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State Historical So.
NO. 45.
Friday and Saturday to Be Gala
Days for the Elks' Lodge in
This City.
The time fur the dedication of
lh new Elks' club house in this
is drawing mi apace amt Hie
members uf N. 731 are anxious
ly awaiting the day when they are
to move into Him handsome new
building on Sixth street anl start
in to enjoy the luxury of the
splendidly appointed home.
The dedication ceremonies will
commence on Friday afternoon,
when the Hub house will be
thrown open for the inspection
of the public from 2 until 7:30.
and to this reception everyone in
the city is cordially invited to at
tend and view the beautiful in
terior t.f the building. Music
will be furnished during the aft
ernoon as the guests proceed
through Hie building, and at the
Hose of the reception the build
ing will be thoroughly cleaned
ami the preparation for the grand
ball in the evening completed.
The ball will be one of the most
elaborate that has ever been
given in the city and the members
of the order and their lady friends
will find that it is one of the most
stupendious social affairs ever
piven in the history of the city.
The Hub house will be entirely at
the disposal of the members, who
have at the previous social af
fairs been hampered by lack of
space. The Holly orchestra of
this city will furnish music for
the ball!
On Saturday the- ceremonies
will be for the benefit of the Elks
only and will be in the nature of
a .stair." The different Elk
lodges of the -date have been in
vited to be present and celebrate
with Plattsmouth, and to the in
vitation a largo number of the
lodges have responded. Lincoln
lodge No. 80 will have a delega
tion, headed by Frank E. Green,
past, exalted ruler of the lodge
there; Omahr. will have such
hustlers as "Mose" O'Brien. Sec
retary Ike Miner and Dan Butler
In guide them in their visit here.
Largo deb-cations will be present
from Nebraska Cily, Red Oak and
Shenandoah, Iowa, and Fremont.
Governor John It. Moiehead. one
of ti'e members of the Falls City
lodge, has been invited and will
be present. also Fred Rain of
Fairbury. president of the stale
lodge, and the occasion is going
to be one of the most gala that
has ever been held in the cily in
recent years.
The new club house is an orna
ment to the city and one of the
most beautiful lodge homes in the
stale and the members may feel
very proud of it and the spirit
that has made possible the erec
t i n of the building.
En Route to Salt Lake, Utah.
"'.. H. Cook and little daughter
arrived in this cily this mornin
from their home at Salem, Iowa,
and will make a short visit here
at the home of Mr. Cook's broth
er, Dr. E. W. Cook and family. Mr.
Cook and family are en routf
from their home to Salt Lake? Cily,
Etah, and stopped here for a short
stay, after which they will re
sume their journey to the me
tropolis of Utah, where they will
make a month's stay.
Cheapest accident, insurance
Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil. For
burns, scalds, cuts and emergen
cies. All druggists sell it 25c
and 50c.
R. G. Rawls was a passenger
this morning for Omaha, where
he will visit for a few hours look
ing after some matters of busi
ness. Best results are secured by ad
vertising in the Journal.
Barsnall. Dantfit, coatas block.
Here From Nebraska City.
From Tuesday's Daily.
John Mattes, jr., and Gust
Yoimgr, two of the best fellows in
the world, from Nebraska City,
were in the city yesterday for a
few minutes visiting" with their
friends while en route homo from
Wahoo. Mr. Mattes is a candi
date for the democratic nomina
tion for state senator for Cass
and Otoe counties and has met
with much encouragement, in his
canvass, as almost anyone know
ing him recognizes his ability for
the position he is seeking. Mr.
Young is a very genial gentleman
and to meet him is a great pleas
ure at all times. While in the
city Mr. Mattes stopped at the
Journal office for a short visit.
They Will Arrive in a Few Days
and Then Watch Out for
Better Results.
The base ball team will soon be
able to dazzle the eyes of the
natives by appearing in their
handsome new uniforms, which
they have ordered, and which will
be here in a few days and will be
worn by the boys for the first
time next Sunday. In honor of
the occasion it is fitting that the
day be observed as ladies' day,
when the handsome warriors of
the diamond may please the eyes
of the ladies. The new uniforms
will be gray in color, with a small
pencil stripe of blue running
through the cloth, and this will
be set off nicely by the trimming
of red.
