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' PAGE 8.
IMattsmotith. Aug:. 4, 191 1.
Hoard met pursuant to adjourn
ment, present, E. lleebner,
,!iilius A. Iitz and C K. Jordan,
r.ounty Commissioners, and Frank
.1. I.ibershall, County Clerk.
.Minutes of previous session
lead and approved, when the fol
lowing business was transacted in
regular form :
County Treasurer filed state
ment of receipts and disburse
ments from December ;U. 1 1 1 3.
to. June :. lpi ',. Com .!; Treasur
er this day instnu n o lo relumi
Hlance A. Strifes amount
of taxes paid under protest on
lots Til i and 575, (Ireenwood Vil
lage, account error in assessment.
Application of Mrs. Doty for
license to operate ferry on Mis-
-ouri river came on lor riearinir:
Hoard beinir satisfied, after due
consideration, that all require
ments liad lieen complied with,
Mrs. Doty was granted license to
operate ferry immediately south
f nurlintrton bridge for the term
f live years and lived licence fee
:tf s.' per vcar. Same to be is-mk-iI
upon the tiling of bond m
si.l'll of S lllO.
County Sheriff tiled report of
Ves earned second quarter, ID! 1,
s i 05.05.
Contract entered into between
Wilson steam Midler Co.. parly of
the first part, and the Hoard of
.utility Commissioners, parly of
the second pari, for repairing of
leuler at court house.
The followintr resolution was
adopted by Hoard of Commission
ers :
Wherea. The Nebraska Chil
dren's Home Society of Omaha has
taken and cared for sevral chil
dren from Cass County, and saved
the county the expense of drill;-:
for tin in: therefore be it
l;.--oIed. That the said society
b. allowed the sum of S-5.n0 for
furJIierinsr their work, and the
County Clerk is hereby instructed
to draw a warrant for said
The following claims were al
lowed on the deneral fund of tlm
V.. Meebnr. salary and
mileage '1O.75
C. H. Jordan, same :). 00
Julius A. l'itz. same i...i
Frank J. I.ibershal. sal
ary and expense ....
W. C. Orebe. assigned to
Ouinton. uardin jail
Hans "Sievers, salary and
1. I. Kaslwooil. mdse. to
jail and poor farm . .
C. W. Havlor & Co., ice
to court house; coal
N. D. Talbott. M. D..
professional services
to Creens
K. Manspeaker. salary
deputy sheriff
M. 11 ild. burial of un
known tloaler
A. W. White, supplies to
Fullinuton and Mc-
I'hei son
IMatls. Sleam Laundry,
laundry for jail ......
J. 11. Thrasher, bailiff's
John Hauer. auto hire to
Commissioner Piiz . .
I.. H. Kirenberjrer, mdse
to Densons
Win. lfassler, repairs for
furnace at court house
W. A. Tulene, diin'-'
prrave for tloaler
Hiatt it Tutt. mdse. to
Mrs. Chambers
C. K. Martin (Treas.)
use , f tank at farm . .
M. Hibl. supplies to
court house
I'niversity Iub. Co.. sup
plies to Co. Supt
I.. H. F.peiiberjrer. jtart
labor on jail sewer. . .
WVepinpr Water Repub
lican., printing and
supplies. C. K. Ileeb-
John Hauer. repair work
at old jail
Mae Murphy, stenog
rapher State vs. Ceo.
V;w;ra it Schublice. la
bor and repairs at
court house
John Hauer, labor and
supplies to court
Xeb. I.iphtinpr Co., sup
plies for lipht connec
tion at jail
John Hauer, labor and
material at farm
Lorenz Bros., mdse. to
county farm
Will C. Grebe, guarding
jail ....... -
i . 1 0
7 . i 0
7 .50
1 .25
4 .00
l 1. 1.1
1 .00
25. li
13. G3
Kroehler Hros.. supplies
lo farm and court
Fred Patterson, work on
counly records
Neb. J.ijihlinf; Co.. yas
to court house
C. II. Taylor, salary and
J. II. Tains, salary and
Dr. R. D. Cummins, in
ebriate. Joseph Tracy
J. M. l.eyda. same
James Uoberlson, same
Dr. R. D. Cummins, in
sane, James C. llutter
81 .(')(
127. 13
1)7 .30
1 I .00
20. 5 8
2 . ; o
J. M. l.eyda, same
James Itoberlson. same
C. D. Ouinton, same ....
C. IJ. 'Taylor, same
Dr. K. D. Cummins, in-
sane. John Mandeljz.. 11.00
J. M. l.eyda. same C.OO
James Robertson, same. .(()
C. D. Ouinton. same.... 10.58
Hans Sievers, same 1' in
terpreter. 2.00
Kd Donal, same (inter
preter 2.00
C. W. Clark, same (con
stable 5-. 30
J. I.. Hurrows, iiard at
jail 28.00
C. D. Ouinton. hoarding
County prisoners and
June salary 178.1)0
('. 1). Ouinton. boardinir
County prisoners and
July salary I 87 . in
C. D. Ouinton, postinir
primary election pro
clamation 20.30
Midland Chemical Co..
