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THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 1914.
Jre You Likemis ?
f ,lH!!(yljli!'."!f U !' 1 Jf'' t lit u" TT
Kaiser Wilhelm II. and Incemcr
Corns Tcgeiiier in Fog.
"He that is stricken blind cannot forget
The precious treasure of his eyesight lost."
3 If you're near sighted, if your eyes are
failing, don't delay. You can't afford to.
We are trustworthy and competent opti
cians. Repairing too. Prices riht.
Yeerdav afN-rii'MiM Miss Hazel
Tut v i-i t ;t iiii-.l tin iiM'iiilirrs nf
her Sunda .-rlii. 1. 1 cJn- ill a inosl
delightful manner a! her home mi
W'f-f I'.ini lreot. Tin all'air was
in nature of a i oYIook luneh
n ai!l I In members of Iho class
eu.j to lli utnio-t Iho ib'
Ii i.tii an.l t . -1 1 1 1 1 ing four-course
J I H" ll t- ) served Jy lilt' hostess
and the pleasant affair will nl
soon be gotten. The table in
tin 'lining room was very pretlily
ili'ini a t i in erimsoii Rambler
r--s ami made a very handsome
appe.-.ranee with the happy younc:
jM-opIf assembled to take part in
tin pleasures of (lit afternoon.
Tin cla-s hal Iho pleasure of
haxinsr with thorn Rev. anil Mrs.
1". M. I M illiner, who greatly on
j.o! nio.-tiiiir witli 1 Tio young
people ai:I becoming more pleas
antly aoipiaint !. Tin members
of (ho ola-s art-: Mioses F.Iiza-l.-th
Ib-o-nn. Marion Manzy, Mar
pi.' f.hri-iiii-'or. Ri'va Covert, Tan
lino L.mir. Freda Saltier. Mario
Fvers. Clara Rainoy, Fern Noble.
Kafo Allen. Anna Yejvoda. Following-
tho luncheon tho young
ponplo spent several hours very
pleasantly on tho spai'ioiis lawn
in games until Iho hour for de
parture fir homo. whon. wilh re
gret, thoy wended I heir way
lio!nowarl, feeling that Iho front
ha.l boon a most. doljghl Tul ono.
Concrete Work at Cemetery.
Tho ooiil raet ing lirm of Peters
.v Itiohards now havo a cn-w of
men working at tin coni'dory
building all kinds of concrete
work lhal will ond to boaufify Iho
surroundings of tho graves, such
as markiiisr posts, fences, walks,
and in fact anything that can ho
rnado from cement. Now would
ho tho linio for all desiring this
olass of work dono to oonsult. tho
firm of pefors & Richards whilo
thoy havo a crow of mon work in?
on tho ground, and ran save you
some inmicy, as woll as havo tho
work dono immodialoly. esti
mates on ai! such work will bo
cheerfully given on application.
Try tho Journal for stationery.
ill 1 1 i i-f 1 1 1 1 r ;i fi a 1 1:1 1 1- i r m f
Iho homo of Mr. and Mrs. I'mil J.
MoisiniMT joslorday mornin? is
roporlcil. and llio many frionds
oi mis osiimanlo youny roupio
will rtj:n'f wilh Ihom in thoir
troiid fortune. T!io liltlo stian?-
r is nl Ui.' iopulation woipul. and
hor paronls aro of tho opinion
that sho is tin linosl littlo ladv
lhal over mado hoc apptranoo in
r.ass county, and in this way thoy
aro hoarlilv s'Tond.'d bv iirand-
l and (irai'dnia Todd, who aro
ory proud oi mo lit lit- pian-
dauhtor. Tho Journal oxtonds
to tho paronls its host wishes for
the future welfare of the lilllo
Persons on Board Grain Carrier Say It
Had Virtually Come to Stop and
Was Run Down by Liner Big Hole
In Side.
Southampton. England, June 18.
