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    Neb Slate
late Historical Soc $S
NO. 58.
Much Time Taken Up in a Display
of Oratory, Yet Considerable
Business Transacted.
From Fri.ln y". Daily.
Tin rity council evening
lu'-l to lake up I In- burdens of the
city m t-ru men t . xvhich they had
m.iii'i from I.kI Monday
night, and ttif meet iii-r. xxhib it
Was inl tilled with the ; i n
plishmcnt of ;i 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 lt nl of tin
rout jut-, at time-. became quite
warm willi coiit nx ei s je oxer
1 1 1 ;i 1 1 t-r nl" street xxork betxxeen
I hi different coiiiieilmcn.
'.iPiiM'-ilrnan llal-t in of the
I bird ward fl that tin' rity
t i i'v ill
county tftiriM
-i..inM- to turn oxer to the rity
rlain fund- in 1 1 1 i r possession
that wa- to lir gixen to the rity.
riif report of the finance com
mittee i-it-atiti a uivai deal of in
terest. a wh.'ii the item if thr
-alary of -John Filzpalrii-k a-iiM-rrliant
-' police, wa- read.
1 j i - i 1 : 1 1 . 1 1 1 Hani- of the lifth
ward objected to the payment of
tin- .-arm- until tin policeman hail
appeared before tin council ainl
explained lo that iiotly hov he
ami to allow iut-i'lirs lo u- his
gun :u;il engage in shooting in t ii
city limits. The hill wa tem
porarily held up. hut .Mi, l-'ifz-patrick
appeared before the report
wa- finally adopted and niaih' an
explanation lo fin rounril that
wa- accepted and hr was allowed
hi- claim, hut received a lecture
from Iht mayor on allowing
other- lo u-r hi- weapon with
danger to (he puldie .
The rlairn of M. Mauy for in--1
m-t i iiu the curbing and gutter
ing work on North Third street
was al.-o the subject o f coil -ider
aidi' iliscu-sioi) anions the mem
bers of the rity dad-. as they le
iieei that .Mr. Huniie -hoiild pay
a part "f the hill, a- it wa- stated
by onie of the rou iir i I ii nn that al
limes tin workmen there would
he taken oil ami placed else
where, while thf inspector would
hae to stand around ami await
their jet urn. While thi- delay was
not the fault of the city, it was
!ieee--ary that the ins lor re
main there. and th council
thought lhat Mr. numb should
pay a part of the claim. After the
question hail heeu thoroughly
thie-hetl out the lull was rmally
pa--e( and allowed, with a motion
to deduct spi in the hill of the
I'lal t -nioiit ! Water 1 '.o. for the tire
hvilranl at the corner of Oak and
' I'll i I streets, which had been
ordered iai-ed by tin council and
which hail heeu repaired a few
days HpH by the water oempany.
This question was finally settled
hy tin referring "f this matter to
the fire and water- committee to
l nve-1 i ltu t e. and the (.ther hills
Councilman Sir-eight asketl that
Street f.iiiiiiii iss inner Lutz he in
structed to -ee that workmen en
gaged in work at places along
Main street he nolilied to clean up
all rubbish and dirt that mipht
accumulate as the result of their
work as it makes the streets and
Mewalks xery dirty and dis
agreeable. On motion of IVslor the mayor
and clerk were authorized to ad
vertise fop bids for the construc
tion of a concrete wall at the Bee
son properly on North Sixth
street, where the city lias been
doing grading to brinp- the street
to grade, and as the fill there
would make necessary the con
struction of a retaining wall. The
council pave the necessary
authority to the mayor and clerk
lo carry on t he work.
A petition was presented to the
council from J. V. Sage and six
other signers a?king that a curb
in? and guttering district be
created, on South fcisth treet
from Pt3t l to JNIarble street in
order that this roadway might be
improved and placed in proper
shape to compare xvilh the Condi
turn of North Sixth street.
