The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 15, 1914, SECTION ONE, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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    MONDAY, JUNE 15, 1314.
An Interesting Letters From a
Former Plattsmouth Boy
to His Sister.
The following very interesting
It tier in regard to the actual
eou.Jitioiis in Vera Cruz, Mexico,
has been received here by Mrs.
Anthony Nesladek, from her
brother", Walter Haines, a former
I'ialtj-mouth boy, who is at prcs
eiirwith the signal corps in the
warlike southern republic. Mr.
Haines is well remembered here,
alth..uj-'h it has been several years
.-:nce h. removed from this city.
The b tter is one that tells freely
tin- actual conditions that pie
vail there:
Vera Cruz, Mexico, May 31.
Hear Siter Your kind letter
r- ad and was ylad all were well.
This war is turning out to be a
j ke, frm the way things look to
K:4 soldiers and sailors. It is
about the same as it was when
v.. landed here, only things are
i, i as they should be according
t. the naties' point of view, as
tl ey don't savy this eb-aning-up
I ,'oVess; they are all being vac-
luated and imule to clean up in
fiieral. I suppose that this is as
loan as this city ever was and
eer will lie. I am stationed about
two miles from the terminal
l; -a biuarlers and in one of the
Waters-pierce Oil Co.'s otlices;
tl e headquarters of the Fourth
ii. fantry are here and this is half
a mile from one of their outposts.
Suppose you folks hear a dozen
different reports ami all kinds of
lumors that are not true, and it
will always be that way, but the
only way to get the right of it is
be right on the job. Our wire
k is installed on a passenger
cnai li and we run through the
federal lines every day. twice in
tr forenoon and in the after
noon, niakinir the trip out to the
gip in the traek where they have
it torn up, and bring back the
iefu-'ees who come down from
th- city on the Mexican railroad.
The; train proceeds through the
li with a white flag and we are
i:-'t mole-ted by them. The navy
has four hydro's here and they
do the scouting. We have all our
outposts and the trenches all
fixed up and I don't think all the
Mexicans in the country could
trke one of them. The -poor devils
do-fl want to fihf they are
made to. They are starving, and
I look for them to come in and
give up any time now, as the rebs
are pressing them a little closer
very day. and will sooner or
1 : f or lrive them in. It sure is a
strange state of affairs, and that
I think we will be a biur time try
ing to straighten out, if we ever
do. Say, Sis, if you will read
what Jack London has to say in
Collar's Weekly the 23d of this
month, entitled "With l-'unston's
Men." I think that you will have
it pretty straight, as he has put
it down right. The pictures of
his. and the line-up he gives is
about as correct as you can get
it. so get a copy of it, if you have
pot already one. Yes. if. is cer
tainly a mixed-up affair and I
gues it will be some time before
we will be back o the states, at
least that's my opinion of it.
Well. I will mail you a copy of
today's Herald ami you can see
where they allowed the fierman
ship Ypiranga to unload those
arms at Puerto, Mexico, that
means encouragement to Hue
rta's men, but from all reports as
to their way of lighting they will
waste nine out of ten cartridges
before they make a hit.
The men are very anxious to
do something or go back home;
I bey all holler, "War is li I,"
and I guess it is. I will send you
a few postals of the prison, San
Juan De I'lloa, soon. It was a
si'-rht to see awful, but it is all
cleaned up now and thousands
go to see it all the time.
(Jive my regards to (hc4 folks
and write soon, as we like to hear
from our homes. It takes the
mail 3fi hours to come from Gal
veston to this port; the destroy
ers carry it for us. You ought to
get this about the rth of June.
I.ove lo all. (iood-bye. Your
brother. Waller H. Haines.
Co. I)., Signal Corps, Los-CoCos
Sla., Mexico.
Farm for Sale.
The Ct. F. Switzer quarter,
three mile southwest of Ne
hawka. For particulars see or
write Henry M. Pollard, Nehawka,
Last evening Constable O. W.