The North (Jernian Lloyd steamer
Kaiser Wilhelm II., which left South
aniytcn for New York with l.OoO pas
sengers, lies at anchor off Netloy,
three miles to the southeast, with
big hole in its side amidship, caused
by a collision with the Liverpool grain
eteamer Incemore, bound from a Black
sea port for Antwerp.
Tho Incemore, a small-er craft than
the German steamer, of 3,000 odd tons
is in the dock here with its bows bad
ly smashed.
The collision occurred in the Eng
lish channel, thirteen miles south of
the Nab lightship, In a dense fog- Just
how it occured and on which vessel
lies the responsibility cannot be ascer
tained at present. The officers cf the
Kaiser Wilhelm II. have permitted uo
communication to be held with anyone
cn board and they themselves refuse
to give out any information.
Such scant details as have been ob
tained came from the Incemore. That
vessel, it is stated by those on board
had virtually come to a stop because
of t'v dansrer of continuing under way
in. autli a thick fog, wnen suddenly
there loomed up just ahead cf it the
huge bulk of the Kaiser Wilhelm in
the act of running them down.
Unable to Avoid Collision.
Both captains did their best to avert
a collision, but the short distance sop
arating the two vessels rendered the ii
efforts ineffectual, and the Incemore
struck the liner on the starboard sidi
amidship. The force of the impact
crumpled up its own bows and tore a
big gap in the Kaiser Wilhelm's side
It was the impression of those aboard
the Incemore that the hole was entire
ly above the water line.
The two steamers stood by each
other until it was ascertained that
neither needed immediate assistance
then both started slowly for South
The forcpeak of the Incemore rapid
ly filled with water, but the stout bulk
head confined it there, and, although
so much down by the bows that the
propeller was half out of water, it man
aged to crawl into port. There it found
that the damage to the bows extended
for a length of twelve feet and a width
of ten feet.
A loiter was received yesterday
by I'.niiiilv Assessor Y. R. Urvan
from his wile, who, in company
with Miss Lucille, is at Kirkville.
Missouri, where Miss lirvan con-
ulle.l Iho specialists there in ro
ard lo the injury from which she
has been sulieriii'' for the nasi
iireo years, ami which has reu
lered one of her limbs quite
weak. The report of the physi
cian was certainly ple;isi;ir to Mr.
Inyan and his family, as ho
promises ilial Iho injury is per
manently cured and thai in a
liii time it will bo possible for
hor to abandon the use of
crutches and resume tho use of
her limb. The news was certain
ly joyful tidings to tho father ami
frionds of Iho lady in Ibis city and
I hey will be anxiously await inir
the time when she can bo with
Ihom nfrain. Tho TJrynn family
will leave in a short lime for
Colorado, w here I hoy will spend
a few weeks resting in the mountains.
AH on Board Saved, but Cannery Ship
and Cargo Lost.
Sewaid. Alaska, June 18. Forty-five
men of the crew of the cannery ship
l'aramita. which was wrecked in Lost
Harbor, arrived here on the steamer
Dora and were transferred to the
steamer Northwestern, which is taking
them to Seattle.
i no i-aranuta, wnicn was carrying
170 men and supplies and machinery
to the plant of the Bristol Bay Pack
ing company, was caught in a gale oft
Bierka island, near Unimak Pass, and
went on the ro'jks. The vessel was
worked off the rocks, but was found tc
he sinking and was beached in Lost
Tho vessel and cargo, valued at $.
000, are a total loss, but all aboard
reached shor.-j safely.
The Journal advertisers aro do
ing the business.
How to Preserve the Yellow of Lace.
Yellow lace is apt to become white
if it is washed with soap and water.
bo that if the owner of yellow lace
wishes to keep it yellow she must be
very careful of its cleansing.
