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MONDAY, AUOU8T 10, 1914.
, PAGE 4.
T,bz plattsmoutb foumal
Published Semi-Weekly at Plattsmouth, N e b r.
Entered at the Tostofflce at riattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class mail matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Subscription Prloe; S1.50 Per Year In Advanoe
A beautiful girl is one
J- lu is pretty ami does not v
J. know it. Selected. 4
mmmtmA ..?...;.. rI-'-!" I
Wheat is like the ague; it flares
up eery other day.
President W ilson lias issued his
proclamation uf neutrality.
A little bare-laced lib often
grow up to big ball-headed lie.
Never mind, boys, it will be all
uer with some of you in about ten
If flirtation is a co-educational
institution this old town ought to
be full of diplomas.
Many a man knows what he
would do in the other fellow's
place, but never reaches' the place.
: o :
Kind words are sometimes lost
if she puts them in a letter and
gives the letter to husband to
lieat Britain has finally de
clared war against Germany.
Evidently the Fatherland will have
.something doing.
While the czar will take com
mand of his army, quite likely,
there isn't much likelihood that
he will pet in range .f the kaiser's
More trouble in Mexico. Villa
lias virtually declared his in
dependence from the Carranza
go eminent. This means more
lighting-, of course.
You have in all probability
noticed that the fellow who does
the hardest boosting: generally
boosts for himself, and wants
everybody else to do the same.
'ot many slice) are raised
around here, but the price of wool
ha actually increased from 18 to
L'-J cents a pound since the demo
cratic tariff bill went into eHect
putting wool on the free list.
It is reported that George Berge
and his friends are preparing a
.scathing article in reply to the.
recent article by H. I,. Metcalfe in
reference to Berge. It is danger
ous for those living in glass
houses to throw .-tones. Berne
evidently lias something- up his
slci-e that will cut to the quick.
:o :
The merchant who advertises
is one who has faith in his
goods. If a mercnant advertises
a certain article, you may be sure
that he will stand back of that
article, for his business reputa
tion is at .stake, hence it follows
that a merchant would not ad
erlise pour goods, for to do so
would jeopardize bis standing-.
You are acquainted with the
fellow wlio is constantly knocking
aren't you. But did you ever see
liim or hear of him doing- any
thing' 1o belter the conditions he
criticises? We haven't. The
chronic knocker and every com
munity has its share of them
is a detriment to a neighborhood
and the city, particularly when
li'is criticism is directed toward
the city. There are few things
jjioiv discouraging; than to hear
a person speak disparagingly of
the city in-which tie lives.
Now that Great Britain has
turned the lions loose among the
dogs of war, some roaring may be
.'o one unless a subject of
either of the nations now at war,
and who has declared his inten
lion to become an American
citizen, can leave this country for
the purpose of enlisting" in the
army of the warring- countries.
The only way the demand of
the girl members of the Bathing
Suit-makers' Union for higher
wages can no complied wiin is toy
increasing prices. l ne amount
of clolh in a suit has already been
reduced to the minimum.
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, wife of
the president, is so seriously ill
that her life is despaired of. Every
American citizen extends sym
pathy to our noble president, with
the sincere hope that she may yet
recover. P. S. Since the foregoing-,
Mrs. Wilson passed away last
evening at 5 o'clock.
We have conversed with
numerous traveling men in the
past two weeks, and the most of
them travel the slate over, and
they seem to be of one opinion
that Governor Morehead will be
nominated by a large plurality.
Some of these men have taken
great pains to inquire as to the
standing of the democratic candi
dates, as well as the republican
candidates. They say that in the
central and western part of the
state Senator Kemp of Fullerton
will sweep the platter.
