The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 15, 1914, SECTION ONE, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    S . -' 1
MONDAY, JUNE 15, 1914.
r , . . ki r
"He that is stricken blind cannot forget
The precious treasure of his eyesight lost.
If you're near sighted, if your eyes are
failing, don't delay. You can't afford to.
We are trustworthy and competent opti
cians. Repairing too. Prices riht.
One O'clock Bridge Luncheon.
A very pleasant 1 o'clock bridge
luncheon was j-r i x 1 1 al the charm
in tr home tf Mrs. T. Ode Sat
urday afternoon ly Misses Yeina
anl Lillian Ode in honor of Mrs.
W. C. Mrrv f Cleveland. Ohio.
h. is here visiting at the home
of her sister. Mrs. ( . C. Doyey.
The Ode home was very prettily
decorated with red Rambler roses
place ttiiii littit the rooms of
the lifiie aiii which a.ddd a very
arti-tie totieh to the delightful
gat herinir. The ladies, some six
teen ill Illllllltel. pa-e, the time
m-l pleasantly in the of
miction l.ri.lire until a suitable
hour.' when a very tempting aiul
l.-li-j..u t hree. course luncheon
was erv-tl by the hostesses, that
wa thoroughly enjoyed by the
guests present.
Cures Stubborn, Itchy Skin
"I could scratch myself to
pieces," is often heard from suf
ferers of Eczema. Tetter, Itch an.J
similar Skin Eruptions. Don't
Scratch Slop the Itching1 at
once with Dr. Ilobson's Eczema
Ointment. Its first application
starts healing: the Red. Rough.
Scaly. Itching Skin is soothe. 1 by
the Healing and Cooling Medi
cines. Mrs. C. A. Einfeblt. Rock
I-land. III., after using Dr. Ilob
son's r.i'zrina Ointment, writes:
'"This is the first time in nine
years I have been free from the
dreadful ailment." fiuaranlced.
r'c, at your Druggist.
Big Basket Meeting June 21st.
There will be a basket meeting
Sun. lay. .Tune 2 1st, on the farm of
Cliarles Hates, two miles north of
Nehawka and two miles south of
the otterbein I II. church.
Preaching at a. m. and 2 p.
in.: also a baptismal service in
the afternoon. Anyone wishing
to be baptised may do so. Rev.
M. O. McLaughlin, president of
York college, will be the preacher,
lie a speaker of power; hear
him that day. Uring your dinner
and spend the day with us.
Rev. J. F. Hedges,
Xehawka, Neb.
I.adica Auk ynr Urgf .lot fnc
Illla in Ii-l ami ,oil metallic'
!', KilM itl Iilue K il. boa.
lraarlt- An I 4'IIKm.TFI'
yeaxiknwn ay Bet. Safest. Always Ke'.ia! le
io n oinrr. 1-1Y or tdiip
Drug Store Monies:
There are no imitation goods or drugs in our stock.
We don't carry them and won't. Everything, from
toothpicks to soda, is genuine. We put up our
prescriptions exactly as directed by the doctor.
We're not masqueraders.
Mauzy Drug Company
t - . .
Tom Akeson, notrheast of town,
had a cow killed by lightning in
the pasture Friday night, but
fortunately had it insured.
Mr. and Mrs. Wash ltullis de
parted last week for Wisconsin
and Canada, where they will spend
the summer months visiting rela
I ives.
The Misses Henrietta Hutler
and Carrie Marshall returned Sat
urday evening from Ames, Iowa,
where they have been attending
Harold Tllaikie departed for
Cashfier, Washington, Tuesday
morning where he will visit his"
uncle I.. E. Calkin. If the climate
agrees with him he will prolong
his stay indefinitely.
I. W. Te.'jrM-den and daughter. te. returned Tuesday inorn-
irir from I bur visit in Indiana.
Ike reports crop- good, although
the corn is r.ot as far along as
here on account of the amount of
rain there.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wengcr, son
ard daughter, of Wayland. Iowa,
were visiting tbeir cousins, the
Rich brotherr. and their families,
si veral days the first of the week.
They were traveling by auto and
were en rout" to Colorado with
visits along the way.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Lines bade
good-bye to friends at Weeping
Water Tuesday morning and de
parted for Mrs. Lines' home in
New York state, where they, will
spend the summer. On their way
they will stop at Cleveland for an
over Sunday visit al the home of
Mrs. Hazel Jameson Love.