The finance commit lee of the
council reported the following
claims upon the city as havinp
been examined and found correct,
and recommended their payment:
.bdin Titzpatrick. salary. :?i: lien
Kaiiiey. -alary, s7.": Frank Neu
mann, -alary. '.-,: M. Archer,
salary. s.b': S. i. Stone, -ireet
work. .Mike Lutz. street
comnn'ssioner. s."u. U; M. l'ar
nittle. -treet sprinklinpr. si'.S: Jdui
Swansou. street work. s ."."!: Albert
loin-, -anie. s:!-': Alviu Junes,
same. s.T2: N". A. Tompkin, same.
sj:;.o: "altir Trumphar. same.
'"t'i: W aterman Limiln'i' ('... sup
plies tl city. S-Ti.M.-;; I'.. J. Itichey.
supplies to commissioner. r.",'0:
John Iersoii. repairs hose cart,
i .7 r : Frank (iobelman. two sipns
for cemetery, s-j; 1 :ii lit. rd Forbes,
labor for lire chief, ui'ic: .M. K.
.Man-peaker. liery for police.
-". rn : ;. I. l'aslw ooil. siippiies,
"l-.uT: Clans lloetel. burinp one
do-.-, I. S. llumminps. same,
."lie; Nebraska I.ipht i'lir Co.. slieet
liphtiny. s 1 . -p ; Nebraska l.ipht
inir Co.. liuhl to city hall. roc;
IN-ters v Itichards. crossings.
"." I'elei s iV Itichards. cross
ings ami sidewalks. s-tiit.iJ;
Charles Mcllride. street work,
s;!.C)il; Ceorpe Jacks. same,
s'i.f.0: IMattsni.Milh W'aler Co..
water for drinkinp fountains.
'!'.: M. Mauzy. jnspeclinp curb
inr: and putleriii". ?:i I.
From Frfday's Dally.
Ye-lerday afternoon one of the
larpe-t snakes that has been seen
here in several years was killed
dow n alonp the Missouri river ju-t
below the ferry. The reptile was
a monslej- of the rattlesnake per
suasion and he was killed by the
sons of Frank Tobey. who are
caiupiup down alonp- the river.
His snakeship was some ten feel
bum and possessed of nine rattles.
which show that it was several
ears old and was certainly some
snake. This is the fut snake of
this -ize that has been killed in
that locality for some time, and
parlies campinp and picniekinp
alonp the i-iver bank will be on the
lookout to -ee that they do not pet
into any more of these danperous
rept ibs.
From Friday's Dally.
This inorninp' Tony Hilton, the
colored man who was eharped
with shoot inp Fred Low at the
Missouri pacific depot in this city
on July ith. with intent to wound
and kill him. was arraigned in
district court before .Judpe James
T. J'.epley. Tony, who has been
lanpuishinp in the county jail
since his capture by Sheriff Ouin
lon at I. a Platte, after a desperate
Ii i 1 1 . decided to chanpe his plea
of not puilty, which he made at
his preliminary hearinp, to one of
puilty. and the judpe aceordinply
sentenced him to the state peni
tentiary at Lincoln, where he will
serxe out a sentence of from one
to twenty xears under the indeter
minate sentence law. The lenplh
of his term will depend larpely
upon his conduct, as the state
board of pardons will have the
decision as to how lonp he should
serve in punishment for the crime
with which he is eharped. The
man will be taken to Lincoln as
soon as possible by Sheriff Quin
Ion to start servinp his sentence
for the shootinp.
County Treasurer W. K. Fox,
Repister of Deeds A. J. Snyder
and County Clerk Frank J. Liber
snal and Peter VaJJery departed
this morning for Weepiru? Vater
to attend the meetiuj? of the
democratic county central com
mittee there today.
Aged Lady Who Had Lived in the
Vicinity for Many Years and
Highly Respected.
From Saturday's Daily.
Last exeninp the residents of
near Cullom wen preatly shocked
to learn of the tindinp of the dead
hotly of Mrs. F.lizahct h J.ockwood.
an aped resident of that locality,
who hail made her home near
Culhmi for the past fifty years.
