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    MONDAY, JULY 20..
Concession Made by Campaign Manager
of Double Votes for Clubs of Ten New
Subscribers for Last Two Weeks
Campaign Now Coming Down
Home Stretch.
Double Votes On New Subscriptions in Clubs Of Ten.
'".Now i- 1 ti tinu- tr make yuuisi-lf a winner of a prizi-."
Sent toi jrooil lo )o tru. but nt-Ye-rllii-le--- j i- anil ran l.e
ly takin-r full advantage of this iloubli" vot i.iTer for
srir.HIITI(.NS ONLY, which will run from this Monday morning
until tin close of t lie contest.
Tfain a full understanding of this ofTer. As an iniil iv lo
th f-andidatfs to put f trt Ii their best efToti's durinp: these last two
ui-.-ks, -i.ntintr ttiis. Monday mornintr and ondinpr Saturday nij-'ht,
Auu-I lt. at 10 o'clock, tti' close of the contest, the cainpa i-Mi
l parhn-nt will riv double votes on all new suhst-riptiutis when
turn I into this ntUce in clubs of ten. Hy this we mean ten new
subscription's, whether I hey are for six months or one m- live
ears, Iaily. Semi-Weekly or by mail, but according to the printed
schedule-, nolhintr less than S !..". This offer applies only on
bonalide new subscriptions and will not le jriven wlicif one mem
ber of the family is already a subscriber unless the old subscrip
tion is paid at least one year in advance. It only depends on how
the clubs are made up to determine how many votes you will re
ceive. No one has a cinch in any district, so make these last two
weeks hummers. This is positively Ihe lasf oilVr of the contest.
1 the best olTer of the contest.
Voting in the Journal's threat
Hooster Campaign is becoming
more peneral and the active con
testants are up and doincr Ihinirs
in real earnest now, as evidenced
by the larfre number of votes
cast, durintr the lat half of 1he
week and published in today's is
sue. l i:. Schlater and W. K.
Vox have kindly piven their serv
ii esf at our request. a auditors
and made this count and will
have full charge of the ballot box
and the counting- of votes in the
future, and will also assist tin
judges on the closjnp night of
the contest.
We have now entered on the
last two weeks of the campaign,
and on Saturday nipht, .upu-t
1st, will be known the winners of
the ."?1.000 Overland Touring1 Car,
Sinn Schmollcr & Mueller Piano
and six district prizes, and inakt?
up a list of awards never before
oirered by a paper in a town the
size of Plattsmouth.
The first two periods of the
contest are now a thins; of the
past and all eyes are now turned
towards the finish. All candidates
nre lining up their forces for the
final strusple, and that their
Triends and supporters are preat
lv intrested in the outcome is
Charles 1!. Martin
Miss Adelia. Sayles ....
Mrs. Sybel Head
Mrs. Joseph Droege . . .
Miss Dorothy Britt ...
Rev. F. M. Drul iner .
Miss Anna Ileisel ...
Miss Madeline Miner . .
Miss Ferris York
Miss Alma Wiedeman
Mr. Henry Hirz, jr
Miss Vivian Fitzpatrick
Daisy Langhorst
Grace H. Nolling; ....
Mildred Lee
Josie Kiser
Mis Jenette Young
Mr. Martin Nelson
Miss Trudie Long . ,
Miss Etta Nickels
Miss Pearl McRejnolds ....
Mr. Dwight Propst
Paul Gohrey
The Plattsmouth Journal
Big Booster Circulation Campaign
Good for
For M
b(s shown by clipped Coupons
ami subscription ballots cat
during the past week, and this
desirable condition will dnnblb'ss
continue up to the closing hour.
Hetter get a move on for by this
time a week it will fake a bushel
basket to In. Id the ballots.
All of the contestants doubt
lessly have votes in reserve for
the wind-up, but if they sincere
ly desire to w ill. I hey should lake
no chance of a surprise, but roll
up a good, big vole during these
last two weeks. This can be done
by taking full advantage of the
double otTer on the new clubs of
Get Extended Subscriptions.
Do you know you can ac
cumulate a large number of votes
by having subscriptions extend
ed? If you already have lurried
in a new one-year subscription
and get it extended, or rattier re
ceive another payment lo make
the entire subscription two years,
you will receive exactly r.ut
votes on the second year, provid
ing the paper is delivered by car
rier, or ioii if by mail. The
same plan is carried out on all
subscriptions, o or new. so if
you get any extended you will be
a large number of voles ahead.
mm; jo
in j ', jr,
1 1 1 xr,
i 7 1 r.
1 IO.ViO
i i l r,
5 Votes
You're Bilious and Costive!
Sick Headache, Breath,
Sour Stomach. Furred Tongue- and
Indigestion, Mean Liver ami
P.ovds clogged. Clean up tonight,
(let a 25e hoi lie of Dr. King's New
Life Pills today and empty the
stomach and Jovels of ferment
ing, gassy foods and waste. a
full bowel movement gives a
satisfied, thankful feelinjr makes
you feel line. Effective, yt mild.
Don't gripe, lt.i-, at. your Drug
gist. Jhirklen's Arnica Salve f.,r
Local News
From Friday's Pally.
'. E. Mel. ride w,v a passenger
this afternoon fur Omaha, where
he wa- railed on some .matter-, of
Toin I sner was a lnisine-- visit
or in the metropolis loday for a
few hours, going to that, city on
the early Ihirlinglon I rain.
Mi.-x Mary YVehrbein wa
among' the visitors in the me
tropolis; oda. goiucr l that city
on the early luirlinlori Irain Ihis
Mr-. .John t'.otner and daughter
were visitors in the melropolis
(hi-, inoining for a few hour.
looking after -nine lii-inc-s mai
lers. I'.en Land and wife of near M
nard came in this mo'-ninu and
Wde passengers oil .n. 15 I'oi-
Omaha, where they will i-if I'm
the dav.
