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    PACE 6.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If any of the readers of the
Journal know of any social
event or item of interest in
this vicinity, and will mail
same to this office, it will ap
pear under this heading. We
want all news items Editor
i life's mmn
YOU'VE read about Orville Wright's success with his aeroplane stab
ilizer, the balance wheel of flight. In life's flight you need several
balance wheels. For instance, you need the balance wheels of
honesty, of morality, of physical well being, of money. One might write
a column about life's stabilizers. Instead we suggest that you THINK
this sketch over.
V. I". Jenkins aut I to Omaha
Vdncday on business.
I'. II. Ju-.-n was a Plat tsniouth
isiti.r Safin-day
.Mrs. A. V. Nickels was a pas
iciiL'tT for nmalia Sunday morn-
1'. L. Rlnuh-n and wife motored
! Plattsnii.utli Saturday after
noon. I.ow F.llick has sfarfod a new
dray lino making two drays now
in town.
l. S. Ray and family woro
puots ..f John Hendricks and
wifo Sunilay.
Mrs. Ii. F. P.rondol and Mr. and
Mrs. Will Soybolt woro Omalia
ivilors Sunday.
IMowin-' corn and ruflinpr al
falfa is I ho pastime with tho
farmers of this vicinity this wook.
loan Nickels, tho yoimprest son
"of A. F. Nickels and wifo, whilo
at play Sunday had tho misfortune
to break his arm.
Mrs. Ed Ri??s and son, Ilorold,
nrrivod Saturday for an oxtondod
iit with hi'v niothor, Mrs. R. II.
Filch, and other rolativos.
Mrs. . IT. Kirkondall departed
Tuesday evening for Eddyvillo,
Noh.. to visit hor son. Willie I).
lray and family. Mrs. Kikondall
will he absent about two wooks.
Mrs. Ona I.awton and littlo son
depart oil Monday evening for Sen
tim l Pullo. South Dakota, to visit
with hor brut hor, Dallas Youn
anil family, for a month or six
Remember that the Ladies' Aid
society of the Christian church
will hohl a market at Paker &
Nickels' hardware store every
Satur.lay afternoon, where you
ran buy pies, cakes, bread and all
manner of pmil things for your
Sunday dinner. Patronize tho
Roy Cline visited friends in
Plattsinouth Sunday.
Plan to come to the social at
Lewis! on Saturday evening-, June
li, 11)1 I.
William Nickels was looking
afler business in Plattsmouth
Mrs. Nick Klaurens entertained
Arthur Copenhavor and wife Sun
day at dinner.
John Hobschiedt and wife visit
ed Charles Ilerron and wife, west
of Murray, Sunday.
Miss Henrietta Creamer went
to Weepinir Water Thursday to
attend the graduation of the
eighth grade.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Urish, west of
Mynard, are rejoicing- over the
arrival of a nice little girl at their
home Thursday, May 28.
R. R. Nickels has a force of
men at work putting in a water
works system in his home and
putting- down a fine under-ground
Mrs. F. M. Young organized her
Sunday school class and enter
tained them two weeks apro today
in the afternoon. Everyone pres
ent had a good time.
Creamer & Nickels' threshing
outfit wants a pond engineer fnr
the ensuing threshing esasnn. See
Henry Creamer in Murray almost
any day except Sunday.
Alf Nickels went to Omaha
Wednesday evening- to see his
doctor there. Alf has been suffer
ing from rheumatism for several
months, but seems better at the
present time.
Misses Clara Young and Rosa
Cline went to Weeping- Water
Wednesday morning- to attend the
closing- exercises of the Weeping
Water academy, which is to close
down for good. These young
ladies were former students in
this institution.
Sweeper and
Cleaner .
A girl of eight can operate. It picks up the
heavy litter and sucks out the dust from your
rugs or carpets. The most sanitary machine
made. No house should be without this clean
er. Think of the price we are making, when
other houses ask you $10 to $15 for the same
machine. Don't delay this offer won't last
Murray, - - - Nebraska
Lee Nickels was a Plattsmouth
visitor Saturday evening1.
Eat strawberry shortcake with
the Lewiston Glee club Saturday
night, June C.
Mrs. J. D. Lewis and daughter
were transacting- business in
Plattsmouth Monday.
Mrs. Robert Fitch and children
spent Sunday with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Mason, m Platts
mouth. Miss Pearl Dug-ay came home
from Plattsmouth Thursday,
where she had been attending
High school.
The David Cole Creamery Co.
pays the highest market price for
butter fat, and the station is lo
cated at Oldham's.
A 10 -pound baby girl was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Hartls, five miles west of Murray,
Monday, June 1, and the parents
feel very much rejoiced.
Miss Cirace Jameson of Weeping-
Water came home with her
sister, Mrs. J. F. Hrendel, who
spent Decoration day in Weeping
Water, and is spending: the week
here with her sister.
