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    'RtOKDAY, JCTJUAHY 19, 1914.
7 i. ii i i i n i mi ii i i h mi in mi nw ii i "in ip in iiwwi piwn wwpw tipijuwi wimn BMBiiBWmTwrr-wrTwrw i
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' .1 r- i . t I r fTIi. ii . 1 . 1 5
you, ivuna you up, warn en worse sicKness, procscc you ana your Tamiiyi xnaL ming vt: av, dim m
oiienng it to you we protect you against money risk, by personally promising you tnat ii it cioesn t protect I
cu against sickness, we'll give you back your money without a word or question. It is i 1
give you back your money without
43 y
X''?r1-lAii.5vf-..'i L. :t.;LiL-: r --- , -. .....J-.ifr. t r. L.rfi.W
iy r
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LIooJ, stroug musics, good digestion.
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cud give vitality, etreng-.h and health.
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- . , p;. : -t
From Friday's Daily.
Tlio inei ting lu e e i i i 1 1 if the
Slur of Nebraska l."dj:e N. i,
Jh-j.T4-e of llnnor, was attended by
a very largf nui iber f th, ii i : i i
1. r-hip of this splendid oidej on
lire ocarion of lh- installation of
l'.!t iiA- ollicers of the lo.ljre, and
the cciinonies Wi'ic nm.- t ;mpres
.ive. as the different officers were
coiiducled to their liilfeiciit sta
tl'ins. The ceremonies were in
charge of Mrs. Nannie P.urkle,
v.lin ofiicialed as the installing
ollicer of the evening, and the
heautirul ritual work of the order
vyas called ut in a p'-rfeet man
ner. ri iie r.ewly elected ollicers
finsil of the following:
Pa-t Cliief of IIoih r Mrs.
lllizabelli Manspeaker.
t'diief of Honor Mrs. llerniie
Lady of lI'UKPr Mrs. Elizabeth
illiief of Ceremonies Mrs. An
tonia IMak.
Her. i lb ;- Mrs. Nannie IJurkle.
I'inancicr Mrs. Jennie John
son. . Treasurer Mrs. Virginia Mc
l).:ni( 1.
- Uh'r Mrs. Mary Kunsniann.
I;iside Watch Mrs. Anna
1 V.'-nli'-rirer.
iitsi-ie Watch Mrs. Martha
.Medical ExMniner Dr. E. W.
Kid Sow in tlie regular business
s- sit u of the !ode the members
e:,j"j''d a delightful social time
al card aiiie-s music and d.ui
cii!.' until an appropriate hour,
wStt ji a templing hiuclicn was
sered which aided greatly in
umkiiivr the aliair a compieie ami
uppialiliel success in every way.
O. Sandin, D. V. M.,
J praduati? of the Kansas City -l"
Veterinary College, is per
manently located in Plaits-
mouth. Calls answered
j- day or night. 'Phone 235. 5"
I- Ofiice COG Main.
One of the leading stock rais
ers of Cass county, and in fact of
the entire west, has been selected
by the directors of the Panama
Pacific exposition al San Eran
eisco to be a member of the ad
visory committee of the live slock
department of the exposition that
will be held in San Erancisco in
I'Jio. The man selected for this
position is V. W. Slraub, who re
iddcs near Avoca, and whose Cal
loway cattle are known through
out the United Stales as some of
the linest animals in the country,
and at She large stock shows that
have been held they have carried
oil" a great many of the prizes of
fered. Mr. Straub is eminently
qualilied for the position that he
has been appointed to and will
prove a most valuable man in the
work of judging1 the fine cattle
that will be exhibited at the great,
exposition. The Slraub Urothers
have one of t lit largest and linest
herd of (ialloways in the country.
A Production of Rare Merit, and
IVlay Stewart Is an Artist
of Great Ability.
. lo you begin to cough at
tuhl. and just, when you hop' to
'.sbep? lo you have a lickiing
throat that keeps you awak?
-Just take -Foley's Honey am! Tar
Compound.- It vvil! check the
f-osigir und- slop -the tickling
sHisation af once. lioes.iMt up
sVr the"' stomach.' i ? best for chil
dren and grown persons. For
sale bv all druggists.
You may need an
and we want to inform vou
that dates can be made
at this ofiice for
sol. m: DUNN
the Weeping Water Auctioneer
Careful Attention to Public Saks
Rates are Reasonable
From Saturday's Daily.
East evening the amusement
loving public of the city was
given a treat of rare merit in the
production of "Eucrezia Uorgia,"
at the Parmele theater- by Miss
May Stewart and company, and a
more beautiful dramatic ofTering
has not been seen in this city for
some years, and the company
were all of a very high standard
and gave the tragic piay of Victor
Hugo in a very realistic manner.