scrubbing compound..
Dr. Jas. H. llunuate,
services rendered Joe
Woods' family 20.00
Dr. Jas. 'li. Huuyate,
services rendered lo
Cross. Wood. I.oiitr.
Youn-s lio.OO
M. M. Soennich'-en. re-
jtort of births and
deaths 5.8."
A. It. Stander. same.... 3.25
W. !:. Hand, same i . 00
Mrs. 1. D. Jones, same. . 1 .00
Ceo. Iteitter, same .... 2. or:
H. T. Clements. same... 3.5c
Win. II. Lyman, same .. 0.7
L. Pi. I'plon. same 1 . 25
i. I). Maseman. same. . . 2.0.
Dr. L. Muir, same 1 . 2"
R. Sturzenesrjrer. same.. ' .75
W. A. Tulene. same .... .'.in
II. F. Kropp. same . Oo
John Hauer, extras to
new jail ll.lo
Mary R. Foster, salary
and expense 183. 8
K. Ma ns leaker, trip lo
Cedar Creek for Oust
Schilska 2.5f
Wm. Holly, elolhiiiir lo
county 15.2"
Peter (loos, boardinir
Fred Lowe 1 i . 0(
-The following claims were al
lowed on the Itoad fund of tin
Ccor.e Timblin, road
work. It. D. No. 11... 8.00
Win. llassler. sharpen
ing trrader, R. D. No.
to 2.50
Albert J. Hox. road work
It. D. No. 1 ', ', .5C
Fanners C-rain Co.. coal
for It. D. No. 10 13.28
Win. Hush, road work,
It. I). No. 7 5). 0(
R. T. Tool. mdse. to It.
D. No. 7 27.05
ft. S. McCleery, road
work. It. D. No. 1 i . . . . 12.00
Claus Ohm. same, H. D.
No. 15 1 1 . On
W. V.. Newkirk, assigned
(r. W. Curyea it Son.
road work. It. D. No. 0 in. 00
(i. W. Leach, road work,
R. D. No. 1 i 4 2. i 0
Hoy Hennell, assigned
S. C. Hoyles, road
work. It. D. No. 10... 28.80
Chas. Frohlich. road
work, H. D. No. 10 ... 5.70
J. L. Hardnock. same, It.
D. No. 10 0.00
C. A. Drum. same. It.
D. No. 10 0.00
ohn II ibb'rbrand. same,
It. D. No. 0 12.00
Fd SI one, same, R. D. No,
0 .' I). ',0
Troy Davis, same, It. D.
No. II 2.80
Hoy Hennett, tame, R. D.
No. 0 .4.80
W. II. Leesley, same, R.
D. No. 0 , . 0.50
F. A. Mason, nails for
R. D. No. 0 3.00
Ceo. V. Oehlerkinpr. road
work. It. D. No. 15... 12.00
David Campbell, same,
It. D. No. i 233.00
L. Neitzel. hardware and
nails, R. D. No. 7.... -0.95
John II. Husche, road
work. It. D. No. 2 37.00
Auffust Kreckler, same,
R. D. No. 8 102.00
Wabash Crain Co., coal
for srader. R. D. No. 8 15.90
Henry Kaufmann, road
D. No. 10 105.20
C. F. Vallery, same, It.
D. No. 1
T. If. Pollock, same, R.
D. No. 1
A. F. Seybert, same, R.
Waller Hyers, same, R.
21 .30
37. 10
D. No. 2;
Wm. lfassler, black
smith work, It. D.
No. 1
F. J. Itichey, labor lo R.
D. No. 1
The following bills were allow
ed on the Commissioners' Road
Nebraska-Iowa SI eel
Tark Co., culvert.
