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    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 19 If.
0e plattsmoutb journal
Published S e m l-W eekly at Plattsmouth. Nabr.
Entered at the Tostoflice at riattsmoutlu Nebraska, as second-class mall matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Subscription Price: $1.50 Per Year In Advanoe
Kt ;-v. !nM- John 11. .Mooreliea.l
l.w l. if "t -il'ivoi iii-i- lames lVari-on
l ..r S.-, !'f l;u v of State. .Cl aries W. Pool
I".-r s'!:Oo AU'iaor Win. 11. Smith
Km Su 'e Treasurer. .. .George 1'- Hall
i'o.- State Sniiei inleii'lent
I M Whitehead
lr Mtornev :-:n-r;: I . . . V i 11 is K. Keel
l'or i- ; -1 'oinmissi. !i . . . V. l:. Kastham
For l.ailw.iv e'oiiimisioii.r
Will M. Mauian
For Kepents of Fniversity
J.-hn K . Miller
W. Noble
For oiii;i e.-ma!i JoUii A. Mau're
Siii-i i-'iif Juil-f Noil -1 'artisan
m. it. r.'ecp
, '. i ' 1 iollenl'eck
jii'l-e ;is'ri.t 'o'iil Non-t'artisan
James T. I'.esley
F;-.t t - K pi s.nla t i e e"as a:nl
lot. t'ounti-s V. 11. l'uls
C";n'y J mis
-Non- Partisan
.O. K
.A. .1.
f 5 ra ves
1;. j. I ive Sevenl h lustliet. .
M. C5. Kinie
Slate Senator !
n.l ! istriet
. . .John Mattes. Jr.
o. iitv I'l.rk Frank .1. I.ihershal
CmmiH- Tn at:rer W. 1- I'"ox
;. lit v Sio rirt I.iIm I. W n n-ler 1 ii h
e'.M.n! v Sim-'! ii:Te;i.!e!it . . Mary K. Foster
;(l;lt.l of I' . J SllV.l.r
i-.eMitv- r.Tc-i.r I i .1. F.
C,,:Mtv S'i-evor Kre-1 Patterson
r- "mm i ioner Seeon.l lis-
t i-j.-t H. S;olni
Omnlv 'itii:nisi"ii'-r Tl-ird lis-
iriet Henry Snoke
What tir.c wants is to be in- I
tcrested, and if one isn't, life !
J is pretty much the same in a !-
trolley car as in an automo
bile. Ellen Glasgow.
Whuer coming on apace. Now's
the time to fill that co:l bin.
Only three weeks frcrn tenia y till
election. Keep on the move, boys.
There is one consolation left to the
man in the ranks. Death tomes but
It will be more patriotic stiil to
ue plenty of cloth in that cotton
Moon changed yesterday. Maybe
the next wiil be a dry moon. We can
s-tand it.
The Palace of Peace would serve
a - an excellent a.-ylum for the widows
a:ul orphans.
Attending to one's own business is
the eas;e-t thin? in the world to do,
which probably explains why it is
seldom done.
Evidently, the motorcyclists about
town think people would consider
them bad ones if they did not keep
their mufflers open.
: :
The railroads of the country are for an increased rate, as they
are lort. When they arc yone, what
about the rest of u-;?
California may also be able to sell
more of its justly celebrated climate
to tour'sts who formerly went to Eu
ioh for that commodity.
"Is your husband as noisy at home
as he is down town?" a doctor asked
this reporter's wife. Now, what's the
idea of tailing anybody's wife what
use of telling anybody's wife what
Every voter in Cass county should
vote against the removal of the state
university. If removal carries, it will
fcimply "feather the nests" of a few
real estate speculators in Lincoln.
That's all.
M'ke Kime, democratic candidate
for representative, is one of the -common
people, and if he is elected the
people of Cass county are sure to
have a representative in the legis
lature who will guard well their in
ttrests. Mr. Kime is a man that de
serves the support of the farmers and
everyone else who wants the. county
represented by one who knows the
7-eal need of the people.
