The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 21, 1914, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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Saicli Repairing Our
CJ We're expert surgeons to sick watches
and clocks. We positively guarantee our
repairing. You need not fear to trust us
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Boys Out on Parole.
The three young boys, Ernest
Verhue, Arthur Harness and
Frank Marsh, aged 9, 12 and 10
years, respectively, were arraign
ed this morning before Judge
Iteeson, charged with stealing
brass and copper from the West
ern Machine and Foundry Go.
After giving the matter con
sideration the judge decided that
instead of sending them to the
state reformatory at Kearney, he
would release the boys on parole
for thirty days, pending good be
havior. This case is unusual for
the extreme youth of the culpits
and their apparent incorrigibility.
Departs for Home.
Dr. J. A. Fogerty of Xeola,
Iowa, and Dr. F. I). Caldwell of
Bancroft, Neb., were in the city
this morning, and had the dis
tinguished honor of being in
troduced to the reportqr for the
Journal by our mutual friend Mr.
Ed Schulhof. These gentlemen
were in the Glenwood Institution
for the Feeble Minded at the time
Mr. Schulhof was conductor of
music there, and Dr. Caldwell is
quite well known here. Dr. Cald
well and wife, nee Miss Lillian
Kauble, of this city, departed this
afternoon for their home at Bancroft.
Messrs. Frank and Albert
Schuldice, Claus Jess and Wil
liam Fritchman of this city were
so well pleased with Allman Bros.'
carnival that they paid a visit to
South Omaha yesterday evening
and took in the performance in
that city. They report that the
carnival company seems to be
having a continuation of the suc
cess which marked their visit to
this city.
Heorge A. Davis of Lincoln is
stopping at the Riley hotel. Mr.
Davis represents the Metropoli
tan Life Insurance Co. here.
The S. T. I. essay contest,
which was given under the
auspices of the W. C. T. U. at the
Modern Woodman hall Tuesday
evening, was one of the most suc
cessful events of its kind ever
given and the different numbers
proved most entertaining. The
reward of the prizes were as fol
lows :
Seventh Grade First prize,
Elva Hartford; second prize, Ruth
Clark, Marie Baldwin; honorable
mention, Ruth Godwin.
Sixth Grade First prize,
Joyce Rundstrom; second prize,
Janet Bajeck, Roscoe Hill.
Fifth Grade First prize, Thel
ma Olson, Clara Mae Morgan;
second prize, Margaret Martin,
Raymond Rebal; honorable men
tion, Clara Trilety, Jesse Rey
nolds, Mason Wescott, Gretchen
Pein, Adolph Halas, Ralph Rau
son. Dean Douglass and Alice
The essays dealt with the sub
ject of temperance and were de
livered in a very able manner by
the young people who were se
lected from the different grades
of the city schools.
We wish to thank the teachers
who have made the essay contest
a success, the judges for time and
careful work, and also those who
participated in the progra'(i,
making an enjoyable evening for
all present. W. C. T. U.
The Kensington club wa
entertained yesterday afternoon
at the cosy home of Mrs. L. B
Egenberger on lower Main street
in the usual charming manner
that' always characterizes the
entertainments 'of the 'hostess
The house was decorated very
tastily in the flowers of the sea
son, making a very beautiful ap
pearance. The dining room was
a scene of great beauty,' as the
table, sparkling with china and
silver, was crowned by a large
floral center piece and with the
delicious three-course luncheon
made this room one of the mos
attractive in the home. Mrs
Egenberger was assisted in serv
ing by Misses Opal Fitzgerald
and Theresa Droge. As a guesl
of the occasion, Mrs. H. R
Xeitzel of Boise, Idaho, was pres
Never can tell when you'll
mash a finger or suffer a cut,
bruise, burn or scald. Be pre
pared. Thousands rely on Dr.
Thomas' Eclectic Oil. Your drug
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Our Fine Bread Goes Furthest !
Hot from Omar's Oven.
And, as the cook baked, those who
stood before
The counter shouted: "Open then
the door!
You know how little time we
have to stay
And, once departed, may demand
no more."
Our fine, sweet and whole
some bread is well worth
waiting for.
But you don't have to wait.
Our baking is done in large
quantities and at regular
Let us deliver to you. Be
gin now. The children love
our bread.
, - '
f- x- A
g - " ' ; , :
r . v-: ',
There's Quality In Every Crumb !
W A G . N EL EL '
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Return From Hastings.
Messrs. William Starkjohn and
Frank Neumann of this city re
turned this morning on Uurling-
on train No. G from Hastings,
Neb., where they have been for
the past few days attending the
state convention of the Sons of
Ierman. They report that they
lad a most enjoyable and in
structive lime at the convention,
n spite of the fact that the
weather was somewhat inclement,
n fact it rained nearly every day
Iowever, the delegates from this
city did not. allow that fact to
nterfere much with their enjoy
ment, especially in view of the
fact that in the contest which was
on at the convention in regard to
the proposed increase in rates
for the coming year, our dele
gates were lined up on the "in
surgent" side, and succeeded in
carrying their point by a single
vote. Although this is a narrow
margin it is still very effective
and the delegates are well pleased.
