The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 06, 1914, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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    MONDAY, APRIL C, 1914,
X Hlllt KA.
Samuel G. Stone, Plaintiff,
Predrich Fueh. et al.. Defendants.
To Fredericli Kucha, ilr.s. Frederioh
Fuch.s, his wife, lirst and real name
unknown, the unknown lielrs and de
visees of I-'rederich Kuelis, dec-eased:
T. VV. Newman, lirst and real name
unknown, ttie unknown heirs and de
visees of T. V. Newman, deceased:
H. F. I'rice. and the unknown heirs,
and devisees of H. F. I'rice, deceased,
"You and each of you are hereby
notified that on the 17th day of Fel
ruarv, A. Lt. 1114. tlie jdair.tiff herein.
S'aniiiel 5. Stone, filed iiis petition in
the District Court of Cass County, Ne
braska, ag-ainst you as defendants, the
ohject and praver of which are to quiet
and contirm in the plaintiff the fee
simple title in and to the following de
scribed real estate, to-wit: Lots seven
). eiErht i.i) and nine (9), in block
seventv-tive (7". in the City of
J'lattsmouth. Cass County. Nebraska,
except a strip four and one-half feet
.) in width off of the east side of
said lot nine (9), to obtain a judgment
decreeing that the plaintiff is the
owner in fee simple of all of said de
scribed real estate, and to forever ex
clude and enjoin you and each of you
from claiming any risht. title, claim,
lien or interest in or to the above de
scribed real estate, and to remove cer
tain clouds from plaintiffs title there
to, and for equitable relief. i'laintiff
alletres that lie and his immediate
Krantors have been in the actual, con
tinuous, open, notorious, exclusive and
adverse possession and ownership of
all said described real estate, claiming
the same aerainst all the world and
especially aerainst the defendants here
in, since'the year 15.
i'ou and each of you are required to
nnswer said petition on or before the
j'.ih day of April. A. P. 191-1. and if you
fail so to do your default will be
entered therein "and judsrmtnt entered
as praved for in plaintiff's petition.
Dated this day of March, A. D.,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notice is hereby siven that The Jean
Land and Cattle Company, a corpora
tion, was organized on the 7th day of
March. A. D. 1M4. The name of the
corporation is The Jean Land and Cat
tle Company; the principal place
where said corporation will transact
business is at Plattsmouth. Cass Coun
ts. Nebraska: the general nature of
the business to be transacted by said
corporation is the operation of a ranch
for raising stock of all kinds, the pur
chase and sale of stock. planting,
cultivating and purchase of crops for
feeding slock, and purchase and sale
of real estate necessary for the con
ducting of a general ranching busi
ness, and including the erection and
repair of buildings and other improve
ments necessary therefor, and to ac
quire, by purchase or otherwise, all
properties necessary to carry into
effect the purposes herein named. The
authorized capital stock of said cor
poration is $50,000.00. Said corpora
tion commenced to do business on the
7th day of March, 1914. and continue
during a period of twenty years. The
highest amount of indebtedness or
liability to which the corporation bhall
at any time subject itself shall not
le more than two-thirds of the ag
gregate of its capital stock. The
anairs of the company will le trans
acted and managed by a Hoard of
Directors, composed of not less than
three. nor more than live members.
To all of which vou will take due
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of
David Stettler, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of said deceased that
hearings will be had upon claims
tiled against said estate, before
me, County Judsre of Cass County,
Nebraska, at the County Court
room in Plattsmouth, in said
county, on the 25th day of April,
1014, and on the 2f.h day of
October, 1914, at 9 o'clock a. m.,
each day for examination, ad
justment and allowance.
All claims must be filed in said
court on or before said last hour
of hearing-.
Witness my hand and seal of
said County Court, at IMatts
mouth, Nebraska, this 27th day
of March, A. I. 101 i.
County Judge.
DALE S. BOYLES, Attorney.