Quite a number of our people
having- lawns have tried letting
the blue grass take care of the
dandelions, which has proved an
easy success. Don't mow the
lawn and the weed goes.
Something- like twenty of the
members of the Library associa
tion will assist Mrs. fiapen in
giving- the musical Saturday
evening", June 13. If you wisli a
way to go telephone No. lti ami a
way will be furnished.
Miss Nita Cook received a very
fine piano for her 1 Sth birthday
from her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Cook. There is strong
prospects that we will have an
other musician in our midst in a
very short time, and one that will
prove well talented.
Uncle Sam Latta's new Tierg
auto has arrived. He unloaded
it at Plattsmouth Monday, and
since then has been enjoying- real
com ion in a goou, commouious
ami reliable car. Just so Uncle
Sam don't get reckless in hi?
driving- we will all feel safe for
his welfare.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walker am
daughter, Mrs. G. II. flilmore
decorated the graves of relative?
who sleep in the Horning- cem
etery, on Decoration day, am
from there they went to Platts
mouth, where they visited a brief
time before returning: home.
Mrs. Earl Tany returned from
the hospital at Omaha Saturday
evening, where she was operated
upon for appendicitis. The many
friends of Mrs. Tany, formerly
Miss Edith LaRue, are pleased to
welcome her home, looking- as
well as could possibly be expect
ed under such frying- circum
Miss Lula Oruderson of Craf-
ton. Neb., is spending- the Peru
vacation with her friends, Miss
Villa Oapen. Mrs. fSapen is
home for the summer, having fin
ished the Peru normal this year.
Her father and brother were pres
ent at the graduation exercises,
and from there they visited rela
tives at Auburn.
The signs of harvest and hay
inpr time are very much in evi
dence on the school grounds.
where our implement dealers,
Baker & Nickels, and assistants,
are very busy setting- up binders
and mowers. They have sold a
large number of machines this
spring-, perhaps as large a num
ber as any 'other firm in the
ur. tiiimore returned from a
two weeks' visit to Oklahoma,
Saturday evening. While at
Minco he met Mike Swortsfisher,
Mr. Baumeister, Mr.Dagendorf
er and several other old Cass
county people, who are well and
prosperous. The crop outlook in
Oklahoma from the Texas line
across the central part to the
Kansas line is the best in the his
tory of the state.
Mrs. Mira McDonald and Mrs.
W. F. Moore have been entertaining-
for the past week Mrs.
Joel Fishue of Los Angeles, Cal.;
Mrs. Wm. Morrow of Seward.
Neb.; Mr. Abraham Towner of
Surprise, Neb., all former Cass
county people. And also Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Gilmour, Mr. and Mrs.
B. W. Livingston and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Hersenflow and Mrs.
Tracey were entertained at Sun
day and Monday dinners.
- Out on Pleasure Bent.
JefT Brendel and wife and El
mer Boedekor and wife had such
good luck on their fishing- ex
cursion the the road between
Murray anil the Missouri river
has kept very warm ever since.
So a larger party was organized
on the Thursday following", and
one would have thought that they
were intent on raking in several
hundred tons of the finny tribe,
and that the next party would
stand no show at all. The party
consisted of Dr. B. F. Brendel
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. J. F.
Brendel, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tutt,
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Pitman, and
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Brendel or
Avoea. Of course they enjoyed
the outing", and no one disputes
their having- a big- time and they
brought home about 100 pounds
of fish, which was evidence of the
fact that there was still plenty of
them in the "Old Missouri." but
the evidence was not sufficient
that they had caught all these
fish unless it was with silver
hooks. We will not discuss this
question any further, suffice to
say, they woro all well jdoased
with the trip and enjoyed the fish
just the same.
Com. Heebner's Daughter Weds.
Henry Heebner of the Farmers'
elevator went to the home of his
brother, Charles, three miles
west of Nehawka, Tuesday after
noon to attend the wedding- of the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Heebner, that evening. Promptly
at 8 o'clock Mr. Jesse West lake
and Miss Eula Heebner were unit
ed in wedlock by the pastor of the
Lutheran church. Afler con
gratulations a sumptuous repast
was served, of which all heartily
partook. The bride is a daughter
of Commission Heebner, and one
of the attractive and highly
esteemed young ladies in that
section of Cass county, while the
groom, who hails from Eagle, this
county, is a young" man who is
hohl in high esteem by all his
friends and neighbors. May peace
and happiness reign supreme as
these two young- people down the
pathway of Time trod, and the
Journal wishes them prosperity
for all time to come.
Wouldn't Be Outdone.
