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Tho County Commissioners Visit
the Farm and Inspect the
New Buildings.
Tiie . county commissioners
yesterday visited I lie new county
building' on the farm west of this
city, which is now rea'dy for oc
cupancy, and as a result of their
trip were greatly pleased with
the condition of affairs there.
The new building is being moved
into by Superintendent George
Tains and family and in a short
time they will be settled in the
new quarters in the new build
ing and the task of placing the
inmates at the farm will be com
menced. The building is a
splendid appearing structure
from the exterior, and the archi
tect, Mr. Lawrie, has made the
plans so as to make it strictly
up-to-date and constructed along
lines that will give the greatest
ease in handling the old people
who make their home there, and
no detail ha? been overlooked
that will serve to make the build
ing modern in every respect.
Throughout the building'
everything lias been made in a
simple and sanitary style that
makes the structure an ideal one
for the purpose that it is intend
ed. A system of ventilators in
the different rooms will make the
sleeping quarters in the building
much more sanitary than the obi
ont's in the building that former
ly occupied the site of the new
structure. The building is equip
ped in line shape for the handling
of the work, in the kitchen ami
laundry rooms, as in the laundry
stationary wash tubs connected
with both hot and cold water,
have been placed to allow the
handling of the work, and the
kitchen, too, is fitted up in a
spbndiI manner that will make
the work there a pleasure. In
each room on the first and sec
ond floor there are ample closets
and finely equipped bath rooms
and toilet rooms, which are also
one of the great improvements
over the old building and tliey
are so situated as to be of easy
access to the old people. The
lighting system of the building is
another point that deserves a
great deal of praise, as the lights
are all of the latest type of ceil
ing lights and they are ample to
suit the needs of the family of
the superintendent and the in
mates. Take it all over the building is
a luinhty fine structure and the
contractor, Mr. Hedding, has
given the county a fine building
that they ran be proud of, and
tin commissioners are deserving
of much credit for having se
cured it at such a low price.
Play at the K. S. Hall.
The ohemian Catholic Dra
matic club has made arrange
ments to give another of their
pleasant dramatic offerings at
the K. S. hall on Saturday even
ing. April 25, and are making
every arrangement ' make the
eent one of the most pleasant
e-r gi-n by the society. The
title of the play is "Zastavenicka
J'ri Mesicku," ami it is a comedy
of the type much enjoyed by the
Iloliemians in their native land,
and in the hands of the excellent
company of actors of the club
will be a great success. The ad
mission will be 25 cents.
Taken to Stato Hospital.
Vincent Davis of Weeping Wa
ter was examined at his home on
Tuesday by the insanity board,
composed of Drs. K. D. Cummins,
;. II. (iilmore and J. II. Hungate,
and was adjudged insane and will
be taken to the stale hospital to
day by Dr. (Iilmore.
Go to Murray Saturday.
The Nebraska City drill team
of the Woodmen of the World
will go to Murray on Saturday
afternoon, where a new lodge is
to be organized. The order starts
out with fifty-five members. The
Nebraska City drill team is con
sidered one of the best in the
west. Nebraska City Press.
John Urish, one of the enter
prising farmers of Light Mile
rove precinct, accompanied by
his wife, drove in this morning
from their home and were pas-.-engers
yn the early Ilurlington
train for Omaha, where they will
visit for the day.
Items of Interest to Our Reader
Gleaned from the Newspaper
File of Many Yeara Ago. -
John Fitzgerald, esq., returned
home on Saturday, after a pro
longed absence in Wisconsin.
L. Y. Reed of Weeping Water
is quite sick. The Herald is very
sorry to hear such news from
that quarter.
L. T. Shirley of Elm wood call
ed on us last Tuesday and paid
for the Herald and Prairie Farm
er for a year in advance.
Ilevs. Clark Wright, Davis and
Adair were in our town this week
attending the quarterly meeting
at the M. E. church.
Miss Lizzie Stinchcomb came
down from Omaha Saturday and
spent a day with her friends, re
turning home on Monday.
Died Monday, April 27 th,
1873, at 10 a. m., Lillian, the in
fant daughter of Alva and Emma
Drew, aged 5 weeks and 2 days.
