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    MONDAY, JULY G, 1914.
Hustling Candidates Given Opportunity
to. Make Big Gain Help Your
Favorite Now by Paying
Your Subscription
Ti:ii-!if at nipe.
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I ai li -ui-'-:'ii'ti"ii wlolln'r i!
,.. .,, ix i!!nii!i i if live yars.
Thi "(i'--i- will i inl at u i 11 o'clock
ft. Ni:-!il an. lh'-t !. art
mt nl in f!i" .T"iir,!i;,.I oi'ice will In
'i-mi until that hour.
(;ii!'!iial who expect to lx
winii'-i - "!' !'!:' nf the Mi:lit valua-abl.-
;iu:in!.- eainnd afford at thi
sf:i'j of I he rare to allow any op
portunity f geffimr 'tra vote?-p;--
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ttial t at h n 1 1 i every active
raniiiilati' haf at least ih club
if j i i'vv uiiiripl i"ii In turn in
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i'i: i'-l can tbe i n t fl"-t i e
Mk be accomplished.
Chances Are Equal.
T'.'i !i .lay adding 1 1 1 i. in
. !.! I tin-!'-l. No Miio i
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That v.iil zi- tin- '!' I ant
City of Plattsmouth
At Least Three of the Prizes will be Awarded
to this District.
Charles F. Martin . . .
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Outside The City of Plattsmouth.
At Least Three of the Prizes will be Awarded
to this District.
Mr. Henry Ilirz, jr 29980
Miss (irace H. jolting 2 :M ('.."
1 i s s T 1 i k I. isfi ... 1 o j 1 1
Miss Mihlred Lee 17:S0
Mr. J.din Meisinger, jr 1500
Mr. Martin Nolson 1500
Miss Vivian l'itzpatrick 18 5 20
Miss Trudie Long 1500
Miss Etta Nickels isoo
Miss pearl Mi-Reynolds. 1500
Miss Laura Puis 1500
Mr. l)wi?ht Propst 1500
Mr. Wayne Propst 1500
Mr. Ld C. Rummel 1500
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Miss Eula Weaver 3300
four full weeks yef in which fo
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iheir votes. Anyone that i eligi
ble to enter fhe ciiii(ik has a fair
mil filial chance. There will be
no favorites. There is yd room
in all districts for new candidates.
F.veryono will be treated alike.
Vny iuforniation given to on.' is
it tin' (unman. i of all others.
Get Extended Subscriptions.
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5:5 i in
77 15
r " 7)
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1 C 1 3
1 r r o
Tiinrr n m
hill in mm
i-ia. a
9,000 Delegates Participated
In Frocssdin:
Pastor Russell, Association's President,
Was In Attendance at Each In Dis
course He Discussed, "Church of
Christ a Living Temple" Solomon's
Temple a Type of Temple of God, the
Church of Christ Quarry Under Site.
CliEton. Iowa,
July 5. One of
three big conven
tions of the 1. B.
S. A. closed its
sessions of eight
days here today
in thu Coliseum
with an julJress
by Pastor Ilusseil
in the afternoon
find the exhibition
in the evening of
Part IV
of the !
Pastor's famous
Photo-Drama of Creation. The other
Conventions have been in session
throughout the week at Asbury Park,
N. J.. and Columbus. Ohio. Taster
Kussell. President of the Association,
being in attendance at ecch. Delegates
to the number of about D.000 have par
ticipated in the proceedings of the
Conventions, and the results of the
week are regarded as being among
the most favorable in the history of
the Association.
The Photo-Drama of Creation, which
lias already been exhibited in over one
hundred cities at home ojkI is now run
ning abroad also, was an interesting
feature of the evening sessions of the
three Conventions. Creation's Drama
depicts Solomon's Temple in its va
rious stages of preparation, showing
the stone quarries under Jerusalem,
t!)e cellar forests in Lebanon, and de
tails incident to its erection and dedi
cation. This wonderful Temple fur
nished the basis for several New Testa
ment descriptions of the antitypical
Temple of God the Church of Christ.
The Temple, both type and antitype,
was Pastor Russell's theme today. His
text was. "The Temple of God is holy,
which Temple ye are." 1 Cor. 3:17.
The Pastor declared that both St
Paul and St. Peter are our authority
for saying that the CLurch which is
the Body of Christ is the Temple cf
God. and that His Temple is holy.
