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MONDAY. MARCH 18, 1914.
; 'Cbe plattsmou tb journal
: Publlahtd 8mhWekly at Platttmouth, Nebr.
, Entered at the Postofflce at PUttsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class mall matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
6ubaorlpt(on Prioe; $1.50 Per Year In Advanoe
-J The ' habit of viewing
J- things cheerfully and of
thinking about life happily
J may be made to grow up in &
J us like any other habit.
J. S. Smiles.
:o: ;
Still, - if the corn and wheat
crops triumph, what the summer
has in store for the Federal
league Will make little difference
to most of our teeming popula
tion. :o:
The democratic city primaries
are to be held' in each of the live
wards on Saturday evening,
March 21. Ward committeemen
should get ready for. these meet
ings. '
It is ; probable, however, that
the go eminent will get its
Alaskan railway built in time to
deliver your share of the peoples'
coal before the beginning of an
other hard winter.
. Andrew Carnegie, the cele
brated peacemaker and armor
plate manufacturer, lately an
nounced that times are getting
better, although he isn't in a
position to know much about the
rigors of a hard winter.
The news from London in
dicates that Great Britain may
change her mind about the par
ticipation in tbe Panama exposi
tion. The reasonable assurance
that the United States will keep
inviolate her treaty may have had
something to do with it.
The matrimonial lectures of a
deaf mute married couple must
be interesting. Since both talk
with their hands it is necessarily
a hardship for the wife to have to
strike a match to get in the lasd
While many men have been ar
rested and brought to trial for
murders alleged to have been
committed thirty or more years
before the arrest, has anybody
ever been convicted after such a
lapse of lime?
Referring to the world over, it
doesn't lake much of a mystery
to baffle the police. Still, every
one knows how to run a police
department, just as every one
knows how to conduct a news
paper or a church.
Men scorn openly to be in
terested in women's small talk
and harmless gossip. But it is
frequently noticed that husbands
will road a book in the "back"
parlor for anentire evening with
out turning a page when a num
ber of women are swapping news
and views in the "front'-' parlor.
; Omaha Bee: Put it down that
there . is nothing vicious or
dangerous about a well conduct
ed pool hall any more than there
fs about a well conducted thea
ter or picture show. It all de
pends on the kind of place kept,
on tho kind of folks who
patronize it and on the kind of
proprietor who runs it.
If the pictured face of Villa's
Mexican wife, which j going the
rounds of the newspapers, is a
true likeness of the one he is
forced to sit opposite at meals,
much clemency should be extend
ed to him for his Villa-nous disposition.
Why are so many newspapers
for government ownership of
telephones, telegraph and rail
roads? The government doesn't
advertise a thing, especially in
the smaller papers.
r ranee has invented an in
flammable part that will enable
aeroplanes to burn buildings
But any capable English suf
fragette can do that and keep
both feet 011 the ground.
:o :
The voters will not be compell
ed to wait much longer to know
right where Governor Morehead
stands as to running for re-elec
tion for governor or will be a
candidate for congress. We are
satisfied that he will stand for
the democratic nomination, but
some people won't be satisfied
until the governor says so him
self. :o:
There is a certain tendency on
the part of the public to criticise
the railroads because of the
charges they make, but there are
but few people consider the great
expense the railroad has in main
taining traffic. When there is a
wreck, which is liable to happen
at any time, thousands of dol
lars worth of properly is neces
sarily destroyed and if there are
any fatalities occur the railroad
companies are face to face with
the payment of heavy damages in
addition to the loss on their own
rolling stock and tracks.
More school room is a matter
that interests every parent in this
city. The school rooms have all
been over-crowded during the
winter months, and the only way
to remedy the condition is to
build another building. And this
means that the bonds will have to
be voted to provide money to do
the work. There will be some who
will oppose a bond issue, but no
man who has children attending
our public schools or those who
have children who have graduated
from our High school should op
pose the providing of larger
quarters, and we do not believe
they will.
The parcel post has given the
express companies such a ter
rible jolt that the companies are
now fighting against any further
extension of the service. One
man declares that if this thing
goes on they w ill be sending bales
of hay and barrels of sugar
through the postoflice. Well, we
once knew a member of congress
who franked a cow from Wash
ington to his farm in the west,
and it was a common thing for
congressmen to send their wash
ing home to save laundry. It was
franked both ways. The express
companies have made enormous
sums, ahd until old Tom Piatt
fell under the malign inlluence of
Mrs. Janeways the companies had
fat picking, without any competi
tion. But the wheel turns, and
sometimes the worm does the
same. The oaly thing that
saves the express companies now
is that senders are obliged to go
lo the postoffice building with
their packages. The express
companies call for them. When
parcel post packages can be sent
from sub-station then the ex
press companies will feel the iron
entering their souls. For a long
time' the country - has' demanded
this reform,"' anil were beaten by
the corporations, but at last the
measure was put through, and
the result of it is that under the
fierce competition the express
companies are now advertising
lower rates and better service.
