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    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1914,
Copyright. 1513. Toy th H. K. Fly
A Bridegroom Spurned.
'OU know Asrgie toid you
that Cassidy was up here
from headquarters. He didu't
rut a name to it, but I'm on."
It was Garson speaking. Mary regard
ed him inquiringly, and he continued,
putting the fact with a certain brutal
b'.untuess after the habit of his class.
"I guess you'll haTe to quit seeing
young Gilder. The bulls are wise. Ilis
fiither has made a holler.
"Don't let that worry you. Joe," she
said tranquilly. She allowed a few
seconds go by. then added as if quite
indifferent. "I was married to Dick Gil
der this morning." There came a
squeal of amazement from Aggie, a
start of incredulity from Garson.
"Yes." Mary repeated evenly. I was
married to him this morning. That
was my important engagement," she
added with a smile toward Aggie.
Agie sat erect, her baby face alive
with worldly plee.
"Oh. gee. what luck!" she exclaim
ed noisily. "Why, he's a king fish, he
is. Gee. but I'm glad you landed MmT
"Thank you." Mary said with a smile
that was the result o her sense of hu
mor rather than from any tenderness.
It was then that Garson spoke. He
put a question of vital significance.
Do you love himl"
The question caught Mary all unpre
pared, but she retained her self con
trol sufficiently to make her answer in
a voice that to the ordinary ear would
have revealed no least tremor.
"No, she said. She offered no ex
planation, no excuse; merely stated the
fact In all its finality.
"Tbeu you won't leave us?" Garson
asked. "We're going on as we were
before?" The hint of dejection in his
manner had vanished. "And you won't
live with him?"
"Live with him?" Mary exclaimed
emphatically. "Certainly not!"
Garson was still patient in his deter
mination to apprehend just what had
come to pass.
"Does he understand the arrange
ment?" was his question.
"No. not yet." Mary admitted, with
out sign of embarrassment.
Garson was intently considering an
other phase of the situation, one sug
gested perhaps out of his own deeper
"He must think a lot of you," he said
gravely. "Don't he?"
"I I suppose so."
Garsou spoke very softly, but with
an intensity that left no doubt as to
the honesty of his purpose.
"I'd say throw up the whole game
and go to him. if you really care."
There fell a tense silence. It was
broken by Mary.
"I married him to get even with his
father.", she said. "That's all there is
to it r.y the way. I espect Dick will
be here in' n minute or two. When he
comes just remember not to enlighten
"Mr. Gilder." Fannie announced-
"Any one with him?"
"No, Miss Turner." the maid an
swered. "Have him come in." Mary ordered.
Garson made hasty excuses and
went out on the heels of the maid.
Aggie, however, consulting only her
Dwn wishes in the matter, had no
thought of flight, and. if the truth be
told, Mary was glad of the sustaining
presence of another woman. She got
up slowly and stood silent. "?ile Ag
rie regarded her curiously. A moment
later the bridegroom entered. He waa
"till clean cut and wholesome. Some
nous of wealthy fathers are not after
four years" experience of the white
lights of town. And the lines of his
face were firmer, better in every way.
It seemed. Indeed, tnat nere was scire
one of a resolute character, not to be
wasted ou the trivial and gross things.
He caught Mary in his arms with
"Hello, dear!" smothered in the kiss he
implanted on her lips.
Mary strove vainly to free herself.
"Don't, oh. don't!" she gasped.
Dick released his wife and smiled
the leatitic smile of the newly wed.
"Why not?" be demanded, with a
"Agnes!" It was the sole pretext to
which Mary could turn for a momen
tary relief. .
Tha bridegroom faced about and
Ien-eived Agues. He made a formal
ikw aud speke quietly.
"I es your pardon. JMiss Lynch,
but" a saiile of perfect happiness
shone on his face "you could hardly
expect me to see any one but Mary
under the circumstances. We were
married this morning-"
Aegie accepted the news with fitting
"Gooduess gracious! How perfectly
-You bet it's loveiy!" Dick declared.
He turue-1 to Mary, his face glowing
with satisfaction.
