The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 13, 1914, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 1914.
aa. " . aawi
.v:,-...;. vi, ' ra -.$
..-.'x. '
a .a -'a-
. .-i
.' i
RepuSlican C2nii5z!e For tOVERKC-a
He tand for . :l icienc v . in fi;h!;c
bitsinex. an J poir.t to his record along
that lir.v.
Hp domancN a Jo"!arv worth of
service for e cry c' fret
I!-: i for :h .;..;ior. . !lt-.:!t-tion
ar.a irrcction cr 0::..h:
stock vards.
1'or takinj
;ver ur..:eci wj'lT rower
site, to be d-'veic
of the people
For the ev.i o-.::
tor tr.e ' lcii:
owerh!p r f :i'.::ic-. :o be :r..i
vocatioral ii"K--;.
rr.i-sior: s . A t t he ri:i j or b i li
mcn and tax-eater.
P.-iite-a! A.Krr!i.--m,.;)i.
J. H. 8L07H0WEH
o..'-riat.- ni-a.t ,T
Seh'fil-. 1 ei'i ;, t , i
. I. I
-s C ::!;..
. hL.a--. (..
(i'-jaly S' : ; a i : i !er
lie I i t 1 i.-a :' r '
W hat i !!- hav-
k:a a . v . f Ii i o a a I
i: th.- i a-a 1. .:. a
, in. :!-.. Mar. 1 a I i.
T i w in ait . ; may 1 a: e . v.: :
This e.---tiifs hat .). U. h ta
iver ha- i i jaara-;; ai (,f !..
( Kre..ia His-fi .l a :- ; a- pr..-t
h i-a! - aati iii.s W:.rk ha - i'i- a
, r .-..' -r . ;..--.
!' . ai (
i i i ; u;-.i- ,r, ; i. r
ai-i .
a i o
a ha.
(! ! hi- ! :''-. h" i;a- --.-if
a ea : ! :. a a t f ii :
a e
1 1 ! aa -1 r-rh' ! a ri y a' a : a . : a. ! -ami
i- anijily : a i i ihil f.i i'.ll aay
po-iiion in mil' puLdie .-eh..Ml- in.
the state.
I eaai l' e -a i.eaai him w i t h
r. at i.lear'a!'e t" a n "". : !io ina
m-eil a th' wi : !a-r and t"hi-
Very -iaeet-. y y. .i;r-.
S. W. ;fs:!E!:.
St ert tarv of FMueai ion.
'apiili..n. N hi-.. Mar. 1 3. l'.O'a.
M o w In mi it may e aa.-i a n :
W'e ilesire to ci.n;m.;i'I t- t!ie.
,1m ali.m.a.l 1 i -! . I Pi..te--,a- J. II. j
S h a hi f. who ha- in hi the - j
sili-.n of i ran ipal of our sMioo!-; j
l . -r i !i j a .- ; j. n -. ,
iM-.a'es-oT- SlotlioWr b'aes t- t
l.. '. v. v - : :
; .ay-
!V , - '. . :.. :-.
i aahva - a,y :-
t S '" "la ' -" " -
L- . ' ? - "
?-" :
. "'
. f
:. ' J ' I
:v i
I ; :
i i
! ii
for the rea-o! t h at la' f -l i-ve- h i - ; c; rm i - - i,a. . r i -ecamd in iai-s.-rviees
will eoiaaiaml a h i a la r j ; --t ar Io no o;her in iln
r-a!ary thaii we are p.)yia'' Iii.-n. .-tale aad thai lln-re j no oTie.
Iiuriuu- his work h",e witli us in v. h-i-Ii the p.-.:;.;.. ?dionld he
he ha secure. ea- Pent ro-i!!!. mor- i:.', re-ted. f, r the we'.fa;-'-
la; 1 n ia a I i n- 1. a ia a :) a t ;
all limes willi the hoar, I. and it i.- j dollar'- w.rth of mal-rir.I v.'a.eth
with reirret. t nil that he deems : il !. labor ..r an other com-es-ential
for his interests Io modity. i.- asVeet-i by lh work ol
M'i k a b-tt'i po-ition.
J! is an xci-lbeit in.-' :aad , t. a
model eitiieil. and Use la -d W
es of oar people -ro with him.
Sammd Starrer, Pres.
h 1. Ihown, Sec"y.
C. P. Milb'r. 1". V.. IVAvlima-.J. P.
Spearman. I. I. ('dark. M-aubars
IK a id of Edu cat i.-ui.