The story of Eucrezia llorgia
is one of the most interesting
and thrilling in the history of
Italy, and the gifted pen of the
great Frenchman has painted a
wonderful play from the story of
the beautiful and fascinating
Italian woman, although in the
play the character of the leading
lijrure lias been softened from the
general conception gathered from
the pages of history.
As Eucrezia, Miss Stewart dis
played to its fullest the wonder
ful emotional talents she pos
sesses, and she gave to the par)
a charming personality, and the
appreciation of her splendid act
ing was demonstrated by every
one in the audience. Miss
Stewart is most fortunate in se
lecting her company and on se
curing for her support as lead
ing man Francis Thompson, as
his inlcrpertation of the role of
(uiiiiarn, a youncr soldier of. for
tune, was one of the cleverest
and mod realistic eer seen at
the parmele. Miss Marion Even
sen gave a number of classic
dances during the progress of
the drama and her graceful and
charming- art won her a warm
spot in thp hearts of the audi
ence, as her work in this line was
as good as can possibly be seen
.anywhere on the stage; she was
assisted in the dances bv Mr.
Harry Memlield. a very pleasing
and clever dancer. Paul Ter
hune, as the duke of Ferrara,
was also very pleasing in his
part as the evil-minded husband
of the beautiful poisoner. The
play was given a lovely setting
by the producers, and this added
greatly to the beauty of the play
The case of C. Lawrence Stull
vs. the C. IE & O. Railroad com
pany has occupied the attention
of the district court yesterday
and today, and there has been a
large number of witnesses ex
amined on both sides of the
case, which is a suit to recoer
damages caused, it is claimed by
the plaint iff, of having several
hay stacks set afire by sparks
from a locomotive of the defend
ant company, and also for a calf
killed, by being struck by a train.
The hay which was burned was
located on the land of the plain
lift' on the Platte bottom near
Oreapolis, and the tires occur
red during, the year ll12 at dif
ferent times, and a large
amount of hay was lost through
the, fires. There was much in
terest, shown in the case and the
court room has been well tilled
at each session to hear the testi
mony of the different witnesses.
Mr. Stull is represented by I. O.
Dwyer, while Hawls & Robertson
are acting as attorneys for the
railroad company.
Cold and wet feet are a
dangerous combination, especial
ly to women, and congest c, kid
neys often result. Eackache,
urinary irregularities and rheu
matic fevers are not unusual re
sults. Foley Kidney Pills restore
the regular and normal action of
kidneys and bladder and remove
the cause of the trouble. Con
lain no habit forming drugs. For
sale by all druggists.
Items ot Interest t Our Readers
Lileaacd trrro the Newspaper
File of AVaoy Years Ago.
- C. II. Kin?, P. M. Eight Mile
Crove, called .on the Herald
Captain KuM has washed down
upon us from the Bitter creek
Chauncey Wiltse, esq., has
been paying us a visit this week.
Hon. Eawson Sheldon was in
town yesterday.
Levi Pollard. e.q., is in the
same boat and we were glad to
see both gentlemen.
Frank Woolcot, Wi-epin--' Wa
ter, is in town equalizing him
self and others.
Mrs. Thomas Eans has re
turned to Plattcniouth for a
Prof, potter, Weeping Water,
came in yesterday. W. W. was
on the tnnel Wednesday.
Mr. Ruby of Eight Mile drove
called on the Heraid and says
well, never mind what now, will
tell you next week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hamilton
of dale.-burg are iitmgr Mr.
I hike's people lr l her-in-law s.
you know, and sifters, too, we
We are ery much paim-d to
hear that lan McKinn-'ii is not
so well as when he left here: we
thought and hoped he was doing
much better.
Mr. Clover, of the firm of Fox
& Clover, Louisville, called in us
on his way home from a iii
east and a business trip as well.
Chas Tiffany, now of Mt
Pleasant, called, lie is about t'
move to the W. W. region and g
to farming. Cuess farming i-
coming up so many are going at
it this, sprinar.
Fred Honing ton has gone an
left us all alone again.
Jessie McVav takes a Herald
and Inter-Ocean after this.
Ueaumeisier is the mo.-t pati
ent milk man keeps good miik,
Ceo. E. Seybolt is promoted t
a speieal agent ioT the . o. de
partment, headquarters at
Dr. Srhildknecht is the best
man in town he divides with
the Herald wheneer he gets any
money; who wouldn't like him?
