The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 23, 1914, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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1910 Farnam Street, Omaha
Announce that we have been unusually successful in securing the agencies we desired and now have the most complete line of
Automobile Pleasure Cars and Motor Trucks to be found in Omaha and we are now in position to supply the demand for Pleasure
Cars ranging in price from $800.00 to $2285.00 and Motor Trucks ranging from 500 pound Trucks at $500.00 to three ton Trucks at
$3000.00. We can consistently recommend any of the Automobiles and Motor Trucks described below, and invite inspection at our
Show Room 1910 Farnam Street and at the Auditorium all of this week during the Automobile Show.
HENDERSON DeLuxe $1810.00
Kerosene Burning Cars
Twenty miles per gallon as proven by cross continent trip around the world trip and
of cars in the hands of satisfied owners. Cars will operate on kerosene or gasoline. Exhibited
at the Auto Show.
Henderson owners have a choice of wire or wood wheels no
additional charge. All cars completely equipped and supplied in
four and six-cylinder models. In Omaha we operate a most com
plete garage and and service departments. Show visitors cordial
ly invited to inspect our stock of cars and trucks.
Light 40 hp. four cylinder $1585.00
DeLuxe 40 hp. 4 cylinder $1810.00
Roadster 40 hp. 4 cylinder $1785.00
Touring 54 hp. 6 cylinder $2285.00
Coupe $2285.00
See them at the Omaha Motor Show
February 23rd to 28th.
ace No. 25 North End of Staire.
T. H. Pollock Auto Co.
Henderson Factory Distributors
1910 Farnam St. Omaha, Neb.
"1914 CHASE"
Crowned With Seven Years of Success
EXTENSIVE advertising extravagant claims these will sell any car to a certain proportion cf buyers
But unless the quality ana value are DacK oi tne advertising, no permanent place m public favor is possible.
For over seven years each season has seen thousands of new accession to the great army of sati?f.ed Regal
owners. Now. they cover the country. That's because the quality is bcilt in cot ff-tntsd in.
... ... i . I
,-"1 -- - - J. - 4 -
. - "vi i.. ' A ' . -
' A ' . .- -. . .
. .. . -5 - V-l-jr- rr
. - n .
Every Regal model is completely equipped with every motoring necessity.
Regal equipment includes Rushmore electric stnrtiug and lighting y?tem. with
headlight dimmer for congested traffic: electric horn; demountable rims with one
extra rim; high-grade speedometer; mohair top with special adjustable ctirt.-iinjr.
top boot and full set of tools.
Model "T" Under
slung Touring Car
Completely Equipped
Experts say that the
present Ierai lody-dt sin
is perhaps the most grace
ful ever prolueel in a car
at a popular price. Note
the cowl J;iL itn.l the lieau
tiful curve of hack arnl
Ample le and laxly room
for five passengers. Kx
ceptionally easy ii'linr;
dual ignition. I'rk'f JIIIIj,
f. o. b. Detroit.
Model "CT 5-Paen-ger
Touring Car
Completely Equipped
The announcement if tlI
model ha raud a irac!i
Cal r-adjustment of j-rice
clas-s i n motor car.
Many p-oj'e who lave
heretofore not heen a:U
tl( d with a car m uch nr..l-r
two tlt' di-Ilars ar
ent hu-iastic drivers -jf
M. M i 1 'ric- iVXj f. o.
b. Detroit.
llVinch wher-;?as, wj;h
21x1 tires all anur.J.
Semi-e!iitic front spriuir
three-quarter eilipt.r
rear. cia!Iy adju-;u for
read sw iri.
Mode! "N" Under,
slung Roadster
Completely Equipped
iVrhuf!- the rr.t popu
lar car of it ty i arr.or
Iiu:d'4 .ar.d jrtf"onAl
men. and t!.o for whr.m a
t o-pa.s.Tr car i trt, ;.
Trie- flli", f.o.b. I tr-.::.
A cireic. ptiira!!y eco
nomical in upkeep, includ
ing tirei. r.'f ti; feur
j"u'ar - pr i-nad-itr
mi Is hos c'as-i and di--tlnction
art apparent In
every line.
T. H. Pollock Auto Co.
1910 Farnam Street
Omaha. Xbr.
u 13
1500-pound Capacity $1000.00
For 1914 we present five models for which any
type of body can be furnished.
Models and Prices:
Model M 500 lb capacity $500
Model D 1500 lb. capacity $1000
Model K 2500 lb. capacity $1500
Model R 1 ton capacity $2100
Model 03 ton capacity $3000
Chase success is told in two words "Dollars Earned." Chase owners tell how these trucks get over the ground
from early till late on hard delivery service, in many instances with boys at the wheel And the net of their story is
DOLLARS EARNED earned before sunset. Six sunsets a week for 52 weeks a year, make owners boast of low first
cost to other business men, of saving on horse feed and care, of trifling repairs, of mileage, more mileage!, mileage
never figured on, mileage never hoped for.
On the Experience of Owners we sell Chase Motor Trucks. We have convincing evidence from OWNERS.
T.H. Pollock Auto Co.
1910 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska
(Detroiter-Remy Starting and Lighting System-$125 Extra) Other Detroiter Models at $800 and $830.
A new and distinctive series for 1914 Model 15 a Heauty
Stream line body, distinct with added grace from bull-nose radiator to belied back-still larger motor (3;x;)
developing a full 32-horsepower crowned fenders Detroiter-Remy Electric Starting and Lijtin2 System, flawless,
and adding less than 40 pounds to weight of car plus all the exclusive features that made the Detroiter famous
such as platform springs, full floating rear axle, multiple disc clutch running in 01L Yet the price aam cuts away
1 .1 1.
unaer me marnei.
T. H. Pollock Auto Co.
1910 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska.
. At the Auto Show in Omaha February 23 to28. A complete line of Henderson Cars will be show at our Booth Space No. 25, North end of Stage. The Regal and Detroiter Cars will be
shown in Space 19 on Main floor South Side of Auditorium. . We will be pleased to have all Cass County folks visit us at our Show Room 1910 Farnam Street and at the Auto bhow. Compli
mentary tickets good Monday night February 23 after 7:30 o'clock can be had by calling on J. K. Pollock at Telephone Building, Plattsmouth.