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Boosters Win From the Emit
Hansen Omaha Team by the
Score of 4 to 3.
The platUmnutii Pooslers.
tf rday afternoon redeemed them
selves fi r their defeat of a week
airo J.y taklnir a most interesting
ro m. from the Kmil Hanson ti'ain
of Omaha ly the score of i to
an.l from start to t;nisli it was one
of ttirillii!. interest to the fanls
an. J especially in 1 1 1 ninth,
when the local knichts of the hat
succeeded in pulling the jrame
away I'rnm the isitors and an-iK-xini.'
it to their own credit. The
..eals were all to the pood yester
day and played a from I panic
t hrouphout the contest, and with
the exception of the openinp
spasiu. when the visitors touched
up O'linors for several hits and
seored one of their scores, there
was silt ed-red work on the part of
our hoy.
In tin op miner act of the little
drama, llofer. for the visitors,
slammed one of Connors' slants
llir..ui;li third base for a single
and was followed hy McCoy, who
hit safe over shortstop, but Kem
mey. iJie next of the visitors to
face our warriors, was retired.
Parriott to McCauIey. but Watchla
the lirsl .-ackei- of the visitors,
was aide to land a I wo-bapirer in
to left (odd. and llofer registered
at home plate, and riphl beep the
li..p-s of the local fans were ahout
to zero, when McCoy, who was
on third, started to play ofi". and
Wa- ;lci between the liases by
Neile. lleroll and Connors, and
put out. ami Watchla. who had
started from second with the
h'pe (.f reachintr the third sack,
was nipped when lie attempted o
heal il hack to seconl has,., and
with thai the visitors were retired
and a pn-at -it:i of relief went up
from the fans, as il seemed cer
tain the Hansen's would annex
several scor es. In our half of fhe
inning r.eal, the first, man up. hit
safely through third base ami
Parriolf attempted to sacrifice
him to the second station, hut the
vi-ilois nipned T.eal before he
could reach there, lenvinir Parriolf
safe on the first sack. Herold was
retired. lurcher to Watchla. but n
this play Mr. l'arriott pot to sec
ond base, but without result, as
McCauIey. the next man up. was
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not able to connect and retired on
three strikes.
In the openiiip of I tie .second,
nioemer for the visitors was
struck out by Connors; Hucher,
the next man up, lifted a lonp fly
to the center garden, where cap
tain Ileal holds guard and the
ball was put. out of business by
being nabbed by the fast little
captain. Kaufmann was also un
fortunate in hitting to the out
field, as his attempt was captured
by Mason and the side retired. On
the locals half Carle retired on a
grounder to first base, and was
followed . by Mason, who placed
one of the same kind and retired,
hut Neitzel was more fortunate,
getting one past Bueher at short,
but Ault, who followed, struck out.
The third inning saw the visit
ors add another to their list of
runs. Broadbeck, the first man
up, hit a long fly to left field, but
Mason was on the job there ami as pretty a catch as has
been seen, retiring the visitors'
catcher: Knutson, who followed at
bat, whiffed the air three limes
and sat down, but lfofer coming to
hat selected a good one and placed
a two-bagger in center field, and
McCoy, who followed, was able to
hang a safe hit over shortstop and
llofe came home on the hit of
Kemmey to thirl, but McCoy was
caught when he attempted to
reach home, retiring the side. The
Roosters were not as successful in
their half, Connors going out on a
little hit f first base. Heal was
walked hy Knutson and Parriott
advance. him to third by a nice
sacrifice hit, but the local's hopes
went out when Herold was retired
mi a grounder to short.