Commissioners' Di.-.-
trie I No. 2 7 - 28.01
It. S. McCleery, concrete
culvert, same. No. .. 510.08
The following1 claims were al
lowed on the Dragjrinir fund:
work, It. D. No. 10. . .
Hen I'.eckinan, same, R.
Harry V. Hricker, drag
pinjr roads, District
No. 5 s . pu
Chas. Frohlich, same.
District No. 10 i .50
Chas. Farls. same, Dis
trict No. 14 8.00
Nick Hecker, same,
District No. 10 1 1 .55
Sherman llenriksen.
same, district No. 10 3.30
I'. V. Cole, same, District
No. 1 7.50
The following claims were al
lowed on the Hridge fund of the
A. A. Wallinircr, bridge
work 13.95
It. V. Hruuell. same.... 7.20
Roy Hennelt. assigned o
S. C. Hoyles, bridge
work 3 4.oo
Kd Stone, bridge work.. 1. 40
Math Sulser, same .... 8.00
C. II. Spohn. same .... 0.75
Daid Campbell, same.. 8.50
bdin II. Husche. same.. 4. 00
Hen Heckinan, same.... 29.30
C. F. Valb-ry. same .... 10. 00
T. II. pollock, temporary
bridge 8.00
L.J. Richey, bridge lum
ber 80.05
t. S. McCleery, bridge
work 492 . 12
. F. Seybert, bridge
spikes 2.95
W. H. Hanning, bridge
material 58. 40
L C. Niday, bridg.wuk 3 4.80
Monarch I'ngineeiing
Co., bridge work 0022.90
Hoard adjourned to meet Aug
ust 5, 191 4.
Platlsniouth. Aug. 5, 191 4.
Hoard met pursuant to adjourn
ment with all members present,
vhen the following business was
transacted in regular form:
Hond of Mrs. Doty to operate
ferry on Missouri river received
and approved by Hoard.
The following claims were al
lowed on the Road fund:
Math Sulser, road work,
R. D. No. 1 :s 20.00
I. C. Niday, same, R. D.
No. 11
C. R. Jordan, freight, R.
D. No. 0
Lee Arnett, culvcrl. It.
D. No. 7
Village treasurer Louis
ville, proportion road
fund. No. 18
00 .00
187 .00
Village treasurer Union,
p,-. -portion road fund,
No. 22
The lollowing claims were al
lowed on the Ceneral fund:
Lincoln Phone & Tele
graph Co., rents and
Mrs. M. F. Pallerson, la
bor at court house . .
Platlsniouth Journal,
printing and supplies
to county
Dr. F. W. Cook, profes
sional services to
Dean Wall
Dr. F. D. Cummins, pro
fessional services to
Deaii Wall
Neb. Children's Home,
donation for care of
The following claim was al
lowed on the Commissioners
Road fund:
James Miller, concrete
arches $ 450.90
The following claim was al
lowed on the Hridge fund:
Monarch Engineering"
Co., bridge material . .$ 110.0 4
The following claims were al
lowed on the Dragging fund of
the county:
Ed Dorr, Dragging
District No. 15 ......
Village Treasurer South
Hend, proportion of
fund, District No. 19..
Village Treasurer AIvo,
proportion fund. Dis
trict No. 28
Village Treasurer Mur
dock, proportion fund,
9. 10
Village Treasurer Oreen-
wood, .proportion fund
District No. 20
Village Treasurer El 111
wood, proportion fund
District No. 25
Village Treasurer Eagle,
Proportion fund Dis
trict No. 20
53. 48
1 9 . 4 2
Village 'Treasurer Weep
ing Waler. propori ion
fund District No. 2 5 .. 75.
Hoard adjourned lo meet Tin
day, September 8. 191 4.
Counly Clerk.
American People Should Not Be
lieve the News of Sattle Before
Reports Are Surely Correct.
The tidings from the European
battlelield, which cause the re
joicing of thousands of aiiti-(!. i"-
mans of our country, are, in nine
parts out of ten, nolhing but mere
fabrications of the phantasy of
French, Helgiau and English rep-
porters, who are engaged to keep
Hie special war editors of the yel
low iiress of our counlry busy day
and night. The endless '"extras"
published in our big cities prove:
Da ist kein l.'nsinn nm'li so dumio.
er lindet doch sein IMiblicuni. Let
Us examine these exact news for
a minute before literary indi;-rcs-
liou makes us unable to digest the
news to come. (Mi Wednesday.
