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Cbc plattsmouth fournal
Published Sem l-W oekly at Plattemouth, Nebr.
Entered at the l'astofliee t Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class mall matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
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V The great difference be-J
fween mm, the feeble and
the powerful, Hit' great and
the insignificant, is energy
2 and invincible determination
s a purpose unci' fixed, and
J thMi death or victory. T.
-I- I-'owell Iiuxtou. J
; o l
Kven Turkey wants to goble
jitiiii' more.
War is powerless to d'day the
opening of the pancake season.
The harvest moon this car
s.Mii" to have sprung a leak.
The fellow who has nothing to
loe is alwas losing something.
I;Iesed is the peace maker, for
Uieje j liltb' ehance for him to
run out of work.
Speakinir pf armies, Cass
eoMiity has moholied 150 school
teat hers. mole or less.
Not .ieim.ei als alone leslify to
the goo. I work of I t Wil
son, but iiM'ii of all parties.
I'p.f i.i-tlale theme serins to be no
I i -po-1 ! ion to blame the war on
the emoeratie admiui-dral ion.
tr .iehds i making his
heaibpiai fers with tin Kussiau
airn, but not in front of it.
Iepile the unfavorable wea
ther la- week t he at t enda nee at
the -tale fair was larger than
Iat ear.
If men knew there would be
automobiles iu lieaell, do Voll
-uppoe I hex would try any hard
er to '.( there?
W ar is a gaim at which every
body lo-es. exeept the W Wilier, and
be feels as if he had been set upon
b a siitfra'-et I e.
Manwhile (tie moholizat in of
small boys for the school rooms
in eii.n, is railing forth no will
bursts of enthusiasm.
Fall plowing is being thdayed
iu Kuiope. as tin sod is loo
damp witli blood, fifty the poor
farmers and peasants across the
water, and damn the diadems.
Aeordin to our latest of
ficial count nine nations are at
war. and the right first enlrans
were of the well known Christian
variety, '"peace on earth, (Jood
will to men."
N it any wonder at the manner
in wh ieh 1'. W". Itniwn has been
appointed postniatser at Lincoln,
that lh' democrats are sick and
tired of ring rub? It can't be said
that Brown is the man the patrons
of the office wanted, at least his
I eeoiinioiation didn't show up
that way. It was done by a "pull"
and a 'Tin-'."
, :o :
Wane, Ingland and Ilussia tlo
j, ,l think Ibis the time for this
country to build up our merchant
mantov.but it is lli opportunity.
and-when we h 'ok back we ' ee
what they did f o4"u- ' during Hi"
civil war. They? look advantage of
the opportunity. They forge, the
nhi dag " They that go down io, ?.". Anyhow let . us have
The burden reels heavily upon
The reaper of death sweeping1
over Europe brings to our minds
a thought worthy of more than
casual consideration.
Let us look ourselves in the
face, ami think think for the
benefit of humanity, for the
weal of prosperity.
In all parts of tht
schools are opening for
the fall
ami winter terms, and
much of
the future will depend upon the
training of the youth today.
Never in our history was there
a time when it was more impera
tive that hasty passions and vindictive-temperaments
be curbed
and eradicated.
Never was there a lime when
the inculcation of brotherly love
and a consideration for others
was more urgently required.
The youth of today will be the
men of tomorrow, ami as we
train them now so will they 1m
The burden rests heavily up on
W'e 'expect the teacher in the
school to transform our child in
to a man of learning and honor
and integrity, but tlo we stop o
cosider that more depends upon
the parent than upon the educa
tor? The one cannot succeed with
out the eo-operation of the other
but the two working earnestly
and .jointly will accomplish won
derful results.
W'e should think before speak
ing. Harsh words ami family jars
in tiie presence or a 1 1 1 1 I gives
it its first lesson in unruliness
and puts a sharp edge to an
awakening temper. It is natur
al for the infant to copy the ex
ample of the parent.
As we expect much from the
teacher, let us give equally of
"iir own store of patience and
Infancy demands kindness.
gentleness and sympathy not
the austere aloofness of age, or
the coldness of indifference.
A child is susceptible fo train
ing, but when it reaches man's
estate opportunity has passed it
Shall we heed the lessons of a
world calamity and face the duty
that confronts us?
Shall we look ourselves in the
A dollar kept in this town is
worth two across the county line.
Buy at home, use it at home
and your money stays at home.
Think first of home.
If we must have a war lax
let's hand it lo the automobile
seorhens and other poodle dogs.
:o :
The value of advertising is felt
three ends by the merchants,
the consumer ami the publisher.