Thank goodness, there is no censor
for the baseball news.
Every hour you spend on the main
corner of the city is putting off mak
ing good.
; t ;
Safety first wouldn't be a bad thing
to teach the boy, even if he is not to
engaged in railroading.
Anyone can start a boom, but most
of them are not loadtei heavy enough
to cause much of an explosion.
:o :
About the only thirg that can be
done with the Mexicans, it would
teem, is to adandon them to their
fate, and let them fight it out.
In voting for Frank J. Lihcrshall
for county clerk, you aie voting far
a young man who has been tried in
the official duties of the office and
not found wanting.
The republicans are making cal
culations to capture one or two con
gressmen in Nebraska. They had
better make the effort of their life
to keep what they already have.
The European war news has to
take the back page for the great
series of ball games. The great
American game will create more ex
citement than anything else in this
If every man in this town woultl
make a practice of devoting two
hours a week to yard improvement,
it would lie but a short time when
we would have the most beautiful
community in the world.
According to reports from Wash
ington, congress is arranging to ad
journ next Saturday night. This will
give members who are candidates for
e-election a chance to fix up their
:o :
Soon President Wilson will set
forth his Thanksgiving Day procla
mation. This country is at peace with
the balance of the world, and this is
something to be thankful for, be
sides the overflowing granaries to
furnish food for the outside world.
Says the World-IIerald: "The re
publican party promises encourage
ment of private development of water
power. Its candidate for governor
repudiates the promise in advance of
his election and promises instead
public development at public expense.
He is at war with his party and his
party would be at war with him ii
he were electee!."
Don't you think for a moment that
the people of Nebraska are ready to
trade a man who has been tried and
true as governor, for one of inex
perience in the management of state
affairs. Governor Moorehcad has
proved himself a great man in the
position, while R. II. Howell has noth
ing to recommend h'.m but the mil
lions of indebtedness he has saddled
upon the taxpayers of Omaha.
There will be no republican cam
paign textbook this year, for lack
of material. The predicted financial
panic, the empty dinner pail3, the
smokeless factory chimneys, disturb
ed commerce, depressed business and
pessimistic speeches have all gone
into the discard "We cannot attack
the currency law," said one repub
lican spellbinder, who voices the opin
ion of most of them, "for its worth
has been proved within the last few
weeks. It would be foolhardy to at
tempt to convince the people that
they pould return to te Payne-Al
would laugh at us.
Rttprni.ic9r ticket.
Governor H. B. Howell
I. lent. -Governor . .Walter V. Hoagland
Secretary of State Addison Wait
Treasurer F. L. Itatncr
State Auditor Walter L. Minor
State Superintendent . O. Thomas
Land Commissioner Fred Beckman
Kaiiway Commissioner T. L. Hall
University Regents
.F. P. Hrown
.Peter Jansen
Supreme Judge Non-Fartisan
M. T. Reeee
Conrad llollenbeck
Congressman First IMstrlet
t:. rrann iteavis
Judpre of the IMstrict Court Non
Partisan James T. I?esjley
For State Senator Second District
A. F. Sturm
Float Representative Otoe and
Cass Counties K. L. Nutzmann
County Clerk John M. Creamer
County Treasurer Major A. Hall
Sheriff Carroll I. Quintoii
Keirister of Heeds Mont Rofib
County Attorney A. G. Cole
County Superintendent
t,iia Aiarquarat
County Surveyor Fretl Patterson
County Coroner H. I. Clements
Representative Seventh Districts. .
e". I'j. pool
County Commissioner Second Dis
trict Charles Ileebner
County Commissioner Third Dis
trict J. W Colbert
County Judge Non-Tartisan
C. Ii. Craves
A. J. Heeson
The vultures are having their day.
Some people read forever and never
Many a young man began life with
a yell.
Wise men arc good savers. Fools
good spentlers.
Dahlman for collector and Guen-
ther for marshall is the latest.
When a man speaks for himself he
is doing all tne Liora intended ne
should do.