The locals did not waste time
on t heir enemies in the fourth, as
Watchla was struck out by Con
and liloemer fouled out to Her
old but Hucher was able to get in
the way of one of Connors curves
and was given his base, and Kauf
man tut sale to elt fieM, Put no
damage was done, as Broadbeck
struck out. This inning- saw the
Boosters tie the score and set
the crow 1 1 wilil with enl liusiasm.
as McCauIey, the dean of baseball
in the west, came to bat and se
cured a clean hit way oer the
shortstop's head, and was follow
ed by Carle, who secured a safe
one to the risht garden; Mason
rapped out a safe one to short that
could not be handled in time to re
tire him. Neitzel made a gallant
try to bring in a score, but hit a
little flv io second base and was
I m t out. and right, here the fire-
works began, as Tyrus Cobb Ault
came to the plate with his mighty
stick, and picking: out one of
Knulson's wide ones placed it
down in the lerritorv around
shortstop with such force that it
could not be handled and Carle
and McCauIey came over the plate
with two scores that liel up Hi
game. Connors hit a safe lly t
right, but Mason and Ault wer
caught at third base and the
Boosters retired for this inning.
There was nothing doing in the
fifth for the Omaha boys, as Knut
son popped up a little fly that
Parriott secured, and llofer went
the same route when his hard
drive was handled in line shape by
Parried t, who threw him out at
first, and right here it is time to
remark that this little shortstop i
iust about the mustard when it
comes to tilling the job at short
as there is nothing that he dour
not go alter and always make?
pood, and his playing yesterday
was one of the features of lh
game. McCoy, after several at
temnts to do business with-tin
norseniiic, was reureu on
Heal opened the performance foi
the locals in this inning ami go
one through short on an error am
was sent to third on the sacrilict
of Parriott, but was unable l
score, as Herold struck out am
McCauIey retired, second to first
Kemmey, the first man up in tin
sixth, made an out from Patriot
to Mct.autev. and alchla secure.
a safe hit over short, but did no
do any scoring, as IJloemer wa
struck out and Bueher made hi-
exit, from Connors to McCauIey
1 he Boosters did not io much in
their half of the inning, as Carb
was retired on a little hit to firs
base. Mason was out on a lly !
center field and Neitel was out
Knutson to Watchla.
In the seventh another tally wa.
rung up for the visitors, as Kauf
mann hit a safe one to left field
and was followed by Broadbeck
who rapped out a safe one to sec
ond, but Kaufman was cauuht out
Knutson placed one to .short
but the slop of t he liner bv
riot I was a most thrilling one
llofer flew out to Herold at third
but McCoy hit a good clean on
over second and brought l.road-
beck home, pin Knutson was nip
ped at thep late when he attempt
ed to get home. The Monsters wen
retired ejuickly. Ault and Connors
striking out. while Meal secured a
twobagger to the left field fence,
but Parriott ended the agony by
popping up a foul that the catcher
In the eighth inninir there was
nothing- doing- on either side, as
Kemmev for the visitors hit o
center safely, but Watchla was
put out on a pop-up to McCauIey
at first, Bloemer new out, to Par
riolf and Kemmey. who was play
ing- foo far off the second has,
was nipped by a throw from Con
nors to Ault.
1 he ninth inning saw the excit
ing part of the game, as. after tin
visitors had retired m one, two
three order the Boosters proceed
ed to ge busy and win the irame.
Neitzel. the first man up, hit saf
lo second base, Ault, who followed.
hit a little one along fhe first basi
i : .. 4 1. i 4i. . . . . .
one i ii.ii ine umpire ueciareu a
foul, and when the matter was b
ing iliscussed by Connor s Xeitzel
proceeded to steal second, and tin
caused a great chewing match be
tween Umpire Cunningham and
the Omaha players, but thev final
ly resumed the game. Ault was
retired on a little hit to first and
Connors was put out on a foul ball
caught by the third baseman, and
the hopes of winning the contest
seemed rather slim, when Beal.
who was batting-, was hit and
given his base, ami then Parriott
delivered the goods with a hit thai
brought Neitzel home with the
winning run.
I lie line-up of tlx
teams was
as follows :
AM. It. II. .
A. K.
HoTer, If i j n ,
McCoy, .5d 1 i () 1
Kem iney, -Jd . . (l 1 2 I
Walchla, 1st... o :5 S 1 1
Mloemer, cf . . . (I 1 i o o
Bueher-, ss. . . . (I o n 0 1
Kaufman, if. . j o n n n o
Mr'oadheck, c. i 1 2 7 0 1
Knutson, p. . . i (i o o o
Total .... .:. : 1 i 20 7 i
AB. U. H. O. A. E.