Elmwood. Nebr.. j)--c.' -J2. 1' 1 3. p. -si! i.-n. were '"The law for thej u ... is a nieiiiber of the uhicial
T. whom it may concern : hdiysteal valuation of common t hoard of (P ace M. Ik church in
Thi- is to certify that Prof. J. j carriers," "'i'be -lock yaials. law." i Lincoln ami was elected a- dce
II. Slot how t-i- h:i b'.-ea at the head' and I was largely rcspuiisibie fur 'gale to th'j last General Coufer-
of I lie Elmvvot.iJ schools fur f . u r
years ami is now working on his
df!h ynr.
."e take pleasure in : I i :
a a
I'i-i'i. -Hi' '....! ami :
ie i. a spiemun -ou-.-aior a an a
ni'-hlv Ue;:n'.l Christian Man. :i
His v.-i-k has hu':i cry
' aiij;K i(i:-y r.".a wo cuetTiiiiiy
r-'Cf:. niiCR-l Ji iia ( an v
m' aool
,'strii-t to whieii lu ;,iay apoly for
J. II. II. -.r, .
1.. F. I.:.;u-!i.. W. N. .M;n
i"Ui, V. s. ';;er.s, ). saf:.:i. :
i'lattsiii,.;.ith. X.-Iu'.. Dee. 11-13.
i :o w Itojii it !:iay co!!e ra :
This l- to (. ifv ihal Mr. J.H.
t.hov. '! has 1mm :i ;.. tne h".l of
seli.jols o;
a i.i i h
i : -r. ( ;';, t!; i:io-l a;a!e-L;3
' . i 1 1 ; y .
t,i i ' ' - - i i ; ; .
I, - -!! r. .;. , i:
- .. : ..r i::a:.
i o .! . :
.;: ii.:;:;iy.
i:-- I';-! M.-.
h;s a r.-taai j
:- a: i--n is
' i'i-, !,; !:.. i , j , . ! I j .. .
t!:o'.v,-!- :S
jar i-
Ii-!..-.-ifi 1!. .
:ia:y I!. V.i,
("! :ie', ,,f Srh..
!'i ! it ieal .-i i - -1 1 1 : i f .
UXjiri f. Vc V,
.-craccrciic Caniiata for Licu
tc n 2. r.l Govern Oh.
Pi a, Aaaa-t ia!h.
V. i ". ".-;'. .; v ; - i'' : ;) aa :
r a : . i a i : i a I ... - a
a. , , ' . a.e ..'! rail. a i'.-'-r.
and ; la ! 'iji - . iiaa':-at-a
ft :: I in- law r ; ;!" ''
: he u.t- r.;i'-i .-hy. lla.s prae
. ii-- .i I a. a a a i:a- 1 - t-.-: i in ia;iia
a i!: fjty ..f 1. a- !a for a aa::
:. ; ,a a ; ia : : at .
' : i r j'.-e- ieea.l . tie- 1 ni"-;ai:.-
-aha.irv !.,: - i lilah ara
f !h" Lino.;:: !raa C:ui. W,:-
a-! : a : -i r at i he lay an i. ample!
ai ?.!a'-. ia fa ! .
p-.liti.-a! Atlverii- m at.
. a - 's
Ord, Nebr.
Vna-Jipi:i b, lieve the
. a 'a' V. Ill ;'!-! V.I III tae W'lien i
,IV II,:'.! tie' of," i"e of rail4
d e e,-y in aa w la ) 1 .;p, - r -; 1 s a
: i . i i .......
I ; : :v..,.- ., -I
f 1
- ; - V I
I :
--'':. s y ... - ; - -
-: : - , x -r " ' : .
' ' - --. y '" ''. ' ; . . -.'j ;
y ; ' -; "..-, v - -. -,, ;..,...- . - 1
. "" ' ' Zi . V. ' . . . f I
iiie comn.i-.ioa, r. 1 hav i;bd!!i!! 'b-et- pre-ide,,! o
for lliaf oiVice iiecan-c. throaah
r.iy wi ik in Hie -ena
become naa h iate' e-ted and be
lieve that, the (loma-ir-ionc:--s;iould
fearh .-.-!y perfoi-m lh'
ef.ties of that office.
Amom-" the bills that I itilro-!
j.'u.-ed and pta-Jiad through thej''dh the details of departmental
I LeL' aa;iin-t .stronr op-Sand islative work.