In Re Estate of John M. Johnson,
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that a peti
tion has been filed in this Court asking
for the administration of the estate of
John M. Johnson, deceased, and that
C. D. Quinton has been nominated as
administrator: that a hearing will be
had upon said petition on the 14th clay
of April. A. D. 1914. at 9 o'clock a. m.,
at my office in the Court House. In the
City of Plattsmouth, Cass County,
All objections to said petition must
be filed before said hour on said dav.
Dated this 21st day of March, A." D.
(Seal) Pr the Court.
County Judge.
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested and to the
public, that the undersigned,
C. S. Trumble, has filed his peti
tion and application in the office
of the clerk of the Village of
Eagle, County of Cass, and State
of Nebraska, as required by law,
signed by the required number of
resident freeholders of the said
village, setting forth that the ap
plicant is a man of respectable
character and standing1 and a
resident of the State of Nebraska,
and praying: that a license may
be issued to the said C. S. Trum
ble for the sale of malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors for
the period of one year from the
date of the hearing of said ap
plication, in a building: situated
on lots seven and eight (7 and 8),
in block nineteen (19), of the
said Village of EagIe, Nebraska.
April 2, 1914. Applicant.
The Journal for stationery.
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested and to the
public, that the undersigned,
Edward F. OeNchlaeer, lias filed
his petition and application in
the flice of the clerk of the Vil
lage f Eairle, County of Cass,
and State of Nebraska, as re
quired by law, signed by the re
quired number of resideni, free
holders of the said village set
ling1 forth that the applicant is a
man of respectable character and
standing: and a resident of the
State of Nebraska, and praying1
that a licence may be issued to
t ho said Edward F. Oelsch lager
for the sale of malt, spirituous
and vinous liquors for the period
of one vear from the date of the
hearing1 of said application in a
building- situated on lots five and
six (. and ), in block nineteen
Mi . of said Village of Eagle,
April 2. 191-5.. Applicant
roi'XTt. m:iikaska.
In the Matter of the (luardiani-hip of
jeorge Dwyer, Leona mvyer, I e
Forest Dwyer, Edward Dwyer and
Elmer Dwyer, Minors.
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of an order of James T. Hetfley,
Judge of the District Court of C'a
Countv. Nebraska, made on the ll'th
day of March. 1914, for the sale of
real estate hereinafter described, there
will be sold at the front door of the
Court House in Plattsmouth. Nebraska
on the yth day of May. 1914. at 11
o'clock a. m.. at public vendue to the
highest bidder for cash the undivided
two-fifteenths interest in anil to the
following described real estate to-wit:
Lots ."! anil 4. in LMock 5J. in the City
of Plattsmouth. Cass County, Ne
braska Said ale will be open one
Dated this "id dav of April. 1914.
As Guardian of George Dwyer,
l.eona Dwyer. De Forest Dwyer,
Edward Dwyer and Elmer
Dwyer. Minors.
NOTICE TO cheiiitous.
Cass County, ss.
lu Couuty Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Joseph
Havn, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
be had upon claims tiled against said
estate. before me. County Judge of
Cass County. Nebraska, at the County
Court loom in Plattsmouth. in said
County, on the 1st day of May, 1914,
and on the nd day of .November, 1914
at 9 o'clock a. m.. each day for ex
amination, adjustment and allowance
All claims must be tiled in said court
on or before said last hour of hearing.
Witness my hand anil seal of said
Countv Court, at Plattsmouth. Ne
braska. this 21st dav of March. 1914.
County Judge.
To Henry A. Pearsons, trustee. The
Northwestern linnd and Trust Com
pany, a corporation. Martin Cain, the
unknown heirs or devisees of .Mar
tin Cain, deceased. Lelitia M. Young
the unknown heirs or devisees of
Letitia M. Young, deceased, Lelitia
M. Pottenger. the unknown heirs or
devisees ot Letitia M. I'ottenger. de
ceased. Letitia M. Potengev. the un
known heirs or devisees of Letitia
M. Potenger, deceased, Sanford I'ot
tenger, the unknown heirs or de
visees of Sanford Pottenger. de
ceased. Stanford Potenger. the un
known heirs or devisees of Sanford
Potenger. deceased, James McMahon.
the unknown heirs or devisees of
James McMahon. deceased. James W.