. ". Hamilton of Murray wa
in the city ye-derday afternoon for
a few hours looking- after -mise
mat I er of Im-ute-s with the mer
chant s.
Mrs. Ida Jiit-iii and
Timer, were paienger tin's
uiornirtir for- Omaha, wheie th ex
will vi-it for the day looking aft' i-
Iliatlel- i business.
Galen Ithoden wa- in the nie
tiopolis e-terday for a few
hour- isitiiiir his wife, who is jn
thai city taking treatment at o:e
tf ( he hospitals there.
Mrs. George A. KalTcnberger
and daughier-, Mis ola. were pa--eiigers
this morning for Omaha,
w here I hey w ill isj fi.r the d :;.
looking after some matte;.-: of
Mrs. John lliber and daughters.
Misses Marie. Eleanor and Anna,
were pas-enters litis morning lor
the metropolis, where they will
vi-il for the day looking after
some mailers of business and m
visiting w ith friend-.
Mr. and .Mrs. n. W. Maer and
daughter. Mis- Josephine. of
Helhany. Neb.. motoie.l fo thi-
city yesterdax for a short visit
with friends and to attend to
busine-s mailers. Mr. Mayer wn
a pleasant caller- at this ollice.
Mrs. Frank Lorenz of Sheldon.
Towa. who i- here vi-iling at tin
home of her parents. Mr. and Mr
John Kopia. was a -pas-enger this
morning for Omaha, where slu
was called lo look after some mat
ters of busine-s for a few hours
Frank P. Sheldon ami Fores!
It. Gunningham came in yester
day afternoon from their home ai
Nehawka to visit for a few hours
in this cily. Mr. Cunningham is
one of the rcpuhlicniu candidates
for the oflic of sheriff at the
coming primary, and is a very
pleasant young man.
Mat! I.euck and wife of Edge-
munt, S. D., and Miss llosenow of
Creslon, Iowa, who have been
spending a few flays here with
friends, departed Ihis morning for
Edgemonl. wher-e Miss Rosenow
will visit at the I.euck home for a
short time. While "here 1 hey
were guests at I he Gharles Flrich
From Saturday's Dalls.
P. J. Yaller y, commit lee m an
from the Third ward of Ihis city,
was in Weeping Water today at
tending the democratic committee
ineel ing.
Henry Horn of near Gedar Greek
was in the cily for a few hours
today looking after the week-end
shopping with the different mer
chants. Mark White and wife came up
this morning- from their home at
Rock Bluffs to look alter some
trading with the merchants for a
few hours.
D. J. Pitman of Murray was in
the city for a few hours today
looking after 'some mallei-.- of
busiuc-.s w-tth the merchants.
.lames Lindsay came down from
Omaha this allern i for an over
Sunday isil in this city with rela
tives and fr iends.
W. 11. Keil and wife and son
droe in this morning from their
houi" near Gedar Greek and spent
tx few hour s here looking after
-ouie trading with the merchants.
Miss Delia Sedlit was a pas
senger this morning Tor Loup
Gity, Neb., where she will i-i for
the summer with friends.
Mrs. Luke L. Wiles was a pas
senger this Morning for Omaha,
where slu1 :i- called to look after
some matter- of hu-iness in that
fit v.
Mrs. Ileiny Kan I'ma mi wa
among llie pas-enger- tliis morn
ing for Omaha, where she va
called to look aflei' -oine rnalter-
d' bu-ine-s for t he d i .
.J. II. Hunter and s,,n. Paid,
were passengers 11. i- moi inng for
Omaha. where lhe will i-it for a
few hour.- looking aft-r some
matter- of bui-nes-.
Mi:tt Piobb and wife .and datih-
ler Were i;i o 1 1 1 i I g. Otoe coilll
l. .ve-ei-day allenduig the fun
eral of Mrs. McG;ir!ney, an old
friend and neighbor, who died in
Nera-ka Gilv WVdne-dav.
Geoi-pe .Miller, wife ami family.
of Old, Neb.. Who llae lieeti I'ele
making a -hort i-:t ;.l I lu- 'loftu
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry stejuhauer,
ileparled this morning ioj- their
Mr-. 11. S. P.arthold and daugh
ier. Mi-- Muriel, wi-re among tin-pa--ei:g.-rs
I hi-- morning for
Omaha, where h.- were called In
look after -ome mailer- of iu-i-:ie-s
in that city.
Mrs. r.hris Mockenhaupt a 'id
lift h Ltranddauvhl'-r. I'.iilh HhIki.
Wel'e pa-soiiger- III!- fo!'
Omaha. whe:-. i.bev will i-it for
Ihe day looking airer -ome i.ial-
I ers , , f J,u s i lies s. '
Geo. Heiller. Ibe lla-lle blMlke!-,
c .
was in Ihe city la's' evening and
this morning i-iling with bi-f.'-ii-mls.
Mi-, rteitti-!- came up to
atl'-ud county couj-l, bul found
on his that bis ra-e was
!!! lo he hroiigh! up today.
Mrs. Albert Wheeler. Miss Lil
lian Wheeler- and their guests.
Mis-os Shaw and Saaue. of
Dellisoil. Texas. Were pa-sellger-thi-
morning for Omaha, wher-e
thev w ill visit for Ihe da in I hat
city looking alter- some mailers
of bii-inc--.
