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    THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 1914.
oTirE to cni:DiTons.
Cass County.
In I'onatr Court.
In the Matter of th Kstate of Cor
nelius Land. leceasod.
Notice is hereby given to the cretiit
ors of .-aid deceased that hearings will
he l.atl ujon claims tiled against said
(stale. before me. County Judge of
Cass Count v, Xelraska, at the County
Court room in i'lattsmonth. in said
t'ountv, on tlie 4th day of May, 1!14,
and on the Sill day of November, liili.
at 9 o'clock a. m., each day for ex
amination, adjustment and allowance.
All claims must be filed in said court
on or before said last hour of hearinir.
V.'itness mv hand and seal of said
Count v Court, at Plsittsmouth. Ne
braska, this 4lh day of Aeril. ALLEX J. EKKSKN,
County Judge.
Attorney for Admr.
Cass County, ss.
lu County Court.
In the Matter of the Kstate of John M.
Johnson, l'eceased.
Notice is hereby t?Iven to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
be had ui-ori claims tiled against said
state, before me. County Juds?e of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the County
Court room" in 1'lattsmouth. in said
County, on the 16tli day of May, 1H14,
and on the 17th day of November, 1'.'14.
at o'clock a. m., each day for exam
ination, adjustment ami allowance.
All claims must be filed in said court
on or before said hiFt hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of said
fiiimtv Court, at IMattsmout h, Ne
braska, this Kth day of April, A. U.
County Judse.
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Kstate of Joseph
Ilavir. I eceased.
Notice is hereby piven to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
be had upon claims tiled asrainst said
estate, before me. County Judije of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the County
Court room in Plattsmouth. in said
County, on the 1st day of May, 1M14,
and on ttie nd day of November, 1914,
at 9 o'clock a. m.. each day for ex
amination, adjustment and allowance.
All claims must be filed in said court
on or before said last hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court, at Plattsmouth, Ne
braska, this 31st dav of March. 1914.
(.Seal) ALLKN J. I'.EESOX.
County Judge.
In the Matter of the Guardianship of
Cieors lawyer, Leona Invyer, Ie
Forest Invyer, Edward invyer and
KVmer Iwyer, Minors.
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of an order of James T. Hegley,
Judge of the district Court of Cass
Countv, Nebraska, made on the lth
day of Marci:. 1914. for the sale of
real estate hereinafter described, there
will be sold at the front door of the
Court House in 1'lattsmouth. Nebraska,
on the 9th day of May. 1914, at 11
o'clock a. m.. at public vendue to the
highest bidder for cash the undivided
two-fifteenths interest in and to the
following described real estate to-wit:
Lots .". and 4, in Block 52. in the City
of 1'lattsmouth, Cass County. Ne
braska. Saul sale will be open one
Uated this 3rd dav of April. 1914.
As Guardian of LJeorge Invyer,
Leona fjwyer. re Forest invyer.
Edward Invyer and Elmer
Lnvyer, Minors.
(IllVTi OK (AS. V K Hit A SKA.
In i:e Kstate of Jelilah Schwab. De
ceased. Application of Charles K.
Schwab. Executor, for License to
SHI Ileal Kstate:
This c;iuse came on for hearing upon
the petition of Charles E. Schwab, ex
ecutor of the last will and testament
and estate of lieliiah Schwab, de
ceased, praying for a license to sell
the following described real estate,
sr.biect to the lease thereon to James
M. Woolward from March 1. 1914, to
March 1, ISMS, to-wit:
Lot eight lb), in the Northeast
Quarter NEli of the Northwest
Quarter IXW',i: Lot fifteen (IT.) in
the Southeast Quarter (SEU) of the
Northwtst Quarter (NW4 ; Lot
twelve 12 in the Northwest Quar
ter (XW'i) of the Southwest Quar
ter SW4; Lot eleven 11) in the
Southwest Quarter (SV.'U) of the
Southwest Quarter ISW'jl, ami the
East half HI1-.) of the Southwest
Quarter SW'4). all of Section twen-tv-eight
2!s), in Township eleven
till North, Eange fourteen (14
East fith I. M., in the County of
Cass. Nebraska,
for the payment of debts allowed
against said estate, cost of adminis
tration ami expense of ttiese proceed
ings, and to carry out the provisions
of the last will and testament of said
lelilah Schwab. in respect to the
shares given to the granddaughters of
sa:d deceased, the children of one An
drew Schwab, deceased: there not be
ing sufficient personal property to pay
said debts and expense, and to carry
out the provisions of said last will jnd
testament in respect to the shares tie
vised and bequeathed to said grand
all persons interested in said estate ap
pear before me at the office of the
Clerk of the District Court in the
Court House in Plattsmouth, Cass
Countv, Nebraska, on the l'ith dav of
May. A. D. 1914. at 9 o'clock a. ni. to
show cause why a license should not
be granted to said executor to sell the
above described real estate to pay said
debts and expense to carry out the
provisions of the last will and testa
ment of said deceased in respect to the
shares of the said granddaughters of
said deceased, children of one Andrew
Schwab, deceased.
