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.y : . ;:r,:;v;fu;T "; i;tG J
Monday, i Till
W. A. EILEfi'S
New Orleans P
Greatest Colored
Minstrel Show in the
40 PEOPLE 40
i.. r -vAW- . -V -ii-.r5 .y .-
W5i3 A Big Band and Orchestra
K Watch for the Big Parade and Free Concert on the Streets
of Plattsmouth.
( Don't forget the Date and Place at the Air Dome Mon-
$ day, August 1 7th One Night Only.
. I n i V4Iri m ft I V WVUII -
25 and 50c ADi'VIISSEOn 25 and 50c
nou'j vviiiviy vyviv vi.u Va?11 'vry s1 w vix
Make Your Wants Known POUCH PARTY ill RECTORY
.-i:;.i!::s i.:i'Ur this lii-iulliiEj
. - v.-;i J ! -.:itit .1 as a lino
i!-!v.-rt !M':::t-iit takt-n for
.an i
i y run sri: v.-ii.-. .--
i . in II. i, u :
!"i;!! ; i i 1 1 i J . ti. wimi
-iii- iii. -it i-. .m ii'i rlra liif
i,l tiii.f aricl tm. is. Sjiirmiiil
i.. Hi- )ari:;iiii. srTr.
. : . ii-.t.'. T. II. I'.-l-
1 ::M- ! oi: s.!.K r. :. ( ini
! '-il. i j i I - fr.iii
-Hi ; sm aiM-fs i i ii pi! ! i,
.---i iri fn .hi IMnl t ii! nil Ii :
'' iiil!'-- !i .m;i !'aril:c .limc
i : : 1 1 - ; 1 1 i . ;j 1 1 1 if I;i!-k
h :--. 7 .!! i.i.l; h i.' civ
..' '. f;ii!' ii!' i.iiii!im:! t .
i i .i ; t ! !,'i.ii" ;n!i,"., tli.:
- ii h i i ii .! mi i-iia !.
Of Which They Have a Right to
Feel Grieved With the Manner
In Which War Mews Is Re
ceived in This Country
and Published.
Tin- nrraMi'ini'nl s li;ii' i u
iiii)ii'trl 1 i- tlic linlii.'iiu !' a
I'.iri-h parly at tin' rertm-x of St.
I.!iki " ('micii next t'ui'.-ilay
ti:i inr thai pies jiri'iiiii- nf n'-in'-r
(Hi.' f t!i.1 most delightful
'.'iit- that has l-'n u i r i ia thi
nly ).. -.uitM' liini1. Tin" I'N.'iiinu
V.lll he ..J- i )! .'.J to lilt" of
a nuinhiT nf sdayji-ls hy tin- ymniu-iiM-iiiii'
i of tin- ai i-h und.-r III.-ilii-rrt
ion of ?.Iaiai!ic l.i-.'ti ;::ni
.Mrs. ". S. ...!. flirv wii! !...
a iiiniil.-.-r of kiiiil.'i vaiti'n l"t . i i
p'.ays. : wi ll r.s a pon.l ni;j!il di'ill
iy lli." -malle;-'!! an. I a
lio(i piayi-t. "A It it-,- I'lnMin."
-,'vrvi l.y Ma. !a i;- l.n l ,!r. W.
. I. '(-. Mi- Nora I . i i 1 1 - ! i : 1 .
Karl Thoiaas. .Mj-s .Ma;v Ivrr,.
S 1 (-.Jv
ai'd Arnold An-ll of
Poll SL::-Tho Mrs. MeVieker
r'-, :-.. on North Sixth strtet.
V ! jurtk-ulur.-, t-:i'.l i.n Mrs. J. E.
jl.i-:i-. Iowa, who j;1 th" -ilv
'i'ii.- lad!.--; !ia- mad.-
dl a rr.i r.i;.-!ii.-i!l s I.. alford a
- i o .. 1 id I im" to ail win. al t rnd
' a id thi- wjil hi- lo.ikc f,.r-
t 'It MA. Nali.- Iiuiih.-:-. In wai-d lo u;lh (h-- ur. alr-l of
im. Mi-. Kal- Hiiiln--r. l . . ; , ,v ,,,,.,,..1,,., 1(f
;t if lail-s uoi-U.-ast ' I ;.ai i- !i and ihi-ir fri.-nd.. Th,- ad-
Ii.r; :iv x I i i w 1 : ... i ...:n i .. .