Now- which is the unknown quan
tity? :o:
There are, ve see by ads,
some fancy shapes in men's new
fall hats. And it may be added
that this rull applies lo the wo
men's new fall bats, also.
According to I he census in
HMO the United States had
i, 5 h U 18 1 :v ( lev mahs . don ble t h a t
of any; 'other forejgy ' country,
while Russia came next and Ire
land third. And it is quite prob
able that more Germans have
emigrated fo America in 'he past
four years than any other two
foreign l.ation-. on earth.
Here Iatelv kings have been too
busy declaring war to keep their
crowns on straight.
Wonder if the European war
will give dealers an excuse lo
raise the price of coal?
Why are some, politicians ant
a hungrv horse of the same mind?
Always hunting the feed trough
:o :
The war has put out of bus
iness L'uo Hamburg-American
steamers worth .$100,000,000.
The old fashioned advice to
mind your own business" never
was more needed than now.
There is no reasonable excuse
for the advance iu prices, but
what are you going to tlo about
it? What can you do about it?
England wants to place an or
ler with the United Slates for
$3 5,000,000 worth of hosiery
each year. Steady, boys!
When evidences of a wreck are
found anywhere along a public
lighway, it may be assumed that
some fool has been driving an
uiloniobile along that thorough-
The base ball tournamenl lo be
held in lMattsmout h Thursday,
Tiday and Saturday, September
7, 18 and 10, will bring quite a
lumber of visitors lo the cily, and
those who aid file enterprise will
not regret their investment.
:o :
Iion'l let the n ice invest iga
ious or the war news detract
our keen attention from the cur
ent market and don't heslitaleto
stav with the market in its rise
is well as in its fall. Omaha
Trade Exhibit.
The I'anania canal is going
ighl on, regardless of knockers
m Ibis country, and regardless of
the European war. and Uncle Sam
keeping silent, but at the same
lime is thankful that he has the
ig ditch in case anything should
:o :
I5y proclamation, President
Wilson has set aside Sunday, Oct-
dter I, as a day of prayer, and
alls upon the people of the
nitel Slates to pray for peace in
Europe. The cllieaey of prayer
mav be the proper thing, and
hows that at least the heart of
resilient Wilson is in the right
The Omaha Trade Exhibit gives
the merchants in general the fid-
owing timely suggestions, which
is worthy of adopting: "The time
to break loose and do things is
this very time. Clean up. Fix up.
Make new displays; but above all,
give the trade your best attention
and act so you can fearlessly put
a few sound replies to -I he ques
lion: 'What have I done today lo
advance this business."'
Prophets of the future insist
that the present war cannot last
long because the bonfire is bigger
I ban the wood pile. Jbit this
doesn't always prevent war. The
Mexicans, destitute of money,
supplies and everything consider
ed necessary, have fought and are
slill ready to fight. Turkey, al
though its finances are in a
wretched condition and it has just
emerged from the JJalkan trouble,
is getting ready to go lo the as
sistance of Germany. All things
show that people will light when
they are unable to do anything
else. All theories, therefore, that
the war must cease soon' because
there is no money left contradict
ed lo history. The south, bankrupt
cut off .from the. sea and vastly
outnumbered, - maintained 5 ' its
armies and for four years carried
on a contest without aid from
any outside force. All of which is
not pleasing to those who are
figuring on a speedy cessation of
How can God answer the pray
ers of Europe? Every ruler whose
armies are now inarching to bat
tle is appealing to God lo give
him victory and to bring defeat
and disaster to his emenies. The
prayer is heing made in every
camp and on every battlefield, and
praying men and women in all
of Europe is beseeching God to
get into the game of war, either to
bring victory to one side or the
other, or to inlercede in behalf of
peace. Millions of prayers are go
ing up, or down, or somewhere,
every hour of every day, and it
all were immediately answered
there would be a lot of surprised
and disappointed people. It is for
tunate for the world that the Al
mighty uses his judgment in
matters that affect mankind, and
that his plans are not for a day or
a general ion, but reach out
through all eternity. It would be
a sacrilegious thought and act
to attempt lo define God's interest
in man or. the extent to Which his
special providence directs and
controls the affairs of the world,
but it seems lo us that men are
too willing and too aid to throw
the, blame and the respons ilulily
f the Almighty. Men take it for
granted that God will come to the
rescue if they get into a tight
place, and that he will follow-
wherever they go that a prayer
il the opportune time will ring up
the New Jerusaleum and that the
losts of heaven will swoop down
ind fight their battles. 'The powers
f Europe have been preparing for
war for half a century, consulting
nly Iheir own greed and a mo
tions and leav ing God entirely out
f their calculations. Now. that
war lias orokeu out and it is ap-
arenl that somebody will get
erioiisly crippled, every mother's
son lsitown upon ins. niarrow-
ones begging God to mix in and
iep him lick the other fellow. If
the same efforts had been made by
these powers to maintain the
enee of Europe that they are now
making to destroy life and pro
perty, Uie people or r.urope wouiu
today lie praising God instead of
trying to drag him into a murd-
rous war. God did not see lit to
revent Ihe war thai is now raging
in Europe, and he may not see fit
o stop il. Possibly he may remain
neutral, as the United States has
wisely done, and let the best man
win. If the people of Europe are
lent upon butchering each other
ind upon devasting and laying
waste their homes and country,
possibly tiou may let iiiem nave
their fill of it. War has been the
i t it. l. .