"Mary." he said. "I have the honey
moon trip all fixed. The Mauretania
aUj at T iu tim uiorning. o we will"
JlWhere J your father?" .the bride
I asked, wlthont any trace of emotion.
-O Lord! I had fprrrotten all abont
dad. I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll
send dad a wireless from the ship, then
write him from Faris.
"What was your promise? I told
you that I wouldn't go with you nntil
you had brought your father to me and
he had wished us happiness."
"Mary." Dick said reproachfully,
"you are not going to bold me to that
"I am going to hold you to that prom
ise. Dick."
AU right You pack up what things
you need, girlie Just a few, because
they sell clothes In Paris. And mean
time I'll run down to dad's office and
have him back here In half an hour.
You will be all ready, won't you?"
"Yes, yes. 111 be ready. Go and
bring your father.
"You bet I will!" Dick cried hearti
ly. He would have taken her in his
anus again, but she evaded the caress.
"Just oner Dick pleaded.
"No," the bride replied with deter
mination. There was silence In the drawing
room until the two women heard the
closing of the outer door of the apart
ment. Then, at last. Aggie relieved
her pentup emotions in a sigh that
was near a groan.
"Oh. gosh!" she gasped. "The poor
Garson. learning from the maid that
Dick Gilder had left, returned Just as
Mary was glancing over the release
with which General Hastings was to
be compensated, along with the return
of his letters, for his payment of $10,
000 to Miss Agnes Lynch.
Mary spoke crisply to Agnes. "And
now you must get ready. You are to
be at Harris office with this document
at 4 o'clock, and remember that you
are to let the lawyer manage every
thing." "I don't see the use of all this mon
key business," she protested. "AH J
want is the coin."
"Listen. Agnes. The last time yon
tried to make a man give up part of
his money it resulted in your going to
prison for two years."
"Iiut that was so exciting.
"And this way is so safe." Mary re
joined sharply. "Besides, my dear,
you would not get the money. My
way will. Your way was blackmail.
Mine is not. Understand?"
"Oh. surer Aggie replied grimly, on
her way to the door.
"Mr. Griggs." Fannie announced.
There was a smile on the face of the
maid, which was explained a minute
later, when the visitor was shown into
the drawing room, for his presence
was of an elegance so extraordinary
as to attract attention anywhere and
mirth as well from ribald observers.
Meantime Garson bad explained to
"If English Eddie. Yon met him
once. I wonder what he wants? Frob
ably got a trick for me. We often
used to work together."
"Nothing without my consent," Mary
"Oh. no. no. sure not!" Garsou
Further discussion was cut short by
the appearance of English Eddie him
self, a tall, handsome man in the early
thirties, who paused just within the
doorway and delivered to Mary a bow
that was the perfection elegance.
Mary made no effort to restrain the
smile cause by the costume of Mr.
Griggs. Yet there was no violation
of the canons of good taste, except
la the aggregate. From spats to hat.
from walking coat to gloves, every
thing was perfect of its kind. Only
there was an overelaboration. so that
the ensemble was flamboyant- And
the roan's manners precisely harmoniz
ed with his clothes, whereby the whole
effect was emphasized and rendered
bizarre. Garson took one amazed look
and then rocked with laughter.
Griggs regarded his former associate
reproachfully for a moment and then
grinned in frank sympathy.
"From your costume." Mary sug
gested, "one might Judge that this is
purely a social calL Is it?"
"AVell. not exactly," Griggs answered
with a smile.
"So I fancied," his hostess replied.
"So, sit down, please, and tell us all
about if
English Eddie wasted no time.
"Now. look here, he said rapidly,
"I've got the greatest game in the
world. Two years ago a set of Gothic
tapestries worth $300,000 and a set of
Fragonard pauels worth nearly as
much more were plucked from a cha
teau in France and smuggled into this
"Are them things really worth that
much?" Garson exclaimed.
"Sometimes more," Mary answered.
"Morgan has a set of Gothic tapestries
worth half a million dollars."
Griggs went on with his account.
"About a month ago the thiugs I was
telling you of were hung in the lib
rary of a millionaire In this city." He
hitched his chair a little closer to the
desk and leaned forward, lowering his
voice almost to a whisper as be stated
his plan.