Beal. ef ; 1 ;) p n
Parriott, ss. .3 n I 'A .' 0
Herold, i o n :$ 1 0
McCauIey, 1st J 1 1 ; n n
Carle, if i I 'J 0 0 0
Mason, Jf (I o 2 1 0
Neitzel, e 1 0 f, 1 0
Ault, 2b :i 0 10 2 1
Con nors, p.. . 0 0 0 2 0
Total ;j3 7 23 10 1
Beautirul Shetland Ponies
for sale at all times, for tho next
100 years, unless I die in the
meantime. I have now an extra
fine stallion, tne best in tho state,
for sale. Vrell broke for both
harness and saddle.
Wm. Gilmour,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
R. F. D. No. 1.
Hie play which was given at
I he Kalolicky sokol hajl on Satur
day evening attracted a larg
sized audience of the members of
the Bohemian race, who were de
ngnieu wuii tne line manner in
which the production was staged
by lire young people who compose
the dramatic club, and their man
ner of giving the two short one
act plays was most pleasing and
showed the great care and tunc
that has been put in by the young
men and women in the company
in preparing for the event
Especially strong was the female
characters, which were well taken
and given in a very easy and na
tural manner that made a deep
impression upon the audience. At
the close of the play a most
pleasing: social dance was given
until a late hour, when the merry
dancers wended their way home
ward, feeling- that the event had
been one of the most pleasing that
nan iecn gien !' mis society jor
some time, and the rendition of
the play in the native tongue of
the members of the K. S. society
was one thai afforded them manv
pleasant memories of the olden
times and the land across fhe sea.
From Saturday's Dally.
Tin- fiis of the Plattsmouth
boys o enlist ill the new regi
ment of the Nebraska National
uiard that is being- raised in tin'
slate for the purpose oT assisting
in the Mexican war, if necessary,
is Sam Windham, son of Hon.
It. M. Windham. who has just
entered the scl ice of the new
regiment, which will be known
as the Sixth Nebraska. The
young- man eiilisle.l at (imaha on
Friday morning', and will make a
good soldier in the service of his
country, as he is a very bright
young- man and one that will be a
credit to his . home town. His
brother, Meiu it is understood,
will go to Lincoln Mondav and
liter the same regiment with his
brother and assist in the lighting
or Old Cloty in fhe Mexican
campaign. J lie war sentiment is
gradually stirring the youth of
the I 1 1 1 I and all over the country
ipplicafious for service in the
lill'erenl blanches of the army
and navv are growing- larger each
lay, as the danger- of the conllcf
grows with the attitude assumed
y the Mexican government. In
the past the plattsmouth boys at
the front have gien a good ac
count of f heiiiseK es. and Men
and Sain are sure to keep up the
reputation of the old town.
From Friday's Dally.
It will be but a short time now
until the mailer of holding the
summer series of band concerts
will be brought to the attention
d' the public and the means fo
lefray fheir expense. In discuss
ing this matter the example of
the citizens of Hastings is one
that could well be followed by
the people here. There one of the
ocal merchants oll'erd r.0 in
ash for a series of twelve after-
noon Panu concerts during ine
iiiiimer, which is certainly a
splenUl.l example o progressle
iti.enship worthy of commenda
ion. These concerts have been
most en lovable events, noi oniy
o the residents of the city, but
o the visitors from the country,
who have gathered here to hear
the weekly concerts delivered by
the liurlinglon band, and (he
project should be put through
igain fhis summer without fail
ind the concerts should be starl-
d earlier this year, as last sea-
. -1 I'll 1 -.!. A
-on 11. was ipiue cuiiiy ai uiguis
when the band finished up" then-
series of concerts..' The com
mittee that, will have the mailer
n hand will soon be ready to get
msy on ine proposition, ami 11 is
up lo the rcsMeiils 01 tne city 10
icl ermine just' how much they
sire to do in order to make
them a success.
Mis Cplia-Polacek was. a pa?
enger this morning for Omaha,
Yesterday Mrs. William Hunter
of this city was given a most
pleasant surprise on her birthday
anniversary, as a large number of
the friends and neighbors, to
gether with several automobile
loads of relatives from Avoca.