The new uniforms are not to be
the only change made in the ap-
pearanee oi ine ieam, as mej un
to drop the name by which they
have been known for the past few
seasons, that of '"The Boosters,"
and will hereafter be "The Red
Sox," which was the title by
which the ball team was known
when the ball park was first
erected in this city.
The boys have succeeded in
raising quite a neat sum from
the last two games, to which they
:old tickets, and the money.
above the expenses of the Omaha
players, will be devoted to paying
for the new uniforms. The team
should receive a generous
patronage from the base ball
loving public of the city in their
efforts to place a winning team
here and for their enterprise in
securing fitting uniforms in
which to appear on the diamond.
It is not as yet definitely deter
mined who will be the opponents
of the Red Sox on the coming
Sunday, but efforts are being
made to secure the Brodogaard
Crowns, who have played here
before and are a fast bunch of
Returns From Eastern Trip.
From Wednesdays Dally.
This morning Mrs. Martha
Baumeister returned home from
an extended trip through the
east, where she has been for the
past few weeks. Mrs. Baumeister
was called east by the sudden
death of her youngest sister at
Williamslown, West Virginia,
and, accompanied by her nephew,
John Kropp, of Omaha, reached
there in time for 'the funeral.
While in the east Mrs. Baumeister
visited for a short time with rela
tives at Marietta and Cincinnati,
Ohio, and also at St. Louis. She
reports that throughout that sec
tion of the country a very fine
rain had fallen, which greatly
aided the crops, and that the
whole country looks fine.
Feel languid, weak, run down
Headache? Stomach "off?" A
good remedy is Burdock Blood
Bitters. Ask your druggist. Price,
Evening Journal delivered, lOt
per week.
Great Circulation
Hundreds of Dollars in Practical and Valuable Awards to
be given to Men and
Seven Other Big Prizes and
to All Non-Winners There Can be no Losers as all
Will Be Paid for Their Time. Campaign to
Start Thursday, June 11th, and Will
End Saturday, August 1st.
Displaying its usual enterprise
and aggressiveness, and after
careful consideration. The Jour
nal has decided to inaugurate a
gigantic circulation building cam
paign in which hundreds of dol
lars in practical and valuable re
wards are to be given to the ener
getic men and women of Platls
mouth and Cass county.
We publish a lit of the splen
did prizes, together with the
manner of distribution and the
rules and regulations'of Hie cam
paign. This will be found on page
3 of this edition. Read this pa ire
over carefully and gain a full
knowledge of this most wonder
ful offer.
As will be seen by a glance at
the"' rules and conditions, this
campaign is not "something for
nothing," or a "get-rich-quick"
scheme, but a good, sound, logical
business proposition, which is
bound to appeal to every am
bitious man and woman, boy or
girl in this neighbrliood. who has
has the least bit of energy.
The Journal wauls new readers
and wants to become more closely
acquainted with the people of
Cass county. To this end it has
invested many hundreds of dol
lars with the belief that the re
sults will justify the trouble and
expenes incurred.
The list of awards is large and
complete, and includes a 101 i
Overland Touring Car, valued at
. 1,000; a Schmoller & Mueller
Piano, valued at ft 500; two half
karat diamond rings; two mer
chandise orders for J? 30 each, and
two handsome 20-year gold
watches, choice of Elgin or Wal
tham movement.
When it is proposed that an
Overland car of 1014 model and
a five-passenger car with full
equipment, at that, be given away
absolutely free with no expense of
any kind, nor any cost to the man
or woman who secures the high
est vote during the entire con
test. It is no wonder that this
campaign has ar'oused more than
ordinary interest.
And further than that the con
testant securing the svoond high
est number of votes will be given
the S'iOO Schmoller & MueJler
Piano complete with scarf and
stool, which will shortly be
placed nn exhibition in this city.