Omaha World-Herald: The
Lincoln Star, at a time when can
didates for governor are present
ing themselves with attractive
programs, pays deserved tribute
to Governor Morehead for the
record of fulfilment he. has made
with respect to the program on
which he was elected. Governor
Morehead, it says, has kept con
stantly in view his pledge to pro
mote economical, honest and ef
ficient government, has kep
steadily on the job, and has se
cured results.
This is commendation that the
present governor has earned. He
has proved to be what it was
hoped and promised he would be,
a "good business executive." He
has lopped off useless expenses,
simplified and consolidated the
machinery of government so far
as was possible under existing
law, stopped petty graft, pro
moted and demanded efficiency,
ami kept his skirts clean of im
proper inlluence, whether politi
cal or otherwise. He has adhered
strictly to his promise not to use
his office to build up a political
machine for his own aggrandize
ment. While he has made mis
takes, as all men in important
positions must, he has been level-
leaded, conscientious and seru
pulous in the performance of his
duty. And he has shown a re
freshing degree of independence
and courage, as when, in spite of
the most powerful influence, he
appointed Harley Moorhead elect
ion commissioner of Douglas
The American people are very
luick to find fault with and
criticize a public official who does
not give satisfaction frequently,
00, when he is doing his best.
They are not always so quick to
commend faithful and efficient
service as it should be commend
ed. Yet one is nearly if not quite
is important as the other. John
I. Morehead, the present demo
cratic governor of Nebraska, is
entitled to an appreciative, word
from all Xebraskans who realize,
and appreciate the fact that he
las performed and is performing
lis duties with dignity, courage
and efficiency.
Rev. F. C. Atwood is the pastor
f the First Presbyterian church
n Brooklield, Mo. Miss Harriet
G. Meyers is the daughter of the
editor of the Brookfield news
paper, known as the Linn County
budget. He attacked the min
ster, alleging that the man of
Jod had kissed his daughter.
Therefore he demanded $5,000
damages. Mr. Atwood freely
confessed that he had kissed Miss
Meyers, but only on the side of
the head above the ear. He did
this because the young lady asked
him to feel of her arm, which he
00k as a sort of a challenge,
which he accepted. The jury re-
urned a verdict for the man of
od, holding that when a pretty
woman invites the attentions of
a member of the other sex he is
no man at all if he doesn't re
spond, and this is the conclusion
hat most of the members of his
congregation hold as one of those
undamental facts on which rest
he authority of the church.
If our schools are crowded to
the extent that is reported, every
sensible voter knows that some-
hing must bo done to secure
more room. A new building will
lave to be erected, rooms rented
somewhere down town or some of
he smaller scholars will have to
remain at home. More room is
nevitablc, and it will have lo be
provided one way or another. It
s simply a question of a very few
years when a new building will
have to be erected, and why not
A marriage certificate should
be looked upon as a peace treaty.
But some men seem to consider
it a license to raise h 1 and
abuse their wives. .
Some of the slouchy effects in
styles for women's skirts these
days reminds one forcibly of Abe
Martin's knee-bagging trousers.
: :o:
Hysteria may not be successfu
in working reforms, as former
President Taft declares, but it is
a fact that efforts to work re
forms sometimes leads to
hysteria. ,
That was an awful hard jolt
that Victor Rosewatcr got in the
vote on the new charter las
Tuesday. Vickey isn't so much in
Omaha any more. What will his
next scheme be?
The women bouncers in Lon
don are no more effective than
tne policewomen of cnicago in
dealing with militant members of
their sex. They are a great
failure in Chicago.
According to the juries, grand
and petit, who have heard the
testimony, there has been some
decidedly rotten blackmailing and
attempts at blackmailing and
shyster law practice at Omaha
There are ancient ruins still to
no excavateu, and tne scientists
will be disappointed if they do
not discover in some of them the
original automobile and tne re
mains or a primitive teiepnone
line between the Roman and
Trojan forums.