! 5s
!f yea arc vvih
ir: for a republi
can success in the
"5 VcJJIJpui!!,
nothing will con
tribute jnoro tow
ard it than by csst
ycur ballet at
IhD primary e'es
iisn, August ISlh,
irsc of Fi2ttcrr;outh
for Congressmarj
oj the Pi'rst Dis
trict. Mis nomin
ation at the pri
ms ry r,:zzrz siiio
vombs-r cic-iion.
i j
of ta.
In' I'i l r -
-d h.r,.
: i ' a ,
( '.. :. i i - - i- :r r i..
.'-,". 1 -. ' .
:.ii.-::-t i :.; a -;'..;!;.,;. or
- ... ih.' e.nj i hat I fi e a'pa :
- -!:a!l ::.a ; n.iu-t !y b .: .i'-i t ;
i , i .
. i i r
i ,,
1 . :
. i aaa
e i: .-.!!:-is
, ,.;:!d.-.- :
i e.a-':.',:'
:.- Co-
'::;!!' o ; .
; .re ! , i.
: ! i a -
a !- a
as V -ii
a liL.ra-a
! v i ; : aod la
, - i a
I'e i;a
o 1 , . ,
a. A. ur.pis.
ai Adv. at i-e.-i --it.
. Tcbcy Is a Candidate c
the Republican Ticket From
tho First District.
i '-' . Ii. I'i hey ..f Liar. in.
.! idale f. r l.'.M0 rt.s l;-oai t
i ' a -i It:-;: i. i, ha- been a prom
;., a a i e i a t h" po i i iea !. e i
a-'.-i ; .aa:i,.a- life of X-a ra.-ka '.
! ai ' ra -! a i Seen 7 a-.-. lie ia
j . a. a - i ' a ! a a' I i e iPa a;oi i a.
j a 1.'-'. ima a -i lideat. in t
.- : a . i a i : t i - j : y. ;'roai v. hieii i ,
-'aideai lie ai e'-war.l- radaat'
v. a- eho-i'ii SeereS. iry of t
' niv-i-sity IP-imhlieaa (hah.
every ran:pa'a"n from thai tine
aa- p: i - en! lie has be. n i'n'l i
iaa- .-p-. fles and work in a- t
! ! e jp ; phi ii an ticket. In 1 S'eS I
a- - :( to t'hilado! hia a- Ii
i'desaie of tie- (hdh'-e liepiii
'.am t'.lr.h.s of ,. da a-ka io ! he N.
o-ial le'raa-i: of M 1 1 i -. lie is
. a:!- r of the Oeimr Men's IP
a! lean ( iiah of Lincoln. 1 ari
ai'ee i-:p,i;.ai'Hs he r ol as stM
n ! ary of the (Irap-Tes-i-aail ('.on
miitee in the j'ii'sl CoHL; rc.--i'e;
1 i-t i if !. and ia this as in all idle
m.-taiu-es s(-ri;iu" I he jiarl y will
at pay. In l'.-oo he was appoint
i"d prival "" seeretary . h"'!-r'a.-aa::i
I'.mkrtl and -tawed in th;
i apacdy. in tin" Hoe-e i".r si
'airs rani in 1 1 1 Sea-ale for tv
y. ..i - . His Ihb liiy to his we
and his yreat familiarity with th
no -eealue ir'-is to an wi.o earn
in contact v.iih him. During hi
.- r ire pi 'a-li in? Ion he v;i
the Xaljonril Assoeia! hm of s-e
r.'lnrias to IdeUiber.s of Con
'a r-e-s.
air. To!'c,s wm-k in ("on-ri-esj.
hiaaiLht him into co!-e Imadi will
the o:ac ia!s of all t!a depart menl.
atal made him thoroughly familiar
-:c r.t Mianonp-li'; i a member ' form ia judicial procedure, was j pie for other slate .-uperiufond- county clerk, filonu' -of
ih- b. of ti;; t-etoi-s of t In ! one of the hardest workinir mem- ents." f ; : ; i i : 1 1 n ; : i ! . i- n t .r -i
Lin l'.i!y Y. 31. C. A. an.l in the
i to raise 1 00.0t.0.(io f,
!.' iii'v J-ai!ti!.T-f !: was chair
man of a eornraitt of one hun-li-ed
ji'iiru' m:n tn assisted in
raisins- th" fund. He is the cx-
a'tiv si'l!-'"-! ary (if (he Xbraka
:V'voriIi Assi-mh!y. tiow i-ceo-r-.