Lig I'rown was a passenger thi
afternon for Onawa. owa, where
he uoes to make a visit in thai
dace wilh relatives for a week
or ten days. Mr. Tlrown is look
ing forward to a ery pleasant
visit, as it has been some lime
since he has ,eeii in the Sow a cily.
Victor- Sherwood and wife of
Grand Island came in last even
ing for a short i-il here with
relatives and friends in this city.
Mr. Sherwood departed this aft
ernoon for his home, while his
wife will remain hen: for a few
days' visit.
Dr. G. H. Giimore, accom
panied by Mr. and Mi's. J. A.
Walker and D. J. Pitman, motor
ed up from Murray this morning
lo visit here looking afior some
mailer- of business for a few
J. G. Thygeson, wife and little
son came up from Nebra-ka Gity
Thursday for a .-hort visit at the
home of Mrs. Th gein"s parents.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. White. Mr.
Thygeson returned home yester
day, while the wife and son will
visit here over Sunday.
i c(ii'H fmur.
Con tit v of Cass. -
In the Matter of the Estate of E. G.
Dov-ev. Dncpflsed.
To All "Per-sons Interested:
You are hereby notified that tr.ere
has been filed in this court the report
of C.eorfre K. 1 ovey, administrator of
Hip estate of E. ii. Iovey. Ueceasea,
nrnvlnir therein that saiil report be
approved bv this court ami lie be dis
eharKeil as such administrator, to
w-hirdi i-enort there is now on nle tn
said court the reply of Frank E.
Schlater a special administrator of
the estate of Jane A. Oovey, deceased.
Yon are fuither notified that a Jiear
intr will be bad upon said report and
iv'nlv before the court in the county
court rooms at Plattsmouth. in said
county, on the 10th day of August,
at 9 o'clock a. m.
All persons will therefore grovern
themselves accordingly.
Witness mv band iitid the seal of tbe
Countv Court of said county this 20th
day of July, 1H14.
(Seal, AULE.N -J- Bt,-..-U..
County Judure.
I Till: DISTIIKT (OII1T OF Til 1-2
t oi vrv ir ss, Main -K.
t' 't Suit f Quiet Tltl.
William .Tf-an. Mary F. Charbonnfau
anil Kmrna t'liarhonnfaii, l'la i n t ift', vs.
Harriet pa t tf-rson. et al., Iet"t-in1uiit..
Tu tin-- ilfemlants, l.vctugus H. I'at-tf-ison,
rrs. l.xciii-friis I'.. J'stirsnii,
fust rfal Tifinie iiiikin.wri. wife of
l.yciirg-iis li. ; Uaiiiiie T. ii!:e k,
Ul;n !c. tirst real name 11 ri k no w n,
luisl.fiiiil el Uatitiio T. lUaek: I.oltie H.
Viris. Vii ts, lust real nam- un-
kn(vri. lmsr.arnl of l.otlt H. Virs;
Jluvvjiitl Patttrsoii. Mrs. Jlnwar.l Pat
tersen. (li-sc real nam u 11 k rioivn. wif
of Pa t ifi-snn : lale'il:t Moore.
Moore, tirst real name unknown,
liusliaml of l.-atiilla Moore-; l.illie .)y.
liist real narie- unkiiowii. iiustarel of
J.ilii- licrnj Patterson Muriihy,
Ko-a .. Mm pliy, Jann-s I'attei sou.
Kupi'eniia l".-itiersi:i. IMitii P. Kin,
'liarle.s If. Kin;r, Sanue-I 11. .lolmsou,
Martha 12. .1 oil nson. I-Minutiil 12. ol-st-y,
Helen M. WooIspv, nee VWioilruff.
also known as llci ti M. WooilrutT; t'ari
ifiivi-s, Nettie Craves, i'tle-i liiase ami
William II. 2ryfce. l-2mi!y Patterson,
Ma i Paltersoii Slot ni. .lolni Storm,
Hiram H. Fowh r, Mrs. Hiram li. Fow-l-r,
tirst teal name unknown, wif of
Hiiam II. I'owler; .luslus 1.. ('oza.l, Mrs.
Justus L. 'Y.u. liist real name un
known, wife of Justus I I'oz.-nl; Wm.
12. Poi.Iee. Mis. Wm. 12. poi.iee, fir.-
real natiie unknown, wife of Wm. 12.
Poi.lie; Win. 1-2. Par.l-e, .Mrs. Wm. 12.
1'aiilee, thst real nam-- uiikrioun, wile
of Wm. 12. Pai.iee: William Miller,
Mrs. William Miller, 1 i i- -1 real r.ame
unknown. wife of William Miliar:
. I os, us Moito.i. Mrs. .lose"lius Moi
toii. first real tia me unknown, wile of
.loej.',us Morton: Sample Hurst t'o.. unknown heirs, grantee.-, siu-fcs--ors
an'l :..s;l'!,s of Samtile Hurst 4i
t'o.. Mi-. James Queen, tirst real name
unknown, of J.-tnes tueen. le-e-ae.i:
A. A. Jamison, tirst real name
unknown: Mrs. A. A. Jamison, tirst real
name unknown, wife of A. A. Jamison:
Joliiistou l.altil, Mrs. Johnston Laird,
tirst leal name unknown, wife of John
ston llili!: .Ui-see A. CoX, .MlS. .lessee
A. '., :irst re;'! name unknown, wife
of Jesse A. (Viv; 1 ra 12 2oowin:
Mrs. Ira ':. Cooiiwiu. tirst real
name unknown, wife of Ira r;. (Ifi'iilv.-jn:
John A herhe;; it, alias John l-2hlier-l
art: Mrs. John Aheiheart. alias l-2h!.er-
art. hr-i real name uT.kriown: flora
Sans, wh'ow of Jos. ;,!i Sans, deceased;
Wiliiam Hut. -on. Mrs. William ilnison,
hist it il name unknown, wife of Wil
Ham !!.itori; Willis tu W. Clemen--. Mrs.