McMahan. the unknown heirs or de
visees of James Vv. McMahan, de
ceased :
You are herebv notified that, upon
the L'Oth day of March, 1914, August
Wendt. as plaintiff, filed a petition in
the District Court of Cass County. Ne
braska, the object and prayer of which
is to obtain a decree of court quieting
the title to the west half of the south
west quarter (W'j of SW'U I of Sec
tion twenty-four "4), also the south
west quarter (SVV1,.,) of Section twenty-five
(2"o, all in Township eleven
(11). North. Range ten (10). East of
the Sixth Principal Meridian, in the
County of Cass. :tate of Nebraska, as
against you, and each of you. and as
again any and all persons claiminar, or
to claim, by, through or under you, or
any of you. and for such other relief
as may be lust and eoultable.
You are further notified that you are
required to answer said petition on or
before the lth dav of May. 1914.
Dated this 4th dav of Apri 1914.
AVCrsT YVKXDT, Plaintiff.
His Attorney.
In the District Court of ('ami County,
"VV. D. Machacl, I'laintiff,
Carl H. Otis. Grace E. Otis, N. K. Peo
ples, Special Administrator of the
Estate of Orin 1. Monroe, Deceased,
Anna Amelia Monroe. Elmer Monroe,
Edith McFariane. Elmer E. Monroe.
Kenneth E. Monroe. Floyd Warren, J.
Warren (first name unknown), and
the Unknown Heirs and Devisees of
Orion P. Monroe, Deceased.
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants and
Fnknown Heirs and Devisees:
To Carl H. Otis, Grace E. Otis. Elmer
Monroe, Edith McFariane, Elmer E.
Monroe. Kenneth E. Monroe, Flovd
Warren. J. Warren (first and real name
unknown), and the Unknown Heirs and
Devisees of Orin P. Monroe, deceased,
defendants: You will take notice that
on the r.oth day of March. 1914, Plaintiff
herein filed his petition in the District
Court of Cass Countv, Nebraska,
against you and others, the object,
purpose and prayer of which petition is
to foreclose a certain mortgage deed,
executed by the defendants. Carl II.
Otis and Grace E. Otis, in favor of one
Ellen U. Wright, and by said Ellen U.
Wright, assigned to this I'laintiff,
covering the west half of lot four (4).
in block thirty-three (33). in the Citv
of Plattsmouth. Cass Countv. Nebraska,
excepting a strip four (4) inches in
width off of the east side of said west
half of said lot, all as shown by the
published and recorded plat of said
City, given to secure the payment of a
nromisasory note of $500.00, with in
terest at 10 per cent from
September 29, 1913, and the
further sum of $10.00 with in
terest at 10 per cent from October 12,
191". expended for premium on in
surance policy, and the further sum of
$.11.75, with 10 per cent interest from
the 9th day of March, 1914. expended
for the redemption of a tax sale on said
permises, for which sums, with interest
as aforesaid, plaintiff prays for a de
cree, that defendants be required to
pay the same, or that said premises
may be sold to satisfy the amount
found to be due by the Court.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 12th dav of Mav,
1914, or the allegations contained in
said petition will he taken as true and
a necree rendered as praved for therein.
Date: March 30th. 1914.
W. D. MACHAEL, Plaintiff.
By JOHN M. LEY DA, His Attorney.
Eggs fop Hatching.
Light Brahma eggs for hatch
ing;, for sale. Only the best we
could get for 40 years. Mrs. L.
E. Gilmour, Route 1, Platts
mouth, Neb.
Cass County, ss.
In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Cor
nelius Land. Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearings will
be had upon claims tiled against said
estate, before me. County Judge of
Cuss County, Nebraska, at the County
Court room in Plattsmouth. in said
County, on the 4t!i day of May, 1914,
and on the "th day of November, 1911,
at 1 o'clock a. m.. each day for ex
amination, adjustment and allowance.
All churns must be filed in said court
on r before said hist hour of Hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court. at Plattsmouth. Ne
braska, this 4th dav of April. 1911.
County Judge.
Attorney for Admr.
