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    MONDAY. MARCH 16,-1914.
rxcz &.
Copjrlfiht. ICli by th II. K. Tly
Within th Toil,
f 1 "Mr jrvlns: of Garson left the
Irooiu deathly still. Pick turn
ed to Mary and too Ler hand
iu hi. Ills arm swept about
her lu n protecting embrace just Ju
tliue or s'ao would have fallen.
A whisper camo from iicr gulvcriug
Hp. Her face was close to Lis, else
I.o wuM not Lave caught tbe uucertaia
luuriuurln- The muscles of her face
twitched. She rested suplm-ly atminst
him as If loreft of any s:rcnlh of
body or of soul. Yet, lu thd Intensity
of her utterance, Iho feeble whisper
struck like a shriek of horror.
l I never saw any one killed be
fore r
tteforo he could utter the sooth Ins
words that rose to his lips. Pic was
Interrupted by a !:;rlit sound at the
door, lustantly ho was all ulcrt to
meet the exigencies of the situation.
He stiKHl by the couch, bcnlius for
ward a little as if in a post jrc of Inti
mate fondness, lie heard the noise
spile proseutly. now so near that he
mud suro of being overheard, so at
cn.v he spoke with a forced cheerful
ness iu his Inflection.
"1 tell you. Mary," he declared. VT
erythlrs's kcIii to bo all right for
you and ne. It was bully of you to
come here to in UUe this."
The slrl made no resioni. Pick, la
nervous apprehension as to the Issue,
ouht to brlns her to realization ct
the new need that had coui upon
"Talk to me." ho coiuunuded very
ofily. "They'll lo hero in u uduuto.
When they eotuc lu pretend you Jut-t
camo hero ia ordei to meet me. Try.
Mury. You must, dearest!" Then
ucda hU voice ro to loudnesses ho
loutlnuod: "Why, l'v Uva trying all
day to se you, Aud juow hero we ero
together, Jat as 1 was Utaulu to
et really UKoour.tired. I Luov my fa
ther will eventually"
lie was interrupted by tho swift
ftwtiuttti; epen of the hallway door.
HurWe Mood Just within tbe library, a
revolver pointed menacingly.
"Hands up, all of you:" The inspec
tor's voice fairly roared th command.
The belligerent expression of his face
vanished abruptly as his eyes fell on
Pick sdaudtutr by th couch and Mary
rvcltntnx there in limp helplessness.
"What are you doing la this house
at this time of tiicht?" Pick demanded.
"1 recognlw you. Inspector IUirk.
Put you must understand that there
rc limits even to what yon can dv
It seems to me, sir, that you exceed
your authority by such nu iutruslon as
Hurke waved tls revolver toward
"What's she doing here?" he nsked.
"You forget yourself. Inspector. This
Is my wife. Sbo has the right to be
with me her husband!"
"Where's your father?" he questioned
"In bed. naturally." was the answer.
I ask you cgain. What are you dotes
here at this time of nlghtV
"Oh. call your father, Burke di
rected. "It's late," Pick objected. "I'd rath
er not disturb him. if you don't mind."
Suddenly ho smiled very wiuninsly
and spoke wifa a good assumption of
"Inspector," ho said briskly, "I see
I'll have to tell you the truth. It's
this: I've persuaded my wife to go
away with me. She's goins? to give
all that other sort of thlus up. Yes,
we're going away together. So. you
see, we've got to talk it over. Now,
then, inspector, if you'll come back in
tho morning"
As he spofce V2 white brnra of the
CasLIns searchlight frotu the tower
fell Wtween the undrawn draperies of
the octagonal window. Tho light star
tled the Inspector again, as it had done
once before thut same night. His gare
followed It Instinctively. So within tbe
second ho saw the still form lying
there ou the floor.
Thero was no mistaking that awfaU
motionless, crumpled posture. The In
spector leaped to tho switch by the
door and turned on the lights-of the
chandelier. Ip the next moment he
had reached the door of the passage
across the room, and It's whistle sound
ed shrill. H's voice bellowed re-enforcement
to the blast.
"Cassldy! Ctsjidr!"
Cassldy came rushing in with tho
other detectives.