:o :
'I was never before proud of
a democratic administration, but
to-day I am proud of the admin
istration at Washington." said a
prominent Omaha banker Mon
day, lie was commenting on the
steps being- taken by President
Wilson, Secretary McAdoo ami
a democratic congress to do what
ever is necessary to safeguard
American finances; to insure
that will carry our goods, under
our own flag, to foreign markets
where the demand will be im
mense: to furnish an abundance
of currency to all sections of the
country, and to make certain that
American, business and a bound
less American prosperity will not
be endangered by the cataclasm
threatening to engulf Europe
While complaining of hard
times last, year and demanding
that everything be reformed the
American people participated in
the following extravagances : We
spent i?8, 100,000 for cigarettes;
drank 70,000,000 gallons of whis
ky, not counting the oceans of
beer and other alcoholic bever
ages; chewed :J5,000,000 worth
or gum; ate -'JO, 000, 000 worth of
candy, and drank enough "coke"
to build several Chicago sky
scrapers. :o:
Dr. William Osier recently
made the statement that DO per
cent of the people have tubercu
losis in some form, and Dr. Johu
B. Murphy, the celebrated surgeon
of Chicago, says Dr. Osier forgot
to add the more important fact
that 98 per cent of the 90 per
cent recover. Dr. Murphy's, idea
of a cancer cure is to:stop it be
fore it begins. So many things
which tend to cancer, he says,
announce themselves months and
months before the cancer ap
pears that prevention is compar
atively easy.
They sowed, we reap.
In the face of an impending
world conflict the United States
is today in a better position than
any of the great powers of the
world. Whence comes it that
with the world trembling- with
the threat of war, this country
feels secure? inqquires the Chi
cago Herald. Why is not the Uni
ted States one of the reluctant
nations that may be drawn into
conflict that it would give almost
anything" to avoid? It conies
from the wise policy inaugurated
at the beginning" of this govern
ment. It comes from constant
adherence to the spirit and the
letter of the weighty counsel of
George Washington that we
hould have no "entangling alli
ances with other nations. Ger
many wants no war, but her al-
ianee with Austria drags her
into it. France wants no war,
but the alliance with Russia may
embroil her. England wants no
war, but lite entente coruiale
may bring her into conflict. The
outstanding; fact of the Euro
pean situation today is that lour
great nations that do not want
war may too dragged into it toy
their alliances. The outstanding-
fact of tin; American situa
tion today is that we don't want
war and there is no probability
of our having- it. How different
it would be if we had an offensive
tnd defensive alliance with Eng-
and! What possibility of being
forced into a war with which we
had no sympathy, a war begun on
grounds whollv disproportioned
o the tremendous consequences
that may ensue! At limes, in
our pride of progress, the wisdom
of the fathers seems weak. We
think of it as largely unsuited to
the exigencies of a newer time.
as tne product of men wan a
necessarily narrower outlook
than ours. Then a situation like
the present one rises, a situation
whose bisness is only matched
y the bigness of the men who
mticipated and provided against
just such a contingency over a
uiiHired years aero. w e re
alize that a great principle has
jeen handed down to us that is
worth millions in men and bil
ious in money. Seldom, it ever,
las tne modern statesman as-
ended the lofty peak of patriot
ic vision which George Washing
ton ascended when he gave Amer
ica its wisest watchword "No
entangling- alliances."
The Journal office was invaded
Wednesday afternoon by three
emocratic candidates, consisting
of our own candidate for slate
senator, Hon. John Mattes, Will
M. Maupin, candidate for railroad
ommissioner, of Lincoln, and
Ion. J. W. McKissick, of Beatrice,
andidate for commissioner of
public lands and buildings. They
are all genial fellows and the pro
per thing- can lie said that they
are all well qualified for the posi
tions to which they aspire, and
opposed to university removal.
Doc Tennal, who ever he is,
says a local newspaper is half
a public utility and that some
day editors may be selected by the
people. Hardly half, Ualph. A
newspaper is no more a public
utility than is a grocery store or
a meat market, a public utility
enjoy some special favor from
the public at large. A railroad
has the right of eminent domain,
and can cut through your farm
or town lot if it wants to. Street
railways, water, telephone and
telegraph companies use the
streets and therefore are deeply
indebted to the people for the
franchise enjoyed. A news
paper, on the contrary, serves the
public. It boosts the towir in
which it is printed by locking the
closet and keeping: the good foot
forward. If people were to select
Iheir editors we wouldn't have
a job, and therefore rail at the
The state railway commission
has reduced all class freight rates
If reason always ruled, pre
dictions about the European dif
ficulty would be safer.