August 5 it was reported from
Loudon that therejvas a "great
atlle" on the North sea: the Eng
lish beat the Cernians. of course.
how could it be otherwise.' Hut
a few hours laler London reported
again that it was no great ballb
at all, but a very "unimportant"
one, that is to say the English
lost, and so il was very '"unim
portant." Twenty-four hours had
passed and we were informed, via
London, that Ihe English cruiser
Amphion was safe in an English
harbor, while in fact it was de-
t roved, not by the steamer
Koeuigin Louise, but by a small
excursion boat of the same name.
The Parisian triumphed because
Ihe two Cernian cruisers, (loeben
and Hreslau. were caught by the
French, while all the world knows
that these cruisers are in the
Adrian sea. In big letters, our
dailies announced the death of
25.000 Cernians at the bailie of
Liege, while it is adlicially slated
that 2,000 brave soldiers had bsl
their lives. These fabrications
could be augmented ad infinitum.
No wonder the World-Herald of
our metropolis commends Ihe war
news bv a verv significant sen
tence: "It must be noted that all
the war news is coming from the
English. French and Helgian
sources and what fcftid of
sources are they.'" The grand
old Hisniark once insulted the
late Queen Victoria of England
verv much bv saying he wouldifl
give the bones of one l'omerians
soldier for the word of an Eng
lish premier minister; and the old
Reichs-Kenzler was certainly
right saying about the French
war news of 1870: (ielogen wie
tclegraphiert. What would he
have said about some of the
American war editorials?
II. Sieger.
Veepin;r Water, Thursday AUG
UST 27. A day of good, whole
some enjoyment is promised. Weep
ing Water wants you to enjoy it
with her. 2t
William Chassol, of l'oeassett,
Oklahoma, is in Ihe eily, eominir
up from his .southern home for a
visit at the home of Mrs. I', C.
Hanson and family. He is great
ly pleased with his location, hut
likes to visit Ihe old home here
occasionally lo renew acquaint
ance with his friends.
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We ofTiT One Hmulroil Dollars Ki-wanl for anj
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nd linanclallv able to carry out auy ojlisaU:ji
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Toledo, Ohio.
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Elastic knee B V D style
union suits.
C. E. Wescott's Soils Everybody's Store
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Counly Commissioners Inspect
tho Euilding and Arc Remark
ably Well Pleased.
The new cuMiily jail ha- I"-.-;!
eitmpirit'il ami i-nlay fin- lmuni
il eniinly n : 1 1 1 1 i-.-ii:.T- i 1 1 j -t -i- f
I Iiii i M i a;ni lli-'v ,i-iv
iiii.lily Well Ica.- iI willi the I ': i : j
imililiii' that ( .1 1 1 1 lac 1 1 i-. J.aix-n
11:1s luiii'M iicr in iiirin ai 1 tit- 1
oulhiv of what seems a verv .-mail
sum when one looks oej- Ihe new
jail huihlin-. Theie are few
counties in the slate that will he
aide to jioasf of a neater or more
up-lo-daie slruclui" and its
equipment will nn-el with fin
.epilations in regard to lire pro--I
ect ion.
The iiiiiidinu' is of haials-.m-'
red har.l finished hrkk. whirii i
se o.'V nicely witii i ri ! i ; ;i i n - s of
w hite -tone that n:ak - a ry
neat a p;.ca.ra nee. The main en
trance of th- jail i- hi) 1'oinih
-lleet, Win-re the steps lead up
to Ihe handsome doorway in the
center of the lirst 11-tor of Ihe
huihlinp". Here one enters the
vestihule of the huiidimr. which is
linished in yellow hard pine and
cherry, making' a m at appearance
with the hardwood floors and pe'.i
erla note of cleaniness and ta-fe
fulness. From Iheve-lihule there
are -two doors, one leadin.- into
the oihee of the sheriff, which i
located on the south side of the
huildintr in a hri.'ht, sunshiny
room of ample sie. while another
door admits into the residence
part, of Ihe jail that will he oc
cupied hy Sheriff Ouinton and
family. In Ihe living apartments
of the sheriff there is some mighty
fine carpenter work, of which the
contractor may well feel justly
proud. Tile stairway leailinur to
Ihe second floor is of yellow pine
and heavy dark oak, that makes a
very pretty condonation, and the
panelling on the stairway, to
gether with the banister, makes it
one of the most attractive pieces
of work on the entire buiblintr.