Mrs. Hyron liakrr departed on
Monday morning for Toledo,
Ohio, to visit her husband, who is
carpentering there. She will visit
relatives and return with her
husband in a few weeks, as soon
as he can finish the work he has
on hand. She was accompanied
as far as Omaha by her son, Rob
ert. William McCain of Pown, Okla.,
was in town Tuesday calling on
old-time friends. Hillie was one
of the young1 men of this com
munity i0 years aso. He looks
as natural walking- with Hank
Hubbard as if he had always lived
bere. Tfe is visifinz his sister,
Mrs. John Hall, of Elmwood.
Tho Journal does joh work.
( c& )
Tho Churoh Handsomely Decorat
ed and the Program Render
ed With Great Skill.
Last evening the Methodist
Sunday school in this observ
ed in a splendid manner Chil
dren's clay, and one of the most
interesting and pleasing pro
grams that has ever been given
in the church was carried out by
the voting- people. In honor of
the event the church was very
handsomely decorated, the plat
for-: l in- beautiful with large
palms and vases of roes and the
flowers of the season, while sus
pended from the arch of III
church were two large silk Ameri
can Hags, not only showing tin
pirit of patriotism taught in the
school, but honoring the flag day
as well. The back of the church,
. .a Ml ... .
as well as tne large piuars, were
verv peauiniiiiy arraugeu won
.... ! ... i :u.
asparagus greens, interspersed
with red crimson ramblers that
made the auditorium of tin
church a most beaut ful sight to
the eye. and with the excellent
program made the occasion one
thoroughly enjoyed by the large
audience present.
On the platform was sealed the
Sundav school choir of twenty-
five young ladies, all garbed in
white, who added greatly to the
splendid music furnished. The
program consisted of songs.
luets and choiuses. as well as a
number of dialogues, and one of
the most pleasing numbers given
was mat or lime .miss i-.ieanor
McCarthy. who seated, on the
da! form in a rocking chair, with
ier doll, gave a lullaby song that
arried the audience by storm
ind they broke into applause at
ts conclusion.
The whole program was of ex
client quality and the line work
f the children of the primary and
junior grades showed the careful
raining that they had been given
y ine commmee in -cnarge oi
the affair. The splendid success
f the entertainment is largely
lue to the work done bv Miss Fer-
is York. Mrs. E. C. Hill and Miss
Violet Freest, who had charge of
the instruction of the children
and demonstrates the excellence
f the large Sunday school of this
hurch in taking up so earnestly
the work laid out for them.
Yesterday morning, according
o schedule, the members of Com
pany I, Iowa National Ouaid, of
lenwood, arrived in this city.
Owing to the extremely heavy
;iins that prevailed early Sunday
morning it was necessary for the
ioys to come over by train instead
if carrying out their tirst inten
ion of "hiking" from the Mills
ounty metropolis. The company.
afler their arrival, at once formed
in marching order and paraded up
Main street for several blocks,
ounfer marching to the llurling-
o;i 'P ! and thee.f- out to Jhe
i!le range, where camp was pilrh
d and preparations made for the
oik of shooting, I he members
f the company are a nice appear
ing bunch of young men and pre
sented a very fine appearance
narching up the street. There
vill be several of them that will
ie compelled to return home in a
'ew lavs. but all will be here to
take part in the shooting- on the
ange for a few days at. least.
Returns Home From School.
This morning James Jelinek
returned home to this city from
Washington, I). C, where he had
been attending a school for the
deaf in that city. He has pro
gressed rapidly in I he school w ork
in the capital city and li is suc
cess is the source of great pleas
ure to his family and friends in
this city. James graduated last
year from the school for the deaf
in Omaha, being one of the most
talented members of the class,
and in his studies has shown
great advancement.
Do you know that the Journal
office carries the finest line of
stationery In the city?
Rules of the Contest.
Any white man, woman, boy or girl of good reputation residing
in the territory of the contest may become a candidate.
Nominations may be made and will be received up to the last
day of the contest.
Contestants may nominate themselves or be nominated by
friends, without cost.
There will be two separate districts in which to enter, as de
scribed on this page. The candidate who received the largest vote
of the entire contest will be awarded the Overland Touring; Car.
The contestant receiving the second largest, vote of the entire con
test will receive the Schmoller & Mueller Piano. The three candi
dates in each of the two districts receiving the three largest number
of votes after the two grand prizes
the district prizes. All candidates who enter and work to the end
and fail to win one of the prizes will receive 10 per (wnt cash com
mission on all subscriptions turned in by them.
Every candidate in the contest
either the touring car or tne piano. Candidates compete only against
the candidates in their own district for the district prizes.
In the event of a typographical error it is understood that
neither The Journal or the Contest Manager shall be held responsi
ble, except to make the necessary correction on discovery of same.