I !: I a.-h of all h di'-dn- t" ji..
i.r.--i"!t !i. rnjoy a l'i-v hour- m..-l
i!.-;i-a:it !y.
! MiM l"o;t S.M.I'. sn.iiciv farm.
v.. d iii:;.,-M i d. :; n w.-ljs and
.' :id-;r: ! ! ; :; i . i i -- .-a-! of
1 ; Addr.-- W in. Itakr-.
i :. ! M. h.
POP. SALE The i. F. S.vitzor
ii;:;r:.-r, thro niil.-s southwest
f N. !,;ivrt-a. i-'or particulars s-e or
r:t- U,,:ny M. ru'dard, Neh:i;vka.
i oi; ..U; Clii;!' lio-se. farm
a-.'ii and doi.hl.- harm---
I'"',. ;i. - , X -OK'
- 'V . j
v I ; .
i a it m ai (.:;i:at s.(diii in:
Ola- of 1 !;. 1; JH . .. IllCt i -, Well
I'Mj.rox .-.! half -i-t ioiis he
found: new and up-to-date .
'.'in ri'dil.'iM'i': ai.- uid 7
r. oin i.nanl lion-.-; new ham
a d poiiifry h"iie-. All under
!' il'-e. I ll-- i I ; I j 1 1 1 e !I s nis.
in- i..r .sj.imn.nn; l.n-aled T.'i
ii fi..m K;iii;i- Cily. Mo.
Tin- !';"! i t i- eln-ap at s-Ji, ami l . . t -ah- at s I t .- J'ai! r.ii and halam i
o;i ea-y t.-rm. I'or full in.
formal ion writ" .1. lock-lros
el Oueliemo, O-aPe ('ol!!lt
I In- ite, .,x iill team of t i I i -
"d I ra .l.-r : ; i ! will .j.mrnev ,l.iwu ini..ii
- . i . . .
.oo. ll.Uire ,ii al lir.Iav. wh.-io they lii
,Si, .-.'Id-It. V iday hall al. Cie old Selller-" r.-
r.v,. TTTi union, whi.di Will he held Ih.-le ,,.1
I .iv l.i:;. -J." :n-ies pasture timber, rest ' v ' I heir- utmost I i h-
u! i at i-.a: wil improved. Price j 'ith t he hacon aiai i! is c;n'i-l n
r:ri.t ii t ;.k. i) vwn. Atture&s Miss i i h:ii Hi...... ;n i i i ..
l.:Ui .k-t:'o. Murrav. Aebr. ,. . ,
I 1'ie nil.- o lU.'lo ii Wllui'ss lC
ame. The Miouri Paeilic (rain
h a i-m her in I he a I I i'r;i af
"Jril will place the vi-iluls there
J m plenty of I i a ie for the -am.- t hat
w ill not .-lard if ', oYlork. on
account of the spcakimr. and Ihe
pa: l will return home r, the ye
a! 7:i.". whi. h'will -ti.p there for
"n- north hound pa.--ea.uers.
There should he he a laie numher
from llijs city to encourage tin
ha.! I leain in Ihcir pam'. The Itur
linlon hand of Ihi- ciiy will also
furni-h the imidi- on holh das al
lire reunion, poim- (o I hat id;tce
oi,i.,ri-oy moi-ain al and
will remain until Saturday eeu
l"oL'.I A iair of men's hrowu
Jta k trouser. Owner may have
same hy ealiln;.- af this oilier
ami paving for this adcr(isc
rneiit and a reward. S-i-tfd
Wanted--Posilion as farm hand
by the monlh or year around,
.r janitor work in tlmcity. Ad jox 510, Plattsmouth,
Marshall, Dentist, Coates Block.
Dance Saturday Night.
The T. .J. Sokol sociidy w ill
a social dance al their hall on next
Saturday evrnin;,, at which the
jrcneral puhlic is invited to he
juesent and take part. The Holly
orchestra will furnili the music
for Ihe event.
