The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 02, 1914, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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If 0,
You Surely Will Not Overlook Our
that is now being conducted with such
great success, owing to the wonderful val
ues that we are offering to the people of
Plattsrnouth and Cass county. The same
and even greater bargains can be found
here than were picked up on the opening
day. Remember our lines are almost un
broken, and everything in the store is be
ing sold at Public Sale Prices.
Just think of buying the very latest
styles in EVlisses' and Childrens'
Coats in Bear Skins, Astrakans, Bro
caded Plush, Chinchillas, and Cor
duroys made in Balkan style gar
ments that are worth from $3.00 to
$12.00 now going at, from
Bc t
Sizes 3 to 14.
The same striking reductions will be found
in our entire line of Ladies' Coats & Skirts.
V. ZUCKER, Manager
Plattsrnouth, tlebr.
ti 'r'hf i nt-
The announcement ha been
jnacl' from Ihe ollice of Cioyernor
.r. II. Morehead at Lincoln of the
appoint nu'iit if our fellow Inwns
inan, J. II. Donnelly, as slato
bank examiner, to Jill I lie vacancy
in (he list of examiners caused
Iy (he resignation of 1!. E. Kin
Jiietl of Arapahoe, who has re
signed o become cashier of one
of Ihe Omaha hanks. Mr. Don
nelly departed this mornini; for
Lincoln, where he expects to
enter upon his tiuties at once.
Mr. Donnelly is one of Ihe most
expert bookkeepers in this part
of (lie slate and is amply well
qualified for the position to
which he has been appointed, and
his friends here are greatly
pleased over Ihe honor that has
been priven. him.
Hera to Attend Todd Funeral.
CJuife a number of the rela
tives of the late A. U. Todd ar
rived this morning from Louis
ville to attend the funeral of Mr.
Todd, which was held this after
noon at the home of I. O. Dwyer.
Amoii those i:i the party were:
;. W. Mayiield, G. C. Mayfield
and wife. J. It. Xoyes ami wife, J.
11. Mayliebl and wife, K. C. Twiss.
L. J. Mayiield, Lew and Miss
Edith Mayiield.
The services at the Episcopa
church yesterday morning1 were
signalized by one of the finest
sermons that has ever been de
Iivered in the city, it being de
livered by the Rt. Rev. Arthur L
Williams, bishop of the diocese
and in his remarks the bishop
gave an insight into the church
and its doctrines that will prove
of great benefit to the members
of the parish who were in at
tendance, and it was one of the
clearest and most lucid exposi
tions of the doctrine of the
Episcopal church that has ever
been delivered in the church here
Bishop . WilliTtms is one of the
most gifted orators in the church
throughout the country, and Ihe
members of St. Luke's parish
feel that I hey have been very for
lunate in having the eminent
divine with them on numerous
occasions. The bishop expects
to be here next Sunday and tie
liver Ihe second of the sermons
on the church doctrine and creed
The residents of the west part
of the city were greatly disturbed
Saturday night about midnight
by the disturbance created in the
vicinity of the Locust street
viaduct of the Missouri Pacific by
some parties who appeared to be
fighting or westling near the
viaduct and using quite loud and
boisterous language, but owing
to the darkness it was impossible
to identify them. Later several
parties who were returning from
town were accosted by two men
and in one instance they threat
ened violence to a gentleman if
he did not shell forth his coin to
them, but before they could carry
out their threat they were fright
ened away by some parties who
were returning home from a
dance, and they made their getaway.
The Old Bastile Not Safe to Keep
Prisoners and They Nearly
Make Their Escape.
For Sale.
Earm of 121 acres, 5',-j miles
northeast of Union: 1 i acres hay
land, 20 acres pasture timber,
rest in cultivation: well improv
ed. Price right if taken at once.
Inquire at this otliee.
Complaint was iiled in the
county court Saturday against
porter Camp, the young man
who was married here last Wed
nesday evening to Miss Adeline
Darrough, charging him with
perjury, in making false state
ments in order to obtain the li
cence to marry the girl whose
name he gave as Adeline Dar
rough. The prisoner asked that
he be granted a continuance for
30 days in which to prepare his
defense, which was granted and
he will be allowed this time to
get ready his side of the case.
Don't fail to attend J. T.
Lyell's big farm sale at Eagle,
Neb., February 7th.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Campbell
were given a surprise Friday
evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Frey, 3003 Porter
street, by about thirty of their
friends. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell
had been invited to dinner ami to
spend the evening at the home of
Mr. Frey, and the company came
to the house during the evening,
bringing refreshments with
them. The occasion was the re
moving of Mr. and Mrs. Camp
boll to White Lake, S. D., where
I hey w ill go on a farm.
The above is clipped from one
of the Lincoln papers. Mr.
Campbell was a former resident
of this city and has many friends
here, who will be pleased to learn
of his good fortune.
For Sale.
Home farm of 170 acres, six
miles south of Plattsrnouth, two
and one-half miles northeast of
Murray. Might consider good 80
acres as part payment. For par
ticulars write or call,'
Mrs. G. L. Creamer,
Route 1, Plattsrnouth, Neb.