(I ; s i ne of t"w L: or
. . i:';;!; v. s of its kiml in t he
-v, ;M. He is a -r of the
" ; :. '; fraternity and of tin
V ..h fii Woodnn- , of Am-i ica.
i r- ! !:e f i v -1, ' ;. ji f Canip
N". .. o. :-..r.-, of V; ! ra:;s, af I.'!ys
es. :;.-h. Mr. TM-e is at pi f-e-it
:U '- i-i!i': ., 1 seen-; ;: : y a:a! nieni
' r of the I:-''-"'! ? Iii ert-rs of
ihil' !,ivn: a d ( h: ant am; aa
m ' hit li i - o : a ' j a i in over
iiaadied p..'. ns i- eiht
. a ! '.
lie i- ! --,. Ii :
;!- ,i lv a !1 who ,v- him am
- :-i -n ;'',! as : ;--!-i'!as lion
!' i a: a ! t in. her.
Hnaia a,i! I.i-ai'.-r.
I'.'iitaeal A'i ri !.-.--mt-at.
S:' V:-.. -,
. -
Vr : ; a
y. a,'-.,. Va " .'
I k..;ra-j"X A
"' v .:
'.- - -.'A V .. X
-s - . .-
'a','-" '' vC V'' :-a
. '.r aa r ;- ;
of C!?y Center. Ncipartisan Candi
date for Chief Justice cf the
Supreme Csurt.
Harris' -a th Paia-. r. bed her of
he ! a,' I ! . hi. Paha-a-. Pe-mcr
- i . --..a- of oraaaa. was i ,,;ai
d r;,i-'d on a farm mair I'.ara
a W h-c; a-ai. ea .o Nebra-ka.
: i 7 . ;j i Hi.- ii--' i" mr.i'i e a.
ear.--. H worked I!ie farm
a oa !i til.- -a m m--r aad ! am- lit
i . d d a; i a the v. ; a 1 1 r months
a d I Ma t . w !n a ie- rented his
a :. aad mow d sr.;.. Sutt-n. Eiay
a, v. aad too;; !;, t:
n f!ie o,,'a. o
f Ii.- E. Hair-
i'" was admitii'd t the jar in
. ." roe' two ear-s later he was
a i i county jud-e of (aa
ma: v aaa s.'i. I twepe con
ia,tie p'ta-. of f fii- many cases
-ah'd by him during his lontr
i-a of -ei-e,. aof ;i sjaale ease
- iwr i.e;-ed by the Supreme
ari. a i'" ni'ii of which aay man
-id w ! 1 I e' 1 pr.'ud.
In N' l'Jl-h he wa
ai"ij to repieseai Clay county
the pal;; ses-ion of the leais
lure. ;md at the b.ainniua of
es-joa he entered vi-oroa-ly
io the v.oi k, si on. takiaa a place
a i a- the i ii r- of ! In- ie ea se. eiiairmaa of tlm jusuraaci
aamitiee ami ciiaiiaaan of the
mail, tec
on constitutional
e oilier commiile.-s. includia--"
siftia- coilliil i i t ee.
His amaim-- capacity for hard
a' k. his r ady .rasp of all prob
es, especially those involving
aa! principle.-, his eoaent n as
iiu. his fidelity to the moral
de of eway question, his ron
mpt for partisanship when it
as wrona-. and his unfailia-r.dne-s
ami c nirtesy foj- all with
horn he came ia couiae! won him
e frieml-hip of every member
f (he h..u-e.
,Tude palmer's irreatest work
as done on the insurance code
!1 whi.-h w;.s pa-sed by the last
ah-Iature, ami which has recent
been upheld by the unanimous
union of the Supreme Court.
The Omaha Duly News, which
a'ched the arfiens f the e;ris
.tors cio.-i ly. made a resume of
heir work at the close of the s e s -don,
and on April L'a, 1D1J, had
to say of Mr. Palmer:
"IT. C. Palmer. Flay County: At
orney: Voted f"i siiluiiissiMii of
ni ciisjer method to amend the
oust iiutiou. I he recall, tax re
"orm. wimiau sulTrae, reduction
if lelearraph rates. Ihe Keckley
ate hill, Ihe corporation tax, the
Omaha water district bill, tin in--uranee
code and other important
measures. Supported the uniform
hridm bill and devoted much time
to the insurance rode.. Discover
ed two "jokers"' in the first, work
man's compensatioiyact that were
against the interests of the work
men, and forced them to be cor
rected. Made a hard hyht for re
. h'T's in tlie house. A STRONG
-r l'ilOCutKSSrVE."