William W. r;.inois. tirst real name
unknown, wife of William V. Clemens;
Henry Hulhett. Mrs. Hetirv irnll.ert,
Inst real name unknown, wife of Henry
Mnll.eii; Wm. S. McKiiL'ht Co.. the
uti known heirs. "lantees. mi .'essurs
and assigns of Wm. S. MeKnisiiit i- '.:
Jesse ,. Com, also known as .1. A. Cox:
.Mrs. Je-se .. C"M. tirst real name un-
i.tloW!;, Wilf of Je-se .. aiso
iniw.i as .J. A. Cox: Mae Patterson
Q iiriri. Albert 12. (ji:iiui, Jains l'ieree.
-"-- if. James Pie-ee. :ir.-t real name un
known, wife of James Pierre; ! 2. T.
Pish, firs? real li; me unUnowri: Mis.
12. 'I". Fish, tii.-t real r ime unknown,
wif- of 1-2. T. Fish: A. A. J a ise.-on, first
real naioe unknown: Mrs. .. Jar.-'.e-
-el. lirst reai name unknown. Wif" of
A. A. Jameson: Samole Hurst, il : -.
Sample Hurst. I r I r: al nam- unknown.
!i"e of Sample !ii:t.-'. J-hu W. Howell,
Mrs. J.ohn W'. flow. 11. rir.-t ieal name
'it.krioun. wife oi" ,ol n W. Howell.
Mis. H.-t;r- H;.n:i. fi r.-1 name un
known, wife ol ll.-nr. I I a n : ilaehae!
StslTord, whh.w of l:diert W. Si.CTord.
deceased. ;Po ktelWI! US llohell S '. a f -
lord and P. W. ST : iTord . Ceoie A.
I 'avis. Mrs. lieore.. . fiai:. hisl real
name u n I: no v.-n. .'.i;''- of CeoiLre A.
!.ivis: ('i.arhs Pa?. IitmiIi, S isin Cios-
luii'U . 1 ,-. . i ; n usela iide.
ii-.-t I '.-a I naaie 1 1 n h V o : n , Ii'.islatel of
-'us.'in Cror.eia.ude; !:o.:..:pii I i.-ek'-r.
Mrs. pod.,:-.;,
u n k no a ii. v i f
1 i a n s o u I i e k e
tllst ial tiaU:e
et k'-r. tirst real name
ef Podolph Ii.'iker;
. Mrs. Can son I ,- !;( r,
i:n;;ii'u'i. . ife of
-on lie, !,(!. .l.-rfei soli l.'eeker, I'iiallrs
i llu-iuate. Mis. Charle- i. I ! i iin t c.
!!l-t I'.ll lialll" l!lk?,'iW, Wife of
C,;nev t;. 1 1 u nL'iit e ; Harrison Ilunrr.ife,
.Mrs. Harris. ii Hun.ynie. lirsi real naiiie
ilititini'. li. ivite of Marii.-ou Hnnyate;
John I ! li iil;.i t -, Mis. John iii;ii,ate, :iist
real name i.nkim" n. wife of John If un
gate: Man S. 12ol..ts, nee liiinnate;
!:. berts. !u-t real name un
known, hu. Lund of Marv S. Pobeits:
Cynthia J. Peed, nee Ilnnvate:
,;e d. tirst leal name iinUnown, husband
.f C. eil.i.i .1 !:: .I iihk V Jlona'e.
Mrs. .lai.ies v. I i;. t e. r, t s r Te.U n.itlle
; r.k iiow ii. wife of James A. Hunyrate;
Nam y 1-2. Kobinson. p. Huniratc:
- Kobinson, fl;-t r,al name un-
knowp. he-l.nd of Nanry 1-2. Uobinson:
I. ilia I J. ItiKraluim. nee i I h n ua t e :
Iniiiaham. tiisj real name unknown,
husband of l.illa li. Itmraham: Edith
c.,!,jer, Myrtle Cald.r. Fled Hun-iale,
Uutli Hutmate. p.-ssie ifnnirate. Eugene
iliiri-'alf, Mrs. 'I'l eo.iore I lecker, liist
real name i;T;known, widow of Theodore
I e -kef. deeeased; Svlvesten I e, ker,
Mrs. Svlvesten He, ker. first real name
unknown, wife of Svlvesten Meeker;
Henrietta Meeker, John M. liable. Mrs.
John M. Cable, first real name un
known, wife of John M. Cable: Alex
ander Cable. Mrs. Alexander Cable, tirst
real name unknown, wife of Alexander
Cable; John H Crai-jr, Mrs. John II.
Crniir. lirst reil name unknown, wife
of John I. Crai: James Ciliet. Mrs.
James Ciliet. I 1st ieal name unknown,
wile ,.f James Ciliet; Andrew Hopkins,
Hannah 12. Hopkins. Joan Thompson,
widow of James J-2. Thompson, deceased,
also known as .1. 1-2. Thompson; Edward
E. Thomnson. Mrs. Edward E. Thomp
son, tirst real name unknown, wife of
Edward E. Thompson: Frank Thomp
son, William H. Spratlen, also known
us W. K. Spratlen. William H. Splat lin
and nlso known as Y. H. Spratlin;
Susan 1-2. Spratlen, Susnan 12. Splatlin,
Miranda F. Tow tier, widow of Achat ias
C. Towner, deceased; James H. Hojikins,
Mrs-. James H. Hopkins, first real name
unknown, wife of James H. Hopkins;
John E. Laud, Eva Nash. John Class,
Mrs. John l first real name un
known, wife of John Class: EesMe C.