A parly or our people, com
posed of both ladies and gentle
men, had arranged last Tuesday
to take an excursion trip to the
state fisheries to spend the day.
but the drizzling- rain all fore
noon put a uaniper on this ar
rangement. Not to be outdone
altogether, ami the omniou
clouds passing- away after the
dinner hour, thev loaded in their
autos with the many gooil things
prepared for the occasion, and
hied themselves to the mouth of
Four Mile creek, on the Platte
river, north of Plattsmouth.
where they camped for the even
ing-, and enjoyed the gooil things
that the ladies had prepared for
the day's outing, and when they
returned borne they all seemed to
feel as well as if they had went
to the fisheries. In going- they
stnpped at Plattsmouth, whore
they were joined bv Mr. and Mrs,
C. A. Rawls.
Outdoor Musical.
The following is the program
for the outdoor musical at Lloyd
(iapen's Saturday evening, Juno
1.', for the benefit of Ihe public
library: ,
Piano Solo Ogla Minford
Vocal Solo Matlie Urish
Reading Clara Young
Vocal Solo ....Carrie Thomasim
Vocal Solo Harvey Ramgi
Piano Solo Ralph Kennedy
ocal Solo ....Mrs. Fred Itamge
Piano uet . .Villa and Elsie Capon
Vocal Solo ....Rachel Livingston
Reading Mrs. Alvin Ramgt
oeai fMtio. . . merino lucnar-iison
Piano Solo Emma Cummin
Refreshments consisting of
ice cr eam and cake, will bo served.
Admission, 'JO cents. Free con
veyaneos win ie lurnisiiod trmn
town out to tho Capon homo if
you will telephone No. in, ar
rangements win ie niaue nr vour
If You Contemplate Building a
Residence, Barn
Other Outbuildings
Get an Estimate on Lumber and Building Material at THE
MURRAY LUMBER YARD and see if we don't make it
worth while to leave you money at home.
We are here to Please our Patrons
.... Both in Prices and Quality ....
The Murray Lumberman
2, Mathilda
ils of school
drated their
by having a
s and a few
prove. The
sairreeablo in
did not take
Sunday Picnic.
Minuay a merry crowd of pic
nickers gathered at tho river and
enjoyed the day eatinjr and visit
ing. Those who attended were;
Messrs. and Mesdames D. A,
Young", Alvin Ramge and children,
Fred Ramge and children. Mrs.
Ona I.awton and son, Lyle; Misse.-
Pearl Hinlon, Pauline Oldham,
Clara Young, Messrs. Albert and
Rex Young.
Ilarrv Simons returned homo
to this city Sunday from Still
water, Minnesota, where he vas
called on Saturday bv the death
of his brother-in-law, I. Born
sloine, who passed away at that
place after an illness covering a
considerable period of time. The
funeral was held at his late home
on Saturday afternoon. The do-
beased gentleman was the father
of I). Tlernstine, of this city, and
ho was present at his father-
side when he passed away. The
friends here of Mr. Hernsfine will
greatly regret to learn of the loss
or his lamer and no can rest as.
surred of their sympathy in hi:
hour of grief.
Fast Friday
Donat and the pup
district No. LM., col
last day of school
picnic by theinselve
other-s in's
weather was very di
the niorninir. but it
very long before it, cleared up,
and this surely caused happiness
to those that wished to be pres
ent. The day was spent in play
ing various frames, music, lunch
ing and singing. At a late hour
in the evening the crowd began to
start for their homos, all wishing
that they may get together again
and have a good time. Those
present were; Misses Lula Blot
zer, Louisa Schissel, Alice
Tsehirren, Florence Schluntz and
Helen Donat of Plattsmouth, Roe
Schiessel, Mathilde Donat, Mrs.
Ralph Ilaynie and two children.
Roscoe and Kennet; Mrs. Joseph
Schiessel, Wilma Schissel, Mr
Frank Blotzer. sr.. Louis Schis
sel, John Blotzer. Pujols: Elmer
Tsehirren, Yiolet Koke, Sophia
True. Lena Tsehirren, Lena 1 rue.
Kathrvn Boltzer. Lillian Schissel,
Walter-Tschirren. Pansy Bate
Charles Koke. Mable 'line, Mario
Schissel, Margie Bates, Marshall
Bates, Ceorgo Blotzer, Yerna
True, Willis Childers, Alice True,
Annie Bates.
Don't Hide Them With a Veil;
Remove Them With tho
Othine Prescription.
This prescription for the re
moval of freckles was written by
a prominent physician and is
usually so successful in removing
freckles and giving a clear,
beautiful complexion that il is
sold by druggists under guar
antee to refund the money jf jL
Don't hide your freckles und'-r
a veil; get an ounce of othiiio and
remove them. F.ven the Jirst few
applications should show a won
derful improvement, .-ome of the
lighter freckles vanishing en
tirely. Be sure to ask the druggist, for
the double strength othine: il is
this that is sold on the money
back guarantee.