:o: -
There are 32,913- automobiles
assessed in Nebraska this year,
compared with 29,5 i3 in 1913.
With the plunging- of Great
Britain into the war the map of
Europe grows blacker and blacker
The German-Russian club of
Lincoln, numbering several hun
dred, has endorsed the candidacy
of Malt Goring for congress.
Every republican candidate for
congress is claiming" the nomina
tion. Every one of them will be
sadly disappointed but one. And
that one? We say Matt Gering.
General Miles told a New York
audience last Sunday, "Americans
are fortunate to be m tins coun
try, walled in by two great oceans.
in a laud tilled wilh prosperity and
In voting- at the primary for
justice of the supreme court don't
forget G. J. Hunt, a gentleman
eminently well titled for tin; posi
tion. He is considered one of the
ablest lawyers in Nebraska.
Frederick A. Delano of CJii-
cao has been appointed and has
accepted a place on the federal
reserve board. Mr. Delano is best
uiown in the west as former gen-
ral superintendent of the Bur
ington railroad.
Candidates should not get too
ontldent of the result of the pri
mary, llemcnibcr there is many
i slip in these primary elections,
ind you must keep going- to keep
our fences in good shape. This
advice is free, but from one- that
i ieorge Berge denies the allega
tions made by It. E. Metcalfe in
his recent effusion. Mr. Beige
says he supported Metcalfe in
every election he ran for office.
For truth and veracity George
Beige's reputation has never been
Governor Morehead is very
busy now campaigning through
out the state, and is making bush
els of friends in every section.
The best evidence of the standing
of candidates for governor is de
cidedly in favor oT the governor
Discussion of the responsibility
for war on this side of the water
are futile, for it is something that
nobody knows very much about.
Journalists who undertake to fix
the blame on the scant evidence at
hand are taking- chances of doing
great wrong and offending a great
many readers. Lincoln Star.
Here is a little mailer of in
terest for young people of mar
riageable ege: One smile makes
a flirtation, a flirtation makes
two acquainted, two acquainted
makes one kiss, one kiss makes
several more, several more an
engagement, an engagement
makes two fools, two fools make
a marriage, a marriage makes two
mothers-in-law, and two nuith-ers-in-law
make a. red hot time.
Chris Grunther will be appoint
ed revenue collector, but will Jim
Dahlman be appointed postmaster
at Omaha? He couldn't deliver
the goods when, he promised to
deliver the Douglas county dele
gation over to Keinble for sec
retary of the state committee, a.i
he" promised Midget Allen ho
would do. The Douglas county
delegates were for Senator Hitch
cock, and of course for Sprague of
York, who was elected committee
secretary at the late Columbus
Personalities have thus far
been avoided by the republicans
in their discussion of gubernator
ial candidates, or at least of their
own gubernatorial candidates.
Democrats have not been so for
tunate in that respect, and there
is some cause for apprehension
that conditions in the democratic
ranks will get worse instead of
better, in spite of the fact that the
democratic state convention in
its platform declared with unmis
takable emphasis that all three
of the democratic candidates are
good men and that members of
the party are to be congratulated
for the opportunity they enjoy of
voting for anv one of the three.
Some rare bitter things have
been said by one of the demo
cratic candidates and his friends
about the other two, and a re
sponse jjy lr. .uelealle lia.-
aroused tne ire oi some ol .Mr.
Beige's lieutenants, to the end
that a response is promised. It
will be forthcomfng shortly, so
that mention of it is permissible
Just now attention is being
turned to the former bull mouse
and evidences are -being sought
of the wooing of "Met" by the bull
moosers during" the progress oi
the last national campaign. It
is common knowledge thai along
about the lirst of August two
years ago .Mr. .Melcalle was vis
ited in Lincoln by an agent of
ome of the national leaders
of the bull moose party
and urged to take the editorship
of a magazine that was to be
esiamisneii as an organ oi me
toosevelt parly, and his friends
understood that he had accepted
the offer and was about to quit
the Commoner and go into the
bull loose journalistic service.