Suhscnhe for tin Jouri al
Since is wa ad i.-ed in a (ice
man ma-s meet mir in New Yor k to
boycott those .-lores which ad-erli-e
in papers which by their
false war reports and h their an
ta.noiiistic -pirit towards my
country, as we as my country
men. I desire to lhank Ihe editor
of Ihe .lournal that he has not
joined the army of Ihe anti-Ocr-inaii
eiors. hut has, by a num
her of -horl attirlc-. shown that
Ii-.' is no lon.-'imr for Ihe victory
by a -em i-ha rha r ian nation, or
hy a nation which cau-cd our
lathers to ti.uht for an iiidepeud
enl America. Anioii'-r the nutn-beih'-s
ie-ouliou- passed h tho
ddiVreitf (o-rman societies of our
real union I hearfily indorse the
resolutions pas-ed iy the ier
iiians of our met ropoli- :
ite-ided. 1 hat we. American
ciliens of (o-rniau ilrx-i'iil, as
semi'leil in ma.-s rueelinp- and rep-
le-.'lll iau all eh'Ulenls of our
la rue (o'liiuui population, deplore
deeply and sincerely Ihe friuhlful
wa- which has engulfed lairop'
and threatens lo sat-rilice hun
dreds of thoii-ands of innocent
lies. Mle HoWer of its yoidii: to
auniliilale tin- uloi ioiis aehiee
meals of decades of peaceful ef
fort and development, re-ullinu' in
a Ircmendous setback to civiliza
t ion.
' V.'e lament from Ihe depths of
'in' hearls the hostility and raee
!iatie. enuendei-ed hy this terrible
onilicl in laii'ope, and apiaeheud
with di-m.iy lhat such e:nnity runy
spr-ead lo these t nited Siates. the
country of our clnm-e. our- home.
We fear lhat Some seeds Ihcrefoiv
in;e aiiiad' been .-own by the
pre jmlici'd al'ilude of a pari of
Ihe American pre--, heiuu- I In un
fa orab'e coin men I of the Oerman
cau-e o ) unreliable war news, -e
cured eulirely throu-h laiuli-h.
I- l ench or- Iiu-sian ehanmds.
".s a number of prominent
niei i-opolilan dailies remind their
reader-, war reports mu-t be con
sidered as news cominu from the
enemies of (ieiinanv. which il.-elf
is cul off from coinniunicat ion
w il h t he outside world.
Ve decal.'e lhat it is not only
a ureal wron1-, but auainst the
be.-i intefe-ls of niir adopted
country and harmful to civiiia
lim al lai,re that the "real (b-r-niiin
empire and its hiuhly ci ili.
ei people In whom so many of un
people are linked by the -honucst
lies of blood, should be held Up
to (he American puhlic as the foes
of ci ilia! ion ; as barbarians, win
wantonly and without reason or
need broiiuhf Ibis terrible war
upon themeles and (heir neigh
bors. hae a riuht lo expect
lion- our fid low ciliens and from
lb" press of this country, for lln
independence and preservation of
which hundreds of fhou-ands of
our compatr iot s freely sln-d I heir
!! od. that they withhold Iheii
Mi.luiiicnl nut i I Ihe real facts and
underlying reasons may beeonn
known, and lo abstain from hasty
condemnation until Ihe iiulii that
Oermany is not liuhtinp. a war of
auure.-s jou. bul of self pre-era
ti..,i. may b established. We ex-
1 t from our fellow ciliens lhat
llley uie the Oel'man Jieople of
lairope and Iheir uoernmenls the
benefit of the doubt to which they
are entitled. We appeal to them
lo study ihe ipieslion thoroughly.
weiuh il carefully, and j inter fair
ly, and lo bear- in mind thai, his
torical con junclurrs of ltussia's
pansiaic policies, of France's cry
for revenue for- the lost provinces.
which were only recovered by
(bu inany as riuhlful (b-iinan pos-
essions, and of F.nuland's well
ur-oundeil fear of losinu- prestige
auainsl, (iermany's commercial
and industrial ascendency. Facii
the prilish cabinet was split on
Ihe question of who was the real
uu ressor.
"We call aftention to the
notorious rdilor ial in Ihe London
'Saturday Review' some year's auo,
boldly statinu- that. F.nuland's
prosperity could only be secured
iy (ieiinauy's annihilation: 'If
Ocrrnany were tomorrow wiped
off of the face of the earth, there
would not be the day after- an
Englishman who'woukl not be the
richer for it. The rrnwth of the
(Jerman navy would but woighten
the blow England will strike. Its
ships will be sunk or taken as
English pries. English puns will
seal fSerinan ports until indemni
ties are paid, and when our work
is done England may say lo
France or Russia, go take what
compensal ion you wish. blip
yourselves lo any part of (ier
many you like, you can have il.