Chauncey Willse, whilom a
resident of Plattsmouth, paid us
a visit on last Monday and went
out hunting on the old Platte
Hob Doom, war horse, etc.,
Salt Creek man, was in town elec
tion day. Had to come up old
associations, etc., etc. Come to
see the Herald, too.
Our representative from Cass,
the Hon. John Ilrown. organized
Oranges in Colorado the past
winter and organized their Stale
Orange, under authority from
headquarters at Washington. Mr.
Ilrown will soon be an fait in the
business of State Orange Master,
at this rate.
Azro Smith sends us some very
fine sweet potatoes. Samples of
the kind he intends to raise so
largely this spring. Mr. Smith
will furnish all information
needed about sweet potato cul
Married Jennings-Hal lock, in
Erie, Pa., May 30, 187 5, at the
residence of the bride's brother,
by Dr. Wheeler of the M. E.
church, Mr. John W. Jennings of
Cass county, Nebraska, to Miss
Lissie Hallock of Erie.
So that's the business that
took Johnny boy east so mys
teriously, is it?
If we were only young again,
And could live over life,
We'd sell the Herald, loss or gain,
And start east for a wife.
We'd want the same old girl, my
For her we'd never change,
Hut like the fun and love and joy,
When all is new and strong
Oeorge Nichols of Ileatrice has
been in town for a week visiting
his relatives and friends.
We are reliably informed that
Mr. Frank Nieniau is having his
house remodeled and fixed up.
"You know how it is yourself."
There was an auction sale of
the household furniture of J. .
Dilley last Saturday afternoon by
Sheriff Cutler, to pav some of his
The water washed out some of
the piles in front of the 11. & M.
boat landing- last week, and the
president has been busy replac
ing; them.
Professor U. W. Wise, county
superintendent, has removed to
the house formerly occupied by
M. L. While, our county commis
sioner, who has removed with his
family to Omaha.
Jo.eph Ferree, son of U. W.
Ferree of this county, arrived in
town last Wednesday evening.
Joe has been swinging around
the circle since lie left here three
years ago, and is as good looking
as ever. He will remain here a
short time, then strike out again.
Our friend, Mike Murphy, mail
agent on the II. & M. II. II., and
who resides in Plattsmoulh, is
the happy father of a 'i-yoarold
boy who is extraordinarily cute
Tor his age. During the recent
fine coasting he was enjoying
himself by ridmg ,doyu hill with
a young ladyf whom he calls
"auntie," and: after a half hour
spent in coasting' they eame in,
and Charlie' informed the guests
congregated at Mike's that he
eoujd do something- that "auntie-
couldn't. Ou being asked what
it was, he said: T can ride down
hill "belly-buster,' 1 and auntie
can't." It is needless 'lo say that
the company exploded. Omaha
Republican, '
- '
Ml. Pleasant, May 21), '75.
Mr. Ed. It is with great pleas
ure and sincere gratitude, to tho
donors, that we acknowledge the
receipt of the generous sum of
$20 from the hands of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Hailey and Mrs. Wm.
Hobson. The above sum is the
proceeds of a festival held in the
school house at ML Pleasant, for
our benefit, on the evening of the
20th inst. Although the evening
was unpropitious, yet those pres
ent had a very enjoyable time,
greatly aiding in reliving their
pastor ami family from a heavy
burden, and adding another link
to the golden chain of friendship
that, binds our hearts to each
other, "a friend in need is a
friend indeed." With many
thanks to all, we hope ever to re
main worthy of the esteem and
confidence of our friends.
Adaline Crippen.
G. II. Crippen.
What will probably be the last
chapter in the famous Louisville
bridge case between Cass and
Sarpy counties was enacted yes
terday afternoon when the board
of county commissioners received
a warrant for s'HUi, representing
the interest on the principal of
S3, 000 which was assessed
against Sarpy county as their
part of the case, which they lost
in the supreme court of the state.
This case occupied the attention
of the district curt of Sarpy
county ami the .stale supreme
court, being tried before that
body several times and remanded,
but the court finally found for
Cass county and awarded them
judgment for the amount prayed
for, with interest. The lawsuit
arose over a bridge at Louisville
which this county was forced to
maintain entirely, as Sarpy coun
ty refused to contribute a cent
toward its maintance. The
bridge has long since yielded to
the elements and been washed
The news of the marriage of
Mrs. Hull, a former Plattsmouth
lady, has just, been received here
by her friends, and while the an
nouncement is a great surprise
to the many friends of this most
estimable lady, she will receive
their most hearty best wishes for
her future happiness. The cere
money which united Mart Howe
and Mrs. Hull occurred Wednes
day at Lincoln, where both of the
contracting parties have been
making their home for the past
few years, and was a very simple
wedding. They will make their
future home in Ihe capital city.