On the first lloor of the build
in fr, besides I lie sheriff's oH'ice.
there is a parlor, dining room and
kitchen for the use of the -lieriiV
or jailor, all of which is equipped
with the most modern arranire
merits, and the woodwork i the
same as in the otliee, that of yel
low pine and cherry, with hand
some hardwood floors. In the
kitchen a pantry has been placed
that has all t In cabinets and
daces for- provisions that could
be desierd. From this room there
has been made a dumb waiter,
where the food for the prisoners
can be passed out into the entry
way to Ihe cell room and allows
the prisoners to receive their
in'eals without inconvenience to
the members of the jailor's fam
ily. A door leads from the kitchen
to the en try way from the si eel
stairway on the south side of the
huihlin? that will bejised for the
transfer of prisoners to and from
the jail, and this is the only means
-.r (.nmmnnirfitinn between the
4.,- cm-iumc of the huihlinsr aiu!iJ H
insures Ihe family residing there
freedom from annoyance from the
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j-erstms hi l:!i;y !? enillilie'l
I li.-i
Tin- jail pail f t!io fir.-f J 1 i-,
is well as Hie sM-oinl l'.oitr, is as
!i'"arly tl Ii '"!' as it is jmssilile
! i si-cuit'. a.s 111"' uly woiiiiwurk
in 1 1 1 - iiuiiiJiiip is i:i tin- winiinw
irani'-s. '1 In- i-t-il roi'iu is ail -n-.:cle
M'l.i st'i'l. with a larpe slet-1
!! in tin cent"!-, win n- tin' more
'lae.-ermis prisoners can he coa
iiiitii. Th- aiiiiar features of
this par! of the jail are ee-llen!.
there are ample facilities for
Hi'- satn'aMo:) of Ihe person, ron
in tin ; .-'utwer h:l h
where She pri-oiMTs can haih
I inniseh ( , lai'pe .-lee staii
W'V plaeeil hy t!ie Mii-West l!oa
'.. ij Omaha, lep.ils frm the jail
s. .-li:; ! lo ;;e secoiMi story, where
'he ward for the female jirisoners
a.-..', the h'opilal i'.v .-irk ward is
il. Ih-re e'eryi hiii'jr is neat
:a!,d '-lea!!, ana as :i l!;e !:!- lloor,
h-oiulejy lifeproof. The liuhfinp'
' !:" l'" ','"
I l :. . :.. (I.: . . ..i.l . . f !.. '. i 1
are swenum. as m-re, as on me
irst floor, there i- a shower bath
and toilets, both in the cell room
and in Ihe hospital ward of tin-l.uihHir-r.
where the prisoners will
1m- eared for when si .
On the second lloor of the resi
dence section of the buiblini; there
is a laii:e, handsome hall with
three I a rue bedrooms ami strictly
umdern bath room. The liuht
fixtures in the .-heriil's residence
will be of the ri fle'; design and
will cast a sofl and pleasing liuht
over Ihe en! ii - rooms when'' they
are u.-' d.
In the basement is located the
furnace room, laundry and cellar
Every Woman Who Wishes
to Be Well-Dressed
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v derful quartetly
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I life mm
W 1
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mmm - 1
mM I
mm 1
f C nnuifSnn
rwJw.JmsKaaaa t UWHV: 1 iy
Every Size Overall Made j
where provisions ean he stored
for use. Here also is a small
closet, made of hrick and steel,
where the garments of Ihe pris
oners can he thoroughly fumigat
ed and cleaned without the odor
pen if en I rat inir Ihroiih the huihl-in-'.
Taken as a whole Ihe hu ildiiif-'
is a heauty and a credit to ('ass
county ami its proi-essnve people,
and the contractor has certainly
delivered a pood jo on the con
tract for (lie erection of the huild
in;r and Ihe workmen en'-'aped oti
the je have completed it without
a flaw in the construction.
Are Married at Lincoln.
At Lincoln yesterday afternoon
John .1. Meeker1 of AIvo and Miss
.May M. Creamer of Ka.Lrlc. this
county, were united in the bonds
of matrimony by County .Judue
Ui.--er of Lancaster county. The
bridal couple were accompanied
by some twenty of their relatives
and friends to be present on the
very happy occasion. Moth of
the eonlractiiiir parties are well
known in Ihe western portion of
Ihe county, where I heir friends
are leuion. and upon the wedding
they will receive the heartiest
I.esl wishes of Iheir friends.
W. S. Smith of Murray was in
the city today for a few hours cn
route from his home to Omaha,
where he was called to look alter
some matters of business for the
Letter files at tho Journal office.
n EI
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