Any district having- less than two active contestants will be de
clared olT.
Voting- will be bv two methods: Coupons clipped from THE
DAILY AX!) SEMI-WEEKLY JOUHXAL, which will count for live
votes each; anfl by special coupons issued for payments made on
subscriptions according to the published schedule. These payments
must be made in cash to the home otlice of the paper during- the
period covered by the contest, whereupon a special subscription
coupon will be issued, good for number of votes to which each pay
ment is entitled. Votes will not be sold or issued in any other man
lier. Special subscription coupons must bear the number cor
lespontling with the ledger number on record in the olliee, and must
be countersigned by the Contest Manager or his assistant. Contest
ants are not limited to their own districts in securing votes and sub
scriptions, but may obtain them anywhere. Votes are not transfer
able from one contestant to another.
All remittances must be accompanied by subscriber's name
and address.
All votes issued on subscriptions are good to the end of the con
test and may be polled at the discretion of the candidate or sub
scriber. Cash must accompany all subscriptions when votes are issued.
First publication of names will be made as soon as a suitable
number have been nominated in each district. Voting will com
mence Thursday. June 11, and continue until Saturday, August 1, at
10 p. in., at which time the contest will close.
No emplove or close relative of an employe of THE JOURNAL
can enter the contest.
A board of three responsible
control of the ballot box the last day of the contest and make an
nouncement of the result of that day's voting.
The Contest Manager reserves
tion and to pass iinal judgment
not covered by ttiese rules.
No statement or promise made
agent, varying; from these rules,
THE JOURNAL reserves the
any additions or alterations in ine aoove conditions inai may ne de
cided necessary to the interest and welfare of the contest and its
In aecepiinp nomination ami
. - i i
must accept and agree to aniue ny
Old subscribers cannot transfer their subscription to other
members of the family and be counted as new subscribers.
How Prizes Will Be Awarded.
The manner of awarding prizes is as follows:
The Overland live-passenger fourincr car, with complete equip
ment, will he awarded to the contestant who secures the largest
mmiher of votes during the campaign.
The 500 Sclmioller & .Mueller
contestant receiving- the second largest number of votes during the
After these grand prizes have
prizes awarded in each of the districts as follows:
The contestant receiving tne
gardless of the vote in any other
have been awarded, will receive a
from J. W. Crahill of Plat tsmout h.
The contestant receiving the
rach district, regardless of the vote in any other district, and alter
the grand prizes have been awarded, will receive an order on one of
IMattsmouth's largest stores for 30 worth of merchandise, as they
may select.
The contestant receiving the
each district, regardless of the vote in any other district, and after
the grand prizes have been awarded, will receive a gold watch, choice
of Klgin'or Waltham movement, purchased from J. V. Crahill,
lMattsmouth, and on display at his store in this city.
SPKCIAL To assure everyone
absolutely fair and impartial treatment, we will pay to every con
testant, who enters and who remains active until the close of the
campaign and who fails to win one
. a
cash commission oi ten ( mj per
secured and turned into tins otlice
The many friends of Mrs. Will
Jean in Ibis city will be pleased
to learn hat this lady is getting
along nicely at the hospital in
Omaha, where she was operated
on a few days ago, for appendi
citis, and thai the brightest hopes
are now entertained for her re
covery from the effects of the
malady. The case of Mrs. Jean
was a very severe one, as periton
itis had developed and for several
days her condition was very
grave, but it is now thought that
she will recover in good shape,
as all indications point to that
happy outcome of the case. Mr.
Jean was a passenger this morn
ing for the metropolis, where he
will spend the day with his wife
at the hospital.
Cherries for Sale.
Cherries are now ready for de
livery. .$2.00 per bushel. J. C.
Petersen, 'Phone No. 3iG.
Girls Wanted.
" Two girls are wanted at the
Perkins House immediately, for
general work.
are awarded will receive one of
lias an equal chance of winning
business men will have exclusive
the right to reject any nomina
upon any question that may arise,
by any solicitor, canvasser or
will be recognized by 1I1L
right to change the plan or to make
in casting- votes, all candidates
i i i .. . i .
ine anove ruies ami conuu ions.
- Piano will le awarded io ine
been awarded, there win ne inree
highest vole in eacn uimuci,: i e-
district, and after the grand prizes
beaut uul diamond ring, purchased
and on display at Ins store.
second highest number of votes m
. ....
third largest number oi votes in
who enters tins campaign oi
of the splendid prizes ottered, a
i 1 1 . . . 1 . I . . I . 111....
cent oi me money which mey iwie
during the campaign.