Mrs. Hull resided here for many
years, where she and her hus
band, Ihe late Caplaiu W. W.
Hull, were among our best peo
ple, and the friends of the lady
are legion throughout the city
and county.
From St. Joseph to Omaha.
This morning a man ami wom
an appeared in the city, who were
engaged in walking from St. Jos
eph, Mo., to Omaha to live with
relatives there, and from their
appearance they had evidently
fared very poorly on their jour
ney. They left St. Joseph the
middle of last week and have
walked all the way, so they stale,
and while the man is standing the
trip well, his wife has apparently
not gotten along so well. They
stated they had had no breakfast
and Sheriff Quinton furnished
them with food enough to satisfy
their hunger. Night before last
they found shelter in a school
house near Nebraska City, and
last night slept in a straw stack
in the vicinity of Mynard. They
were married at lied Oak last
August. After a short stay here
they continued their journey to
Farmers, Notice 1
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:-.' .v. ' . "i-9-lwk-w
of The Plattsmouth Journal,
published Daily and Semi-Weekly
at Plattsmouth, Neb., required
by the Act of August 21, 1912.
Editor, M. A. Hates, Platts
mouth, Neb.
Managing Editor, R. A. Hales,
Plattsmoulh, Neb.
llusiness Manager, II. A. Hates,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Publisher, 11. A. Hates, Platts
mouth, Neb. .
Average number of copies of
each issue of this publication
sold or distributed, through the
mails or. otherwise, to paid sub
scribers during the six months
preceding the dale of this state
ment: Daily 810
Semi -Weekly 1,000
It. A. HATES, Owner.
fore me
101 i.
to and subscribed be
this 8th day of April,
Notary Public.
(My commission expires Feb
ruary 13, 1010.)
Local RSews
Charles Oerlach of Mauley was
here for a few hours today to at
tend to some matters at the court
Miss Rose Kremla of Omaha is
here for a few days visiting at
the home of Mrs. Frank Ohm in
this city.
Miss Florence Cory was a
visil-or in Murray yesterday for
Ihe day, the guest of Mrs. Ed S.
Oliver Ilallam arrived this aft
ernoon' on No. 2i to visit for a
short time at the home of his
grandmother, Mrs. Kate Oliver.
Mrs. Wayne Twilchell came in
last evening from Seattle, Wash
ington, and will visit here for a
week or ten davs with friends.
Lee Nickels of near Murray
was in the city today for a few
hours looking after some busi
ness matters" with the mer
County Commission 0. It. Jor
dan departed this 'morning for
his home at AIvo, after attending
the -meeting of the county com
Mrs. Columbus .Nell was a pas
senger this morning for Omaha,
where she was called to spend
the day looking after some busi
ness matters in that city.
Mr. and Mis. Albert Schafei
Troiu near Cedar Creek, were in
the city a few hours this morn
ing, driving in from their home
for a brief visit with county seat
Miss Ilarbara Oering was
among the passengers this
morning for Omaha, where sin
was called lo look alter some
business matters for a few hours
Mrs. W. A. Robertson departed
this mornintr for Fremont, where
she will be the guest of friend
for a short lime. Mr. Robertson
accompanied her as far as Oma
ha on her journey, and spent tin
day there looking after business
Mrs. Nellie Wright of Hay
Springs, Neb., has been here
visiting at the home of her
rather, T. M. Carter, departed
this morning for her home. Mr.
Carter accompanied tier as tar as
Mrs. Oeorge Lamley of Omaha,
who has been here visiting at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Wil
liam Parker, for a few days, de
parted this afternoon for her
home in the metropolis. Her
sister, Miss Heulah Parker, ac
companied her to Omaha for a
short visit.
William Starkjohn was a busi
ness visitor in the metropolis to
day, going to that city on the
early llurlinglon train.
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Local News
From Tuesday's Dally. -
iU'ii Ik'ckmau came in this
morning from his home near
Murray to attend the meeting of
the county commissioners.
