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The Needs of the Farmers to
Compete in the Workings of
the Commercial Club!
The following interesting and
truthful article in regard to the
needs of the. farmers fr joining
with the Commercial clubs of the
cities for the betterment of each
other has recently appeared in the
press of the .-tale from an ad
dress by s. It. McKelvic, and we
b.-licve the truth of the statement
made will be clearly seen by the
farmers of this county, as well as
the members of the Commercial
club of this city:
That the farmer should be a
member of the Commercial club
in his nearby town is based upon
the fad that the interests of the
town and eoutitryare so identical,
so inseparable and so common
that neither can prosper in its
fullest measure without a sincere
spirit of co-operation amongst
all of the people of the com
munity. v
Commercial clubs are organized
for fur.thevi'nc: the business in
terests of Ihi" community. Some
bae the mistaken idea that their
only purpose is to promote the
iuleivsfs of the city anil the busi
ness no n in town. o doubt there
are some Commercial clubs
founded upon Ibis hitter basis,
but those Commercial clubs can
not permanently prosper nr. at
b-.i-t. they cannot do their most
ll'eclive work. This is true be
cause the town and country are
interdependent and whatever af
fects the farmer or the man in
town affects both in smaller or
larger measure.
The ;nly difference between
town ami r-ounlry is this: The
country i the place of production,
vhiie the town is the point of dis
tribution. Hoth arc needed, both
are indispensable, and it simply
remains, to s lve the problem of
production ami distribution along
lines of greatest efficiency and
eciH:iN'."" " -
The farmer is tpiife as in
terest. -d in the distribution of his
products as the man in town is
interested in the production of
farm products. W hen the farm is
mad.- to produce abundantly and
the prices are commensurate with
the cost of production, at the
same time allowing a fair and
honest margin- of profit for the
producer, the most satisfactory
condition is realized. These are
the conditions upon which Com
mercial clubs in Nebraska, par
ticularly in the small town, must
lie founded.
When the farmer" anil the man
ia town join together in the solu
t ion uf the problems of production
and distribution, not only will
these problems be most readily
and effectively solved, but a 'very
much better feeling will be
brought- to enter as between these
two men. In the very outset, the
association together will reruov
any feelings of distrust and lhes
ind; will most naturally come lo
get lien on a basis of mutual ad
antage and mutual benefit. Thr
results therefore, will not show-
forth quite as prominently in an
improved social condition in the
I am very earnest jn my belief
that farmers should be members
of Commercial clubs and that the
men in town should do all in their
power to bring this condition
about, not through motives of
selfishness, but through a desire
fop mutual helpfulness.
From Wednesdays Dally.
ltus noon there arrived at the
home of Mr. ami Mrs. Kmil A.
I.orenz a bright-eyed little daugh
ter to gladden thejr home and
lies. The little lady, who is the
first child in the family, is the
object of great admiration from
its relatives and the joy of the
proud parents is unbounded.
;randpaand Crandma Prochaska,
who have recently moved to this
city from Wahoo. are also de
lighted with the addition to their
descendants. The little girl is of
Ihe regulation size and weight
and it is the wish of the Journal
that she may live to be a jov and
comfort to her parents in their
old age. -
Could Not Make Examination.
From Wednesday's Daily. ,
The head of a pet wolf, which
was supposed to have contracted
hydrophobia and was killed by the
owner, was sent in to the state
bacteriological laboratory from
Plattsmouth last Saturday, for an
examination as to the animal's
condition. On account of the fact
that the owner had killed the xvnlf
by pounding it over the head with
a heavy club, breaking all the
skull bones, the brain had been
battered up and no test could, be
made to discover whether or not
hydrophobia was present. Before
the animal was put to death, it
bit the owner's small son.
i-'rom Wednesday's Iaily.
The members of Company I of
Clenwood, who are practicing at
the I'. S. government ritle range,
north of (he city, are busily at
work in their shooting and sev
eral members .if the company
have made excellent records dur
ing the time they have been work
ing at the range. They are very
much pleased with the range for
this work and state that it is the
best they hae shot oer, as the
bluffs on the west prevent the
changing of the wind which so
often interferes with satisfactory
work on dilTerent ranges. So well
pleased are the members of the
Iowa National Cuard .over the
range that Company K. located at
Cornin'-r. has announced their in
tention of coming here in two
weeks to take a course in shooting
over the range. . The situation of
the ritle ran ere is an ideal one and
all the soldiers, both regulars and
militiamen, who have worked
there state il is one of the best in
the count ry. w hich it undoubtedly
is. The (ilenwood boys who have
been here are a line bunch of
gentlemen and it is heartily wish
ed that they may return later for
a pracl ice here.