hief occuption of man through
out all the past, and God has per
mitted it, and there is no ev idence
I hat his attitude toward man and
toward the world, has changed. We
lave no faith in the so-called God
of war. We tlo not believe that
God accomplishes his ends by
means of war. II is wholly repug
nant lo our conception of God fo
believe that he resorts to war or
lo any form of cruelly lo serve
and bless the world. Whenever
Europe conies to depend upon
God instead of upon their big
guns ami big ships, then there
will be an end lo their wars.
:o :
Some one has figured that 82
per cent of the population of
Europe 's at war and that the
combined army strength is 18,
700,000. That will make some
thing for historians to write about
and it, perhaps, all came from
the disordincd training of man.
Let's get up a home coming
celebration about the middle of
October. Such a celebration
would give all former residents of
Cass county, and Plattsmouth, in
particular, an opportunity l'
come back and view the sur
roundings of their old homes and
visit with friends and neighbors
of former days, and enjoy a
genuine old-fashion home-coming
time. Can't someone be in
duced to start the ball rolling
in that direction?
an assur-
And fall plowing. Why, it will
be line.
Plenty of rain, thank you, fori
the present.
Even the vice presidency has ils
hazards. Congress is lo give Tom
Marshall an automobile.
: o ;
I lie Pope is urging a peace
movement, but whether this will
have any effect in the right direc
tion is hard to tell.
:o :
Now then, all the candidate
who successfully passed the pri
maries, how to do is to get elect
ed ah, there's the rub.
A Chicago preacher advocates
i merger of churches. If if will
reduce the frequency of the col-
leci on niaie. evervnoiiv will ne
i ii iii
for it.
:o: .
'Those who are deploring the
war may ge some slight consola
tion out of the fact that Austria.
which stalled il with great gusto
iboul six weeks ago, is getting
whipped all around.
Ibm. Harry Sackef the bull
moose candidate for governor
savs: "Withdraw: Withdraw:
W fiy. that word isn I in my
lolitieal vocabulary. I am in it
o the finish."
At last accounts tin; povcrn-
im'ul's attack upon flu' cantaloupe
trust had md succeeded in brin-
in-dovvn the price below ten
cuts straight, regardless of the
I intensions of cantaloupe.
f.ourts are now pivnij,' men
divorces because their wives are
sullranel tes, and neb'cl, theii
hriuseludd duties. Of course th
Journal does not believe this re
port, but il may be the truth jut
the same.
W hat bird is most numerous.
.....I I.. !!.. !.',,,.lil. ct.'ll'Mim'l
Observers say it is the robin.
Lately an attempt has been made
fo take, a bird census, and as one
result we have Ihe statement that
(ICO million birds, exclusive f
the sparrow, inhabit the United
Slates east of
the great plain
In the society of today there
are three fundamental institu
tions, the home, the church and
the school. The home is first in
the social and moral training of
Ihe child, the church first in the
ethical training. It is left for the
school to develop the mental fac
ulties and to enlarge upon the
social and moral culture thai
has been acquired in the home.
polities are almost at a
till, and there has been, so far,
f il 11... I
very mile inieresi lawen in uie
counly campaign. Of course t lie
county candidates are quietly
working, each one for himself. W'e
do not believe thai the interest
usually shown in elections in Neb-
raska is going lo materialize this
Fnc fall pasture is
ed fact.
campaign. Therefore it behooves who swept over Ihe fairest port
candidales fo keep moving, and jons of Asia and amused himself
not expect their friends to get out
and do the work they ought to
do themselves.