V. A. Wheeler and wife de
parted this morning foj Omaha,
where they were called on'some
business matters for tho day.
. Schroeder
attending to
of Cedar Creek
some business
matters in this
was a pleasant
city today and
caller at this
County Commissioner C. H.
Jordan came in last evening from
Alvo to attend the session of the
county commissioners thai is be
ing' held today.
. Frank Vallery was among the
passengers this morning for
Omaha, where he was called to
look after souk? matters on the
live slock market.
Miss Helen Horn and Miss
Viola Uoeker were among the
passengers this morning on -tin
early JJurlingloh train for Oma
ha lo visit for the day.
Mrs. Acnes Chapman of Lin
coln came, down last -evening on
No.' 2 and w ill visit here for a
short time with friends and Iook
after some business matters.
John Toman and Tom S.voboda
were among the passengers this
morning for Omaha, where they
will visit for a few hours with
Frank, Bouckasek at the hospital
in that city.
A.F. Seybert and John Busche,
from the vicinity of Cedar Creek,
were in the city -today for a few
hours looking-after some road
matters with tiie county commis
sioners. Henry Heebner of Murray
fame up last evening, in company
with his ""brother,-'-County'Coin-
inissioner --Heebner, and visited
here for-several - hours w ith his
many friends in this city.
Mrs. Ida Tril
Miss- Margaret,
llargtTt weue- ;
sch and daughter,
and Mrs. JIarvu
passengera-1 lhi4
TOR this Saturday only
we offer the Famous
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uum combined for
This Sweeper is the reg
ularly $12.50. Remem
ber no Sweeper will be
sold for $8.50 until Sat
urday. Come in and let
us demonstrate it to you,
so that we may be able
to place your order for
morning on the early Burlington
train for Omaha, where they will
visit for the day looking alter
some business matters.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Ir. (J. II. (iilmore of Murray
was in the city today for a short
lime looking after some matters
at the court house.
Mrs. J. M. Johns has gone to
lied Oak, Iowa, fTtr a few days'
visit with her sister, who has
been quite sick with erysipelas.
Mrs. E. J. Farmer of Valpariso,
Neb., who has been here visiting
her son, Theodore Farmer, de
parted this morning for her
James Hoover and James
Slander of Louisville were" in the
city yesterday for a few hours
looking after some matters at the
court, house.
W. H. Seybert and brother, A.
F. Seybert, of the vicinity of
Cedar Creek, were visitors in this
cily yesterday. W. II. Seybert
was a pleasant caller at this
Oscar Oapen drove in this
morning from his farm home and
was a passenger on the early
Burlington train for Omaha,
where he will spend the day look
ing after business matters.
Herman Tank and son, 'Oeorge,
of Lakelield, Minnesota, whoare
here visiting at the homo of John
Wichmann and famil, were pas
sengers this morning for Omaha,
where they will take in the sights
for the day. jur. Tank, who is a
most genial gentleman, is con
templating removing to this city
to live and ho can bo assurred a
hearty welcome.
Money Loaned.
Six per cent 'loans' on farms,
orchard lands, city resident or
business property, lo buy. build.
improve, extend or refund mortg
ages or other securities; terms
reasonable; special, privileges.
Correspondence invited; Com
monwealth Securities'" Loan Com
pany, n:'767 Gas and Eieclric
Bldg., Denver, Colorado. 7 19
Henry .Bldg., Seattle, Washington.
r...--, -w ; vv-3-30-4tw
New Boy at Jelik Home.
From Wednesday' Dally.
A line new ten-pound boy is
reported at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. James Jelik on West Pearl
street, on last Friday, and tho
little man is reported by the
parents as one of the brightest
and liveliest youngsters in the
city. The mother and little one
are getting along nicely and
James is feeling mighty proud
and happy over the new arrival.
We arc desirous of se
curing the name of every
person now living who
traded with "C. E. Wescott
Tho Boss Clothier," in the
year 1879. Will you please
J call at tho store or send us
the name by mail?
John Lohnes and son, J. fS.
Lohnes, both from near Cedar
Creek, wore county seat visitors
today, transacting business and
visiting with numerous county
seat friends. Thev were pleasant
callers at the Journal office.
C J"! IP
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