Mrs. Cen. Ha vis, the wife of
the popular commandante of the
Omaha barracks, will spend a
few days in the city, the guet of
Mrs. Chaplain Wright, ami will
attend the irrand concert on Fri
day evening.
Fred 1 "rringtoii, den. Cun
ningham. A. L. Child. Mr. I-ud.
Jno. Chairant, A. M. Holmes, II.
Heslor and a lot more of the
besfest men we have visited the
Herald at different limes this
week and left us belter for their
Mr. Murphy, the photographer,
has returned home, after a ery
successful trip abroad op the
line of the F. P. His new gallery
will be open soon now, and we
are. pleased to welcome him
among us again.
J. J. Russell, one of the form
er settlers of Plattsmout !i. and
a well kutiwii citizen, leaves u
for Omaha and the Clack Hills
this week. We are all sorry to
part with John and may the
kindest oT fairs await him wher
ever he may next drive his slakes
and run out on the lariat of for
-Lcoi:uL i rtu tt.N r
Ac$?f aM. Prrf artbn !x
siilahjrj ilrrjcd.-mrjat-ja
noss and IVsTcnuiJ $ near
Opiuni-Mjryhise ncriscnL
Not Nah c otic.
Aprrfrt Esrrrvdy for Ctaslr
tton . Sour Stomach DUrrtsr:
"Worm f orvj'.r.jama CTrisk-rurssandLossorSLXXP.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Alvays Bought
Bears the A,
For Over
Thirty Years
P32J Guaranteed urrlfH
Exact Ccj-y of Vrarper-
ism I mm
... mm -
ham euo,:-h to k. . p -hi .df - nncCQYTCDIUJ PUniD
a lawyer in !n ..wi.. and w 111100 1 I UUUill
'Jljes he will.
Ceo. S. Smith. our favorite
hunter and lawyer, is to be found
at the old otlice all the lime now-
a-days. Ceorge is "attendinir
slriclly to business," as John
Shannon would sav. and his col
lection books slmwthe results of
the application.
Best results are secured by ad
verlisin? in the Journal.
. 1
We were up in Lawyer Wil
liam's new o!fice the other day
lie i fixed up ery incetv and
evidently niean business. With
wind enough -he oub'bt to earn
Fuel" .Like Valh-ry ha- a : n j
Crib )SO fe l o!.-, FI f'et Wei-'
and lo f.'et hi-h. He rai- !
about 10,000 bu-to's of i-orn.j
and had it v-l ' i for E''; rrora rir.
g rashopp.-c-. he would hae had J j M(...IU. l; ,. , .. , ,
from to t:.. bu-l.. !-.) ' p,...,,!';-;., .v . r".. '.
lie says he a small -l'r;i.k;ij1.,:1.fli ,y .-vr.-r-.i. 1 .. ,
far"l,'r- j le ..f M-. a d Mrs. ...
J H'lwl. and an -. f
Mr. Samuel Alley, an old re.j- j .j..aur wa- d.-rr i f.-.. s
deiil of Ca-s county. Ii in- 10 ar uui lo-ru;-. A . -Roek
Eluils, ib pai te, this hfe ii j ,.f dirferejjt kit.d kt- p!i-..- i . v
the of t h i - month, ai-edjih.- m.-nde-r f i.:r'- .1 '.
7f years, 7 mouths arid I day. fr-.nj th-e noieh a n-i-en a.i-
He was well known and -ep.-eled
by all his m iuhhors. Thu- :ie
by one, our old friends h ave u-.
and soon She old .-It'er- will a'l
hae pa--ed away.
The John-ou ir-an Faetory
Purine a sle-rt i-it at tlo- ah-e
establi-hl.iei't b'l-f Week the Ht-
:i!d saw r lauy curious and w.-ri-derful
thim:-: ju-f !ew organs
were mad-' and put ! -i-ttier. we
ll"rp under.! 1 bef.-re. We
stayed lo s,.,. tir tini-hiii-loiiehes
o a new in -! r.Hte ut j'!-t
L'oinir oil on the w;i:m. AfN-r
th Ia-t -rnamenl p!.-:ee, ..-i
Mr. J"Iiii":i played us a t':r
r.nij away he wecf to make
home la.L Mr. - J 1 1 r 1
Wayman. rniinoiiak'T. has .pi!'.
an evtabli-hnient in the -,tu-buihliiv-.