I'ltOll ti n NOTIC E.
County of Cas. ss.
lu Oiiiiilv Court.
In Re-Estate of William Lcddy, De
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that on the
4th day of April. 1914. there was filed
in this Court an instrument in writing
purporting t be the last will and
testament of William Leddy. deceased.
together with the petition of William
Leddy. jr.. praying therein for the al
lowance and probate of said proposed
will and that administration thereof
be granted to Eliza Leddy. John Leddy
and William Leddy. jr. That a hear
ing will be had upon said petition on
the 2th day of April. A. D.. 1914, at
10 o'clock a. in., in the County Court
room, in the City of Plattsmouth. Cass
Countv. Nebraska. If vou fail to ai
pear at said time and contest saiil
petition, the Court will, upon proper
testimony, allow said propounded in
strument as the last will and testa
ment of said William Leddv, deceased
and grant execution thereof and ad
ministration of said estate to Eliza
Leddv. John Leddv and Wiiliam Leddy.
jr.. and proceed to the settlement of
said estate.
Witness mv hand and seal of said
County Court, at Plattsmouth. Cass
Countv, Nebraska, this 4th day of
April, A. D., 1914.
Countv Judge.
James P. Rainey was down
from his Mynard farm Tuesday
afternoon attending to bu.-ines
affairs and meeting- his friends.
Misses Zola Frans and Edith
Frans went to Lincoln last Fri
day evening and were gue-ds of
their cousin. Miss Lola Wolfe.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Patterson
of Plattsmouth were visitinir hen
last Friday, and were the guests
of their son, J. M. Patterson.
Miss Emma Anderson of La
moni. Iowa, made a three weeks'
visit with the family of George
Everett, southeast of town, and
departed for h.'r home on Mn
Robert. Harming came in from
the north la-t week and made hi
Union relatives and friends a
visit, and will go from here to
Hillings, Mont., to locate per
V. 11. Hells, who a f"v weeks
ago located on his ranch in lb'lt
county. passed through her
Tuesday, goinc out to his farm
near Avoea to spend a few days
attending to some business af
C. Wes Clark's cah pocket wa
just a dozen dollars short Satur
day night, due to the fact that a
purse containing I he '-wampum"
dropped out of his trouser pocket
and up to dale the property ha?
not found its way back to th
owner, perhaps it was found by
the one who picked up a purse
containing si. 50 a few weeks ago
name known, but proof not yet
The man who thinks Joe Bauer
a novice in the lino of artistic
work lias another- think coming.
Fr proof, notice that fine large
"L" desk thai was added to the
equipment of the Hank of Union.
Joe is the man who built it entire
and a neat piece of furniture it
is, and Cashier Patterson says
the first man who squirts tobacco
juice upon it will have his meas
ure taken in Upton's undertaking
Earl Upton finished loading his
implements and household goods
Wednesday and started for Chap
man, Neb., where lie will locate
on a farm. Mrs. Upton and
daughter, Mary, will spend a few
davs visiting relatives and
friends before going to their new
home. Union is losing most esti
mable citizens by the departure
of this family, and they take with
them the best wishes of all the
people who knew them.
6 Per Cent Loans.
Obtainable to buy, build or im
prove farm, ranch and city prop
erty or remove incumbrance
therefrom; special privileges
and reasonable terms. For pro
position, address: Finance Dept.,
1527 Busch Bldg., Dallas, Texas.
Is not so much in its treat efficiency ts
remedy tor roup, canker, chicken pox
ana outer diseases of poultry, but
it is the greatest bowel regulator in
the world for either poultry or stock
(including pet stock, counters ct
ng, especially, bowel troubles due
to musty, spoiled or imoroner food.
With man, fowls or aninuUs, recu
lar bowels mean helt!. Con.
) 1
tinned irregularity means some sickness, difficult
to cure if not fatal. Thousands give Germ ozone
regu!arty twice a week to chickens, ycunz and old,
at th same time having it ever handy as ready
remedy for other diseases. Soiibj dtakrs or post
paid.. One size only, 50 cents. .
For Sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
"Hilly" Mueller of "Union paid
a short visit to (he honu- of hi
brother, Adolph, this week.
L. A. Toii, E. H. Penlerman
and J. IF. Rouge went to Platts
mouth Tuesday afternoon to at
tend the Woodmen county con-
cut ion.
Erne-t Fesenbeck of Mound-
ville. Mo., has been a visitor in
town for several day with hi
mother, wlio has been under the
doctor's car'.
David Met, of Jules City. Kas..
and Mrs. Ruben Harsdiberger of
Stella. A'eb., were here Monday jn
attendance at the funeral of their
sifter, Mrs. Elizabeth Patton.
Al Xewhall returned Wednes
day from Boston, where he went
to attend the funeral of his
brother, Joseph. Tie was accom
panied by his daughter, Miss
The old M. E. church brought
ft 1 7 i'i.oo Saturday afternoon at
public auction. Howard Capwell
being the purchaser. Th-- lot j
t be cleared by May 1. when work
on the handsome new edifice is to
The First National bank of
Elmwood was sold tin's morning
to E. E. Butler, president of the
Citizen's Stale bank of University
Place, C. T. Butler, cashier of
the same bank, and R. M. Turner-,
a capitalist, of Lincoln.
The funeral of James Clark, a
former resident of this vicinity.
was held her- Wednesday morn
ing from St. Mary's Catholic
church and interment made in
the Elmwood cemetery. Mr. Clark
passed away at his home at Rock
ford Mo. He was age.l 72 years.
J. F. Hoover had the misfor
tune to have a shoulder dis
located Wednesday morning-.
when he was dumped out of his
buggv in front of the TL W. Mil
ler- residence. His horse shied at
a pile of boards in the Rolofsz
pasture. breaking his course
suddenly to one side of the road
thereby cramping and upsettim
the buggy. Mr. Hoover was taken
home where a physician soon at
tended turn and he is now doing
nicely, we are glad to slate.
Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Hunter are
in Tecuniseh today attending the
funeral f Mrs. Al N. Defoe, wife
of Mrs. Hunter's brother.
Miss Mildred lint ler returned
Saturday to her school work at
Albion, after spending her week's
vacation with her parents, Dr.
and Mrs. Butler.
Miss Daisy Johnson was home
from her school work at Papil
lion last week and this week.
Miss Edith is hone from her
school work at Lincoln.
J. B. Rubv of Fort Morgan.
Colo, who has been visiting at
Nehawka for some time, came up
Mondav and will stay indefinitely
with his brother, B. F. Ruby.
Byron Baker left Monday
morning for Toledo, Ohio, where
he will build a house for a
nephew of his. While in Ohio he
will visit his birthplace at Wes
ton, which he has not seen for
I h irf y-three years.
Miss Cleo Jameson left Monday
afternoon for Chicago, where she
will enter the Presbyterian hos
pital for a three years' training
course in nursing. She was ac
companied as far as Omaha by
her father, A. E. Jameson.
Mrs. T. W. Faught came down
from Cozad Tuesday and return
ed Wednesdav with her mother,
Mrs. Lucy Root, who has gone to
make her home with Mrs. Faught
indefinitely. This was quite a
trip for as old a lady as Mrs.
Root, who is 12 years old.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lawson
left Friday for a few days' visit
with Dr. and Mrs. Fred Andrus'in
Lincoln. From there they will go
to Omaha, where they will make
their future home, as Mr. Lawson
is opening a shoe store in that
W. M. Kear of Plainview and
his cousin, Miss Hazel Kear, of
Oklahoma, arrived here Tuesday
affernoon. Mr. Kear has sold out
at Plainview and is on his way to
Texas county, Oklahoma, where
he expects to buy land. They
stopped off here on account of
the serious illness of their aunt,
Mrs. Bailey, at the home of her
son, II. M. Bailey.
Eggs for hatching from S. C.
Rhode Island Reds, 61.00 per 15;
$5.00 per 100. Extra choice mat-
ings, 52.00 and $3.00 per 15.
" ..
A. O. Ramge.
Mrs. Charles llageu and two
children of Minnville. Ore., are
here visiting relatives.