The body of the aped woman was
found near the farm home of W".
H.'Sexbert by Miss Honor Sexhert.
xv ho xvas assistinp in the search
for the lady, xvhose disappear
ance from home had thormiphly
alarmed the xxhole countryside
there. Mrs. Lockw 1 left home
about 11 o'clock ami informed the
family of William Hicks, xxlm are
runninp the farm of Mr. I.ock-
xxood. and xxilh whom she xvas
makinp her home, that she xvas
point: to the W. . Seybert home
to spend the day. and of course
nothinp further xvas thought of
the matter until late in the after
noon, when the Hicks family
learned that Mrs. Lockxvoml had
not reached the Sevbert home.
They at once started a search for
the aped lady and called on the
members of a threshinp party at
the Tiitsch farm to assist in the
search. The n iphboi's and fam
ily thorouphly searched throuph
the xxhole locality, and about .r:."!0
Miss Seybert made the discovery
of the dead body of the lady lyinp
less than a block from the Sey
bert home, and from all sipns she
had evidently made a slnn-ple to
reach the (dace before ileal h
claimed her, as her comb xvas
found quite a distance from the
body and the broken umbrella
seemed to indicate that she had
attempted to use Uiis lo help her
abmp. Mrs. J.ockxxood xvas quite
llesby and xvas well advanced in
years, beiup betxxeen 7." and 80
years of ape. and it is Huuipht
that she became exhausted by the
heat and the very laborious walk
from her home to the Seybert
home, and becotninp- exhausted
lay where she fll until death
came to her relief. There are txvo
dauphters of the deceased rsid
inp at Valpariso. Neb., and Daven
port Ioxva. and they were notified
at once of the death of their
mother and xvill reach Cullom to
day to arranpe for the funeral.
From Friday's Daily.
There xvas tiled in the district
court yesterday a suit that is
unique in that there appears as
defendants in the case some luo
persons. The suit is brought by
William Jean, et al., Mary K.
Charbonneau and Kinnia Charbon-
neau vs. Harriett Patterson, et al.
The suit is one' to quiet title to
the land that comprises the form
er toxvnsite of Rock Muffs, and
the list of names is one that made
a diflicull task for the clerk to
place in the record. There is
hardly a person of lonp residence
in this part of the county that is
not made a defendant by havinp
some claim to the land, either by
oxxner-hip or by inheritance from
their parents.
Another suil to quiet title has
also been filed entitled Nathan I.
Schulze vs. William Street, et al.
This covers the property which
has been in the possession of the
Schulze family for more than ten
years past and consists of lot 10,
block 5, in the city of Plaits,
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Returns Home From Colorado.
From Friday's Dally.
V. K. Itosenerans returned
home last exeninp from Colorado,
where he has been for a time
visit inp at Fort Collins, where he
xvas called, in company xvilh his
wife, to attend the funeral of the
foster father of Mrs. Itosenerans.
While in Colorado they also visit
ed Denver to take in the F.Ik's
prand lodpe. Mrs. Itosenerans
stopped off at Imperial. Neb., on
the xvay home to vi-it for a short
lime with the family of her
brother. Frank Raker, in that
From Friday's Dally.
Chicken thieves seem to be pet
tinp quite numerous in ibis city,
as 1. ne of the-e pelltlelnen made a
visit at the home of Attorney
John M. I.eyda last eeninp and
attempted lo raid the hen roost
there, hut xxas friphteiied axvay
before lie accomplished his pur
pose. Mr. I.eyda xxas awakened
about 1 o'clock bx the noise made
by the chickens in tin hen house,
and at once started to inxe-tipate
into the cause for the alarm, and
pettinp up lurned on the lights
and securinp his rexolxer started
out to look into the matter, but
afiicd lo find the party xxho had
made tin attempt on the hen
roost. The members of the fam
ily xxho Wefe lookiup ollt of one
of the xvindows claim to have
a man sneakinp out of the chicken
house, and Mr. I.eyda tired in the
direction of the xxouid-he chicken
thief, but as far a- k".rxxn did not
hit the man.