"Let's go after them. They were
smuggled, mind you. and no matter
what happens he can't squeal. What
do you say?"
G arson shot a piercing glance at
"It's up to her." he said. Griggs re
garded Mary eagerly as she sat with
eyes downcast.
Mary shook her head decisively.
"It's out of our line," she declared.
"I don't see any easier way to get
half a million." Griggs said aggressive
U. "If it were fifty millions it would
make no difference. It's against the
"Oh. I know all that, of course."
Griggs returned impatiently. "But if
you can
"My friends and I never d anything
that's illegal. Thank you for coming
to us. Mr. Griggs, but we can't go iu.
and there's an end of the matter."
"Iiut wait a minute." English Eddie
expostulated. "You see, this chap Gli
der is
"Gilder?" Mary exclaimed question
ingly. "Yes. You know who he is the dry
goods man."
Mary, however, had regained her
self control, and her voice was tran
quil again as she replied:
"1 know; but. Just the same, it's ille
gal, and I won't touch it That's all
there is to if
"But half a million!" Griggs exclaim
ed disconsolately. "There's a stake
"Englith Eddie Griggs.
worth playing for. Think of ItV He
turned pleadingly" to Garsou. "Half a
million. Joe!"
The telephone rang, and Mary ex
cused herself. The instant she was
out of the room Griggs turned to Gar
son anxiously.
"It's a cinch. Joe," he pleaded. "I've
got a plan of the house." He drew a
paper from his breast pocket and hand
ed it to the forger, who studied it with
intent, avaricious eyes.
"It look easy." Garson agreed.
"It is easy. What do you say?"
"I promised Mary never to"
"But a chance like this! Anyhow
come around to the back room at ISIIn-
key's tonight and we'll have a talk.
Will you?"
"What tUte'i"
"Make It early, say 0."
"I'll come." Garson replied half
guiltily. And in the same moment
Mary re-entered.
Griggs rose and spoke with an air of
"It's 'follow the leader,'" he sa'd
"and since yu are against it that set
ties If
(To be Continued)
To Lucy T?oprjts. Carrie Wimderlieido.
Hnry Stoehr. Joseph Stoehr and
Kdward Stoehr:
You are lieretv notified that Fhlllip
Stoehr. as plaintiff, has filed his peti
tion In the District Court of Cass
County. Nebraska, ajralnst yon and an
other for the purpose of enforcing a
written contract executed by CJeorpe
Stoehr, your father, and Christ Stoehr,
his father, pledinar the Inheritable in
terest of Georpe Stoehr. under the law.
in the estate of his father, as security
for indebtedness of said George
Stoehr to plaintiff. You are required
to answer said petition on or before
the 20th day of March. 1914. or the
same wiM he taken as true and judg
ment entered accordingly.
PHIL.MI' STOKHK, riaintlff.
By r. O. UWYEK. His Attorney.
In Cnnnly Court.
Cass County, ss.
In the Matter of the nstate of Jacob
W. Vallery, Deceased.
Notice is hereby Kiven to the credit
ors of said deceased that hearinps
will be had upon claims filed against
said estate, before me. County Judge
of Cass County, Nebraska. at the
County Court room in IMattsmouth, In
said County, on the Sth day of
March. 1S14, and on the 2lth day of
Auirust. 1914. at 10 o'clock a. m.. each
tlav for examination, adjustment and
All claims must be filed In said
court on or before said last hour of
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court, ut IMattsmouth. Ne
braska, this 2Sth lv of January. 1914.
County Judge.
Notice of Application for Liquor
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested and to the
public, that the undersigned, Andy
Thomsen, has Hied his petition
and application in the ollice of
the County Clerk of Cass County,
Nebraska, as required by law,
signed by a majority of t tie resi
dent freeholders of Eifiht Mile
Grove Precinct, setting forth that
the applicant is a man of re
spectable character and standing
and a resident of the state of Ne
braska, and prayinjr that license
bo issued "to said Andy Thomsen
for the sale of malt, spirituous
and vinous liquors for the period
of one year from May 17, ID 14,
ending May 17, 1915, in a build
ing on lot 4, in block G, in the
village of Cedar Creek, in Eight
Mile Grove Precinct, in Cass
County, Nebraska.