God, who condemned the whole world
in Adam, and who has declared that
He will have no fellowship with sin
ners, has provided a way by which
tliese sinners can come back into har
mony with Him. Only through the ar
rangement which He has made in re
spect to this great Temple can man
kind come back into harmony with
their Creator. St. Paul points out the
foundation of this great antitypical
Temple, saving. "Other foundation can
no man lay than that is laid, which is
Jesus Christ." St. Peter declares to
the Church. "Ye also, as living stones,
are built up a spiritual House, an holy
Priesthood, to offer up sacriQces. ac
ceptable to God through Jesus Christ"
Then the speaker showed that Solo
mon's Temple was a type, or Cgure,
of this greater Temple which God is
erecting. Solomon's Temple had sev
eral peculiarities connected with its
construction. One very special peculi
arity was that the great stones were
taken out from underneath the site
of the Temple. Another peculiarity
was that each stone was made to
ft exactly the place in which it was
to be located, and then numbered and
marked with signs which the builders
understood. This method is followed
by modern builders also; and when a
building is constructed, every part is
put in place quietly and orderly no
confusion whatever. So it was in Solo
mon's Temple! The stones were made
ready befow they were brought thith
er, so that there was neither hammer
nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in
the house while it was being built.
The Living Stones of the Great Temple.
After having described the Temple
ot Solomon as a type, the i 'aster pro
ceeded to discuss the antitype the
Church of the living God. The Builder
and .Maker is God. he declared. The
quarry is the world in general. The
living stones are taken out of the
world, separated lrom the world, but j
are chiseled and polished in this anfi
typical quarry, made ready for their
fxtsitions. and then taken to their prop
er place. For more than eighteen hun
dred years this work of preparation
has been going on. Jesus was the
Foundation Stone. llefore He came
there were no stones prepared; none
could he accepted until He had come
and died, "the Jiut tor the unjust."
Then the process of cutting, chisel
ing and polishing the "living stones" of
the Temple was explained. Each con
secrated Christian has had experiences
ot such a nature as to .separate him
from the world. It was a dithcult
matter to block out character and to
bring each to the place where be would
Ik' separated trom bis surroundings.
Still riiore dithcult In some respects
have lieeii the chisHings. Mow after
blow, t-xperience after experience, trial
ntt-r trial, in order that each living
stone might be shaped, fitted and pre
pared for a place in that glorious Tem
ple which is yet to be constructed.
Tii! ritiijKUini; i rex-ess has also been
going on.' 'As the Scriptures express It.
the Bride makes herself ready. Each,
living stone polishes others.
The Pastor here drew a lesson for
those who are following in the steps
of Jesus. He pointed out that while
various severe experiences, trials and
tests may come from the world, yet
the very finest polishing is produced
by contact with the brethren. There
fore whoever learns to love the breth
ren and to endure all their various
weaknesses and imperfections, r,nl is
rightly exercised by these experiences,
will receive a fine polish that which
our Lord through His Word describes
as the fruitage of the Holy Spirit.
"The fruits of the Spirit are manifest.
Which are these: meekness, gcnt!eiies-s.
patience, long-suffering. brotherly
kindness, love." If these things be in
us in abundance, we shall be neither
barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge
of the Lord. And so it is that an en
trance shall be ministered unto us
abundantly into the everlasting King
dom of our Lord and Savior.
Construction of Antitypical Temple.
Kext the construction -f the anti
typical Temple was discussed. Eight
een hundred years ago the fuuiuhuion
was laid in Ileaven the Top Stone,
as the Apostle says. All the other
stones must be fitted up liim. ac
cording to St Paul. In describing the
antitypical Temple the Apctle here
uses the Cgure of the pymmid. tho t p
stone of which is a miniature pyramid,
all remaining stones being titled to
come into line with it. Sj the Scrip
tures declare that Jesus is the Chief
Corner Stone, the Top Stone, into
whom the Church, as living atones.
i are being built up. instead of being
j shaped to a foundation below them.
The .speaker showed that this will be
accomplished in the Piit Resurrection,
vrhea the Church, changed into spirit
beings like the Lord,
will be built up
and completed with llim on the Heav
enly plane, far above angeis, principal
ities and powers, and every name that
is named.
To the Pastor's understanding of the
Scriptures, the building of tlie antitypi
cal Temple will be dote at the cioe
f this Gospel Age. Just as in the
construction of Solomon's Temple, all
the materials were first prepared, and
then the building began, so it wi'l be
with the antitypical Temple.
Alaster Workman has been gtttln:
ready the "living stone.-,"' supervising
their preparation under strict rules as
to shape, size, quality, etc. This work
has been going on throughout this Gos
pel Age, and not until the full number
of stones shad have been made ready
will the construction of that glorious
Temple begin. This construction will
be the Resurrection ch
e "Char.g
in a moment, in the twirddir.g of an
eye"; for "flesh and b!o"d cannot in
herit the King-Join of God."