Clark arrived in the city bringing
with him Henry Cook, a stranger,
who claims to be from South
Omaha, and who for the past
week has been staying in the vi
cinity of Union. The man is
evidently decidedly off in the up
per story and his stories of his
being pursued by large crowds of
men who threatened his life
greatly frightened the residents
at the farm of Mrs. A. J. Ander
son, where the man was working
for a few days. The trouble was
first noticed when he reported
having seen a large number of
men crawling under the fence in
the pasture at the Anderson farm,
and an investigation was made,
but no men were found, and Mr.
Clark was summoned, and to him
the man related a harrowing
story of how the farm was sur
rounded by armed men, hiding
behind bushes and generally an
noying him. The county attorney
was notified of the situation and
advised that the man be brought
here, where the authorities could
look after the case ami see that
he was placed where he could not
harm himself or anyone else.
Word has been received that
.Mr. and Mrs. David G. White of
Missoula, Mont., will arrived in
Lincoln the last of this month en
route for Washington, I. C Mr.
While being transferred from the
U. S. forest service district head
quarters at Missoula to the gov
ernment headquarters at Wash
ington. Both Mr. and Mrs. White
are well known here. Mrs." While
was formerly Miss Gertrude Mc
Kinjey of Crete, and their wedding
will be remembered by many as
one of the social events of last
winter. Mr. White has numerous
friends here who will be glad lo
congratulate him upon his pro
motion and success. He is a
member of the Delta Tau Delta
fraternity and' a graduate and
post-graduate of the state uni
versity. They will also visit at
both Crete and Plattsmouth before
leaving Nebraska. State Journal.
The success of Mr. White in his
chosen field will be the source of
great pleasure to his friends here,
where he was born and reared to
manhood, and those knowing his
splendid qualifications realize that
he is eminently qualified to till
any position to which he may be
called upon lo take up in the for
est rv service.
From Saturday's Dally.
This afternoon John Cory de
parted for Omaha, where he will
join the other members of the
"insurgent" Woodmen who will
leave at (5 o'clock over the North
western en route to Toledo, where
they will attend the head camp of
the Modern Woodmen of America,
which will convene there Tues
day. At the recent convention at
Hastings, which was controlled
by the insurgents, Mr. Cory was
selected as the delegate from the
First congressional district by the
convention, while the Talbot or
stand-pat delegates, who boiled
the convention, picked Henry H.
Goring as their representative
from the First district. Hoth of
these gentlemen are members of
Cass camp of this city. Dr. E. W.
Cook, state medical director of the
Modern Woodmen will also be in
attendance at the Toledo camp
and left yesterday for that place,
where the head officers are ar
ranging the details of the camp
and preparing for the work of
organizing. The victory at the
camp is claimed- by bolh the
sf and-patters and insurgents, but
the figures submitted seem to
favor the .Talbot wing of the
Residence for Sale.
Two-story brick on Main and
8th streets, contains 8 rooms,
not including bath room and
closets. Beautifully located and
modern fixtures. Two and a half
lots, with trees, barn and out
houses. For further particulars
address Silas Long, 648 N. 26th
St., Lincoln, Neb.
From Saturday's Daily.
The news of the death of I. X.
or Nye Heading as he was better
known here, was received in this
city yesterday. Mr. Heading, who
was a foreman of a paint gang of
the Burlington, was struck near
Chaleo Thursday evening by
Burlington train No. 12 and in
stantly killed. From what details
of the accident that could be re
ceived it seems that Reading was
endeavoring to get his handcar
off the track when he was struck
by the onrushing passenger train
and killed. Be was well known
here, as he resided at Pacific
Junction with a married daugh
ter, who, together with a son and
two other daughters, is left to
mourn his loss. He was about ir
years of age. The matter of the
accident, is being investigated by
Ihe Burlington.
Some very fine western cattle
were marketed at Kansas City last
week, being shipped from the vi
cinity of Murray, this county, ami
they brought Ihe lop prices on Ihe
market, as they were exception
ally fine stock and in the best of
condition. The shippers were W.
J. Philpot, who hail two loads. 1.
511 pounds, and averaging S.7
per hundred; J. A. Brown, one
load, 1, 5 55 pounds average, at
!?8.83, and J. W. Philpol, one
load, l,i70 pounds average, at
sS.811. These cattle were pur
chased in Wyoming and proved
good gainers, adding upwards of
500 pounds in less than six
mouths. This certainly speaks
well for the cattle that are fatten
ed by the Cass county shippers
and the owners of the slock are
well pleased with the showing
From Saturday's Dally.