You will find tno most complete
line of stationery m the city ol
Plattsmouth at the Journal office.
The finest hue of box paper,
visiting and calling cards.
PlatUmouth, Feb. 17, 1914.
Board met pursuant to ad
journment. Present, C. E. Heeb
ner, Julius Pitz and C. It. Jordan,
County Commissioners; Frank J.
Libershal, County Clerk. Min
utes of previous sessions read
and approved, when the following
business was transacted in reg
ular form:
As advertised, bids were re
ceived on Cass County Jail build
ing, to be erected on Court House
grounds in Plattsmouth, Neb., as
Hids on Jail Building F. M.
Schroeder, Omaha, 9t4HO.OO; L.
(. Larson, Plattsmouth, $'.,
350.0(; Chas. Bauer & Son, Oma
ha, $10,300.00; Busk S; Wind,
Omaha, 11,910.00; II. B. Hed
ding, Omaha, 10.590.00; Kiene
& Busch, Omaha, $10,815.00;
Peter Kiewit !t Son, Omaha, 10,
if.0.00; II. E. Ol.-en, 10,515.00;
Carl Cw. Johnson, Omaha, 11,
875.00; Peters & Richards,
Plattsmouth, 10,508.00.
Bid on Jail Building iVmiplrto
Peters & Richards, Platts
mouth, 11,988.00.
Bids on Plumbing, Heating and
Wiring Peters Sc Richards, 1,
420.00; Warga & Sehuldice, 1,
4i8.i5; John Bauer & Son, 1,
313.55. Bids on Heating John Bauer
& Son, 495.00.
Bids on Electric Wiring
Johnson Electric Co., as per
spec, 225.00; American Electric
Co., as per spec., 370.30; Ameri
can Electric Co., knob and tube
work, 225.00, except cell; W. K.
Fox. jr., knob and tube work,
225.00, except cell; John Bauer
& Son, 228.00.
Bids on Heating and Plumbing
Schollman Bros.. 1,058.00;
Cuss Blaser, 1,1 85.00.
Moved by Julius A. Pitz and
seconded by C. R. Jordan, that
contract for erection of jail
building in general be awarded to
L. G. Larson of Plattsmouth,
Neb. Motion carried. County
Attorney instructed to draw up
contract. Moved by C. R. Jordan
and seconded by Julius A. Pitz
that contract for steam heating,
plumbing and gas fitting and
eelctric wiring be awarded to
John Bauer. Motion carried.
Count Attorney instructed to
draw up contract. Moved by
Julius A. Pitz and seconded by
C. H. Jordan that Mr. L. (I. Larson
be given until July 15, 1914 for
completion of his contract.
Moved by C. R. Jordan, and
seconded by Julius A. Pitz that
Melville I. Thomas be instructed
to go back to year 1908 and check
up to and including year 1913 all
county offices as mentioned in
proposal as adopted by County
Board on January 13, 1914. The
Board of Commissioners reserv
ing the right of stopping the
auditing at any time. Motion
The following claims were al
lowed on the General fund:
C. E. Heebner, salary and
mileage 32.40
C. R. Jordan, salary and
mileage 20.50
Lincoln Telegraph and
Telephone Co., rent
and tolls 24.40
Julius A. Pitz, salary and
mileage 25.10
Julius A. Pitz, expense in
care of Mr. Hopkins. . . 2,38
Melville I). Thomas, part
payment auditing Co.
ollice 148.75
J. V. Egenberger, coal to
paupers 28.00
Dr. E. D. Cummins, sal
ary C. physician, Dis
trict No. 1. 1913 215.00
Dr. J. W. Brendel, sal
ary Co. physician. Dis
trict No. 3, 1913 25.00
W. E. Jenkins & Co.,
mdse Mrs. G. Chambers 10.00
Theo. Slarkjohn, cow to
farm 10,. 50
Klopp & Bartlelt Co..
supplies to county....
Halt & Son, mdse to Mrs.