Pastor Russell then showed that
since we are cow living in the close
of this Age, the for the antityp
ical Temple must practically all be fin
ished. Therefore he inclines to the
thought that the work of construction
of the Temple has already begun.
This does not imply, however, that the
final polish has been given to all of
the stones. Those long since prepared
could be put in place while the last
stones were receiving the finishing
touches. He declared that the Scrip
tures so intimate when they say that
"the dead in Christ shall rise first"
beforehand and that "then we who
are alive and remain shall be caught
cp together with them in the clouds,
to meet the Lord." The fact that some
are not yet "caught up to meet the
Lord." but are stid in the place cf pol
ishing and preparation, indicates that
the Temple i. not yet completed.
After every living stone has been
placed in the great antitypical Temple,
the glorification of the Temple will
follow. In the type. King Solomon,
type of our Lord Jesus, offered the
sacrifice, and God accepted it; then the
glory of the Lord tilled the Temple.
So in the antitype, the Church in glory
will not be the Temple cf God until
the Heavenly Father Himself shall
have recognized it. It is the work of
our Lord Jesus Christ the great Mas
ter Workman, to ' shape and polish
these living stones, to remove them to
glorious conditions by the resurrection
change, and to build the Temple. Then,
when all is fir.ished. not a stone lack
ing. He will await the Father's accept
ance. The glory of the Lord God will
fill this living Temple.
"A House of Prayer For All Nations."
The Pastor then showed the purpose
for which this glorious Temple of God
is being constructed. Back in the Law
Dispensation the required information
was pictorially set forth in types and
shadows. The Prophet Isaiah had
foretold that God's House was to be
called a House of Prayer for all na
tions. This was what the Temple at
Jerusalem was in particular. It was
arranged in different sections, repre
senting various classes, as it were.
First in importance was the Most
Holy, then came the Holy, then the
Court into which Jews might come,
next the Women's Court last the Court
of the Gentiles. Thus was depicted the
Millennial Age after the glorification
of the antitypical Temple.
God will be in that Temple the en
tire Church of Christ glorified. The
Divine Power will operate through it
and all nations will begin to draw near
to God. But in order to do so, they
must draw near to this Temple; for the
glory of God will be therein displayed.
All nations, both Jew and Gentile, will
come to the Heavenly Father through
this Temple.
Another Old Testament picture
which the Pastor explained was that
of the typical priesthood. The Priests
of this new Temple of the future will
be Jesus, the great High Priest, and
nis Church, the under-prie-sts. Jesus
will be both King and Priest a
Priest upon His Throne" after the
Order of Melchi7cdek. Our Lord Is
i.ot yet upon IT!- T!.rono. but reni-ilu-
waiting at the ri,iit hand of the Majes
ty on High, until the antityp1 Tem-
j pie is completed. The Fathers right
hand signities the place of chief favor,
j next to the Father Himself. As it is
! written. "Sit at My right hand, until I
make Thine enemies Thy footstool."
During this period of waiting, the
"living stones" of the Temple have
been prepared; those who will consti
tute the Royal Priests have been in
training for the duties of their oflice.
As yet there is no Royal Priesthood;
for only those who shall be declared
worthy to sit with our Lord in His
Throne will constitute with Him that
Priesthood. Again, it is written.
"Blessed and holy is he that hath part
in the First Resurrection; on such the
Second Death hath no power, but they
shall be priests of God, and shall reign
with Christ a thousand years."
The Pastor then declared that these
future Priests are also Knights of the
Temple. While at present they do not
wear white plumes, yet by and by they
shall wear, not only white plumes, but
white raiment. Our Lord has said,
"They shall walk Avith Me in white;
for tlioy are worthy."
Other Pictures of the Temple.
Various New Testament references
to the Church of Christ as a Temple
were thou explained. One of these
was St. Paul's question addressed to
the Corinthian Church: "What? Know
I ye not that your body is the temple
of the Holy Spirit which is in you?
It was shown that this question does
not apply to the world; for by nature
the world knows not God. The- are
still under condemnation "children of
wrath" according to Scripture. God
has not yet begun to deal with them.
r.or to give them the blessings which
He has purposed for them. During
this Gospel Age He is dispensing bless only to the Church class, to those
who have received of the Holy Spirit.