Cover it first with gasoline, placing
it in a covered earthen crock. Shake
it about in the gasoline, rubbing soiled
spots between the hands. Then cov
er the crock and leave it for five or
six hours. Be sure that the lace Is
quite submerged in the liquid. At the
end of this time shake the lace, squeeze
it and hang In the open air until quite
Then place it on a clean ironing
board and dampen a little. Pull it Into
shape with your fingers while it Is
damp. If It be a lace collar or a wide
piece baste it to a thick, damp cloth,
stitching each scallop or figure. Then
place a thin, damp cloth over it and
press with a warm Iron.
Drag Store Monies
How to Remove Soots From Table
Egg stained table linen should be
soak tVI In cold water until almost all
twir.x ,f the xt;iin are removed. If
placed directly in the boiler the stain
wn set. and it will be almost impos
sible to remove it. c
There are no imitation goods or drugs in our stock.
We don't carry them and won't. Everything, from
toothpicks to soda, is genuine. We put up our
prescriptions exactly as directed by the doctor.
We're not masqueraders.
?Jauzy Drug Company
Can't Keep It Secret.
Tho splendid work of Cham
berlain's Tablets is daily boconi-
inpr more widely known. No such
grand remedy for stomach and
liver troubles has over boon
known. For sale bv all dealers-
Call telephone No. 400 for
guaranteed Garden Hose. Warga
& Schuldoice.
Rules of the Contest.
Any white man, woman, boy or pirl of good reputation rosidin?
in Iho territory of the contest inav become a candidate.
Aominations may be made and will be received up to the last
day of the contest.
Contestants may nominate themselves or be nominated by
friends, without cost.
There will be two separate districts in which to enter, as do
scribed on this nasi'. The candidate who received tho largest V(,li
of the entire contest will lie awarded the Overland Tourinjr Car
Iho contestant receiving tho second largest vote of the entire con
test will receive the SehmoIIer it Mueller I'iano. The three candi
dates in each of the two districts receiving t!;v; throe largest number
of votes after the two grand prizes are awarded will receive ono of
the district prizes. All candidates who enter and work to the em
and fail to win one of the prizes will receive iO per cent cash com
mission on all subscriptions turned in by tlioni.
Every candidate in the contest has an equal chance of winning'
either the touring- car or tho piano. Candidates compete only against
i lie candidates in their own district lor the district prizes.
In the event of a typographical error it is understood that
neither Tho Journal or tho Contest Manager shall be hold responsi
ble, except to make the necessary correction on discovery of same.
Any district havinsr less than two active contestants will be de
clared ofl".
Voting- will bo by two methods: Coupons clipped from 1111.
DAILY AM) iSEMI-WEF.KLY JOURNAL, which will count for live
voles each; and by special coupons issued for payments made on
subscriptions according- to the published schedule. Those payments
must be made in cash to the home ollice of the paper duri:i' the
period covered bv the contest, whereupon a special subscription
coupon will be issued, pood for number of votes to which each pay
ment is entitled. Votes will not bo sold or issued in any other man
ner. Special subscription coupons must boar the number corresponding-
with tho ledger number on record in the o!lio-, and niut
ho countersigned by the Contest Manager or ins assistant. Contest
ants are not limited to their own districts in securing votes and sub
scriptions, but mav obtain them anywhere. Votes are not I ran s lei -
able from one contestant to another.
All remittances must be accompanied by subscriber's name
and address.
All voles issued on subscriptions are pood to the end or the con
est and may be polled at the discretion of the candidate or sub
criber. Cash must accompany all subscriptions when votes are issued.
First publication of names will be made as soon as a suitable
number have boon nominated in each district. Noting will com
mence Thursdav. June il. and continue until Saturday, August l, at
0 i. in- at which time the contest will close.
No emplovo or close relative of an employe of THE JOURNAL
can enter tho contest.
A board of three responsible business mon will have exclusive
control of the ballot bov tho ast lav ol tt:o contest ami inaKo an
nouncement of tho result of that day s voting.
The Contest. Manager reserves the right to reject any nomina-
ion and to pass final judgment upon any question that may arise;
not covered by these rules.