Dated this 4th dav of April. 1914.
Judge District Court.
It is hereby ordered that the above
order to show cause be published in
the Palttsmouth Journal, a newspaper
published and of general circulation
in the t'ountv of Cass, Nebraska, for
four successive weeks.
Dated this 4th d.iv of April. 1914.
Judge District Court.
To Henry A. I'earsons. trustee. The
Northwestern bond and Trust Com
pany, a corporation, Martin Cain, the
unknown heirs or devisees of Mar
tin Cain, deceased". Letitia M. Young,
the unknown heirs or devisees of
Letitia M. Young, deceased, Letitia
M. Potteneer. the unknown heirs or
devisees of Letitia M. Pottenger, de
ceased, Letitia M. Potenger, the un
known heirs or devisees of Letitia
M. Potenger, deceased, Sanford Pot
tenger, the unknown heirs or de
visees of Sanford Pottenger, de
ceased, Sanford Potenger, the un
known heirs or devisees of Sanford
Potenger, deceased. James MrMahon.
the unknown heirs or devisees of
James McMahon. deceased, James W.
McMahan, the unknown heirs or de
visees of James W. McMahan, de
ceased: You are hereby notified that, upon
the 20th day of March. 1914. August
Wendt. as plaintiff, filed a petition in
the District Court of Cass County. Ne
braska, the object and prayer of which
is to obtain a decree of court quieting
the title to the west half of the south
west quarter (W'A of SW'j of Sec
tion twenty-four (24). also the north
west quarter (NWVi) of Section twen-tv-five
(25), all in Township eleven
til). North. Eange ten (10). East of
the Sixth Principal Meridian, in the
County of Cass. State of Nebraska, as
against vou. and each of you. and as
again any and all persons claiming, or
to claim, bv, through or under you. or
anv of vou. and for such other relief
as'mav 'be just and eoultabie.
You 'are further notified that you are
remiired to answer said petition on or
before the Sth day of June. 1914.
Dated this 20th day of April. 1914.
AUGUST WENDT. Plaintiff.
His Attorney.
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of "William
Leddy,- Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
be had upon claims tiled against said
estate, before me. County Judge of
Cass County, Nebraska, at the County
Court room in Plattsmouth. in said
County, on the 23rd day of May 1914,
and on the 24th day of November, 1914,
at 10 o'clock a. rn.. each day for ex
amination, adjustment and allowance.
AH claims must he fiied in said Court
on or before said last hour of hearing.
Witness mv hand and seal of said
County Coxirt. at Plattsmouth, Ne
braska, this 25th day of April, A. D.
(Seal) ALLEN .1. BEESOX.
Countv Judge.
A baby loy arrival at. the home
of Air. and Mrs. Frank Warner
Saturday morning.
The little daughter of Ed Rose
uow, who has been quite ill the
past week, is on the road to re
covery. We are glad to loarn I hat Mrs.
L. W. Roettger, who has been
quite seriously ill, is considerably
The little babe of Mr. and Mrs.
John Sollars was taken to Lincoln
Monday evening to be treated un
der Ir. Bentley.
This wek work was begun on
the foundation for the erection of
a fine barn on the Clias. Flesch
inann's farm. This barn will add
much to the improvement of his
A very pleasant little affair look
place on last Saturday evening
when Mr. and Mrs. L. F. I.ang
horst entertainer! at 0 o'clock
dinner. The guests were Mr. and
Mrs. John fioiizales, Mr. and Mrs.