Special Policeman Out Today.
The mayor has Special Police
man William Gravett out today
with a shotgun , looking up the
matter of the stray dogs which
infest our city. Mr. Gravett in
formed us this morning that he
had already diminished the can
ine population to the extent of six
of its number,, and was on the
lookout for more. This is strictly
according to Hoyle, and the hon
orale mayor's prononciamento
orable mayor's pronunciamento
which appeared in the Journal
Saturday, May 30, all rural
route carriers, are requested to.
attend a convention' in Weeping
Water. Every carrier in Cass
county should be present, if it is
possible for him to do so, as
many matters of interest will be
discussed. The rural routes
lave become a matter of busi
ness, and the matter of organiza-
ion keeps them in closer touch
with one another. As Decoration
day is a holiday it gives every
carrier an opportunity of attend.
ng without losing any time, and
will prove very advantageous to
anyone who puis in his appear
ance at 'Weeping Water and
meets with his comrades in busi
Mrs. Dwyer Shows Improvement.
The many friends of Mrs. D. O.
Dwyer will be pleased to learn
that this estimable lady is feeling
much improved and her condition
is such that her physician and
family feel much more pleased
than for the past few days. Mrs.
Dwyer was quite low on Friday
and Saturday, suffering from
what seemed an attack of blood
poison, and for a time she was
quite critically ill, but has since
rallied in fine shape and now
seems 'out of danger.
A Full Fledged Mason Now.
Last evening at Nehawka Jack
M. Patterson had conferred upon
him the final degree in the Ma
sonic fraternity. Those in at
tendance from Plaltsmouth were:
Michael Hild, James M. Robert
son, William A. Robertson, Rob
ert Sherwood, R. Glen Rawis,
Lynn O. Minor and Emil J. Wey-
nch, all going down by way of
automobiles. A very enjoyable
time is reported and a great many
were in attendance.
Messrs. Count Leonard Kluft
inger, Matthew Gering and Peter
Wahl, nephew of Count Klufting
er, were passengers for Omaha
on the early train this morning.
T. II, Seagraves, who is now
stationary engineer for the Kim
ball l a uidry Co. at Waterloo.
Iowa, is ?pending thj week visit
ing at th home of bis mother and
other relatives and friends.
Eddie Todd, residing west of
town, 'informs us today that he
has completed a deal whereby he
becomes the owner of a fine new
Studebaker automobile, electric
lighted and thoroughly modern,
and up-to-the-minute in every
respect. We congratulate Mr.
A flower for every lady and
gentleman dancer; will be given
away at the Carnation ball on
Saturday evening at Coates' hall.
Qiven by the Cosmopolitan club.
Curtain Nets
Lace Curtains
We are showing 40 different
patterns of Curtain Nets rang
ing in price from
15c to SI per yard
These are all exclusive pat
terns of the' newest designs in
white Arabian ivory and ecru.
Also a full stock of Lace Cur
tainsa direct-from-the-fac-tory
shipment at prices from
50c to $5 per pair
We also offer a lot of odd cur
tains at a large discount.
The Piccadilly it's "English"
tan or black $5 and $6
To Wear
No "breaking
in"-you'll have
comfort when
you put your feet in
"Natural Shape"
oxfords they're
cool, because
Skeleton Lined.
The style and shape
you like best can be
had in a Florsheim.
: Shoe..
The Motorcycle Enthusiasts in I
the City Meet and Organize
for Their Own Benefit.
Last eveninff a meeting of the
motorcycle enthusiasts of this
city was held at the oflice of the
Plaltsmouth Cycle Co., at Sixth
and Pearl streets, for the purpose
of orpranizin and electing oflicers
for the ensuing year. Fred Daw
son was chosen president and
Kdprar Steinhauer, secretary.
Outside of the selection of offi
cers and effecting' an organiza
tion, nothing- of importance was
done. However, there will be an
other meeting held next Wednes
day evening, May 27, at the same
place, when it is desired that all
the motorcyclists of this citv and
surrounding territory be present.
Everyone interested in motor
cycles is invited to be there and
a large attendance is desired, as
the boys wish to push this club
along- and make it a success. The
object of this organization will be
to promote interest in touring,
road races and hill-climbing con
tests and the sport in general,
and it is also hoped that the club
will be able to curtail some of the
abuses of the rights of the high
way which are at present so a
Scheduled club runs, or closed
contests will always insure a club
member good company, or com
petitive sport for which he mav
plan beforehand, while tho rider
who is not a member will be bar
red from entering.