No statement or promise made by any solicitor, canvasser or
"rent vnrvinir from those rules, will be recognized by Till-'
OURNAL. , , , ,
TIM'. .TnrnXAL reserves the right to change the plan or to mat
nv additions or alterat ions-to the above conditions that may bo de
nied iieeessarv to the interest and welfare of the conlest and ils
candidates. . . . ,. , ,
In accepting- nomination and in castmp votes, an canuiuaie
must accept and agree to abide by the above rules and conditions.
Old subscribers cannot transfer their subscription to other
members of the family and be counted as new subscribers.
efore has
ame Fashion
allowed much ease and comfort as
to-day. Every well-dressed woman
realizes that the secret of her neat ap
pearance lies in the lit of her corset,
and we have borne this in mind in
selecting; our numbers of
American Lady
Our stock is complete and wc havo corsets ranging-in
price from S1.00 to S3.00. This week wo are hav
ing a window display ol a few of our b.-st numbers and
wo cordially invite tho ladies to come in and let us
show yon the merits of this popular corset.
We have just received the latest thing in wide black
Patent Leather Belts, and also the new flare 4
collars now worn so much.
Call Phone S3 or 54 The Daylight Store
How Prizes Will Be Awarded.
The manner of awardinp prizes is as follows:
Tho Overlain! live-passenger touring car, with complete equip
ment, will bo awarded to the contestant who secures tho largest
number of voles during tho campaign.
Tho SHIP Kehmoller & Mueller IMano will bo awarded to the
contestant receiving the second largest number of votes during the
campaign. , .,, . ..
After these grand prizes have boon awarded, there will be three
prizes awarded in each of tho districts as follows: .
Tin contestant, receiving the highest vote in each district.: re
gardless of the vote in any other district, and after the grand prizes
have boon awarded, will receive a beautiful diamond ring, purchased
from J. W. Crabill of l'lattsmouth, and on display at his store
The contestant receiving tho second highest number of voles in
raoh district, regardless of the vote in any other district, and alter
tho grand prizes have been awarded, will receive an order on one oi
lMattsmouth's. largest stores for .?30 worth of merchandise, as thoy
I,ia TheCcontestant reeeivinp the third larpest number of voles in
each district, regardless of the vote in any other district and after
ii... .....i lww.ii nwnnlcil will receive a irobl watch, choice
.. i.'i; .... -!iHiinni mux -emenf . purchased irom J. . cianui
lMattsnmuth. and on display at his store in this city
SPECIAL To assure everyone who enters this campaign o
i. ,r.. -o.. V., ;.. o.wi it.mni-t treatment, wo will pav to every con
! . .. ..i... . fin, i vhi remains active until the eioe ot tin
. m A Wn m I who mils to win one of the splendid prizes olTered. a
cash commission of ten (in) per coin oi in - nmnoy
secured and turned into tins omce uunu me i-.ui.iuurli.
The county commissioners and
County Clerk Libershal. who were
out in the county Wednesday
ookintr after the bridges that
were wa-tieil out or mane impa--able
by the heavy rains of the
nasi week, found ihal there were
many in ery bad shape from tin
swollen creeks and streams which
Wel e tilled to ON ei-M.nW ill'-' by the
recent rains, and which had
caused great loss to Iho county
by the destruction of the brid'-'es.
In most aeses it will !' necessary
to place temporary repairs on the
bridges until lime is had to put
in more permanent repairs. One
of the woi-t of the washouts
found on the trip was pear (he
farm of Wash Yotinir. where it
will be necessary to place in a
forty-foot span ia order to allow
the use of Iho bridge. Mr. Liber--hal
also reports that in most
places the corn ami wheal are
looking nicely, although where
corn was planted on tno stoop
hillsides it has suffered some
what from the washing- by tho
rain, but in most eaos the losses
will not bo heavv except in the
lowlands. Wheal, loo. is looking
yerv good, and while some ot it is
rusted i! is im! fhouuht lhal Iho
bss will be very henvy. as tho rust
does not seem o bo of a erv
serious kind. Tho wheal ha.rvst
will be readv to start upon in this
locality in about Ihree weeks, ac
cording- to reports, and then Iho
farmers will have to puf in sev
eral very busy weeks gelling- their
crops sateiv stowed awav m the
Big Casket meeting June 21st.