Pastor Russell then pointed out that
bevond the veil the Church class will
receive the Holy Spirit without meas
uro. when ail the "living stones" con
stituting the Temple of God will have
been gioritied. But on this side of the
veil, those who give up their will to
the Lord and who are accepted and
begotten of the Holy Spirit as New
Creatures in Christ, receive that Spirit
in measure; and so the bodies of these
mav be s::id to be the temples of the
Ilo'r Spirit. Wherever God's Spirit is.
there is a temple, as St. Paul's ques
tion sets forth. Again, the Apostle de
clarer; that vve have this treasure in
earthen vessels, that the glory may be
cf God. God's Holy Spirit constitutes
! its recipient a Temple of God.
! Fisev, here the Apostle calls the bod
! ies of those begotten of the Holy
! Spirit tabernacles. The difference be-
' tween a tabernacle and a temple is
! that the former is a temporary struc-
j tare, while the latter is permanent.
So St. Paul calls the present condition
of the Church, in which the Holy
Spirit dwells merely in our hearts, a
tabernacle condition. It is not to last
forever; it is only for the present trial
time. If we are right! exercised by
this power of God within us, then we
rha'.l be made ready for the Temple
condition. These are blended pictures
of the Apostle's thought, which is this:
If the Holy Sp rit dwells in us. we
should regard our bodies very sacredly.
In that same connection the Apostle
g ;es on to say. "What communion hath
dght with darkness?" and again. "What
harmony is there between the Temple
of God and the temple of idols:" be
tween the purity that belongs to the
Temple of God and the impurities that
belong to the world, the flesh and the
Devil? Those v. ho have been made
the recipients of the Holy Spirit of God
should be clean and pure, as !efitting
a temple of God They should see to
it that this sanctifying power of God
extends to all their faculties and op
erates through them la their minds
their tongues. tLeii hands, their feet
their words, thoughts and doings.
"He Shall Present You Faultless."
The Pastor concluded his address
with an exhortation to those who re
alize themselves to be living stones in
process of "reparation for a place in
the antitypical Temple of God. He
urged tliese to appreciate the privilege
of present discipline. Much chiseling
and polishing are necessary to prepare
these stones for their future position
Therefore each should thankfully wel
come whatever experience of this kind
the Master Workman shall see fit to
permit him to have. The present dis
cipline of the Church is for the purpose
of developing the character necessary
to the great service for which God is
building His Temple.
While each faithful follower of the
Lord looks forward longingly to the
glories of the future, when the glory
of the Lord shall till the Temple, yet
each should remember that unless he
is submissive to the chiselings and pol
ishings of the present he will be set
aside as a living stone, and his place
given to another. The cultivation of
pride along any line, the development
of an unsanctified ambition, are
amongst the greatest dangers to these
living stones, new in preparation. Such
flaws developed would render any un
tit for a position in the Temple.
The Scriptures declare that the great
Master Workman will present each of
His faithful ones blameless and irre
provable before the Father with ex
ceeding joy. After having received
the Redeemer's "Well done," the
Church will then receive the Father's
approval and be honored in the pres
ence of all the holy angels. Surely
this experience will till the Church
with glory. Then will follow the bless
ed privilege of taking bold upon the
world's affairs, rescuing mankind froiu
bondage to Sin and Death, and bless
ing all mankind with the knowledge of
the glory of God, whom to know aright
i3 life everlasting.
he Piaifsmcuth
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the following rate: For Con
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A. L. Anderson.
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Mont Robb is a candidate for
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D. Koester of Weeping Water pre
cinct as a candidate for commis
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subject to the wishes or tbe de
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August 18:
I hereby announce my candi
dacy for the oflice of county com
missioner from fhe Second com
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ust 18, 1914. Your support will
be appreciated. F. W. Young.
Driver of Mercer Car Says Not Given
Lap Entitled To.
Sioux City, la., July C. Spencer
Wishart, who finished second iu the
300-mile automobile race here, filed a
protest against the scoring with oflV
cials of the Sioux City Speedway
inscciation. The driver of the Alercet
car alleged be had not been eivt-n a
lap he was entitled to, which would
land him in first place, thus putting
Eddie Rickenbacher, the winner, In
Keeond place. So strong was Wishart's
protest that Referee Kneedler ordered
a recount of the laps.
Wishart's protest as to being short
a lap was not sustained, but Ricken
bacher, driver of the winning Duesen.
Lerg, seeing an endless controversy
:n sight, consented to move his second
car, driven by Ralph M. Mtilford, from
third to sixth place. Cyrus Patschke
was moved from fifth to third and
Billy Knipper from sixth to fifth, (lil
Anderson held on to fourth place. By
the agreement the winners of third,
fourth and sixth poitions pooled their
money, each taking down 1.7u0.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yea Hare A!ajs Bought
Signature of idJJ