Olio liecker, .jr.. of West, point
visited with old friends in Louis
ville las Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. L. F. Polk went to Lincoln
Saturday (o visit hep son ami
daughter, John and Miss Mary,
who are at the stale university.
R. C. Yant has returned from a
week's business trip to Kansas
City in company with Hugh
Murphy of the Murphy quarries.
The Nehawka News is author
ity fop the statement thai. Ernest
Pollard is content to remain on
his Cass county farm and raise
apples and let, someone else run
for governor.
Mrs. Arthur Masters and
Charles Masters celebrated the
anniversary of their birthday by
iiiviug a dinner at the home of
ibe forme!-, o a number of rela
tives Monday evening.
A traveling represent alive of
the Red Wing Stoneware Manu
facturing company was in Louis
ville Wednesday night. He
looked over' the local flower pot
factory while here and spok
complimentary of the product.
A young man by the name of
McDonald was fined in ,justic
court Tuesday night, charge
wilh being drunk and disorderly.
He entered a rear door of the
Hotel Drake and was having fun
with the cooks and dining room
girls when lb' landlady entered
and demanded the young man to
vacate, which he refused to do.
The arrest followed as a result.
S. C. Keckler this week sold his
elevator in Louisville (o James
Terryberry, the consideration be
ing ftO.ioo. This is on' of th
best equipped elevators on th
line and it is said the price paid
is most reasonable. It is under
stood, however, that Mr. Terry-
berry purchased the plant with
the purpose of organizing the
farmers into an association to be
known as the Louisville Farmers'
Elevator company.
T wm mm mm
Starting with Tuesday night of
this week the curfew rings at 9
Mrs. Bert Price returned home
Thursday from a two weeks' visit
with her- mother at Coon Rapids
Bert Stewart went to Min
nesota the fore part of the week
returning home Thursday after
Mrs. M. T. Turner and Mrs. C
E. Barrett went to Manley to see
their mother, Mrs. Agnes Carper
who is quite ill.
Miss Mary E. Foster, county
superintendent, was in town be
tween trains Friday paying the
Eagle schools a visit.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Alt house, vvh reside north of
town. Saturday, March 21, a nine
and one-half-pound girl.
It has been suggested by a few
the organization of a lodge at
Eagle. All interested parties,
members of other lodges, and ex
members meet at the depot Sun
day afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Win. T. Sacks is the owner of
one of the finest and largest
thoroughbred Short-Horn Dur
ham bulls that was ever brought
into this section of the country,
having just recently purchased
it, paying $135 for the same. Bill
is a great lover of fine stock and
feels especially proud of thi
particular animal.
"Cap," the famous driving and
sadlle horse owned by William
Sacks, who resides south of town.
was badly bruised up in a run
away one day last week. We are
all sorry to hear this as "Cap
is very popular among the peo
ple of Eagle and vicinity, how
ever, he is getting along nicely,
not having been seriously in
Clears Complexion Removes
Skin Blemishes.
Why go through life embar
rassed and disfigured with pim
ples, eruptions, blackheads, red
ough skin, or suffering the tor
tures of Eczema, itch, tetter, salt
rheum? Just ask your Druggist
for Dr. Hobson's Eczema Oint
ment. Follow the simple sug-
estions and your skin worries
are over. Mild, soothing, effective.
Excellent for babies and delicate,
tender skin. Stops chapping.
Relief or money back. 50c, at
your Druggist.
The Journal for stationery.
has now
Try Us for Rapid Repairing
the best for farm or factory are guaranteed
every pair prices from
S1 .85 to S4.50
AVARD & McLEAN, South 6tii St.
Mrs. Hunter and lillle laugh
ter of Plattsmouth visited over
Sunday at the (leorge Hansen
home. The two ladies are sis
ters. A telegram arrived here Tues
day afternoon announcing- the
safe arrival in the far west of
Mrs. J. B. Banning and the two
Mrs. George Spolm came down
from Lincoln Monday evening
for a short visit to her brother's,
Henry and Andrew Sturm.