The Journal would like to hear
from some of the largest taxpay
ers in reference to tne scnooi
bonds. They are the people who
are most interested, and whom
the shoe pinches the hardest
Write us your opinion in
o the matter for publication.
There is no fuss and feathers
about President Wilson. He is
roing right ahead, paying very
ittle attention to republican
criticism, doing what he thinks is
right, and receives the praise of a
great majority of the people of
ho country. ;
Republicans arc criticising the
administration's Mexican policy
bitterly. But what would they
lave us do? The only way to
protect the interests of Ameri
cans and other foreigners in that
country of rebellion, bandits and
cut-throats, is to send an army
nto the country. That would
mean war, tne sacrifice of thou
sands of valuable lives and the
spending of more money than the
value of all Americans own in
hat land.
The postmastership at Lincoln
s still hanging fire, but it prom-
ses to be decided in a sohrt time.
That old war horse in the demo
cratic party, Frank Brown, who
carried the capital city twice for
uayor, and has been a worker in
he democratic party all his life,
M .
s a candidate lor tne position.
ind we are belting marbles to
chalk that he won't get it. The
party workers don't get anything.
t is the fellows who stand off and
iews the battle that get the pro
Chris Grunlher don't seem to
bo getting the colleclorship very
fast, notwithstanding the en-
lorsement of Senator Hitchcock.
The powers at Washington are
simply playing horse with one
another and nearly every move
they havo so far made has injured
the democratic parly. Wo think
Chris Grunther deserves the posi-
ion, and if one faction is not go
ng to stand for tho appointment
o office of a member of the other
action, then who will be to blame
for a split in the party? If some
ellows are simply in the demo
cratic party for office then the
sooner they step down and out
he better. It should be borne in
mind that Champ Clark carried
Nebraska, and if an applicant for
offico is blacklisted because he
supported the speaker for presi
dent, then there- is bound to be a
day of reckoning1. . v
How Tills Will B9 Dens Is tfis
Gospel .Message.
The Earthly Paradise Lost Through
Disobedience Redeemed at Calvary,
Messiah's Great Work Tho Restora
tion of Paradise ''The Story of the
Cross" Importance of Character-
Development Its Effect on the Fu
ture Life The Heavenly Paradise.
Who May Attain It How The Al
ternative of Paradise, the Second
Death, Everlasting Destruction.
"March 15. Fas-
tor Kussell today
depicted the beau
ties of Paradise,
so well presented
In his free Photo-
Drama. His text
was, "I will make
tho place of My
feet glorious.'
(Isaiah 00:13.) He
I'araoise is an
other name for
tho Garden of
Eden, the abode of bliss. It -was lost
through the Bin of our first parents.
but the gracious promise of our great
Creator Is that this condition of earth
ly blis3 shall be re-established not
merely In a little corner of the earth,
but that the -whole earth shall become
the Paradise of God. Heaven is God's
Throne and the earth is His footstool.
and He assures us, "I will make the
place of My feet glorious" "in due
time." now this will be done is the
Gospel Message.
The Divine Promise to Father Abra
ham, that all the families of the earth
shall be blessed through his Seed, in
cludes the thought of man's full res
toration to Divine favor as before he
sinned and fell, before Paradise was
lost, before man came under the curse,
or sentence, of death. The Jews hoped
that Messiah would come and consti
tute their nation the earthly Kingdom
of God and re-establish Paradise with
Palestine as its center. They expected
that unJer His wise ministration, us
ing th-Jr nation as His instruments.
tho Divine Law would extend to all
and. by bringing all people Into har
mony with God, would gradually bring
all back to the Paradise state.
The Garden of the Lord.
It was in full harmony with this
that the dying thief asked the Lord to
remember him when He should come
into Ills KingdQm the Kingdom
whose dominion would establish right
eousness in the earth, and thus con
vert the world, under Divine favor,
into the Taradise of God. Our Lord's
answer was that verily, truly, his re
quest should be granted the thief
would yet be with Him in Paradise.
Paradise has not yet been established;
for God's Kingdom has not yet come
to earth; it delays until a certain work
for the Church shall bo accomplished
It is not the Divine purpose to make
of the nation of Israel God's King
dom in the highest sense of the word.
though it will be actively Identified
with the Heavenly Kingdom as its
earthly representative. God is select
ing during this Gospel Age a new na
tion. Spiritual Israel, from every na
tion. Deonle. kindred, tongue. At our
Lord's First Advent and subsequently,
He gathered from Israel such as were
saintly and ready for the Kingdom;
since then He has been taking out
from other nations enough to complete
the foreordained number of the elect
flhnreh. These will, constitute the
Kingdom per te, and It cannot be set
up or established in power until this
election, or selection, shall have been
completed and the Elect "changed" or
glorified on the spiritual plane, by tho
power of the First Resurrection.