"Why, what's it all mean, chief?" be
"They've got Griggs!" Hurke answer
ed. There was exceeding rsgo In
voice ns he sitoke from his kneeling
post 'ire beside tho body, to which ho
had hurried after the suiimons to his
aids. Til break you for this. Cas
sldy." he declared tlcrecly. "Why
tlidn't you get here cva tbe run when
you heard the shot?"
"Hjt thern wnu't any shot. I tell
you. ctief. tbeie hssa't beeu a sound.
Kurke rose to his feet Ills heavy
face was set lu Its Meruest mold.
"You could drive a hearse through
the hole they made in him. said Cas
sldy. nnrke wheeled on Mary and
Pick. "So," he shouted, "now It's
murder! Well, hand It over. Where's
the gun?" lie nodded toward Dick as
he gave his order. "Search hliu!"
Pick took the revolver from fcls pock
et and held it out.
At this Incriminating crisis for tbe
son the father hastily strode into the
library. He had been aroused by the
Inspector's shouting and was evidently
greatly porturUxl.
"What's all this?' ho exclaimed.
Iurke lu a tuomeut like this was no
respecter of persons.
"You can see for yourself." he said
grimly to the dutnfoundod magnate.
Sv no went cn, with soiuIkt men
ace ta his voice. you did It, young
man." He nodded toward the detec-,
tire. "Well. Cns&idy, you can take 'em
both downtown. That's l"
Th command aroused Pick to re-
TV-- f d
"Hands upt All of youl
monstrance against such Indignity t
ward tie woman he loved.
"Not her!" he cried imploringly.
"You vlou't want her, inspector! This
is all wron;'"
"Pick " Mary advised quietly, "don't
talk, please.
"What do yon expect? Hurke la
qnlred truculently, "As a matter of
fact, the thing's simple enough, young
man. l!lther you killed tfrtfgs or M
Tho ir.s;ecior with his charge made
a careless ;estui towaixl the cone of
th murdcrwl Mool pigeon. Kdward
Glider KH'ked and saw the jthastly, i:
animate heap of CesU ami bene that
had one beeu a man. He fairly reeled
"You could drive a htarsa through tho
holo thoy made in him."
at the spectacle, then fumbled with en
outstretched hand until he laid hold on
a chair, into which Le sank helplessly.
"Kit her you killed him," the voice
repeated gratiugly, "or 6he did. Well,
iiiiu. roving man. did sho kill him?"
"Good God, not" XsiCk. shouted,
"Then it was you!"
"No. no! He didn't!" Mary's words
came frantically.
2'urke reiterated the accusation.
"One of you killed Griggs. Which
ono of you did it?" He scowled at
Pick. "Pid sho kill him?"
"I told you no!"
"Well, then," he blustered to the girl,
"did he kill him?"
The nod of his Lead was toward
Pick. Then as she remained silent,
"I'm talking to yeu!" he snapped.
"Pid he kill him?"
The reply camo with a soft distinct
ness that was like a crash of destluy.
Pick turned to his wife in reproach
ful amazement.
"Mary!" he cried incredulously.
"You'll swear Lo killed him?" Durke
asked briskly.
"Why not?" she responded listlessly.
At this intolerable assertion as Le
deemed it Kdward Gilder sat rigidly
erect in his chair.
"God!" he cried despairingly. "And
that's your vengeance!"
"I don't want vengeance now!" she
"But they'll try my boy for murder,"
the magnate remonstrated, distraught.
"Oh, no, they can't!" camo the re
joinder. "What's tho reason we can't?" Burke
"Because ray husband merely killed
a burglar. He shot him in defense of
his home!"
In his ctfice next morning Inspector
Burke was fuming over the failure
of his conspiracy. He had ho pod
thjOliSLU this plot toTlndicate his au
, :v. r7
y r
thority, so sadly flaunted by Garson
and Mary Turner. Instead oX this
much to be desired result from his
scheming the outcome had been noth
ing less than disastrous.
Some one had murdered Griggs, the
stool pigeon. The murder could not go
unpunished. The slayer's identity must
bo determined. To the discovery of
this identity, the inspector was at the
preseut moment devoting himself by
adroit questioning of Pacey and Chi
cago Bed. w ho had been arrested in
one of their accustomed haunts.
"Come across now!" he admonished.