From Wednesdays Daily.
The question of paxmtr the al
leys in the business part of ttn
city is being ipiite well agitate. I in
the past few days among the busi
ness men and citieus in general
and the good work wil Ibe con
tinned until the actual paing is
staited. The matter was brought
up at the council meeting Monday
evening, and while receiving a
large majority, was not able to
muster .sufficient votes to allow
the passage of a resolution to put
in the paving, but now that the
tprestion has been more thor
oughly discussed and talked over
among the iimcrcnl memhers
there is little doubt thot it would
be passed. It is the intention in
a few days to prepare petitions
for circulation among the busi
ness men asking that the paving
be done, ami which will be pre
sented to the city council. There
is hardly a person in the business
section of the city who does rod
heartily favor the idea of paving
the alleys, as the peed of it is so
apparent, especially after a heavy
rain, when the mud becomes al
most impassable in these alleys,
and forces a hardship on the mer
chants who have their delivery
wagons operating through the
alleys. The proposition offered
is for the use of concrete paving
throughout and the cost of this
will be very low lo the properlv
owners and will insure a greater
benefit, to them than is possible to
NO. 6, A. F. 8 A. M.,
From Tuesday s Daily.
Last evening, despite the ex
tremely warm weather, there was
a very large attendance of the
membership of Plattsmouth
Lodge ,o. J, A. V & A. M., to wit
ness the installation eermonies of
the instruction into office of the
newly elected officers. The fol
lowing officers were duly installed
with appropriate ceremonies:
. M., Oliver Dover; S. , Fred
T. Itamge; J. W., James Lough
ride; s'eerelary, M. Archer, treas
urer, C. O. FrickejS. !., Andrew O.
Moore; J. I., Samuel O Pitman;
S. S., Harry Johnson; J. S., O. C.
Hudson, and tyler, T. S. G. Dabb.
Tho Merchants and Clubs of the
City Want Shorter
From Wednesday's Daily.
'the extremely hot weather of
the past lew days brings to mind
the question of the J o'clock clos
ing of the stores of the city in
order to alford the proprietors
and clerks an opportunity to get
out and enjoy for a few hours the
fresh air and escape the stilling
heat of the stores and down-town
section of the city for a time, as
well as to visit, with their fam
ilies. There is no question but
that it would be just as easy and
convenient for the majority of the
people to do their shopping and
trading before t o'clock as it
would be for them to do it after
(hat hour.
There is a need of everyone to
enjoy a few minutes of the day in
recrecation and pleasure and the
owners of the stores and the
clerks are deserving of as much
recognition as au.vone else and
should be allowed to have this
short additional time to apply on
their rest time. The matter is one
worthy of consideration at. the
hands of the merchants and those
who attend to their shopping after
-upper and all should unite in
the movement to cut down the
bonis during the heated months
of July ami August, and as a re
sult there will be a general feeling
of belter understanding and good
fellowship between the merchants,
the clerks and the general public.
There seems a disposition on the
part of almost every one of the
business men of the cily to join in
the movement and enjoy an hour'
or so from the heal of the stoic
each day.
From Wednesday's Pallv.
This morning distr ict court was
Convened by Judge IJegleV to take
the trial of the case of the Plalls
moiilh Water Co. vs. the City of
Platlsiimuth, which is an out
growth of the controversy between
the lowering of the water mains
"il North Sixth sheet in the new
curbing and guttering districts.
The city demanded of the water
company (hat they put up a bond
for the work that had been com
pleted, as well as for work that
they contemplated on that, si reel,
in order to protect the interests
of the city in case of damage from
the filling of the trenches wash
ing out. and this the company de
clined to do on the ground thai
the time limit was not sullicient
to allow them to guarantee the
tilling not washing out. The vva
ler company secured a temporary
restraining order from Judge
I'.eeson and the hearing- on Ibis
order is the action in the district
cou rl.
From Wednesday's Daily.
The news of the sudden death
of It. I), Hailey, one of the prom
inent residents of Klmwood, was
received in the cily today from
friends in that place. Mr. Hailey
was returning to his home on
Sunday evening and noticing the
approach ing storm hastened on
his way and the ov ei-exert ion
seems to have affected his heail.
as when he entered the door of
his home he fell to the lloor dead,
lie had been in apparently the
best of health in the morning, as
he had attended church and did
not complain in the east of any
illness and was in the best of
spirits and his sudden death came
as a great shock to the family and
many friends. Mr. Hailey was a
man of some r0 years of age ami
was very highly respected in his
home I own, where he had resided
for years, and his death will leave
a place hard lo fill in the cir cle of
liis' friends.