Services at Lewiston at 3:30,
from now on.
t v r- 1 i
a. fMirauer was a nusrness
visitor in Omaha Wednesday.
R. R. Nickels transasted busi
ness in Plattsmouth Saturday.
Walter Ilessenflow spent Sun
day with W. F. Moore and familv
Mrs. Errit Thomason visited
her mother, Mrs. Frank Campbell,
Minford & Creamer had a load
of fat hogs on the South Omaha
market Saturday.
mrs. loung s new nome is one
of the most convenient Iv arrang
ed residences in Murray.
Mrawnerrv shortcake, and ice
cream social at Lewiston Satur
day night. Be sure and come.
Mr. Berg, manufacturer of the
Berg automobiles and buggies,
returned to Ililnois Tuesday, after
a pleasant visit here.
Mrs. Joe Fishue of Seward, who
has been visiting her sisters, Mrs.
W. F. Moore and Mrs. Mira Mc
Donald, left Monday for her home
at Seward.
Rex Young departed Monday
evening- for Moreheau, Iowa, to
attend the wedding of his cousin,
Floyd Mann, at which Rex acted
as best man. It was indeed a
happy event.
Mrs. E. O. Lyman of Helena,
Montana, . arrived Thursday to
spend the summer with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. I). A. Young.
She was met at Plattsmouth by
her father and
Stubborn, Itchy Skin
"f could scratch myself to
pieces," is often heard from suf
ferers of Fczema, Totter, Itch and
similar Skin Eruptions. Don't i
Scratch Slop the Itching at
once with Jr. lloiison s r.ezoma
Ointment. Its first application
starts healing; the Rod, Rough,
Scalv. Itching Skin is soothed by
the Healing and Cooling Medi
cines. Mrs. c. A. j-.inionir, nock
Island. 111., after using Dr. Hob-
Eczema Ointment, writes
"This is the first lime in nine
years I have neon, iree irom mo
dreadful ailment." Guaranteed.
50c, at your Druggist.
Shake Off Your Rheumatism.
Now is the time to gel rid of
a I r' I 1
your rheumatism, i ry a iwenty-five-cent
bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment and see how quickly
your rheumatic pains disappear.
Sold bv all dealers.
FOREST ROSE Best flour on
the market. Sold by all leading
Beautiful Shetland Ponies
for sale at all times, lor tho next
100 years, unless I die in the
meantime. I have now an extra
fine stallion, the nest in the state,
for sale. Well broke for both
harness and saddle.
Wm. Gilmour,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
R. F. D. No. 1.
Farm for Sale.
Farm of 121 acres, 5 M miles
northeast of Union; 1 i acres hay
land, 20 acres pasture timber,
rest in cultivation; well improv
ed. Price right if taken soon.
Address Miss Etta Nickels, Mur
ray, Neb.
Can't Keep It Secret.
The splendid work of Cham
berlain's Tablets is dailv becom
ing more widely known. No such
grand remedy for stomach and
liver troubles has over been
known. For sale bv all dealers.
Accounts Must Be Settled.
There are still a great many
accounts due the estate of Aug
ust Gorder that we must insist
upon being setteid at once. Anis
notice is final, and if same is not
paid within a reasonable time,
the accounts will be placed in
other hands for collection.
Fred Gorder,
Well Digging and Stump Pulling.
I am prepared to do stump
milliner on contract and also to
dig wells, and solicit work in this
line. Satisfaction guaranteed in
every instance. x. i. oimuh.
Fruits, Fresh and Canned Meats, Canned
Goods, and a general line of
such Goods .
We are here for patronage, and our
effort will be to please our patrons. A
liberal share of patronage is solicited.
Market Prices paid for Uutt er, Egs,
Poultry and all kinds of produce.
Come in and Sec Us
For Sale or Rent.
The Berger cottage, consisting
of G rooms, and elegantly locaieu
in Murrav, is for sale or rent.
brother, Albert For particulars call at the Berger
W.S.SMITH, :: Murray, Nebraska
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Campbell
entertained at Sunday dinner Mr.
and Mrs. E. It. Queen, Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs.
James Fitch, Mrs. Ed Riggs, Mrs.
Farm for Sale
The G. F. Switzer" quarter
three miles southwest or ise
iinwi.-n For particulars see or
Fitch, Annabel Fitch, Harold write Henry M. Pollard, Nehawka
Ail iveciaj jjiseases cured vritbout a surgical
Riggs, Pearl and Frank Dugay. Neb,
TTTlS Fl rv rv SSiyLA-Pay When CURED
operation. No Chloroform. Ether or other pen
eral aneasthetic used. CURE GUARANTEED
to last a LIFE-TIME, examination free.
DR. E. R. TARRY. Omaha, Ntbratka T