Saturday evening Mesdames
William and J. E. Tuey departed
for Sidney, Iowa, where they were
called by the death of their
father, D. J. McDaniel, who
passed away in that city on Sat
urday morning at an advanced
age. Mr. McDaniel has been
suffering for the past seven
years from the effects of a stroke
of paralysis and his death was
expected for the last few months,
as he has suffered greatly from
his affliction. The daughters
will have the sympathy of a large
circle of friends in their loss of
a well beloved father. In addi
tion to several children the de
ceased also leaves a widow to
mourn his death.
Has Large Attendance.
Yesterday saw one of the
largest attendances in the year
at the Methodist Sunday school
in this city, there being some 278
persons present to take part in
the services of the day, and every
available chair was used to ac
commodate the gathering of
young and old.
A very daring attempt at a jail
delivery was nipped in the bud at
an early hour this morning by
Deputy Sheriff Manspeaker, who
discovered a tunnel that the
prisoners were working on to
gain their liberty. Three of tin;
county prisoners, Ray Dawson,
Ernest Saan and Ceorge Clifton,
had succeeded in pring up a
section of the steel lloor in the
cell which they were occupying
i'lul they had removed almost a
wagonload of rock and dirt from
beneath the cell, making a tun
nel to the outer wall, where Ihey
hoped to dig through to liberty.
and within a few hours more
would have succeeded in their
The prisoners made some
noise at I heir work, and about 2
'clock this morning Mrs. Man-
speaker was aroused by the noise
mi called her husband, who
Jressed and hastened down to the
jail to investigate. As he enter-
d the jail the prisoners were all
found in their bunks, apparently
wrapped in slumber, but he
noticed several strange .looking
piles covered with papers and
ilankets, and the rock and dirt
taken from Ihe hole under the
floor was exposed, and then he
oeated the place in the floor
where the sheet of steel had been
oosened up and at once locked
Ihe prisoners in their cell where
they were sleeping, which is just
off the corridor in the steel cell
where the hole was made.
The prisoners in the city sec
ion of the jail were evidently in
the conspiracy, as Ihey had
started a hole in the northwest
corner of the jail and had lorn
up a part of the wooden floor
and removed a section of the
concrete, which was placed be
neath the wood floor a few years
ago, but the dampness in the
jail has had a tendency to loosen
the concrete and quite a lot of it
was removed bv me time me
deputy sheriff arrived.
Sheriff Quinton and Mr. Man
speaker guarded the jail today
while the work of repairing the
damage is being done, and the
prisoners will have a hard time
in the future to get out or even
try it, as the place which they
dug out will be filled with rock
and concrete. The hole was quite
large enough to permit the
prisoners, who are of small size,
to get in to work, and they had
evidently worked hard on the job.
as when Ihey received I heir sup
per there was no sign of the
rocks or dirt apparent in the cell,
and it is thought Ihey started as
soon as the deputy sheriff left,
to dig their way out.
All three of the men are under
sentence to the penitentiary, and
Ihe sheriff had intended to take
Saan and Dawson to Lincoln this
morning to start in to serve their
sentences, but it will be post
poned until the jail is fixed up.
Cliflon will also be taken to the
penitentiary as soon as the
order for his removal is issued.
M u torn obiI
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Saturday, March 7th, 1914
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Bungalow flesring Completion
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Sixth -Ireet rapid'
completion and tii- i .
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ed With the ltio-1. li.oibT'l to i
XenielHe and l'.t!ir:- .1 i i d ' A 1 1 1
make a r.i"-f comfortable h.-me
for- Mr. and Mr-. l:-k-n. The
work on the hoi;e a carried
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am! it i- cert ii.i: . ! o,t
Complete a"d Well ti piece of
kid-'"fv Ji'id i !io-a ready f..- lb.-
interior w.r ., J..- -farted, and
it will be o!i'y a -bort time ir,?;J
tile Ii-ldc:ite j-i e,jy f,. ,
There will be a meeting of the
stockholders of the Plattsrnouth
Realty Co. at the council chamber
on Tuesday evening, February 3.
All members are requested to be
present. H. A. Schneider,
P.ui.r' l obj U,.ii, v and Tar
Compound -Pe ie-,.y lecaMe
iu-f a few d'-es -toJ. Mo- CoTj-Jl
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l IB- nt lr .-, i.- rrr- . ki.a t t .-.;
li I frat-ni.tT. I jtjrr!. t-,r r.n ir . I
'..'"""" Ti -.-. e.e.. a -,!-,,. ,.f .
Hill Cjfir.h u- ! Ii-ti li.r.-r-..-i,,
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tr l.uil.ln -t nu rn-t ; ..,, ,. tl In g it. w. rk. T' tr-rt-'..r
" miX'h f .'! l f rT5l ,a r f t w
T.-r .. H .!.. !..! ,. t m-r - t-i it
fall t m.-r. s.,j t r .:t ,.f i t :-,rl.. ...
A I. J.
ti: :rv A
1-t '. PftcJ.;. TV
Tak- Hi.: I.
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