take a talkative younp
woman in to dinner. The t-irl did tier
best to keep up the cnnreraatfein. rang
ing from Wall street to the crops and
back. Out- once did the solid man de
sert the unfailing affirmative, and that
was wben she asked. "Do yon like Bee
thoven's works';- -Never visited them."
he replied. "Wtiat doe be manufac
ture ?" Argonaut
Republican Wins In Wilccn's District
Trenton. N. J.. Nov. 5. Presiden
Wllson'u home congressional district
the Fourth of N'of Jersey, bas eleetet
Elijah C. Hutchinson, a Republican, it
succeed ConzrcsaLuan Allan B. Walsh
a Democrat,, b about 2.0'ju plurality j
Returns From tfie State Increase
His Plurality.
Shallenberger Runs Nip and Tuck
With Barton In Fifth Congressional
District Reavis Defeats Maguire In
First Stephens Is Re-elected.
Lincoln, Nov. 5. Returns from fifty
seven counties have been received ou
governor and show: Morehead, 52,
37; Hcwell. 43,1 S4. These totals ate
both heavier than the vote for More
head and Aldrich two years ago, and
indicate a net gain tor Morehead.
For congress, Loheck (Dem.), in the
Second district, and Stephens (Uem.l,
in the Third, are elected.
Reavis (Rep.) has apparently de
feated Maguire in the First.
Sloan (Rep.) is elected in the
Fourth district.
Shallenberger (Dem.) has a chance
to win in the Fifth district.
Kinkaid (Rep.) is re-elected in the
Returns wre difficult to obtain in
the congressional races. In the Fifth
district, former Go'vernor Shallenbc-.
ger and S. R. Earton. present con
gressman, are having an up and down
course. Barton losses were reported
in several precincts.
Trend Is Against Suffrage.
After having led in the first meager
reports, woman suffrage b'gan to fall
behind. Counting Douglas county, the
thirty-one counties from which incom
plete returns have been henrd from
give suffrage 1P.35G and against suf
frage 21,057. This gives the antis in
these incomplete returns a majority of
The thirty counties outside of Doug
las, with mostly incomplete returns,
i'lso give the autis a majority of 75'..
Douglas county voted: For, 7.GCC;
against. S.G38. ,
Returns on the state offices ar
buried while the election boards give
attention to the county offices. This
jear for the first time for more than
thirty years full county tickets are
elected with the full state ticket, ad!
this centers interest in local candi
dates. The occasional report of th:i
vote on secretary of state indicate"
that the Republican state ticket will
run much ahead of Howell, and that
it stands strong chances of election.
Fifteen Will Judge Cattle and Horses
at South Omaha.
Lincoln, Nov. 5. Fifteen student?
of the Nebraska college of agricu'.tu: c
at Lincoln are expected to arrive in
Omaha and South Omaha Saturday,
where they will judge cattle and
horses at the stock yards and visit
other points of interest in the two
cities. The visit is incident to several
trips being made to different parts o!
Nebraska. Missouri. Iowa. Kansas and
Illinois, where the students are re
reiving practice in this work previous
to the selection of a stock judging
team to be sent to Chicago at the In
ternational Live Stock exposition. The
party will be in charge of Howard .1
Gramlich. professor of animal hus
Landry at the university farm.
Two Men Drowned.
Yankton, S. D., Nov. 5. Editor H
TV. Cooley of the Crofton Journal ol
Crofton. Neb., and O. W. Cass, drug
gist, in the latter's car, were drowned
in the Missouri river when the cat
left the pontoon bridge and plunged
into the river. Csss, who was mar
ricd. was driving his car. O. D. Salley
a barber, and L. S. Ross, jwclrymau
were in the car and went to the hot
torn of the river with the car. Thej
freed themselves and reached short
exhausted and nearly drowned. Speed
is given as the cause of the accident
Eroadwell Files Rehearing Motion.
Lincoln, Nov. 5. A motion for a re
hearing was filed in the supreme cour
by Frank A. Broad well and the Anier
ican Surety company in a case decidec
ugainst them as defendants and in f.i
Tor of Douglas county, covering an at
tempt to collect from Broadwell wfier
clerk ef the district court of the conn
ty certain insane fees which he had ro
Nieuport City of Dead.