Charley Chriswisser went to
Omaha Friday on business. His
wife and the children accom
panied them as far as Platts
mouth, where they spent Sunday.
Miss Ella Sehomaker, daugh
ter of Mrs. Catherine Sehomaker,
livintr north of town, and Mr.
Edward Wulf of Avoea were mar
ried in Omaha on' day last week.
W. I). Askine, fhe hustling W.
(). W. deputy, is gelling ready to
initial' another big class at Mur
ray. The date has no. been de
cided on for sure yet, but will
probably be about April 11th.
William Balfour and Bans
Sfoll were up to Omaha last Fri
day night wilh their fiddles, par
ticipating in a contest that was
pulled off in the Auditorium.
They did not bring" home any
prizes, but admit having a line
Mr. and Mrs. I.. C. Todd and
the children returned from Lin
coln Saturday, where they made
their horn' this winter, and will
he at horn' to their friends at the
farm north of town. They admit
having spent a very pleasant
winter, but are glad to get back
to work acrain.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kirkpati ick
returned Tuesday from their
winter' in the south. They look
well and hearty and as if they
had fed regularly. Mr. Kirkpaf
riek is very enthusiastic over the
possibilities in southern Texas,
where they spent most of their
Cough Medicine for Children.
Too much care cannot be used
in selecting a couli medicine for
children. It should be pleasant to
take, contain no harmful sub
stance and be most effectual.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
meets these requirements and is
a favorite with the mothers of
young children everywhere. For
sale by all dealers.
Sell your property through the
Journal Want Ads.
You can make money raising
North Platte Valley. If you will go
I will show you many farms whose
vvw .
do not have to sow and reap for. each crop. You seed the ground to al
falfa once and then cut three times each year for succeeding years.
You can homestead forty or
Government Canals, repaying the Government the actual cost of water,
the payments spreading over many years, without interest.
The Burlington's new main line
traverse these localities and conneet them with an immediate and per
petual market at profitable prices. There are, also, deeded lands and
Carey Act Lands available in both of
located in
If you only knew as much as
we and those who have used
them do about Jlexall Orderlies,
you would be as enthusiastic
about recommending theni as we
are. They taste jus like eandy
and act so easily and pleasantly
that taking them is a pleasure.
Kexall Orderlies have a splen
did tonic, cleansing and strength
ening effect Upon the bowels.
They help free the system and
keep il free from the ailments
that result from irregular or in
active bowels. They do this
quietly, without griping, nausea,
purging or excessive looseness.
In a short time they usually make
unnecessary the continued use of
physics. We don't ask you to
take our word for this. We want
you to make us prove it, and at
no cost to you.
Buy a box of Rexall Order-lies.
If not thoroughly satisfied. Id!
us, and we will return your
money without question. In vest
pocket tin boxes: 10c, 'J5c, roc.
You1 can buy Rexall Orderlies
only at the Rexall Stores, and in
this town only of us. F. G.
Fricke & Co., Union Block,
Plallsmouth, Xeb.
From Saturflays Dall.
This morning District .Tude
James T. Begley arrived from
Papillion and held a short ses
sion of the district court, taking
up the mallei' of the estate of
Nicholas llalmes, deceased, vs.
Henry R. Gering. The case arises
out of a note that the estate
claims was given by Mr. Geriir-r
to the First National bank for
S2.000. and which they allege
was signed by Mr. llalmes as se
curity, and which the estate was
compelled to pay. The defend
ant claims that Mr. llalmes was
the principal in the giving of the
note and Mr. Gering as the se
curity. There were a great many
documents bearing on the case
submitted to the court for its in
spection. For Sale.
First-class alfalfa seed, at my
farm, ij miles north of Nehawka.
Z. W. Shrader. 3-30-Gwks-vv
alfalfa in the Big Horn Basin or the
with me to either of these localities,
alfalfa yield will amaze you. You
eighty acres of this land under the
train through Central Wyoming will
these regions.
Let me put you in touch with North Platte Valley
land agents. Send for the new Big flora Basin fold
er, now on the press.
Ass't Immigration Ag-ent
I0O4 Farnam Street. Omaha. Nebraska.