(lermania esse declendam! "Iown
with Jermariv ." '
"We also recall Ihe wave of
anti-Oerman agilation when
British jingoists. supported no
doubt by (iermauy's enemies
abroad, only three r four years
ago, caused plays to be enacted
on many English slage- picturing
an inva-ion of laiuhmd by (br
nian troops and commilting
brutalities in English homes, for
Ihe pernicious purpose of incit
ing national and personal haired.
I o not. such incidi-nis recall lo
the Ameriacn public England's al
titude during' the civil war and iis
covert support of Ihe confed
eracy? Did it not aid Hie mhiMi
in every possible way in Ihe -slfuclion
of our- merchant marine
then an active competitor Hint
the I "nited Stales have never re
covered? And wa- ind England's
principal object pur e commercial
ism, i. the profectiou of its cot
ton monopoly? lid no! Enuland
in those days cause Lincoln, our
martyred president, the most harrowing-
auviely, and is no Eng
land the I'nitcd State-' only tra
ditional enemy . now also Ihe ally
of Japan who in ISiiJ would have
recognized the bell iuelencv of I l.e
smilh bul fin- the protest of Hibernation.-?
Tens of I hou-a:nl.-: of
Oerniaris fouuhl for (lie union: i
Ihcie any i-ecord of any number
r Engli-hmen euli-ling- ia Ihe
union cau-e?
"Vori are reminded of what Ihe
advent, of I'anslavism would por
lnd to lairope and i!s civiliza
tion. It would mean Ihe ascend
ency of semi-barbaric P.u-sia and
iis autoci'alic rule. Think only of
the massacres of the .lew-. Tile
advanced Slav slates ik- pohemia.
and Poland would be submerged
i;i that slouuh of depolisiu whi; !:
crushes all individuality, culture
i and progress.
"What was the spark in liu
powder magazine of Europe? The
atrocious murder of the Au-!n'a!i
crown prince and his co;-o;-t bv a
S"ib. a Ru--ian iir.-lec'ed a-.-a---;ii.
If durinu- la'e-! u -b-a-anl -ness,
a Mexican had a. a-- i :? 'd
our pre-ident. would this country
r.ov be a! war or no! ?
"We loyal American ejt.veis of
(lerman ie-cent. a-semiucti ni
From Wednesday's PalV.
This morning: E. JE Menfee and
Jacob Stevens were haled before
.Judge Archer a! his other in the
citv hall to answer lo the charge
of being in a slate of intoxication
upon Ihe streets of the cily, and
for this ofi'en;e Ihey entered a
idea of guilty. Menfee is a pencil
peddler, who has been here for
Ihe pa-l few days plying his trade,
and ye.-ferday concluded lo cele
brate, with Ihe result trial the jail
was his re-ting; place foA the
evening- following his liquid .joy
ride. The judge, after hearing
ihe fads in Ihe case and in view
of Ihe personality of Menfee. de
cided thai a line of and costs
would about suit him. and sus
pended sentence for thirty min
utes, provided the man would g'd
hini.-elf out of the city, which he
done without di'lay. and the la-t
-ecu nf him he was hilling- it for
th.' ureal gold.-u west.
Stevens, who -laN-d he wa.- em
ployed on a railroad gang-, had
also came here In celebrate, and
over e-timali-d his capacity and
wa- given a tine of and co-fs
and was released lo r-elurn lo hi
dlities on the east side of th" river
with Ihe promise to relurn after
tin- pay car came and di-t ribuled
its uohbn shecklrs lo the Ibir
liliuto:) employes and I inn iiia I e i he
anion ii I auain-t him a moulding
to s o n ! e S : j .
ims iariiii
OpporfmoifiGs ars testing
oh llore!