Paker, Mis. Eeslie C. liaker. first real
nuiiie unknown, wife of Leslie C J'aker:
William K. Mavis, Margaret An Mavis-,
also known as M. A. Mavis; Mrs. San
tor, 1 W. Spratlin. first real name un
known, widow of San ford V. Spratlin,
deceased: Mrs. Simon Lucas, first real
name unknown, widow of Simon Lucas,
deceased; Eliuah Connors, Mrs. Elijah
Connors, first real name unknown, wife
of Elisrali Connors: Elijah Conner, Mrs.
Elijah Conner, first real name un
known, wife of Elijah Conner: Hannah
II. Vauihn, auHThn. first real
name unknown, husband of Hannah II.
Vanillin; George A. P.ijss, Mrs. fieorsre
A. Ficrirs. tirst real name unknown, wife
of George A. llicrprs: Mrs. George W.
Lacy, Jr., also known as Mrs. George
W. Lacy, first real name unknown,
widow of Geoi-fje W". Iicv, Jr., de
ceased, also known as Geoijre W. Lacy;
Thomas penincrton. Thomas Puninton,
Sarah 12. Peninsrton, Sarah 12. I'unine:
ton, Mrs. Joshua Murray, first real name
unknown, widow of Joshua .Murray,
deceased: John H. His' bee, Mrs. John H.
His bee. first real name unknown, wife
of John H. Hiicbee: Georjre A. Cutler.
Mrs. Onrge A. I'utler, first real name
unknown, wife of Georjre A. I'utler;
Henry C. Cutler. Mrs. Henry C. Cutler,
first real name unknown, wife of Henry
c. Cutler; Nancy Jane Spratlin.
Spratlin, first real name unknown,
husband of Nancy Jane Spratlin: Sarah
E. Yniinr?, widow of Francis M. YounjT.
Sr., deceased, also known as F. M.
Young; Samuel 11. Johnson, Martha E.
Johnson. Capitola Graves, nee Peed;
J. I. Graves, fust real name unknown:
Jacob Peed, Mrs. Jacob Peed, first real
name unknown, wife of Jacob Peed:
James Lucas. Nancy .1. Lucas. Mary V.
Ewinpr. S. 1-2. Ewinir. first ieal name
unknown: Mary Connally, widow of
Guilford I). Connally. deceased: Mrs.
James G. llomine. first real name un
known. wld..w of James G. llomine,
deceased; William tiilmour, Mrs. Wil
liam Gilmour. first real name unknown,
wife of "William Gilmour: Margaret
P.vers. nee Gilmour: Byers, first
real name unknown, husband of Mar
garet Bvers; Mary Archer, nee Sl.era:
James Archer. James N. Shera. Mrs.
James N. Shpra, first real name un
known, wife of James N. Shera: Ezra
E. PeynoUls. alias Erasmus E. Heynolds
and E. E. Tleynolds; Mary M. PeynoKis,
Olive Part'enbaugh, nee Graves:
Daffenbaugh, first real name unknown,
husband of Olive Paul
Graves. Rhoba Bates, widow of Isaac
Bates, deecased; Burtou, Mrs.
Burton Patke first real name un
known, wife of Burton Parker: Marv
M. Bachelor, nee Bates: J. H. Bachelor.
j first real name unknown: Lemon Bates.
Mrs. Lemon Hates, lirst real name un
known, wife of Lemon Pates: John
Bates. Mrs. John Bates, fust real name
unknown, wife of John Pale.-: .Mis.
Adam Bes. tirst real name unknown,
widow of Adam Bates, deecased: Jacob
Pates. Mrs. Jacob Bates, tirst real name
unknown, wife of Jacob Bates; Julius
Bates. Mrs. Julius Pales, first real name
unknown, wife of Julius Bates: Leon
ard Bates, Mrs. Leonard Pates, first real
name unknown, wile of Leonard Bates;
Susan Shamblin, nee Bates;
Shy,mblin. tirst real name unknown,
husband of Susan Shamblin: Jane
Bachelor, le-e Pales; Philip Bachelor,
William Chandler, Alice Chandler, Isa
bella Paiuev, George Churchill, Mrs.
George Churchill, tirst real name un
known, wife of George Churchill:
James Watson. Martha Watson. Joan
ti. Chandler, Martha 1-2. Chandler. Amoy
Case. Mrs. Amos Ci.r-e, first real name
unkuowii, wife of Amos Cae: Charles
12. Carrell, Mrs. Charles E. Carrel I, first
real name unknown, wife of Charles 1-2.
Carrell; the unknown heirs and devisees
of the following nam-! deceased per
sons, to-wit: Hiram II. I'owler, Mrs.
Hiiam H. Fowler, tiist real name un
known: Justus I Coxad. Mrs. Justus L.
Cozad, lirst rial name unknown: Wm.
E. Pordee, Mrs. W tn. F Pordee, fust
real name unknown: Wm. 1-2. Pardee,
Mrs. Wm. E. Pardee, liist real name
iibknowp: William Mil!er. Mrs. William
Miller. lirr-t real name unknown:
Joseph!, Morton, Mrs. Jo- phus
Morton. lirst real name un
known; James ijueen, Mrs. James
tjueen, first real name unknown ; A. A.
Jamison, lirs real name unknown: Mrs.
A. A. Jamison, fust real name unknown;
Johnston Laird. Mis. Johnston Laird,
first real name unknown: .lessee A. Cur-;.