John Elliott and Mr. and Mr-;. C.
I). Clapp.
Miss (Jrace Hylton, who ha
ben teaching- school at Wabash
was elected as teacher in the pub
lic schools at Table Rock for next
year. Miss Hylton is an Elmwood
girl and a competent teacher and
will be very successful with her
school work at Table Rock.
Last Sunday morning while
currying a young horse Neal
Foreman had the misfortune to
be seriously kicked in the brea-t.
Dr. Charlton of Palmyra was call
ed and it was found that five ribs
were broken. One of the ribs was
broken twice and another next to
the back bone. On Sunday Mr.
Foreman's condition was con
sidered quite critical and Dr. ,t.
M. Xeely of this city was called in
Wednesday morning the citi
zens of Elmwood were considera-
blv alarmed bv the ringing of the
fire bell. While Mr. l'almeter
was repairing his acetylene plant
an explosion took place blowing a
hole through the floor and strik
ing the ceiling above. The ex
plosion could be heard for several
lilocks. The fire department made
pood time, but when they arrived
upon the scene the fire was al
most out.
Albert lloush came up from
Brock Wednesday for a few days'
visit at the home of his sister,
Mrs. pete Peterson and family.
M. E. Lambert went to Lincoln
Monday, where he will remain for
a week at the Lincoln sanitarium
and receive medical treatment.
Cecil Pettit returned home
Wednesday from Paul, Neb.,
where he has been acting agent
for the Missouri Pacific the past
three weeks.
Emil Oberle and family moved
in from the farm the fore part of
the week. They are occupying
their property just north of the
Murdock has been taken info
the Cass County league which
completes the six teams. We will
have the opportunity of enjoying1
many good games at home this
sum mer.
Deilrich Schwegman died last
Thursday morning at his home,
two miles west and four miles
south of Eagle. Funeral services
will be held from the home Satur
day afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. H. X. Scattergood
left Alvo via the Rock Island
Tuesday for. San Francisco, Cal.,
to see Mrs. Seattergood's mother,
who is seriously ill at a hospital
there. Mrs. McDonald accom
panyed them to Alvo.
Wm. Knapton went to Lincoln
Monday to consult a physician in
regard to his hand, having run a
sliver in one of his thumbs a few
days ago. It was necessary to
have the injured member exam
ined under an X-ray to determine
where the sliver had lodged.
Xeal Foreman, who resides with
his parents on a farm near Pal
myra, was kicked in the chest by
a horse last Sunday morning, re
ceiving several broken ribs and
internal injuries. For a time his
condition was considered quite
serious, but at Ibis writing he is
reported to be improving.
From Wednesday's Dally.
The interior of the Plattsmouth
hotel is being subjected to some
very extensive improvements on
the interior of the building, as a
minibft' of the rooms and the
halls in the upper portion of the
building are being repapered and
repainted in a manner that will
place them in first-class condi
tion and make them as neat and
clean as could possibly be asked
for by anyone. The work is being
carried out by Louie Thomas and
his assistants, and he is making
the interior of the hotel loom up
in fine shape and it will be one of
the neatest buildings in the city
when the work is completed on
the structure. The proprietor of
the plat I -niout h hotel proposes
to get in line with the other pro
gressive property owners of the
city and see that his building is
placed in first-class shape with
out delay.
Cough Medicine for Children.
Too much care cannot be used
in selecting a cough medicine for
children. It should be pleasant to
take, contain no harmful sub
stance and be most effectual.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
meets these requirements and is
a favorite with the mothers of
younsr children everywhere. For
sale by all dealers.
7 rv ' T ut
i-- . i f'-:
f i -. -
solved once
for by Calumet.
For daily use in millions of kitchens has
Droved that Calumet is highest not only in
quality but in leavening power as well un
failing in results pure to the extreme and
jronderfully economical in use. Ask your
procer. And try Calumet next bake day.
Received Highest Awards
fforid't Pare
food Exposition.
Chioco. 11L
Parii Exposi
tion, rramcc,
I Yom don't nre uoser ba yea lay cbeati cr kic-m B
N Inking powder. loVt oiiied. Eiy Calmaet. It's Hi
if mre eef";c.l rwrs whvcrp f irst bat r In.