Bargains such as you've
never seen before in suits;
styles of the present season; the best
fabrics of the best weavers made by the
best makers of clothes most of these
clothes are from Micheals-Stern & Co.,
and Alfred Decker &. Colin.
f .J P Or Tn 5 p. j;- err PCI C l "V &f Ell V
bj gL'arateed as if pohS Ml ko
Any light-vcight Suit, v.orth up to C?'fl 6
$16.50. .; By
Any li.dht-veiIit Suit, worth up to
$22.50 vpiJK:'
Any lipht-weiht Suit, worth up to '--3 O
$30.00 2 G
The new Ide Biplex shirts
slips on and off like a coat
shirt shirt tail turned into drawer.;
two garments in one t oft uelipce shirt
a nd d rawers. AIU izei1 ma n y d iiT-j re : t
cloths and patterns 1.50, I;'2.00 and
Tile po-tojyiCe ii.! men
ashinuloii has sent mil fromj StelSQTl
'he oil'i-e of Third Assistant jl ffais
I'o-lma-irr o-'in-ral D'C,ery
Iloi ii-e to the il i ll'.-r-en t post o."ta-es
of thi' i-iiiinlry th;d there can b
no more iimney. orders ii;o lo
ioin!s in the Austrian empire, oi:
account of 'hi- war- troubles. A
f -
Go to Cm;!i?. ;o Wed.
L'njoys Visit With Cclativcs.
t h" iira; I'i.u
i i i - .-
simila;- mdice has b.eii out i .:sti-! in );-a!:a .-,!-nl iy 'T'.rr' woi'nc.-Cdy's Dsiiy
by (ho io.-'o!';;
depai ! meat of pears
names . .
f two Ca-s
Au-li-ia in i-egaiil lo tire sending
of money orders lo the Ended
Stales. Tin-re are quile a nuni-ie-r
of re-ident- of (his city vvho
frequenlly send orders to lln ii'
relatives in A;i-lria. and they will
bear this noiice in miial thai im-
de.'- tin' pre-e:il Iroubb-d condition
mass meetinu and i-ei . i .-en t i n M u I.uro-.e tm-re can ie no mor
Oinahn".- ier-ruan p. mulat hm. un '.:- orders .-eul i.n'!v iiiilil t!
herebv exnress di'eoet svniuathv war cloud- ch ar away. po-l
with Ihe ieople of ( ie:n ..any and "la-ti-r Moi-uan received (he n
Auslro-Ilunuarv to whom are lice yesterday and it will go jut
b nind bv everla-l inu I ii'- of Jd I force af onc
and mind. We feel a- one with
need, and
all we can lo alleviate their suf
ferings, the suH'erings of Iheir
unlMhli'il nn.l file need !' li e vi.l
give up uieir precious iies n;-
I beii- count rv's nr-e-er a I ii ei Wi
I .... . . ". l :. . i i.i
I ..Il I., mm, I ,.i,.,,.;i .,).!.. .v'iiv-e.- u-om a-uiiiuiou siau
I I 1 k . . 1 ( 1 . . . ( I . . 1 . I I . . . . 1
citizens of our uood cilv In assisl u , ,n,-.,i uas n.
us i such cnleavm-s. an.l imidoreh'"'"" :t, lu'' l"'King aller tin
divine movidenc.' lhat the s .rue "cress of the Ameri.-aus itl th.
of war mav vel he averl. d in ils h'""nlrirs in Europe thai have bo.
,i,.m;iv come involved in war. and among-
ii nil i t i
..w.-ti. i i i.i... .i: e (lie parlies lo be looked after- bv
11 Oil III-!!! IO'1-IIO OI IM1 I
ixz;;r,.:r, depabmht at washinb-
mother country, bul faithful to
American represent;!! iv es
our auopted home. U(. furlher is -V-nrs Kuoilic-k of
gi.e our sincere thanks to Idattsnmulh. who ,s .., Prague.
iM-esidenl Wils.e, for otferiuu I.. I'"!''"'ia. where sh.- has her,, for
!!.. wan-in- ..MtioHs of Fnrie.e hi I';l-' .v,' '' 'ndymg music m
--.-- -j
gooil ollices lo bring- aboul pr-ace
and extend lo him our hear t fell
sympathies in his sad and per
sonal beteav cnienf ."
Ileinrich Sieger.
In Honor of Mrs. Wilson.
lhat cily. While the city where
Miss Kuot'icek is stay inu: has not
as e become drawn into Ihe zone
f w;ir- activities, it is quite likely
to be. and the government will
exercise all tower lo see that .-he
i- protected. Sin- is studying Ihe
violin I here under some of the
..ia... i ; i .. ,.o . , r i!,;i
From Vednesday s rally.