Mis. .lessee A. Cox, filst refl I
name unknown: Ira ll. flood
win, Mrs. Ira 12. Goodwin, lirst teal
name unknown: John Aberheart. alias
John Ebbei-hart : Mrs. John Aberheart.
alias Ehherhart, lirst real name un
known: Jie-enh Sans. William Hutson,
Mrs. Wiiliam Htit.-in. first ial name
unknown: Wiiliam W. Clemens, Mrs.
William W. Clemens, first real name
unknown: Henry Hulbert. Mrs. Henry
llulbert, first real name unknown: .Usse
A. Com, also known as J. A. Com: Mrs.
Jesse A. Cox. first real name unknown:
James Pi-ree, Mrs. James Pe-tce, lirst
real name unknown: 12. T. Fish, first
real name unknown: Mrs. 12. T. Fish,
tirst name unknown: .X. A. Jame
son, first real name unknown: Mrs. A.
A. Jameson, first real name unknown:
Sample Hurst. .Mrs. Sample llur-t, first
real name unknown: John W. Howell.
Mrs. John W. Howell, first ial name
unknown: Mrs. Henrv Hann. first real
name unknown: pohert W. Staffoi.i.
also known as Pobert Stun'ord and P.
W. Stafford: G-r.rg" A. Mavis, Mrs.
Geotfre A. Mavis, first inl name un
known: Eodo!;.ii Meeker, M.s. Bo. loll. h
Meeker, lirst real name unknown: Bau
son Meeker. rMs. Ban-on M tier, tirst
i e.-. I name un i; no w a : TLeo.ioie Meeker.
Mrs. Theodore Met ker, first ieal name
unknown: Slce-ieu ! ker. Mis.
Slyvest -n Me ker. f.i "-t i eal nam un
known: Hf-nrietta Meeker, John .M.
Cable, Mrs. John M. Glide, fi i s t real
name unknown: A K-xander G.ib!e. Mrs.
Alexaiider Cable, fust real name un
known: John 1 1. '-:aig, Mrs. Join il.
Craig, first nal name un known: Jajnc-
;ill-t, Mrs. James Gillet. tirst real i:am
lnknown: Araliew iioi.kins, Hntinali 1-2.
Hopkins, William S. Latta. also known
hs W. S. Latta: S-ira'i 12. Latta. WilUi-m
11. Spratlen, aiso known as W". H.
Spratlen: Sus--. n K. Snratlen. Achat ias
C. Townr. Miranda F. Towtp-r, James
H. Hopkins. Mrs. James H. Hop!: i n,
first real naine unknown: John Glass,
Mrs. Joan Glass, first rial name un
known: Leslie . J :a ker, Mr.-. Leslie
C. Laker, hisi. real name unknown.
William l:. Mavis, Marg-iret An Mavis,
also known as M. A. Mavis; Sanfoid W.
.-ruatlin. Simon Lu' as. Eligah Connors,
r2lii.i.h Connor. Mrs. Eligan Connors,
nisi r-a! name unknown: Mrs. Eliiuh
C. liner, liisi real name unknown: llan-
i.ah B. Vaughn. Vaughn, fust
teal name unknown: Isaac liver,
reselt S. liver. George A. Biggs, Mrs.
George A. Blg-Ts. first real name un
kn..v:i: Park Mol.sou, also tcnown a
Park G. Mobfon: tieorg.- V. L;ic-, Jr..
also as George W. Lacy: Mrs.
George W. Lacy, Jr., nlso known as
Mrs. George W. Lacy, tirst leal name
unknown; Thomas Penin;to?i. Thomas
Punington. Sarah 1-2. Beni ngton. Sarah
12. Punintrtor:. Joshua Murray. John H., M-. Je'. l. H'g-e, first I'll
name unknown : Nancy Jane Spratlin.
Spratlin. first real name un
known, widower of Nancy Jane Sprat
lin; Francis M. Young. Sr., James Lu:us,
Nancy J Lucas, Mary I '.
Ewing. S. 12. Ewing. first
real name unknown: Guilford I . Con
nally. also known as G. M. Connally
and C. M. Connally: James G. 1 ".online,
Mrs. Frank Thompson, nee Gilmour.
tirst real name unknown: Henry Shera.
James W'alstow, also known as Janus
Wolstow; Wells Sjigers. also known a
Wells Sager; Adam Bites. 11. S. Mur-
arid. first, real name unknown, and
Lawrence li. Bvers. the unknown own
ers and occupants of the following
described lojs anil blocks in the village
of Poik Bluffs, and North Pock Bluffs.
Cass County. Nebraska, to-wit: Lois
one (! and two J in Block three i ::
West: Lots one (1) to four I I) inclusive
in Block three (.".i North one 111 Fast:
Lots seven 7 and eight im in Block
three c; i North two i 2 i East: Lots
three C. I rind four 1 in Block one I I
North one U) East: East one-third
(l-:: of l.ots seven (7 and eight IM
in Block three I ?, North four i 4 Fast:
Lots two C2. three i :: and four 4i in
Block two c'i North, one ) Eas : all
Block five North, six I East: all
Block six 16) North, five 1 T. ) East; all
Block seven 7 North, five IT.) East:
Lot two I '1 in Bloc k two 121) Ninth
all of Block ten 10 North, four 4i
East, and all of Block eleven (11)
North, four 14) Fast, of f he Public
Suuare in said Village of pock Bluffs.
Neli raska.