Lambert 5.00
(ieorge LaRue, salary
member S. R. C. year
1913 12-15
Joseph Mul I in, salary
member S. R. C. year
1913 12.15
. W. Johnson, salary
member S. R. C. year
1913 1--2"
W. K. Fox, stamps I8.O0
J. L. Holcomb Mfg., sup
plies to Court House.. (5.75
C. D. Quinton, boarding
Cily prisoners, Jan- .
uary and commts 16.00
C. D. (Juinlon, boarding
county prisoners and
salarv January .... 257.40
Nelson Jean Co., coal to
Fullerton and McPher-
son 11.00
C. D. Ouinton expense
Carl Johnson to Omaha 9.02
C. D. Ouinton expense
John Wolfe ami Jack
Herren 12.50
C. D. Quinton, summon
ing jury, December
y . 00
4 .35
5 . Co
C. 1. Ouinton, expense..
A. J. Beeson, State vs
. Dawson and Saam....
C. M. Seybert, State vs.
Dawson and Saam ... 13.00
C. D. Ouinton, expense
John Kline to hospital
James Robertson, in
ebriate P. S. Davis. . . .
C. D. Ouinton, inebriate
P. S. Davis
A. J. Beeson, Stat.' vs.
George Clifton
C. D. Ouinton. State vs.
George Clifton
Weeping Water Repub
lican, printing and
Coin 111 isioners proceedings
The following claims were al
lowed on the Bridge fund:
C. F. Vallery, bridge
work SI. 2o
The following claims were al
lowed on the Road fund:
Walter Green, blacksmith
R. D. No. 27
J. D. Allen, road work. R.
D. No. 10
L. B. Stewart, road work.
R. D. No. 10
.las. Loughridge, black
smith work, R. D. No. 27
Jas. Loughridge, black
smith and road work,
R. D. No. 10
Roy Vickers. load work.
11. D. No. 10
S h v v in a 11 Ilenrichsen.
road work, R. D. No. 10
J. A. ButterlieM, road
work, R. I . No. 0 ....
.Board adjourned to meet Wed
nesday. February 18, 191 i.
County Clerk.
5 .50
2 . on
1 .00
1 .25
proed: .s----srrlr.m'sm-.-m
Dr. J. B. .Martin. Ph sn-iau-J
District No. 1. aud a-rre:ne :t . SPECIAL SALE FOR -
entered into. ! THE NET 23 DAYS. -
m m
Dr. J. F. Br.-nd.-l. phy-ician V
District No. 2, and a-re 1:
entered into. !'
Dr. J. W. Br- ii.i.I. Pii-iei u!-
District No. 3. ;;;:d a-re.-ne :it
entered into.
Dr. E. L. Jon
t V fii'-r :
1 : ..f u'..
2. rr
N-w a:;.
Li the I -A
:-. ..1..
...1 ..
IMMIICI .o. .til, I ii : 1 ,,;y..r a;j
entered into. ! "Vu-titlure. La:.
Bond of A. II. Yanl ;;i.i..'-lta'.i. , x.
O;! H-a?. r. I'-r-r : .
I- Co- -r- and . t.
?!a:!r--. Bed-. r.: -
ju.-tice of l!i,. p. ;ic,' Iiptoii j :
CiliCt. apl'i"o i.
County Treasurer ilii- .! t in
- a 1 1 .. . r - . r .. . .
sllUCleil lo liai.M'T -,,, I";"?. an .,!.
the Geic-ral fund to the , .Mi.t"" jj Sar.itarv i
Relief fund. !.. j,a 1. ..
County Treasurer t!i;- ':; in-:.. II- ,.f a"I k : v
tructe. to t. ruc.l tl.e Fir-t .Na-jJ. s'.;,, , .j ir.. -I
lional bank of Ortviw. o. s;.i; ;., u ... ., l
per,,i:a lav paid under p ;,a':i. j ,.t--.. .,t .1 I- i if -l
account beiui.' rrr n!) "'"..j- take-, ::. v
by ou;it a e-,.r. j ! ,-., ... 1 ..... ..... .
Bond of L. G. Lar-on. . fi(r. ,:- -a ...-. -
contractor, for C,i- e..uut"- rew
j. j:i;s. . p. :.: . ;!:.