(Jovernor Morehead gave the
printing of the amendments to
his newspaper friends, the same
as Aldrich did two years ago.
Now the'fellovvs who failed to get
a bite of the plums are kicking
like bay steers. The amount di
vided among the republican edi
tors of the state was $30,000 two
years ago, and this year Conernor
Morehead gave to Ihe democratic
newspaper? $17,000 for printing
the amendments a little over
one-third of what the republican
editors received two years ago.
Evidently some editors were born
kicking and will leave
land the same way.
this happy
r h y n y
, i. C- !l!
avy- i
9tTJ 1 "W 111
Promotes Di$e3tton0if erfU
nessandltestrontainsncitticr Opiuni-Morphine norMiuaral
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ft,- '
Brnpkat Seed"
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CariAfd Sump
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Hon , Sour Stonach Dtarrhoca
TacSiniik Sifoatureof j
Tue Centaur Compass;
NEW iOIviv.
1 7Tvii'i?r''v'i
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
The light goes on. II is stated
that the Cierman's have lost over
one hundred and fiflv thousand
men. 1 he 1 reiich allies have losi
an equal number, so that nearly
a half million men have already
been killed and Ihe war-only about
six weeks old. What is most al
arming is that it promises to he
a world strife. Neither side be
gins lo show any symptoms of ex
haustion. Masses of men march
up t the mouth of machine guns
and are cut down like grass be
fore the mower. When we take
into consideration the fact that
the number of wounded is al
ways far greater man uie mini-
er slam ouirigni, 11 win ne seen
1 - 1 it . -111.
that more Ihan half a million men
have fallen in this light which is
L;milIv 1,, settle which nation is
strongest and whether the mili-
.,...... ,s ,,, .ij.-tate ihe nolicv
,,r Hie woil.l in ihe future. The
. 1
conflict has no other motive than
his. Tor years Kurope has been
an armed camp and at last Ihe in
evitable has happened. The nation
could not always be grinding the
edge of the sword. They must use
it lo see how sharp it really was.
The suffering already incurred is
awful. Even in Holland, which has
kept out of the light, the tales of
a 1 . t t I .
: women anu starving ciuiuren is
pitiful to read. IJelgium is devast
ated. A large part of France is in
ruins. The great cathedral?, the
admiration of the
world, have
ground and
heen leveled lo the.
1 n j I. ....
priceless wons 01 an, uie pro-
ductions of the great masters,
have been ruthlessly destroyed.
War in ils ordinary aspects is
(find and remorseless, but this
strife has hardly a paralled ex-
,.,.j,t in the career of Tamerlane,
h,y building a pyramid of skulls
consisting of three hundred thou-
sand human heads to mark his
! . 1 "'
V i TBmiii hi ill P II U
V3?20 Guaranteed under the towQ F! I I nM
SEPT. 30 TO OCT. 10
livery afternoon and avanine.
Electrical Parade
Evening Oct. 7. Afternoon Oct. 8.
PIONEERS iVSaatJoZlirlmi p,onM" "-Union,
'i !! nil x ii iiiiuj ii tai
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Tmc cCNTaun awraNT. new om errr
truMiiph. tins feat, which has al
ways been recorded with horror,
is outdone by the slaughler which
has been going on iu Kurope. AH
Ihe peace conferences and The
Hague iiibuals have been side
tracked and the European nations
are (lying at each other's throat
with the ferocity of tigers and a
icckless disregard for life that
shocks us when we see it ex
hibited by the lowest order of
animals. All the maxims of re
ligion, all the professions of
Christianity, all the teachings of
philosophy are set at naught and
millions are sacrificed and an in
calulable torrent of woe indicted
upon the human race simply to
sellle fhe question which nation
is the stronger.
Americans are so opinionated it
is mighly hard for fheni to re
main neutral upon any subject.
However, they are taking Presi
dent Wilson's advice and are do
ing the best they can.
As soon as the sugar trust
found that the federal authorities
had the sand to go after it, the,
juice began to slump. Uncle Sam
has quite an eflectionafe way of
compelling people lo do good
when he wants it that way.
In placing the blame for Ihe
Sureopcan conflict, all the warring
nations are select ing the other
fellow, which is a slight improve
ment in sentiment from the old
days when a nation was proud of
its willingness lo whip its weight
in wildcats.
Is President Wilson looking iu
courtesy, or was he just babber
gasted? lie neglected to invite
the suflrageltes to call. The pres
ident's time is loo valuable fo fool
it away on a lot of gossiping obi
women, who ought lo be attend
ing to family duties at home.
Fraternal Parade