This is a magnificent gift for the
winner of the second place.
And the district prizes are royal
in value as well. Two beautiful
diamonds, sparkling pure white
gems in a sold gold mounting,
purchased from J. W. Crabill, and
soon to be on display at his store,
will be awarded to those who stand
highest in their respective dis
tricts after the Grand Prizes
have been awarded.
The 30 Merchandise Orders on
Plattsmouth's largest stores and
two Elgin or Waltham Gold
Watches, purchased from J. W.
Crabill, will be awarded to those
standing second and third high
The Journal
Women of this Vicinity.
a Ten Per Cent. Commission
est in the two districts after the
Grand Prizes have been awarded.
Now comes the greatest feat
ure of the whoI. campaign and
one which in itself proven- the
absolute fairness of the whole
plan of action. Every man or
woman who enters this campaign
and who remains active until the
finish and fails to receive one of
the prizes offered will receive as
their reward a cash commission of
ten (10 per cent of the gross
cash subscriptions v'hich he or
she turned in all (hiring the cam
paign. This assures you of receiving a
reward in proportion to what you
do. If you fail to win even one
of the smaller district prizes you
will get a ten per cent commis
sion on all the money you have
brought The Journal all during
the campaign. You can't loose.
You must win in proportion lo
the effort you make.
The campaign starts Thursday,
June 11, and will continue until
Saturday, August 1, at 10 p. m.
At that time the splendid list of
prizes will be distributed among
the candidates having the most
votes aeocrding to the published
The time for the campaign is
short and those who enter at
once and make the most of the
first days of the campaign will be
the lucky ones that will carry off
the big prizes at the end.
On another page of this paper
you will find a nomination blank.
Fill it out and bring it to this
office if you are interested. The
campaign manager will go over
the whole affair with you and will
be glad to give you every possible
assistance. Candidates can nom
inate themselves or a friend can
place them in nomination.
Next week the campaign will be
under way. This week is open
for nominations. Many nomina
tions have already been received
by the campaign manager and
more will come in today. The
first list of names will lie pub
lished in a few days and you
should get your name on the first
list. The Nomination blank good
for 500 votes is on another page
of this issue. Fill it out and send
it to the Campaign Manager of
The Journal tonight. Three nom
inations will be credited to each
candidate, thus giving them 1,500
to start. Phone, write, or call on
the campaign manager and he
will be glad to tell you all about
the big campaign. Send in your
own nomination or that of a
friend today.
For Sale on Easy Terms.
About 112 acres 9 miles from
Plattsmouth and 5 miles from
Union. Address. P. D. McCor
miek, Papillion, Neb.
Girls Wanted.
Two girls are wanted at the
Perkins House immediately, for
general work.
Purchases New Automobile.
City Attorney A. L. Tidd has
decided to get into the ranks of
the auto owners of the county
and enjoy himself in the future,
by making' his journeys in his
own automobile, and has accord
ingly purchased a Ford machine
with which to travel. The car is
of the latest model and Mr. Tidd
feels that he will greatly enjoy
traveling over the city and county
in the machine. The car was pur
chased of Dovey iV. Fuller, the
local agents of the Ford com
Meet in Weeping Water Decora
tion Day and Organize County
The rural mail carriers of this.
Cass county, met at Weeping
Water last Saturday, Decoration
day. for the purpose of organiz
ing- the Rural Mail Carriers' as-
ociation of Cass county. After
discussing the numerous sub
jects of interest and to the future
welfare of the association, they
proceeded to the election of olli
cers for the coming years. K. L.
Kniss of Murray was elected
president; C. F. Rosonow of Alvo,
vice president, and Miles M. Allen
of Plattsmouth, secretary and
A goodly number of the car
riers of the county were in at
tendance and all were enthusias
tic for the things that will aid
the efficiency of the service. The
following resolutions were adopt
ed ;
Resolved. That we favor state
nnd federal aid in all roads
traveled by rural routes.
Resolved, That we favor giv
ing carriers the preference in ap
pointments. Resolved. That Christmas day
should be a holiday for rural
carriers, and that service should
be suspended on that day.