Wedding stationery at the
Journal office.
Operation Seems Successful.
The operation that was per
formed yesterday morning on
Miss Lulu Welsh at St. Joseph's
hospital in Omaha seems to have
been very successful, as when her
parents left, there last evening
the attending physicians were well
pleased with the manner in which
she has stood the ordeal ami gave
the parents much encouragement
for her recovery.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Last evening a most delightful
gathering was held at oil field
park, it being in the nature of a
picnic given by the Ladies' Auxil
iary of the Presbyterian church,
to which all the members of the
congregation were invited, and to
the invitation some iro were
present at (he park to lake part
in the picnic. The ladies of the
party had all come prepared with
well tilled baskets of good things
to eat, and at about fi :.'( Ih.' jolly
crowd proceeded lo spread out a
feast of everv thing that the heart
of an epicuriau could possibly de
mand, and the hungry men of the
parly proceeded lo make the good
things disappear quite rapidly.
After the enjoyment of the dinner
the party spent several hours
most pleasantly in v isil ing among
themselves until later in the
evening", when they started home
ward, feeling that the gathering
had been a most delightful one.
From Wednesday's Daily..
This morning at the resilience
of Kev. Harry 1. McCluskv. pas
tor of the First Piesiiv ferian
church, was solemnized the wed
ding of Mr. Hoy W. Ilerbls of
Falls Cily and Miss l.eota Frances
Hilton of 1'nion. The young
people motored to this cily, and
after .securing- the license hasten
ed to the home of the minister,
where the mar r iage was perform
ed. The bride is well known in
this city, being- a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. L P. Laiton of Fnion.
and for the pa-t three years has
been a student, of the Plat I siuollth
High school, where she won a host
of warm friends, who will trust
(hat she may enjoy unlobl hap
piness in her future life. Fol
lowing the ceremony the young
people returned to Fnion to re
ceive the congratulations of their
From Wednesday's Daily.
Some party with the deliberate
intention of defacing the large
show window at I he ollice of
Warga i- Scbuldice, on last Mon
day night indicted a scratch oi
the surface of the glass that Will
be impossible to get out save by
replacing- the window with a new
one. There has been several in
stances of this kind on the dif
ferent store fronts and the parly
doing this is sooner or later- goin
to get tangled up with the law and
will receive ;i well deserved lesson
for their actions. There is no call
whatever for anyone deliberately
taking a glass culler, as was evi
dently (he case on the Warga
Scbuldice. window, and deliberate
ly marring Ibe glass, and should
the culpril be found the severest
of punishment should be meted
out to them.
Receives Fine New Thresher
Frank Valb-rv will receive this
week a tine new threshing outfit
with which to carry on the harvest
work in this section. The oulfil
consists of a 15-horse Case en
gine and a ,T2.ri separator which
v ill be able lo care for a great
deal of grain. ' Frank has had
considerable experience in the
handling of threshing outfits and
can be found strictly on Ibe job
in looking after the business.
Ice Cream Social Juno 23th.
The St.. Agnes Sodality will hold
an ice cream social al l he k. s.
hall Sunday afternoon and even
ing, June J8. There will be a con
cert in" the afternoon and evening
by tin' "Weary Willies." Iivery-
body invited. , . 6-2-4tditw.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Dr. Fdwiu W. Cook, stale medi
cal director of the Modern Wood
men of America, returned Ibis
morning from his tr ip to the east,
including the attendance at the
head camp which closed its ses
sion last Friday. The doctor
stales his hip was a most pleas
ant one and that the convention
was one of the most exciting that
he has ever altcmlcd, as the light
over the rah1 question and the
re-election of Head Consul Tal
bot were bitterly fought by many
of (he Woodmen. Dr. Cook says
I Hut the insurgent forces made a
brilliant tight to secure the defeat,
of Mr. Talbot ami that there were
a great many very aide leaders
enlisted on thejr side of the ques
tion, although the organization of
Ibe Talbol forces were perfect
and they bad little trouble in put
ting the head consul back in
ohicc. After the close of llle Con
vention very good feeling pre
vailed among the- members, so (he
doctor- stales, as the insurgents
were successful in securing the
retention of the rates at their
present standard and slopping
the proposed rai-e, and this
served lo equalize the victory in
the head cainp befween the two
factious who were striving for
control. After the close of the
camp the doctor made a short
visit al Detroit, Mich., with friends
and relatives, and greatly enjoyed
the time spent in the lake city.