For some reason the negotiations
failed, and instead Mr. Metcalfe
later went to Washington and
copped out one of the best jobs
the new democratic administra
tion had to bestow.
It is also a matter of common
knowledge that while Hie Ihird
party convention was in session
in Chicago, after it had been de
termined that the Roosevelt re
publicans would cut loose from
the republican party and nomin
ate a ticket of their own, a com
mittee of prominent Roosevelt
men went from this cily to Chi
cago to secure the nomination of
Mr. Metcalfe as vice-president
on the ticket with Mr. Roosevelt.
The imminence of Mr. Met
calfe's turning- bull moosei is well
known among his friends in Lin
coln and possibly among- his
enemies as well. In fact, at one
time it was given out in Lincoln
while the third parly convention
was in session in Chicago, that
Richard L. .Metcalfe was to be its
vice-presidential nominee. Why
the project to secure his nomin
ation failed has never been re
counted, but J. L. McDrien, then
the accredited Roosevelt repre
sentative in this stale, but now
connected with the national edu
cational bureau, could probably
tell why, as he was the head of the
Nebraska movement to secure Mr.
Metcalfe's nomination.
Some of the democrats are now
hunting evidence of the immi
nence of Mr. Metcalfe' accession
to the bull moose parly, but evi
dences that are any more tangi
ble than rumor arc hard to se
cure. And even if there were
evidence, it would probably ac
complish little, because whatever
lack of fidelity Metcalfe may then
have shown to the democratic
parly has been cured and atoned
for since, as the national admin
lislration has put the seal of its
approval upon his brand of dem
ocracy in no uncertain way. Lin
coln Star.
Then are 918,183 horses on
Nebraska farms, according ,0
lifcures just compiled by the board
of asricuclliire. Last year there
were 917,7 13 -listed.
vr v
ANSclaUe Preparation IbrAs
simitatin Mod Millfegtia
ting L'ic Sionmclis andBovcIsof
Proroofcs Di3(ionJCIiernjI
ness and Rsst.Contalns nciiiicr
Opiuiu.Morphuic nor Mineral
Pot Nad co tic.
Ptzrpkui Seed"
jti: Sr.tiit
Arwfcct Rernedv for Consfira-
nr.n . Snur Str.mnch Diarrhoea
ness andLoss OF SLEEP.
rac Simile Signaturecf I
Guaranteed under tlic frootla
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Items of Interest to Our Readers
Gleaned from the Newspaper
Files of Many Years Ago.
Rev. J. M. Adair will deliver
two sermons at Mt. Pleasant next
Sunday niorninjr and evening, in
the M. E. church there.
Mrs. Hays, daughter of post
master Marshall, left for Boston
last week to complete a musical
education. May she most fully
and successfully succeed.
Henry Xewham of "Wisconse,"'
an old acquaintance of the Her
ald's, bas been vi-dtinjr us lately
and tal e a Herald home.
Wo acknowledge wilh thanks
the receipt of some very fine but
ter from Mrs. Ben Drost. We know
she never learned to make that at
old Brownell.
Mr., forest f eastern Iowa,
piloted by his brother-in-law, Mr.
Joe (.iilmour, made a short call
upon the Herald. Very sorry we
were not to receive him.
Our honest, ellicient and good
looking" postmaster, Captain Mar
shall and wife, are east on a visit
to pa and ma in Iowa. Thing
seem lonesome 'round the P. O.
without them and the "cuckoo"
.-ings no more.
Miss Lelia Simpson is at Coun
cil Bluffs, and has a line class in
music. We most sincerely hope
Miss Lelia will have a grand suc
cess in the profession she has
chosen for herself, and in which
she has already
gained so much
The body uf an unknown man
was found floating down the river
Tuesday by some of the machine
shop boys. They brought his
body to shore ami the coroner's
jury set on it. There was no
means of identifying it so it was
buried at the county's expense.