1 .00
i .00
i . SO
: ; 1 .......... ...1 .... 1 t
J.lll ilj'lM ii I'U Uli.l ij
ed into. !..-
Contract entered ii;Jo w 1. b
John Bauer To-- ;.-a t i m r. pluio!.- Strayed,
ii'g and i:a Hi tin-- at. I .!.-.! r c! A b'.i.-k P-: ! : .1
wiring of m-w coin ty jat!. jw. :i:. ;r ' ; . !
The following claim- w a'-1 Plea : '.'v J. M. V-
owe, I on the O.-,. eral fund: j Piut i -n...M h. .". .'.
The PlaM-mouth .J. e. j - -- 1 1 'IMi.-i N . - I ..
printing and -uppiie-... 30 j .'-!'-t .
Fred Patter-,.:!. j
work Oct.-ber. 1 ! "1 2". ""I P. ! - ' ' " ! ' ;
C. S. Wot ! lea on j r-o. l-.-r- w :! 1. 1 - l. - ..
Inn, I for i.ub'ie 1 i 1 1 I if r. r- ! ! " ;
Plaltsinoulh. Feb. 18. 191 i.
Board nieL with all member
present, when the following busi
ness was transacted in regular
form :
County Clerk reported bavin?
received a check for s 17.20 from
A. F. Sturm to reimburse the
county for amount oxerpaid on
bridge warrant N. 12 of January
7, 1914.
Soldiers' relief commie-ion
filed report of expenditure- for
year ending February 9, 191 S.
amounting to S73O.O0.
The following bond were ap-
2o. IS:
wa . ; 1 1-
Tlie f-w clai -n- ! a'-je:;
lowed on the Roaii fund: j
Lee Aruett. cuU.-rt. It. D. j "
Nil. li S .T . 2 1 i
Lee Arn-tt. c;;!ert. It. D.
No. 10
Wm. Mept ban. road u.-: k
R. D. No. 10. a:.t-.u:.t
claimed 22.20. ail ,.
ed John P. Smith. r.;ii w : k
R. D. No. 10
Board adjourned to !i
Tue-day. Mat efi .:.
FRANK J. LIBr.'tSil L.
("o'i:i! I'.Ir k.
You n:cy ncrU an
and we want to inform vou
that dates can t mae
at thi o'T. -f for
00L. vh. mm
the Vccpin4 Water Ascil r.c.r
LOST On the -tre.-N of
IM-.t ti .1 sin l.i'l V !:!,. r:il
reward will be paid f--r ! h- return I Careful Attention to Public 5a5
of th.. same t., the oti;.-,.. Rae nre Pea-v nable
1 111 Jim .Hi H.I .1 m mmmm mm n in nu inline i i ""I"11 " "" " .." f
' . ? 1-'--'-.. - . ' - - - - - ' I
iNmu illiyid iblfilll!!
1 i
i Tribe No. 69 ,-.4v
Friday HgB, February 27th
50 years of age and over first prize
$7.50; eecoiid prize $5; third :.f0.
From 20 to 50 yeaix of age first
prize, $5; second prize $3; third prize
lvy. and girls up t' -J' y-ar-ti':;"
barret! first pri.''. $: .-ei.n I j ri.:.
'2z tliinl iri2-. I.
Il.-st bi;ck and wing dan-r. r:in-t .
a fiddler, S-l : nld.-t ti'MIr-r 1: vonng-er-t
tiddler. !: trick fiddler. $1.
Free to all fiddlers in Nebraska and Iowa, with a invitation t .M
eouri and Arkansas fiddlers. Professional violinists ar barred. All .-ti. ::s
to be played without accompaniment. Contestants liae privilege ,f
themselves if they so desire. Both ladies and gentlemr-n are invite.i to -:.ur
this contest. All entries must reach John Cory. Plratsmouth, NVbr.. ; or be
fore February Joth. Contestants are urged t send nam-s as early as j-ih:-.
in order to become josted as to the details of tnis cnnUst.
Everybody QordiaHy Invited. Admission 20c.
Tickets ou Sale at Weyrich A: IladrabaV Drug Store. !Vats may b
reserved any time by mail, telephone or in j -.". n.