You are hereby notified that on July
lfi, A. I). 1!H4. plaintiffs tiled their suit
in the Mistrict Court of the County of
Cass Nebraska, to quiet title to the
following described land hi said I oimty
of Cass, Nebraska, to-wit:
Commencing' at a point on the quarter
section line running east and west
thiough Section nine C.), Township
eleven (11). Ninth Bange fourteen ill
in Cass 'our. v, Nebraska. I ." feet
east of the quarter section corner on
the west side of said Section nine (Hi,
thence running South 22.'Z feet:
thence east 4 1J.:! feet: thence north -.';
feet; thence east S7S feet: thence north
feet; thence east to the banks of
the Missouri Piver: thence along the
banks of the Missouri Elver in a north
erly direction where said banks of the
Missouri river intersects the iuaitr
section line running east and west
through said Section nine ( ! i ; thence
west along said quarter section line to
The place of beginning; together with
lands formed upon and against said
described land by accretion, alluvion,
reliction and evulsion.
Said land including the following
described lots and blocks and t he
vacated streets surrounding the same
fn the village of Bock Bluffs, Cass
County, Nebraska, to-wit:
The East .". feet of the following
described lots, to-wit: Lots one (1) to
four (4) inclusive in Block two CM
North: Lots one tl) to four (!) inclu
sive in Block three (3) North: Lots one
(I) to four (4) Inclusive in Block four
(4) North: Lots one ( t to four (4)
Inclusive in Block five 5) North: Lots
one (1) to four (4) inclusive in Block
six C North; Lots one (1 to four (4)
Inclusive in Block seven (7) North;
Lots one il) to four It). in
clusive in Block eight 1SI North:
Lots one (1) to four (1) Inclusive in
Block nine 9) North: Jxits one (1) to
tour (4) inclusive in Block t-ii (lur
North, and lots one (1) to four (1) in
clusive in Block eleven 111) North, all
numbered from the Public Square In
the Village of Bock Bluffs. Nebraska.
And all of Block two 12) to eleven
11 North. Bange one (1) East inclu
sive: all of Bloc ks three ?, t to eleven
(II) North. Bange two CM East, inclus
ive; all of Blocks three f :f to eleven 1 1 1
North. Bange three (3 East inclusive:
all of Blocks three I3 to nine I ! )
North. Bonge four i4 East inclusive:
and all of the land lving West of the
West banks of the Missouri Biver and
East of Blocks five i.r.) to nine (?)
North, Bange four (4) East intlusivw:!
and Blocks ten (I'D and eleven (11)
North, Bange thlee i ; East in. Insjve,
all numbered fiorn the Pebli.- Suuai
m the Vi I iage of Bock P.! u (T-. .VVIiia-ka.
Al-o Lots one (ll to twelve I 1 jn
ili:sie in Block three :: i West, and
al! ill Block me Ih'N.HIli, Bance oio
(It Eat of tin- Public Su laie in II.
Village of Pock Blurts, i as I'.miii i ,
Nebraska. With the portion of tie
vacated streets snrioimdin the same,
belonging thereto, because of then"
adveise possession by themselves and
grantors for more than ten veais prior
to tl.e com in .-In e tue nt of said suit, an I
to enjoin each and all of you from
having or claiming unv right, title. Io n
Or interest, either legal or equitable, in
or lo said land, or anv pait thereof,
and to require you to s.-t forth oui
right. title, ijen or interest theic-in. if
any, either legal or eouitable. and to
have the same adjudged inferior in t he
title of plaintiff, and for general equit
able relief.
This notice is made pit : - ua ut f. the
order of the court.
You are required in answer said
petition on or before Moeduv. Angu-l
::i, A. M. P'l-f. or your default will (
dlllv entered therein.
EMMA I'll BBi."NF 1
M A P Y 12 I'll A Ilia 1 2 V I ".
I 'la Hit it"!
Bawls & Bob. iI'iin, Att'd i. -. -
in Tin: roi'TV nir or .
i III T . 1-21111 K .
In the Matter of tin Estate of peter
I'anralian. Catherine 1 Ta n ra b a u a n d
Peter .1. Hanrahan, Jr.. lie-ceased.
Proceed i ll gt ! IlnldlU Title. I lie.
The heirs and other persons ihtei. -sled
in the estates of the above named
persons an- hereby cited to take riotoe
ii.-.c oelitioii has been tiled slating
among other things that more than tmi
vears have elapsed since the death of
Peter Harirahaii and peter .1. Ilania
hau. Jr., and that Lot 1. in Block '.
Thompson's Addition. ar-I Lot " : of
Wise 's cut Lot Addition to Ihe City of
plattsmouth, Nebraska, be assigned m
Mary G. Whelan and John Han ra I. a u as
children and sole heirs at law to said
property. Also that Mai' G. Whelm be
specially appointed to colled tie pen
sion due and payable by I '. S. govern
ment to said Catherine ilanranaa at
the time of her deal h.
Said petition will be heard in ihe
Count'.- Court at Plat ts-inoui h. Neb, on
the :;id da.- of August. PHI. at l'l
o'c lock a. in., and it is hereby old. ic.t
that this notice be s-io-.l bv b. in -,
published in tic- Plattsmouth
lor three weeks prior to s.,jd da. "I
l.ea ring.
Mat'd this nth .lav of Julv. PHI.
(SeaM ALLEN J. BFESi '.'.
County J'id;-e.
M MWYFP. Attorney.
NOTICE OF S 11.12.
In the Matter of the l' of Il.-ntv
Sr ii 1 1. I i.-c-a scl.
Noli'-. is hereby g.vcn that in pi is
suance to fin order of Hon James 'I.