Whereas, The average net in
come of the rural carriers of Ne
braska is but S5M.00 per year,
after deducting for maintainance
of equipment. The parcel post
mail is constantly increasing; so
be it.
Resolved, That it is right and
just that we should receive S500
per annum for maintenance of
Resolved, That we extend our
thanks to W. D. Brown, editor of
the R. F. D. News, for his in
terest in our welfare, and that we
recommend the R. F. D. News to
all carriers.
By-laws were adopted, and the
meeting place for next year was
given to Weeping Water, which
will be held on Decoration day.
Makes Trip to Eagle.
From "Wednesday's Dally.
This morning postmaster D. C.
Morgan and W. E. Rosencrans
departed for Eagle, where they
will secure the automobile of Mr.
Rosencrans and return home in
the car. Mr. Rosencrans was out
on a tour of the county in the ma
chine, but the rain the first part
of the week made it necessary to
abandon the machine, and he
came home last evening on the
Missouri Pacific.
Ashes of George W. Vass Arrive.
The ashes of the late George
W. Vass, who died at Oakland,
California, April 3d, last, and
who was cremated there on the
11th of April, have arrived in this
city, where he was for many
years a resident. The ashes
came sealed in a large bronze
urn, and after the arrival here
were taken to the Streierht under
taking rooms, where the urn will
be kept until such time as the
family decides to have the funeral
services held, and it will ! hen be
interred in the family lot in Oak
Hill cemetery.
Subscribe for the Jourcal
Closing Program in This Excel
lent Musical and Training In
stitution of Learning.
From Tuesday's DaiTy-
The closing- exercises of St.
John's school was held at Hie
school building on Sixth street
Friday evening last, when- the
class of young- people who have
completed their training in this
excellent institution were sent
forth from the school as gradu
ates. The St. John's school has
every educational advantage and
their music department is
especially excellent, and under
the careful guidance of the sis
ters in charge of the school the
pupils have made great headway.
The program for the exercises.
which appears below, was given
in a most pleasing manner by the
young" people, and tneir work re
flects great credit upon the in
stitution from which they gradu
ate. There was a large attend
ance of ftie parents and friends
of the members of the class pres
ent, and rt the conclusion of the
exercises Father M. A. Shine
spoke words of congratulation on
the success of the young1 people
find of encouragement for their
future work in the world. Fol
lowing is the program rendered:
Sonc" "Never Old Are Words of
Welcome," School Children.
Flag Drill, Little Boys; accom
panist, Miss Hallahan.
Duet -"Cavalleria RusHcana,"
Miss Hiber, Frances Janda.
The Grand Baby Show, a Cantata;
the Judge. John Ptnk; Mothers,
Primary Grade.
Duet "Festival Parade," Fran
ces Janda, Margaret Schlater.
Song "When Papa Comes Home
Tonight." Eleanor Hiber, Her
nia Janda.
Trio "Morceaux Galop." Fran
ces Janda, Margaret Schlater,
Helen Slavicek.
Recitation "The Mad Man,"
Louise Sieczkowski.
Duet "Moonlight Reverie,"
Beat a Holly, Beatrice .Terousek.
Action Song "Little Snowflakes."
the Liltle Girls; accompanist,
Miss Hallahan.
Duet "Forest Home March."
Frances Janda. Helen S'nvicek.
Song "If Every Star's an Angel."
twelve Liltle Girls; accompan
ist. Miss Frances Janda.
Duet "Linwood Waltz," Mar
garet Walling and Ruth Par
mele. Piano Solo "Woodlawn Echoes,"
Frances Janda.
Duet "At School March." Theo-
dosia Kroehler and Dorothy
From Tuesdays Dally.