Even the colonel's remarks cannot
add much to the present woes of Mr.
The biggest contribution to the
cotton funel is urging everything ex-
ept -spitting cotton.
Instead of a decent tax on Pullman
tickets, the government might have
made the porters turn over 25 per
cent of their tips.
Who said Howell had no use for
the rest of the ticket? Why, the
cantlitlates who are on this same tick
et with him, anel they ought to know.
John G. Wunderlich is still busy in
terviewing the people on the sheriff
question, and he is increasing his
supporters in every section of the
county. There is no doubt about
John's efficiency, and as a good 'cit
izen he is among thf- very best.
: o :
At both republican anel democratic
headquarters in Lincoln the wiseacres
at the heaels of departments are
confident of success in the election.
Somebody is going to be fooled, and
it will be the fellows who are not
counting on the strength of Senator
Sackett for governor on the progres
sive ticket. Mr. Sackett is making a
great campaign, and he has a host of
friends in every section of the state.
The tlemocratic party pledges the
state a public warehouse law. With
such a law in operation the farmers
of Nebraska will not be required to
sell their corn, their wheat, and their
other products in the cheapest mar
ket, that prevails just about harvest
time. They will be enabled to store
their crops in public elevators, re
ceive tnereior warehouse receipts,
that are prime security at the banks,
to borrow on such receipts money for
their immediate needs, and mean
while hold their crops till they are
ready to sell' them. The plan is sim
ple, proved and sure. It prevails in
many states. It not only enables the
farmer to get a fair price for his
proeluce, but it develops a local mar
ket and home industry. Experience
in Kansas, in Illinois, in Minnesota
and elsewhere proves that it would
save the farmers of Nebraska, and
so to the whole state of Nebraska,
enough money in a single year to de
velop all the water power in the
state. And it would not be at the
expense of the consumer. It would
simply give to the farmer instead of
to the speculator and the great ter
tninnl oleVator rnmMnio tb lipftflt
of top prices. World-Herald. j
With winter coming on, and the
crops safely harvested and stowed
away, many young men of the farms
will be casting longing eyes toward
the great cities.
They would leave the green fields
and thelf-pieasures and seek the glare
of the electric lights and the allure
ments of the great white way.
. They would taste of the greater
And therein lurks the most haunt
ing peril that confronts our country
today, for the nation is dependent
upon the farmer.
Our population is increasing by
leaps and bounds, and millions of ad
ditional mouths must be fed each
From the Roil of the farms must
come the produce which sustains life
and body for the countless thousands
who throng the cities.
And year by year young men of
the country are leaving the farms to
seek their fortunes in the human bee
And each one who forsakes the
farm reduces the producing capacity
of the country, although our con
stantly increasing population calls
for greater farm production.
Voting men of brains are needed
on the farm. Their presence there
means much to their country a
thousand times more than they real
ize. The city offers but one chance in a
hunelreel for success, for every large
city is already over populated, and
for every job worth the having there
are many applicants.
Today, as we write this article,
every city in the country is groaning
under the burden of itp unemployed.
Many hundreds of thousands of peo
ple are without bread, and wholly de
pendent upon charity. That is the
condition of the great cities today
a condition which should not appeal
to any intelligent young man from
the farm.
The farm offers the young man
a life of honor, and of peace, and of
The glare of the electric light of
fers him all that he should not have.
Young men of wisdom should stick
to the farm.
Fools have no wisdom to lose.
Falsifying will not get ' anything
for the man who engages in it. Mark
No sooner does Mexico get through
with a revolution than it must under
go a street car strike.
The better looking the woman the
more eager she should be to don a
cotton gown.
The movement to colonize Belgians
n the United States is becoming more
popular than ever in Relgium.
American fashions arc being adopt
ed bv American women. Who says
the United States is not patriotic?
While the descendants of Welling
ton and Ney are fighting, together,
the descendants of Blucher arc on the
other side.
:o :
Many of the bcllircrants signified
a willingness to quit fighting. Will
the rest of the world attribute it to
divine influence?