His voice rolled forth like that of a
bull of Bashan. He was on his feet,
facing the two thieves. His head was
thrust forward menacingly, aud his
eyes w ere savage,
"I don't know nothlnT' Chicago
Bed's voice was between a snarl and
a w hlne. "Ain't I beeu telling you that
for over an hour?"
Burke gave Pacey. who chanced to
be the nearer of the two. a shove that
sent the fellow staggering halfway
across the room under Its impetus.
"Pacey, how long have you been
"A week."
"Want to go back for another
"God, no'.
"Who shot Griggs?"
The reply was a chorus from the
"I don't know honest, I don't!"
In his eagerness Chicago Bed moved
toward his questioner.
"Honest to Gawd. I don't know notb
in about it!"
The inspector's Cst shot out toward
Chicago Bed's Jaw. The thief went
to his knees under the blow.
"Now, get up und talk!" Burke's
voire came with unropontaut nolsiuess
against the stricken man.
Crlngingly Chicago Bed obeyed as
far as the getting to his feet w-as con
corned. While he got slowly to his
foot he took care to keep at a respect
ful distance from the c'tkial.
Cassldy entered the Inspector's ofllce
to announce the arrival of the district
"Send lra in." Burke directed. He
made a gesture toward th doorman
and added. "Take Vm back."
"I eauie as S'ou ns I got your mea
age," the district attorney said as ha
seated himself in a chair by the desk.
"Aud I've sent word to Mr. Glider.
Now, theu. Burke, let's have this thing
The inspector explanation was con
cise; "Joe Garson, Chicago Bed aud Pacey,
along with Griggs, broke into Kdward
Glider'a house nlsht. I tuew the
trlv k was going to be pulled off, and o
I plautcd Cassldy and a couple of oth
er ineu just outside the room where
the haul was to bo trades Thru went
away, and after something bk half an
hour I came back to make th arrests
myself. When I broke into th room
I found young Glider alone with that
Turner woman he married, and they
were just talking together.
"I found Griggs lying ou the floor
dead! The Turner womau Kays young
Gilder shot Griggs because he broke
into the house Ain't that the limit?"
"What docs the boy say?"
"Nothing. We've got Chicago Bed
and Pacey. and we'll have Garson be
fore the day's over. And, oh. yes!
TheyVe picked vp n young girl at the
Turner woman's place. And we've got
one real clew for once!" He opened
a drawer of the desk and took out Gar
sou's pistol, to which the slleucer was
still attached.
"Yon never saw a gun like that be
fore, eh?" he exclaimed. Deuiarest ad
mitted the face
"I'll bet you never did! That thing
on the end Is a Maxim silencer. There
are thousands of them in use on rifles,
but they've never leeu able to use
them on revolvers before. That thing
Is absolutely noiseless, I've tried it.
Well, yon see, it'll be an easy thing
easiest thing in the world! to trace
that silencer attachment. Cassldy's
worklug on that cud of the thing nowT
(To be Continued)
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Win. Gilmour,
Plattsmoutb, Neb.
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J h
J Republican.
lI,I"II) I"X,"2""J'2 "W!"!
Paul Sitznian came over from
Plattsmouth Monday and will
work on the farm this summer
for George Towle.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spangler
and children, Mr. and Mrs, Philip
Spangler and George took Sunday
dinner with John puugler near
Paul Wurl is moving onto the
farm of T. L. Wiles, east of Grand
View church, this week, which he
has rented. His sister. Miss
Theresa, wilt keep house for him.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wiles, Miss
Lula Wiles, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Wiles and children made an all
lay visit at the Leslie Wiles home
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Livings
ion spent Sunday with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Tchirren, near
Plattsmouth. Their children were
H at home, making a family re
union. Mr. Patrick of Omaha and a
'ivil engineer of the Missouri Pa
:illc were in town Saturday morn
ing making arrangements for the
spur track to be put in at the
Olson quarry for the new crusher.
A seven and ono-half-pound
liltle daughter arrived Friday,
March 0. to make her home with
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Rugha, liv
ing southwest of town. She has
been named Kunice Jcanette.
Miss Jennie Hitchmau, who re
signed her position as teacher in
he Wabash school last Saturday,
look up the first grade work at
our school Monday morning,
which has been in charge or Mrs.