There will bo a basket mei-tintr
Sunday, June jbl, on the farm of
Charles Hales, two miles north of
Nehawka and two miles soulh of
the Ollerbein U. J!, church.
Preaching af IO;;jo a. m. and p.
m.; also a baptismal service in
the afternoon. Anyone wishing
lo bo baptised may do so. Rev.
M. O. MeLau'-ihlin, president oT
York college, will bo Iho preacher.
He is a speaker of power; hear
him that day. I'.n'ng your dinner
and spend the day wilh us.
Rev. J. F. Hod-'os.
Nehawka. Neb.
For Sale or Rent.
The rjergei- cottage, consislinp
of t) room, and elegantly located
in Murray, is for sale or ronl.
For particulars call at tho P.orger
The Journal does job work.
thev havt
Sun and Wind Bring Out ugly
Spots How to Remove
Here's a chance, Miss Freckle-
face, to try a remedy for freckles
with the guarantee of a reliable
dealer that it will not cost you a
penny unless it removes the
freckles; while if it docs give you
it. . .
a clear complexion me uapciisu
is trifling.
Simply get an ounce of othine
double strength from any
druggist and a few applications
should show you how easy it is to
rid yourself of the homely
freckles and pet a beautiful com
plexion. Rarely is more than one
ounce needed for the worst case.
He sure to ask the druggist for
the double strength othine as
this is the prescription sold un
der puarantee of money back if
it fails to remove freckles.
Farm for Sale.
Farm of 121 acres, 5 miles
northeast of Union; 14 acres hay
land, 20 acres pasture timber,
rest in cultivation; well improvr
ed. Price right if taken soon.
Address Miss Etta Nickels, Mur
ray, iseD.
FARM FOR RENT Inquire of
S. O. Cole, Mynord, Neb.
I,. Cm. Larson came in thi
morning whore he his boon look
ing after the erection of a now
residence on tho farm of Philip
Horn west of the city. The new
home that Mr. Horn is building
will bo one of the finest farm
homes in that section of the coun
ty, and will be finished at a cos
of about $5000.00. It is a large
spacious structure containing
nine rooms, and one of the fea
tures that will be greatly appro
cialed as well as add to the beauty
of the home, is the large porch
which extends one hundred feet
around tire residence, and will
present a striking appearance to
the beautiful home when it is
completed. Mr. Larson is super
vising the erection of the build
ing and will see that it is strictly
up-to-dafe in every way.
Degree of Honor Notice.
The Degree of Honor lodge will
hold their regular meeting tomor
row, Thursday evening. On ac
count of the band concert the
meeting will be held at 7:30
sharp. All members please take
motorcyclists Attention.
Tho Platlsmoulh Motorcycle
Club will meel Wednesday, slime
e Uli. nl 8:00. at tho office of the
Platlsmoulh Cycle Co, Sixth and
Pearl Sis. All mot orc e I is! s and
those inletesled in Plallsmouth
and Cass county aro re.piosled to
bo presenl.
A new lot of Fancy
Ribbons for Girdles
and Sashes in all the
newest patterns and
We have placed on
the bargain counter
a special lot, at per
Subscribe for the Journal.
Ah, Our Pies? Fit For a Kin!
When Pie Making Stumped
did hungrily
heard soft
Myself when young
Baker and cook and
About it and about, but evermore
Came out by the same door wherein
I went.
"J .
No mysteries about our
pies. They're just simple,
well baked, juicy pies all
kinds tasty and good.
The proof of our pies is in
the eating.
You'll like their homemade
taste a specialty of ours.
"Mother" has nothing on us
as pie makers.
V 4
A .--!!
IN ft J'
Baked For You
by Experts!
"E.erylhing Good To Eat"