: o :
A. J. Snyder, democratic candidate
for recorder of deeds, has been very
attentive to the duties of the office,
so much so, in fact, that he has made
many new friends by his gentlemanly
deportment and efficiency.
They must have a queer attorney
general down in Arkansas. He says
that although the law exempts from
the road tax all persons who are
physically disabled, it does hot pro
vide that the certificate Or oath of a
physician shall constitute evidence of
such disability. He recommends that
persons refusing to work out or pay
the tax be indicted by grand juries.
But the grand jurors will be likely
to supply the common sense to the
Islvt which the exceedingly technical
official has been unable to find.
An obligation as party men and as
citizens rests upon the democrats of
Nebraska and it is one that calls im
peratively for immediate discharge.
The democratic state committee,
charged with the conduct of the na
tional and state campaign in Ne
braska, is "broke."
. It is in urgent need of funds with
which to Carry on the ordinary and
necessary activities of the contest that
is being waged to put Nebraska in
the Wilson and Moorohead column on
the third day of next month.
The appeal issued by Chairman
Thompson and Secretary Spraguc ap
pears elsewhere in totlay's paper. The
World-Herald urges all those of its
readers who are in sympathy' with
the purposes of the democratic cam
paign to give to that appeal their
prompt and generous response.
A great deal of money is not re
quired. But a few thousand dollars
may spell the difference between de
feat and victory. There is work, a
great deal of work, that ought to be
done and is not being done, purely
because of a lack of funds.
The campaign against Wilson and
Moorehead is well financed. The re
publican headquarters at Lincoln are
the scene of extraordinary activity.
There is a plenty of money to hire
a small army of clerko anel to provide
an immense amount of literature and
letters with which the state is be
ing flooded, containing unfair and un
truthful attacks on democratic ad
ministrat'on in both state and na
It is up to the democrats of Ne
braska who indorse the administra
tion of Woodrow Wilson, and the ad
ministration of Governor Moorehead,
and who tlesire a Nebraska indorse
ment for both at the polls, to fur
nish the funds necessnry for provid
ing means to meet the republican at
tack. There is no time to spare. Send
in your contributions at once to Dr.
P. L. Hall at Lincoln, treasurer of the
state committee or, if you prefer,
mail it to the World-Heraltl and this
newspaper will forward it to Dr.
Hall. Send a dollar if you can spare
no more. Make it five, or ten, or
twenty-five dollars if you can afford
it. It will be money devoted to a
good cause the cause of clean anil
honest and efficient government.
The Beatrice Sun winds up u long
editorial in reference to Howell, who
is trying his best to be governor of
Nebraska, as follows: "Mr. Howell
cannot claim the votes of republican
partisans, because he opposed the re
publican canelidate foi president; he
cannot claim the votes of the Roose
velt wing of the party, because Mr.
Roosevelt has declared for Mr. Sack
ett; he cannot ask for democratic
support, because he cannot lay
a finger upon any fatal error of
Governor Moorehead's; he cannot ask
the support of the independent vot
ers whose only interest is in getting
honest and efficient government, be
cause it has not shown that a change
in the governorship is needed to gain
that end. Therefore Mr. Howell's
name is pants."
An effort is to be put forth by the
members of the G. A. R. everywhere
to organize the Sons of Veterans.
We approve of this move because it
will not be many years till the last
survivor of the civil var will be con
signed to the silent tmb. Why not
also include in the organization of
the Sons of Veterans Daughters of
Veterans, also? The daughters of
the old veterans could assist in many
ways in making a success of local
organizations. We wouhl like to adel
this suggestion.
Senator La Follctte is a pretty
shrewd guy. He is not to be seduced
into giving up a good job to make
an uncertain race for another.