Plattsmouth, Xeb. April 21.
Board met pursuant to ad
journment. Present, C. E. Heeb
ner, Julius A. Pitz and C. R. Jor
dan, County Commissioners, and
Frank J. Libershal, County Clerk.
Minutes of previous sessions
read and approved, when the fol
lowing business was transacted
in regular form:
The petition for the issuance
of a license to Andres Thomsen
for the sale of malt, spirituous
and vinous liquors in the village
of Cedar Creek, Nebraska; also, a
remonstrance against the issuing
of a license to Andres Thomsen
for the sale of malt, spirtuous
and vinous liquors in the village
of Cedar Creek, Nebraska, came
on for final hearing, and same
were submit led to the Board
Bond of J. C. York, Justice oT
the peace, Plat 1 smouth City, ap
proved. Board of Commissioners ad
journed at 3:30 p. in. and met as
a Board of Health. Present, C. E.
Ileebner, Chairman; Julius A.
Pitz, Vice Chairman; J. B. Hun
gate, physician, and Frank J.
Libershal, secretary. Dr. Hungate
made a eomphde verbal report
covering his claim as rendered,
covering a case of smallpox at (he
home of Wm. Wilkins, near Mur
dock, also the case of smallpox at
'the home of J.'l). Cross, near
Union. The report was accepted
and th following resolution was
adopted :
Whereas, The public through
out Cass county have in the past
been careless in the reporting of
contagious diseases existing in
said county. Therefore be it.
Resolved. That the public of all
unincorporated territory in Cass
county le requested to report all
contagious diseases to the County
Board of Health, as the lawre
quires. Board of health adjourn
ed sine die.
Board of County Commission
ers reconvened at 4:30 p. m..
and proceeded with the auditing
of claims against the county.
The following claims were al
lowed on the tieneral fund of the
C. R. Jordan, salary and
mi lease 33.30
J. H. Thrasher, baliff's
certificate 15.00
Julius A. Pitz. salary and
mileage 25.20
R. A. ?tone, mdse. to Mrs.
Ilardnock 0.00
Plattsmouth Journal,
printing and supplies... 20.90
(J. I). Masemai, report of
births and deaths .... 3.25
I.. R. Upton, same 2.50
L. Muir, same 1.25
B. I. Clements, same .... 1 .75
W. E. Hand, same 2.00
C. eorge Reitter, jr., same 2.25
A. R. Slander, same .... 4.75
Mrs. I. D. Jones, same .. 2.50
Wm. II. Lyman, same ... (.80
H. M. Soennichsen, same.. 11.15
II. F. Kropp, same .70
W. A. Tulene, same 1.00
L. B. Egenberger, mdse.
to Denson and jail.... 10. GO
Plat ts Steam Laundry,
laundrywork for jail.. 10.25
University Pub. Co., sup
plies to Co. Supt 12.50
W. E. Jenkins & Co.,
mdse to Mrs. Chambers 10.00
P. E. RulTner, trees to
county farm 3.00
KIopp '& Bartlett Co.,
supplies to county ... 93. 8i
Streight & Streight, fur
niture to countv farm.. 13.00
J. P. (luth, part payment
archetiet's fees, jail.. 00.00
H. M. Soennichesn, seed
potatoes to farm .... 23.15
J. C. York, barber work at
poor farm 2.70
Dr. Jas. B. Hungate, car
ing for smallpox pati
ents 180.30
C. D. Ouinton, barber
supplies for jail .... 2.75
C. D. Ouinton, boarding
prisoners and March
salary 208.90
P. E. Ruffner. work in
treasurer's office .... 5.05
M. Ilild, repairs to fur
niture and supplies to
court house G.50
Warga & Schudice, labor
and supplies 2.80
Hotel Riley, meals to
jurors 7.00
The following claims were al
lowed on the Inheritance Tax
Roy Bennett, road work,
Inheritance Tax fund...? 32.20
Ed Stone, same 27.00
Elmer Bennett, same ... 25.00
The following claims were al
lowed on the dragging fund:
Jesse VTestlake, dragging
District No. 10 $ 0.70
V. Keil, dragging dis
trict No. 2 15.00
The following claims were al
lowed on the Road fund of the
J. W. Keil, road work, R.
I). No. 2 $ 7.20
A. Ffi. Seybert, same, R.
I). No. 2 51.30
Walter Byers, same, R.D.