It is the plan of the club to
lave Sunday or week-end runs
occasionally to the surrounding
owns. Those who desire a make
motorcycling a clean and enter
taining sport should attend the
next meeting of the club next
Wednesdav evening at 8 o'clock.
at the office of the Plattsmouth
Cycle Co., corner Sixth and Pearl
streets, Plattsmouth.
We have just received a ,very fine line
of Imported Hand-made Baskets. You
can find baskets suitable for any and
all purposes.
Bread Baskets, Fruit Baskets,
Fern Baskets, Work Baskets.
It will pay you to look at our west
window, where they are now on dis
play. It may be that you will find
the very basket that you have been
looking for so long.
A very much appreciated im
provement has been made in the
Ciem theater in this city in the
installation . of a large 2 i-inch
exhaust fan that will be used to
purify the air in the auditorium
of the theater, as the fan will
carry 5,000 cubic feet a minute
and will assure that there will al
ways be a constant supply of
pure, fresh air in the room and
do awav with the inconvenience
so often found of a close, warm
room when it is filled with a large
crowd of persons. The fan wa
installed for Mr. Shlaes by the
firm of Warga & Schuldice, who
have the contract for the placing
of a number of fans in the dif
ferent business houses of the city
during- the coming: . season.
There Are Many Interesting Wlo-
mentoes of Former Days in
Child Cross?, Feverish? Sick?
A cross, peevish, listless child,
with coated tongue, pale, doesn't
sleep; eats sometimes very little,
then again ravenously; stomach
sour; breath fetid; pains in stom
ach, with diarrhea; grinds teeth
while asleep, and starts up with
terror- all suggest a Work Killer
something that expels worms,
and almost every child has them.
Kickapoo Worm Killer is needed.
Get a box today. Start at once.
you won't have to coax, as Kicka
poo Worm Killer is a candy con
fection. Expels the worms, the
cause of your child's trouble. 25c
at your Druggist.
The Journal does job work.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Among the singers who have
taken part in the festival of
music at the Omaha auditorium,
which was held Monday and
Tuesday by the Mendelssohn
choir of Omaha, under the direc
tion of Thomas J. Kelley, in as
sociation with the Chicago Sym
phony orchestra, was Mrs. J. W.
Gamble, formerly of this city.
Mrs. Gamble is gifted, as every
one here knows, with a splendid
voice, and has taken advantage of
the occasion to enlist in this
splendid musical organization,
and derives as much benefit as
possible from the instruction of
Prof. Kelley. This musical event
was one of the largest ever held
in Omaha and has been pro
nounced one of the greatest
triuniphs ever scored by the
choir. ' The Symphony orchestra
is the same as was presided over
by the late Theodore Thomas,
and is under the direction of
Frederick Stock, the famous con
ductor, known tjie world over.
j ine annual carnation nan
J of the Cosmopolitan club J
I will be given on Saturday
evening at Coates hall.
Everyone invited. Flowers
for the ladies and gentle-
men. Music by the Holly
orchestra. 'NufT said. 4
5 4
-H-H-H H-M"I"I"M"MM-
There 'are many articles relat-'
ng to the early history of Platts
mouth on exhibition this week in
the show windows at C. E. Wes-J
ott's Sons store that arb of
great interest both to citizens
nd strangers. There are framed
etures of Plaltsmouth's street;
and buildings: pictures of places
nd prominent men taken as long
ago as 1870, and from that time
wn to 1880. There are a
number of election ballots giving
e names of office-holders and
spirants for office of the long
ast. Some of these are still liv-
ir in Plattsmouth. some have
moved awav and many are dead.
here is an exhibit of rare coins
covering a period from 18 40 to
e present time.
One exhibit which reflects
rticular credit upon the house
Wescott is a coat and hat sold
the elder Wescott to a custom-
34 years ago. The coat is
till in excellent condition and of
quality of material difficult to
et in these degenerate days.
'hp Wescott trade mark that
Quality Counts" is amply
prified bv this exhibit. There
are also in the windows pictures
f the old B. & M. band, the old
lattsmouth ball team and many
fhpr interesting- things that
laim the attention of passers-
..Commencement Dresses..
Special values at
The anniversary; week for the
escott brothers is being filled
th many pleasant episodes and
11 long be remembered as a
priod of erood feeling and re
newed friendships.'.
Do you know that the Journal
office carries the finest line or
statisnory In tha city?
"Wifewt Wink
Commencement i s
not complete without
one of these smart
and attractive cos
tumes, just received.
in Voiles, Crepes, etc. All these garments are
very closely priced and represent unusually good
values as you will appreciate when you inspect
A wide variety of Patterns, Colors
and Designs to choose from.
V. ZUCKER, Manager.