Faradise. or the Garden or tne Loru.
not only represents that earthly condi
tion which will be restored for the
benefit and blessing of tho natural man
as the reward fcr his obedience to
the rules of Immanuel's Kingdom dur
ing the Millennial Age but it also
applies to the glorious and Heavenly
position which God has In reservation
for the Church. Thus we read In the
r.ook of Itevelation that God has prom
ised to the overcomers of the Church,
"To him that overeoinoth will I give
to eat of tho Tree of Life, which is in
the midst of the Taradise of God."
The World's Regeneration.
This is a grandly beautiful and sym
bolic message and promise, assuring us
of the happiness and Iloavcnry bliss In
eternal-life conditions of all who are
faithful followers of Christ in the pres
ent Ago walking in His footsteps in
the Narrow Way. Tho Cook of Rev
elation pictures the history of this Gos
pel Age down into tho Millennial Age
and shows us Paradise re-estublished,
with the Heavenly City, t!ie glorified
Church, as its center, or capital. The
River of life Is pictured as flowing
from under the Throne. On either bank
of its crystal waters of Truth and
Grace grow the Trees of Life, after
the manner of Eden of old.
The future state will all be Taradise.
The completeness of blessedness will
first be manifested in the Church on
the spiritual plan: and secondly, it
will be manifested in the Ancient
Worthies on the earthly plane Abra
.A"-' '.7
V ' r 1
- $
ham," Isaac,"" Jacob" and all "the holy
Prophets perfected, the earthly repre
sentatives of tbe Ilearenly Kingdom.
Gradually the Taradisalc condition
shall fill "the whole earth. The wilder
ness shall blossom as the rose, tbe soli
tary places shall be glad, and streams
shall break forth in the deserts, as we
read in Isaiah 35.
The morally lame shall learn to walk
in tho paths of righteousness. Yea,
they shall leap for joy as they come
to a knowledge of the grace and good
ness of God. The world's eyes of un
derstanding shall bo opened and their
deaf ears shall be unstopped, that they
may see and hear the Goodness, tho
Mercy, tho Justice and the Love of onr
God. "The willing and obedient shall
eat the good of the land," but evil
doers shall be cut off in the Second
Death. Gradually the boundaries will
be spread abroad until they will In
clude the whole earth. Gradually the
number enjoying Taradise will in
crease until, in the end of the Millen
nium, the enure race or Auam snaii
experience the privilege of God's Love
and Mercy through Christ.
St Paul, like St. John the Bevelater.
was caught up to Paradise in a vision,
and saw the glorious things of the fu
ture Age, which he was not permitted
to explain to us, because the due time
had not yet come. Neither was St.
John the Rovelator permitted to re
veal fully the particulars of the Tara
dise condition. He could merely give
us a few symbolical hints or sugces
tions respecting the glories of Tara
dise restored.
Redemption Through Christ.
We have already noticed that Tara
dise was lost through disobedience to
the Heavenly command. Life. Eden
bliss. Divine favor and fellowship,
were all lost to Adam and to us. hLi
children, under the death sentence.
There was no hope for any of us mor
than for the brute beast; for while the
latter was born to die. man. created
with possibilities of life eternal, was
sentenced to the loss of all. Indeed,
under the demoralizing InSuences of
sin and death, we find many of the
human family more degraded than the
brute creation and apparently less
worthy of Divine favor. Cut God.
rich in Mercy in the great Love where
with IJe loves us, has provided for
mankind a recovery from sin and
death, while lie has made no provision
for the future life of the brute creation.
God's provision for man's recovery
from the sentence of death is the story
of the "Cross of Christ." Decade a
man had sinned, the Redeemer must
be a Man. Decause the penalty was
human death, a Ferfeet Man must die
for the sinner's release from the death
sentence, to uplift the willing out of
sin and death conditions np. up, up
to fellowship with God and eternal
life. Cecause the race of Ada 13 In
herited naturally his mental, moral.
and physical defects, therefore none
of his posterity was worthy of eternal
life. Cut in the Divine arrangement,
as Adam involved all of his children
and their Paradise home la the wreck
of sin and death, so a redemption has
been effected through Chrfct-
The great work of Messiah will.
therefore, be the restoration of the
world to all that was lost In Eden and
redeemed at Calvary. The work of
Restitution, St. Feter tells us, has been
spoken of "by the mouth of all God"
holy Prophets since the world began"
and will be accomplished by Messiah
at nis Second Coming. (Acts 3:21.)