A man by the name of Win.
Williams was drowned in the
Missouri on Friday. He was
coming down on a raft from the
upper country with a man named
Poller, and when opposite the
mouth of the Platte was drowned.
The raft belonged to McGuiro &
Tuesday we visited Mr. Way
man's new foundry, which he has
about completed and ready for
work. Everything looks in "per
fect order and we have no doubt
thai he will make his new invest
ment pay handsomely. In fact,
he has lots of work now engaged.
In connection with this Way man
has quite an extensive machine
shop, where they make boilers,
si earn pipes, smokestacks, en
gines and almost anything you
rant that any other establishment
of like kind tunid out.
it I I ft II IB I I jlhlal 1
1 1 i r- ------ " - -
SCeaT . I r::q
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Mr. Maxwell, an Iowa man, took
a large surveying party from this
place Monday. Fred Dorrington
was of the party, also Johnny
Marshall, Frank Skinner, two of
the Sprague boys. Joe Fairfield
and some others. They go to sur
vey and subdivide the Otoe and
other Indian reservations.
Outrage at Eight Mile drove. A
few evenings ago as Prof. Hawk
ins, a blind lecturer, was examin
ing a lady's head two young
roughs came in and with much
bluster look down a picture frame
or something and hit Mr. Hawkins
on the head with it, and then with
considerable noise left the house.
E. C Schmidt, a (Jernian. resid
ing in Mt. Pleasant, committed an
assault and battery on the person
of J. Kainm, after using a pitch
fork for awhile be was seized with
tiie desire to terminate the melee
with the aid of a shotgun, but the
beloved Schmidt was not steady
enough in nerve to shoot as
straight as members of our shoot
ing club, and Kainm was spared to
his family.
We are desired to announce
that the smallpox has entirely
disappeared from Louisville, and
there is no possible danger in go
ing there lo trade. Dr. Waterman
is well and attending to his pati
ents. Xoyes is kicking around as
usual and "kalkulates" in make
."(, 000 on wheat this fall. All
the rest of the good people of
Louisville are on their taps and
waiting for the results of harvest
to develop themselves.
Infection and Insect Bites
Mosquitoes, Hies and other in
sects, which breed quickly in
garbage pails, ponds of stagnant
water, barns, musty places, etc.,
are carriers of disease. Every
time they bite you they inject
poison into your system from
which some dread disease may
result. Get a bottle of Sloan's
Liniment. It is antiseptic and a
few drops will neutralize the in
fection caused by insect bit us or
rusty nails. Sloan's Liniment
disinfects Cuts, Bruises and sores
You cannot afford to be without.
it in your home. Money back if
not satisfied. Only L'Dc at your
Editor L. J. Mayileld of the
Louisville Courier came down this
morning on No. i to look alter
some matters at the court house.
How's This?
Wo offer On Hundred Dollars Upward for snj
rase of Cstarra that cauuot lx; cured bf Hall
satarrb Cure.
J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
We, tlie onderMirtied, have known V. J., iv.r tm Ihki 13 VL-ur. and Im-i.cvc hint
tKTfectljr bmiur.ble In all businesH trannuetlutf
nd lltiaurlall? able to curry out anr ublitfutlon
made by bis firm. w,tt
ToI.-Uj. Olilo.
Hall's Catarrh C'ire Is til;n Intpruall-.. aetlr.t
directly upon tbe blood ul unicm surfaces
tbf Klt lit. li-!!lno:l!:iH l-Mil in-H. ITU'V
wttt- lr l-ottl". H'll'J by J.I I'riipiflMs. u
mmm u mvv i wua
nw-T u.'jirtiujj i vjui i in
gr jm am "twaT u imf fid U. Hkl mm
... .. - - - ----- - - j i" ' "" - """""" . - 2 -.-."--- -----if :- . j"
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