-Political Advertisement.
x . s
! fTSfi-e RcflxSA
j 'Wi
puuukies akust is
aanu - t.. ii'.izell. tate Snper
'.MendeMl of Public In-lruction i:i
.V'laa-ka for the pa-t four 'ai's,
! a candidate for nomination for
.' .HI.SS in the first District
on the Republican ticket.
Mr. Delell ha- 1 n a resident
of .Wbra-ka for thirty-one . ars.
hiMiiin-- for s'Aoa -ummers dar-!!-
that ian and t ar'-.-rr-' 'anal
-dio'd durin? t he in! i ,.io h-.
'!e Lia.daatid from the Peru stale
Normal School in lNa.a. since
hat. tim" he iias been ehb-fly em
loyed as teacher and sup"i'ia
ti id, ad of schools, jjjs work
' r-i i : ; 1 1 : him in conlnc! wi.h pub
'ie affah's. As a member of the
S'a'e Normal Si'ln'o floard from
Ii a:; to I'.m.i, he had experience
'. Oh general ;e"-i.-Iat ion as well as
- ho, a be-i-Iation of all kind-.
! e:. the b"-:i-!al ur of H 11 .
hde Deputy State Superinl'-mJ-af
. and iiu "ina the se-sj(,n of
tali, viiile Slat.- Superintendenl
f Pr.liie Instruction,, he had opport on it - to learn
''-i-Iatie procedure. Darin".
ho-e two sessions of tlm bliis
: '.!ure laws were enacted that
aaw ait'-actcd atlenfioii all over
ia. I'nited State- and .-riven Nc
! ra.-k-i additional prominence
ducal h malty.
Mia Delzell i- well acquainted
with the a a ric u 1 1 u ra 1 , linancial.
adu-lnal and educational in
iaslrirds intete.-ts of the Lir-t
Di-!ricl. If elected Oiiicri'ssman
he ran be depended upon to d"o'.e
his time faithfully to the par-'i.-ular
jnteie.sts of tlm First Dis
rict and the tretu-ral interests of
'h- state at lar,-e.
Political Advertisement .
ft. 0. THOfflAS.
A. O. Thomas, candidate for
-uperintemb ait on the republican
ticket, spent. Thur.-day nis-ht in
the city and spent an hour on the
-t reels shaking hands and get-lim-r
acquainted. The following
is taken from the Kearney Dem
ocrat: A. ( . Thomas, candidate for the
office of state superintendent of
public instruction, is remarka
bly well qualified both by educa
te a and experience for the office
he sinks. He was brought up on
a frontier farm, attended rural
-chool during the winter months
and has made his own way unaid
ed -iace lie was twelve years of
ie. a natural craviner for edu
cation caused him to utilize every
-pare moment in self-diree'.e.J
tody. When a yum- man he eu
'ered Amity College, a small col-!'-
located at College Snrinas.
o a a. but equipped w ith a strong
'acuity. Later Mr. Tlmmas grad
uated from Amity with honors
ami bear ing the degrees of Ihich-
!o- of philosophy and Doctor of
Philosophy. He also at ended
he Western Normal College
graduating Irnin the scientit'e
course. After graduating in tS'.n
Mr. Thomas came to Nebraska
"id entered the leaching profes
sion in which lie has s'eadil ad
vanced notwithstanding deter
mined opposition from those
whom he had the courage It) ap
pose. For years he has stood
against Ihe domination of school
affairs by those who would ex
ploit the schools for selfish ends,
and has advocated a higher
standard of professional ethics
among teachers, lie is not a
theorist in the field of education,
but a practical teacher with
leaching and constructive ability
of high order. His work received
Ihe following unusual endorse
ment from the Nebraska legisla
ture, session of 1911:
legislative endoitsement
From report of committee on
public lands and buildings:
As "to the condition ami man
agement of the Kearney Normal
School we wish to state that it is
the sense of this committee that
this institution is the most ably
managed and economically con
ducted in the state, and that its
superintendent. Dr. A. (). Thomas,
could well be set up as an exam-
I See najre GOT of Leuilativ
House Journal, Session of Fall.
From report of seriate commit
tee on public lands ami build
ings, :
We next vi-ited the State Nor
mal School at Kearney. The m- v
.vinir to the main huihlia.u is f he
be-t j'uldie buildiair from ih',l( , .p.,.,.-,. , , ... ;
standpoint of maP-rial. wo; karia-j v j s
hip, jdans and genera! et'i'ic;ca-- I iPi u , , , ,.
of any public buildiap, we a-il. ij
in the state. The management j I am a .. .dahta
and superiat endencv of ;hi - t 'ha' a ' -a. t a ;a
school js of such a hi-h
and so much -ui -ei -ioj- ! in.'iay
t 'o v pho s we i-ib d t h a v
" el : t on , j n ' y to c on p i i : i a , I
!e i ;' !( ials ia eliai '-'.''