I'he Eniled Sliites poslo!!i-e and Willi tier wormerrui inuurai
here was colsed yesterday after- talent sue is .leveoip-ng- inu. .nc
noo,, fr om until -J::io o'clock in "", unisne,, oi mus.cran.-.
honor of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson: 1 Jl" f'-'.-mls here of I his charming
al, Ibis hour her funeral was beingh'lilr latly will anxiously await
held at Rome. Oeoruia. and """' u,,nl "'"inhrr as to tier
Ihroughout Ihe counlrv univers;.! situation, but the present condi-j
tribute was paid lo the memorv of "' fouulrios at war mere
this -idendi.l woman who dnrin-. '"iikes ll aInio impossible lo ex-
lie,- lifetime was a help and as- I"' ""V '. fl,,,:n 1,('r f,n fho
si....i i.i i..-. Im.Jh.m.i ;,. it,., nresenr. Mir is a uaugmei- o i .u. ..
i f III 1 Illi- I'll ll'l ill U o ...
grral tasks that confronted him. il,m Ml- t,l,s "".'... ..
Ihe greiil American nalion, boll. 111 lUr northwest part ot rue city.
rich and poor, have mourned with . .
Iheir president his irreparable hoallhy man is a king- m hrs
loss, and on the way to the soulh- '11 "V" n" unm-......, '" ' "
land, where the burial was made, unnappy siaf. ror impuie moo ,
the bells i,. end, citv and hamlet "" lvcr use tbirdock
,,,,, , . . ., . i Illood Uilters. f)n the market do
through which the train passed JUU U doo..
oiled out Ihe sorrow and grief of. ' -,M' a
the people. , , . .....,
Mrs. Peter Rochka and lillle ibqiarfcd yesterday afternoon for
)abe wei-e in the metropulis today Foil Eollins. Colorado, whrre he
for a few hours looking after some will join his wife and daughter in
matters of business. an outing there for a short time.
county younu people. Mr. A'.ehi-'
tWegory, aued 1 . of We'-pin--.
Wain-, and Mis.-- Helen Em.-. !!'
of J'lattsmou!!;, a. d 1M. Th.
bride i- q'.iite M I.n-'V.n atn.ontr
;i !ar-ge circle of friends lu-re and
has resided with In ; parents at
iheir farm home m-ar tiiis cily.
The gi.i'au is a very p-.puiar
young- man i al We. pii'g
John la ddy and i. F. 1 nic r oi
near Al were in (In- i-1 ; y yesler
lay for a few hours looking aft"'
some mailer- of mien si at the
court house.
Platform Dance Saturday Evening
There will be another plalforui
dance r.f !he Koukal gi-ove Satur
day "Veiling-. Au-Mis ;..od
music and a uood lime i a-.-Ui'i d.
Every hi -dy ia v il ed.
K-! "J-ltd-II w
; in.- .no; niiig- .--a.m an:. o"e
of '.''! farmers residing .-oulhwe-
I fin- cily. came in, arcomp-m i. d
iy hi-- iirother-in-law, A. I. Me.j
b of Stockton, Kai'.-a-;. en roule
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StM-alch! Scr;i!ch. The more you
scratch, the wor-e the itch. Try
Irian's Ointment. For eczema,
any skin itching-. 5"o a box.
William '.u--e and family de
parted this aliernoon for Ilaxloii.
E. b n-.-do. w ilei'e I bey will vi.-it for
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Lit it A .! m ',. h i- -' - f i -,- .i-.-- rit liiMfM
Separate Shirts and Diawcrs for men, each. . ,
A small lot of Children's Dresses to close at. . .
A small lot of Children's Koumpcrs to cJose at ,
A few Gingham Skirts to close out at
Vo have the Bungalo Aprons to close at
A small lot of Misses' Ifoc-e to close at
A small lot cf Ladies' Hose to close at
We still have the $1.23 Piincess Slips at . . . . .
An excellent line of Ribbon for girdles at
. . ncc
. .45c
. . 50c
..50c li
me Mew Arrivals!
Oar new Dress Goods is in for Fall. We have never shown
such an extensive line as this. Remember that every yard cf
our Dress Goods (that sells at GOc and over) is full shrunk.
Our new Fall Sillts are also in. You never saw a better
selection in Plattsmouth.
The Ribbons that we show in our window are brand new.
Zuckweiler & Luiz