But the Divine rian changes not. Sin
is still abhorrent to God and will rl
ways be so, and the Divine sentence 13
that no sinner shall have eternal life.
Hence the offer of Divine grace is
merely to all who may have a heart
desire for Divine assistance, resurrec
tion, restoration, uplifting out of sla
and death conditions to perfect condi
tions. These things will be accom
plished only In those who are willing
and obedient Only such "shall eat the
good of the land" the fruits of Tara
dise. Isaiah l:lS-20; Acts 3:23.
Furthermore, it Is the Divine ar
rangement for mankind, and a Just
one, that every good and noble deed in
the present life works a measure of
character-development which will be
assistful in tho future life, enabling
the faithful the sooner to mount up
to full perfection of earthly life. Cor
respondingly, every wilful sin. every
violation of conscience and principle,
works a defilement and impairment of
manhood, which likewise will have Its
effect upon tho future life In the dlra
culty of rising out of degradation to
the heights of human perfection. Di
vine approval and everlasting life. If
all mankind could appreciate these
facts, what an influenco it would have
in restraining and governing self and
In developing self cont-ol and true
manhood! Galatians C .
The Divine Program.
Does some one Inquire why He who
redeemed Adam, his Eden home, and
all his race, and who proposes a restor
ation of all, has not begun this Festl-
tutiou work during the eighteen hun
dred years siuce tlrr sacrifice of Him
self? The Scriptures answer that dur
ing the Interim another feature of th
Divine Program is being carried oat.
The Lord Is gathering the clert Church
from Israel and all the nations to t
Messiah's assistants in Ills Kingdom
and in the gracious work of uplift-
resurrection restitution- This elect
Church-class, first selected. Is in the
Scriptures called "a First-fruits nnta
God of His creatures." (James 11S;
Revelation 14:4. The world of restor
ed human 'ty win be the after-fruits.
The Scriptures exhort snch as la the
present time are blessed with the hear
ing ear, to give heed to the special In
vitation to the Elect. They exhort
such as have the eye of faith to aspire
to the crown of glory and Joint heir
ship with Christ that Is now being
tendered to a very select c'ass. "11
that bath an ear, let him hear." lit j
that hath an eye. let him tee. So annj
of us as have teen blessed of the LonS
with the ear of filth, the eye of faith,
let us rejoice la the L'esscl opportuni
ty. Let us S!ek lndei to make our
calling and election sure to tLls Ilenr
euly estate cf glory, honor, immorali
ty and Joint-heirshi? with our Lnl.
the King of kings and Lord of lords!
Christ's Atonement.
Both the thieves cruciSfl with v;r
Lord lost their rizht to the orUi-nl
Eden, or Taradise, of GcI through F 1
ther Adam's disobedience, as did w
alL Both those thieves were bora it
sin. shapen In inl-iniry ami In sin d I
their mothers conceive them, as Iti
us alL Both thitves were redeemed br
the preclons blood of Christ, as w.r-
we all; for Jesns "by the grace f
God tasted death for every man"; "II-
Is the Troiltiation for our sins t!.
Church's slnsj; and not for "uri or.iy,
but also for the sir.s of the wfc.
worI.L"-IIebrew 2.0; 1 John 2 2.
Thus, as we have seen, the RIeii r
has made provision for both of t
thieves, as well as for all of u all
Adam's rae to be r"overol from t';
sia and death conditions rt t!i? f 1:1,
and restored to Farad. 5?. The Chnr-h.
called during this Gospel Ac-,
reach the f,ir!taal rara!I or l.lz'.i
cst condition of holir.ess and h.irriR'H:
The two thieves and the renin !r.d.r
mankind wi:Z have thlr opportunity
during the Millennium. TLHr or pr rt 1
nlty will be for a return t enrtL'y l.f ,
perfection and hap; Jr., and t an
earthly Eden worM-wide. How nrj !i
grander a work will tJns rrn't f.-..ri
our Lord's death than we Lad rrevl u
ly nnmsH!