See pa Je " ' 7 of S''iale .toui'-
-a - a i o " pi.
' aa:- i : r .,!
C -let .' !i'a
;.a. of '",
' he c;ty . a, rdr v '
L i i p r-f.M- solae
' ' men h ' a ; s
Democratic eatnlidate for rail
way commissioner, who -ii u: I i
nominated at the prima' v election j
Tuesday. August lx. If nominal-
ed he will be eh c! ed.
political Advei-li.-'meui.
fUioney to loan on Czss Coi r.ty
Tel. 215. PlaUsmoulh.
ilicl AitncuncefTic His
For Congre 55.
We ar- authorized to annour:c
tie tiarm- of W'ilher NV. Anr.e-s.
f Dunbai, Otoe eouutt, for c ai--i-ess
from the first conyivs
niiial di-trict of Nebra-'.a. .-nb-
ct to the vi!l of the fejuidicr.
tef- ,) I th' lee'joi
i. s.t;i ...f -I IK
We ale autiio'ied to iimaeiia i
li.-o !- M.i- h.di I (;,. ,-ot.iat
- , ... .! aht . i . ! -a ; ' ! oe .
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lei I I t ot the democi:ei olei -
Mo priinnr -'lecti.ii l'n-
' ne u- IK I !H t
For Rfprsent-'tivc
M. Ci. Kim" of Neluiwha i"
met, will be a candidate f-.i
oembi-r- of Ihe lower house of
'he stale legislature, subject to
the will of the democratic voter-
f Cass county at the primary
election to be held Tuesday. Aug
ust 18. 1 0 1-4
We are authorized to announce
William II. Puis for Float Rep
resentative (Otoe and Cass coun
ties), subject to the will of the
democratic voters at the primary
election, Tuesday, August 18.
Fop County Judge.
Charles L. Graves of Union is a
candidate .for the nomination to
the "office of county judge, sub
ject to the decision of the
voters at the primary elec
tion, held on Tuesday, August 18.
For County Clerk.
Frank J. Libershal, the present
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VVILi- iW. R!AUPrJ. - "a , ,
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jeCt to till' d - i --a a ' the
rrnf :e vote?-- i ! t h.- a a ,
a -a h"Id "i I i J - - - ; a .
IX. tal i.
John M. Cr
is a era..! a (.
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1 hieet .. t!o- o
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iU'f;r q f r ,e e l' S
111 ' h" h' l.l
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al D J
I- a e;,, .!,,
a 1 1 a a ' a a . a -. i :
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! ia o I a.. a.
! I des,.-e to arm,
I w-le.-s of Ca-- . ..;;n:
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publican d - r -pi
iae-:- i j.-c: i, an
r th-' wdcr- ii;
Cooniy CcrriT.ra.'cia..
We ;m e a a ' !. .a- a- d a, .run
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- 'I 4
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' ai !,d ail I e for ti.e
.--loner from ' h
1 -mIi'i el to the de-
.':. ie r 'tic , a er s
" i ! ec ' i a i on '!'i!t---
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, oe . 1 1 1 a i i i e . t f o a a 1 1 o a r ; 1 ' e
I.; . t- , r a ,,;,,. ,-
I - , ,. ..a-. -
' ii. ! f h,n t;o Th i ,! .P-Oact.
a. it t, . tii, i- !. . ... ",e .!
, , r ttt. ae'o -i r i 4,.r"- at
P'-ina'- fleet ion Tuesday,
must 18.
rcr County Superintendent.
Miss Mary ii. Foster is a candi
date for re-h clion to the eihee of
aiunly sup I'intemlca,! of .-cliooh-,
i;i ! her record as such ohieia! is
fiefore Ihe people of Cass county,
md -he would respeel fully si Hi at
the otes of everyone, who can
con-i-P nf !y commend her for an
other term.
I desire In .announce to the
voter's of Cass county thai I shall
be a candid;:! e at the coming pri
mary election for the ofliee of
county superintendent, subject to
lire wishes of the republican vot
ers of Ihe county. The support of
my friends will be appreciated.
Miss F.da Marquardt.
i - . ,