The county commissioners,
sitting as a board of equalization,
yesterday had a very lively ses
sion in looking over the various
claims presenled to them for con
sideration. City Attorney Tidd,
appearing' before the board, asked
that the assessment of the Ne
braska Lighting company be in
creased $7,000 on the valuation
returned to the assessor; the
Lincoln Telegraph & Telephone
Co.. $25,000 over their returns,
and the Plattsmouth Water Co.,
$5,000 increase over the figures
given in. This is to cover the
improvements and valuation
which it is alleged should be tax
ed against the corporations. The
city attorney also asked that the
land east of the depot, on which
Thomas Stokes is located, be
stricken from the tax list of the
county, as the City of Platts
mouth claims title to the land
that Mr. Stokes has settled on and
which has been in controversy for
the past, two or three vears be
tween the city ami Mr. Stokes.
The board decided o set Mondav.
June 22, as the day on which to
hear the different claims and the
commissioners will find that they
have a very lively session in pros
pect. D. A. R. MEET AT
From Friday's Dally.
The members of Fonlanello
Chapter, Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution last evening met
at the home of Misses Zclma,
Alice and Hazel Tuey for I heir last
regular business meeting of the
year. The rooms were very pretty
with decorations of Hags and
roses of the season, and made a
very handsome, scene. The plans
for the coming year's work was
talked over by the members of the
society and quite a number of new
members are. in prospect to unite
with the chapter in the future.
At the close of the meeting the
hostesses served very tempting
and delicious refreshments thai
brought to a close a very pleasant
and profitable evening for the
A new lot of Fancy
Ribbons for Girdles
and Sashes in all the
newest patterns and
We have placed on
the bargain counter
a special lot, at per
Local News
From Friday's Dally.
Perry Marsh came in last even
ing on No. 2 from Wyoming
where he is engaged in the ranch
ing business, and will visit her
with his family.
Misses Anna and Martha lliatt
of Sidney, Iowa, ae in the city
for a short visit at the home of
their sister, Mrs. Frank R. (jobel
man and family.
Philip II i I I . Alfred Causmei
and W. II. Puis motored in this
morning from their homes am
spent the day here looking aflei
some matters of business.
John ;. Hermann returned Ihi
afternoon to his home at Ienvei
after being here in attendance at
the funeral of his mother.
Mrs. Jennings Seivers departed
this afternoon for Owatonua
Minn., where she will visit with
relatives. Mr. Seiveis accom
panied her as -far as Omaha on
her journey.
Frank Raker, who has been
visiting in Lincoln with friends
and relatives, came in last even
ing on No. 2 in company with W.
K. Rosencrans, and will be a guest
at the Rosencrans' home for a few
Mr. ami Mrs. lid Fox of Water
loo, Iowa, who have been visiting
the la tier's parents, Mr. and Mrs
J. W. Haynie, in this city, depart
ed for Chicago Wednesday even
ing, where they will visit, the par
ents of Mr. Fox for a lime.
John Whilcmau came up last
evening from his home at Ne
hawka to look after some matter
of business, and was a passenger
this morning', in company with J
It. Barton, the genial A. (). U. W
deputy, for Omaha to spend a few
Rev. H. CI. McClusky and wife
returned this morninsr from
Parksville, Mo., where they at
tended Ihe commencement exer
cises of Park college, where Miss
Maurine Hm'ties. a sister of Mr
McClusky graduated. Miss Hughes
accompanied I hem home for a
short visit.
Mrs. Carl Neilson of Omaha and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Metzaschies
of Plainview, Neb., who have been
here for a few days as guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ohm, departed this morning for
their home. Mr. and Mrs. Metzs
ehies are on their honeymoon and
are spending a week or so visiting
with relaljes; en route home they
will slop at Wisner for a short
Waller Haynie of Norburg,
Iowa, who has been visiting his
parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Haynie, returned to his home
yesterday morning. He vvas ac
companied by his two sisters, Mrs.