London, Nov. 5. Telegraphing frort
the north of France, the correspond!
ent of the Cnronicle says: Nieuport
which suffered severely from bom
nurdment by the allies and Germans
and was lost and taken three times ir
one day. is now in ruins. It is occu
pied only by the jdead, lying in an un
buried heap."
Rulers to Salisbury Plain.
Iondon. Nov. 5. King Georges ant
Queen Mary, accompanied by a smal
suite, left London for Salisbury Plain
where they will inspect the Canadiai
troops, who have been encamped it
this locality since their arrival in En
American Warship Arrives at Beirut
London, Nov. 5. According to tin
Athens correspondent of the Star, ai
American warship has arrived at Be!
rut. Syria, for the protection of th
Christian tabulation. . ...
Governor Is Re-e'ecied by In
creased Majority.
Returns So Far Received Show That
He Is Gaining Over His Former
Vte Scattering Returns Frvor Re
publican Ticket Eelow Governor.
Lincoln. Nov. 4. Enough of the
state has been heard from to make
certain the fact that Governor More
head has been re-elected by an in
cret.sjd plurality. Sisty-one precinct ;
report ed, coming from ail over the
state, show; Morehead. G.227; Iiowtll.
5, -!;; Sackett. 305. These same re
cincts two years ago gav-': More-head,
5.26-1; Aldrich. 5.C2S. This is a iv
gain for More-head of more thai: eight
to the precinct. Should he ma ntain
thit ratio throughout the sttite, kir;
final lead over Howell will be in the
neighborhood of 25. m o.
B.-low the governor, the Republican
ticket seems to be running well. Re
turns from a few scattering precincts
PooL 310; Wait.
On the suffrage amendment only fif
teen precincts have been report. -d.
showing 3.379 for and 1,425 ajiain.-t.
Tight In First District.
The city of O'Neill. I7iivt ;mu1 Sec
ond precincts, give Muit-htad (Dem.)
for governor, 1 :s ; Howell, 71'. Same
precincts in 1012 gave Morehead 11";
Aldrich, 71k Women's suffrage an: -rJ-rnent
received 7G votes to lny a:,a:nb:.
One precinct in Clay comity (Lin
coln) gives: Morehaad, 351; Howell,
2H1. Same in 1912 gave: Morehead,
142: Aldrich. 23o.
One precinct in Richardson county
gives: Morehead, 4:; Howcli, 1)7.
Same in 3UI2 gave: Morehead.
Aldrich, VS. For . engross: Etavb;
(R?p.). 121: Mar:u ire (Pem.i, 112.
Sa ne in 1512: Clark (Rcp... 132; Ma
guire (Den:.), 104.
Fourteen cf twen'y-ctie pior-ir.cts in
Lincoln county give For removal of
university, 1.17S; against removal. 3,
OSIt. Seven precincts on suffrage-: For
suffrage. 7!C; against suffrage. 7"2.
Ten precincts in laucasie:- covnty
give: Morehead. 1.432; Hcwell, 1.5j4;
Sackett. U'.K Same in 1!M2 gave:
Morehead, 3.4'::t- Ah.lrich. l,o5f).
Sunday baseball i probably cirfetii
ed iu Lincoln. Fourteen out of twenty-one
precincts give: For, 2,254;
against 2,374.
Vote In Buffalo,
Kearney, Neb., Nov. 4. One hun
dred and three precincts. Kearney,
Bf.ner. Gibbon. Logan and She'ton.
Morehead, S2ti; Ilov.eli, C5; Sackett,
4-1. Three precincts, suffrage: For,
255;: against.. 2 4 G.
York, Neb.. Nov. 4. York county,
four precincts: Morehead, 3o2; How
ell. 354; Sackett. G. Same 1912: More
head, 224; Aldrich. MM.
Osceola. Neb., Nov. 4. Polk county,
two precincts: Morehead, 210; How
ell, 253. Same 1912: Morehead, 194;
Aldrich. 217.