Fashion note: Fall weather has in
duced the passing parade to wear
duds as dense as the veil of censor
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Wf )(fllllIM.UIJ III
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in uso lor over JO years,
J6CCA44t Allow
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Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
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General Villa is now engaged in
killing off the men in Mexico he dis
trusts. Mexico might as well be included
in the national peace day next Sun
day. It didn't require a war to teach
a married man the meaning of cen
sorship. :o:
A Plattsmouth man ba? done every
thing he said he wouldn't do, except
marry a widow.
The weather for th.' past three er
four days has proved a gentle re
minder that winter is close.
The Allies have had their inning,
now the tables have tinned in favor
of Germany, and she is eloing some
fearful fighting with great results.
Perpetual Motion: Madera chased
Diaz out; Hucrta planted Madero;
Carranza and Villa kicked Huerta to
Europe, and now Villa wants to give
Carranza the boot.
Governor Moorehcad is addressing
large crowds throughout, the state,
and his speeches are lirtcned to with
strict attention. The great mass of
people of the state are for the gov
ernor, which is indicated by the great
crowels that turn out lo welcome him.
:o :
Don't forget that Henry Snoke is
the democratic candidate for commis
sioner from the Third district, and
that he is excellently well fitted for
the position. Henry is a well-to-elo
farmer and lives near Eagle, where
he has resided many years. He un
derstands the wants of the taxpayers,
and he will prove ready to serve them
in the most practical manner.
Governor Moorehead has been a
shrctrd, careful business man all his
life. In every position he has held
this has been proven. In his own pri
vate affairs he has been successful
as well as in positions of trust ten
dered by the people he has proven a
most careful public servant. His rec
ord as a genuine business man is dem
onstrated by his past two years'
service in the governor's office, in
which position he has taken the same
interest in the affairs of the state as
though they were' his :ndividuui inter
ests. He is a friend of the people
at large, and careful guarding of
their interests has been his watch
word. The people have cause to feel
proud of Governor Moorehead, and
his election is beyond a doubt., '
for F.eichor's
Bonght, and which has heen
has borno the signature o
has been inado under his per
supervision since Its Infancy,
no ono to deceive you in this.
Signature of
How could a railway president be
expected to remember such a trifle as
a $1,501,000 note?
:o :
If Mr. Bryan and Senator Hitch
cock would come to some under
standing and get those appointments
off of their hands, it would help the
democratic ticket amazingly. They
know tliis as well as we or anybody
else then why not move and move
eiuickly ?
;n :
W. 13. Howard is the only man that
has control of the state auditor's of
fice that has made an effort to dis
charge his eluty in its entirety.
There is due the state from several
counties the sum of SIW.OOO for the
care of insane prior lo 1S91, and Au
ditor Howard puts it up against for
mer state auditors, including Silas L.
Barton, and it becomes necessary for
those former auditors to explain this
neglect. Mr. Howard has demonstrat
ed that he is one of the most com
petent officials the state has ever had.
: :
Don't Be Bothered with Coughing
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Til;- Compound. It spreads a
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glidos down Cic throat, and lick
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Children love it lasles good and
no opinlos. A man in Texas walk
ed 15 miles to a drug slerc (e get
a hot He. Host you can buy for
croup and bronchial coughs. Try
it. For sale by all druggists.
It is an interesting fact, and one
that is not generally known, that in
view of the musical dangers that at
tend the production of "The Trey o'
Hearts" series, the company is not
allowed to leave the studio grounds
at Hollywood for tho purpose of
staging scenes in the. serial unless it
is accompanied by one of the com
pany physicians from the hospital at
Universal City. With him goes an
emergency kit complete enough for
him to set up p. temporary field hos
pital, shoultl the occasion arise.
So far as can be ascertained, this
is the first time on record where such
a precaution has been eieemed neces
sary. The wisdom of the unusual
procedure, however, has been demon
strated a number of times, for scarce
ly an installment is completed that
has not been attended by some acci
dent of more or les3 seriousness, call
ing for the immediate services of a
physician. That none of them have
been serious is, of course, partly due
to the character of ths actors who arc
willing to run such risks. But it must
be admitted that luck seems to have
played an important p irt in the happy
termination of v several of them.
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Journal office.
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