From Friday's Daily.
Last exeninp a number or tin
loxal baseball fans of Hie city as
sembled at the ball park to xvit
ness a six-iuninp paiin betxxeen
the Red Sox and the Athletics of
this city. The pa me xvas a very
pood one. and xxhib the l(ei So
annexed three scores in the tirsl
inninp" I hey xvere unable to do
much xxith the second team after
that inninp. but by the poor bat
tilip of the Athletics XX ere abb to
shut them out by a -core of i to
u. The younper I cam shoxved
pood form con siilerinp that they
have had practically no team
xxork. ami if they keep (heir or
ganization should have a pood
fast team by next season that xvill
make the repulars sit up and lake
notice. Carle did the Ihrowinp
for the Red Sox. xxhib Lonp tilled
the box for the juniors.
One of the proposed improve
ments in the business section of
the city for the next few months
is that of the plaeinp of a second
story on the brick buildinp on
Sixth street occupied by the
Plattsmouth Thdtlinpr Works. Mr.
Nexvman. the oxxner t the plant,
feels that his present quarters are
not sufficient for the use of his
factory and xvill place on the ad
dition in order to afford more
room. This xvill be a very sub
stantial improvement to lhat busy
street and shoxvs that the Platts
mouth business men are cominp
to the front in line shape in the
plaeinp- of their business houses
in first-class shape. The buildinp
xvas purchased only a short tini
a?6 by Mr. Newman and he is
bo'ing: , counnendbl public
spirit in seeing that it is enalrped
and put in first-cla? shape.
You Pay Your Money and You Can
Now Pick the Winners in
the Race.
The close of tile tilings for til
different offices in Ibis state and
county finds a laipe list confront-
inp the voters of Cass county at
the coiuini: primary election. The
list of those eiiterinp the race is
as folloxxs;
State Senator.
Democratic Hon. John Mat
tes. Nebraska City; J. It. Hun
pate. Weepinp Water.
Republican A. F. Sturm. N'e
haxx ka.
Float Representative.
D.-ii rat if W. II. Puis. .Mur
ray. Republican F. L. Nulzman.
Otoe county.
Representative, 7th District.
Democratic M. 1. Kime. e
haxxka: John J. Custin. Murdock.
Republican C. K. Pool, W,i
County Judge, Non-Partisan.
Allen J. Iteeson. plattsmouth:
Chaile- I.. Craxes. I'uioii.
County Treasurer.
Democratic W. Kelby Fox,
Republican Major A. Hall.
County Clerk.
Democratic Kernard C. Wurl.
Plattsmouth: Frank J. Libershal.
Republican John M. Creamer.
Wabash; a. L. Anderson. Fnion.
County Sheriff.
Democratic lolm H. Wumler-
lich. Nehaxvka; William Doxvd.
lill'i'llW i.
Republican Carroll D. Ouin
ton. Plattsmouth: Hert Reed.
F.lmxvood: Foiet R. Cunninpham.
Nehaxx ka.
Register of Deeds.
Democratic A. J. Snyder.
R e p 11 M i c a n Mont Robb.
County Superintendent.
Democratic Miss Marx F..
Foster. Fnion: J. II. sh.thoxxer.
Republican Miss Kda Mar-
quardt. Axoca: A. L. flash. Louis
ville. County Coroner.
Republican 15. I. Clements.
County Surveyor.
I emocrat ic Fred Patterson.
County Attorney.
Republican C. II. Taylor.
County Commissioner, 2d District
Democratic Charles Spohu.
Ax oca.
Republican C. F.. Reebner. Ne
haxvka. Socialist R. D. Stine. Fnion.
County Commissioner, 3d District
Democratic C. R. Jordan.