Papillion, Neb.. Nov. 4. Sarpy coun
ty, three precincts: Morehead. 11:
ILnvell. 148. Same 1912: Morehead,
259; Aldrich, 214.
Lancaster Shows Democratic Gain.
Lincoln, Nov. 4. Six precincts. Lan
caster county: Morehead. SDG; How
eil, GSG. In lf12 the same precinct:
gave: Morehead. 737; Aldrich, 54G.
The first returns to come in wore?
from Mr. Bryan's home precinct,
which gave Morehead 55, Howell 35
and Sackett 2.
Three precincts for conrressman :
Maguire ( 419; Reavis (Rep.),
SS4. Same 1912: Mcguire (Dem.).
4GD; Clark (Rep.), 297.
Stephens In Lead.
Norfolk. Neb.. Nov. 4. Returns from
the Third congressional district indi
cate the rc -elect ior of Dan V. Steph
ens (Deiu.) t' congress. Woman's
suffrage has a good margin in the
cifly returns, ami Morehead, for gov
e nor, seems to have gained over his
lead of two years ago. A number ot
precincts favor university removal.
Hews!! Leads Mcrehead In Dixon.
Ponea, Ne'n., Nov. 4. Fie jfrcinrts
in Dixon county give: Hcwell, 3u2:
Morehead. 12!. Same precincts in
3-H2 gave: Aldrich, rSS; Moreh.eai,
152. Same precincts for woman's suf
frage. 125; against, 3 i3. Spethnan
(IJep.). for congiei-s. three precincts,
lju; Stephens (Dem..). 3.
Morehead Has Small Lead In Gage.
- Ite::tric c. Neb., Nov. 4 Midland
country precinct gives: Morehead. f3;
Howell, 39; Sackett. 33. St!in pieeiuct
gave: Aldrich. 72; Morehead, G7;
P.ooBovelt, 3, in 1912. Dig vote case
In Gage county. Deatrice total vote
ras 1,8(51.
C!oi? In Adams County.
Hastings,-N'-b., Nov. 4. Scattering
returns lrom Adams county give the
piospect of small gains for HoweM
and the rest of the Republican ticket.
Equal sufTragt- probably loses in Ad county. The vole was heavy.
First District Congress-ran.
Liberty, Neb.. Nov. 4. Richardson
county, eight precincts: Reavis (Rei.),
$72; Maguire (Dem.), 252.
Montezuma urss born in
1479, and uiheri ne ?rei) ;.?.Tie
bsccne the ruler of the Aztecs,
and they used m to meas
ure their lo nd For them-
TriTY Af?t
: u J t X
Going on h;3 vaca
tion. AD THfV
IF yoar hair is uraim,
i and vm wish it to remain
iu uaire wraie at trie sea
side, jump into the mater
and ijoii mill "haire ijour
liair in maues
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What tree do we eetfe
most Fruit From ,lh2 pear, plum
ot cpple? ies$ the
pesr treeheara the most fruit
For etcrfj Flum and apple, you
get a Ve5r Frcrri the other!
muwn 9umti
costume suit is shown above.
IF you knoiuhou to udlk out
of a boardiritS hcase uithout
paying iour Doard ijon cari
easily acquire the aboi'e uidlk-
Oidir.g throash the little
village of BoiliTifDeaicitod
in a seventy horse pouder
Tnachine.uere two "brothers
Messrs, Ham Burger StaiKcnd
Dres Laa StoiK-TKey had
cae ebod three qaarters oF
the uay.whea along came Count
Von Bismark HerRiue:uuo
stopped end muttedthem
to dine with "hiin-As the
entered the Counts residency
a seruant saidlf a ccraparj
of scldiersleft Belfast for
Belgvxm,iiTOLild a raiment
from 6las6our ?
V, HKT ARE AtO j 91 1 . ..
those Msn in 4 -y? 237Tr
! SAY, MiSTEC KlTeil, ) 4 1 L.
! what &RE ai vnose fi fjk
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. I !!s c V t r his ret'
If IT 1. L J m m k .
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W K AT city IM . .
I IS THIS? " f
I ,i WILL. V V x.
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