Weeping Water and Nehawka,
arrived at the Hunter home short
ly before noon and announced
their indention of assist ing 1li'ir
friend in the celebration of her
natal day, and the company then
proceeded to get busy to have a
royal time among themselves un
til fhe noon hour, when they were
all invited into the dining room to
partake of a most sumptuous re
past lit for a king, and lo this all
the company did ample justice.
After the enjoyment, of the fine
dinner the guests spent, the after
noon in music and social con
versation until fhe clouds in the
west warned fhe guests from out
in the county to start for their
homes, and bidding the guest of
honor many more happy returns
they all departed for their homes.
In honor of the occasion hand
some decorations of (lowers ad
ded a touch of arlislie beaiify fo
the home and made a fililfing set
ting for fhe happy eenf.
Kriim Friday's I:iily.
Another industry j to be
brought jnio life in this city, as
Peters A. Ilic hards, the contract
ors. Iiave decided lo oi.' Hit a
plant for the manufacture of
concrete blocks, as well as lo
hoU after all kinds of concrete
and cement work that may be
tailed for. The new establish
ment will be located on the Mis
souri Pacific right-of-way near
the passenger station in the west
pari of the city, in order- that it
may be more convenient for
reaching- fhe trade in the county
where the tirm will endeavor to
secure onion for their excellent
line of concrete work. The firm.
which is well known for its fine
work and business-like methods,
will furnish all plans and specifi
cations that ma be called for in
this line of work and wi!l hae a
go. ..I competent man who is ex-
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kerosene or gasoline.
Henderson owners have a choice of wire or wood wheels no additional
charge All cars completely equipped and supplied in four and six-cylinder
models. In Omaha wre operate a most complete garage and service departments.
Visitors cordially invited to inspect our stock of cars.
DeLuxe 4(5 11. P. 4 cylinder $1785.00
Roadster 40 11. 1. 4 cylinder $1785.00
Touring 54 11. 1 0 cylinder $2285.00
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Long Stroke Motor Left Hand Drive.
T. H. Pollock Auto Co.
Henderson Factory Distributors
Farnam St.
Men of the most Critical and
Exacting tastes; men who consider
carefully what they're
getting for their money
before they spend it;
such men will appre
ciate the smart new
fashions in fine clothes;
and the extreme values
to be had here.
We've sold more suits
in April so far this year
than ever before. Pen
cil Stripes, Pin Stripes,
Mixtures, Plaids, and
plain weaves in all the
new colorings. Spring
suits $12.50, $15, S17,
$20, $25 and $30.
All furnishings goods
lines are full and fresh
with new things.
perieiiced in the concrete busi
ness to look after the interests
of all who desire to do business
with the company. Suitable
quarters will be erected at once
to carry on the work and the
public is invited to look over the
new establishment and fo call on
this firm when they desire l
have any work of Ibis character
done, and they can rest assurred
that the most courteous treat
ment will be extended to them in
eery way possible.
For Sale,
pair of mare
double harne
P. (). box i j.
i 5 ( 1-J.
mules and!
s. Phone
If you know a good har
ness or collar when you see
it then come on and let me
sell 'em to you at aeulal
cosf price as long as they
last. J. FRANK.
1 . .... ....
& 1
Copyright. 1914
4Buljf 1. lrrn & Ca,
Butter Fat Wanted.
The undersigned manager of
the Lincoln Pure Hulter Co., at
fhis station, is paying- the highest
price for- butter fat, as de
termined by the government I5ab
cock lest. We are also paying fhe
highest market price at all times
for all yinds of produce and
poultry-. Call and see me before
disposing df your pr oduce.
Fred Dawson,
Lincoln Pure liulfer Co.,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Thomson, Dentist. Gund Oldfl.
We are desirous of se- J
curing- tho name of every
person now living who
traded with "C. F. Wescott
The Boss Clothier," in the
year 1879. Will you please J
call at the store or send us
the name by mail?
Omaha, Neb.
where she will visit for the day.