Alvo; Henry Snoke. F.apb; Deit
rich Koester. Weepinp Water; C.
T. Richards. South liend.
Republican J. W. Colbert.
Weepinp Water; Fred Miienchao,
Taken to the Penitentiary.
From Saturday's Dally.
This niorninp Tony Hilton de
parted for Lincoln in company
xxith Sheriff Quinton. xxhere he
poes to take up the servinp of his
sentence at the state penitentiary,
to which institution he xvas sen
tenced yesterday by Judpe Hep ley
to serve from one to txventy years.
The nepro seemed plad to po to
the penitentiary, as he expressed
the fear here several times that
he miyhl he lynched, and seemed
preatly alarmed xxhenexer a num
ber of persons assembled near the
jail, but there was never a hostile
move made toward him. as most
persons visitinp the jail xvere
drawn ther by mre curiosity.
Blank books of all kinds at the
Journal office.
Returns Home From Denver.
From Saturday's DattT.
Yesterday afternoon Dr. J. S
Lixinpston returned home from
Denver, xv here be has been for thf
past xxeek allendinp the pram!
lodpe of the l'lks. xvhich has been
in session in lhat city. The doc
lor states he had one of the times
of his life in the Colorado capital
durinp the meet inp of the lodpe
and that one of the iiml import.
a if t meetinps of several xears xva
enjoyed by the prand lodpe. The
ciliens of Denxer showed royal
hospitality to the visitors and
theer xxas nothing omitted 1
make tlie occasion one of the
preatesi pleasure to every dele
pate in attendance at the meet inp
of thejodpe.
From Saturday's Dally.
What miph! haxe been niot
ei joiis tin was narroxvly axerled
this noon at the home of Robert
Mollit on West ;ranite si reel, and
but for tin cooll hcadiness of Mrs.
Mollit and the ail;ino' of the
iieiphbors there wotihl haxe been
1 very danperous coutlapralioii.
fhe tire xvas -tailed xvhen Mrs.
Mollit attempted to li-ht the paso
line stoxe at noon to prepare din
ner, and evidently the umshIiiih
had been leaking from the stoxe
juile freely. and x it limit the
knowledge of l he iadv. for as soon
is she appli'd Hie match to the
turner the xxhole stoxe blae( up
iinl a portion of the pasoline
eakimr onto the door also caupht-.
It xxas only by rare pood fortune
thai Mrs. Mollit escaped from be-ill)-'
enveloped in the blaze. She
at once bepan to attempt to beat
lit the blaze. and one of the
neighbors' runnhijr in assisted in
carrvini: the hla.iup stove out in
to the yard, and as the result of
Ihe'tire the kitchen of the .Mo ttil
inine xxas badly scoicheil. the
curtains on the xvindows ami the
loor of the kitchen beinp burned
quite badly. The fire xvas ex-
inpuished before the tire depart
ment arrive.! on the scene.
Visits Here With Old Friends.
From SaturiTay's Dally.
Last evening F.d Parriolt of
'ecu. a former old-time resident
f this city, xxhere he xxas em
ployed in the Hurlinptoii shops
and at present a deputy for the
A. o. l W.. came in unexpected
ly to pay a visit to his old friends
here, and it is unnecessary to sax
that the visit xvas most thorough
ly enjoyed, as Mr. Patriot! is one
of Ihe most penial of men. Mr.
Parriott last evening hail the
pleasure of attending- the repular
meetinp of No. X. A. O. F. W..
xvhich he joined sexeral years apo.
and he xvas jirevailed upon !
preside oxer the deliberations of
the lodpe. There is. no one xxho
has more friends in Plattsmouth
than F.d Parriott. and his visits
here are always the source of
much pleasure to bis friends.
Visits Here With His Father.
The Rex. L. M. Wiles and xvife
of Soldier. Kansas, are in the cil
for a xxeek's xisit at the bono of
Mr. Wiles' father. Thomas Wiles,
and also xxith his brother. Ted
Wiles, al his farm home near this
city. Rev. Wiles and xvife are en
route to .Minnesota, xxhere they
xvill visit xxith friends in lhat
slate. Rex. Wiles will occupy the
pulpit a the Christian church
here Sunday inorninp.