I lea lev, judge of the- 1)1.-: li't Con I of
IV Countv. Nebraska, made ..m the
J!th dav of .linn-. 1 1 1 4 . for II" sal '
the tea! estate hereinafter .b- .-ribc-d.
theie Will ii.- sel l at lie -oiith door of
tr:e eourt Iiim- in the Citv of Plat's
liio nth. in said r.ilili' , on the Mh da V
cf August, pi I I. at ten o'i be k a. l-i . at
public vendue to lie- high- -t bidd- l f.o
cash. 1 T, per cent of the bid lo be paid
at cl'ose of sab- ai,,l tl.e balance oq or
before cor.fn ma t iori of sale, the follow
ing described real estate to-Wil: Ail
undivided ouc--ilh. subject to tue
dower and homestead tithl of Ar ath.i
SI nil therein, of the east half of tic
Iiolthw.-st qil.irtcM- of Si .1 oil Clo I i.
Township tw.-lvc (p. i, Paige thiite.-n
,:;,, c ..plaining s- v i r - f-iiir and
v7-ic :ic;es mete or !-- tile . a t halt
l.f till SO'ltl. A 's t qil.lliel C.f Se. Il'.n
two (.), Ton nh:p tw-M-e i P-'.
thirteen i:i). cniait; ing ' y s
none or Us: ; let lour lf in the p. .rib
west on liter of Se. lion t l . i i t - s i i :..),
Township thirteen MM. 1 : a n t h 1 1 t n
li:;i. c -out : inirig tw.ntv-.- X .ores I.,....
,,r p-.-s; lot thice ( .'. I in the ii..rllno-l
quarter of Section iul, To '.'' I. -' ' l
twelve Ml). Banc" fourteen (It), con
taining twei.t.-rwo a lol 7-1w" -a"!-"
more ..r le"S. all in Cass Countv. N -I.
ra.-ka. Sail saie to i.iuain ..pea :..
f' 'l'ated this f.l'i dav of July. I 'll
C. I .A W 1 2 FN i ' 1-2 sTI LL.
Administrator or the E-fjt- of H-rrv
St II II. I lecea s-ed.
I I. u. UU i. J-.B. Atfo! ie .
, - ..-4W1.S
mitk r. to itr.niToi(.
STAT 1-2 (i F N 1 2 P. B A SK A.
Cuss County, ss.
lu Cu illy t imrt.
In tl.e Matter of the E-:ate of C.corr;
W. Vass, deceased.
Notice is hereby ulvt-n to the cri.lit
oi s of said deceased that healings will
tie had ii pop claims filed ayalnst sue!
estate, before n;e. County Judge of
Cass County. Nebraska, at the Countv
Court room in Plant-mouth. Iti said
County, on the :71li dav of July. I'.'ll.
and on the i"vth day of January. P' 1 ..,
at 10 o'clock a. nr. each dav for e
n ruination, adjustment and allowance.
All claims must be tiled in said cm t
on or before said last hour of hearing.
Witness mv hand and seal of nil
Countv Court. at Plattsmouth. Ne
braska, thia -.Olh dav of June. IHll.
(Seal) ALLEN I. BFESi'N.
'oiintv Judge.
Attorney for Estate.
SHF.ItIFIS S 11.12.
State of Nebraska. County of C.,ss.
By virtue of an order of sale issued b"
James Bobertson. cleik of the Mistrict
Court, within and for Cass countv, Ne
braska, arid to me dire. .ted. 1 will on
the "7th dav of Julv, A. I). 1914. at 10
o'clock a. m. of said dav at the south
door of the court house tn said countv,
sell nt public auction to the highest
bidder for cash the fol low i in' property,
to-w;t: Fiactional lot No. i me Hun
dred Twelve (11") In Section Nineteen
(Pi), in Township Twelve lEM north, in
Bange Fourteen 114), East of ihe Ctli
P. M. The same being levied upon and
taken as the property of W. S. prlttain.
whose real name is Walter S Brittain:
W. V. 'Windham, whose real name is
Wade W. Windham; Minnie Windham.
William L. Burke, Julia Burke and
Bobert B. Windham. Jr.. defendants, to
satisfy a judgment of said court recov
ered by the I'lattsrnoul h Loan and
Building Association. a corporation,
pltinti.T, aga'nst said defendants.
Plattsmouth, Neb., June -o. a. f. 1iM.
Sheriff Cass County. Ni-btaskn.
ix Tin: uisTitii'T (in ht or the
nil M i or . .Ni:iiii k ,
In T:e-Estale of Melilah Schwab, Me
ceased. mitici: or si.i2.
Notice Is hereby Riven that in pur
suance of an otder of Hon. Jaiucs T.
Begley, Judge of the Mistrict I'mirt of
Cass County, Nebraska, made on lie
lirst day of June, A. M. P.14, tor Ihe
sale of the estate hereinafter de
scribed, there will be sold at the south
front door of the Court House, at
Plattsmouth. Casf County, Nebraska,
on the 1st day of August. A. M. PHI. at
ten o'clock a. in., at public vendue 10
the highest bidder for cash, the follow
ing described real estate, to-wlt:
lAit eiKht (X), In the Northeast quar
ter (NE',) of t he . Northwest mmi tir
(NWL): lot fifteen (1..), In Ihe South
east quarter iSE'i) of the Northwest
uuarter iNW'iG lot twelve il:'i, in
the Northwest quarter (NW'i) of the
Southwest quarter (SW'i): lot eleven
111) in the Southwest quarter ISW ',)
of the Southwest quarter ISW') Toml
the East half (Fz) of the Southwest
quarter (SWi). all of Section twet.rv
elght ( 22 S l . in Township eleven (ll
North, flange fourteen (14), Fast i.tli
I. M., In the Comny of Cass, 2ebrask i.
Said sale to remain open one ('-.or.
Mated this -.'Olh day of June, A. I ).
CHARLES E. SCHWAB, executor of the
lust will and testament of Melilah.
Schwab, deceased.
Wedding stationery at tho
Journal office.