T.. L. Hunter for several weeks
since Miss Grew has had to re
main at home on account, of siek
iess in the family.
Last Friday morning Mrs. A. L.
Marhall had a fall, wrenching
the ligiments loose on her left
foot. In the afternoon it had
swollen very much, with intense
ain. She called 1M M. M. Hut ler.
.ho dressed it. giving great relief,
but the doctor thinks it will be
many weeks before she can use il
igaiu with safely ami comfort.
Miss Carrie Panning went n
Ihe Wednesday evening train for
a visit with some of her friends in
Mrs. Will A. Frans of Omaha
ame Tuesday to spend a few days
visiting her parents and other
relatives and friends.
Mrs. Harry Oravos and daugh
ter, Helen, of Syracuse, came in
Wednesday to spend several days
visiting relatives and Mark and
Graves families in this village.
W. 11. Dodson, a resident of this
place some years ago, arrived
from Magnet yesterday for a visit
vith his old-time friends, and he
finds a great many of them, all
pleased to meet him again.
Perry Dukes was called to Lin
coln Tuesday evening by a mes
sage informing him of the serious
illness of his father. Mrs. Dukes
and the children went out on the
Wednesday evening train.
James llaker came in last week
from Thurston county and is
visiting his relatives and friends
iu this village. Mr. llaker was a
resident of this vicinity for many
years and a visit here is a great
pleasure for him, as well as for
his friends.
Will IHevins, who has been the
baggage and express man at the
depot for several months, resign
?d and will probably secure a
position ns brakeman. Krncst
Anderson is now the local bag
gage and express man in place of
Mr. lUevins.
Charles McNameo of Hrush.
Colo., arrived last Saturday to
-pond a few days visiting his
mother ami other relatives and
friends. He brought a shipment
of stock to the South Omaha mar
ket, and being so near he could
not miss the chance to see his old
home town.
A sore headed bear and foreign
horn master furnished amuse
ment for Frank llauer, Jim Lewin
and n crowd of other children on
Wednesday evening. An effort
was made to have n pugilistic
bout between Frank aud the bear,
hut Frank's pedal extremities got
neacon. ir
Jim South of Plattsmouth
visited the fore part of the week
at the home of his sifter, Mrs.
Hen Muenchau and family.
We are glad to report that the
little son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Pur
baugh is improving, and bright
hopes are entertained for Its re
covery. Kdna, the 2-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Caddy, fell
in such a manner last Friday as
to break one of the bones of her
left shoulder.
A. 11. Vaulandinuham is able to
be out and around again after
having been confined to the house
for two weeks with a badly
bruised leg caused by a fall ou
the ice recently.
George Oberle and family
moved in from the farm Tues
day of this week and are occupy
ing the Fd Wachter property. We
understand that George will ta.e
charge of the Eagle garage .Mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Albright or
lied Cloud, Neb., spent Monday
nisiht with their uncle, J. C.
Henz, departing for Lincoln on
the 11 o'clock train Tuesday.
Word has been received telling
of the arrival of a seven and one-half-pound
little daughter, on
Friday, March 0. at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rugha, living
near Weeping Water. She has
been named Eunice Jeanette.
Mrs. A. J. Anderson departed
Thursday of Ia?t week for Seattle,
Wash., after an extended visit
with her son, o. S. Anderson, and
her daughter, Mrs. P. F. Venner
and their families. O. S. Ander
son and wife aud Mrs. Venner
and Mabel accompanied here as
far as Lincoln.
A deal was consumatcd the fore
part of the week whereby C. S.
Trumble became owner oT the J.
A. Talkington building on the
west side of main street, former
ly occupied by Wall's restaurant.
The consideration was Sl.ioo.
Mr. Talkington taking a team of
horses as part payment.
Mrs. Z. A, London of Hutler,
Mo, arrived Sunday for a viit
with her daughter, Mrs. Goo. A.
We are pleased to see George
Hall atKl family back from South
Dakota to again establish their
residence among u.
Miss Kiltie Fae Worley of
Omaha was an over Sunday guet
at the home of her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Gorge Worley.
Mrs. Clara Cow or and sou. of
Lincoln, came Tuesday toviMt
the former's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Hetlriek.