C. F. Weber came in yesterday
inorninp 011 No. ' from the pacilic
coast, xxhere he has been for some
lime assi-tinp jn installing1 a
pneumatic elevating" system at
Los Angeels, tbe first to be in
stalled on the coast. The pneu
matic Conveyance Co. of Chi
cago, with xvhich Mr. Weber is
connected, is doing the work, and
he has had charge of the opera
tions. He xvill cnlinue op to
Chicago after a -short visit hrr
xvilh relatives;
From Saturday' Dally.
The district court ye-terilay
held a short sessi.,11. lakiup up
several mailers of 11 11 li 11 i-lo-.l
business and disposinp of them.
Judge Hep ley. after Ihe hearing "f
several motions and mailers eon.
cerning litigation pfii.nmr. oe.
parted for Nebraska City to lake
up court xxork there.
In the case of tin plalt-im-nlli
Water Co. xs. the City of plalt--
nioulb. in xvhich the xxater com
pany had secured a lemporarx
r-s rainiiip- order apain-t the cil
to prevent them from interfcrrinp
xxith tin company hovering their
xxater mains oM North Sixth street
and in xvhich they refused lo pixe
the city th amount of bond a-k-
e. for the profection of the citx. .
tile court found for the defend-
ints. The restraining order xa
tillered dissolved and the Co-t of
Ihe aelioii taxed to the plaint ill'-.
In Ho matter of Ihe motion of
llu plaintiff for a new trial in the
ase of Kaufmann x-. T.
K. Parilleb. the colirl n I'I'I'llli'il
the motion.- The ca-e xxa- on.
hat xvas bi-ouphl to recover some
s."i.noo worth of bond- xvhich the
plaintiff alleged had been gixeii
her by William 'ok. deceased,
ami xxhii h had been efl in the
ear. of defendant. The defense
denied the claim of the plaintiff
ami -bowed that the owner of the
bonds had al different times bor
rowed money from the bank of Ihe
defendant, fixing the bonds as
security, and that there xvas noth
ing due him from the bank. The
court found for the defendant.
PartneJe. in ever instance.
In the case of Cass Count x s.
C. D. Oiiinlon. sheriff, the plain
tiff xvas ordered to make more
specific certain paragraphs of
I heir pel it ion in I he c;fsc.
Another candidate has gotten
into the running for the ottice of
stale representative from tin
Seventh district, xvhich comprises
Cass county. This is John J.
(Justin, the present occupant of
the olllce. who is seeking to be le-
lurned on the democratic ticket
as a candidate. Mr. Ou-tin xxas
elected lo the legislature in
on the democratic ticket. There
U already one other deuiocra I ic.
filed for this position. Mike Kime.
of Nehawka. and one republican.
C. K. Pool, residing near Wabash.
As tin time draws near for the
close of the filings there i a gen
eral rush oxer the stale for the
ambitious to gel into the race lor
Ille olllCes they think Ihemselxes
best titled for.
Eagle to Hold Annual Picnic.
The residents of F'.agie are
working hard on their prepara
tions for the seventh annual pic
nic, xvhich xvill be held in that
place on Wednesday and Thurs
day. August Tt and '.. The citi
zens of F.aple haxe made a great
success of this event in the past
and this year they are preparing
to make it a greater success than
ever before and haxe on their
committees the most prominent
of the business men and citizens,
xxho will see that nothing i
spared to make the picnic a most
enjoyable event. Those xxho de
sire lo enjoy a good lime should
see lhat they are at F.agle on the
days of the picnic and should
come prepared for one of the
I irnes of J heir lixes.
Mrs. V. Pilney xxas amoijg- the
business xisRors in the me
IropMis this mornitiir. sning to
that city on the early Burlington,