Sleinhaus of Cordon, Neb., and
Mjss Viola Hayiiie of this city,
who will visit at Norburg for a
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Local News
From Saturday's Daily.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve for All
IW. Tritsch, refracting optician,
at Gering & Co.'s Wednesday and
Saturday evenings. Examination
J. L. Ithoden. of Table Rock,
arrived in the city last evening to
attend the funeral of his mother,
the late Mrs. Nancy H. Ithoden,
which was held this morning.
Miss Anna Mickelwait of ("Hen
wood, Iowa, who has been visiting
her aunt, Mrs. II. A. Sharp, in this
city for a few days, returned home
this afternoon.
Mrs. Edward Sprieck, of Stan
ton, Nebraska, arrived in the city
last evening and will make a visit
for a short time at the home of
her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John McNurliil.
Genuine Fletcher's Castoria
this week only at 19c. Gering
Co., the Spot Cash Family Drug
gists. 'Phone 38.
Mrs. Frank Raker and ilttl
daughter June arrived here yes
where thev had been visiting am
were, joined by Mr. Raker, and wil
make a short visit at the home
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Rosencrans.
Editor '. E. (Iraves of the Union
Eeilger came up last evening lo
spend a few hours here with his
friends and in attending to mat
ters at the com I house.
C. l Valb ry droe in this aft
ernoon from his farm home to
spend a few hours here looking
after some business matters.
Oscar Xaar, one t)f the sub
stantial young farmers of the vi
cinity of South Mend, was in tin
city today for a few hours looking
after some matters of busines?
as well as visiting with friends.
Eiltle Misses Hildreth am
Heulah liayliss of Watson, Mo.
arrived in this citv Thursdav for
a visit at the home of Mr. am
Mrs. Itrady. The little Misse.-
Uayless made the trip by them
selves and Mrs. Itrady met them
at Pacilie Junction.
Mrs. J. II. IJoonslha. of Sioux
('itv, who has been visiting- with
relatives and friends here, depart
ed this morning for her home, be
ing accompanied bv her sister
Mrs. Homer lilack. who will make
a short visit in Sioux City at Hit
home of her sister.
Hon. John Mattes, Jr., J. C Hurr
and (Jus Young, three of the lead
ing residents and genial gentle
men from Nebraska City, were in
the city yesterday for a few hours.
being called here by business mat
ters, and found time lo drop in on
the Journal for a short call.
Has His Toe Mashed.
From FrMay's Iaily.
August Hesse, who is employed
in the store department of the
Hurlington as a platform worker,
on Wednesday had the misfortune
to meet with quite a severe ac
cident trial will inconvenience
him for a short time. He was
working loading some timbers,
and while doing this one of con
siderable size fell and struck him
on the foot, mashing one of the
toes quite severely.
Take Plenty of Time to Eat.
There is a saying that "rapid
eating is slow suicide.
If you
have formed the habit of eating
too rapidly you are most likely
suffering fronu indigestion or
constipation, which will result
eventually in serious illness nn
less corrected. Ingestion begins
in the mouth. Food should be
thoroughly masticated and in
salivated. Then when you have a
fullness of Ihe stomach 'or feel
dull and stupid after eating, take
one of Chamberlain's Tablets
Many severe cases of stomach
trouble and constipation have
been cured bv the use of these
tablets. They are easy to take
and most agreeable in ciTcct. Sold
by all dealers.
Returns Home From Hospital.
Fmm Friday's Dally.
East evening Theodore Eister
returned home from Omaha,
where he underwent an operation
last Saturday for an affliction of
his eye, and which has proven
most successful in every way, and
the young man is feeling very
well after the painful operation.
II was necessary to remove the
eye, which has been sightless for
some time.
liny, Sell or Exchange Platts
mouth property. Worth the
money. Clyde IE Fuller. Phone
440 J. 5-li-tfd&w
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Daylight loading and unloading
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The Red Cross Drug Store.
On Cass County Farm Lands
NO DELAYS Loans can be closed in
ten days from date of application.
Office, Coates Block,
Big Booster Circulation Campaign
I am a resident cf Cass County or vicinity and wish to enter
The Journal Prize Contest. I fully understand the rules and con
ditions governing same, which I agree to comply with.
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E JrTi i 1 1 TriT i tv i
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Lowney's Candies, Kodaks.
Plattsmouth, Nebr.
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