The happy manner in which the
different mailers were adjusted al
Toledo was very pleasing to al
most all in allendance.
As a part of the general safely
first campaign which is being
carried on by Ibe railroads. Su
perintendent Itignell of the I'.ur
lingfon is preparing a circular
urging employes to warn trespas
sers of their danger. One circular
tabulates the fatalities and in
juries cau-ed by walking along
hacks and atlempling lo calch
rides i,i the I'nited Slales in Ibe
!as (wenty-four years.
According lo the table 'J -J.VJ f
people were killed or injured, and
'.( per cent of Ibis number-, or
I !".'. 1 (".'. were citizens of the lo
cality where the accident occur
red. Most of them were wage
earners and respectable cilizens.
Children under 1 S years of age
furnished I 1 per cent of the vic
tims or Only ':. 05 5
tramps were killed or injured, r.'"
per cent of the total number of
victims of trespassing-.
'flu railroad circular urges em
ployes to str ive constantly to keep
children away from Ibe right of
way and cars and to warn all
trespassers of their danger.
Clyde Oeuug. one of the leading
attorneys of the Mills county bar.
was over yesterday afternoon
from Olenvvood to represent the
interests of the tallies located on
the laud on the river bolfom that
is in controversy between the city
and the parlies claiming litle.
J. P. Keil and wife departed this
morning, for Omaha, where they
will attend the wedding of their
son. Carl, which is lo occur there
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From Wt luosiljy's J aily.
Relatives of .Mi Juliet Alwood
and Dr. Cobb will begin to arrive
today in order lo be U-eent al
the welding of the couple on
Wednesday noon. Ir. Cobb's par
ents, lr. and Mrs. I'.. A. Cobb, and
his aunt. .Mrs. Iodiiuead of Har
lan, I.I., are expected to ie;if
Lincoln this afternoon. The fo
lowing relatives of the bride will
come from plat Ismoulh : Mrs. c.
II. Panncie. Mr. and Mrs. T. F..
Parisiele and daughter. Mi.-s Sarah
;. I laker, l'ollock l'arniile, Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. I'arnieb-. Mr. and
Mrs. Ceorge Dovey. Only rela
tives have been invited to the wed
ding. A dinner for the out-of-town
relatives and bridal parly
will be held Ibis eveninir in the
rose room al the I . i t n I 1 1 holel.
There vvill be two large tables
with covers in all for twenly-foui
At one table the bride's parents.
Mr. and Mis. S. II. Alwood. will
entertain a company of the older
relatives, and at the other th"
bride's cousin. Miss Marjorie Ag
nevv. vvill be hostess to the younp
people of the bridal parly. The
tables will be decorated with the
Dorothy Perkins rose. Lincoln
State Journal.
Ceorge II. Caller and wife were
passengers this afternoon for
Omaha, where they will viit with
l'v cry body is goinc lo ncc "Cin
derilla in I'lowerland." at the I'ar
mee theater June :ui. All the
leading parts are taken by chil
dren, suppor ted by a large chorus.
From Tucstljiy's J Milt'.
The clerks in the different
stoic, uf the city have been amf
nlimr the ipie-tion of clo-dui:- up
the different stores al noon on the
Fourth of. Inly and acknowledging
an oloerval ion of the day in prop
er shape, and to this end the fol
lowing patriotic merchants have
avreed o cioe up at at the noon
hour. If there is ;inv who have
been missed on I In Iit they
have (In ir name added by calliu
I he Journal : F. A. Win I. Zuck
weiler Lulz, J. V. Crabill. F. O.
Dovey & Sons. Oeoruc Thomas
A: Co., Loreiiz Urothers, Nebraska
Lighting Co., Kroeliler I hot hers,
W'arira A. Sc h u Id i-e. Fa Her iV.
Thierolf. Joseph Feer. William
Sehmidl maim. William Holly. Mrs.
. I. Monr oe, J. V. Halt Son. M.
Fanuer. C. :. We-cdl's Son, 15. .
McFlwain. V. Ve.jvoda. II. Weiu
Iroub, F. I F.iisli, .Ward ,. Mc
Lean, A. W. White, Michael 1 1 i I 1 .
J. F. Tuey.
X. H. Meeker. the Creenvvood
banker, w ho was in the cily yester
day for a few hours interviewing
the'eounty board in reuard to the
taxation of his property in Creen
w mill.
Mrs. Oscar Oapen and her
ln-ol her-iu-lavv. Will Jean, were
passengers this morning for
Omaha, where they were called by
the condition of Mrs. Jean, who
is at the hopjal there and who
has suffered a relapse.
inrj tho business.
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