Let none nupps. fcoweTfr, thnt
those two thieves wi'.I enter iMrr!:
on the same fx tirsr. While b"'h wt
guilty of robbery, they were evident!
dissimilar In the condition r th r
hearts. The ozo wai hardened, fl evi
denced by the fact that he conM
so rudely to the Red"niT, b'H f .'
bespoke gentleness, purify and inno
cence of crime. "If Thoi t t"v
Christ, save Thyself and n-?!" (Ln
23:30.) Such cruelty 12.;!I a iIo
dtrraLition cf mind impil.-d that l.i
was sln-bardpned.
And yet we mut rerar.i!r eth
ers of the multitude ftani ty nl
similarly cruel lanriaz. We rr.sst
remember, too, thnt there are many
thieves who ara -t conzht; and
there are- many, per?!.";- as Bin':;
wrocr. as evilly Intention, who. f r
fear of the cor.sei n. es. never o To
rn It ted the wrongs. We can even s :p
pos that s-'me of the Scribes ar.-I
Pharisees ar. I Doctors cf I:Tln.!ry cf
those days were la God's slzht rnnch
worse than the Irr.;;nltert th:ef mur
derers at heart and In Yet of
the latter St Tetor doc!ar-L "I wot.
brethren, that through Ig-.onnce ye
did It. as did also your rulers," whn
yon crucif ed the Lord cf Glory. "He
pent ye therefore and te converts."
Acts 3:13:10.
An Earth! Paradise.
Ignorance, superstition and inhcrlfr
depravity all bore down up n the Ira
penitent thief to a degree which
are not capable of properly estimating
The Lord will Jndce ti:a Letb thievn
all mankind. Th.; penitent thif will
unquestionably have a twofo! 1 b'ep-t-irg:
first, he will be b'es4.i for fcU
penitent attitude of mind; jiee-jn-L b
will be blessed for tis faithfi'rie! la
eipre-.ising that penitence and In show
ing mercy to ocr LorJ la His ilLrr9..
Our Lord declared that even a r? of
cold water civ?n to the least cf Ills
disciples shall have its reward. Sure
ly It will be In harmony, then, that te
penitent thief will hare a reward f r
his defense of the Master.
That rewanl will consist, first of all.
In the blessing of Lis own heart
through tne action therein of the mer
ciful sentiment A reward wi'I m
to him in prnjwirtlon t- t!ue Ai?en-les
of the occaioa and tlie greitrses of
the One whom he kvcL If tile one
who favors a rlshteuns man will re
ceive a rlshteoa mans reward, and.
the one wh-- favors a prophet wl!I re
ceive a prorhet's reward, screfy th
one who favored tbe nleeraer will
receive a sp-cLiI reward. su h as tho
"Redeemer micht be expectM to jjrant.
The penitent thief manifested r t
only sympathy, but honesty. He sn: I
t the ether, who railed at tte Lord.
"Dost thon ct fear Cod. seeire thi
art In the same condemnation? And
we indeed Jnt!y; for we re-efTe th
due rjwanl for our deeds; bat thi man
hath done nothing arsLn" (Li';e
2C:1. 41.) It is entirely ia keeptr -with
the general teachings of t! e
Lord's Word that the honest henrte-i
and the mer'if U shall haT special
tlesslnc. Those t!e!rrs rn nat
reach them in the grave. anI it Is nc
always that J ist returns reach the de
serving In the present 'Ife. Vlrt ie U
not always its own rewjr-L
Our Lord dec'ares the tmth on th
subject, assuring cs that rr:h shall b
"recompens-d at the resTrre-t5"u ef
the Jut" That is f say. wha tv
Just, the Jistiflod. the Charea. its'l
have been awakened lu the F!rt Res
urrection, and when the Urixt-.'.r
Kingdom hall h-ive ten established
r.noiirst men. and the grml awn
ening of the world frota th s'ep ef
death shall gradually f ..-How. then ev
ery good and very evil word, every
good and every evil act. will b recon
pensol In
Let u b g'.jd aaj rejoice tint th
Divide arrarjtfmect la x raraiis
an earthly F4rdie. p:L." to evrry
merat-er cf tie r:i.; a:.-! a riearen'y
Paradise. ptwsli. t every rjc!er f
the Spirit begotten th'irvh. and th-it
th a'terr.ntiTe ef F3rj1;-e U not eter
nal torment, bnt eTer'.mtlr- detn.
tloa the Se.-,u:.i Death F'.r.Vly. r
ery creature la U-sven sn I eirtl !'!
be h'uri jt;-K'w h-'or. glorr
and fr r nr:, II. as thJt s.ttera
opo3 tti Throne, and :a the Lirci foc
tvtr and rer.