Yesterday at the office of the
county judge in the court house
occurred the wedding of Harry
Bennett, aged 30, and Mrs. Jau
nita Sfockley, aged 21, both of
Balfour, Iowa. The two seeking
nuptial bliss arrived on the early
train yesterday morning, and se
curing the license were joined in
wedlock in the afternoon by
Judge Beeson, who was in his
usual happy frame of mind and
performed the ceremony in a
most impressive manner. After
the wedding the newly weds spent
a few hours taking in the sights
of the city. The advent of the
month of June is bringing the
crop of weddings to the front and
it is expected that there will be a
land-office business done by the
license department during the
coming few weeks.
Sell your property by an ad In
the Journal.
Enjoy Outing Near Cedar Creek.
From Tuesday' DallT.
A party consisting- of Ward
Clark, wife and (laughters, and
Joe Wales and family and Bert.
Piatt returned yesterday from
Cedar Creek, w here I hey spent,
Saturday and Sunday in camping
out. and enjoying the time in li-h-ing,
and return feeling that the
vacation trip was well worth
while. There had been quite a
large amount of fish promised by
Bert to his numerous friends and
they will be greatly pleased to
learn that the parly has returned.
Some of the fish caught by Ward
and Bert were so large that it was
impossible to bring them on with
the party on the train.
Manley Wins a Hot Game From
Nehawka, Shutting Out the
"Apple Pickers" 3 to 0.
The Manley base ball club
motored to Nehawka Sunday, May
31, and handed the warriors of
that little village a shutout pack
age. Manley crossed the horse-
hide first in the third inning, and
chalked up another in the fourth,
and booked their third and lat
in the eighth. The dny was i leal
and a large number of fans wit
nessed the batl le.
Manley and Nehawka each had
a man put out at the home plate
in the lirst inning-, but not until
the third was the home cushion
safely crossed.. Manley counted
when Raulh drew a pass stole
second and score. 1 on R. Max
well's hit to left. Nehawka could
do nothing in their half, and in
the fourth Manley again added to
her count, pushing Lorenseii
. i m t
oyer Ilie plate, wtlen lie (loiilileil
to center and scored on Williams'
dngle to rigUt. This ended the
coring until the first of the
eighth, when Manley slipped her
third and last chalk mark across
the rubber, when Rockwell
doubled to center and scored
when Miller hit for two sacks.
I'he line-up:
AB. R. II. O. A. E.
Klepser, ss. . . i 0 2 2 1 0
Rockwell, 3d.. .r 1-20 0
Maxwell. 2d. .5 0 0 2 1 0
Miller, p i 0 1 1 i 0
II. O'Brien, c i 0 - 10 3 0
Lorensen, If. . ' 1 1 0 1 0
Williams, cf... 4 0 12 0 0
Rauth. 1st 3 1 1 8 0 1
O'Brien, rf . . . 1 0 0 0 0 0
R. Maxwell, If 3 0 1 0 0 0
Total 30 3 10 27 10 1
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Kimblom. ss.. i 0 0 0 0 1
Mason, cf i 0 3 3 1 0
H. Stoll, c 1 0 0 7 2 0
Balfour, c . .. 1 0 0 0 0 0
Nelson, 1st... i 0 1 11 0 0
Miller, 3d 1 0 0 2 3 1
G. Sloll, p. . . 3 0 0 0 7 0
Wolfe. 2d 3 0 1 1 1 0
Anderson, rf. 3 0 0 1 0 0
Duth, If 3 0 0 2 1 0
Total 30 0 r 27 l."J 2
Stolen Bases Manley, 8; No
hawka, 2. Two-base hits Rock
well. 2. Base on balls OfT Mil
ler 1: off Stoll, 3. Struck oul
By Miller, 11; by Stoll. f,. Passed
ball O'Brien, 3. Left on bases
Manley, 1); Nehawka . Em
pires Tighe and Smith.
Pl'd. W. L. PH.
Manley f. f 0 1000
Eagle i 3 .1 7.'0
Avoca 0 3 3 KOO
Cedar Creek . .0 2 i 333
Nehawka 5 1 i 200
Louisville 5 1 ' 200
Manley plays Eagle Sunday,
June 7, at the Manley ball park.
Game called at 3 o'clock. This
will be some battle, as this is Ho
first time these two teams have
ever played together, and each
have a good team.