Miss Martha Stolz returned
Tuesday to her home at Mil ford,
after an extended visit with rela
tives and friends.
Charles West moved his family
last week into the property last
occupied by him joining the office
of Dr. List-on, and which he has
purchased. George Kunz will
move into the Mail's' residence,
vacated by Mr. West.
Win. W. Aldrich. wife and two
sons, of Modesto, Cal., were visit
ors this week at. the homo of Mr.
Aldrich's brother, Capt. C. S.
Aldrich and family. Mr. Aldrich
has just moved from his Cali
fornia home to Lincoln.
Considerable activity is already
noticeable among the farmers,
who are getting roaly for spring
work. It is a little early for this,
but the very spring-like weather
prompts many to do now what
would add to the heavy burdens
of spring work later on.
Cecil Hird was brought home
from Lincoln Tuesday afternoon,
having successfully undergone an
operation for rupture at the state
orthopedic hospital, ami we are
pleased to note that he is now-
doing nicely and on the happy
road to recovery.
A. W. Piatt, the peace officer
secured by the Commercial club,
has moved in.
John J. Lone: returned to Vesta
Wednesday after a month's visit
to his son, the editor and family.
Blair Dale is finishing up the
good work he began last week aud
is painting the outside of Shel
don's store.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bronson of
Avoca visited Andrew Piltman on
their way home from Plattsmouth
Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Fries left
Wednesday evening for their new-
home in Omaha. They leave a
host of friends in this community
who are loath to see them go.
W. E. Rosencrans, one of the
Children Cry
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in use for over UO years, lus home the lcn-itare o
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'vSy Allovr no ono to ilelve yoa la tliU.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Jut-a-ooa' are bot
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Tlie Children's lanacea The Zlothcr's Friend.
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be.t fellows vvlio vv liwol in
l'laltiniuth. came v. r il";;iav
afterno.m f r the K. of l. L!w-!
out Monday niht.
Mrs. Charb's C.hrisw ;,-r and
the tw children were ''.is-.. r..-'r
t l'latttuouth Fr;.iay oi'iii!:;
where they expected t. viit a few
days, Mr. I'.hrt-vv ier is u Tea
ou a ian.l-eekinu j'-,j;t nn.
Mrs. A. L. felt f.-..,i: a
hors-' Monday eveuinsr a:'.. I 1 r-ke
her collar Her a;ul .Mr. :d:
were returning fr iu town !i. re
!ack when the t:ore Mr. :.':
was ridm-r shied at .!ii.'tlui
and threw her.
The editor and L uie returned
from liivl Oak Monday, after hav
ing been there since Friday nsht.
His father-in-law. Jame A. Oray.
died Saturday morninc and va
buried Sunday afternoon. He had
been a sufferer for several
month with cancer f the .t u
ach, and his condition had b-en
hopeless for w tk. Mi.-, l.oi,
and the la!y returned Wednes
day. vww wv.
i i - I . . . . i . .
Horn Sunday. March S. to Mr.
and Mrs. Helmer Snndtroin. a!
Frank Schmader. the LouisiUe
wrestler, gos to ltealrice March
17 to wrestle J. M. Lenz.
At the people's primary held
last week K. !. Twiss, i:. palmer
ami T. H. Wilsn were nominated
for village trustees.
Miss C.elia ('roup, who is at
tending the Stat Normal at Peru,
came home Saturday for an over
Sunday visit with her parent.
Chester Fairer went to Omaha
Monday to consult a stomach
specialist. It is possible that lo
may have to :;o to the hospital for
treatment in the near future.
Every pair guaranteed and all New ijt;k.
Take a look in our uriudovr.
for Fletcher's
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11. v. u d Mr. Fi-- I Frw.a T
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t it three uvi, .N..- d t
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old fri-nid. 'e..r-e M t-r a; d :.
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th.' weather, t u we li - t - w.A
the i--':inr.- of pri. th.-j :. a
U'-K . f.'vl l..'ti.r.
I'ratik lelu a-r-cAl.: .r
pned i"ha:Ie a ' t r- 1; . -
hart t!u w.-k 1 ;: !..- th ; i J
hi.ndrel-pou-.!d t'" . f freli v x
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