No. 27 19.70
C. F. Vail tryf same, R. I).
o 1 0 000
Neb. & Iowa Steel Tank
Co., culvert, R. D. No. 2 19.08
Net). & Iowa Steel Tank
Co., culvert, R. D. No. 3 51 .85
J. I. Case, drag scraper,
R. D. No. 0 5.33
W. C. Bousher, road work
R. D. No. 0 8.40
Roy Bennett, same R. D.
No. ie 22.10
E. F. Hurlbut, same, R.
I). No. G 10.25
Ben A. Menchau, same, R.
I). No. 10 13.80
John F. riorder. road
plow, R. I). No. 1 13.50
J. C. Niday, road work,
R. I). No. 11 39.00
Sunderland Bros. Co.,
culvert, R. D. No. 1... 28.80
Ci. W. Leach, road work,
R. I). No. 1 i 25.20
A. A. Wallinger, same,
R. D. No. 15 21 .00
Neb. & Iowa Steel Tank
Co., culvert, R. D. No. 2 31 .92
The following claims were al
lowed on the Bridge fund of the
c unity:
J. W. Keil, bridge work...? 21.00
A. F. Seybert, same 2.95
C. F. Vallery, same 13.00
Walter Byers, same .... 13.05
deorge Poisall, same.... 250.47
A. A. Wallinger, same.. 21.00
Board adjourned to meet Wed
nesday, April 22, 1914.
Plattsmouth, April 22, 1914.
Board met pursuant to ad
journment with all members
present, when the following busi
ness was transacted in regular
form :
Melville D. Thomas filed an
additional report covering Tees.
paid county sheriff by state of
Nebraska for conveying prisoners
to state institution, and same was
approved by the Board.
An agreement entered into
this day between the Board of
County Commissioners and L. B.
Kyreiiberger for the sale of the old
county jail building and bt, for
the sum of .?C00.
The following claims were al
lowed on the Heneral fund:
L. G. Larson, second pay
ment on jail contract. s'2000 . 00
C. E. Ileebner, salary
and mileage 27.30
F. R. (iobelman, extra
work at farm 37.70
Peter Claus, furniture to
county farm 15.50
M. Archer, State vs.
Oliver Osborn 4.80
C. D. Ouinton, same.... 3.50
James Krasek, witness.
State vs. Oliver Osborn 1 .20
SandyAndrews. same.... 1.20
Claus Speck, Same 1.10
H. M. Young, same .... 1.10
M. Archer, State vs.
Victor Hudson 4.00
C. I). Ouinton, same .... 5.00
C. D. Quinton, witness,
State vs Victor Hud
son 1.00
E. Manspeaker, same ... 1.00
George Poisall, final
payment river road... 150.00
The following claim was allow
ed on the Road fund:
Smith & Son, dracrs for
R. D. No. 10 23.00
The following claim was al
lowed on the Commissioners'
Oeorge Poisall, work on
river road 100.00
Board adjourned to meet
Thursday, April 23, 1914.
Plattsmouth, April 23, 1914.
Board met pursuant to ad
journment with all members
present, when the following busi
ness was transacted in regular
form :
Bond of John Bauer, con
tractor for the electrical, heating
and plumbing work at county jail,
approved by the Board.
In the matter of granting a
saloon license to Andres Thom
sen for the sale of malt, spiritu
ous and vinous liquors in the vil
lage of Cedar Creek, Cass
County, Nebraska as presented to
the Board on Tuesday, April 21st,
1914, motion made by C. R. Jor
dan and seconded by Julius A.
Pitz, that a vote be taken on the
proposition of granting of said
license. Motion carried.
The Board proceeded to vote
and did vote, by ballot, that a
license be granted Andres Thom
sen to run a saloon oT lot 4,
block 0. in the village of Cedar
Creek, Cass County,- Nebraska,
and to sell malt spirtiuous and
vinous liquors, for a period of
one year from May 17th, 1914, to
May 17th, 1915. Result of ballot
Speaking of
Wc have the LARGEST Stock to
select from and the only EXCLUSiVE
Wall Paper and Paint Store
We have many up to
as low as
Also everything in Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Stains, etc.