The eir-'ine ff. J. din
son uses was built by Wayman:
he ha- als., bu:!t a number for
farm ue and for mill- out in th'
-ounly. In fai-t. Mr. W. may con
sider hi n-elf a -uece-s a- an
cru-'ic.e blldder. AH wtio fake ;.n
intej-e-t in our n a-iufi'l'irm
pro-perttv -hoi;!, J take a p.-.p a?
these two .-hops.
l-rnd. .Vd the eei;;:- 'A.
loade -fid fi;rth-- '... y .,: .- ;
the -;!! -del 11. :;-.! '
the d::Tererit t.a - n..
of the party, a. .1 as !!
e..nfa;ns s. . f fi. ..-.
oea i-t- in tt.-- n'i ? ;- i - ii
offe-in-s .-' : j . f .1
x tv h;-h -la; tlt d f x -.
Al a?! a; i r' ri it.- ? i.r 'v
Ie-,..-,. a id . -t ; t . - .- f: .
User's W-Te re.f. W t ! ., ., . J
In tt.e eo;,ij. : ,; . f
-enill-. Ti. Ii W.Te . ..
.r,t w.-re; l !--. ; a 1 -.
Ma!hi!.e Va':.-. Mi. f -.
Lie-, poHoek. .. '.,.- M .
J. a;-r. ..: ',r. --r-. .. :
M. i .' 1 U i. - i. f .
l-'.i .-!.. N. I- n J- 10 a; d Mr.- L.
K .Minor.
nr; su -i: .m . i v.. -
team-. wi.-Iii; - J.'.o 1 .
potir-d- j...r 11, !.-'. -T". t
p. T I.MII, 41. L. I. ii" !
N. liawka. i o
! -1 ; - . w
From Salurrtay Dall).
Some f.-w we.-k- a'o Joeath a:
Halt, the Main -Ire.-t y,-, .,.,. a; .j
110 at market man. was en-.i-.- l
in worki 1 aiou:,. Ins lr:e p.
box in fie -tore an. I -utTere.j ,
liht injury to In. left !.-- .y
striking it in a htre cake of
i e, hui thoii-tit noJhii, loore o!
the matter until a few day. ;.-o
when il became piite a,i!
the -erie- of a pliy-ifMn w.t--ecured
t i ..k after it, wlo-ii the
dl-coe;y wa- I lade that l!o
member wa- a'Tec!-. wiili blood
poi-i.n, and it was with diiV.-u'.iy
that the spread of the dt-ea-
was prcule.J. Mr. Halt al-o w 1-
so mi fort urate as fo t;ike a
-ere coil, wliieh d--eope.J m-
lo the grippe, and this made hi-
Case ipil e i(!ieuU lo Handle.
is fe.-lin-- sli-hlly ;iiipro.-i 1 1 i -
iiioiiiin-- a. id hi- family are . r
hopeful Hud he will be ah!"
fo be up and around.
VVKoIc rarr.ITy Dene fit -d
3y Wonderful Remedy
11. (TC -tv
of T".
- r I - I"..:-.- t I
r c -. I -
-. J r . - .
." acre. 8-rocui v uf. tr'r.:?
alfalfa. o;chard. f"'d w!l and
barn. f-r sal". C. IE E'.IN-r.
phone o. 22U-J. 12-31-tfi
r.':-? I .rr-...i -" t'l! 1 , nl
ttr. I t - .k - r - --.- - .-r - , I
:r-.-a' . i' Vc r i: c , . '. j -
'--ri ..j: m r ui r t 't7
n- r v rk v '. -; - c r: '.V?
are c ,;t 'f I ' It .rc'.rti .. i - if",
A g -! t!..r - ?o .; , - '-r ,
c:tc"T.: -t;.c r 1 t k -'.-. -like
Dr. Mile Anti-Pain Pills
t- re.-T- tl.e tr.i i .3 tl - n-r-re.
l!r. J. T. IE-t. - :. ?j IT -. jt,
Atl.r.ta (ii."
"T lf r.r, -.-- ! n. -.- I..ri
TT-r:y r - . t r- : , ; .r r: -
Ic.r.- . r; i A , J ...
h I kp h - i
th- u rf i-.-.f 1 :---!; 4 o
r.. X . 1 - - -!.-! - ... 1 fir-t
a T'-n- I- .fo-n I
rh'.l t y x".. - -f -r r - t
t h " I". t- -- x
h"-TI n;KTr:,. J '.f ... I. t , f f
A&L.-I in I i '. - I N -rt:-
Dr. Miles' Ar.ti.Pain Pills
are rr'.ei t r- , -
Bfrtoms'.i ar. 1 :r ;i !) .; cf hn-iif1"' !i. tji r- r:i
cr;t after : ':: jn-,' 7 ;-i
car. r.- rr..-; :' r t..-. '.
wit:-. it ::.. ,f
At ! . I 1 Z'j c!t.
MlUtS K S3 ISA- CO.. I mJiatU Ui