Shako Off Your Rheumatism.
Now is the time to get rid of
your rheumatism. Try a twenty-five-cent
bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment and see how quickly
your rheumatic pains disappear.
Sold bv all dealers.
Hose Reels, Calmps, Nozzles,
Springlers and Washers. Call
'phone 400. Warga & Schuldice.
Date 1914
I Nominate
Town or R. F. D Contest District No
As a Candidate in The Journal Prize Contest.
Signed Address
This Nomination Counts 500 Votes. Not over three nomination blanks will be credited to each
contestant. The nominator's name will not be divulged until after the contest and only then at
their request. -
Ah, Our Pies !
When Pie Making Stumped
Myself when young did hungrily
Baker and cook and heard soft
About it and about, but evermore
Came out by the same door wherein
I went.
No mysteries about our
pies. They're just simple,
well baked, juicy pies all
kinds tasty and good.
The proof of our pies is in
the eating.
You'll like their homemade
taste a specialty of ours.
"Mother" has nothing on us
as pie makers.
Baked For You
S. 0. C. DOVEY
From Saturday's Dalis.
Yesterday afternoon the home
of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Dovey was
the scene of a most delightful
gathering, t he o -cas ion being a
ken.-inuton given by .Mrs. Dnev
in honor of Mrs. V. ('. Morrow of
Cleveland, Ohio, a guest at t 1m
Doyev home. The ladi'-s, some
thirty in number, spent the after
noon very pieasanlly in Hie mak
ing of dainty n iiework and in
pleasant social conversation that
made the hours pass very swiftly.
At an appropriate hour a very
tempting- three-course luncheon
was served, w hich added- great ly
to the pleasures of the afternoon
and the delight of the ladies at the
gracious hospitality shown them,
and it was with great regret that
they departed from the scene of
such a pleasant t ime.
Children's Day at Manley.
A large crowd attended the
Children's day program given al
the 1'iiion church in Manley Sun
day night. Key. and Mrs. Lam
bert, from Weeping Water, were
present and gae an inleresting
talk on home and foreign mis
sions. The church was beautiful
ly decorated with (lowers. The
children performed their parts
very successfully. Their super
intendent, Mrs. J. L Miller. to
show her gratitude of the efforts
put forth by the children treated
each scholar to a sack of candy,
which was appreciated by all. A
missionary collection was taken
at the close of the program. Those
present from out of town were:
Mr. and Mrs. Wiles and daughter,
Ocrieva: Mr. Kmbury ami family,
from Sunnyside, and Mrs. S. Hec
tor and Alma liranson of Weep
ing Water.
for Infants and Children.
Hie Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Fit For a King!
i .
Good To
Greenwood Young Lady Married.
Saturday afternoon County
Judge A. J. Heeon wa. called up
on to issue a marriage license lo
Paul L. Simmon, of Ashland.
Clark county, Kansas, and Mi-s
Dorothy Dyer, of Oreenwood.
The wedding was performed yes
terday at the home of the parent
of the bride mar On-enw I.
The groom is a ranchman re!d-
near Ashland, while the bride
is a teacher of the ehoos near
ireenwood and a vouii'-: !:! "
highly esteemed by ail who hae
the pleasure of her acquaintance.
of The lMattsmouth Journal,
published Daily and Semi-Weekly
at Plattsmouth, Neb., required
by the Act of August 25, UHL'.
Editor, M. A. Hales, Platts
mouth, Neb.
Managing Editor, R. A. P.ates,
Plattsmouth. Neb.
Jhisincss Manager, R. A. Hales,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Publisher, R. A. Hates, lMatts
mouth, Neb.
Average number of copies of
each issue of this publication
sold or distributed, through the
mails or otherwise, to paid sub
scribers during the ix months
preceding the date of this state
ment: Daily R10
Semi-Weekly i,C,00
R. A. DATES, Owner.
Sworn to and subscribed be
fore me this l.'ilh day of June.
1!)1 i.
Notary Public.
(My commission expires I'eh
ruary' 13, 19 ID.)
Hot Weather Tonic and Health
Are you run down Nervous
Tired? Is everything you do an
effort? You are not lazy you
are sick! Your Stomach, Liver,
Kidneys, and whole system need
a Tonic. A' Tonic and Health
Huilder to drive out the waste
mailer build you up and renew
your strength. Nothing belter
than Electric Hitters. Start to
day. Mrs. James Duncan, Hay
nesville, Me., writes: "Com
pletely cured me after several
doctors gave me up." 50c and
81.00, at your Druggist.
by Experts!
t in