Hotel Riley Block.
was unanimous fur granting of
said license. The Board then
proceeded to vote on the amount
of license fee. Pitz and Ileebner
voting for a 81,000 license fee,
and Jordan voting for ?800. The
County Clerk was instructed to
issue a license to Andrew Thom
sen mi payment o'f a $1,000
Hfense fee. Bond of Andrew
Thomsen approved.
The following claims were al
lowed on the General fund of the
Remington Typewriter
Co., typewriter for the
County Clerk $ 00.00
?Jollie A. Berger, dam
ages, Road No. 37 5... 202.50
Oeorge Reynolds, same.. 1G3.50
Florence T. Sheldon,
same 90.75
Warga & Schuldice, elec
tric fixtures to county
farm 135.2 4
The following claims were al
lowed on the road dragging
fund :
Henry J. Ruhga, drag
roads. District No. 14$ 5.00
District No. 11 7.20
An application to become a de
pository for county moneys was
received from the Elmwood Slate
Bank of Elmwood. Nebraska, and
said bank was this day designated
as a county depository.
The balance of the time was
taken up by the Board in the
verifying of the auditor's report
on the sheriff's office.
The Board adjourned at 9:00
o'clock p. in., to meet Tuesday,
May 5th, 1914.
County Clerk.
Need Attention in February and
March or Face Will Stay
Now is the time to take special
care of the complexion if you
wish it to look well the rest of
the year. The February and
March winds have a strong ten
dency to bring out freckles that
may stay all summer unless re
moved. Now is the time to use
othine double strength.
This prescription for the re
moval of freckles was written by
a prominent physician and is
usually so successful that it is
sold by druggists under guar
antee to refund the money if it
fails. Get an ounce of othine
double strength, and even a few
applications should show a won
derful improvement, some of the
smaller freckles even vanishing
Beautiful Shetland Ponies
for sale at all times, for the next
100 years, unless I die in the
meantime. I have now an extra
fine stallion, tne nest in the 6tate,
for sale. Well broke for both
harness and saddle.
Wm. Gilmour,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
R. F. D. No. I.
The Journal for stationery.
PIANO AT A BARGAIN: We have a used piano
in good condition that one of our customers was unable to
finish paying for. We place it free of charge in the home of
any satisfactory party in the vicinity of Plattsmouth who will
pay the balance in cash or payments as low as six dollars
per month.
Address OLNEY MUSIC CO., St Joseph, Mo.
the minute
per roll
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Fred Koester was a Sunday vis
itor at the state farm with his
friend, Harold Blaikie.
Twelve friends of Miss Mary
Hungate from the slate univer
sity came down for a Sunday visit
at the Hungate home.
Miss Grace Jameson left Friday
evening for a visit until after
Sunday with her sister, Mi.-s
Mary, who is teaching school at
Rising City.
An eight-piece band from Lon
coln arrived on the afternoon
train today and were conveyed by
autos to the SI ubbendick-Rohl fs
wedding, south of town, where
they had been engaged for the oc
casion. Just as we go to press Frank
Boyle came to town with 13 little
wolves in his buggy that he and
his brother had just excavated
from their den on the Boyle farm
south of town.
Harold Barnes returned Satur
day, after a year's absence, in
which he was in many states, also
Old Mexico, where he saw them
burying soldiers with teams and
scrapers, same as they build a
railroad in this country.
R. S. McCleery has the contract
to put in a foundation for a large
lumber shed for A. E. Johnson,
work to commence at once. Mr.
Jameson is going to put in a
stock of lumber. He is unloading
a car now and has more cars
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Day and
Carl Day went to Atlantic, Iowa,
Saturday to attend the funeral of
Mrs. Etta Disbrow, a sister of Mr.
E. E. Day, who died in California
and was brought to Iowa for
burial. They returned Monday
Mr. John Marshall, proprietor
of the Cash Variety store, has
sold out to Mr. Henry Utermann
of Blair, who, with his wife and
three little girls, came in Wed
nesday evening and will take
possession as soon as the invoice
is completed.
Try a sack of Forest Rose flour
Your money refunded if not satis,
You may need an
and we want to inform vou
that dates can be made
at this office for
the Weeping Water Auctioned
Careful Attention to Public
Rates are Reasonable